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Vampire Nick Christos might've been born in the Middle Ages, but the good old days seem tame compared to the last eight years he's spent ruling the Supernatural Council. His only respite is with his cute neighbor Casey Meyers, a woman he wants more than any undead man should. Sure, he's forced to take a cold shower after every encounter, but there's no way he'll test his oVampire Nick Christos might've been born in the Middle Ages, but the good old days seem tame compared to the last eight years he's spent ruling the Supernatural Council. His only respite is with his cute neighbor Casey Meyers, a woman he wants more than any undead man should. Sure, he's forced to take a cold shower after every encounter, but there's no way he'll test his own strength by getting too close to a human, and he's not willing to risk her life—not with bloodthirsty family on the prowl out to ruin Nick's life.When said Nick's kin shows up, the innocent Casey is caught in the middle of a centuries old fight, and Nick's biggest fear is realized. Now, instead of keeping his hands off his neighbor, he'll risk everything to save the human he's come to love....

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Take It Like a Vamp Reviews

  • A.D. Marrow
    2018-11-20 08:45

    I love vamp stories. LOVE vamp stories, but I tend to be a wee bit picky about them. What drew me in to this story first, was the title. I am a sucker for the double entendre. Plus, when a story starts with a character mentioning panty-melting, I know I'm in for a few laughs. I read through this story in one sitting. Typically, I fall completely in love with the hero, and I did fall head over heels for Nick. Any hero that has fangs, looks like Viggo Mortensen and is a Lord of the Rings fan is drool worthy in my book. Once the relationship between Nick and Casey solidified, it was endearingly sweet. He was protective and for good reason. But if I needed the THUD pillow for nothing else, I needed it because he loved curves. Are you hearing me, women of earth? THIS MAN LOVED CURVES! Oh. My. GAWD! While gushing about this amazing book to my husband - who has become a sort of defacto reviewer with me - I mentioned this and he says, "for a fictional character, he's about as real as they come cause every man loves a classic chassis." I rest my case. Not only does Nick love her curves, but he tells her her worships them. Shut. Up. In an odd sort of non-lesbian way, I girl-crushed on Casey HARD. I want her to be my best friend. It is incredibly difficult for me to like some female characters, simply because they are so stereotypical. Casey loves jeans and goofy t-shirts, is sarcastic and snarky, doesn't put up with shit AT ALL, eats more ice cream than should be legal and she owns the fact that she wants to sex up Nick any chance she gets. WORD! Girl after my own heart. This was a fun book with great dialogue and sexy characters. My one complaint was I wanted see the "chipmunk" get axed. If you read it, you will understand why. Oh, and Linc - who is Nick's best friend and I am hoping that he has a book coming out soon - totally needed to be naked in every scene. I'm just sayin'

  • Monty Cupcake ☠ Queen of Bloodshed ☠
    2018-12-15 08:41

    It was ok. Too much "let's talk about our feelings and beat around the bush and be awkward" and not enough action - both the killing kind and steamy kind. Made the book drag and lag for me. I liked the characters, just not enough oomph to it all. I was bored.

  • ♥Rachel♥
    2018-11-22 05:42

    3.5 StarsTake it Like a Vamp is a sweet romance with a little paranormal and spice mixed in. Casey is not very lucky in the romance department. Every man she’s dated in the last few months has turned out to be a loser. What she’d really like is to find someone like her best friend and neighbor, Nick. He’s sweet, thoughtful, and gorgeous. Only trouble is, she doesn’t think he’d be interested in her. His normal date is the anorexic, tall, blond model type and Casey is anything but. This doesn’t stop her from lusting after him in secret, though. Even if he was interested, she worries about ruining her friendship with him, and she cherishes their closeness.Little does Casey know that the reason Nick has been holding back is because he’s a vampire. He’s drawn to her like no other woman, but he doesn’t dare cross the line with her and put her in danger. This is what he once thought, but things change when Nick starts closing in on a deadline with his vampire council. He has to marry soon or lose his seat as their leader. The vampires have a lot of candidates to fill the spot, but Nick can’t think of anyone other than Casey as his wife. He’s afraid that exposing his true nature will scare her off, and he’ll never see her again. When Nick goes against his better judgment in a moment of weakness and takes Casey out to a public event, he puts her in grave danger. Now that she’s drawn attention from his murderous ex, Nick must take steps to protect Casey forever, but he wonders if Casey will go along once she finds out the truth. This was a fun and sexy story. I loved the comical inner musings of Casey; she was so easy going and down to earth. Her warm personality would draw anyone in. The one thing I didn’t care for so much is her lack of self-confidence. She never believed any compliments, even when she got sooo many! I guess this happens often to women who are not the stereo-typical beauty that is commonly accepted. Casey was not stick thin, but instead, very curvy which Nick, along with many other men, appreciated. If your man loves you the way you are, accept it and own it!! Nick was such a sweetheart and so very protective over Casey. I fell for him instantly. I loved how he wooed her, and resisted trying anything with her until she knew the full truth about him. Favorite spicy quote: "Well for the record," she said saucily. "I'm a fan of losing control. So feel free to do so whenever you like." "Oh, I plan to," he said seriously. "I'm going to lose control over and over again with you."One weakness in this story is the whole paranormal aspect. I felt there was great potential, but the whole world and lore is only superficially touched on. This wasn’t a huge issue for me, because as all my friends know, I’m all about the characters and the romance! There is a possibility of this series continuing with a focus on some of the secondary characters, so maybe this world will be more developed. I hope we get a story involving Linc and Casey’s assistant, Bennett, because there were some definite sparks between those two! A copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Candace! You can find this review and more at The Readers Den.

