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Twenty-four year-old Sam Henderson is asked to housesit La Porte Grise, a Gothic Revival mansion in his small hometown of Ferring, New York. When Michelle Lowery, a secret crush from his high school days, returns to Ferring after a six year absence, Sam invites her to stay in the fully-staffed home. As they navigate budding careers, romance and Facebook, Michelle keeps seeTwenty-four year-old Sam Henderson is asked to housesit La Porte Grise, a Gothic Revival mansion in his small hometown of Ferring, New York. When Michelle Lowery, a secret crush from his high school days, returns to Ferring after a six year absence, Sam invites her to stay in the fully-staffed home. As they navigate budding careers, romance and Facebook, Michelle keeps seeing a face staring out from a fourth floor window. A face belonging to someone no one can find or explain. Sam begins to ponder whether Michelle is losing her grip on reality or if La Porte Grise hides a secret all its own....

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Here Reviews

  • A. Bookzilla.
    2018-11-11 17:01

    This one is more of a 3.5 for me, but I'm rounding it up because I thought the last third was really good and had a creepy vibe to it, especially near the ending where it got downright scary (to me, but I think I'm just easily scared).Let me begin by saying that the author states in the end that he wrote this entire book on his phone. On. His. Phone. Imagine the patience! It's not a short book, either. I was impressed by this alone.Anyways, the book. I chose to think that while the story has a paranormal feel to it, it wasn't really. To me, it was more of a psychological thriller. These little stories that get into your head and make you paranoid and autosuggestion gets the better of you.So, the story focuses on Sam, a young man who just seemed all over the place to me. Not that I didn't like him, I actually did. He's nerdy in a cute way, he's hilarious when he gets all flustered (and adorable). But he really does come off as desperate at times... which I sort of understood. You get to know him pretty well, and you will learn that he's had a very tough life, but you would never tell because he just keeps pushing forward and I seriously thought that there wasn't a thing that could bring him down. I liked that.Michelle, on the other hand, I had a bit of trouble liking. She had potential to be a really good character, but I just felt like I never got into her head even if parts of the story were told from her POV. The author sort of tells you what you need to know about her, but you never really get to know her, and that made it difficult for me to relate to her.I was sorely disappointed by the ending of this book, and I'm trying not to let this influence my opinion of the book. (view spoiler)[Obviously, not everybody gets a happy ending, not every guy gets the girl, etc, etc, and I felt it was realistic, but... (hide spoiler)] The book in general lacks in the romance department a lot. It's not that there's no romance at all. There are a couple of on-going stories, Michelle and Trevor, Michelle and Paulo, Sam and Patience, Sam and Cass.All the while, the author develops this rediscovered connection Sam and Michelle have, and you can see the subtle hints that they are into each other. So, obviously, I needed more.Parts of this book really dragged on for me. The whole thing happens in the space of a month or so, but sometimes I felt it was much longer than that. That being said, I liked the way it was written.My main problem with it was that sometimes I had that feeling of being left out of the conversation - the characters know what they are talking about, but you have no idea. I felt like there were scenes skipped that would help me better understand why these two were actually growing so close.Ah, and there was a bit of head-hopping. I know I always complain about this, but I just need a really clear shift of POV so as not to find myself stopping reading and asking "whose POV is this again?" It's confusing and it breaks the flow of the story.But overall, it was engaging, it kept me reading, and I wanted to know what happens next. The first part of it was really about everyday life of a twenty-something still trying to find their way in adult world. Halfway through there's a little twist that finally starts this mystery going and that's when it got good for me. Towards the ending it got really creepy.There are no sex scenes in the book, but it's implied. I'd call it a clean read.In the end, I did enjoy the book. I had to put it down a couple of times due to some RL things that got in the way of me reading it, and I couldn't wait to get back to it. And I recommend it, just be aware that it's not really a romance book (if you're a romance reader, duh). Otherwise, it's a great story.Oh and, yeah, the book needs a cover. Anything to make it stand out.I am proud to be a guest reviewer at ❤ Coffee, Books & Lipgloss Book Review Blog ❤!

