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When you’re caught in traffic, you’ve got nowhere to go…Val Delton’s life is spiraling and there’s nothing she can do to stop it. Her dad lost his job, her mom works fourteen hour days to pay the bills and yet somehow there are high-end shopping bags and an iPod in her older sister’s room. Naturally, Val becomes suspicious but her sister’s lips are sealed. Then by accidentWhen you’re caught in traffic, you’ve got nowhere to go…Val Delton’s life is spiraling and there’s nothing she can do to stop it. Her dad lost his job, her mom works fourteen hour days to pay the bills and yet somehow there are high-end shopping bags and an iPod in her older sister’s room. Naturally, Val becomes suspicious but her sister’s lips are sealed. Then by accident, she uncovers a dark, dangerous secret hidden behind her sister’s bright smiles and cool indifference. Val has no idea how far and how deep the repercussions of her sister’s secret will reach but she’ll do whatever it takes to keep her family safe. Will she succeed before her sister’s secret destroys everyone she loves?...

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Traffic Jam Reviews

  • Tana
    2019-05-08 10:43

    Traffic Jam by Melissa GroelingI was given a copy of Traffic Jam as part of Melissa Groeling: Traffic Jam blog tour, not really knowing what to expect as I had never heard of the book or author, I will say that I am sure glad I said yes to the request. Melissa Groeling’s writing is very good, the story flows extremely well, it’s one of those books that you just don’t want to put down until you can figure out what is going on. As the story starts to unravel you start to feel for Val and hope she doesn’t get hurt along the way. This story is full of suspense, drama, secrets, and a maybe even a new relationship. I will say I couldn’t stop reading Traffic Jam, the story line, characters and everything about this story held my attention.We meet Val, her family have gone through a lot lately, loss of her father’s job, then having to move into an apartment, sharing a room with her brother and to make matters worse her sister has a room full of brand new clothes. For Val life at school is a place she goes to learn and get A’s for her sister it’s about being popular and hanging out with her friends. But things start to change and she notices the Sam may appear to have things under control but something is going on. Val watches and listens to conversations trying to piece things together. Sam warns Val to back off; it could be her life or a loved one’s life. Val is scared and has no one to talk too, but deep down Val knows she must find out what is going on with Sam. When she meets Ed he wants to know where Sam is she knows there is way more to the story then Sam is willing to admit. You have to go read to find out what happens to Sam and Val!Traffic Jam is a fantastic read; I ended up really enjoying Val she is shy and can’t look at the boy she likes or even hold a conversation with him. But when she comes face to face with the dangerous and scary Ed she doesn’t hold back. You can see the strength coming through her as she tries to figure out a way to save her sister Sam. I have rated Traffic Jam a 4 star rating, I couldn’t put this book down, it is a must read. Melissa’s writing is good and I will definitely read the next book she publishes. I would recommend Traffic Jam to anyone who reads my reviews.

  • Sheri
    2019-05-02 06:05

    Traffic Jam is one of those books where you are not quite sure how it is going to end. Though the book was relatively short, there was plenty of drama and suspense to keep you interested. The book followed Val, a teenage girl who is a bit of a loner. I think a lot of teenage girls could understand Val. She fought with her sister, fought with her best friend, was too shy to tell a guy she liked him, and she kept secrets. However, she proves to everyone that, though at a shy and awkward age, when it comes to the important things like her family, she is determined to do the right thing and can hold her own when things get tough. In addition to being a quick, entertaining read, Traffic Jam had life lessons implanted into it. Val learned throughout the story about family, trusting, and telling the truth, even if it hurts. The only thing that really bothered me about the book was the use of "dude." Once or twice would have been fine, but used at least once a page it really got annoying.

  • Helena
    2019-05-19 05:53

    Note : I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.Frankly, I assumed this was a completely different genre of story when I requested this book. I had expectations that were quickly thrown out the window.Whoa. Human trafficking. That is not a topic that many YA authors would ever consider. I'm not sure exactly where the author is from, but it is a topic that is often overlooked in the US, and is a lot more serious and large scale than many would ever think. I think the author made a very bold move. I've not read many books where the fear was so tangible. It was heartbreaking and horrifying, and worst of all, realistic. I wish that more books were so bold as to talk about topics that many youth know nothing about or consider it only a problem in other countries. Sex trafficking is everywhere, and workers are most commonly brought into it by people they know. This is a reap topic wit real fear attached, and I feel that it would be a great read for any young adult.