  • Beth
    2018-11-18 01:29

    Cassie Meyers lately has a run of bad men in her life, complete losers. She wishes for a man like her neighbor Nick. Nick has become Cassie's best friend but he's rich, has beautiful woman swarming him and is the ruler of the Supernatural Council.Nick thinks Cassie is the perfect woman but he doesn't want to pull her into his dangerous world. One mistake and his feelings for Cassie are exposed, creating a bullseye on Cassie for all his enemies. The choice of keeping Cassie close is taken away when he must guard her from his supernatural world.This was an interesting and enjoyable story. It seemed like a slow building romance with a little bit of paranormal on the side...causing the antagonism. Cassie was a fun loving and humorous character, who seemed to roll with the punches rather well. I did find the supernatural side of this story had a good start but it seemed to lack focus making the story a little jumping. This distracted me from forming any personal connections to the characters. I also found the ending abrupt leaving lots of open ended plot directions.Take It Like A Vamp was a good start to what could be an extremely interesting series. It has tons of potential and an exciting premiss. I received this copy of Take it Like a Vamp from Entangled Publishing, LLC - Covet in exchange for a honest review. This book published May 20, 2013.Find this book on AmazonFind this book on Barnes & NobleFor more reviews check out Tome Tender's Book Blog or find us on Facebook.

  • Feminista
    2018-11-19 09:21

    Rating: 3 out of 5.Nick and Casey have been really good friends for the past few months. Both are crazily attracted to one another, the only thing keeping them apart is Nick's secrets.And he has a lot of them.I didn't like the one last secret that came out with regards to the evil other woman. I found that his justification for keeping that secret was lacking.But overall, the novel was funny and engaging.ARC Courtesy of NetGalley and Entangled Publishing, LLC.

  • ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme
    2018-11-30 09:46

    Two lonely orphans become the best of friends. They secretly have the hots for each other, but they hide it for different reasons. In this friends-to-lovers story, there is an added little supernatural twist.Casey is the typical female who loathes her chunky body. She wishes her hips would slim down as well as the nasty bulge on her belly. She moans over her dull taupe curly hair. The only men she attracts are losers. Even her large breasts aren't enough to entice the men she dates to sleep with her. Can you smell the desperation emanating from this low self-esteem female?Yet somehow she manages to capture the heart and attention of an insanely wealthy billionaire who is drop dead gorgeous. Readers, suspend reality in order to enjoy this book, because this woman is a total loser. She thinks, acts and convinces everyone she is a total loser for more than half of the book. She is constantly critical of her body and incessantly whines about it. Still, this doesn't deter Nick from wanting her.This trope is a pet peeve of mine. A woman who is obviously just fine physically describes herself as some kind of Quasimodo. Then a fairy godmother character gives her new clothing, colours her hair and voilà, she's beautiful. It takes a man to make her whole and worth it. The oddest part is Casey is supposed to be this amazing graphics artist yet she can't figure out how to make herself look good.This is the first story by Ms. Haven I've read where I'm disgusted with the lead female character. Usually Ms. Haven's female leads are smart and kick ass. This one is smart and constantly being kicked in the ass. Based on Casey's behaviour, her inability to find a good man is completely on her shoulders. She lacks respect for herself. Why should any man respect her? Of course, this all turns around because Nick gives her a Cinderella treatment which changes her perspective.Despite this trite trope, the world building shows potential and the character dialogue is classic Ms. Haven. This world is filled with hidden supernaturals. It would help if Ms. Haven spent more time building the world instead of Casey ripping on herself. The dialogue between the characters is fun and snarky. The interaction between the Nick and Casey is amusing and endearing. Even the secondary characters are a delightful addition.Ms. Haven's writing voice saves this story. She injects quirky humour in some of the oddest instances. This offbeat manner demonstrated through some nonchalant responses from Casey while Nick is fuming jealous puts a smile on the reader's face. The apparent cluelessness of Casey undercut by her clever responses at times catches the reader off guard. This is what makes the story enjoyable. This light romance is recommended for vampire lovers who want a romantic happily ever after.