  • Sarah Oxford
    2018-11-11 19:54

    The author provided me with a ecopy of this book for an honest review.I don't know whether this book was meant to make me cry but I sobbed and sobbed at the end just now. I'm not sure I've read a more beautiful book in many many months. It was at times unsettling, and really very creepy, but ultimately a beautiful book about love. And I don't even mean romantic love, I mean the love between best friends, and siblings, and parents and their children.Sam Henderson is quite possibly my favourite male character ever, I certainly can't think of a better one. He's not what readers may call their 'book boyfriend' but he has the purest heart and he is so real. He could be someone I know. So often I read books where the girl often does daft things but the guys are always 'hot', muscled, tough, self assured. No, Sam is a geek, a nerd, and I love that. He's got guts, he knows people think so little of him but he fights. Not to prove himself to anyone, not out of bitterness, but out of passion and determination and faith in himself. He is honest at all he endeavours at and he loves. "Your greatest strength is your capacity to love"Michelle was a lovely character too. The author did a great job of painting her as lost and bewildered, frozen in grief for so long. I guessed what the history was with her but I was surprised, I'm afraid to admit, that a male author could sensitively portray the impact that could have on a young woman. I'd expect a better male main character than from the female authors I've read, but for the author to also manage to portray a realistic, emotionful woman without resorting to cliché is a real achievement.Sam in particular will stay with me for a while but with both of them the climax of the story (view spoiler)[ in the sewing room(hide spoiler)] really gripped me. I was torn apart to go through that with Sam, it broke my heart for him.Aside from the characters, which also included some pretty well developed side characters (Andrew, Ricky, Trevor, Cass - all good!), I have to speak about the plot and the atmosphere. It was very unusual and kind of farfetched but it had a sort of gothic horror appeal for me. It reminded me a lot of when I was 12/13 and I used to read lots of Stephen King and point horror books where teenagers got lot in deserted haunted fairgrounds. Not that I'd say it was horror exactly, it just had that vibe for me. The creepiness built slowly but in the last 20% my heart was racing, I was so nervous and scared for Sam and Michelle.I loved that the book was so subtle. It is such a brave thing to do for an author in a market where everyone expects a Happy Ever After. The plot could have taken more explicit hints throughout but I don't think it was necessary. The book is about Sam and Michelle and growing up and what love, family and friends mean. The creepy plot and setting is just a really cool device for getting that emotional journey across.If I had to pick any weaknesses I could only say that the dialogue was sometimes a little wooden and it would be nice if there was a little more going on earlier on. It's quite slow at first with most of the action in the last 20%. The build up was worth it though so if you felt that too, you have to trust me :)Loved this, thoroughly recommend it. I wish I could go give Sam a hug!

  • Beckie Stevenson
    2018-10-21 22:02

    As I sit here and type this review I'm still not quite sure what to make of the book. I liked it, but I think there were a few bits missing for me. Maybe because I'm a girl and us ladies love the details but I just felt that some things were missing.It was very fast paced which I liked, but at times it felt too fast. If I hadn't seen anyone from school for that long I don't think I'd be willing to live with them or invite them to live with me. I wanted to know more. Why did she have that sort of relationship with her Mother? What clothes did she wear? What did she look like? Thinking back I can't really picture any of the main characters, other than Ricky and that was only towards the end when I read about what happened when they were younger. As I've already said, I like a fast book, but I times I wanted them to sit down and have more of a conversation.I kept turning the pages which I guess means that there was a good solid story line that kept me reading, but I think the whole story of the house and the previous owner could have been explored a litte more.All in all I liked this book which is why I've given it a 4 rating, but I wanted to know more about them.

