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Days Are Hot On Skylance Ranch,And The Nights Even Hotter!New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Diana Palmer brings her readers back to Branntville, Texas, with Cort Brannt's story. The heir to the Skylance Ranch empire has women gallop into his life, but the handsome lone wolf sends them just as quickly on their way...until a pretty, vivacious neighbor appears oDays Are Hot On Skylance Ranch,And The Nights Even Hotter!New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Diana Palmer brings her readers back to Branntville, Texas, with Cort Brannt's story. The heir to the Skylance Ranch empire has women gallop into his life, but the handsome lone wolf sends them just as quickly on their way...until a pretty, vivacious neighbor appears on the range. Has the most eligible bachelor in Branntville met his match?...

Title : The Rancher
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Format Type : Mass Market Paperback
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The Rancher Reviews

  • Melanie♥
    2018-09-24 18:31

    This may well be my last DP book. After years of loving her books and formula, I am just tired of the sub-par books that she has been putting out recently. It actually made me sad to give this a one star rating.* There was NO chemistry between Cort and Maddie. * I didn't like Maddie. TSTL* I didn't like Cort. Immature* Why didn't "the developer" ever get called by his name?* Inane situations and conversations.Big disappointment.

  • willaful
    2018-09-27 23:38

    This is the best new Palmer I've read in years, which sadly is saying very little. She changes the formula up a bit here, mainly in that the hero Cort is not decades older than the heroine, and in fact comes off as somewhat callow and immature. And though the "kids today" prissiness is still there, it's toned down some. Other than that, it's the usual "downtrodden young woman has been madly in love forever with mean guy" plot.One problem with the book were lots of logic fails on Maddie's part. She thinks her cattle can't be being harmed by the nasty developer who made threats, because they're so valuble. Um, he has no interest in the value of your cattle since he plans to tear your ranch down anyway! And she doesn't tell her neighbor (a former palmer hero and Cort's father) that she's being threatened, despite the fact that he explicitly told her he would hate to see her ranch developed and would help her.But I think what bugged me most was the insistent recurrence of themes I'm seeing far too often in Palmer: the "good women give up their careers for marriage and babies" theme -- the reformation of the Evil Other Woman includes losing interest in her singing career and starting to ponder babies --and the heroine who hides her valuable talents away and has to be pushed into realizing she can make money from them. Maddie is allowed no agency at all, it has to be forced upon her. These days, a Palmer heroine has to not only be incredibly pure, downtrodden, and wanting nothing more than lots of babies, she also has to strenuously hide her light under a bushel. Still, it was readable and had fun moments. It will probably appeal to longtime Palmer fans because of links to her previous books, Heather's Song and To Love and Cherish.

  • mad4rombks
    2018-09-21 17:31

    2.5Why can't I quit Palmer? I know going in it's basically the same story, with just different hero & heroine names yet I still buy her books each time I see a new one out. Was almost 100 pages in before hero finally stopped being cruel to the heroine. I don't remember him being so rude and annoying when he was in his sister's book. I truly wanted heroine to take a bat to him and just knock him out to shut him up with all his cruel taunting. Not a favorite at all.

  • Ana M. Román
    2018-10-06 21:24

    Leer historias de Diana Palmer es como escuchar historias de una viejecita afable y aleccionadora. No parecen estar escritas en este siglo.En cuanto a la historia en sí, la verdad es que con El camino del encuentro me quedé con ganas de leer la historia de Cort y su batalla con el gallo de su vecina pero la verdad es que no me ha gustado tanto como pensé que lo haría. Creí que iba a ser más divertido de lo que luego ha resultado.Además, después de haber leído tres historias seguidas de esta autora declaro oficialmente que tengo que darme un alto ya que son bastante repetitivas y me estoy empezando a cansar.

  • Jenny
    2018-09-26 21:30

    Sweet romance but the ending could have been better.

  • Vashti
    2018-09-18 01:16

    This pains me to write as DP has long been a favorite romance author of mine.This book was terrible.If I was new to her books,I would not go any futher with her writings.Her older books,how I loved the the angst ,the heros,heroines,everything.This book featured the son of a prior H/h ,the OW mean girl,who is the daughter of another prior H/h ,and the heroine of course.If this iss an example of her attempt at second generation romances,I am going to pass,but I know me,DP will be calling my name...again.

