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Betrayal is all he's ever known, but in her, he'll find a love strong enough to be trusted...When Marcella Raines' twin brother dies, she honors his request to be buried at sea, never expecting the violent storm that swamps her boat. Though she's gravely injured--and still emotionally damaged from her recent divorce--Ella fights to survive.Zephyros Martius is the Supreme GBetrayal is all he's ever known, but in her, he'll find a love strong enough to be trusted...When Marcella Raines' twin brother dies, she honors his request to be buried at sea, never expecting the violent storm that swamps her boat. Though she's gravely injured--and still emotionally damaged from her recent divorce--Ella fights to survive.Zephyros Martius is the Supreme God of the West Wind and Spring, but being the strongest Anemoi hasn't protected him from betrayal and loss. Worse, he's sure his brother Eurus is behind it. When Zeph's heartbreak whips up a storm that shipwrecks a human, his guilt forces him to save her.Ella is drawn to the vulnerability Zeph hides beneath his otherworldly masculinity and ancient blue eyes. And her honesty, empathy, and unique, calming influence leave Zeph wanting...everything. When Eurus threatens Ella, she and Zeph struggle to let go of the past, defend their future, and embrace what they most want--a love that can be trusted....

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West of Want Reviews

  • Claire Robinson
    2018-11-07 14:22

    4 - Poofing and M & M Stars.No review as such, just a few pics and quotes to highlight some of my favourite parts of the book. Laura Kaye is one of my "go-to" authors, when I am looking for a well written, sexy, entertaining read and she never lets me down. Zeph - "There's just you and me."..."In this moment."..."There's just this lost soul."..."Who wants the most beautiful woman he's ever seen."...Zeph - "You don't understand how much you intrigue me."..."You don't understand how much you attract me. You're in my head. All the time. You make my heart beast faster, my body ache with want."Another winner for me, straight onto South of Surrender.

  • Leslie
    2018-11-16 14:13

    I would like to suggest that "Women's Fantasy" become a new genre, because that's exactly what you get with Kaye's second book, West of Want in her Hearts of the Anemoi series. The hero, Zephyros, god of the West Wind and Spring, and his human heroine, Ella steamed up the atmosphere even more than he himself could; boat accident and all! Which is why Zeph ultimately sticks around once he regretfully figures out that Ella's sailboat fell victim to his wind storm tantrum at sea. Yep, he can heal her and that's exactly what he intends to do, once he properly introduces his gorgeous human form to her. (Not a bad way to wake up, finding a seriously hot guy waiting for you). Okay, so it's a little far fetched and after only a short time, their "insta-love" was pretty convenient, but since this IS a fantasy, and let's face it, all paranormal is, just go with it because it's oh, so HOT!Right off the bat however, our happy couple discover they have another problem and he is, Eurus, Zeph's estranged brother and god of the East Wind. He is seriously dead set on breaking any happiness Zeph has found and Zeph realizes quickly, Ella isn't safe. (Not good news for the newly infatuated love birds). Fortunately, he can protect her against his brother's maliciousness but his own fears of betrayal that have been branded on his soul is an entirely different obstacle he must overcome.This is well written story about two vulnerable, heart-broken characters and although it's somewhat predictable, Kaye's male protagonist is a sensitive hero who has been abandoned and deceived by everyone he has ever loved. Admittedly, I typically prefer alpha males but Zeph's vulerability and brokenness made me want to root for him. His gentle, sensitive side, made me swoon even more once he proved he wasn't afraid to kick a little tail when needed. Ella is a multifaceted character with a heartbreaking past of her own as her parents died when she was relatively young, her ex-husband betrayed her, and her twin brother, who was also her best friend, is recently deceased. Because of her tragic life and finding herself alone with no one, you just couldn't help but want things to work out for her, too. Both characters were full of depth, personality, and passion. They have been wronged in the past and trust isn't easy for either of them and they must overcome their fears yet learn to trust each other in order to find love. As this story comes to an end there is an array of twists and turns and even a few surprises along with an epilogue that is wonderfully fulfilling. So, bottom line, if you love a good paranormal/fantasy filled with tons of steamy scenes AND a self depricating, yet charming and even chivalrous beta-hero, you will be extremely happy you picked up this book! Kaye has produced another winner in her Hearts of the Anemoi series, (which are also stand alones), and I for one am glad she's not quite finished.

  • Lyndi
    2018-11-02 16:11

    "Zephyros Martius is the Supreme God of the West Wind and Spring..."That shit made me snort out loud. I'm sorry, but it's just so pretentious sounding. I'll still read it, though.And now that I've read it... I liked it, but I'm kind of embarrassed that I liked it. You know what I mean?

  • Heather
    2018-11-05 18:29

    Guys, you're not going to believe how awesome this book turned out. Zeph is hotness personified and I love that Laura takes readers deeper into the world of the Anemoi. My favorite read of the year so far!

