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Seventeen-year-old Gabriel Goddard is being plagued by terrifying nightmares about creatures that singe and burn the flesh then absorb the life energy of humans and devour the ashes. A chance meeting with Clara Dunaway immediately distracts Gabe from bad dreams. He has always had a sort of sixth sense—to feel the emotions of others around him. When Clara finally confessesSeventeen-year-old Gabriel Goddard is being plagued by terrifying nightmares about creatures that singe and burn the flesh then absorb the life energy of humans and devour the ashes. A chance meeting with Clara Dunaway immediately distracts Gabe from bad dreams. He has always had a sort of sixth sense—to feel the emotions of others around him. When Clara finally confesses that she has a similar gift to see auras around people, a spark flames between them, ignited by a paranormal force. Along with a motley band of friends, they discover that they are descended from an ancient clan of Norse warriors, they awaken their dormant powers, preparing for the dark giants' imminent invasion of their home.A shadow of darkness veils the land. Will the Setti rise to fulfill their long-awaited destiny?...

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Rising Reviews

  • Carol [Goodreads Addict]
    2019-04-16 14:57

    Rising is book one in the series, Saga of the Setti by Stephanie Judice. I really didn’t know what to expect with this book. What I got was a pretty creepy tale of a group of teens who one day are worrying about their next class, making sure their homework is done and preparing for the next soccer match. Within the span of a few days, they find themselves responsible for saving humanity.Gabriel Goddard seemingly has a great life. He gets good grades and is a star soccer player. But he keeps to himself, only surrounding himself with his closest friends. Gabe has nightmares of creepy beings that stab through people’s hearts and suck out their life force. Gabe also has possessed an ability to feel the emotions of those around him since he was a little boy. That’s why he limits his exposure to his closest friends, always avoiding the usual angst of most teenagers.Clara Dunaway has noticed Gabe but hasn’t had the opportunity to meet him until her cousin finally introduced them. There was something about him that drew her to him. She also has had an ability since she was little She can see people’s auras surrounding them, making it easy to see their emotions. She and Gabe were drawn together, their abilities drew them to each other. Claire has also been experiencing the nightmares, very similar to Gabe’s. There is a unexplainable hurricane sitting out in the Gulf. This hurricane seems to defy all the usual rules of nature the meteorologists are accustomed to. And it seems to be heading right for their little town of Beau Chene, Louisiana. Clara and Gabe are soon to discover that it might be more than just attraction drawing them together. They find they are part of a group of 6 Setti that have power handed down to them through the generations. Alone their power is small. Together, their power is strong, enabling them to fight the reapers that have come to kill humanity, each of them having a specific purpose in the battle.“We were their legacy, a group of young teenagers without any experience in battle against murderous demons.”This was a really good start for the series. It was actually pretty creepy, for me anyway. These murderous reapers were vile, nasty creatures. On top of that, they were smart. They planned their attacks with precision. Is this newly formed group of Setti ready for the challenge? Do they have what it takes to defeat them? Will the emotional bond growing between Clara and Gabe distract them and make them vulnerable or will it strengthen them? I really did enjoy this book and getting to know each of the six members of their group. As they each accept their new roles and learn to use their gifts, the book slowly builds to the ultimate face off between good and evil. I will immediately be continuing on with book two, Resistance, to see what happens next.

