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The genteel game of Real Tennis takes a murderous twist in Simon Brett’s witty and entertaining new Fethering mystery.  Jude’s life has been turned upside-down thanks her new man, Piers Targett, who’s keen to get her involved in his hobby – or obsession – of Real Tennis. But when one of Piers’ friends dies on the court in suspicious circumstances, Jude finds herself caugThe genteel game of Real Tennis takes a murderous twist in Simon Brett’s witty and entertaining new Fethering mystery.  Jude’s life has been turned upside-down thanks her new man, Piers Targett, who’s keen to get her involved in his hobby – or obsession – of Real Tennis. But when one of Piers’ friends dies on the court in suspicious circumstances, Jude finds herself caught up in the police investigation. Meanwhile, Jude’s neighbour Carole is trying to identify the human remains known locally as the ‘Lady in the Lake.’ As the two investigations become intertwined, Carole and Jude’s efforts to find the truth look set to lead to more murders....

Title : The Corpse on the Court
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The Corpse on the Court Reviews

  • Barbara
    2019-01-17 14:51

    Carole and Jude are next door neighbors and amateur sleuths who live in Fethering, a town in England. In this fourteenth volume in the series Jude has fallen for Piers, a suave, handsome businessman obsessed with "real tennis", a game played on an indoor court. Piers takes Jude to watch a real tennis match at Lockleigh House Tennis Club where she meets his friends and fellow enthusiasts. Afterwards Piers convinces Jude to take lessons in the sport as well. Jude's preoccupation with Piers leaves Carole feeling neglected so Carole decides to look into an old unsolved mystery, 'the girl in the lake', by herself. Meanwhile, the body of an elderly tennis club member, Reggie Playfair, is found dead on the Lockleigh House tennis court. Though Reggie's death is apparently from natural causes Jude is suspicious. Thus Carole and Jude undertake simultaneous - but largely independent - investigations. During their sleuthing Carole meets a woman looking for her long lost daughter and Jude discovers that the Lockleigh House Tennis Club is a late-night trysting place for lovers. The book has some fun, interesting characters and the dual investigations dovetail nicely at the end. I do have a quibble with Reggie's cause of death but - since the book is a cozy - I'll give it a pass. I'd recommend the book as an entertaining light mystery.You can follow my reviews at

  • Ruth
    2019-01-18 11:47

    We almost get to know more about Jude's background in this book....but not quite.One of the things I love about this series is the contrasts between the two main characters, Carole and Jude. Jude is open and friendly and Carole is a private, undemonstrative person. And yet - we know hardly anything about Jude, whereas what we don't know about Carole isn't worth knowing. How is that possible!

  • Gerry
    2018-12-28 07:42

    Simon Brett's 'The Corpse on the Court' is a thrilling entertainment with plenty of twists in the plot, which has a cast of of first-class characters throughout and the background of real tennis - a game I have only watched at Lord's, and never understood or played, - adds lustre to the mystery.Jude and Carole are neighbours, great friends and amateur sleuths and in this tale they undertake two seemingly completely separate investigations, which eventually turn out to be closely linked.Jude is in a relationship with a new man, Piers Targett, who is very much involved in the Lockleigh House Tennis Club where the members have a very close, and sometimes incestuous, relationship. Jude has no idea what the real tennis game is about and when Piers tells her about dedans and chases, she is completely lost and often just falls asleep - whatever they are doing at the time. But he is determined to get her involved in the game and insists that once she is she will be hooked. Jude is not convinced.Carole meanwhile is not in any relationship and enjoys her freedom but does like to be involved when any investigation reveals itself. So when Jude distances herself from Carole for a while, due to her new love interest and her attendance at Lockleigh, she is not too happy.Having met many of the members, the professional and the junior professional, Jude realises that there is more to the club than meets the eye and she also hears rumours about her new man that disturb her ... but that doesn't stop her pursuing him and the pair of them enjoying some intimate moments.Things change when, not to give anything away, a corpse is discovered on the tennis court. It is one of the older members and there is no sign of foul play so a natural death is surmised. But everything does not appear to be quite as it should be so Jude, with the eventual help of Carole, begins to investigate. And that investigation opens all sorts of doors and brings forth many queries, jealousies and petty, and not so petty, feuds.Meanwhile Carole is looking into her own little mystery, the question of what is known as 'the lady in the lake'. The duo follow up their own leads but eventually the two strands of the investigation come together to reveal a complicated little plot, which is eventually unravelled. As for Jude and Piers relationship ... well, you will see!Jeremy Brett's mysteries are always well thought out and fast-paced and this one is no different.