  • Brenda Ayala
    2018-10-26 19:51

    Here is above all else a story about relationships in its multiple forms. There is a whole slop of characters that are all trying to find the right way of interacting with one another. It's a great story and a great premise, one that encompasses several aspects of life.Sam's life is intertwined with numerous people. His life changes drastically when an investor in his small company grants him the rights to his giant estate just before he goes into surgery. Sam accepts the huge gift from Mistral and moves in, thinking it's only temporary. When situations change, things start to get weird.Sam has to contend with a hostile estate manager, Andrew. The thing is, I actually understood why Andrew was so rude to Sam. Within days of moving in to the estate, he and his friend Ricky decide to have a giant party. It's clearly an old house with a lot of history, and I think Andrew saw Sam as some random person invading and disrespecting the age and grandeur of the house. It made sense to me, although I think his snide comments were way too consistent. I wanted to tell him to shut up and give it a rest after a while!Michelle's story was one that I found very interesting. The way she had to interact with her brother, a boy from her past, and living in the house was by far my favorite aspect of the novel. She had a lot of crap to deal with and I think the development of her life throughout the story was fantastic. I really felt for her. And I absolutely loved the creepier aspect of the story, with the estate. The history of the house was eerie and awesome, as well as Mistral's actions with it. Clearly he was avoiding having to actually deal with it, which only made it so that Sam was forced to in his stead. The last portion of the book was so creepy, I got chills several times. It even had a spot of gore, which I was fine with. It was a bit random, but I enjoyed it all the same. I do want to touch on a few things that I think need improvement in later editions, though. The first: some of the dialogue was really off. The one that immediately comes to mind is when Sam, a twenty-four year old male, says, “You're colder than Sharpay from High School Musical.” Really? No male adult would know that reference unless they had a younger sibling or child who watched it, which I suspect is the case for the author. Plus, even if a male adult did know that reference, no way in hell he would ever use it in public. Second, there were way too many mentions of the iPhone and Facebook. I understand that much of what happened in the story revolved around these two mediums of communication, yet it was done so often that it almost felt like an advertisement within the story. Third, I think Sam being so clumsy was a bit overdone. Every time he smacked his head or knocked something over I pictured an old cartoon character slipping on a banana peel and just fucking up everything. I can't imagine a girl (Cass) would want to go out with a guy that knocked her down so outrageously TWICE and then be super awkward about it after. I think Paulo should have been more present, as well as Paul. I didn't know Sam had a brother until halfway through, when he conveniently needs to be bailed out of jail (and to introduce him so that later plot points can happen). They needed to be more present, especially considering every other character is so tied to their iPhones and Facebook. Oh, and I have never heard of an 11-year-old using the insult “you fuck”. That's an adult phrase, even if a child knows the word fuck. The one big thing though, and I think this takes serious thought, is that there are two stories in Here. And I think it should only be one. I loved the scary house story of it. And I loved the story involving the relationships and lives of a group of people. But I don't think they mixed well. It was a clear division between one plot and another, and they didn't really go together at all. I really think both stories would benefit if they were broken up and had their own separate novels, especially since the subject material is so different between them. I really enjoyed this story though, despite what I listed above. It kept me interested and focused, and I appreciate that it was written in tidbits on a phone (iPhone?). That's pretty amazing.

  • Nevaeh Lee
    2018-11-01 19:12

    Unbelievably, the author says and I quote: "I wrote Here on my mobile phone while sitting on the train on my way to work, while sitting outside my toddler's music class and while eating lunch at a cafeteria across the street from my office". Crazy, right? I can barely get a two-word text off and the guy wrote a whole freakin' book on his phone! Major props for that, Mr. Marier!So now you know what it's about and how it was written, but not whether or not it's worth reading. If you are looking for a quick-read and something with a different storyline than many of the new adult novels we've read, this might be it. Also, the book started a little on the slow side and took me awhile to get into it, but I definitely was geared up to know what was going to happen towards the end.The characters are a bit on the older end of New Adult literature (out of college), and there is no sexy alpha-male bad boy here. Not even close. Sam was painfully awkward, in fact, but very sweet...the kind of guy you'd like to have as a best friend. The other main character is Michelle, whom I didn't really feel like I got to know very well, even when the story was told with her in focus. But I didn't dislike her either, and that's saying something when it comes to a leading lady. Overall, I thought that the dialogue was pretty good.Sam sauntered back toward Ricky. "It's going to be really tough getting back on that horse again.""I think right now the horses are pissed off," Ricky advised."Dude, how'd you get so smart?""All the sick days I took in grade school," Ricky answered. "I was eating crackers, hot tomato soup and watching Oprah with my mother. Oprah practically raised me."Although sometimes, I was like, "Say what?""I don't want to get to know you better.""Okay, what the hell happened? You were all flirty at my party and now you're as cold as Sharpay in High School Musical."What guy even knows who Sharpay is? And other times, it was super sweet.This is a big world, Sam. It's huge. You wouldn't believe how many people you have yet to meet, and how many people who have waited their lives just to meet you.All in all, it wasn't my favorite book to date, but I've read other reviewers who have loved the story and its characters, so it's definitely a personal preference. Thankfully, there wasn't a cliffhanger ending, although a sequel would provide more closure, in my opinion. I am impressed by the method of writing, although I will continue to use my phone for nothing more than making calls, since I definitely don't have the mad phone skills of this author.***I received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