  • Brooke (The Cover Contessa)
    2019-04-10 21:43

    I want to thank the author, Stephanie Judice, for providing me with a copy of her book, Rising (The Setti Sata, Book 1) to read and give an honest review.Blurb from Goodreads: Having waited a millennium to return to the fertile feeding ground of earth, the dark giants break through a portal and storm out into the world in the guise of a massive hurricane—famished and fierce. Across the ocean, seventeen-year-old Gabriel Goddard is being plagued by terrifying nightmares about creatures that singe and burn the flesh then absorb the life energy of humans and devour the ashes. A chance meeting with Clara Dunaway immediately distracts Gabe from bad dreams. He has always had a sort of sixth sense—to feel the emotions of others around him. Clara’s presence numbs his other sense, nearly knocking him into a hypnotic state. Bewildered and fascinated, he is lured in by her. When Clara finally confesses that she has a similar gift to see auras around people, a spark flames between them, ignited by a paranormal force. Fate soon reveals that there is a higher purpose for their attraction. Along with Jeremy, the head-bangin’ metal head; Ben, the air-headed golden boy; Melanie, the kind- hearted Creole; and the old hermit named Homer, they must face this enemy as one. Discovering that they are descended from an ancient clan of Norse warriors, they awaken their dormant powers, preparing for the dark giants' imminent invasion of their home. A shadow of darkness veils the land. Will the Setti rise to fulfill their long-awaited destiny?What would you do if you found yourself able to understand people's emotional states by feeling it? For Gabriel, he's had this happening all his life. For this reason, he's never let anyone get close to him. Until now... When he meets Clara, he is drawn to her and can't explain why. He tries his best to avoid her, but their paths just keep crossing. And one day, she recognizes the monster in his drawing from art class. It's the same monster that haunts her dreams..and his!I love the twists and turns this book takes. I have to admit, the first few chapters did not draw me right in. I was skeptical as to whether or not I would like it. But I pushed on and I'm so glad I did. It's a book about monsters and those who are destined to fight them, to help save humanity.Judice has written an amazing tale. You are taken on the journey of 5 teens who lives are connected through the past.Gabe is the main male protagonist. At first, you see that he is a bit introverted and doesn't like to open up much to others. Of course this is attributed to the emotional connections he feels with others. He has a few friends, but mostly seems to keep to himself. And, despite what seems to be his popularity with the girls at school, he doesn't date. You can see that he is sensitive and loving. He cares deeply for those around him, especially his best friend Benjamin.Clara is the female protagonist. She is strong and sassy. She has no qualms with letting others know how she feels. I love this about her. She is straight forward and smart. And she can definitely take care of herself. And the cast of supporting characters is amazing. The characters are quirky and fun and all come along with strong personalities that you just cannot resist. If you like XMen, then you will like these characters, because they all have powers essential to completing the task put forth for them in the book.The action scenes are well thought out and graphic enough that you really feel as if you are living them along with the characters. I found myself reading faster and faster during the scenes with my heart racing in my chest.I did have an issue with paragraph length in this book. The writing is very good, but the paragraphs are too long and really could have been broken up. Sometimes pushing through a paragraph almost an entire page long made me want to put the book down and stop reading it. But the story had such depth and quality that I pushed through to find out what was going to happen.Overall I think Judice has written the start of a terrific trilogy with so much potential. Her writing flows well and she even adds elements of humor to break up the seriousness of what these teens are experiencing. I highly recommending picking this series up and seeing what it's about.4 out of 5 stars.Review also posted on the following sites:

  • Mlpmom (Book Reviewer)
    2019-03-28 14:05

    I wasn't sure what to except from this read, I am not a huge fan of sci fi and was really afraid that this was going to be a little out of my realm. Thankfully as I started reading it I realized that I had nothing to worry about.While you could say this is a sci fi read it does have a flavor of paranormal in it and a very sweet romance that makes this a truly unique and great, easy read. In fact I ended up reading this in one sitting. I just flew through the pages.I really loved the mishmash of characters this had. They were a unique group of teenagers (and one adult) that came together to be protectors of the world. And the romance between Gabe and Clara was so incredibly sweet. This story didn't have all the teenage angst some YA love stories had and it didn't have a love triangle in it which was really nice.And while this had a very sweet love story theme to it, it was also so much more. There was a lot of action and adventure. Some drama and heartache too. I really liked the whole plot. It was different and fun and kept me interested.This really was a great combination of all the things I love in a great read while adding something I normally don't like and making it into something that I actually really enjoyed.This was a great start to a series and I will definitely be picking up the second book to see where the adventure goes from here. I want to know how it all ends. How they defeat the Reapers and what becomes of them all.

