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Seduce and DestroyTristan Bradley, the notorious Marquess of Castleigh, is a danger to any woman’s reputation. Devastatingly handsome and devilishly seductive, he delights in the challenge of a lovely new conquest—especially when she’s engaged to a man he despises. But when this particular young lady asks him to dance, Tristan realizes he may not be the only one playing aSeduce and DestroyTristan Bradley, the notorious Marquess of Castleigh, is a danger to any woman’s reputation. Devastatingly handsome and devilishly seductive, he delights in the challenge of a lovely new conquest—especially when she’s engaged to a man he despises. But when this particular young lady asks him to dance, Tristan realizes he may not be the only one playing a game.Or Fall Dangerously in LoveDefiantly bold and disarmingly beautiful, Lady Charlotte Lindsey will do anything to break free from her loathsome fiancé—even destroy her good name to do it. What better way to seal the deal than a tryst with Lord Tristan, who’s led many a girl to ruin? But when Charlotte looks into his eyes—and Tristan takes her in his arms—all of their schemes melt away…because the heart has a plan of its own....

Title : Midnight Temptations with a Forbidden Lord
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ISBN : 9781250008039
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Midnight Temptations with a Forbidden Lord Reviews

  • Claire
    2018-11-14 22:14

    Alright, here goes... I love romance books. Sometimes there is nothing better than a fantastic historical read, with all the social conventions, rules and regulations. Often because of this the romance progresses slower, it simmers if you will. Okay, great. Except not when in simmers so slowly that you forget the spark the characters had in the first place! There are so many characters and sub-plots, our main couple doesn't really get a chance to shine. Tristan and Charlotte start off with promise, and they quickly become predictable, and the relationship forced. I didn't really understand how they became one another's confidants, one minute they meet in a ballroom, then next they are akin to bosom friends. Hmmm. Charlotte doesn't want to get married to the gentleman chosen by her father. Why, you ask? Good question, sure he is a jerk and the reader is privy to the fact that he has an illegitimate child with Tristan's sister Bea, but for Charlotte her reasons seem naive, and immature. If she had discovered something about Warren (the aforementioned fiance) that was untoward, good, great even but no, she simply decides she doesn't want to get married and the only way to accomplish this is to be "ruined". Duh, duh, duh. Tristan has the "bad boy" reputation of this romance, even though he is the hero, and oh so obviously misunderstood. Or something. Anyways they meet, he has ulterior motives for helping Charlotte become "ruined". It bites him in the ass, he falls unconvincingly in love with heroine without ever saying the words. They get married. He never explains his random daughter to her, where she came from, or who her mother was. Nor the fact that the boy he is raising as his son is not his at all but his sister and Warren's! The love story in slow, and unconvincing. Had I not purchased it, the book likely would not have been finished after as the reader I discovered that Tristan had random children that were not mentioned on the back cover. It is a crazy pet peeve, I will admit. But if children are to become a rather large part of the story tell me in the summary so that I may avoid the book, and the sadness of a 3 star read. The End.

  • Carol *Young at Heart Oldie*
    2018-10-25 14:16

    (Note: In the early part of this book, the story runs concurrently with events happening in Wicked Nights With a Proper Lady but these same events are seen from Tristan and Charlotte’s perspective. I would, therefore, advise reading Wicked Nights With a Proper Lady first.)I really enjoyed the first book in this series, and was looking forward to reading Midnight Temptations With a Forbidden Lord but, overall, I was really disappointed.Tristan makes an admirable hero. I loved his devotion to his sister and the children and admired the fact that he wasn’t prepared to marry anyone who wouldn’t accept his family just as they are. I particularly enjoyed his scenes with the children…they reveal the real man behind the rakish reputation. I could understand his desire to ruin Warren given the despicable way he had treated Tristan’s sister, Bea.I definitely didn’t warm to Charlotte. She came across as self-centred, stubborn, impulsive and, sometimes, very naïve. For instance, I couldn’t believe that she was so naïve as to think her father would welcome her back with open arms after she had been compromised. The fact that she didn’t show any concern for her cousin Genny, when she was ruined and ostracised by society, definitely counted as another black mark against her character. I never felt that all important chemistry between Tristan and Charlotte…that spark that really makes me believe that they are truly meant to be together. I enjoyed their initial lively dialogue and the amusing letters they exchanged but this did not make up for the lack of any deep emotional connection between them. As a consequence I didn’t find their falling in love very believable particularly as there was no build up…it seemed to happen too suddenly.I found the ending very abrupt leaving too many unanswered questions. I can only assume that Ms Clare intends to bring all these issues to a resolution in the final book of the trilogy, The Scandalous Duke Takes a Wife. I was intrigued by the infamous Jessica, Dowager Countess of Fallon and the enigmatic Hayden, Duke of Alsborough in the first book and definitely want read their story. My hope is that, in this final book, Ms Clare will recapture some of the magic of Wicked Nights With a Proper Lady, which made it such a delightful and entertaining romance.REVIEW RATING: 3/5SENSUALITY RATING: HOTDangerous Rogues series (click on the covers for more details):- 25 February 2014