  • Ivonne Rovira
    2019-01-16 11:51

    Simon Brett is back with another excellent and intelligent mystery featuring the unlikely duo of the free-spirited Jude -- "Jude, just Jude" -- and her uptight neighbor and friend, Carole Seddon. In The Corpse on the Court, an elderly man is found dead on a Real Tennis court in the early hours, and Jude gets the niggling suspicion that something isn't quite right about the verdict of a heart attack. She begins to poke around, occasionally assisted by Carole, but -- unlike in the 13 previous Fethering Mysteries -- mostly on her own. After numerous twists and turns, Jude and Carole discover what really happened the night of the man's death. We're also treated to Carole Seddon handling a parallel mystery on her own: the disappearance of a 16-year-old girl eight years earlier. Carole suspects that the girl, Marina Holland, is actually the unidentified "Lady in the Lake," the unidentified female remains that were found in a nearby lake a year later. Although that second mystery intertwines with the first, the plot development never seems contrived. Both mysteries have satisfying resolutions. (That's not always the case -- although that's not to Brett's discredit. As the mysteries are pretty realistic, sometimes villains don't get their comeuppances.)I love Feathering Mysteries. I wouldn't begin with this particular novel, as it would diminish the pleasure in seeing Carole develop and mature; however, for Feathering fans, you'll be glad to get your hands on The Corpse on the Court. The only downside is the sadness you'll feel at the last word, knowing you have to wait another year to catch up with the latest from Jude and Carole.

  • Kathy
    2019-01-13 09:42

    This, my second Fethering mystery, I found to be quite entertaining and will not hesitate to read more of this series when time permits. The first one I read was just the second of the series and the foundations were being newly laid for the "working" relationship between Carole and Jude, her neighbor. The two ladies are complementary in sleuthing and digging for truths when it comes to murder, though opposites in personality. While Jude is enjoying a new love relationship, Carole decides on a cold case to investigate to see if she can identify the body found in a lake a number of years earlier...on her own. Jude is busy being swept off her feet and being introduced to a new world of sport (for her) - real tennis. I must confess to my ignorance of "real tennis" prior to this reading. I am always happier when I learn something new. There is a death on the court where Jude is being initiated while Carole's investigations that lead her to a lost girl intertwine, allowing the ladies to save a life in the mix.

  • John Frankham
    2019-01-19 09:31

    The best of this series so far, I think. Quite some depth in the analysis of the character of Jude, but also of other characters confronting loss and uncertainty in their lives. Fun and serious stuff.The GR blurb:'The genteel game of Real Tennis takes a murderous twist in Simon Brett’s witty and entertaining new Fethering mystery.Jude’s life has been turned upside-down thanks her new man, Piers Targett, who’s keen to get her involved in his hobby – or obsession – of Real Tennis. But when one of Piers’ friends dies on the court in suspicious circumstances, Jude finds herself caught up in the police investigation. Meanwhile, Jude’s neighbour Carole is trying to identify the human remains known locally as the ‘Lady in the Lake.’ As the two investigations become intertwined, Carole and Jude’s efforts to find the truth look set to lead to more murders.'