  • Lucinda
    2019-04-01 17:52

    Fueled by electric tension this spectacular supernatural tale is totally breathtaking and wonderfully astonishing! Oozing originality and remarkable creative vision this dystopian, young adult novel had me glued to the pages throughout. Book 1, Saga of the Setti, beautifully blends together different genres amid an atmospheric backdrop that is magical, mysterious and enchanting. When an ancient people (reminiscent of Pompeii) are found by archeologists, only to then disappear suddenly in a puff of smoke and a sprinkling of ash…you know that the scene has been set for an intriguing, fantasy mystery. In ‘Rising’ you discover a group of teenagers who are drawn together by their superhuman abilities, which are wondrous and disturbing at the same time, for this group of individuals are the foundations of this momentous tale. Bringing to mind ‘the fellowship of the ring’ or those companions that aid Lyra in her quest (Northern Lights), Gabriel and Clara, Ben and Jeremy and Mel hold the weight of civilization upon their young shoulders…A deadly race of archaic beings from other worlds has lingered within the shadows, waiting for the time when the six Setti will come forth. Instilling spinechilling, bloodcurdling fear into all those human beings they encounter, their mission and purpose is resolute – to kill and drain human’s (similar to Dementors sucking souls from you, Harry Potter). Each individual must combine their innate supernatural powers to defeat the coming storm, before those creatures carried within Hurricane Lucy annihilate Earth and mercilessly slaughter its occupants. Heart-pounding intensity and dramatic action scenes had me sat on the very edge of my seat, as I plunged into each character’s story and observed them wielding their unique power and overcome their inner demons. The whole concept of Shadow Scouts, Reapers and Ash-eaters is truly genius, for I felt shivers running down my spine just picturing these fearsome creatures like ‘angels of death’ in my mind. Exciting and acutely poignant, I was swept away by this cleverly complex adventure of love and loss and akin to many ‘end of the world’ tales (i.e War of the Worlds springs to mind), it projects the true meaning of heroism in all its forms for a hero is not without flaws. Also, the impassioned relationship between Gabe and Clara was captivating as it not only gave the perilous danger a ‘lightness’ but which captured the irrevocable connection in the vein of any YA romance. Stephanie Judice’s world-building is sublimely in-depth and well-constructed, with the history of this new race being most fascinating and beguiling. Descriptive and action-packed, I was taken on a rollercoaster of a ride that was engrossing and highly enjoyable. Including dry humor and wit, (quote “so light bulb becomes lightning bolt…” Jeremy regarding Ben), this outstanding, magnificent story is simply stunning and has left me awestruck and excited! I cannot wait to read book 2 and predict great things for this incredible author, whose work has literally brought history ‘to life’ with a fantastical feast for the mind. *I was sent an e-copy of “Rising (Saga of the Setti, 1#)” by Stephanie Judice to read and review.*

  • David Estes
    2019-04-01 17:09

    Stephanie Judice delivers an awesome debut novel. It's action-packed, with a unique setting, creative powers, and an ultra-intriguing plot. I highly recommend this book to people who like books about aliens, particularly those that enjoyed I Am Number Four (the book not the movie!). Hats off to Judice, I can't wait to see what she comes up with next!

  • Rebekah
    2019-04-08 21:09

    What worked: This book wasn't good. It wasn't even very good. It was AWESOME! Steph has such a gift with writing, she hooked me into the story straight away. Normally when it's a subject as Science Fiction-y as Rising, it can be a bit difficult to explain or it comes across as farfetched. Not the case at all with Rising. The way that she weaves Norse Mythology with poems, natural hurricanes and even archaeology just goes to show that Steph put the work in big time.Rising is definitely going to play with your emotions. Whether it's squeaking like a child at the amazing musical references or shouting "Nooooooooooooooo!", this book will definitely have an effect on you. Those one-liners will have you ending yourself laughing and it really givees you a major insight into Stephanie Judice's personality. You can tell that she has a love of English (good thing because she's a teacher!), she also likes the UK (which is fine by me!), she has a sarcastic dry sense of humour and she's quite witty. Of course, I could have completely made that up. Either way, this Indie Author is an inspiration.What irked: The insta-love between Clara and Gabe was a bit annoying at first. I didn't like the fact that he couldn't stand her then pretty much changed his mind straight away and then they were suddenly together. As the book goes on, it is quite a cute partnership though so it didn't irk me too much.Recommended to: YA, Sci Fi and Mythology fans alike. The Insta-Love situation at the beginning is the only thing stopping me from giving this book 5 stars.Originally given 4.5 Stars on The Reflections of a Bookworm