  • Shirley Buchanan
    2018-11-12 22:25

    What do you do if your father won't listen to reason and insists you marry a man you despise? You find a rake to ruin you in society.Lady Charlotte Lindsey is smart, beautiful, and determined. An engagement to a man she loathes to further her father's political career just cannot be tolerated, so she makes a plan: Let a rake ruin her and become an independent woman in society. But is the rake she chose exactly what he seems, or a whole lot more?Tristan Bradley, Marquess of Castleigh, is handsome, titled, and has a deeper character than the gossip rags reveal. For reasons of his own, he wants the same man humiliated and politically ruined as Charlotte, so he seeks her, just as she seeks him. Although their plans are the same, fate wants them to have more-a whole lot more!Thus begins a series of meetings as their plan takes shape: public ones at different events, in private correspondence penned to each other, at midnight in unlikely places. A friendship is won, but the only feasible answer is still the same. They must marry.Is Charlotte desperate enough to give up her freedom for a handsome rake?Is Tristan finally ready to add a wife to his family?Can friendship survive the planned ruination of their reputations and let love blossom?This book was very good. Well written. The reader followed the thoughts and feelings of the characters as they negotiate their way through the minefield of growing love. They never could have realized the consequences of all their actions.An excellent read! I would recommend this book!

  • Mary Gramlich
    2018-10-23 19:02

    I know what I do not want, but I am not sure you are whom I do wantA wedding designed in marriage misery for Lady Charlotte Lindsey will be stopped regardless of how Charlotte does it. The man her father has chosen is not only boring, and self-serving, but also just plain mean. Charlotte knows the one path to potential marriage destruction is to involve a rake of the highest quality, Tristan Bradley, the Marquess of Castleigh. Game on!Charlotte finds every opportunity to get as close as possible to Tristan without getting burned and he knows what she is after, but will he agree to such a plan. Tristan never saw marriage to a woman he might just enjoy the company of in his plans but Charlotte is charming her way into his heart as well as his bed. Once they are together, Tristan is committed to keeping them that way, regardless of her father or anyone else’s objections.My dear Tiffany Clare please continue to write more about these wonderful people, and the romance that drives their desires. Thank you so much.

  • MelodyMay (What I'm Reading)
    2018-10-19 15:28

    Rating: 4.5 StarsWhat I'm ReadingI just finished Tiffany Clare's second book in Dangerous Rogues Series, which is Midnight Temptations with a Forbidden Lord. Some series are flexible and you can start at any point in the series. Technically you can with this book, but I would encourage y'all to read Wicked Nights with a Proper Lady first. However, it is not require to read this book, just suggested. Well, if you have read Wicked Nights with a Proper Lady you will notice some of the story over laps in both books. However, the focus in Midnight Temptations with a Forbidden Lord focuses more on Tristan Bradley, Marquess of Castleigh and Lady Charlotte Lindsey.I have to say enjoyed and liked the story. As I said the story focus on Tristan and Charlotte. They both need something from each other, but they are not sure how they will accomplish there task. Charlotte wants to get out of an engagement to an odious man who her father thought would be a good match. How wrong he is, and has no desire to call off the betrothal. While Tristan wants to seek out revenge. All right, I was on fence with Charlotte. Through most of the book I did like her, but there were somethings I just couldn't stand. Yet, towards the end she was able to redeem herself in my eyes. I think a lot of the issue I had with Charlotte was she acted young. Granted she was young, but she really acted young and naïve at times.Tristan on the hand, loved him throughout the book. The more I got to know Tristan, he really wasn't really a rake as the TON made him out to be. Yes, he might have been a bit wild in his youth, but he's a great guy. I'm pretty sure he would give his shirt off his back to a friend in need. Overall, I'm impress on the job Ms. Clare has done with this story. Especially, with some of the story overlapping the first book. Sometimes when you have a story that overlaps, it might become redundant which is not the case with Midnight Temptations with a Forbidden Lord. However, if you want to start with this book first, you should be fine. If are looking for a rogue and girl trying to get out of betrothal, you might want to give Midnight Temptations with a Forbidden Lord. I can't wait to see what happens next.Copy provided by St. Martin Press