  • Mandolin
    2019-01-03 11:35

    Though her shell isn't quite as obvious as the one that Carole wears over her personality, Jude has one as well, carefully constructed through long years of patient self-healing work. For the first time in quite a while, someone has finally penetrated that shell to her heart, causing her to fall head-over-heels in love. But is he truly the man she thinks he is? Or is Piers Targett just another person that is going to break her heart? With his Jaguar E-type, gorgeous flat, suave manner and breezy attitude towards life, Piers seems to be everything that Jude has ever wanted, despite his obsession with real tennis. When the pair find a friend's dead body on a local court, though, Jude begins to slowly realize that the little she knows about him may only be his wolfish sheep disguise.A little bit (or maybe a lot) disgruntled at the new loneliness she's experiencing because of Jude's new love interest, Carole Seddon is nevertheless reluctantly drawn into the role of amateur detective once again, helping Jude to probe into the dead man's past to determine why he was at the court so early in the morning and who helped lead him to an untimely death. Was he their for an illicit assignation? A little ghost hunting? Or something more sinister? Unhappy with her minor part in the mystery, Carole also begins a little sleuthing of her own, trying to solve the old mystery of the local "Lady in the Lake." Her investigation leads her to the door of a spiffy local politician who has a lot to lose if his entire family history is revealed. But did he stoop to murder or bribery to get rid of his own daughter? Is her corpse the one found rotting on the shores of Fethering Lake?Soon, Jude and Carole are caught up in the fervor of investigation, both determined to solve their unique - but possibly connected - cases. Working alone on each, will they be able to do so in time? Or will the surprising tie between the two cases remind them of how well they work as a team? And will their friendship - and Jude's heart - survive her new romance?? With his characteristic irony, snappy dialogue and dry humor, Simon Brett brings the reader yet another delightful tale about a team of two very different but complementary women who have an uncanny talent for solving murder. The book's strength lies in underlining how much their unique chemistry means to their success. Much better than the previous few installments of the series, despite the prevalence of jokes that are beginning to get a bit stale, this one infuses new life with glimpses into Jude's past. Though I'll be sad to see the series end, I think that we won't be visiting Fethering for too much longer. I've enjoyed getting to know Jude and Carole along the way, though, and would certainly recommend this series to any fan of British cozy mysteries!

  • Damaskcat
    2018-12-27 13:28

    This fourteenth book in the Fethering mystery series sees Jude and Carole, neighbours and amateur sleuths, investigating cases independently. Jude has a new man in her life whose hobby is real tennis and when a fellow member of the real tennis club is found dead Jude believes it is something more than a case of natural causes. The dead man’s widow asks her to find out what happened.Carole – to take her mind off her friend’s unavailability – decides to investigate an old unsolved local mystery of some bones found in a lake. I found the book entertaining reading and it was interesting to see the two contrasting methods of investigation used by the two women. The book is well written with some interesting characters and situations and some insights into real tennis – about which I knew nothing before reading this book.If you like mysteries without too much violence and you like amateur investigators this is an entertaining series. The books can be read in any order but it is interesting to read them in the order in which they were published to see how Jude and Carole develop as characters and how their relationship develops and changes.

  • Michael Craig
    2019-01-05 10:41

    This was my first Simon Brett novel, which after a little familiarisation, I really enjoyed. I didn't realise that he was such a prolific writer, but I can now see why he has been so successful. His characters were beautifully and cleverly conceived and whilst the book was written in a witty manner, this only enhanced the overall experience. Although the plot was well enough constructed, with various twists, I felt that it was almost secondary to the excellent depiction of the characters. It was a good entertaining read and I will read more in the series in due course.

  • Brian Collyer
    2019-01-07 09:28

    I understand that the author wanted to try something new by essentially splitting up Carol and Jude for most of the book. But, I enjoy the chase of the two of them working together on a "case". Their interaction of two such divergent personalities using their individuals skills to get evidence is light and fun. But, here, they both are working their own mysteries and I didn't enjoy it nearly as much as I enjoyed others in the series.

  • Val
    2019-01-04 11:50

    A Fethering mystery. Jude has a new man in her life the only drawback being he is obsessed with real tennis. One of his friend's is murdered on the court and Jude is there when the body is discovered. Meanwhile, Carole is pursuing her own enquiry into some human remains found locally. A cold case.

  • John Lee
    2018-12-27 14:39

    I have read and enjoyed all of the previous books in this series and, although a couple of misgivings about the previous one, I still had that feeling of excitement and anticipation as I first held this one.There is an element of 2 for 1 about this as both of our intrepid duo have their own situation to solve but in my humble opinion this book lacks the 'sparkle' of the interaction that feature so much in the earlier ones.Newcomers to the series may well thoroughly enjoy it but perhaps the Oldies like myself may feel that something is now missing. Sorry. 3*ADDITIONAL 30/9/2016I think that it is a question of loyalty. In the past I have read and enjoyed many of the books in the Feathering series as well as the Mrs Pargeter and Charles Pariss too. Even though I had felt that later books had lost their original sparkle, when I thought that I saw this one as a new release, I jumped at it.I liked the old 'armchair and slippers' feel of meeting Carole and Jude again and it was an easy read. Perhaps it was so easy and comfortable that I didnt realise until about 1/3rd through that the story seemed familiar, and a quick check in my Goodreads bookshelf confirmed that I had read it 4 years ago.However, as I was enjoying the story and couldnt remember who the culprit was that I decided to finish it off.Having now read my earlier notes, I enjoyed it more this time! and will increase my previous 3 to 4*