  • Tina
    2019-04-08 17:45

    Thank you Stephanie Judice for writing a truly unique story that captivated me from the very beginning. I love the pull I instantly felt toward the group of friends that shared a bond far beyond what I expected. Their colorful personalities radiated right off the pages. I laughed until I cried from their side splitting humor, an unexpected bonus. I felt their emotions capture my heart as I was transported into this terrifying journey. There were many twists and turns that kept my adrenaline pumping. I looked over my shoulder on more than one occasion, fearing something might jump from the shadows and grab me. Gabe has always been able to feel others emotions and suffers from terrifying nightmares. I can't imagine how horrible it would be to have to endure feeling another persons emotions, while being a teenager and attending school. Lucky for him, he meets Clara, who eases the constant bombardment of emotions. Clara shares with Gabe that she also has a gift, she can see auras that surround others. They have an instant connection that leads them to others with gifts of their own. Jeremy, a loner, soon becomes like a brother to Clara. I have to admit that he is my favorite character. He made me laugh so much throughout the entire book. We also meet Ben(Gabe's best friend), Melanie, Jessica and Homer. This group shares a bond that is like no other. Will they be able to join together to save the world from their nightmares come true?Be prepared to laugh and even cry. Stephanie has truly created a fantastic thrill ride with Rising and continues on with Resistance. You will not be disappointed! Amazing!!!

  • Helena
    2019-04-18 21:07

    Note: I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.I was a bit concerned going in whether or not this book was going to be my style, but I had seen all the fantastic reviews for the book, and thought that it would definitely be worth the risk. Scifi is normally fairly hit or miss with me, and this was definitely a hit.It did take me a few chapters to truly get into the book, but it was such a fantastic read. There were so many different aspects to this book, that I wouldn't really consider it just a scifi book like I had originally pegged it. Once I was fully into the story, I was unable to put it down, making it a fairly quick read. Many of the books I've read in the past have made me work to really get into the characters, and this book wasn't like that at all. The characters were so easily relateable and the story line was so solid that I wasn't spending any of my time trying to ignore the "flaws." Unfortunately, I'm a fairly logical reader, so even when I don't want to, I normally logic my way into disliking a book. This book was just so well written and engaging I didn't have the time or inclination to poke holes in it.I would definitely suggest this book to anyone that enjoys a captivating story.

  • Dvora
    2019-03-30 16:05

    Amazing!! This story had everything! Love, drama, paranormal, suspense, twists. I can't wait to read the next book!!!

  • Paula
    2019-04-25 18:03

    R2R: Rising(I received a free copy, for a review)Dark creatures are soon to be roaming our lands, overtaking humans and either using them as a food source or even worse, turning humans into one of them, a slave, to do their scouting. In this small town, set in the deep south of Louisiana, 5 special young adults are having twisted dreams about these dark creatures. It is forcing their special powers to reveal themselves more or for the first time. Gabe, one of the main characters has this vision, when touching an artifact, which revels that these dark creatures have been around for a very long time, dating back to the Norse people. The five of them, with their special powers, form a clan, to try and destroy this evil.'The city was not nearly empty. The slaves had done their jobs well, instilling fear that leaving would be as dangerous as staying. Half the population still cowered somewhere in the dark. Bolverk touched its clawed feet to the cobblestone pavement, sensing the humans' electromagnetic energy everywhere around him. He eyed the many tall buildings in this city, very unlike his last visit to this world. The humans of this era were more advanced. He smiled, pleased to see the human species had reproduced so well over the millennium, His race would feed in abundance and replenish its slave population before returning home. The screaming had already begun.'This is hands down, the best book I have read this year! The concept is wonderful and the words just flow perfectly, throughout the book. Not once was I skimming parts (which I tend to do if I get bored) and I was left, at the end, not only wanting more, but thinking how kick ass the ending section was. Damn great job and I can't wait for the next installment!

  • Christina (Ensconced in Lit)
    2019-04-03 19:07

    I was asked by the author to read and review her book Rising, the first in a trilogy (Saga of the Setti).Rising by Stephanie Judice is a riveting read about two main protagonists, Gabe (the token hot guy) and Clara, the outspoken girl. We are first introduced to Gabe who has the power to sense others emotions, and he falls for Clara. Together, they realize something ominous is heading their way and they work together to figure out how to save their loved ones and their town.I don't want to give away too much because the secrets of this novel are very fun to figure out. I loved Clara as a protagonist, and there are a strong set of supporting characters, including the terrific Jeremy, the ever happy Ben, and the fiercely intellectual Mel. I have to say that I was less enamored with Gabe, possibly because the other characters are more interesting when placed in direct comparison. I thought the first half of the novel was extremely strong. We have great development of the world and the characters, and a self contained plot even though it is a trilogy. We have growth and development of both protagonists through their relationships and what they learn. The darkness that they fight is scary indeed-- maybe a combination of dementors from Harry Potter and demons from Buffy.There were a few minor issues I had with the book. First, while I do love smart teenagers, I felt that the parents were painted as extremely one dimensional especially Clara's mom, which becomes more important later on. Also, I felt like the first half was stronger than the second half, as it was more centered on the characters than the action.That said, this is a very strong first novel, and I really enjoyed reading it.

