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An alternate cover for this ASIN can be found here.When the son of business tycoon Marcus Randall washes up on the shore of the Bradshaw River, Detective Madison Knight must sacrifice everything—including her career—to find justice for the “perfect murder”.With Randall already on the radar of the Secret Service for fraud and counterfeiting, the investigation sheds new lighAn alternate cover for this ASIN can be found here.When the son of business tycoon Marcus Randall washes up on the shore of the Bradshaw River, Detective Madison Knight must sacrifice everything—including her career—to find justice for the “perfect murder”.With Randall already on the radar of the Secret Service for fraud and counterfeiting, the investigation sheds new light and they require the full cooperation of the Stiles PD. But with power and money to back him, Marcus has a reach that extends right inside the police department. If Madison’s going to find out the truth, she’ll have to sort through the lies and balance diplomacy with politics.A Madison Knight Novel....

Title : Sacrifice
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ISBN : 15781648
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Sacrifice Reviews

  • Carmen DeSousa
    2018-12-06 15:23

    I hadn’t read a Madison Knight novel, so I wasn’t sure if I would miss anything, but my concerns were unfounded. “Sacrifice” read as a standalone with enough information that I felt as though I knew Madison Knight personally, without all the unnecessary “information dump” that some authors feel they need to share. The mystery was well written and kept me on the edge of my seat. Every time I thought I knew “whodunit”, a new clue would arise which would make me doubt my investigative abilities. Though I love an unpredictable story, I hate when writers resort to trickery to conceal the suspect. Arnold’s style of writing was spot-on, revealing clues as her protagonist discovered them, making me feel as if I were part of the story in search of the murderer. One of my favorite things about Carolyn’s writing was that she described the details of the homicide and gave me a behind-the-scenes look at a detective’s life without resorting to graphic or vulgar writing. Kudos, Carolyn Arnold, I look forward to reading your next novel.

  • Fiona
    2018-11-16 21:40

    Interesting storyline but neither the characters nor the setting came alive for me. I like to get lost in my reads and I couldn't with this one. I found it quite a dry read especially in relation to the political corruption. Nothing at all wrong with the book - simply not one for me.

  • Garry Wall
    2018-11-20 17:27

    Couldn't be bothered to finish. Stock characters out of a bad 70's tv show.

  • Ericka N.Blackwell
    2018-11-13 21:40

    Ridiculous, not great! Skip it, better female lead protagonists out there!I don't believe for one minute law enforcement professionals loved this book. The lead detective, the 'heroine' has a partner that she refuses to share basic information. They're in the car and she's driving to show him something she thought of that involves their case. She's reckless, emotional, unprofessional and dumb. She moves through this book like she works alone, breaks the rules by operating in her emotions and not speaking with her partner. She skips basic steps, even though her partner constantly reminds her of how to do the job. She never considers him when she's running around like an idiot. The mystery could have been interesting IF it were solved in the text. I guess you have to ride along with her partner -- in the dark! And to ice this crapcake, she's NOT a woman of her word!

  • JL Emerson
    2018-11-24 19:47

    3 stars for a good storyline Ms. Arnold, do your readers a favor & pay a good editor... The misuse of the English language in this book is inexcusable. Spell Check is not an appropriate editor... Neither are beta readers. The use of wrong words in this book was hilariously comedic. Yes, they were all spelled right... But using the word allusion when you meant illusion? That is only one example. I didn't bother to highlight all the bloopers. If you had paid an editor to do the job you would have received 4 stars. I rather enjoyed the book when I wasn't rolling on the floor laughing.

  • Marilyn
    2018-11-30 18:25

    AngryI got so frustrated and tired of the lead character's self centered "B...iness", that I stopped reading about 1/3 of the way thru and skipped to the end to see who did it.

  • Nancy Silk
    2018-11-13 18:49

    "Never Give In, Never Give Up - Madison Knight's Philosophy" In this third book of the series, business tycoon Marcus Randall is on the radar of the Secret Service for fraud and counterfeiting. Suddenly, his son is found dead on the bank of the Bradshaw River. The Secret Service requires the assistance of the Stiles Police Department. Now, Detective Madison Knight will sacrifice a lot to investigate the murder. She may even sacrifice her police career as a whole can of worms hinders her case. Always well written by prolific author Carolyn Arnold. She knows all about police procedures and could become a great detective herself! Highly recommend.

  • Peggy
    2018-11-13 18:30

    **SPOILER FREE**Each book has it's own feel.. It's own way to keep you reading. The author will get your attention one way or another with each one and the crimes that fall in place. These are page turners. And if you're like me these will keep you up all day and night just to see what the out come will be. Who did what and why....A fantastic series!!*Received for an honest and unbiased review*

  • Ted Tayler
    2018-12-04 15:31

    "A class act"Some might find this a bit heavy going; I certainly wouldn't describe it as a quick read, but the writing is of such a high quality that it balances things out.