  • Miranda
    2018-10-22 16:03

    I was lucky enough to snag a free copy of "Here" from Eric Marier, in return for an honest review.First of all, I want to see this book as a movie. I think it would be a great movie! It was so unpredictable and didn't go at all like most books with similar plots. I really enjoyed that it was a relatively short story – it wasn't intimidating since I haven't gotten much time to read lately. I also really liked the fact that the chapters were the dates instead of just numbers and they were pretty short.Compared to a lot of people on Goodreads I haven't read a lot. It was a rather unusual book; it was just the perfect mix of paranormal, romance, and suspense. It's plot takes place in modern times but the setting makes you think differently.I really liked the main characters; they were very relatable and not over the top in any way. I also liked how they weren't successful in their peers views, since they didn't go to college. Sam and Michelle were two of the most down to earth characters I've ever came across. Also, I was impressed at just how consistent the characters were. Andrew was always a jerk, Ricky was always a supportive but still non-helping friend. It amazes me how much authors end up changing their character's attitudes throughout a book. Speaking of which, I wish Marier would have elaborated a little more on Cass and her mood swings – although you can't blame a girl for being upset about her ex moving on.I thought it was funny that Marier included Facebook throughout the whole story. I couldn't help but smile and roll my eyes whenever one of the characters was logging on to Facebook. I also thought it was perfect that this old massive mansion had high speed WiFi. I just adored the house and it would be such a lovely setting for a movie. I did get a little confused though whenever Mistral's daughters came into the story. I had forgot about them and it seemed like they were a little inconsistent a few times. I kept waiting for the police, the daughters and their lawyers to escort Sam out of the house. That was the only thing that really bothered me; although it's actually probably realistic, since you can't just get something like that to happen overnight.Overall, I'm very happy to have read this book!

  • Raquel Valldeperas
    2018-10-28 16:53

    *Thank you to the author for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review.*When I started this book, I didn't like it. The writing came off a bit choppy, the characterization a little stiff, but then all of the sudden that changed. I started laughing at Sam and Ricky's interactions. I felt for Michelle and what she was having to deal with. Somewhere in between the spaces and the lines, I fell in love with them. I know I say this often, but I didn't know what to expect with Here. I marked it as to-read based on the blurb, but it wasn't something I planned on getting to right away. The simplicity of the cover is beautiful, too, but again, it wasn't enough to make me push the buy-with-one-click button. With all that being said, I feel guilty for not giving it a fair chance, because this book is worth the price tag.I love the way the author was able to tell a story without info dumping everything. The characters backgrounds were eloquently revealed through minor flashbacks and their personalities shown with subtle quirks. It was refreshing to interact with MC's who, despite having secrets, led normal, non-angsty lives. I enjoyed the fact that Sam wasn't a womanizer and Michelle wasn't whiny and emotional. There really is no other way to describe them than normal. Which is not a word I could use to describe the story. It was anything but normal, and so far from cliche. It might actually have been a bad idea for me to have read it at night. The last fifteen percent definitely had me looking over my shoulder and jumping at those damn house noises. Grammatically, it's perhaps the best self-published book I've read. I did not catch one single error, which had me jumping for joy at the end. Oh, and the fact that he wrote it on his phone? Come on. That right there is reason enough to read this. My only complaint: More details. More anticipation. The author could have built up so much tension in some of the scenes but didn't, leaving me feeling a bit miffed. It didn't stop me from reading, however, and it definitely didn't keep me from wanting another book! I don't know where else the story could go, but I hope Eric Marier has something else in mind...