  • Ravenz Reviews
    2019-05-21 09:39

    I wasn't quite sure when I began this book if I would like it or not. By the end of it, I Loved It!!! This book is geared towards the teen/YA genre but I really think that any age group would love this book as much as I did. I really tried to finish it all in one day, but I just couldn't keep my eyes open any longer, but the minute I woke up, I was right back on my Nook because I HAD to know what Sam had gotten herself mixed up in. Wow! Just wow!Val is a 16yr old ordinary girl whose not popular by any standard, has only one friend, plays softball for her high school, works on the school newspaper and is just trying to survive high school. She and her family move into a 3 bedroom apt after her father lost his job and life is already tense when she discovers that her older sister Sam is hiding something from the rest of the family.Sam and Val do not get along, but Val becomes concerned when she see's her sister coming home with bruises and looking disheveled. Val questions her sister after she discovers an Ipod that clearly her family cannot afford as well as shopping bags full of new clothes. Sam brushes the questions off with excuses that she borrowed the Ipod and a friend gave her the clothes. But Val knows she's lying. Though she doesn't have any real proof, her observations leave her with more questions than answers. Sam's friends start cornering Val in school, asking questions about where Sam has been and why she's acting so odd, only furthering Val's suspicions that something is not right.When a creepy guy that Val doesn't know is waiting outside the apartment as Val and her little brother arrive home from school, Val's instincts kick in and send her suspicions into overdrive. The guy, Ed, is looking for Sam and making comments that leave Val very uncomfortable.One day, while shopping at the mall, Val is approached by Ed and a few of his cronies wanting to know where Sam is again and this time threatening Val and the rest of her family. Val has no intention of letting Ed treat her or any member of her family like this and stands up to him. She thinks that being in the mall is safe enough since there are people and security around. So when the girl with Ed jumps her, she never see's it coming. And she ends up unconcious and in the hospital. When she come's to, she discovers that Sam has told their parents and the cops a modified version of the truth, enough for the cops to go after Ed, but not enough that anyone knows just what it is that Sam has been doing for Ed. Val begs Sam to tell the cops and their parents everything, but Sam is too scared that Ed will come after her and kill her and she refuses to tell anyone the full truth. She's already scared out of her mind that the cops are looking for Ed for harrassment.Rumors begin milling around at school about the fight at the mall and as if things weren't bad enough, Sam and Val are being walked to school by their dad and being walked home by him as well. No one in the family can go anywhere by themselves until Ed is caught and Sam's friends are harrassing Val even more at school with questions that Sam obviosuly isn't answering. At this point, Val just wants to crawl inside a hole and hide for eternity.A few days after the mall incident, as Val and a family friend (John) are leaving the bakery where Val's mom works, Ed approaches them yet again. He jumps John and John screams for Val to run. And she does. Ed is chasing her and Val is running faster than she's ever run in her life. As she approaches the apartment, she see's her Dad, Sam and little brother ouside, getting ready to leave. She starts screaming to them and as her Dad runs toward her, he's screaming for all his kids to get inside and call the police. Their dad gets into an altercation with Ed, but that doesn't stop Ed from continuing his quest to get to Sam and Val and make them "pay" for the cops being on his tail.If you want to know what Sam really got herself involved in and what had her and Val so scared, you need to read this book! I had my suspicions of what Sam was caught up in, but when it is revealed at the end, it leaves you saying OMG! And although this is fiction, I have to wonder if this was based on a true event that either the author was involved in or someone close to her was involved in. This book really brings this serious issue into the light and makes aware something that I'm sure we've all heard about but maybe never thought could happen right in our own back yard.Kudos to Groeling for writing such a powerful book!