  • Kelly Hart
    2018-12-13 06:36

    Take it Like A VampBy: Candace HavensPublished by: Entangled Publishing, LLCReviewed by: Kelly H.I loved, loved, loved this book! It was a fun, quick read which I had a lot of trouble putting down.It was filled with interesting and entertaining characters which were incredibly hard not to fall in love with (and a few in hate with), and it left me totally wanting more. With characters like the totally hot (although a little dumb in the girlfriend department, at times) Nick – who I may love just as much as Eric Northman -- his equally hot and charismatic buddy Linc, the sweet, yet strong Casey, her ex-Uncle, now Aunt Teddie, and the evil witch Alvinia, I was absolutely hooked. As I finished I thought, Candace Havens should soooooo make this a series! I would totally read more books about Nick and Casey and this supernatural world she’s created!Another aspect of this novel I enjoyed was the romantic part. Not only were there a few hot and sexy scenes, which I always love, the love story itself, was very engaging and very believable. Ms. Havens established that Casey and Nick were already very good friends right from the very beginning and I feel it made their falling in love completely plausible, authentic, and unrushed. Finally, I found the book incredibly funny. The things the characters say to one another and the thoughts that went through both Casey and Nick’s minds were hilarious. Also, Ms. Havens added several references to current pop-culture, supernatural movies and TV shows – True Blood, Twilight, and Lost Girl, to name a few – and they often added to the overall hilarity of the thoughts and conversations which ensued.Without a doubt, I would recommend this book. It was absolutely wonderful and that’s why I gave it five out of five stars.Disclaimer: An eBook copy of this novel was supplied to me for review by the publisher and everything I have said is of my own honest opinion. I have not been paid to review this book.

  • Jenny E
    2018-12-03 02:46

    I got Punk'd.Seriously, this is nothing more than a Twilight AU fanfiction, and not even a good one at that. Save yourself a couple bucks and go read at

  • Ellen
    2018-12-11 04:33

    If you follow my reviews (but really why would you?) you'd know last week I read Deceiving the Witch Next Door by Melissa Bourbon Ramirez and was incredibly disappointed at how the book turned out. I blamed Ms Ramirez until I read Tall, Dark and Divine by Jenna Bennett which was also rather bad.At this point I thought it I was just unlucky or maybe Entangled's new line (Covet) full of paranormal romance wasn't going to be the awesomeness I wanted.Then I read Take it Like a Vamp. Unlike Jenna Bennett and Melissa Bourbon Ramirez I have actually read some of Candace Havens' previous books and I very much enjoyed them. So this was a double disappointment, in that it wasn't very good and Ms Havens has failed.At this point I will be very reluctant to pick up anything from Entangled's Covet line in the future, which as a die-hard paranormal reader is a sad thing.The book itself wasn't so bad but I know Havens can do much, much better than this.Casey is Sue-like, she doesn't have any faults except terrible self-esteem. Except for some ex's that we never actually meet and are referred to as losers for a reason, EVERY single attractive and not-attractive man in the book thinks that Casey is the greatest thing since sliced bread.Nick is hot, rich and vampire. He's also a whiny baby. Oh woe is me my "beast" might hurt Casey. I'm not against angst but this was on top of the psycho ex-wife who killed his parents and tried to kill his girlfriend/wife (Casey). Hell, even after the absolutely wonderful Casey says she accepts him (and his "beast") he still tries to push her away to angst.

  • A.R. Von
    2018-12-13 07:39

    I was hooked from the first page! Absolutely adored Casey’s character and the whole girl next door, best friends with a side of HOT vamp thing going on. Yea, besides being a kind, caring, wealthy and stunning vampire; Nick is best friends with Casey and treats her like platinum. If you ask me, that little adorable spitfire deserves it and yes, I am a tad jealous ;)Casey lost her parents less than a year ago and moved in with her, umm Aunt Teddie (there’s a bit of a story behind that one. Not giving it away, sorry guys) in a ritzy apartment building. Actually her moving there is how she meets Nick. They have become great friends and have been for 9 months. Cassie has very bad luck in the men department, but always had a desire for Nick. But she’s SO not his type. He’s into thin as a rod Barbie’s that could blow away with a strong wind. Not a woman with curves like Casey. Could she be wrong for once?Nick is a very wealthy, powerful, handsome, and unpredictable Vamp. His life has changed since the day he meet Casey. After living for 800 years, life has become dull for him. Nothing that is Casey is at all dull. She sparks something in him that he refuses to explore. He’s never told Casey about who/what he really is and fears involving her in his life. But man oh man does he want to take their friendship to another level. I really enjoyed the authors creativity with her vamp thingy’s (like Casey would say)-lol. She put a different sort of twist on crossbreeds, mating and the way they claim. Oh and WOW is the sex hot. I think you all will be very pleased with the performance (hee hee). This is a great read for anyone that enjoys shifters, vamps, both or neither. Paranormal readers of all kinds will enjoy Candance’s creation and the humor within :)