  • Helen Pickering
    2018-12-04 20:23

    SacrificeReally enjoyed book love stories at detectives and the work they do kept me turning pages it takes lots of dedicated people to do this job

  • Jerry Walch
    2018-12-01 17:37

    Let me begin by saying that I'm not a big fan mysteries or thrillers written by female authors because as a rule those stories turn out to be chic lit but Sacrifice by Carolyn Arnold was an exception to the rule. Madison Knight, the female protagonist is a character that any man can identify with and easily like. She is fearless and not afraid to stand up to her superiors in order to bring the guilty parties to justice even when it means risking her career and the job she loves. True, Arnold spends a great deal of time on Maddy personal life and love affairs but in the end it all ties in with the mystery she is working to solve. this is the second time in less than two weeks that I have been pleasantly surprised by a lady author and Carolyn will be another lady that I will be following and whose books I will be reading knowing that I will enjoy each and everyone of them. If you like fast paced, no holds barred mysteries with a two fist-ted protagonist, you will want to read Sacrifice.

  • Rosemary Kenny
    2018-11-11 17:25

    Sacrifice - a review by Rosemary KennyThe latest book, [#3 in the series] starring Detective Madison Knight goes to prove what a strong character she is and what a talented and imaginative writer Carolyn Arnold is too.It makes a refreshing change to have an exciting fast-moving modern police-procedural thriller with a realistic, feisty female lead in a male-dominated profession. Madison makes no bones about her professional and personal dislike and distrust of her boss, Chief McAlexandar, who seems determined to thwart her at every turn. She's eager to work with her, [about-to-be dad and] partner Terry, to determine who killed spoilt rich-kid Chris Randall and how, but the Chief and other protagonists are not what they seem and Madison has to stick to her guns, even if it means she has to sacrifice her DA lover Blake to keep her integrity intact.I would recommend this 5 star thriller to all lovers of whodunits, police-procedural murder-mystery dramas and strong female lead characters...definitely not to be missed!

  • Keri
    2018-11-21 17:38

    Meh. Total Fiction. The reader quickly realizes that the author does not write accurate, police procedural books. I don’t read super technical books police procedural books but I do can tell when the author is simply storytelling. I personally find that annoying because I quickly pick up inconsistencies. I wouldn’t pay for another book by this author. I would read the next story in the series if it was free.

  • Karen
    2018-12-02 15:29

    Good police procedural. Madison Knight is a detective in major crimes with a great solve rate. When Chrus Randall, son of the wealthiest man in town washes up in the shore, Madison and her partner, Terry are presented with a case with lots of twists. There are issues left unresolved but the book is well done and enjoyable

  • Joseph Ewing
    2018-11-20 17:34

    Detective Knight Inspires RespectVery interesting adventure from start to finish in this murder mystery. Detective Knight solves the crime even as she battles a corrupt chief of police. You will watch her solve the murder as well fight for her job. The book is hard to put down once you start reading.

  • Yvonne Persa
    2018-11-19 19:33

    Good read I loved the beginning of this book. It had me wondering and trying to solve the case. In the end it was rushed and not really deserving of how it all played out. Didn’t care for it in the end. Other than that the book was good.

  • Brian Doyle
    2018-11-11 19:49

    Entertaining thriller with lots of twists to keep it interesting

  • J Barkess
    2018-12-03 23:24

    UnbelievableDrawn out and boring.No drama or suspense.Not one credible character and bizarre story line.Would not read anything else written by this woman.

  • Mary
    2018-12-10 17:42

    Terrible writing, main character is extremely unlikeable.

  • Stephanie Williams
    2018-12-09 18:30

    Enjoyable readGood characterization, interesting plot line with many twists and turns. First you suspected one character and then another and another!

  • Viola
    2018-11-10 23:22

    Great ReadWonder tale of murder, romance and great excitement. The whodunit factor has played a great part in keeping interest high!

  • Mrs Mary Curd
    2018-12-04 19:52

    Really round the houses to find out who did it. Very good, as usual.

  • Marjorie
    2018-11-23 17:37

    JealouiseSo many with the thought, so many. Good story lots of who and why, but the girl always gets her man!

  • Mandy Hackland
    2018-12-01 23:46

    I enjoyed this book, although I was not sure about the relevance of the title until the very end. I found that interesting, that it should resonate with me.

  • Marcia Allen
    2018-12-07 20:51

    Not great literature but a fun read for the ride home on the bus. Will most likely read the other books at some point because I like Madison Knight and her partner.

  • john O'Neil
    2018-11-20 16:44

    Justice for allA realistic detective story which includes drugs, wealth and politics at a high level in a small mid west town.

  • linda kellogg
    2018-11-19 15:26

    IntriguingThe story line was intense and fast paced. There were many twists and turns, some unresolved at the end of the book. This left me feeling unsettled.

  • Andre Walter
    2018-11-17 19:46

    Another enthralling novel by Carolyn Arnold. Loved the twists and turns through every chapter. A very enjoyable read and highly recommended.

  • Shannon Rodriguez
    2018-11-15 17:23

    Great book, didn't see it coming

  • Dewey Carroll Brackett
    2018-12-03 16:28

    Great book!Madison Knight is the kind of detective that won't give up in finding a murderer even if it jeopardizes her career. This book keeps you guessing until the end.