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From an author who “creates magic…and leaves her fans begging for more,” (Romantic Times) comes a delightful eNovella that first appeared in the anthology Snowy Night with a Stranger and is now available as a standalone eBook.Searching for her rakehell brother, an earl lying low in the wake of a scandalous affair, Fiona Haines is guided by a rugged Highlander who obscuresFrom an author who “creates magic…and leaves her fans begging for more,” (Romantic Times) comes a delightful eNovella that first appeared in the anthology Snowy Night with a Stranger and is now available as a standalone eBook.Searching for her rakehell brother, an earl lying low in the wake of a scandalous affair, Fiona Haines is guided by a rugged Highlander who obscures his scarred face. As they journey on, Fiona becomes closer to her brave, enigmatic hero—but will fury or passion ignite when he reveals his identity?...

Title : Snowy Night with a Highlander
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Snowy Night with a Highlander Reviews

  • Zoe
    2018-10-09 18:19

    Tags: beauty and the beast, girl with a highland spunk and a brooding highlander, Georgian, novellaMy dear friend Tinsoni has once asked me whether I have ever rated any novella 5 stars, well, this one was close because I was so entertained.This book was nothing fancy, it isn't some literary gem, not emotional, no smart banters or titillating conversations. I started reading because I have just read one book from Julia London and really liked it. I wanted to continue reading but knew that I didn't have time to finish another novel. Just coming off a Julia London high, I decided to stay on it and read this novella. I expected what I usually expect when I read a novella: insta-lust and insta-love and the end. But that didn't happen. I started reading about Fiona, a highland lady in London, having to go to the highlands to warn her wayward brother of certain political schemes. The book opened with a parlor scene with a dog which would usually have bored me to tears. But it moved quickly and Fiona was in Edinburgh and in the lion's den, so to speak, her uncle requesting that the laird of Blackwood, Duncan Buchanan, took her along on his trip to his family seat because Fiona's brother appeared to have gone there. I know I know, nothing special right? I don't even know why I couldn't stop reading. The story moved at a fast pace, and every character was so well-drawn, I felt that they were in front of me. They were who they were supposed to be, and no annoying characters. I would normally dislike a girl "with spunk" but Fiona was so refreshingly pleasant. If anyone ever wants to write a highland girl who does not exactly fit into the intricate English society, Fiona is it. No theatrics, no hissy fits, no indignation about not having independence, no pretending to be a warrior, I liked Fiona! I would love to be her friend! The story is beauty and the beast, classic style. Duncan was a vain man and had offended Fiona when she was 17. But his accident changed him. At 30, he had lost all his former glory. Disfigured on face and in body, he despised himself. No more women willingly jumping into his bed. No warmth and no prospect. He saw Fiona again but couldn't believe that he had so callously disregarded her before. But now he was an ugly monster. It didn't help him to think about what may have been. Fiona didn't recognize him, and they became re-acquainted on the road until late in the book, they shared one passionate kiss and later they both came to admit that they liked each other, after Duncan's real identity was revealed of course. So the plot isn't anything special, been done many times before. But I was so drawn into the story. I felt like I met everyone in this book. Their characters jumped of the pages. I still thought the "I love you" came too abruptly, but that's always the case for novellas. This novella actually told a story from beginning to the end, with plot and relationship development, I thought it was quite a feat.

  • Stephanie (Jump)
    2018-09-26 23:41

    5 starsI really enjoyed this nouvella, an original story with a Beauty and the Beast theme. The hero, once the king of highland society, scorned the heroine thoughtlessly, but this story begins where he has now been humbled by an accident that left him scarred on his face and body, with the use of one arm. The heroine, instead of one who wallows in humiliation or bitterness, has since grown into her own.It had the right mix of angst for the hero who has been humbled by his painful past mixed with lightness from the heroine's infectious spirit and storytelling.I enjoyed it thoroughly. I love the sexual tension that the author built, it had just the right believable pace.Safetly (view spoiler)[Safe. The incident in which he snubs her in public did not make him too much of as asshole to be unforgivable. It was a careless comment but he did not set out to be deliberately cruel to her. He did enjoy a rakish past but in the story there is no OW or mistress or scenes with OW/OM.(hide spoiler)]

  • Widala
    2018-09-23 19:15

    An entertaining read about a scarred Highlander and his lady love.Fiona was a sweetheart. And I couldn't help but sympathized with Duncan. His regrets and his efforts to change were sincere.Although it happened in short period of time (literally one snowy night), I could feel the connection between them and I cheered for their HEA.But, no kilt action in this book. Because it's winter, you know, and we definitely don't want anything important to get frostbite.

  • Angela
    2018-09-16 22:28

    This is my first taste of the Scandalous Series, and I think I might be hooked.Fiona could have been a super annoying character, especially since she had a tendency to never shut up. Somehow Julia London was able to write her chattiness in a way that was almost endearing. My favorite thing about Fiona is how open minded she is. She treats tenants and servants with respect, and she acknowledges her attraction for Duncan before she even knows who he is. From the beginning she sees past his scars.Duncan is a great example of how people grow and change based on their life experiences. He carries tremendous guilt and regret from his previous life, and has turned into a man who is humble and kind. It's a novella, so they fall for each other rather abruptly, but there were sparks along the way so it didn't feel forced. The only downside is, what's with this cover art???? In zero way does it match the story.