  • Meaghan
    2018-10-29 14:11

    I loved the first book in this series, North of Need (review here) and was so incredibly excited to get my hands on West of Want. When we enter the world of West of Want we are following Zephyros and Ella. Zephyros is the Supreme God of the West Wind and Spring and has never been lucky when it comes to love. He has been burned numerous times and when we meet him in this book he is in the middle of creating a storm fueled by his grief. His story was heartbreaking and my heart went out to him because of his painful past. Ella was not much better off than him though. Her twin brother just died and she has no real family to speak of. The two of them are so lost and they recognize that in one another. Especially Ella when she says to Zeph:“Ella twisted her lips and studied him. “I just…when I look into your eyes, I see something there that reminds me of myself.” While Ella tries to work through her pain, Zeph likes to wallow in his and does not always make it easy for Ella to get through to him. He is talking to Boreas at one point when Boreas says:“I have never known someone who tormented himself as much as you. Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone shoulders them like Atlas carrying around the weight of the world. Not everyone bleeds for them.”That pretty much sums up how Zeph is acting for quite a bit of this book. He does not give himself credit for anything and does not feel like he deserves to be happy again. He has been broken by his past loves and his brother. Watching him go through the journey of trying to find happiness in this book was very sweet. While trying to decide what she wants Ella slowly brings Zeph back to life and strives to prove to him that not every road leads to betrayal. Laura excels at writing tender moments. This book is filled with so many of them, but my favorite was this one coming from Zeph:“There’s just me.” He kissed her ear. “And you.” Her eyelid. “In this moment.” Her nose. “There’s just this lost soul.” His lips lingered over the corner of her mouth. “Who wants the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen.” The romance in this book is intense and it is almost an insta-love, but I thought it worked. These two have such big holes in their hearts and are searching for something to fill that void. They found what they were looking for in one another. There are definitely obstacles in their way and things they have to overcome, but the romance really is the main focus. There was one point towards the end that I thought everything was leading towards a resolution, but Laura did save one final twist and I loved that. West of Want is a wonderful escape into a enchanted world that I loved being a part of. Laura delivers a heartfelt romance with a touch of magic that had me captivated from beginning to end. I cannot wait for the next book, South of Surrender, because it centers around Chrysander. He is funny, sarcastic and has great banter with the guys. While he is known as the carefree one of the group I am sure he is hiding something and I am eager to get to know him better. I highly recommend checking out this series if you have not already!

  • Heather Book Savvy Babe
    2018-10-21 16:17

    With her believable characters, touching romances, and sizzling heat, Laura Kaye continues be a favorite author of mine. I can always count on Ms Kaye’s books for a touching romance story that I fully enjoy. West of Want is the second book in The Hearts of Anemoi series, and I am an official fan of this paranormal/mythological romance series.The setting and background of this series is intriguing. The Anemoi are based in mythology and bring the paranormal/fantasy element into the series. The Anemoi are part of Greek mythology, but they are not part of the main pantheon (Zeus, Hera, etc). With being lesser-known myths (at least to me), the anemoi are refreshingly different for a paranormal series, and well-written, unique characters are not always easy to find.The male protagonist in West of Want is Zephyros, the God of the West Wind and of Spring. Zephyros has been betrayed throughout his whole life and he struggles with the burdens of his emotional scars and hurts. His brother, Eurus, the God of the West Wind, adds to Zeph’s misery by blaming Zephyros for his own hurts. When the story begins, Zephyros is at an all time low, he can’t take much more hurt, and unwittingly places Ella in danger with his emotional outburst that results in a heavy storm. Feeling guilty that he caused a human harm, Zephyros determines to help and heal Ella, but he is drawn to this woman and the thought of leaving her is unsettling.Ella is a woman who has her own hurts. She was betrayed herself and she is grieving the loss of her brother. When Zephyros comes into her life, Ella is also at a low point in her life. Even though the pair have completely different lives and upbringings, they understand each other’s hurts. When Ella learns who Zephyros truly is, she is surprised, but she handles the situation well. This couples biggest challenge is trust, both are hesitant to open up. They go through some difficult back and forth feelings and when Zeph’s brother decides to make trouble, their relationship may be decidedly over before it even really begins.Zephyros and Ella’s relationship has plenty of obstacles, but they are a couple that belong together. I enjoyed their story and was happily surprised by the ending. West of Want reinforced for me why I love Laura Kaye’s writing so much, her romances are believable. Even with mythology and paranormal beings, the characters have realistic flaws and idiosyncrasies that are easy to identify with and understand.In West of Want, readers learn more about the Anemoi and their role in mythology. A few other Anemoi make appearances, and I really enjoyed getting to know more of these characters. I am already a big fan of Chrysander and am looking forward to his book (hint hint Ms Kaye!)

  • The BookChick
    2018-11-02 14:11

    I loved the mythological corollaries. Ella and Zeph were interesting and the story was paced well. Although I enjoyed North of Need more, this was a good story.The only point of the story that I didn't care was the excessive use of 'Jesus' as an expletive replacement. 19 in all throughout the story. It was off-putting because of repetitive use.Overall, a quick and easy read.

  • Pamela
    2018-11-07 19:28

    Love, love, love this series. Cannot wait for the next book.

  • Stephanie
    2018-10-22 22:12

    ORIGINAL POST: WEST OF WANT, Mars Comes in Like a Lion West of WantHearts of the Anemoi, Book TwoLaura KayePaperback 400 pages, e-book7/10/12 Entangled PublishingReceived via publisher with no expectation other than a fair review. No remuneration exchanged and, except as noted all opinions are my own. Betrayal is all he's ever known, but in her, he'll find a love strong enough to be trusted... When Marcella Raines' twin brother dies, she honors his request to be buried at sea, never expecting the violent storm that swamps her boat. Though she's gravely injured--and still emotionally damaged from her recent divorce--Ella fights to survive. Zephyros Martius is the Supreme God of the West Wind and Spring, but being the strongest Anemoi hasn't protected him from betrayal and loss. Worse, he's sure his brother Eurus is behind it. When Zeph's heartbreak whips up a storm that shipwrecks a human, his guilt forces him to save her. Ella is drawn to the vulnerability Zeph hides beneath his otherworldly masculinity and ancient blue eyes. And her honesty, empathy, and unique, calming influence leave Zeph wanting...everything. When Eurus threatens Ella, she and Zeph struggle to let go of the past, defend their future, and embrace what they most want--a love that can be trusted. http://laurakayeauthor.comLaura always finds a way to reach into the heart of a story and bring it to life. She gives her characters a full range of emotions and personalities and here puts in just the right amount of plot complexities. While fairly vanilla, the sex is passionate with respect being a very important feature. It's very realistic and exciting, even without handcuffs. Vanilla is a great flavor when made with good ingredients. I liked that the magic used has a cost although the Seasonal Gods' father is an example of very poor parenting skills. I wanted to flog dear old dad.The male love interest in this story is Zephyros Mauritius, and as it says above he is the high god of the westerlies and spring. But, he is, like Spring very sensitive. He's emotional and caring. When he's ticked off though he can swamp your sailboat but he has a tendency to feel guilty about things. Ella is a little less developed although we see she is thoughtful and intelligent. Her passion is sailing and she is a bit lost due to her brother's death. But, after the freaking out period of learning about the Anemoi she shows some decent resilience. Laura introduces a hot, new character in here, Chrysander. You are going to really enjoy meeting this compassionate male. And, Laura informs us a bit more about the hierarchy of these elemental gods and their powers.I can highly recommend WEST OF WANT to lovers of Steamy Romance. There are some supernatural elements but it's the tory that's important. Gods are people too.JULY 11 we'll be kicking off the WEST OF WANT blog tour with a giveaway at ,a href=", Wands and Fairy Dust. You'll definitely want to stop by for that AND the Hot Jocks Giveaway Hop!