  • Faye, la Patata
    2019-04-28 04:01

    Wow, that was an absolutely amazing read. I think this book is one of the very few that made my heart almost burst out of anxiety and suspense, and one of the few Young Adult novels (that isn't YA Sci-Fi/Fantasy) that I really, really like. I finished it just 5 minutes ago and I just had to start writing my review now while my feelings are still raw!The plot was very suspenseful and terrifying. I'm actually quite surprised to see it in a Young Adult novel, considering it's a very touchy and sensitive issue. I, myself, feel terrified just thinking about it (especially since I've watched Taken starring Liam Neeson... that made me anxious about going to other countries by myself!), and this book was no exception! It was fast-paced, making my stomach twist and turn at every page, and my heart swell in so much dread and despair for the two sisters! I'm very glad that despite the subject being very horrifying, the writer was able to portray it well and make the story gripping and powerful. It made me realize that the subject matter is NOT a joke... I may be in the comfort of my own home, reading books on my kindle, but it's real and it's happening out there somewhere. Many girls have become victims of it, and a good number of them are still trapped and have nowhere to run. It's a depressing thought, but it's reality. As for the characters, I loved Valerie the most. Finally, a young adult heroine with common sense! I loved her reactions to certain revelations and how she handled herself majority of the time. Level-headed. Cool. Not overly dramatic. She wasn't stupid like most YA characters out there (*cough*), and was very calculating and reflective, making her very real and not "forced" at all. The things she did were probably the things I would do (not that I'm saying I'm level-headed, but I definitely am not stupid!) if I were in her shoes, and that made me appreciate her a lot. She was fierce and protective of her sister despite the latter being a really mean bully at the beginning. In fact, I didn't like the sister very much - she was too aggressive and rebellious for my taste.I was also quite surprised at the high school here! It definitely wasn't the kind of high school I would want to study in, with so much gossipers, vile teenagers, and whatnot. Then again, coming from an all-girls Catholic school in the Philippines, perhaps I was simply just too sheltered from these things, but even if I studied in a co-ed private/public school, I don't see such an environment manifesting itself there as well. Nevertheless, it made me a bit frustrated to see Val in such a cold and uninviting environment, and made me thankful that I didn't have to go through such bullshit.Lastly, I absolutely admire that this novel was able to portray to the readers the kind of values that we seem to... lack recently. It showed how trust and loyalty can go a long way, and that no matter what happens, your family will always be there for you. Always. Shit may hit the fan, but your family will always have your back, and will support you through thick and thin. At least, that's how I interpreted it, and that's how we are being taught here at home, and I'm glad that this novel efficiently illustrated that through Val and Sam's relationship as sisters.

  • Melissa
    2019-04-28 11:07

    Traffic Jam by Melissa GroelingI received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Val’s family has been forced to give up so much of their life. After her father loses his job of seventeen years the family of five must give up their comfortable suburban home and move into a small three bedroom apartment in the city. Val’s mother works long hours at a local bakery, while her father searches for work. It doesn’t help that Val and her sister Sam are complete opposites, while Sam is the outgoing, beautiful social butterfly; Val is a bit of loner and more worried about her studies than her appearance. Soon, Val notices that there are things that are off with Sam, extra cash, new clothes, a brand new iPod, and sneaking out. When Sam comes home one night looking beat up, Val is determined to find out what is wrong and why her sister is pushing her away. Typically, a YA read isn’t a genre I would grab. This book tackled a subject that most young adult reads wouldn’t, human trafficking. Val’s sister isn’t just sneaking out and partying, she is caught up in something that she can’t escape. I can see how this would appeal to a younger audience, the high school banter and drama is perfect for that age group. Now that I am out of high school, thank goodness I don’t have to endure some of that nonsense. The story has several good lessons. As hard as it is to watch Val awkwardly wander through high school losing friends, losing softball games, and getting bullied she learns some good lessons. She learned lessons about trust, love, communication, and how she would risk everything to save the family that she loves. My only complaint is that I wished the suspense factor was turned on prior to the climax of the book. There was suspense throughout the book, but once you I got to the heat of the climax I found myself close to biting my nails. I got to a point where I couldn’t wait to see what happened next, and I just hoped that I would have felt that way a bit sooner. The writing is wonderful and flows well, and the author does a really good job of telling Val’s story. This is different from most books that I have read lately and that was quite refreshing. This is a standalone and thank goodness, because I don’t think I could have been left with a cliffhanger on this one! Thank you to Melissa Groeling for the opportunity to read and review her book!

  • kariny
    2019-05-14 09:07

    *free copy from author*MY REVIEWThis book has a very serious subject of human trafficking. I didn't really expect it because the synopsis doesn't give any clue whatsoever and i've never read a YA book like that.Sam is the popular girl at school. Val is the nerdy type. Their family has been going through loads of stress and financial problems, add that to extreme sibling fight and you've got a disaster zone! That being said, i really loved this book. Val was an amazing protagonist and no matter how mean her sister is to her, she never forgets the fact that they are family. She had immense courage to pursue her mission for Sam's safety and that really made me love her. She's incredibly stubborn and doesn't let Sam's constant warnings get to her.Val pretty much made me laugh at every encounter she had with John, her crush and her sister's best friend. Every time he says a simple 'hello' she just freezes and doesn't say anything else. I can absolutely understand her mortification but it was so hilarious!The writing was simple and yet raw and very intense, the writer really makes us aware that this isn't just a fiction book. This stuff actually happens all over the world while we're complaining about chores. You get to see how a person slowly falls into this darkness and it isn't lone before the whole family tumbles in. Val listens to snippets of conversations and watches as her sister seems to be more and more broken everyday.Overall Val really proves that she's more than just a nerd like everyone thought she was. The romance in this book is very subtle so as not to overcome the real gist and message of the book which i guess is solidarity and family. But the romance is still there! If you've read any of my past reviews, you know that i need romance in every single book i read. In this book, i ddin't feel the lack of it. I didn't want more of it and i found myself more intrigued with the story than i normally am with books having little romance.I really enjoyed this book and i think everyone should read this eye-opening novel! It's about love, family and all the tears and battles they loose but still standing together at the end. Melissa Groeling is definitely an amazing writer that can bring out real emotions with her books! I cannot wait to see what she comes up with next!