  • Regan
    2019-04-23 16:00

    I read a review copy of Rising, by Stephanie Judice; thank you for allowing us to review the book.I have to say this book was more than entertaining! Characters, as noted by the book description; "Along with Jeremy, the head-bangin’ metal head; Ben, the air-headed golden boy; Melanie, the kind-hearted Creole; and the old hermit named Homer, they must face this enemy as one. Discovering that they are descended from an ancient clan of Norse warriors, they awaken their dormant powers, preparing for the dark giants' imminent invasion of their home." The characters were engaging, and the Setti were harrowing. I read this book in about two days; would have been quicker if life didn't get in the way. I absolutely fell in love with Melanie's character. They were easy to get attached to.This book is well written and flows easy. I enjoyed it very much. I look forward to more from this author. This book captured me from the start, and it's rare these days to find a book that engages me from jump.

  • Cherie
    2019-03-27 21:59

    Great read!!! I've read it twice already (paperback and Kindle version) and will probably read it a third time right before reading "Resistance" so I can have a nice flow from one to the next! It was a definite page Turner and found myself flying through it. The characters were normal every day teens with typical teenage problems who became united because of their unique talents during extra ordinary circumstances. Being from Cajuny country it was great to see the setting so true to actuality and I wouldn't expect anything less from another native! Loved it and you have to read it!!

  • Jadyn
    2019-04-20 14:05

    Couldn't stop reading once I started! Loved it!

  • Courtney Robichaux
    2019-04-17 17:56

    I loved this book! It starts out so calm in a small town high school with seemingly normal teens. Then it turns dark with the approach of the hurricane and villains. The characters were great! I enjoyed Gabe as the loyal, strong male lead. Clara is the female lead, and I like that she always says exactly what's on her mind. I also really liked watching their relationship evolve. They are sweet together and Gabe is protective and caring. The secondary characters are amazing, too. Ben is the always happy golden boy. Jeremy is the funny music buff. Melanie is such a smart and caring friend. Homer is a hippie/cowboy who guides them and teaches them about their "powers." As the hurricane draws near, it's very cool to see how their powers develop and how they must work together to save the world from the 3 types of scary/creepy villains. The battle at the end was so exciting and Stephanie wrote it so well I felt like I was there!They've got such a journey ahead of them and I cannot wait for the second book!

  • Karen
    2019-04-17 19:50

    What a gem of a book. The author had me at the first sixth sense! Rising was very well written and had a number of things going for it that I enjoy reading about; super senses, apocalyptic settings, non-stop action at just the right times, aliens, and interesting well thought out characters! The humorous banter between some of the characters had me chuckling and the losses of others brought some tears. Too bad work and sleep got in the way, because I would have read in one sitting if time permitted. I will make sure to set aside a weekend day for book 2 when it's released! Well done, Stephanie! I thoroughly enjoyed Rising and look very forward to the next book in the Saga of the Setti series!

  • Amanda Cowley
    2019-04-07 14:00

    This book had me captivated from the start. The characters jump off the page and you feel like you really get to know them. I love the relationships they have with each other - romantic and otherwise. Quite early on, the tension builds and before you know it you are sucked in and 'living' the story. At several points during the action I could literally feel my heart rate speeding along with the characters'. Stephanie Judice has an amazing imagination and the imagery she conjures will take your breath away. An awesome book that you won't be able to put down. I can't wait for the next one in the series.

  • Rachel
    2019-04-08 18:44

    This is not your typical supernatural YAF book... no vampires, or any monsters you've ever heard of. Instead, Judice creates a whole new set of terrifying monsters in this hard to put down novel. I absolutely love this book. It was scary, interesting, compelling, and at times, funny. It had just the right amount of tension and perfect amount of YAF romance. It's hard to believe this is the author's first novel. The first time I read it, I could not put it down. I read it through the night. The second time, I read it on kindle and found it just as fascinating. Love it!

  • Tammy
    2019-04-13 16:04

    So I received this book as part of my group lovers of paranormal as a request to read. The author has created a phenomenal world. Their imagination in the creatures they created was very detailed without being obnoxious. I enjoyed the characters and despite wanting to shake a couple of them for things they did all the characters were very likable. Well except the bad guys of course Haha. A very enjoyable read and I would happily recommend it for those that love young adult paranormal novels.