  • Sue
    2018-11-14 18:11

    See the full review, with Memorable Quotes and Recommended Reads on GraveTells: July 16th)Zephyros is the Supreme God of the West Wind, Guardian of Spring, and one of the four Cardinal Anemoi. If you read North of Need and remember Father-of-Time-resembling Boreas, Zeph is his brother. No minor deity here, and his power alone is something to admire. Kind and passionate, Zeph is the kind of man who loves with all his soul, even when he thinks it might end in heartache. He is both gentle and fierce, and so accustomed to hurt and betrayal that he lives a stark, solitary existence... until he meets Ella, that is.Ella is a sweetheart who has lost everyone she ever cared about and just wants to make a positive difference where ever she can. She doesn't have any delusions of grandeur. Wholesome and reserved, determined and enthusiastic, Ella is the perfect match for Zeph. And boy do they have chemistry!There are more private moments between Ella and Zeph than we got to see between Owen and Megan, so all you PNR fans will be happy to know that, and the scenes never get boring or repetitive. Laura Kaye writes extremely strong character relationships, makes you really feel their passion and experience their energy, and the first time Ella and Zeph get together? Gold. Pure hot, steamy, sweaty gold!I practically bawled my way through North of Need, so the bar was set pretty high for this one. While i wasn't as blown away emotionally as i was with Owen's book, West of Want had some serious heart and just when I thought things were starting to get formulaic, the plot sprinted off in a different direction. I don't think we've seen the end of the non-romance portion of this story arc just yet.Laura Kaye either has a giant stash of super secret sauce or is simply a master at her craft, because just about every book I've read from her to-date has been a homerun, the Hearts of the Anemoi stories especially so. The characters have depth, the plots are compelling, and the sexual tension is nearly unmatched. Not many authors can take a couple who has never met before and have them itching to jump each others bones within a few days so effectively that you feel more eager than they do.This second installment in the Hearts of the Anemoi brings back some old friends, and gives us glimpse into the drama and family ties between the other gods. In true Laura Kaye fashion, all the characters are unique and entertaining. If i wasn't already hooked on this series, meeting Chrysander would definitely prime my interest in the sunny, aggressive Supreme God of the South Winds. West of Want is a GraveTells must read!@~~~ Did you enjoy this review? Rate it up on Amazon! ~~~@*Review copy provided by author. No compensation was received for this review.

  • Angela Carr (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    2018-11-12 19:34

    Review also posted at Under The Covers Book Blog Ms. Kaye surprised me with this brilliant love story. Though I missed North of Need, I feel like I did not miss a thing. This book is well written with full background details and well developed characters. I actually was doubtful at first but as circumstances as they are, I took a chance. I’m glad I did as now I have another series and author to follow.Ms. Kaye starts out the book with a bit of suspense that kept me turning the pages nonstop. And the ongoing story of love, betrayal, family drama with the background of Greek mythology kept me interested throughout the book.Zephyros Martius, Supreme God of the West Wind Guardian of Spring and one if the four Cardinal Anemoi had nothing but heart ache in the past but not without doubt that a few were brought on by his jealous brother Eurus, Supreme God of the East Wind and Harbinger of Misfortune. And yes, he can bring misfortune among other things. After another heart ache, Zeph took his frustrations out by storming through the seas. Unfortunately, he was not by himself and unintentionally bumps into a 32 feet True Blue. An encounter that will change him forever.Marcella Raines is not without a painful past. She had recently lost her twin brother and a failed marriage before that. But hands down to this heroine, she’s not one to fold over to hardship. In the midst of chaos, her response was "Is that all you got? Well, fuck you. Fuck you and the cloud you blew in on!..." and after all that chaos she still got up for more.Zeph was a very emotional hero, though he’s a powerful God, he’s not one to maintain his emotions and this just got him in all kinds of trouble. He's not my favorite hero but he is perfect for Ella. Because of their similar past, they complimented and understood each other. And Zeph's instant attraction and obsession with Ella was definitely romantic. But what I love most was the interaction of all the Gods in this book. Their interactions were full of drama as expected from the Greek Gods. Overall, the romance was great, H/h were great, sub-characters were great and story was great. Another great read. *Review copy provided by publisher

  • Angie
    2018-11-07 14:32

    If I ignored the plotholes, West of Want is pretty good. But I can't, so it's just okay. This time we're following Zephyros, the god of Spring, as he finds his one true love in Ella. Ella has taken her sailboat out to spread her twin's ashes when a storm hits. It's no ordinary storm. It's actually Zeph is his elemental form, and he's quite upset. The storm is raging and Ella is tossed from her boat. Of course, Zeph is drawn to her and rescues her. After getting her to the hospital, he sticks around to make sure she's okay, but there's something else keeping him in the human realm with this woman.In addition to the romance, West of Want also has more plot than the first book. Zeph and his brother Eurus do not get along at all, and it's causing some major upheaving. Eurus stole Zeph's wife and had a child with her, whom he wants to get placed as heir of the west in place of Zeph. That is, unless Zeph can get an heir within the next week or so. Well, Ella is infertile, but Zeph wants her anyway! But then things happen and he believes she's in cahoots with his brother, and blah blah blah.West of Want had a few moments that made me go huh? First of all, in the beginning Zeph feels really responsible for Ella getting hurt on her boat. But being a wind god, hasn't he caused many storms before? And don't people die in storms all the time? So why all of a sudden does he feel someone dying during one of his storms and has to rescue them? I highly doubt he attempts to save everyone who gets caught in his storms, or else, just don't cause huge storms! Then there's a scene of Elle and Zeph out for dinner, he eats something that's SOOO hot that he has to turn into his elemental form to heal. Seriously? That sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen, if crab dip is served so hot it nearly burns a god to death. This wouldn't be such a big deal, except it's the catalyst to the inevitable temporary break up.So, West of Want was okay. The plot-holes were really distracting, and I don't feel like the romance was all that well developed. All in all, they probably spend like one day together total, mostly just having sex or apologizing to each other. Not really the kind of romance I want to read about.Read more of my reviews at Pinkindle Reads & Reviews.