  • Alexis-Morgan Roark
    2018-09-22 21:35

    Egads. What the heck happened here? DP is my total guilty pleasure, and I make HUGE allowances for formula, etc. but something just went seriously wrong here, and I wanna smack her editors for not fixing this one!A few of the issues I had with this book: * What's with the Morie/Dana and Cort/?? name thing? Didn't get that. Wasn't in on the joke, and I HAVE read all of the books! * Could they repeat just one more darn time that Odalie was going to "get what was coming to her"? Ok. We get it, it's coming, move on! * Odalie - seriously? THAT'S her big comeuppance??? That and the singer not being all that impressed? Whatever! * Cort - really, seriously? The alcohol made him do it!! Sorry. That whole "jee, I think I loves, Maddie" (my words, not his) was a bit rushed to me. * Who the heck are/were her parents? I'm gonna have to do a family tree to figure all that out. I kept thinking it was either Pierce Hutton or Colby Lane. Incredibly confusing! * The "incidents" from High School - I'm sorry NO ONE could be that blind and Branntville is a small town; Cort should have known about SOMETHING that happened. Too convenient for me. * What was up with "the developer"? That whole character/story line just smacked of filler to me. * In true DP fashion, Cort should have led her on and tortured her a bit longer with Odalie. Sick, but true. :-) * What the heck was up with the Epilogue? Abrupt much?Personally, I would have rather seen: * Our hero and heroine GROW THE HECK UP sometime during the book! * Our heroine end up with the other guy (Odalie's brother-figure that one out-whose name I can't remember). HE sounded GREAT-an honest to goodness NICE DP hero. Of course, when he gets a book, he'll probably be the jerkwad we've come to love and expect. * The parents get the heads out of the freaking clouds!That rooster was darn funny, though! Poor, evil thing.All in all...I am upset I burned an Audible credit, but DP has given me so many good moments, I'm okay with it. I did go back and read To Love and Cherish. Should have read Wyoming Tough again, too, but I just can't read that one again! Shudder!

  • Christy
    2018-10-13 19:16

    I love everything Diana Palmer writes so this one was no different :)

  • Reader
    2018-10-09 18:34

    Im still reading this book but stopped because im irritated. The story is that the orphan heroine has a big crush on the hero but he is head over heals with a different neighbor girl thats pretty tallented and educated, and he makes this clear to the heroine on multiple occasions. The other woman did not want the hero at all but liked having him there for her ego, she wanted to be a famous singer. This other woman was evil, pure and simple. She bullied the heroine in highschool to the extent that lawyers and authorities had to be involved. The heroind was attacked because of this but this was brushed under the carpet because every one involved except her had money. The hero doesnt know any of this even though its a small, every one knows everyone's business community, he tells her she's lying and just jealous of the beautiful other woman.Now all this was good for me, it just added to the angst of the story. But then hero started to kinda date the heroine and the evil other woman came back to get an ego boost from the hero, he wasn't giving it so she asks to ride his car, in front of the heroines house, cause u know, shes a bitch like that. She wasn't looking at the road and the heroine ran after a chicken and accidents happen. Now the author is making this whole deal about she got her pretty expensive dress and white leather bag ruined trying to help the heroine after the accident. Isn't the other woman just sooooo good because she hit someone in a car and stayed behind to help even ruining her expensive clothes in the process? And now everyone is admiring her for common decency? uhmm.... no, just no. And the police saying intent is important? no, just no. You have to mean to hit someone with your car? thats just moronic. The heroine did recklessly run on the road to get her chicken but they are in a part of town with ranches and cattle, therefore adjusted speeding limits so that driver don't hit wandering cattle while driving to fast. So yes, even if the heroine jumped on the road the other woman legally should be driving at a speed that she could stop at any time, so most of the liability of the accident falls on her shoulders, so i hate just HATE that now the heroine is put in a position where she was not at fault but has to feel grateful towards her bully for helping her after an accident she caused instead of just exercising her legal right to take her to court.I just hate all these characters, i understand the author wanted to make the evil ow likable to maybe give her her own book but the things she did were nonredeemable. And staying behind after you cause an accident doesnt make u a good person because driving away is called a hit ad run and is punishable by law. I dont live in the US and even i know that. This book made no sense what so ever.