  • TheGeekyBlogger
    2018-11-17 02:46

    Read for ReviewOverall Rating 4.25Character Rating 4.50Story Rating 4.00First thought when Finished: What a deliciously fun read for a hot scorching afternoon! :)What I thought of the Characters: I loved the characters in Take it Like a Vamp! Nick was the smoldering hottie that we, aka me, wished really did live next door. He is kind, sweet, protective, and a little over-bearing at times (every good alpha is *sigh*). Casey, to me, is who stole the show though. She was talented, smart, and get this AN AVERAGE SIZED gal with gumption. She had some meat on her bones, some insecurities, and was loyal to a fault. She would help out anyone who needed it! Last but least, my Linc! He is Nick's best friend and HOT, HOT, HOT! This had better be a series because I'm ready for the next book (it had better feature Linc)!What I thought of the Romance: The chemistry between Nick and Casey is evident from the beginning and feels very organic. I love friends to lovers romances--they are the best! Their attraction just jumps off the page at you and doesn't feel forced! I felt that their personalities fit each other and that made the smexy better! I love when the main leads "fit"---different enough to keep each other on their toes but share enough in common that you can see a friend base there.What I thought of the Story: Overall the story was fun, light, and perfect for a lazy afternoon read. It was easy to devour in one setting! There was a little action, a little smexy time, a little fun, and all around a good love story!Final Thought: I will be waiting on book 2!

  • Linda Sims
    2018-11-19 08:43

    HE LIVES NEXT DOOR, AND HE'S A VAMPIRENick Christos has been around for 800 years. In all that time no one has got under his skin like his sexy neighbour Casey Meyers.But being a vampire prevents him from getting to close to Casey who is human. He's taken more cold showers since he met Casey than he would care to remember.Casey has no clue that Nick has it bad for her. Her history with men is disastrous. Besides she has seen the super model types that he usually has on his arm why would he look at her. She contents herself that they are friends. Then as a favour to Nick she accompanies him to a function in order to keep away the bevy of socialites who are looking to snag him as a husband. That night is the start of something that Casey couldn't have come up with even if she tried. Because after that her life is never the same again.First read for me by this author. I am a big fan of PNR and this proved to be a real winner. The characters were well drawn and likeable. Nick is a real alpha all possessive and protective, but with a sweet vulnerable side to him. Casey was self depreciating but she did it with a lot of humour. The story is well thought out and very well written. I loved the dialogue it is witty and at times quite humorous. I would describe this as a sensuous romance, the chemistry and sexual tension was hot. I am hoping that the author is going to write Linc's story. If you enjoy vampire/human romances I recommend you give this a try.ARC courtesy of Entangled Publishing and NetGalley

  • Mary Ann Kackley
    2018-12-01 02:48

    I really liked these characters! You know, reading paranormal romance there's a certain amount of head douche that has to go into the mythology so you're not comparing to every other story you've read. Once you get past that, enjoy! We've got a strong, mousy-but-beautiful, witty, independent female with self-esteem issues and a wealthy, drop-dead eye-candy supernatural guy (don't wanna give away the storyline explaining exactly what he is) who first become friends with no one the wiser. Aside from the fact that they both secretly pine for each other for eons, 'political' necessity becomes the mother of invention and they finally end up together--for better or worse! lol You have the usual cast of characters including witches, demons, superhuman bodyguards, gorgeous exes, best friends in-waiting, oh, and did I mention an Aunt that used to be an Uncle who I read to look like The Lady Bunny? High dollar hi-jinx and exotic locales, private jets--yes, you hear some similarities here! It's a fun, fast read, and I hope she does a sequel!

  • Mara
    2018-11-17 03:45

    A chick lit hyper fluffy romance that is not, I repeat, is not a pnr. (The cover should have been a hint...) This is a clichéd harlequin romance whose title could be the millionaire's bride or something equally stupid. There could be a vamp in it, but just substitute it with mob/prince/your choice and nothing changes. (Actually it could improve, at least you'll never worry why a vamp can go out in the sun or eat or be... so boring normal.)In my opinion PNR is a fantasy/UF with a couple as a leading characters and romance as a focus, but the usual rules apply: world-building, strong plot, coherence. None of these is in here. I understand it's a trend, but it really feels as a rip-off.