  • My Book Addiction and More MBA
    2018-11-02 16:30

    When Charlotte Lindsey sets her mind to ruin herself instead of marry the man her father has chosen, she enlists the help of a notorious rogue. But much to her surprise, he’s not quite the man she thought he was. Tristan Bradley’s name has been attached to scandal after scandal, but does he deserve the infamous reputation he has earned?As Charlotte and Tristan devise a plan to help her succeed in ending her nuptials with a man she despises, they find that they are quite drawn to each other. Can they end her engagement to one man without finding themselves at the alter themselves?Having read the first book in this series, Wicked Nights with a Proper Lady, I was very excited to read the next book, Midnight Temptations with a Forbidden Lord. However, it was not quite the book I was hoping for. The first half of the book was set at the same time as the first book in the series, only Tristan and Charlotte’s side of the events. As this was the case, I would not recommend this as a stand-alone book because you are missing a great of the overlapping plot, having not read Leo and Genny’s story.When the book finally diverges from the time sequence in Wicked Nights, it seemed to have lost a lot of the momentum. As you continue reading, it finally started to develop its own storyline and action, just before the book ends abruptly, leaving you wondering exactly where the ending to the story was. There was no epilogue to tie up any loose ends, which seemed to mean if you want closure from a lot of the characters in the story, you must buy the third book in the series; which is scheduled to be released in 2014.Hopefully the third book will provide the answers needed for the questions that are left open at the end of this book. If you liked Wicked Nights with a Proper Lady, I would recommend that you read this book, so that you can continue the stories of these three dangerous rogues. This book was received from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review.Rating: 3Heat Rating: MildReviewed by: AprilPReview Courtesy of My Book Addiction and More

  • Tracy Emro
    2018-11-09 18:28

    I really wanted to like this book. The premise of the story is good and the writing is great. But it just didn't do it for me. The first half of this book is basically the same as the last book except it is told from a different perspective - and I liked the first half. The second half is where it snowballed downhill.I liked Tristan and thought he was a very good hero - an honorable rogue. But Charlotte - OMG, I thought she was a bit spoiled and childish in the first book, but not unlikable.I read other reviews and thought to myself - maybe they are exaggerating - how bad could she be? Answer - really bad! I have never read a more self centered, spoiled, childish, selfish heroine. She was a prima Donna who only thought of herself - she never seemed concerned about anyone else - even her cousin who was kicked out of the house party- knowing she had no money and no family. When Tristan asked about Genny Charlotte's reply was she'll be fine and then changed to topic to herself and her problem I was floored by this and was done with her. I almost wish she did marry Mr Warren and Tristan found a nice girl instead of this witch. The other thing that ruined this book for me was all the secrets and unanswered questions. I don't like that Tristan never told Charlotte the truth about his son, I don't like that we don't know the story about Bea's fall from grace and I didn't like the way the book just ended - it was so abrupt and so many things were unresolved that it almost felt like there were a couple of chapters missing. I also thought the things left hanging in the first book would get tied up in this book - nope. I am disappointed with this installment of the series, but I will read Hayden's book and hope that I get some answers!

  • Amanda
    2018-11-08 15:21

    This is one of those books where what the character tells us and how we perceive the characters are at odds. Charlotte is desperate not to marry a man who doesn't like her and whom she doesn't like. And while we're told her fiance is "loathsome," their interactions always left me feeling like Charlotte was being a spoiled brat and childish and the fiance was merely annoyed with her. And not that she deserved to be disliked, but she didn't really endear me to her or, more importantly, her plight. For me, there wasn't enough setup with the fiance to think he was terrible enough to get ruined. Not that I wanted the marriage to go through, but never did I feel like screaming, "GET AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN!" either. Which I wanted to be able to do. Because usually the follow-up response is "RUN INTO THE HERO'S ARMS!"I found myself more interested in the side characters' lives and stories (even though we didn't get much about them) than the main characters, because the main characters were hard to understand. Things just seemed to... happen. And I didn't always track why. The characters would tell me things or have revelations, but I didn't necessarily see it in their actions.There's also the "he moved in time with his thrusts" line that I'm still puzzling out. Mostly because if a man is thrusting himself into a woman (because yes, this was a sex scene), how could he NOT move in time with his thrusts? Isn't that the very nature of thrusting? "He held himself still while thrusting" or "He moved opposite of his thrusts" don't make sense. HE THRUSTS! That's about all you need to convey the action.

  • Michelle
    2018-11-02 17:24

    I’m not sure what it was but something with book 2 in the Dangerous Rogues series by Tiffany Clare just clicked for me, more than book 1 did. Lady Charlotte is promised to wed to a man that openly dislikes her. Her father cares nothing for a caring relationship for her, he’s more worried about furthering his political career. Seeing ruin as her only chance to be saved from this wedding Lady Charlotte seeks out Tristan, a powerful Lord on the opposite side of the political agenda than her father. Tristan is all too eager to spend some time with Charlotte because he has an agenda of his own. As these two plot her downfall they become unlikely friends, friends that suddenly are attracted to each other. As Tristan and Charlotte traverse the pitfalls of society they find that having someone, a friend and possible lover, to lean on makes the journey so much easier. I really enjoyed how the two stories, book 1 and 2 in the series, played together in this novel. The flashes of the plot and characters from book 1 were well woven in to this story and I really enjoyed how they played out. I’m very excited to see how that works with book number 3. Good read!