  • Valquiria
    2018-09-21 20:39

    Pues nada, bastante decepcionante. Lo leí porque quería leer algo de vaqueros y, bueno, el vaquero está, pero menudo romance decepcionante. Ya sé que del amor al odio hay un paso, pero aquí lo han exagerado un poco. Vamos, que ni yo sabía cuando había pasado Cort a quererla, ni la propia Maddie lo sabía. De la noche a la mañana pasa de no poder ni verla y pensar que es fea, insulsa e incapaz de atraer a nadie, a estar totalmente loco por ella. No me extraña que la pobre Maddie no se lo creyera, es que era increíble. El romance, por tanto, bastante pobre, los personajes eran sosos de morirse, y la Odalie esta, pues también sufre una gran transformación que te deja un poco wtf. La suya es más creíble que la de Cort, pero es que Cort desarrolla unos profundos sentimientos en nada y menos, porque además, no es que los desarrolle tras el "incidente" (que no digo qué es por los spoilers...), es que él ya los tenía de antes, y eso, que no venían a cuento. Un tostón. Por lo menos es cortito y se lee rápido (menos mal), pero la verdad es que me ha dejado con mal sabor de boca, me ha resultado insulso y aburrido...

  • Rebecca Crowley
    2018-09-28 23:40

    I love Diana Palmer's early stuff, and although each modern one I read seems to be slightly worse than the last, I keep going back for more. It's sort of like reading a romance novel written by your grandmother - so endearingly well intentioned yet so hopelessly out of touch.The Rancher was no exception, although at least we were spared the relentless re-treading of other people's stories as so often happens in the Jacobsville books. This is a terribly written story with two-dimensional characters and an absurd plot, yet there's something so innocently heartwarming about Palmer's tales that I could barely put it down.Is this an outstanding contribution to the canon? Of course not. It's not even well written, and I would only recommend it to serious romance fans as a look at what happens when an author fails to evolve with the genre. But it's a cute, swift, lovable read, and I'm sure I'll find myself cringing my way through another one of hers very soon.

  • Margie
    2018-10-11 00:35

    I really enjoy Diana Palmer's books, they are completely fluff reading and I can finish one in an evening. The heroes all seem to be the same cowboy of my dreams, rich, ruggedly handsome and sexually satisfying. I keep all my Diana Palmer books, I have over 85 of her books and "The Rancher" is the worst I have read to date. I did not enjoy this book, it struck me as a book Diana Palmer wrote only to meet a publisher's deadline. This book is not worth re-reading and I would normally throw it away or toss it in my fireplace, but I have left a note in the book that it is the worst to date and I will add it reluctantly to my collection.

  • Caitlin Wyatt
    2018-10-04 00:31

    I loved the first two books, Wyoming Tough & Fierce.. This one was good but not those kind of good. Every once & awhile Diana will injure her main character in some way.. I like it sometimes other times I can not finish *ahem* Maggie's Dad I'm looking at you. This time is was all mediocre, but still a good love story. Nothing to write home about though. I liked it, the characters were okay.. You got a glimpse of a few old faces the parents of the characters all have their own books too about their love story. It was a quick nice read, still worth reading by all means.

  • Lu Bielefeld **
    2018-10-01 19:33

    Mais um livrinho da titia DP com a fórmula mocinho ogro + mocinha virgem + outra intragável. Tem até o bailinho com danças latinas e o mocinho enciumado da mocinha dançar com outro cara.Achei um horror a tal da Odalie... ela foi muito malvada com a mocinha e não recebeu o castigo devido... achei uma M$%#@! Ela tinha que se ferrar ou sofrer as consequências dos atos dela.Muito mais ou menos o livro... eu li pq eu adoro a autora e estava com saudade de ler algo dela.O livro "To Love and Cherish" conta a história dos pais do Colt e o livro "Wyoming Tough" conta a história da irmã dele, Moira.

  • Amanda Sheila
    2018-10-07 01:43

    3.5 stars. Actually, this book has a lot of potential especially with the whole Cort-being-mean thingy? It made me all tingly inside. But one thing that I didn't really like is (view spoiler)[Odalie's sudden change of heart. It's impossible and to be honest, less convincing to me. Because one moment she's being mean and then bam she's caring and I think it's strange. (hide spoiler)] But so far, I think this book is almost one of my favorite. Looking forward to read another Diana Palmer's books.