  • Stephanie
    2018-11-19 08:32

    Opa! Take it Like A Vamp Original Post: http://fangswandsandfairydust.blogspo...A Greek Salad of lust, romance and international supernatural political intrigue.The characters, in this book are usually loveable, especially Casey, Nick and Linc, and one is a whole lotta Cruella Deville (Alvina). It's campy because of the extremes of beauty, talent, action and violence.I think that there is a synchronicity of ideas in the world of vampire books surrounding the idea of arranged and obligatory mating/bondin/marriage that started, I think with the potential of an arranged marriage for Eric Northman, Sookie's vampire husband in one of the last Charlaine Harris' books (Deadlocked, I think). Since then I have seen it in a few other tales including the recent DON'T BITE THE BRIDESMAID and now here. I know this is a fun book; intended as a diversion, not depth. But even then there are a couple of notes of discord for me in this sometimes funny story of a curvy girls who's in love with a super rich, hot guy (he's also brilliant, and kind). The first is the use of magic to fill plot holes. How something happens is answered with spells and ward, defensive mages, etc. It is too easy to turn to "Magick Ex Machina" for problems. I find this is often an issue in novellas where the plot has to be simplified in order to fit into a proscribed page limit.A Little SPOILERISH!(view spoiler)[Then there are vampires, werewolf vampires and undead. You can't have everything; a writer needs to build the world a little more tightly. Nick feels he has no capacity for love because he is a monster; but he isn't beastly, nor are his friends. If Nick is a monster so are his friends and family. Then his whole world view turns and he accepts the depth of his emotions in about ten seconds. Plus, he feels all the other passionate emotions -- why not love?? My point is that this werewolf/vampire world needs more definition and clearer explanation. Why would a werewolf turn into a vampire? When she needs the strength of his bite why won't he give it to her when it takes three bites to turn her. [Also, he quite clearly states they are not undead - the have body functions and their souls. The devil with details blurb writer - he is not undead. Okay that's not the book - it is the blurb.] (hide spoiler)]Other than that the idea is fun and charming (Prince Charming as Casey compares herself to Cinderella): Who amongst us hasn't dreamed of being made over, made to feel beautiful, and or strong and smart. She's told she is beautiful, but then they make her over. This is, of course, to show Casey she is beautiful and to make Nick's eyes bulge out of his head!Candace offers lots of lusting but not a bunch of sex. Not even AFTER marriage! So, you can read this in public without blushing or attacking the guy in the seat next to you.It was diverting, engaging and amusing. I liked the characters and I loved Nick's island retreat. I loved Casey's makeover and the way the author turns the stereotypes about beauty and fashion professionals on their heads. During an episode when a doctor has to assist Casey, we get a little sermon about healthy eating I felt was a bit out of place in a romantic comedy. I half expected to find that Candace Havens was Tosca Reno. But she's not, so I don't think this was purposefully pedantic.If you are seeking a diversion: something light, fun, romantic and steamy-ish, this is your perfect read. All those times when you want to read but there is a lot going on around you -- the pool, beach, transportation, doctor's office, are when you need a little escape. This provides that escape -- compete with it's own Greek Island which is blessedly empty of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" style antics and relatives!Just add Baklava and Enjoy!