  • T.B. Markinson
    2019-05-02 02:50

    This is the second book I’ve read by Melissa Groeling. And I have to say she’s quickly winning me over. This book is a quick read, but it has lots going on. There were plenty of twists and turns and the suspense had me guessing the entire time. I really had no clue as to how it would end. The writing is great, the story moves along at the right pace, and the author has done a wonderful job capturing the young adult voice. Once I got into the novel, it was hard for me to put it down until the end. Val’s a likable character who isn’t perfect. I’m not a fan of perfect people and I have an easier time cheering on a flawed, but well-meaning character, especially when I can see the character grow as the story progresses. The subject matter is serious, but it didn’t hijack the story away from Val and her family. I’m curious to see what her other books are like and I have a feeling I’ll be reading more by Groeling.

  • Gabi
    2019-05-07 03:54

    *review copy provided by the author*It was an okay read for me. Not the best contemporary I ever read but I would recommend it to some people. It does go into some serious topics so you need to be prepared for what is to come. Full review soon to be on my blog.

  • Megan
    2019-05-25 11:06

    Traffic Jam by Melissa Groeling was a powerful story with a lesson to learn. The story follows main protagonist Val Delton who is a bit of a loner who only has one really good friend, Allison. Val's father has recently lost his job and they have had to move to an apartment smack bang in the centre of town where it is noisy all the time and she has to share a room with her younger brother as there is very little space.Val has an older sister called Sam who she doesn't get on with. They are total opposites. Sam is the popular, pretty girl at the school the type that would be a cheerleader (Sam is) and Val is not and doesn't want to be. Val starts to get suspicious that her sister is up to something she shouldn't be when she sees bags of new clothes and other things in her sisters room, (she shouldn't have been in there) they can just about afford to live, where did she get these new things from. From this Val is determined to find out what her sister sister is up to. When she does find out what is going on she realised maybe she shouldn't have gone down this road as what she finds is something that is terrible and could destroy her family and possibly end up with her or Sam dead! (If you want to know what it is you will have to go and pick up a copy of Traffic Jam to find out :) ) I wasn't expecting it to be what it was but it's something dangerous and scary!On to my thoughts on the characters in Traffic Jam! I really liked Val as a character, she is determined and strong and will do anything for her family, even her sister which she realises in the book. Val's best friend, Allison, is a great character, her storyline brought in a different theme that is very common in today's society and the way the character deals with it is very natural and life like. Sam, Val's sister is a character I didn't like. Not because the character was written terribly but that she is a character I think most wouldn't like because of the way she behaves. She is the sort of person in High School I would have hated! However she does grow though the book and redeem herself and I did feel really bad for her though the course of the book.One point of Traffic Jam I liked was that even though we have a terrible, dangerous storyline going on, behind the scenes there is a little romance in the form of Val and one of her sister's friends John. The way Val is around him is like what any teenager would be around a hot guy they liked, going red every time she speaks to him and not being able to say much to start of with ! The romance wasn't the main theme of the story but I still liked it. It wasn't a full blown love affair but a slow burning one that seemed natural.Overall I really liked Traffic Jam. It wasn't what I was expecting, especially with the theme of the book by this is what makes it different than all the YA books out there. It stands alone. I was engrossed by what would happen next and couldn't put it down. Traffic Jam is like nothing I have ever read before and I would highly recommend it!