  • Lynn
    2019-01-12 07:25

    Jude, a woman in her late 50's, has just begun dating Piers. They're both quite infatuated and Piers introduces Jude to his favourite pastime real tennis. I hadn't heard that term before, but by the end of the book it was really grating on me. My good friend, Wikipedia, tells me that the term was used to distinguish the original game of tennis from the modern equivalent lawn tennis. Except there aren't many professional courts now where the surface is lawn. So can't we just call them all tennis? Anyways, I'm digressing. As you can tell from the title, a body is found on the real tennis court. Piers and Jude are the ones that make the discovery. It's assumed that Reggie died from a heart attack, but Jude has her suspicions. The Corpse in the Court is the 14th book in an ongoing series called The Fethering Mysteries. Jude and her neighbour Carole are the local untrained sleuths. That appeals to me in an Agatha Christie kind of way. The outcome of the mystery here was pretty low key. However, the writing is good and I did enjoy the parallel story that Carole was digging into. I may go back to the beginning of the series to try a second book. 2.5 for me.

  • Deb
    2019-01-21 07:39

    I knew that tennis was originally one of the "sports of kings," but I knew a lot more about real (for royal) tennis after reading this book, perhaps more than I (or the main protagonist, Jude) wanted to know. Jude is dating Piers, who's highly involved in the world of real tennis, and finds herself spending a lot of time at the courts. When one of the players is found dead on the court, she becomes interested in finding out who done it. Her best friend, Carole, is also an amateur detective, and works on a case involving the disappearance of a teenager many years ago.Although the book was well-paced, there was something that kept me from giving it a four-star review. Perhaps it's that the premise of the primary murder felt a little fantastic to me, or perhaps I just didn't like a lot of the characters all that much. I can't exactly put my finger on it, and don't really intend to try.

  • Pamela
    2019-01-14 09:43

    The Fethering series are nice little cozies. Easy reads that don't ask much of the reader. The only thing that keeps me from giving 3 stars is that, even though the author has written 14 of these as well as several other series, he still has not grasped the idea of point-of-view. Here you are, reading along right in the middle of Jude's head (or Carol's head) then WHAM! Suddenly you are ripped out of there and smack into the head of a different character. One sentence later and you are whiplashed back into Jude's head (or Carol's head). You'd think some editor would have enlightened Mr. Brett by now, wouldn't you?I usually listen to the audio version of these books, so the POV fiasco isn't that bad. But when reading it...OUCH!

  • Nathalie S
    2019-01-11 14:27

    I've enjoyed reading the Feathering Mysteries with unlikely friends and neighbors Jude and Carole for many years now. Jude is a more free spirited, new age healer and Carole is of the old guard of retired British civil servants, all stiff upper-lipped and uptight. Yet, they work well together in solving the mysteries that come their way. In this one, I learned more than I ever knew existed about real tennis--which was a little hard for me since I don't know how to play "fake" tennis but I always find it fascinating to learn more about someone's passion, dare we say "obsession" in this case. I love all things British, even though we see the ugly underbelly that is present in all civilizations. Once again, Simon Brett does not disappoint.

  • Helen
    2018-12-30 13:44

    Light and undemanding but with the occasional flash of brilliance (the barbed social comment - this time a splendid one about voluntary work on page 20). Most of the action revolves around a real tennis club and court, so quite a lot of detail about that - and a sense of a discrete community with a common interest. Jude and Carole are more or less pursuing different investigations this time, which means they nearly miss vital clues through not being aware of what the other has discovered, as the two apparently separate threads come together. There was far more emphasis on Jude and the real tennis story; the secondary story therefore seems less important.