  • Angela Simmons
    2018-12-18 05:26

    I’m a bit on the fence about this one. While I liked it,—and the author’s witty dialogue—towards the end of the book, parts of the plot felt rushed and not fully fleshed out. So, here’s what’s going on. Casey Meyers is a graphic artist with a horrid dating history and a mad crush on her hot neighbor who also happens to be her best friend. Nick Christos is hot enough to make your panties melt. He’s also a Vrykolakas—a werewolf that has been turned into a vampire—who just so happens to be the head of the Supernatural Council. Per the Council’s rules, Nick must marry to keep his position. Getting married isn’t high on his list of priorities so he decides to flaunt a fake fiancée in front of the council and Casey fits the bill. While she doesn’t know what he is, the attention that he’s given her has landed her in the sight of a crazy witch intent on destroying everything that Nick holds dear. Now to keep her safe, Nick must claim her as his own but first he needs to reveal his true self to her. Okay, so Nick was a very likable vampire but he had his questionable moments. He’s attracted to Casey but he can’t act on it because he’s afraid it will put her life in danger. Given that he never acted on his attraction to Casey in order to protect her, it felt a little odd that he would parade her in front of the Council. Another thing that kind of bugged me about Nick was the fact he wanted Casey to trust him but he refused to tell her anything. Casey had her likable points yet she was a tad bit whiny. It wasn’t enough to put her on the unlikable heroines list but I would have like to have seen her a bit more secure in who she was. Although I do have to applaud her for keeping it together when she learned what Nick was. I think some of my favorite Casey moments was watching her trying to figure out what Nick was and what trouble he was in. I have to agree with her, I would have been guessing Mafia/Mob as well.The chemistry was there from the start. Every time they were in the room together Casey would get all hot and bothered and Nick would get all fangy and turned on and would flee. The conflict stemmed from lack of communication. If Nick would have just told Casey what he was things would have gone a lot smoother. There is a bit of suspense thrown in in the form of Alvinia, a witch who once had her claws in Nick. While this was an interesting aspect and it did throw me a surprise, it felt more like a page-filler and really could have been flesh-out a bit more. Plus, I really wish that Nick would have made good on his threats of destroying Alvinia. Every time she would show up, Nick threatened to rip her throat out yet he never acted it on so his empty threats started to get annoying. And it never really felt like the Alvinia issue was fully resolved.While I loved the first part of the book and still found the entire book engaging, the book started to feel rushed towards the end and made the plot feel a bit disjointed. A few extra chapters could have been added to allow the author to expand on a few points and even out the flow.The paranormal aspect of this book was front and center, which given this was a paranormal romance it was hoping for. I actually got to see the characters shift into their paranormal beings, which is something that was lacking in the book two. So, this is the first book in the series. I read Baby’s Got Bite first and now, having read Take it Like a Vamp, I wished I would have read the books in order because this book gives more details about Linc, the hero in the second book.Overall, I liked Take it Like A Vamp. A few things could have been handled a bit differently but it still made for an enjoyable weekend paranormal read.

  • Shelly
    2018-11-27 09:44

    Review posted at Red Hot BooksShy and reserved Casey Meyers has had a crush on her neighbor Nick Christos since she moved into his building. Nick, a vampire, has also been crushing on his human neighbor Casey since she moved into her Aunt Teddie’s condo nine months prior. Once these two get together, interesting things start to happen and quite a few secrets are revealed.Casey hasn’t had much luck with men, unless you consider bad luck. Always a bit of a loner, shy and quiet these bad relationships haven’t helped her self-esteem one bit. First, let me say this – ANY story that begins with a woman removing her Spanx after a crappy date – I’m automatically giving extra points for that!Okay, now on to the good stuff. What really worked for me was that this is a welltold story considering the relationship itself was condensed. There was good character development, conflict, dialogue and all yummy things that made me turn the page. Don’t get me wrong, there were moments when I thought the angst was a bit overdone but those happened in the beginning of Casey and Nick’s couple relationship; as far as I know that’s common in most if not all couple’s relationships.I enjoyed Casey, she was likeable and someone I could really relate to. Yes, she had some issues but they weren’t over-the-top and Nick was no better. Although he was an 800-year-old werewolf/vampire, he had quite a bit of baggage in the name of Alvinia the dreaded ex. This chick was the epitome of bad and I really wish she had more scenes in the book. There are some things that Nick does that don’t support what we would consider the normal vampire but to me there were plausible and you’ve got to consider that (1) this is fiction and (2) it’s not my story to tell.There were a lot of other secondary and fun characters, Mason – Nick’s human assistant, Aunt Teddie – Casey’s aunt who used to be her uncle, Linc – Nick’s (werewolf) best friend who’s also a clothing designer and Bennett, Casey’s human assistant and best friend. I’m hoping for a follow up with Linc and Bennett because I felt a little tension that could make an interesting read.The sex scenes between Casey and Nick weren’t explicit, but they were good none-the-less. Overall, this was a good book. I really cared about Case and Nick and definitely wanted them to have their happy ever after. And just in case you’re wondering Candace, Linc and Bennett told me that they’d like their own story. Happy Reading Folks!Rating: B+*Book provided by author for review