  • Julie
    2019-05-09 08:08

    Ebook: Traffic JamAuthor: Melissa GroelingFiction, This review may contain spoilersI bought this on Amazon,Summary:When you’re caught in traffic, you’ve got nowhere to go…Val Delton’s life is spiraling and there’s nothing she can do to stop it. Her dad lost his job, her mom works fourteen hour days to pay the bills and yet somehow there are high-end shopping bags and an iPod in her older sister’s room. Naturally, Val becomes suspicious but her sister’s lips are sealed. Then by accident, she uncovers a dark, dangerous secret hidden behind her sister’s bright smiles and cool indifference. Val has no idea how far and how deep the repercussions of her sister’s secret will reach but she’ll do whatever it takes to keep her family safe. Will she succeed before her sister’s secret destroys everyone she loves?The ReviewWow, just wow, this is an awesome book that kept me up all night, An emotional subject but I thought very well thought out, The author did a fantastic job of telling it like it is, or how I perceive it to be with families involved in this awful world in which we live in, Human Trafficking is happening all around us, which is awful, this was a truly great read and I would highly recommend it be read by teenagers, to help them understand the complexities these people go through to entice you into their world, maybe it would be easier for a lot of them to not be get caught up into the world, if they knew what to look out for, This book was really emotional, but I felt that that made it more realistic to me, You may well need tissues, I did, The author created a great novel out of a very sordid act, it is a horrible subject to discuss I know, but I believe that the author has done an outstanding job in getting this story across , I loved the character description, how she described the emotional feelings of each character was amazing, this book will keep you enthralled, the Delton family have such turmoil going through their lives and the one character that really stuck out for me was Val, she told it, how she saw it, which in some cases was to her detriment, but she was your typical teenager, all mouth, getting the point across when she needed to, I loved her, I am so happy with the ending, glad Val got just what she wanted, I would highly recommend this to all, especially teenagers 4.5/5

  • Jennifer LaFon - Book Bitches Blog
    2019-05-09 03:39

    Looking for a YA novel with a kick?? I was asked to read and review Traffic Jam by Melissa Groeling and to be honest, YA suspense is not my genre. But I went into it with an open mind and was pleasantly surprised!! Traffic Jam is a story about some extremely intense life situations. Melissa touches on family dynamics, high school drama and HUMAN TRAFFICKING. Yes, I said human trafficking and I never expected that one either!! I kept thinking throughout the story, how is she going to pull this off in a YA book?? I would think this to be a hard subject to write about and she did it with class.Val and Sam are the main characters in this story but there are many other secondary characters and they were all developed well. Val and Sam are sisters but they are total opposites. Sam is the older and popular sister and Val is the younger and smart one. Their family is falling on hard times as their father lost his job and their mother is supporting a family of 5 on a baker’s income. Even though Val is only 16, she is a great person. (I just wanted to hug her) She is concerned about everyone and always wants to do what is right. She starts to notice that something is different about Sam and she is determined to find out what is going on. But what she doesn’t know is that she is about to get herself into something that is dangerous to not only herself but everyone else around her. And her sister is a BITCH!!! There is nothing nicer I can say….bitch describes her the best. Sorry, can’t help myself on that one...hehe!The events that take place in this story were very intense. There are a lot of life lessons to be learned in this story. Not just from Val and Sam…there are situations with their friends that also broke my heart. I kept saying, let me read one more chapter and then I will put it down, but one more chapter would turn out to be 2 or 3 :) Also, I was so impressed with the beautiful editing of this story. The dialogue is great and so easy to follow. I could probably count on one hand the grammar errors I saw in this story. The only thing that bothered me was it started out a little slow, but that is just my personal preference. Overall, a great book and I recommend it.

  • Kaitlin Bevis
    2019-05-16 03:46

    The world echoed, faded, and went dark"First, what an awesome line! Sorry, writer fan girl moment. Back to serious review stuff. I had no idea what I was getting into when I picked up Traffic Jam. This was not my happy young adult world of cool powers, and romantic relationships (though there is a bit of romance). This was a much darker, much more realistic place that we all like to pretend doesn't exist.Groeling writes dread well. I read this book with baited breath and a twisted stomach, terrified at what I'd find on the next page but unable to stop reading. The book was well named on a bunch of levels and reading it was like driving by a car accident, in a really good way. I had the same feeling when I read The Lovely Bones. The subject matter was horrific, but the writing was beautiful, the plot compelling, and the characters felt real. They mattered.Val was amazing. I love how real her reactions felt. She would see something and freeze, or become speechless, and later, when she had time to process what was happening, furious and protective, and fierce and vulnerable. As far as the subject matter goes, Groeling handled that with a skilled hand. The content was horrifying, but never gratuitous. No lines were crossed, in fact the book was downright chaste. I keep talking about the subject matter, so I want to be clear that this book isn't just an issue book. I never felt like I was being preached at or given a public service announcement. I never had a secret life of the american teenager moment, where in the middle of the story a random character starts spitting out statistics and medical stuff. This was a story that happened to surround an issue, not an issue with a plot to inform and interest the masses. I could write about this book all day, but the gist of it is I couldn't put it down. I really wouldn't be surprised to see this novel become the next big thing everyone's talking about