  • Joy Stephenson
    2018-12-31 08:54

    This is gentle 'cosy crime', one of a series featuring Jude and Carole, two mis-matched neighbours who go in for amateur sleuthing to spice up their retirement. The series is fairly formulaic and having read several in a short space of time I had become bored with them. However after a gap of a couple of years, I've just read this one and found it enjoyable, undemanding entertainment. The plot works, the characters are pretty convincing and the setting of 'real' tennis, as opposed to lawn tennis, makes for an interesting backdrop.

  • Julia
    2019-01-09 13:36

    2.5 starsThis seemed flat to me. For the first 50 pages I wasn't sure whether it was worth continuing. I didn't empathize with any of the characters (except one of the minor ones near the end) and didn't understand the motivations of the main characters. It got more interesting when the mystery got going, but petered out at the end.I hadn't realized when I picked it up that this was part of a series, and other reviews indicate that it might be better if I had read some of the earlier books first.

  • Richard Farley
    2018-12-22 14:45

    I enjoy Simon Brett's Books and find them an easy and relaxing read inbetween other books. I have read most of the previous books in this series. Like other reviewers have said there is an element of 2 for 1 about this as both carole and Jude have their own situation to solve. We do see more of the character of Jude, but it somehow lacks the same feeling as the other ones which I have read, the way they bounce off each other seems to add more fun. It was still agood read.

  • Anne
    2018-12-29 08:32

    Fans of Simon Brett's Fethering series will enjoy the latest entry, which features a focus on free-spirit Jude and the emotional turmoil (unusual for her) wrought by an intense relationship with a new boyfriend. Meanwhile, the uptight Carol Seddon decides not to dwell on the perceived abandonment by her neighbor, but proceeds to undertake a successful investigation on her own. The boyfriend is a fanatic about the game of real tennis, and it is in this arcane world that the murder occurs.

  • Meg
    2018-12-30 15:32

    Jude is in love and hardly ever home. Carole won't admit that she feels ignored, and certainly isn't *bored*, but...she decides to work on solving an old local crime. Jude's new beau has a friend who dies under mysterious circumstances. Jude's investigation into the death, and Carol's "cold case" eventually overlap...

  • Susan
    2019-01-08 13:27

    Her nose out of joint because her neighbor and friend Jude has a new romantic interest, Carole Seddon starts a solo investigation into an unidentified body. Meanwhile, Jude's lover, debonair Piers, draws her into the world of real (or court) tennis, where she meets a number of people and finds a body. There's more focus on Jude in this one, so Carole's nervous quirks are less in play.

  • Sally
    2019-01-21 09:35

    In my quest for the ultimate cozy, I selected this Simon Brett because I love the game of tennis. Id never heard of real tennis, so that was entertaining. And Jude and Carole were interesting and distinct enough to make me want to read one of the earlier mysteries. Definitely a quick read with a sort of jaunty tone, but not without a bit of depth.

  • BookAmbler
    2018-12-24 09:30

    A reading group choice...... which is the only reason I finished the book! I thought it was dire: repetitive, cliched, rambling on about an arcane sport, and written in an irritating style. Sorry, nothing positive to say about it!Of course, in real life, the ambulance crew would have been required, by law, to call the police due to the unexpected death!

  • Lesley
    2019-01-06 12:35

    It is a truth universally acknowledged, that if in a mystery the investigator/s are engaged in investigating two apparently unconnected cases, they will, in fact, be connected. The question in the reader's mind will be 'how'.

  • Val Didonato
    2019-01-21 12:32

    Sadly the main character Jude is too naive . Blinded by her love of Piers, Jude ignores her fears and easily accepts Piers explanations that don' t add up. After reading other Fethering Mysteries I finally sympathized with Carole, who is set in her ways but knows her own mine.

  • Junipa
    2018-12-25 15:35

    An OK read. Easy to follow but boring in bits - doubt I'll ever be interested in playing or watching a game of real tennis, thanks to this book. I've probably read too many cosy mysteries lately and this is another in the Fethering series.

  • Joan
    2019-01-04 07:33

    I love this series with Jude and Carole, unlikely friends. The book starts out describing the game of "real" tennis which, frankly, put me to sleep as well as Jude. After 15 pages the plot started to get going. I could see this as a PBS series.

  • Val
    2019-01-19 10:50

    This Fethering Mystery goes off in a different direction when Jude and Carole go in two different directions, solving two different mysteries. It was interesting to read about Real Tennis. I didn't know there was such a thing. It was really not fair to have the two cases intersect at the end.