  • Stephanie Parent
    2018-11-08 16:51

    HERE by Eric Marier was absolutely nothing like I expected...and I'm so glad, because I loved it! Based on the synopsis, I was expecting a creepy, Gothic ghost story/horror story, and I did get that--but not until the last 25% of the book. The majority of the book was actually a quiet, realistic story about ordinary people in their mid-twenties, adjusting to the fact that their adult lives don't always live up to what they'd hoped for. While there were hints of creepiness and mystery surrounding the mansion where Sam is house-sitting, and these little things did pique my interest, they definitely weren't the main focus of the story.While I liked and was interested in the book from the very beginning, I did have a bit of trouble with the first quarter or so, just because I was still expecting the horror element to show up. Marier writes in a taut, economical style reminiscent of thriller writing, and I didn't make much of an effort to connect with the characters at first. After all, I thought this was a horror novel and many of them would die early on! But as the story continued, and the horror didn't come, a funny thing happened... I found that I didn't care, and that I was completely absorbed in the characters Marier had created and their quiet, everyday struggles. I felt so much for the two protagonists, Sam and Michelle, and the way aspects of their childhoods and teenage years continued to hold them back as adults. Marier writes in an emotionally minimalistic style that really works for me, since it allows me to feel the emotion myself rather than have it all laid out for me on the page. And while the writing isn't full of flowery description, there were certain turns of phrase that struck me as elegant and apt.Now in the last quarter, the horror element does come into play a bit, and I thought it was very well done and tied together many threads of the story. I really liked the way the story ended and found it appropriate to the tone of the story as a whole--there was hope, but no false happily-ever-afters. Like the rest of the book, the ending was REAL, and that's why I liked it so much.

  • Laila Jane
    2018-10-20 14:56

    A previous reviewer had mentioned that she would like to see this book as a movie. I have to say I agree. While reading this book I kept imagining it in my head as if it were a movie. The author descriptions made it all very easy to visualize. I was a little hesitant to start this book, just because I heard it does get creepy in the end. And I am not a scary story kind of person. I refuse to watch scary movies, I walk out of the room during previews. But surprisingly not only did I make it through the creepier parts, but I actually enjoyed the whole book. The book starts out with our main character Sam being asked to house sit for a friend while he recovered from surgery. Sam reluctantly agrees, not aware that this house is actually a mansion set in the middle of the forest. Sam quickly finds himself enjoying being at the mansion - he has staff available to cook his favorite meals, he has access to his own personally movie theater up to date with the latest movies, he befriends the house dog, and he truly feels like he belongs in the house.Sam's best friend convinces him to throw a party at the mansion and at the end of the night, the last guest left is Michelle, an old friend from high school. Michelle, having just dealt with the death of her mother, can't bring herself to go home so Sam invites her to stay at the mansion for as long as she needs. Michelle also starts to find that she feels like she belongs in the house as well. But a few days after moving in, Michelle starts to notice a woman in the upstairs window, watching her as she makes her way home from work...I really liked the character of Sam. He was cute in a nerdy sort of way. And while I did like Michelle, it was harder for me to connect with her. This was a fairly quick read, I didn't feel like there were any unnecessary scenes included. 4 stars because while I really liked it, I didn't love it.A free copy of this book was given to me by the author for an honest review.

  • »jαу
    2018-11-06 17:08

    I have to admit that I was really conflicted when it came down to rating this, I was on the edge of 4 and 5, and saying 4.5 just wasn't satisfactory enough for me.I enjoyed reading Here by Eric Marier. I did go into this book thinking it would be a tad bit more creepy than it was, however the last third of the book did not disappoint. No, it wasn't "oh my god!!" terrifying but it was a little spooky. I'm easily entertained by the idea of paranormal beings such as spirits and ghosts, so I liked it. Up to that point, however, the story is not at all what I believed it would be. Since I am a 21 year old, I really enjoyed that the characters were college-aged. I was also able to connect with both Sam and Michelle when it came down to their home life. It was a very realistic story and I think it was beautifully written - especially since the author only wrote it on a cell phone!

  • Angel Graham
    2018-11-10 17:54

    This was really a confusing story to read. The ending made it even more so. I didn't really feel all that invested in any of the characters as a result. Left me with too many questions when the book was done.

  • InD'tale Magazine
    2018-10-31 19:09

    3.5/5.0This was an uncommon and sometimes unclear romance.Read full review in the 2013 May issue of InD’tale Magazine.

  • Ab2y (압랄)
    2018-11-16 22:12

    Review to come soon ...