  • S.L. Hoyte
    2019-05-22 04:57

    TRAFFIC JAMMelissa GroelingBlack Opal Books (2012)ISBN 9781937329471Reviewed by Arianna Violante for Reader Views (02/16)“Traffic Jam” by Melissa Groeling is the story of a teenager named Val, who has to make a very difficult decision when she uncovers her sister’s secret. Val’s family is going through a tough time. Her dad lost his job and her mom is putting in double time to try to make ends meet. They have to downsize to an apartment, and things are tight in money and space. This makes the interactions of the family of five edgy to say the least, especially between the two teen girls, Val and her older sister Sam. Through the chaos and financial cuts, Val notices that her sister has some new items; items that, by the looks of them, she should not have been able to afford. As the story continues, Val reaches a breaking point. Will she reveal Sam’s secret to her family to save her?I love Melissa Groeling’s idea of taking serious topics as family loyalty, social issues, and bad decision-making, and turning it into interesting, suspenseful, and entertaining story for young adults to read and learn about some of the consequences of taking things lightly, or not thinking before getting into certain situations. I especially love the message of how the decisions we make and what we do can affect also our family, as well as our future, and can sometimes put everyone in danger.Groeling’s writing style is simple and of easy flow, which makes this a quick read. However, make no mistake, it is thought provoking as entertaining and thrilling. The only flaw I found was maybe on some meaningless dialogue here and there that felt like fillers, as they didn’t seem to move the story forward.In general, I found “Traffic Jam” by Melissa Groeling to be a thought provoking and suspenseful story for young adults and YA fans who love a thrill with a message!

    2019-05-03 08:43 to you by OBS reviewer ValerieI became interested in Traffic Jam right when I read the synopsis because of the main character’s name. Yup, my name is Valerie too, although I typically go by Valerie.The summary isn’t very clear on what the plot focuses on. Traffic Jam is about a very prevalent issue today, human trafficking. It’s about the stories of the many girls who get lured into it, the pain from suffering, and the silence that everyone gives. It’s about how hard it is to speak up and how one person can make a huge difference.Valerie, the protagonist of the story, is a very realistic character. She’s jealous of her sister, but she soon realizes that her sister has many flaws. At times I just wanted to shake Valerie’s shoulders, but she eventually realized her mistakes. She’s a good example of great character development. She gets a backbone, she gets to be a better person and fix her mistakes.However, there are many characters in the story that need to be described in more detail. Many of the characters are simply glossed over, per se. They all play a significant part in the story, yet I feel like I didn’t know them at all. In that sense, I feel like this takes away from the novel.Traffic Jam is about a figurative traffic jam, but in real life it’s an enjoyable ride/ read. I truly recommend it for anyone who wants to be inspired or for anyone who has experienced anything like what Sam and Valerie have experienced. So what are you waiting for? This book is a must-read-now type of book!

  • Kellie
    2019-05-24 05:54

    Many books serve the purpose of enjoyment and an escape from the hassles surrounding everyday life. Traffic Jam by Melissa Groeling, however, falls into a different category. Certainly it pulled me away from everyday life and I enjoyed reading it, but it also managed to make me think. A book which manages to massage the brains cells is a welcomed change; especially a book within the Young Adult genre. Val Delton is the book’s heroine. No she does not have special powers or unbelievable physical strength, but she’s still a hero, in a different way. Val’s life is crumbling all around her, her father lost his job, which forced the family into moving out of their nice home into a crammed apartment, her mother’s putting in long hours at the bakery to cover the lost income, and her sister, Sam? Well, their relationship has never been worse. Sam is Val’s more popular older sister, with long blonde her, model height and weight, she manages to stand out in a crowd. Val on the other hand has never cared too much about her appearance, she’s more concerned about schoolwork and she is far from being popular. One day, Val notices some expensive items in her sister’s room, items which she knows that she cannot afford, especially since she doesn’t even have a job. When Val questions Sam about it, Sam aggressively dismisses her, even uses physical contact. Val knows that something is up, but Sam is far from spilling the truth. With a little prying, or shall I say, the problem being exposed to her in a manner in which she never expected, Val is left with two options, hide from the truth or protect her older sister....

