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Aspiring journalist, Cally Hammond, believes she is undercover to expose dominating company executive, Jake Stone. However, she has been duped by her real boss, into undergoing training to become sexually submissive.Jake is an enthusiastic master who exposes Cally to bondage, correction, and submission to his will. The shocking experience re-awakens a dormant side of CallyAspiring journalist, Cally Hammond, believes she is undercover to expose dominating company executive, Jake Stone. However, she has been duped by her real boss, into undergoing training to become sexually submissive.Jake is an enthusiastic master who exposes Cally to bondage, correction, and submission to his will. The shocking experience re-awakens a dormant side of Cally’s personality which Jake can’t help reacting to.But both have a mission to fulfil. Will they succeed, and what secrets will be exposed in the process?...

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PA Exposé Reviews

  • A.R. Von
    2018-10-23 15:46

    I'm going to start off with my first impression of Jake Stone and that is he sure lives up to his name! Like Stone, he’s stubborn and unmovable. The other unflattering qualities that are Jake is abrasive, cocky, unbearable and harsh (I could keep going for quite a bit with my first impression here.) He’s without a doubt a VERY dominant (and sexy) male that keeps himself focused on the task at hand like a predator going for its prey. What Jake does for a living is he hires himself out as to train (or turn) women into the ultimate submissive. He uses a very quick and effective way to get the subs training to stick. He’s newest task is to train a beauty named Cally to appease her boss. Oh and thing is, he has to do so without making her aware exactly what he is and what he’s goal really is.Cally is currently an intern for a big newspaper. She's a very sweet, determined and seemingly naive woman that knows how to handle men. Her boss gives her the perfect opportunity for advancement and to prove herself worthy by going undercover to expose the one and only Jake Stone. She snags the job hands down. But what she had to go through to prove herself worthy was (I saw as) unethical and an amazingly difficult feat. She’s so very determined to get higher up and become a full-fledged journalist that she does each and every single thing Jake asks of her. The question is... In the end, was it all worth it for her?A definite roller coaster of emotions happening throughout the book and a shocking turn around that will have you thinking “no way! Did that just really happen?” You'll be very happy with the turn of events and those who deserved it received their just desserts (oh boy did they!)I enjoyed all of the surprises Kristal put out there for her readers. Amazingly detailed (and hot) sex scenes that some will be amazed by and others may be appalled. There’s loads of spanking, submission, binding and blush worthy moments that are not for the faint of heart. That being said I suggest those curious about aspects of BDSM or someone in the mood for a different kind of (actual) story with anything but vanilla sex should be the ones to read it.All in all I give it 3 1/2 stars. While I did enjoy it, I found the abrasiveness of both Jake Stone and Joseph Mathers (Cally's boss) to be a bit much at times. But truly adored the characters Katherine and Cally (two women after my own heart) and the way they both took charge :)

  • Tory Michaels
    2018-10-25 21:17

    Started off with a premise I really had to suspend disbelief on. Tons I sex, and the last quarter or so really snapped any believability the book might have had. Just didn't really work for me.

  • Kristal Baird
    2018-10-23 21:46

    A really great full-length erotic novel. Hot hero and sexy heroine. The story-line will grip you until the end.