  • Latochia Bell
    2018-12-14 07:30

    I have to admit, The Twilight Series got me into loving vampire books. But then I got into a more adult version of them, and I am constantly looking for authors who can add a bit of grown-up thoughts to the storyline. Take it Like a Vamp was one of those stories.The story deals with a Vampire named Nick who is head of the ruling Council. He has held that position for 200 years, and because of that time, he is needing to now find a wife to prove that he is stable. Everyone is constantly trying to set him up with someone and no luck with those efforts. Casey came to live with her aunt after her parents passed away. Her aunt was constantly traveling, so even though her aunt wanted her to move in with her, she was never there. On a night that Casey was upset, Nick used that as a reason to start his friendship with her. They spent time together, hung out whenever they got the chance, and Nick was her shoulder to cry on whenever she had a bad date or a relationship failed. They could be themselves with each other, but Nick was still holding back his secret. When Nick realized that he needed to make an appearance at a Council party, he asks Casey to accompany him and this is where the story begins. The twists and turns in the story all lead up to Nick needing to be completely honest with Casey and hope she doesn't run screaming. Casey and Nick were both characters I enjoyed. The friendship the two shared is what relationships are built on. And as the story progressed, you get to learn what lengths Nick went to just to make Casey happy even before he realized that he was in love with her. The downfall to the story was the constant negativity Casey had for herself. I can't see it as an issue for the storyline because after so many failed relationships for Casey, I can truly understand how she can feel that way. I just felt for her. With Nick in need of finding a bride, and Casey just wanting to be loved, the tension between the two is crazy. When Nick took Casey to the party, there were so many opportunities for things to go wrong. But it still didn't solidify what he needed to do. until he found her "missing." I can't say things moved to fast because they were FRIENDS before anything. And everyone wants to end up with someone who can be their best friend. I do hope there is more to the story. There were so many characters that were great additions to the story and would be great to know where Casey and Nick end up.

  • SW
    2018-11-25 06:29

    Review to come. I kinda liked this book....!!!Okay review time. This book had some hilarious lines, the love story is kind of already there. Two neighbors that have lusted/loved each other since they've met. Nick is the hot next door neighbor who's secretly a vamp, and Casey is the low self esteem adult orphan that moved in with her one time uncle who is now her aunt. It's quick and they are instantly in love because they've known each other for a while already. Nick tries to hide the fact that he's a vampire because he doesn't want to scare Casey off, but he has some pretty low self esteem issues about himself too. The first chapter had me hook and laughing from the beginning. I throughly enjoyed the book. Anyways it was the funniest vampire erotic book I've read. Here are some of my favorite lines:"Had she been so caught up in food porn that she hadn't heard him move?""Probably the first vampire in the history of the species to perspire.""She always intended to do the yoga poses, but she kept falling asleep during the breathing""He's hot in a very visual way. Of course he's going to tink the tottie a little.""Maybe one of the debutantes might wound her with an anorexic elbow."

  • Chrystina Williams
    2018-11-27 07:48

    What a fun read! This book was quick and lighthearted, perfect for a beach read or cozy evening in! A really good paranormal romance with lots of comedy!Casey was hilarious, I loved waiting to see what was going to come out of her mouth next. I can honestly say that she is my favorite character in the book. She is down to earth and takes everything with a healthy dose of humor. Nick is her next-door neighbor and one of her best friends. He is always there for Casey when she is down, and she's been secretly crushing on him for a while.Nick was just awesome, the complete package! He's a successful business man, super-sexy, and well he's a vampire (and he can be a little bit of an Alpha). They've known each other for months, and even though they are close, he still hasn't told Casey.Since Nick and Casey have been friends for a while before the book actually starts, their relationship moves fast but it is completely believable. The chemistry is great between them and I enjoyed watching it progress, and overall they were really good together!This was an enjoyable read, and also a quick and steady read with no slow or boring parts. A fun book for those of us who like a good romance!

  • Erica
    2018-12-15 02:27

    Nick and Casey have been best friends since she had moved in to her Aunt Teddie's high rise apartment. Unfortunately, that's the problem. She wants more, and feels she can't compete with the model-like women parading in and out of Nick's apartment. Nick, can't stand the men that Casey's been seeing, and wishes for more, too. The problem for him was she had no idea how dangerous his life really was. As the head honcho of the council, Nick has enemies in around every corner. When he asked Casey to be his date for an event, he had no idea how much trouble it would invite. Will Casey still want him despite what he is? How dangerous it would be to be together?First, I loved that they were friends before they moved on to something more. Second, despite how well they knew each other, they were still completely blind to the other's true feelings! It was fun and interesting to see their relationship change when Nick finally accepted he wanted more. The secondary characters were fun, I hope we get to see Linc again. He was such a sweetheart and hot! The chipmunk reference made me laugh and made me love Casey all the more. All in all, it was hot, fun read that kept me going until I was done. Will definitely pick up more books from this author!

  • Brunette Librarian
    2018-11-21 01:44

    Check out the full review atThe Brunette Librarian Blog Charming premise and I was really excited to see where this was going. Honestly, the plot wasn't bad but I just didn’t care for the hero or the heroine, which was certainly disappointing. It seemed as if every problem Nick faced should or could have been dealt with much sooner or with better communication. Casey had a huge, huge, HUGE case of hero worship going on. Anything Nick did or said was just so wonderful and it began to get annoying very quickly. Another thing that seemed to bother me was the absolute un-vampireness of the whole thing. Nick was a vampire, sure, but none of the normal rules applied. He could go outside in the sun, eat regular food, etc. Really the only mentions of him being a vampire, beyond it being repeated a thousand times, was the appearance of his fangs once or twice. If I’m going to read a vampy romance, I want a little vamp in it!“Take It Like a Vamp” was an ok read for me, I did finish it. The characters seemed flat, stereotypical and just not for me but the plot moved along quickly. It was an interesting take on the vampire world, just not for me.