  • Laurentiu Lazar
    2019-04-28 03:44

    This was better than I expected and the theme of this YA novel is quite unique: Human Trafficking!. Simple writing, full of emotion and straight to the point,not fooling around with unnecessary explanations. What I didn't like is Allison,since her character was out of reach, with no point in being in this story whatsoever. So, she was Val's best friend,appears early on in a couple of chapters after that... puff she vanishes! Except that she materializes again in the last chapters. (view spoiler)[the pregnancy,the fight and treatment of Val was intended to get to know our heroine better and the later to make Alison disappear? This was my feeling after I finished the book. I didn't like those chapters of Val worrying and ending as it did. Also why did she befriend another girl,a not so worthy one (hide spoiler)] Unemployed father,overworking mother - trying to keep the bills payed - with 3 siblings. Thus is the family of our heroine Valentine "Val", a shy girl,headstrong, the bookworm! her sister Sam, the rebellious teenager and Justine an eleven year old kid who seemed way smarter than his age would imply. The problems start when Val finds an i-pod and expensive cloths in her sisters bedroom,stuff that they couldn't afford, and which give her suspicions regarding Sam's welfare. And so it begins... The EndI enjoyed it, since it was exactly what I needed yesterday.

  • Brandy Nacole
    2019-05-22 03:07

    Melissa Groeling did an amazing job on taking me for an emotional ride. Traffic Jam is a YA novel filled with mystery, suspense, teenage drama, and friendship. I'll be honest here, that's what I'm suppose to do right? At first, I didn't much care for Val. Val is the main character that we follow through this gripping novel. Val is a bit of a loner with one friend, many worries, and a sister, Sam, who is the total opposite of Val. At first, I didn't like Val because of what I perceived as childish behavior. But then we get to see Val grow, become determined and strong, and mature before our eyes. We get to see the same thing with Sam, Val's sister. When Val discovers the trouble her sister is in, trouble that could end with death, Val doesn't stop until she helps save her sister. Sam was a total wench in the beginning of the book, but I'm glad that I got to see her for more than meets the eye. Favorite Character: John!I loved John. He was witty, cute, dependable, and could push Val's buttons. Oh yes, when it came to John, Val was a bundle of emotions and he knew it. The ending had me smiling, not giving away spoilers, but it's sweet.Overall, I think Traffic Jam is an amazing YA read that many will love.

  • Danielle Annett
    2019-05-24 04:44

    So first and foremost I loved the story line. It kept me as a reader interested and made reading this book a breeze. The subject matter was intense at times and I really liked that I did NOT know how the story was really going to unfold until I got to the end and everything started happening, can we say Climax! Its was great, I would tell you more but I don't want to ruin the story for you! The book is a bit dramatic but in a good way though it did have some unnecessary teenage rambling at times but I feel that for the most part Melissa made this book readable and enjoyable for all ages which I really appreciated. Traffic Jam was a quick read, maybe almost to quick for how heavy the subject matter was but I still enjoyed reading it and I really liked the main character Val and her love interest John. I do have one bad thing to say though, I HATE the cover. It took me soooo long to want to read this book simply because I hated the cover that much! Though now after having read the book I wish I hadn't put it off for so long. This is one of those cases when you should not judge a book by its cover! It was pretty awesome. I liked it, I think you'll like it and I recommend you give it a shot!

  • Tiana Lemons
    2019-05-18 11:01

    This book was amazing and had a lot of suspension. When I was in the middle, I kept wondering, "what was Sam up to?". The main character is COMPLETELY likable because I totally agree with her. HIGH SCHOOL IS HELL. And losing a friend, that has just happened to me recently (although I'm not really mourning). This is probably one of the best book that I have ever read. At first I was a bit confused because I was also reading Fahrenheit 451 at the same time, which got me confused, but I ended up ignoring that book for this one! (Although Fahrenheit 451 was for school) After I started reading, putting my phone back down was impossible. If I keep typing, I might just end up spoiling the whole thing! I'm glad that I began reading this earlier because now I can join in with all the fuss about how good this book is. Although the main character has absolutely NO super powers, this book makes it seam like she does (if that makes any sense anyways). Sorry if you think that this is a short review...I am currently wearing my glasses instead of my contacts because I'm about to go to sleep and so it's really killing my eyes.

  • Francesca Dell
    2019-05-18 03:40

    This is a very powerful and compelling story, which was written brilliantly. There are many lessons to learn in this book as it is very deep and emotional. The author successfully looks into the darker sides of human nature leaving the reader grasping their seat in anticipation of what is going to happen next.What is so interesting about this story is that it told from the point of view of Val, who is the younger sister of Sam. Val is a normal teenage girl who is a bit of an outsider and is very easy for many people to relate to as everyone has felt alone at some stage in their life. Val has to work out what is happening to her older sister Sam when she comes home with bruises and cuts. What is so powerful about this is the fact that Val and Sam really don't get along but even so Val will still do anything to help Sam, which just shows how important family is.This book really delves in deep to the evil sides of human nature, it is a gripping story which will leave the reader wanting more. I recommend to all teenagers, this is a book you need to read!