  • Melanie
    2018-10-09 20:18

    Not a huge fan of this one: I thought it was too rushed. One day Cort hates Maddie, and the next he's switched his affections from Odalie to her? Not really believable, IMO. Furthermore, I also expected him to flaunt Odalie more, but I guess since Odalie is the daughter of a previous DP couple, she needed redemption? Not crazy about that twist.. 2.5* for me.

  • Romance
    2018-10-03 22:29

    Negative Stars! I did finish it but that’s all I can say. When I got to the end I was still hoping Cort would go away.1. The hero is awful and reminds me of a preteen girl with his devotion to the pretty but mean girl, defending her and going out of his way to be mean to his neighbor. He is a grown man out of college who lives with his parents (even his friend notes this), moons over a beautiful girl but with a hideous name (Odalie) and even more hideous personality (shallow, much?) and makes fun of the girl next door because she dares to say anything remotely negative about his crush.His dad forces him to do a kindness for the neighbor. While there he belittles her for her looks and tells her he would never be interested in her because he thinks she’s ugly. All because it upsets him because she has a crush and she isn’t his type. What grown man does this? He isn’t the tortured or misunderstood hero. He is a brat who needs to grow up.2. The heorine is a typical Palmer doormat who inexplicably loves the hero even though she doesn’t know him. Every interaction he treats her as if she is ugly, stupid and not talented. He isn’t even polite. Palmer throws in odalies brother who seems interested in Maddie but apparently he’s rich and good looking but just too kind and mature, you know actually being nice to her, for the two to end up together.3. Plot is nonexistent. The crazy bad guy is so ridiculous I don’t even know how to begin with that! And the worst is this weird pod person mentality....first, cort is confused because he likes Maddie. Honestly, it feels like a tepid friendship. And even that confuses him. Then, Odalie returns and he immediately goes to see her so it’s obvious he’s still got the crush. She talks him into driving his car and heads straight to his neighbors ranch because she is going to show off that she has cort.Farms are not in the hustle and bustle so you should drive slow on back roads but Odalie sees Maddie and panics, hits the gas and hits Maddalie and her rooster, killing the rooster and seriously harming Maddie. So cort watching this as a passenger but doesn’t reach over and grab the wheel to miss his neighbor or do anything at all really. He is passive during the entire incident. They hit Maddie close to her house where they have no business being and no one thinks it odd that they are out that way given the past circumstances? They don’t have an excuse to even be there. odalie, who years before tormented, harassed and bullied, Maddie to the point police and parents were involved on an attempt for her life suddenly feels bad because she almost kills this girl she never apologized to? She not cort calls the police and an ambulance. This is what makes her a good person? Umm...that makes you not a criminal. As another poster said, otherwise it’s a hit and run. Cort does nothing except later he sits by her hospital bed getting angry when the one guy who is nice to Maddie brings her flowers. He then brings her a giant teddy bear. What? I cringed. She isn’t 12. She’s a grown woman. Believe me she doesn’t want a stuffed animal. Maddie’s aunt is just grateful for Maddie having friends like cort and Odalie...I actually laughed at that thinking well like the old saying, with friends like those who needs enemies? But it isn’t just the aunt, Maddie is on the ground bleeding and makes a comment worried about odalies dress is getting ruined (by Maddie’s blood). Huh? Would she really be worried about Odalies dress? I would be scared Odalie was planning on finishing me off. Not to mention later Odalie and she are buds because she visited her in the hospital and volunteered to pay for medical bills and get her a big of her. Seeing how she was legally obligated. I still can’t figure out how the cops are telling her she’s nice. They’d lock her up!And cort is feeling some sort of pride for Odalie for holding Maddies hand after she hit her with his car? Honestly, Odalie should have gone to jail for reckless driving. These are not teens...they are past college age. And cort? I don’t even understand him. He doesn’t even seem like a normal person. He was showing less care than Odalie.Whiplash because suddenly cort and Maddie are together. Why? This book is nonsensical. Cort should be with Odalie and Maddie should be with odalies brother, the only one who even seemed remotely interested in her.

  • Margo
    2018-09-28 23:25

    1. A hideous OW we are supposed to think has reformed -- Diana Palmer does NOT do this successfully, and she should steer away from attempting to do so.2. Heroine was always second choice, by a million miles. The OW even took a role in the ultimate "courtship" by the H!This isn't a happy ending in my book.