  • Erica
    2018-12-10 07:23

    4.5 starsTake It Like a Vamp by Candace Havens was a book I really enjoyed! I had to put this one down to go to work and I was just itching to get back to reading. This is just a totally fun book. Casey was one of my favorite heroines in a book in a long time. She was so genuine and all around just really nice and funny. I also really liked Linc - he was such a hoot and was forever making me laugh.I was sad this one ended. I felt like there was a lot more story to be told and really wanted to know more. Candace Havens had taken such a unique approach to the traditional vampire mythology so I really wanted to know more about it. There were a lot of elements that I thought could have been developed more with a longer story and I would have absolutely loved that.This is a fun, flirty read from Candace Havens. I loved the characters and I loved the story. I cannot wait to read more from Candace Havens in the future!

  • Donna
    2018-12-04 09:23

    Fans of Molly Harper, MaryJanice Davidson, and Katie MacAlister will enjoy this fun PNR by Candace Havens. Vampire Nick has lusted after his neighbor Casey for the entire 9 months he’s known her. She is a breath of fresh air. Mostly I think because she offers him friendship without strings. He is rich, powerful and good looking. Everybody wants something from him especially his ex. Casey knows she isn’t like the skinny models Nick goes for so she settles for friendship with Nick although she isn’t blind to his charms. When Nick asks Casey to be his date to keep the match making mama’s off his back he brings Casey to the attention of factions that would use her to get to him and things get interesting. This is a fun romantic PNR with some honest laugh out loud moments. Welcome back to the dark side Candy.

  • Madison Warner Fairbanks
    2018-12-12 04:47

    Take it Like a Vamp by Candace HavensFlirty and fun. Very little actual vampire stuff until very late in the book. This is more about good friends taking that next step. And it's exciting, tempting and just a little sexy.Casey needs to learn to like herself but I totally understand her thought process. She's not perfect. Frankly, what woman thinks she is? When Nick gives her a bikini and she says "maybe" it's dead on.A definite winner of a romance.Nick Christos needs a date for an event. He picks his best friend. Casey Meyers is happy to help. Soon both want more than just friendship.

  • CJ
    2018-11-28 08:47

    I started off enjoying this book, it was easy to read and had a good amount of humour in it, and there was great chemistry between the Casey and Nick. However, by two thirds of the way through it became repetative. Nick would not tell Casey the truth, Casey was in danger, Casey knew something was going on, but blindly accepted Nick not telling her. This happened on four occassions, and it lost me. In addition to this when there was some action, it was quickly wrapped up without much explanation. Even the sex scenes are quickly wrapped up. Not for me.Will I read it again? No

  • Melissa Maxwell
    2018-12-11 09:36

    I really enjoyed this book but I wanted an epilogue with them and kids but that is just me. Nick and Casey are made for each other but their insecurities about themselves keep them apart. Nick is sweet, caring, and a bit overprotective but you love him any way. Casey is beautiful inside and out but because she has curves and does not resemble Barbie models she does not think of her self as beautiful. Their love for the other shines throughout the book but they both doubt the others true feelings. I love the ending but I really wanted to see her as a vamp.

  • Emma Wood
    2018-12-15 08:22

    Well I bought this before going to bed, and lets just say I didn't get a lot of sleep. Casey the lead female is adorable bright, witty and relatable right from the start. Nick the lead male is equally likeable if you like your men, hot, rich, powerful with a dangerous edge. Who doesn't! Even the secondary characters were engaging, especially Linc, swoon. There's a lot of mileage in this world and I look forward to reading more.

  • Patricia Krecklow
    2018-11-19 06:30

    This is such a fun read, I tore right through it! It's witty and you really get to know (and love) the main characters. The protagonist, Casey, is hilarious and it's easy to identify with her. Nick is definitely swoon-worthy, as is his best friend, Linc, who makes a great secondary character. The book has a bit of a Cinderella-story element to it as well, which I totally enoyed. I'll be keeping this one around to read any time I'm craving something light and sassy.

  • Janna ♥ I'm A Sweet And Sassy Book Whore ♥
    2018-11-26 08:46

    the saddest thing is it takes a lot for me to rate a book less than 3.stars or to even dnf it. I'm not that hard of a critic but Omg I pray the next book is better since I'm reviewing it cause I held out hope this would get better but it got so worse, it's like a bad twilight rip off and a couple oher series as well. ugh