  • All Things Urban Fantasy
    2018-11-11 18:18

    Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyHearts of the Anemoi is a new paranormal romance series built around seasonal mythology (gods of winter, spring etc). It’s a great springboard for a series, sadly, WEST OF WANT was a really sub par paranormal romance that included just about everything that I dislike about the genre.The two lead characters are completely flat and two dimensional. They don’t have personalities or even really distinguishing characteristics. They were each burned by love in the past, but apart from some weepy moments where they unload their woe-is-me histories, it didn’t really matter. As a reader, I had to sit through this twice, once in internal thoughts and then again when spoke up. Very tedious.The worst thing though was the insta-love. This may be the most glaring example I’ve read in years. He almost drowns her with his I-can’t-control-my-emotions storm, then out of guilt, secretly stalks her in the hospital and follows her home. She wakes and finds him sleeping in her room. That same day, his brother curses her with clumsiness and the only way to remove the curse is with sexy shower time. They are pretty much in love at this point, and start declaring it a few pages later. I have no idea why. They barely spoke about anything significant, and even the attraction came out of nowhere.WEST OF WANT left me wanting big time. Flat characters, cliched plot, and a DOA romance. Stick with Kenyon, Showalter, and Ione for good paranormal romance. The third book in the Hearts of the Anemoi series, SOUTH OF SURRENDER, will be out on December 11, 2012 from Entangled and features Chrysander Notos, Supreme God of the South Wind and Summer.Sexual Content:A few graphic sex scenes

  • GraceMyBookSnack
    2018-11-08 15:34

    Delve into the Realm of Gods!North of Need is one of my favorites! I adored Megan and Owen's story! So it was natural that I highly anticipated its sequel. “Undeniably, there was some connection between them, and he found himself flirting with the most dangerous emotion there was—hope.” --West of Want, Laura KayeZephyros Martius is a sensitive Supreme God of the West Wind and Spring. As his story unfolds you'll find out why. When he's upset, he can stir up a strong storm like no other. So, he was just blowing off steam over the water when he accidentally injures Ella Raines, who was out on her boat spreading the ashes of her twin brother.Ella and Zeph each have endured great loss and betrayal that trust is a major issue to both of them. As their instant chemistry blossoms into something more, they must work through a mountain of of them being Zeph's brother, Eurus. Oh boy, does he create havoc for them! Now this is where the story really delves into the Realm of Gods. We get a more detailed view of this world than we did in North of Need. When Zeph finally tells his story to Ella, it is like he is describing a soap opera! So much drama happens in the Anemoi world! We get introduced to a few more gods, among them being Chrysander, whose story will be next in South of Surrender. He seems very interesting!What I enjoy about this series is the subtle way it pays homage to the environment and nature, and how it is woven into the story lines. The setting of Annapolis, Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay is both perfect and beautiful for Ella and Zeph's story. Emotional, sensual, heartbreaking, and magical, West of Want proves to be a worthy addition to the Hearts of the Anemoi series.

  • Tamara
    2018-10-26 14:22

    I can't believe I can only give West of Want 5 stars it deserves 10 at least! Laura Kaye has 3 series that I love. Every time a new book comes out I think "It will be good, probably great, but it can't possibly be as good as the first one" With West of Want I was sure this would be the case, because frankly North of Need is one of my all time favorite novels...however, Laura proved me wrong again!West of Want takes us deeper into the mythology of the Anemoi, a unique and fascinating take on Greek and Norse mythology. I just love this world and it's imperfect Gods. There is just something so uplifting about these stories of powerful, magic beings who live long and lonely lives of service and responsibility. Who with all their power find that the one thing that makes them complete is love. Zeph and Ella will tug your heartstrings, make you want to hold and comfort them both, and cry happy tears when they finally find their happiness.But, Laura four books aren't going to be enough for me! Boreas and Aoelus need their stories told too! Just saying.

  • Nicola
    2018-11-18 15:30

    If you loved North of Need wait until you read West of Want. This truly introduces to the Gods of Godliness and builds on what I can forsee as being an epic clash of the titans.As for Zephyros; well Spring has always been my favourite season, and he is the finest reason why.Sexy, sweet and heart-wrenching, the second book in the series is filled with action, passion, pain and discoveries. Owen and Zeph have wooed me and wowed me and I’m off to see what treats Chrysander brings; judging by his input into Zeph and Ella’s story, I feel his story will be filled with heat.

  • Senda
    2018-11-06 16:18

    Okay, okay, I'm kind of a Kenyon minion when it comes to this type of book. Was it good? Of course. As far as I've read, entangled can't publish a bad book. But I guess the adventure didn't quite catch me as much. I did love the ending, though--happy, but with sacrifice to keep it from being too Deus ex Machina.

  • Ashley
    2018-10-29 18:34

    This book is fantastic. Sexy and steamy, with absolutely life-like characters that just capture you. Zephyros is officially my favorite god!

  • Marta
    2018-11-03 14:25

    3.5 to 4 stars.