  • Jeanne Miller
    2018-09-24 00:38

    I did not ever think that I would read a Diana Palmer that I did not love but I can honestly say that I now have

  • Debbie
    2018-10-04 23:39

    Own in: The Rancher & Heart of Stone

  • Kathy
    2018-09-23 20:24

    Two stories – of two different women of strength, ranchers, average looking, virgins… and both are attracted to neighboring ranchers who are strong, independent, cold… and it takes them a bit to realize the depths of their feelings for their neighbors… both pleasantly surprised by the hidden passion of the women.The Rancher –Maddie Lane, an artist at heart, who dabbles in drawing and creating porcelain fairies; inherits her father’s small ranch and breeding cattle; she is doing her best to apply what her father taught her; and she has branched a bit and is raising chickens and selling their eggs – but her rooster is mean, and has it out for her neighbor Cort Matthew Brannt, whom she has had a crush on since school – but he is enamored of her enemy, daughter of another rich rancher, spoiled, beautiful, with a beautiful singing voice and she hopes to become an opera Odalie and has left to study in France. He is furious with her rooster coming after him, he says some spiteful things to her (that she is plain, flat chested, and can’t sing) and then is ashamed of hurting her feelings. A shady developer makes an offer for her ranch… she contacts Cort’s father for advice…. He sends his son over to explain the breeding plan her father developed… and they start to spend time together… but just as he starts to see her in a different light, the Odalie comes home… and wanting to make sure that Maddie knows Cort is now with her, she talks Cort into letting her drive his fancy convertible, and heads towards maddies house… and Maddie is chasing her rooster and steps in front of the car… and Odalie’s attention is not focuses… and she is hit… Odalie, for the first time, puts another ahead of herself, is needed instead of petted… ad Odalie and Cort stay in the hospital with her… encourage her to have hope… and purchase the equipment (fancy wheelchair, etc) that she needs until she completed physical therapy… Odalie can see Cort’s love for Maddie… Cort is showing Maddie his interest with touches and kisses… she makes a beautiful fairy that looks like Odalie… and then Odalie asks her to make one based on a cameo of her supposed great grandmother… then Cort and Odalie go to Dallas together, and Maddie assumes that they have been kind to her, but have discovered their feelings for one another… and is resigned to giving up on her dreams… but when they return, Odalies turns over a check for $5,000 for the fairy based on the cameo – a cameo provided by a rich man/collector of dolls, who wants to contract with her to sell her fairies… and the Cort proposes… and marries her… ahhh

  • Bakudis
    2018-09-17 20:35

    Again i don't like this, i know DP heroes always big bully jerk but usually its because he so obssesed with heroine and he often hide behind evil mask to escape detection but not our hero in this story.Cort is in love or "thought" with his beautiful and talented neighbor Odalie but she never reciprocate his feelings. Maddie is opposite from Odalie, just ordinary girl who grow up on the farm. After death of her father, she must manage her farm alone and poor so nothing left for her to make herself enjoy life like Odalie. Maddie has crush to Cort since she was young, indirectly he knows her feel and doesn't like it. Cort feel reject by Odelia when she go for pursue her dream to be a singer with italian music trainer.So he often vent his anger on Maddie and her turkey. Yeaaaahhh she has a turkey, the animal like make trouble for her and irritate Cort.One day Cort so angry to Maddie because she taunt his about odalie and he insult her, he never interest to a girl like her, bla bla bla.. OH Maddie you so patient if i were you, i hit him with big bad hammer.Maddie doesn't like with temperamental people because her trauma past, so when Cort show his anger to her she became afraid and make Cort curious.And this past connected with the sweet Odalie who Cort adore.I hate it when even his father explain about that incident, he still believe that its because Maddie jealous of Odalie perfect personality.Need some jealousy, another man, changes appearance, bad accident to made Cort admit his feel.Sooooo another man attracted to Maddie, she can appear beautiful too, and turn out she get some awesome talent. ohhhh yeaaaahhhhh... Cort seem like you must learn a lot about real life.The story pretty fast for me, and i can't get strong chemistry in here. Okey so Cort finally realized the different between his feeling to Maddie and his infatuation to Odalie, so what?????The story not to clear about their age, not young but not adult,yet too. So it's like Hero kind of like immature guy with adolescent dream and fall for pretty girl too blind for see behind the beauty there is selfish girl.