  • Amanda
    2018-11-13 22:37

    WTH? First of all, Jake Stone virtually kidnaps women by luring them under a false pretense, then he proceeds to "train" them as a submissive without their foreknowledge or consent. He even admits it is brainwashing and that the women will not be subs in a consensual D/s relationship but will be prisoners, true sex slaves, subject to whatever sick thing their "master" wants to do with them. But this never bothers him until Cally comes along. What a scumbag. A true D/s relationship is based on trust, not brainwashing. But I kept reading, waiting to see how it played out and how bad Cally would make him grovel in the end. (view spoiler)[ So what happens? She forgives him after a half-ass "punishment" session. He was ready to turn her over to Mathers and the only thing that stopped him was that Mathers was too heavy-handed, which Jake admitted would have made him stop any transfer. So even at the very end, he was still going to hand her over. He never gave one second's thought to leaving the business for her. He even tells himself that there is no way any woman would put up with his job. And not only does she forgive him almost instantly, but she wants to join his business.Frankly I knew it was all going downhill when the stupid slut reacted to Mathers even though his touch supposedly made her skin crawl. No wonder she didn't have a problem with Jake's business. She's as warped as he is. What I was hoping for was one of two scenarios:1) he admitted everything and let her go before turning her over to Mathers, then started a different kind of business and found her a few months later to tell her OR2) He went through with the transfer, but she was betrayed and heartbroken and refused to let Mathers touch her rather than getting turned by the creep playing with her. When they saw that the brainwashing didn't work, they let her go. Jake finally figured out that what he was doing was illegal and that he was an ass and discreetly checked on all his former trainees. (Actually he already knew it was illegal or he wouldn't change his name and location after every client.) Any that were not being treated well, he rescued. After a year of fixing everything he'd screwed up, he started a different business and found Cally to beg forgiveness. The end wasn't even close to either one of those. And setting aside the unbelievability of the whole scenario for a moment, let's focus on Jake's friends. So his former Special Forces team help him out. First, a Special Forces team is small. We're supposed to believe that either most or all of the team are not only into D/s, but also have no problem with the ethics or legality of Jake's business. Second, he says he goes all over the world. He also says his SF buddies are part of his business. What does he do, fly them all over the world? Don't they have jobs of their own? Or does he pay them? Seems like supporting all four in a style they would put up with would seriously cut into his profits. It just doesn't add up.(hide spoiler)]The blurb for this sounded good, but it wasn't at all what I expected (I don't know why. It clearly says that the woman doesn't know she's going for sub training. I guess I thought it would be lighter in tone or at least have a decent ending.) Now that I know what this author thinks is acceptable, I'll know to avoid any other books.One more thing that isn't bad, just a note before you read the book. The book is obviously written by a non-American because she refers to garters as suspenders, which I assume is what they are called in the UK and possibly elsewhere. It took me a minute to make the connection because here in the US, suspenders are very not-sexy.

  • Lynn
    2018-11-04 18:23

    Loved this book!!!

  • rachel
    2018-11-04 21:40

    Weird and quite sickening

  • Monty Eskew
    2018-11-04 20:33

    Gets better every time i read it!

  • Fairy
    2018-11-05 15:45

    I did enjoy this book for the most part, and I would have given it five stars if it were not for the switching that went on. I very rarely like femdom; I can only read it in certain situations, and this was not one of them. Even though in the first instance it was really only a pretence, I still found it hard to read and I really had to force myself through those twenty three pages. I think the only two thing that made me continue were knowing it was temporary (I did have to flick forwards to check) and the author's great writing and characterisations.For the plot, I think the switching definitely worked; I never saw that coming at all. For me personally, it didn't work.However, the rest of the book besides the switching was great, and I think the ending was really well done. I had an idea that Jake wouldn't let Mathers' take Cally and that they would get together, but I didn't expect what they did to Mathers or Cally wanting in the business. I loved that we got to see both Jake and Cally's points of view; it definitely helped to know what they were both thinking. I like that we got to see these characters fall for each other despite the series, and I think that their feelings for each other were definitely amplified by the intense days they had together.Overall, a great read. I would stay away from it if you're squicked by dub-con or non-con though, as it definitely touches on those themes.

  • Elaine
    2018-11-01 17:25

    I was pleasantly surprised by this book. Great twists and turns in the storey

  • Mnena
    2018-10-27 22:23

    Beyond distasteful! Ugh. If u don't want a good story line please read. If not, then pass. It's too disturbing for words.

  • Autumn Jean
    2018-11-03 16:22

    Horrible book. 99% sex, 1% bad writing. Not worth the time. How some of these books even make it to being published I have no idea.