  • Marlene
    2018-10-26 17:14

    This Dual Review was originally posted on Book Lovers IncMarlene: North of Need was one of those utterly marvelous stories that comes along once in a “blue moon”, a story that was absolutely magical. When West of Want came out, I was hoping for another fantastic experience, but unfortunately the lightning wasn’t captured in the bottle the second time around. West of Want is pretty good, but it just isn’t up to the high bar set by North of Need.Stella: *sighs* Yes, I pretty much agree Marlene. For the past couple of years I haven’t been a big PNR fan as I find it way too clichéd nowadays, but North of Need was such a breath of fresh air, I loved how unique Owen was, his innocent discovery of the world (and ice creams!), I just loved their story! So naturally I started West of Want with high expectations: I wanted the same original and entertaining story with memorable and unique characters I got used to in North of Need, but West of Want fell short on both accounts.Marlene: One of the issues that I had with the story from the very beginning was “what the hell was wrong with Zeph?” We never do get complete clarity on why he caused the storm that starts off the story. I often found myself floundering in the backstory of this book. All of Zeph’s and Ella’s problems with trusting each other have to do with their past bad relationships, but we don’t get a whole lot of info on what happened. Ella’s backstory is fairly clear, but Zeph, not so much. And his family feud with Eurus, OMG. There’s a whole other novel’s worth of stuff in what’s wrong with Eurus.Stella: Yes, sadly I felt that the plot of West of Want was all over the place. While I enjoy mythological references (hello, history/mythology junkie here!), I felt that there was too much crammed into West of Want. We got the whole run down on Zeph’s every paramour, family dysfunctions among many other things, one of them namely the main storyline...While I was fairly engrossed in Zeph and Ella’s story they weren’t the memorable and unique characters that made me wonder and ponder things long after I have turned the page. I had problems understanding (and accepting) their insta-love connection (especially on Zeph’s side, he is a god after all, has been around for millenia and I didn’t get a clear answer to why this woman, what does he see in her?).Marlene: The ending of the story, and the convenient explanation for Zeph’s and Ella’s insta-love at the beginning, smacked way too much of deus ex machina. Although Stella, my Latin scholar friend will probably correct that to dei, since there are multiple gods involved in cleaning up the mess that Eurus causes, and more gods than just the Anemoi. Was it truly necessary to bring both the Greek and Roman pantheons in on this? Really? Either/or would have been reasonable, since the Anemoi are the Greek wind gods after all. But both? Mars and Ares?Stella: Lol Marlene, thanks first for including a bit of Latin, it’s really a pity we don’t use this language more ;-) And second of all thanks for mentioning the combination of BOTH mythological worlds. Ares is the Greek counterpart of Mars, they are one and the same god just either perceived by the Greeks (Ares) or the Romans (Mars), so I was stumped why a Roman god (Mars) was introduced in a story which featured Greek gods (the Anemoi). I thought it was a shallow, typo-kind of mistake that an editor should have corrected. I get that they needed the names to rhyme (Mars - Marcella - March), but it still screwed with the rules of the world-building.Marlene: That was an “off the rails” moment for me. Zeph actually refers to “Mars and his brother Ares” late in the story as sharing a “legendary masculine aggression”, but while Ares directs his towards literal war-making, Mars focuses on peace-making. However you slice and dice this, both pantheons seem to co-exist simultanously. That’s just too many gods at one time. The only author who can successfully put this many gods in one story is Neil Gaiman, and that’s not the kind of story we’re talking about here.Stella: I’m all for re-interpreting legends and stuff, but messing with the main characteristics of gods this way is just not something I can take in stride. Mars as the peacemaker, oh yeah... *snorts*Marlene: I’ll see your snort and raise you an eyebrow.Stella: You’re on ;-) So anyway I found the ending, the resolution of everything way too easy and convenient, too neatly tied off.Marlene: Exactly! Deus (or dei) ex machina. Except in this case there’s no machina, just lots and lots of dei.Stella: Lol, perfectly said! :-DVerdict:Marlene: The insta-connection and insta-love was highly improbable, but I really liked Ella as a character. She may have accepted Zeph a bit (a lot) too easily, but who wouldn’t accept someone that gorgeous who could heal that much damage?Eurus came across as much too “Bwahaha” evil, and there wasn’t enough backstory to explain why Zeph was so incredibly down on himself. He was, after all, a god. Even though the author’s writing made the story entertaining enough to carry me along, it was still a disappointment after the astonishment and wonder of North of Need.I give West of Want 3.5 stars.Stella: After having North of Need give back my love and hope for PNR I was very excited and looking forward to West of Want, which sadly didn't live up to the first story :-( I found it too clichéd, too generic, the typical paranormal romance. Don’t misunderstand me, West of Want wasn’t bad, but it was just ‘nice’, which after the wonder and great surprise that North of Need was, felt like a let down. Laura Kaye’s writing is still amazingly captivating, but the characters felt flat and cardboard-like. If you are a fan of paranormal romances and/or Laura Kaye you’ll enjoy West of Want, but if you are looking for something a bit different and more original (and fun) than the “six of one, half a dozen of the other” PNR stories, try North of Need instead.I give West of Want 3.5 stars.

  • Cara
    2018-10-30 18:20

    After loving the sweet holiday story that started this series, I was eager to continue with this one. While the first story concentrated on the romance with a backset of paranormal, this story went on and on about how the brothers of the Anemoi hated each other and acted very violently. Ella and Zeph's story started out very well, but in the second half of the book the two weren't together enough to satisfy me. A cute but too short cameo with Owen (from book one) and his ice cream obsession was a welcome bit of lightness, but this book felt heavy, and I'm not rushing to book 3.