  • Alannah Clarke
    2019-04-30 07:42

    I feel like it has been so long since I read a book as gripping as this. I was so gripped with this novel, I could almost feel my stomach sinking with dread. It's really well written for a first book, the characters are greatly developed as well as the story-line, it just made want to go on and on. I really liked the main character Val, she was a headstrong girl which can make good novels.I don't think I have ever read anything quite as gripping as this book, I was sucked in from the first page and I couldn't let go. I liked how the romance of the book didn't overshadow the main storyline which a lot of books that I have read recently. I really look forward to more books from Melissa Groeling because it is clear that she is a talented writer.

  • JS
    2019-05-13 04:00

    Wow!!! What an awesome book!!! It was full of suspense, drama and action which kept me on the edge of my seat!!! I probably could've read it in one sitting but this little thing called WORK got in the way, lol! Traffic Jam is a well written novel with a strong female heroine! There were a few times that Valeria kinda got on my nerves but I thought Melissa Groeling did an exceptional job writing her character. But I must say my favorite character was John! It's not every day that you come across such a standup guy in novels or real life! Oh man, and what an ending!!! I'm not going to go into detail because I don't want to give too much away so if you're looking for a good eye opener YA read with great suspense then you should really check out Traffic Jam!

  • Claire Thake
    2019-04-28 07:07

    Well I started this book with no real expectations as hadn’t read any reviews on it prior to starting. the beginning few chapters I found quite slow, however after managing to read half of the book in one sitting I was hooked!For a YA novel it tackled a very serious subject but did this very well. I loved the twist and how despite everything, Val got her happy ending. I would have liked to have seen more interaction with Alison and would be interested in reading more about Sams side to the story from how everything started.All in all I thoroughly enjoyed this book to the point that I couldn’t put it down and read it within 12 hours! I will definitely be keeping my eye out for more of Melissa’s work in the future.

  • Liza Shaw
    2019-04-26 04:45

    Traffic Jam is a well paced story, The story is not only believable, but educational. As we read and get engrossed we will learn about Family, Loss and Trust, all very important topics for as all.Sam is the main character, she is introduced and developed extremely well. I found myself getting right behind her, and feeling her shyness, fear and what ever. The book is full of some interesting surprises and changes throughout, making it a book you wouldn't want to put down. If you love a mystery, you'll love Traffic Jam. Watch for the end, it's not what you might think.Awesome book, Awesome Story. Whatever your age, I highly recommend this offering from Melissa. I'm looking forward to seeing more from her. Enjoy.NB: I received this book free in return for an honest review.

  • Lauri
    2019-05-21 10:57

    I was glad to have the opportunity to read Melissa Groeling's Traffic Jam, which I requested through Goodread's YA Reader's Lounge group. I was intrigued that Groeling was going to address such a unique subject (human trafficking) in a YA novel. For me, Traffic Jam was a roller coaster ride. I had moments where I wanted to smack every character across the back of their head and shout, "Hello!" I had moments where I questioned whether or not I should stop reading, yes, I was that mad. Ultimately, I HAD to finish, because I HAD to know what happened to Val and her family. Traffic Jam is a quick read, maybe a bit too quick for such a serious subject, but worth the time.

  • Amanda
    2019-05-09 03:57

    Not many writers would touch this subject of trafficking in the YA category. I think that Melissa did such a wonderful job with this story. It was hard to put down but it was short enough to pack a good punch. Its hard to see your family struggling and then seeing someone just having things that shouldnt be there. It was definitely full of emotion. You can just see the love that Val has for Sam. The heartbreak and intensity just eats at you. I can say that its an eye opener that most people tend to ignore until it is under their roof.

  • Missy
    2019-05-05 11:04

    Traffic Jam written by Melissa Groeling was quite a well written read. I thouroughly enjoyed it, what a riot! Great characters, the reading went fast, and I noted very few editing errors. Interesting storyline, perceivable and easy reading. Not sure where the book cover is but I'll give Traffic Jam hands down, 4 Stars!

  • Jillian
    2019-05-26 06:46

    at first i wasnt sure what it was about the info gave nothing away but it turned out to be an amazing book and im so glad i read it

  • InD'tale Magazine
    2019-05-26 05:57

    4.5/5.0A superbly written, anxiety ridden ride of a read!Read full review in February 2013 issue of InD’tale Magazine.