  • Nicole
    2019-04-17 13:45

    I hated having to put this book down. It was so well written and I loved the storyline of 5 teenagers and their 'guide'. This story captivares you from the beginning as you get to know Clara and Gabe from their perspecrive, finding out what makes them tick and watching them discover their own inner secrets.I cannot wait to read the second book! I have to know what happens next. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves paranormal with a touch of romance.*This book was provided freely for my honest review.*

  • Collette Gibbs
    2019-04-22 17:06

    Stephanie Judice is now one of my favorite writers, she did a marvelous job of writing this book and describing the characters and their environments. The only thing I can really complain about is her sometimes being too descriptive. I loved when the Setti would have visions from the past, it would be lovely if Stephanie could write a book only on the past of the Setti, possibly the story of Freya and Blyn. Over all I give this book for stars.

  • Gertie
    2019-04-07 14:51

    I feel kind of bad giving this one 3 stars, the writing was clean and well-edited, the premise was origial, the characters were likable enough. However I didn't become engrossed and found myself wanting to move on to a different book. I think it was just a bit too YA in tone for my liking perhaps.Would still recommemd it to folks who read mainly YA and like paranormal and fantasy stories.

  • Cari
    2019-04-18 15:53

    Very well written, engrossing, and I cannot wait to read the rest of the series!Edit: I received this for free through Goodreads First Reads.

  • Julie Reece
    2019-04-04 16:04

    Review to come.

  • Patty
    2019-04-16 16:57

    This was an amazing story! Stephanie Judice does an amazing job developing this story from start to finish. I was completely blown away at the creativity and the uniqueness of the story. It's almost hard to write this review because I don't want to give away any spoilers! The way the story is developed and how things are revealed is part of the charm to the book. This book had everything I love in a good story: humor, romance, action, mystery, adventure, supernatural abilities, horror, suspense, etc. There was never a dull moment in this book, it was back to back action. I couldn't put it down, I was on the edge of my seat the entire book waiting to see what was going to happen. I loved how I couldn't guess how it was going to end or what was going to happen next. So many of the twists and turns were surprising (in a good-crazy-book-reading way). (view spoiler)[The premise for the story is that there are evil creatures, maybe aliens?, that feed on humans. We have our super-powered group, called the Setti, that are descendants of ancient warriors. The Setti is a group of 6 people that are strong enough to fend off these horrible creatures. (hide spoiler)]The prologue really hooked me. There were so many mysteries and questions that were presented early on and I loved the way it was tied into the story later in the book. We meet our main characters: Gabe and Clara. The story is told from a dual prospective and alternates between the two of them. From the first chapter, I loved Gabe! He is a strong character and I loved his voice. His prospective of the world was different because of his "gift" (view spoiler)[which is he's able to sense and feel the emotions of others around him (not technically a spoiler, since it's in the book's description) (hide spoiler)]. It's interesting how he is impacted by his gift and what it has done to him. I enjoyed his view on things. Even when he was being vulnerable, he was still so strong. I loved that about him. Then, Gabe meets Clara and there's something different about her. It turns out that Clara has a special gift as well (view spoiler)[- she can see other people's auras (also, not a spoiler since it's in the book blurb) (hide spoiler)]. Clara is a funny, witty, upfront, sassy, smart, charming. She says it like it is. She has her own inner strength and she's tested big time in this book. The rest of the characters were all well developed. The rest of the Setti: Jeremy, Homer, Mel, and Ben. I have to admit, my favorite was Jeremy! He was hilarious and I loved his jokes. Plus, the music aspect was pretty cool. I loved how music inspired him. Jeremy and Gabe were the perfect pair. Every time those two were in a scene together, you knew there would be some action or craziness going on. The book also touched on areas of faith, belief, doing what's right, sacrifice. In addition, there was some discussion on humanity and what happens when there is no longer a structured society - how do people react? I really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it! I loved the visual picture that were created with the writing. I saw the action scenes and the setting so vividly in my mind. This would definitely make a great movie. Another thing that I liked about the book is it really took the reader into the action. It wasn't one of those stories where nothing bad happens to the main characters and they come off with just a scratch here or there. Or they experience a great trauma and they're over it - just like that. Nope, in this book - these characters get tested badly, suffer, and experience major losses. They go through the ringer. If you like a great adventure, a unique story, awesome kick-butt characters - I recommend this book to you! I can't wait for the sequel to come out. What's going to happen next for our characters? I saw some foreshadowing in book #1, making me anxious for their next adventure... and the blurb for book #2 -- the suspense is killing me! Can't wait till it's released :)