  • MsRomanticReads
    2018-11-09 20:26

    Ella lost her parents when she was twenty, and when we meet her, she’s still grieving the recent loss of her twin brother, Marcus. Her marriage is over because her husband cheated on her with Ella’s best friend. Ella is infertile, and to add insult to injury, her husband knocked up her best friend. In short, Ella has hit her rock bottom. To honor her brother’s wishes, she sets sail to lay him to rest at sea, but it nearly becomes her final resting place when a violet storm suddenly erupts and she’s thrown overboard. Wracked with guilt over letting his emotions and magic get out of hand and nearly killing a human, Zeph vows to make things right by the beautiful woman he fishes out of the sea. One look at her is all it takes, and he can’t seem to stay away. So he doesn’t, and that also brings an unfortunate consequence with it. His estranged brother, Eurus, takes notice of the fragile human. Eurus blames Zeph for stealing the woman he once loved, and now it looks like he’s found Zeph’s Achilles’ heel. Can Zeph shake his fears long enough to keep Ella safe and alive, or will his past be the thing that takes her away from him?~*~I am reading these books out of order, but the stories are so well-written and conceptualized that each one can stand on their own without the reader getting confused or lost. In fact, I would be surprised if a reader didn’t itch to get their hands on the rest of them regardless of where they jumped in.Now that I have read all three, I think this story is my favorite so far, for a few reasons. First, whether Ms Kaye is describing the weather, the Realms of the Gods, or the human dwellings on earth, she always describes every detail with great clarity and nuances that make you feel like you are actually there. Second, both Zeph and Ella have been through a lot of similar emotional turmoil. I loved that they both had “real people problems”, and by that I mean Zeph’s status as a God hasn’t exempted him from experiencing the same emotions as us humans: love, betrayal, deception, grief and paranoia. Third, the men in these stories have a huge responsibility and a very long life span to see things come and go. They love and they fight, but underneath it all, they are all still missing a piece to make them whole. They’re empathetic and just want to be loved for who they are. More than any of the other books, this one spoke to me the loudest.My heart went out to Zeph and Ella from page one. Connecting with either one of them wasn’t hard at all, and falling in love with them was effortless. Zeph finds himself uncommonly attracted to the human woman he nearly got killed and ultimately rescued. At first it appears to be just superficial. He hangs around to watch her recovery and passes his strange behavior off on his guilt. He wants to “fix” her. When he gets the chance to heal her, he’s ready to remove himself from her presence, but then she asks him if he’s okay. That right there is when you really get a sense of how vulnerable he really is. He is so stunned that someone actually cares enough to ask about his well-being. How sad is that? The tenderness and caring that flowed back and forth from that point on was so very touching. The more time they spend together, the more attracted and attached they become. One of the biggest gripes I usually have in stories is the “more sex, less talk” approach to build a connection. Praise the gods, the opposite was the case here. It’s nice to actually see the bond forming and strengthen outside of the bedroom as well as in. When the climax hits, you feel like you got kicked in the gut. Ms Kaye didn’t toy around with pansy stuff either; she went all in. I white-knuckled my Kindle and had to wipe tear drops off the screen. There was great character development, a few interesting surprises and observations, the pace never slowed down, there were no unnecessary “fillers”, and no cliffhanger. A stellar read from start to finish. I will be re-reading this series for years to come.Like other great authors before her, Ms Kaye is a wonderful storyteller with engaging characters and exciting plots. Her Supreme Gods may be able to control the elements and the seasons, shift into animal or elemental forms and whisk clothes on and off, but it is the compassion and their “humanity” that grabs you hook, line and sinker. If you love Showalter, Cole, Ione, Adrian and Ward, and others alike, you will undoubtedly be adding Kaye to that list as well.A good story engages the brain. A great story engages the heart. I’ve lost my heart to the Anemoi.Favorite moments:“A god. A god. I can’t believe it. Well”—she chuckled, a slightly hysterical sound—”I can believe it. I mean, come on, light comes out of your hands, and you healed me, and you poofed in here.” “He quirked an eyebrow. “Poofed?” I don’t poof.” ~*~He pressed in beside her and rinsed off. When he looked up, eyes full of relief and accomplishment and need, Ella couldn’t resist. She grabbed Zeph’s shoulders and launched herself at him.~*~Zephyros clenched his eyes and absorbed her words into his heart, his soul. By the gods, this woman appealed to parts of him he thought long gone, long buried away, or broken to pieces by ancient betrayals.

  • Bernadette
    2018-11-02 14:14

    I loved this book! This series is Fantastic!Zephros has been lied to, deceived, tricked and abused. No wonder trust is so hard for him. But still his true, kind, loving heart shines through.Ella has lost her husband, best friend, and now her brother has died. How much more can she suffer?This magical book is filled with questions that challenge the heart to survive.

  • Crystal Holloway
    2018-11-09 18:10

    Love is in the air...or winds Another great story. I love that the Gods seem so human at times and other times their human counterparts are so God like. These stories are an interesting blend of give and take.

  • Karry
    2018-11-08 14:07

    So Great!Another fantastic installment of this series. So many emotions. So much love. I adored all of it! Bring on book 3!

  • Beenee Reads
    2018-10-22 16:07

    Liked it.