  • Lady Day
    2018-11-02 21:17

    The first half of the book was a repeat from the first book in the series, like in the first book; there were unresolved issues at the ending, requiring the reader to get answers from the third book in the series.Overall, it's not one of those story that I would tell my friends to read. Why? Partially, how she wrote the story with the events overlapping in all the books. I don't think, this is the best way to introduce an author to a new reader.This book had so much potential at the beginning, but it turned into a slow read. A problem I had was the heroine wanting to be ruin. I can understand Charlotte wanting to marry for love, but what bothered me was she had not thoughtout her plan of ruination, so when the actual event took place she suddenly couldn't handle the series of events that followed. I kept thinking of the quote, "be careful of what you ask for, because you just might get it." Charlotte was to naive for my taste. The next problem was the so called friendship that had developed between the main characters. I did not get a sense of that neither. The could not be seen together in public, nor did they share any real substance about themselves within the letters.

  • Dezi
    2018-10-21 20:28

    When I first picked this book up, I was very intrigued by the plot. I love historical romances and was looking forward to another to add to my list. This book however, I found to be lacking...severely. I feel as though the author put too much into the beginning of the book and then rushed through the problem, resolution and the end. After I finished the book, I was left feeling like I knew almost less than when I started. Practically none of the problems presented in the book were answered. You're left scratching your head about different back stories that I feel should have been apart of the book.Overall I am very dissatisfied with how the story was delivered, beginning to end.

  • Barbara
    2018-11-08 21:32

    Charlotte is engaged to Adrian Warren and they truly abhor each other. Charlotte begs her father to call it off but he will not. She devises a plan to "ruin" herself with the Marquess of Castleigh, one of a group of 4 who rock society with their antics. Carlotte seems quite young but once past that it is an OK book. The book runs parallel to the other two in the series making a complete arc. I didn't buy this when it first came out, but binge-read this, the novella and the third book (I had already read the first).

  • Ayana
    2018-10-27 21:02

    I loved the whole help-me-by-ruining-me fiasco. I loved how the hero and heroine came to fall in love with each other. The other characters also provide promising story for the next books. Though I would have a different ending but I understand that the characters are more likely to make appearances in other books in this series. Overall, a fun and amusing light read. 3.5 stars.

  • Moey17
    2018-10-25 20:11

    2nd in series was enjoyable. It took a few chapters to refresh my memory, since this was taking place at the same time as the first in the series, but Tristan and Charlotte were so engaging it made it worthwhile to muddle through the beginning. Looking forward to Jez and Hayden's story!

  • Debbie
    2018-11-06 19:30

    Enjoyed revisiting some of the characters from the first book in the series. The ending came too fast though, but I think the seeming holes in this story were left to deliberately fill with the next book.

  • Kasumi
    2018-10-24 14:32

    Vuelvo a quedarme con la sensación de que a la historia le falta algo, y supongo que no es otra cosa que el tercer libro de la serie. Pero para que se publique todavía faltan 5 meses y no sé si para entonces aun tendré ganas de enterarme del final.Una pena.

  • Celine
    2018-10-26 16:05

    2 1/2 stars

  • Lisa
    2018-11-07 20:25

    it was a story that just ended?

  • Maryanne
    2018-11-07 20:04

    really enjoyable for a winter read

  • Sherrill
    2018-10-20 20:22

    I really enjoyed this 2nd book in the Forbidden Lords series. I always like her characters and stories. A good read.

  • Robin
    2018-11-10 22:27

    So boring that I do not think I can read one page more...ugh...

  • Cindy Lightner
    2018-11-14 15:10

    This is a book that I won throught goodreads first reads program. This is not a typical book that I would pick to read, but was surprised at how much I liked the book.

  • Jennifer
    2018-11-05 17:08

    I liked the premise of this story but I thought the ending was rushed. I haven't read the other two books in the series, which may explain my many questions.

  • Wanda
    2018-10-19 17:17

    I love all of Tiffany Clare books. If you love a good historical romance, you should defintely pick this one up!

  • Christina Ps
    2018-10-28 20:23

    2.5 stars

  • *MariaA*
    2018-11-07 21:15

    3.5 stars for this one.Tristan is soo lovable!! though the story is a bit too long and gets too slow at times , also didn't get that deep feeling between H&h but a nice read.