  • Soma Rostam
    2019-04-20 17:08

    A perfectly-developed setting, intruguing characters, fully-researched background, and the right pace describe this wonderful work of art, the first debut novel by the author Stephanie Judice. I feel really fortunate to get my hands on such an electrifying book. My review will be long ( bare with me!) , or I will not be giving this book the praise it deserves. Gabriel has been hiding his sixth sense from everyone, they would think he is insane if they knew that he can feel other people's emotions. And It's been a few weeks since he started seeing nightmares of some scary creatures: dark shadows, black giants with terrible eyes, and horrible creatures with no faces. Everything turns upside down, when he finds out that Clara, the gorgeous, hazel eyed girl he has befriended, has been dreaming about the same creatures. But Clara has a gift of her own, she can see the aura of people, combinations of colors that show what kind of peron it is: good or bad.A wonderful spark grows between the two, and they get closer while they decide to investigate those creatures and their origins. What they find out leaves them in total shock, and it left me in shock and horror too, you won't expect it at all! They find out that their sixth senses are only a little exhibition of what they can do, being powerful descendents of Norse cultures, they are not the only two! A few of their friends also have powers: the metal-band lover, hilarious Jeremy, the air-headed, not-a-care-in-the-world Ben; the careful, sweet Mel; and the smart, crazy old Homer. Together, they have to fight these dark creatures who feed on the energy of humans, the creatures who have come to detroy the world and turn it into a cold and fearful place. Together, they are the Setti, who will finally have the chance to fulfill their destiny. What are those creatures? What is their origin? Will the Setti be able to find their weekness? And will Gabriel and Clara be able to avoid all the bumps in their road? "Darkness is falling but hope is Rising..."Have the ride of a lifetime when you read the super-adventerous, exhilarating , Rising (Saga of The Setti #1)... This book fulfilled all my expectations and I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. The pace is not slow, but it's not quick either, it's just the right pace. The setting is perfect, Stephanie Judice describes the scenes to you, but still leaves room for your own imaginations. The characters are all very complicated and touchy, they all have their own stories to tell . I loved every single one of them, Gabriel is protective and caring, Clara is emotional but still a smart-ass, Jeremy and Ben always find a way to lighten the mood, Mel is reasonable and intelligent, and Homer is their magice-eye-ball, literally! The book is action-packed and terrifying sometimes. At one point in the middle of the night, I was so thirsty my throat was aching but I didn't have the courage to get up and grab a glass of water. I was scared that one of those dark creatures will end up in our hallway (stupid, I know, but what could I do?)This novel is a roller coaster, with so many unexpected twists and turns, that I am biting my nails off and tearing every single hair out of my hair (don't take the second part literally, I love my hair!) while waiting for the second book in the series, you should definitely read this novel, Stephanie Judice has created a beautiful, magical, adventurious read with a twist of mesmerizing romance that will make your hear melt and your stomach flutter.What do you think? Will you add this to your TBR list? Please, please add it and do this book justice ( I am begging!), and don't forget! Watch out for my review of the next book in the series, while the beautiful, Ms. Stephanie is preparing it!

  • Rachael
    2019-04-21 21:07

    This review first appeared @ Moosubi Reviews!If there was one word that could describe this book, it would be:Fun!I know that might be inconsiderate, considering the pain the characters went through during the story, but the likable characters, creepy ghouls, fantasy, and actions just made my reading experience a bunch of fun! ^__^The most enjoyable part of this book, for me, was probably the great combination of fantasy and action! The fighting scenes were written remarkably, and kind of reminded me of a comic book! They were pretty graphic and kept me on my seat. The book was just filled with these fantastic scenes, especially at the end, and I just loved it! The fantasy aspect worked well with this aspect, since the six characters' "powers" definitely worked well with each other, and they were well described & entertaining. Again, this book's scenes kind of remind me of a comic book since the Setti seem like a great group of superheroes!The plot was a bit slow moving in the beginning, although the mystery definitely picked up after a few chapters. There are also some twists and turns as the plot starts moving faster, eventually whirl-winding into a bunch of excitement! My only complaint is that at some parts of the plot, it seemed like the events went by too fast, or were skimmed over. There were some battles for example, that I felt could have been more described in depth. Of course, this comes hand-in-hand with the action I loved - with the lovable amount of action described in the book, I probably expected that in every scene, which might have been a bit unrealistic. Still, the plot overall was pretty exciting!The characters were probably the biggest downfall for me. I'm not sure if I'm being too picky, but especially at the beginning of the book, I found that the characters were a bit lacking. They seemed like the typical high school students, and their personalities were a bit undeveloped. Eventually you get to see their relationships grow, which I liked, although I still felt that the characters still weren't very complex. The plot mostly made up for this since I devoured the action, but if you're the type of reader that values characters over plot, this book might not be a favorite, but still enjoyable.Overall, Rising is an exciting and enjoyable book, full of excitement and fun! The action scenes and fantasy elements were portrayed fantastically, and I definitely recommend it to paranormal romance or YA fantasy fans! I will definitely be reading the next book, Resistance!Source: Review copy provided by author - thanks!