  • Aurian Booklover
    2018-10-27 14:20

    Ella is doing the sad job of dispensing her twin brother’s Marcus ashes while on their sailing boat, True Blue, when a sudden storm surprises her. She is swept overboard, one of her arms not working anymore, still clutching the urn. Will she die here, in Chesapeake Bay? Her twin was only 30 when he died suddenly, and left her his sole heir. Their parents died when they were 20, and he was all she had left. Especially after her husband left her when she was diagnosed barren, for her best friend who was 4 months pregnant with his child already.Coming back home to Marcus’ house, now her house, was just what she needed to start living again. Marcus left her well off, and she doesn’t need a job for a long time. Perhaps she can do something for the environment on a volunteer basis here. Ella loves nature in and around Chesapeake Bay. But now, she is dying, and no one will care. When sensing an innocent human is dying in the cold waters below him, Zephyrus, God of the West Wind, reins in his rage and sorrow, and sets out to safe that soul. When he finds Ella, he drags her back on board, and steers the boat towards the coast, where other people will take care of her. He is sure of that. Still, he cannot just leave her, he has to find out for himself what will happen with her. After all, he cause the accident to happen in the first place.When Zeph finds out she has no one, he stays with her in the room, healing her as much as he can without raising suspicions. Somehow, she is soothing him with her quiet gentle energy. When Ella is released a few days later, he decides to take care of her, if she will let him. He has to make it up to her.At first, Ella is spooked to find a strange man in her bedroom, but there is just something about him. After trying to escape him, and hurting herself even more, he carries her back to her bed, and does nothing to hurt her. He calms her fears, and she eventually lets him heal her. In exchange, she offers him to stay at her place if he has nowhere else to go at the moment. And Zeph is touched by that, it has been so long since anyone offered him any kindness at all, any thought for his wellbeing. It will give him a chance to get to know Ella better, and the strange way she soothes him and gives him new energy. But his jealous and spiteful younger brother Eurus won’t leave them alone, won’t let Zeph find any measure of peace. He does his best to ruin everything for Zeph, but will he succeed, again?I enjoyed this book very much, I loved Ella, and how she struggles with the hard blows life has dealt her. Still, she is very accepting of Zeph, and what he is. I think she could have been a little sceptic for a little longer. A fun detail though: Ella googles Zephyrus and stumbles upon Wikipedia. This made me curious and do the same thing. And yes, I found the same page, only most of the names are different in Dutch.Back to Ella: I liked her, how she still loves the little things in life, her flowers, sailing, and wants to share it with Zeph. And Zeph, well, talking about a tortured hero. He lost everyone he has ever loved, and most of them thanks to the machinations of his younger brother. So I was glad to see he got what he so richly deserved. It was difficult for him to trust Ella, but he fell for her, hook line and sinker, and together they decided to give it a try. Even though he is a God, with all the duties that entails, and she just a human. I enjoyed the story very much, and it was totally different from the first book, even though I was very happy to meet Owen again, and Boreas. To learn a little more about the realm of the Gods, and how everything comes at a price. A price (or sacrifice) that can be very high indeed. I am very much looking forward to reading the third book, South of Surrender, which I have pre-ordered months ago. I really love Chrysander in this book.There are a lot of hot love scenes in this book, if you enjoy that kind of thing, and the story itself is well written, and good paced. I like Laura Kaye’s writing style, and her subtle sense of humor. She managed to surprise me with the plot, and I like that in a book.8 stars.© 2012 Reviews by Aurian Full review on my blog,

  • Michelle ♣ Ndayeni
    2018-11-14 17:07

    After the relatively lighthearted and fun romance in North of Need the series takes a more serious and emotional turn in this book. As if all the grief and angst that Zephyros and Ella are feeling because of their individual situations isn't enough, we also get the more sinister threat posed by Zeph's brother Eulus who seems to have made it his mission to destroy Zephyros and anyone he holds dear.When we first see Ella, she is saying a final goodbye to her twin brother Marcus as she scatters his ashes in Chesapeake Bay in an area where they had both loved sailing their ship True Blue. She gets caught in a storm that Zephyros has created from his grief and rage after another run-in with Eulus, and she only survives because he notices her fading lifeforce in time and rescues her. Besides the death of her twin, Ella is also still recovering from the collapse of her marriage, and it's reasonably fair to say that she's at the lowest point in her young life so far. She isn't giving in to despair however, and even though she's allowing herself time to grieve for all she's lost, she's also starting to make plans for the future, to discover who she really is and what she really wants to do. She's looking forward, and yet her past has certainly affected her for she is afraid to trust it when something good happens to her, and is afraid to trust that her feelings for Zephyros, and his for her, could be true. It's notable that she has the courage to take that risk and give it a chance to work between them, even though I think she maybe does so a little too readily.Zephyros has Ella beat hands down on the lack of trust front, for he has been tricked and betrayed so many times by almost anyone and everyone that he's ever let himself care for or about to the point that he really has almost completely given in to despair. He rescues and subsequently heals Ella out of a sense of duty since she was hurt because of him, but he resists and mistrusts the attraction between them and scrutinizes and questions everything that happens or that is said, looking for hidden agendas or double meanings. In short, he is so used to being betrayed that he expects it, and looks for it even when he's given no real indication that Ella is toying with him, and indeed frequently has evidence to the contrary. I would have liked to see him be just a little more willing to trust the evidence of his own eyes and more willing to give Ella the benefit of the doubt instead of always jumping to the worst conclusion possible, even if it's understandable why he does. He does eventually decide to take charge and quit being the victim of Eulus's cruelty, but the decision comes a little too late perhaps.Overall I loved the story of Zephyros and Ella's finding one another and learning to trust again, and I would have been totally fine with the story if it had been left at that. Certainly they had enough issues of their own to cause the needed conflict in the story without the need for outside threats. While Eulus's persecution of Zephyros is certainly integral to the person that Zephyros has become, and it was likely inevitable that he wouldn't refrain from causing problems for Zeph with Ella, a part of me really wishes he had, for I found the evil that Eulus represents to be somewhat discordant with the tone of the rest of the book and an interference in Zeph and Ella's story that I'm not entirely sure was needed. Could their story have reached the same sort of satisfactory conclusion without it? Perhaps, but I'll admit that it probably would have been somewhat lacking since some of the elements that make the ultimate solutions really interesting would have been missing.A great story, and one that I'd definitely recommend to fans of paranormal romances, particularly ones featuring mythological themes. The way that Kaye incorporates and blends different mythologies here is quite fascinating and I'm looking forward to seeing more of it in future volumes of this series. A solid 4 stars to this one.