  • CarolMacInnis
    2018-09-26 20:20

    Recently Maddie Lane inherited a ranch from her Father who recently passed away. Unfortunately with here lack of skills of breeding bulls and cows, she is slowly but surely losing money and is now in debt. The ranch next too her lives Cort Brannt with his parents at their Skylance Ranch where Cort helps out his father's very lucrative business. Maddie has always been attracted to Cort, but Cort's heart belongs to Odalie Everett who is beautiful and talented and who Maddie could never compete with. When Maddie is approached by a very pushy developer from Vegas to buy her ranch from her and even threatened her, she decided to tell Cort's father about this developer's plans. The Brannt's take a vested interest in Maddie's well-being and her ranch and help ward off these threats -- but at what cost to Maddie(?)!!!A very enjoyable story.

  • Astraycat
    2018-09-16 22:15

    3.5~4 stars! In the end of Wyoming Fierce (Wyoming Men #2), Morie Brannt's brother, Cort Brannt, came to visit her sister and complained Maddie(his neighbor)'s annoying rooster. Although the drama among Cort, Odalie, and Maddie was somewhat annoying, and according to DP's writing style, Cort also said sth rude to Maddie, but he was much better compared to many DP's heroes. All in all, I liked this story!Recommend to those who liked to read Wyoming Tough (Wyoming Men, #1) !

  • Diana H.
    2018-09-22 23:22

    What do an aspiring opera singer, a rancher’s son a quiet sculptor and a very mean rooster have in common? They are part of a romantic story full of both humor and tragedy by Diana Palmer.The story carries on where Heather’s Song and To Love and Cherish ended. Both titles are by Diana Palmer as well.I enjoy reading about the next generation of characters, especially the children born after a book ends. I like finding out what happened to a couple after the wedding and especially the “happily ever after” years.If you are interested in the continuation of life with the Everett’s and the Brannt’s then you will enjoy this romance

  • Caro
    2018-09-23 22:45

    This was a pretty good book. I loved the characters and the antics in this one. There were plenty of emotions and plenty of times I might have wanted to knock heads but I still really enjoyed reading this. I loved the turn-around too. Pumpkin was definitely a great addition and kept me on my toes. The ending was perfect. This book has me wanting to read more in this series and the connecting one just to see the other characters stories and to see what happens with the remaining ones. Great for the relaxing/fun day read and a great way to give my brain a break from the suspense I usually read. Totally Enjoy!

  • Andreia Morgado
    2018-10-02 23:29

    Não gostei nada deste livro , apesar das historias desta autora serem de extremos ,o herói machista,ás vezes cruel e quadrado agora a autora fez uma historia em que o heroi era um parvo imaturo e superficial e apaixonado por outra e a rapariga continua sem ter personalidade, a ser inocente apaixonada pelo tipo mesmo que ele nem saiba que ela exista ....Não tem piadinha nenhuma a principal não arregaça as mangas torna-se forte e lhe dá um pontapé no rabo e o tipo não sofre nem um bocadinho para a merecer.......Blahhhhhhh

  • Kimberly
    2018-10-15 17:45

    Interesting Passionate story and between actually 4 people. Part of me wonder if he was playing Maddie from the reviews I read before starting this story but be honest don't read bad reviews. Read the story for ur self before making a decision about the book. Part me wanted her to fall for John but hey I can't help it I love nice men lol. But after a while I saw a sweet side to Cort. The girl who as so be so Triable turn into a caring person after causing Maddie aciddent people can always change. Keep that in mind when reading this story.

  • Amanda
    2018-09-23 17:38

    This took me a year to finally get around to reading this, and I loved it! Although the ending did seem rushed, but it made sense.Loved the story between Cort and Maddie. Loved the the beginning! (And the rooster!) You've got to read it to get it!I loved the tender moments. Cort is stubborn at the beginning, and pigheaded. Loved King and Shelby in this story. They were very loving, and wonderful.Recommended!

  • Denise Van plew
    2018-09-21 17:35

    Delightful read just what the doctor ordered so to speak after hard day at work. Having read this author before this one is back in Branntville Texas. Oh what trouble one rooster named pumpkin can cause. One monster of a rooster brings together two neighbors and things heat up after that. Mix that with a shady developer and a accident that changes the course they thought they were traveling. Final result the best that a girl could hope for-sweet a real heart warmer.