  • Isis
    2019-04-23 21:43

    Learning of their new powers. This book begins with relationship-building in high school, focusing on Gabe's ability to feel what everyone around him is feeling (includes many funny, snarky comments about teenage girls, with one parking lot scene that sums them up really well, in an intentionally humorous, stereotypical way). Gabe meets Clara and is totally confounded by her initially, as he can't get a read on her and it makes him nervous, even though all he has ever wanted was to shut out all the extra 'noise' in his head. As the two get to know each other they find themselves with a budding relationship on their hands. However before that can go too far they must deal with a bizarre hurricane heading straight for them - something that shouldn't really be possible. Unfortunately it isn't a natural hurricane at all - it is just a way for the coming monsters to create fear and panic in the population they are about to decimate. Clara's introduction to the the Scouts, Ash-eaters, & Reapers is particularly devastating for her in several ways - which will cause her grief from some time to come. Her biggest sense of security comes from Gabe, who has fallen hard for her.During all this they meet Homer, who is their clan tracer. He helps train each of them with their gifts; Clara is a guardian, Gabe a vanquisher, Ben a light bearer, Jeremy a sounder, & Mel is their healer. Gabe got a bone relic from one of his Setti ancestors, Freya, and gets the occasional vision from it. Visions of past battles with the Reapers, battles which terrify him as he sees just how vicious these creatures are, specifically to those that battle them.A very creative story, well told, with interesting characters and a solid story arc. Definitely makes me want to read the next book in the series.

  • Patrick Turn
    2019-04-22 17:09

    Rising (Saga of the Setti) was a phenomenal read, which sucked me into a different world after the first chapter. Mrs. Judice does an exceptional job at describing characters and providing enough depth and character to give them life. The dialogue between characters was interesting and advanced the story and character development substantially. The Reapers, in my opinion, were the strongest aspect of the book. Too often antagonists are rehashed and overused, maybe being tweaked slightly in each rendition, but the Reapers were a new terrifying enemy I had never imagined.Unfortunately, I would say that towards the end, the flow of the story slowed, and it made finishing the novel slightly difficult. I accredit this to the focus on action over descriptors, which I think is Mrs. Judice's strongest skill. Throughout action scenes, there was little description on the terrain, area, or where all the characters are during the action. On a number of occasions, I would need to skip back a few pages to figure out where each character was, and how they moved during the course of the conflict. While I know that balancing description and action is a tedious job, not wanting the action to be "bogged down," I also believe that describing each conflict in slightly more detail will enable the author to entrap the reader's mind, as she did with the first half of the novel. Overall, this novel is a wonderful read, I enjoyed every minute I spent within the pages, and I look forward to further publications in the Saga of the Setti.

  • Aleyn Lucier
    2019-04-11 14:09

    Review also found in my blogTHOROUGHLY ENJOYED THIS STORY. Different and refreshing. The prologue of the book easily captivated me. I loved that there is the POV of Gabe and Clara so the readers can experience different sides of the story. The characters were well-developed and the story was well paced. The description and imagery of the setting was done well that when the enemies attacked, it truly gave me the chills. As always, I always enjoy romance in a story and this book gives you a very sweet budding romance between Clara and Gabe. I loved Gabe's protectiveness towards Clara and I enjoyed her straightforward personality. There were a lot of humorous moments (Ben and Jeremy's banters - which I really really enjoyed) and some heart wrenching moment that may make some readers teary eyed. This book has a lot of action that will keep the readers entertained. Looking forward to the next installment.