  • Niina
    2018-11-19 19:13

    Ella has lost it all, her parents, her husband- cheating bastard - and her brother, releasing his ashes into the sea while on board their sailing boat True Blue a storm hits, even while a great sailor she can't fight the storm and as she hits the frigid water her world goes black and she believes this is it.Zephyros, the God of the West Wind, is storming about his nephew's happiness, while he never has had any, only betrayal and disappointment, but just before it's too late he realizes his actions have but an innocent near death and he barely saves the woman from his storm.Deeply regretful of his carelessness he sees her to shore, but can't bring himself to leave before he sees she's making a recovery, but the woman keeps him coming back again and again until he makes the mistake of materializing at the wrong time and getting an earful from Ella. But as they begin to get to know each other and as Zeph feels the need to heal the injuries his storm caused it dawns to Ella that Zeph is more than just a stalker - and there is more to the world than she ever thought.But with Eurus, Zeph's estranged brother and ruler of the East Wind, dead set on breaking any happiness Zeph has Ella isn't safe, but even if Zeph can protect her against his brother's maliciousness can he protect her from his own fears of betrayal that's branded on his soul.Oh ever since reading North of Need I've been so patiently waiting for Laura Kaye's next Hearts of Anemoi book - because I fell in love with North of Need and the way Kaye tells stories, they are happy but emotional, romantic and so sexy!Kaye has a talent with words and creating with them a believable world with sexy well built gods and women who catch their eyes - and that ladies makes West of Want such a great romance! I could go on and on how well written West of Want is, how engaging the story is and how you are so invested it hurts when our couple goes through a rough patch - but I have to get on with the review and get to gushing about how hot Zeph is. ;)I loved the story in West of Want, Ella's broken heart, Zeph's slowly emerging hope for future and Eurus's menacing presence through out the book. The Ancient Greek history bits were intriguing and I loved how Kaye wrapped them all in there in subtle way, and I loved all the coincidents trying to tell Zeph she was perfect for her.I've said "loved" like four times now but bare with me because there will be more. ;)Sometimes when you write a character like Ella who has gone through so much heartbreak and sorrow they can become downers - but not Ella, she still has that spark of life, that kindness and she fights for reasons to live and have a good life even with her parents and her brother dead and her ex-husbands cheating still a fresh cut. You can't help but love Ella and her M&M addiction.Zeph, oh what to say about this guy... oh I know, Hot! Want me to elaborate? Okay here goes. Take one moody Supreme God of the West Wind who's been betrayed hundred times over, with a wicked hot body, and give him family issue big enough to sink titanic and then just watch what happens when he begins to fall for our heroine. You can help but fall in love as well, especially when the Supreme God gets his first taste of M&Ms. The depth he has and the way he feels for Ella hooks any romance reader to this story.The romance between Ella and Zeph has to be one of my favorites, it's right up there with Megan and Owen ( who does make an appearance! ) from North of Need and Rhage and Mary from Lover Eternal to name a few. Like with all my faves there has to be love, emotional hook, heartbreak and healing - and there must be hot love scenes... so welcome to West of Want to that crowd!It's no wonder people went crazy for this series, once you get a taste of Hearts of Anemoi you can't let go... and like many ladies I too cannot wait for South of Surrender to come out in 2013!West of Want isn't a stand alone, read North of Need (Hearts of the Anemoi #1) first, trust me it's just as good and you'll love Megan and Owen too!

  • Sarah
    2018-10-26 15:33

    Things haven't been easy for Ella, her parents are dead and she found out her husband was a lying cheat but it was the death of her twin brother that really tipped her over the edge. Ella may be grief stricken but her losses have just made her even more determined to live her life to the fullest, particularly to make her brother proud of her. She wants to honour his memory by scattering his ashes at sea like he'd always wanted but caught in a sudden and vicious storm she soon finds herself fighting to survive. Zeph is the supreme god of the west wind and the guardian of spring. When his emotions get the better of him he accidentally causes the storm that nearly costs Ella her life. Realising what he has done Zeph is overcome with guilt and manages to get her to safety but he finds himself unable to leave her side until he knows she is going to be OK.Since I first read North of Need last year I have become a huge fan of Laura Kaye and I am slowly working my way through the rest of her stories. With the upcoming release of the 3rd book in this series it really was about time I picked up West of Want though and I'm so glad I did. I am such a huge fan of Owen (from the first book) that I knew Zeph was going to have a hard time winning me over but he managed to give Owen a run for his money and he has stolen a little piece of my heart.One of the things I love most about this series is that the heroes aren't just your typical alpha guys who are so common in paranormal romance. Now I do love an alpha hero but it makes a nice change to read about men who are a little more sensitive and less possessive and controlling. Zeph has suffered a lot of betrayal throughout his life so he has shut himself away and tries to keep his emotions locked inside. As the god of spring he has a huge respect for life though and he loves to make the season blossom. He is drawn to Ella's fighting spirit and he feels guilty for causing her harm but he is wary of trusting her and letting her in because he knows from past experience that is just asking to get his heart broken. Zeph is the kind of guy that fights love but when he falls he falls hard and he gives his all to the person he is with. There was one point when he makes a very big mistake but I was able to forgive him for that because of the hurt he was feeling, apart from that he was pretty much a perfect guy - romantic, caring and oh so sexy!Ella has been through so much that it would have been easy for her to let the grief take over and give up on life. She is a fighter though and no matter how hard she gets knocked down she gets back up even more determined to win. When she first meets Zeph he turns her world upside down with the revelations about his abilities. She isn't sure what to think but she wants to take the chance to get to know him better. After the betrayal she suffered from her ex husband she is understandable wary, especially knowing that she can't give Zeph the one thing he needs, but her feelings are so strong that she pushes through her fears to take a chance on love. The connection between them is incredibly strong and they have such fantastic chemistry, I think this story was even hotter than the first book!This instalment to the Hearts of Anemoi series gives us a lot more background into the gods and really builds on the mythology we started to learn in the first book. I loved getting to see a glimpse of how things are going with Owen (he always makes me smile when he appears on the page - particularly when he has ice cream in his hands!) and getting to learn more about Zeph's brothers Boreas (Owen's father), Chrys and Eurus. Eurus is a real nasty piece of work who causes all sorts of trouble for Zeph but I found myself really liking Chrys and I'm very excited to read his story in South of Surrender. This is a great series that I'm sure paranormal romance fans will love, Laura Kaye writes characters who have such heart that you can't help but fall in love with them.