  • Desiree
    2018-09-25 01:14

    This was a sweet book. I wished it had been longer, but I loved it none the less. :)

  • Judith Sherrod
    2018-10-13 18:18

    MovingMost people would be reluctant to have other people stare at them if they were badly burned, especially a part of their face. Fiona, however, was not put off by the scarring. She saw past the injury to the man underneath..

  • Georgianna Simpson
    2018-09-30 00:22

    Review by Georgianna SimpsonThis is an excellent story of young heartbreak, life-changing tragedy, love and renewal of life. A great read for a snowy cold night!I don’t like to do spoilers… so let me just recap some of the highlights that make this worth the reading.Lady Fiona Haines of Scotland has been living in London in an attempt to find a suitable marriage partner. Her debutante event, in Scotland, was spoiled years ago by a friend of her brothers that she admired when he likened her to a “woodchuck”. Embarrassed and broken hearted, she moved to London with her brother James (himself a noted rogue and womanizer). While she found many friends at court in London, there were still no real suitors for her hand as yet.Her brother gets in trouble with the Prince of Wales (sleeping with the Princess of Wales was what the Prince accused him of) and even though he is visiting friends in Scotland the Prince sends men to find him. Fiona finds she must go to Scotland to find her brother and warn him to hide deep in the highlands of Scotland until the matter is settled.To reach her brother, she must contact Laird Duncan Buchanan, the same friend of her brothers who broke her heart all those years ago. She is reluctant to do this, but must save her brother who has no idea he is being pursued. Duncan agrees to let Fiona and her maid ride with a cargo wagon to Blackwood, his ancestral home where her brother is staying. She doesn’t actually see Duncan as he stays hidden behind a drapery watching. She and her maid must go with the wagon driver and another man covered with dark clothing and an eye-patch.Just outside of Edinburgh her maid decides she doesn’t want to go and secretly runs away, back to Edinburgh, leaving Fiona to travel with just the tall dark stranger (the wagon driver must go find the maid and see she gets safely back to Edinburgh).During the cold and hard trip to Blackwood Fiona grows to trust the dark stranger who is named Duncan…she believes him to be Mr. Duncan a tenant of Buchanan’s. Through mishaps with the wagon and her being saved from a wolf she becomes very attracted to Mr. Duncan. She begins to dream of a life of being his wife and having his children, only to find out (as they near Blackwood) that he is not Mr. Duncan, but Duncan Buchanan of Blackwood himself. Will she forgive him; can she forgive him, should she forgive him? Hmmmmm…You need to read the circumstances and how this all comes about as well as the ending for yourself, it’s a very good story of life and personal growth and love all wrapped up for Christmas!Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

  • Eskimo Princess Jenkins
    2018-09-18 17:24

    this was not as short as I expected it to be, since it is a novella. But not very long either. I guess I was wrapped up in the story. Although I love Julia London very much, and most highlander books, this one just didn't hit me as deeply as her other books.It was a beauty and the beast type story. The beast being Duncan Buchanan, first pretty boy with no care how he treated anyone-beastly. Then he was badly burned in a fire and scarred terribly beastly looking, but a changed man in manners.Fiona, had a crush on Duncan as a young girl but that crush/dream was dashed when he was so very rude to her.My thoughts on this story, are vague. I just didn't connect deeply to it, how did she not recognize him at all? Only one side of his face was scarred, and she still saw his eyes, and actually his entire face. The night that I thought was "the night" really wasn't the special night, yes they connected but not like the night they finally arrived at Blackwood. I have mixed feeling on the story. Granted it was suburbly written, as all of Julia London's books are but to me its missing something and I don't know what it is.

  • Maura
    2018-09-27 00:13

    This was very good. It follows the romance of Duncan and Fiona. Duncan used to be an ass, but he has seriously learned his lessons in life and the author really conveyed how he had abandoned his pride. Any time there is a story that in which a Hero wrongs a Heroine in a prologue situation and they come back together, I want him to suffer for it before being forgiven. I definitely got that. While Fiona was really irritating at the beginning of the story, once she got rolling with her chatter, she was very adorable. A good angsty story about loving someone despite their imperfections.

  • Ƥʋиʏα [Punya Reviews...]
    2018-09-27 19:16

    Story originally published in the anthology Snowy Night with a Stranger and connected to the Scandalous series.

  • Normal
    2018-09-16 22:28


  • Petie McCarty
    2018-10-04 18:35

    The book was too short! It was wonderful and I wished it was regular length and not a novella. Very well done!

  • P.
    2018-09-20 22:34

    The beginning is interesting enough to suck you into the shambles of a middle after which you find there is no end. Really. The book just stops.

  • Mae R
    2018-09-27 18:38

    Fiona & Duncan

  • Beth
    2018-10-05 23:35

    I really like this short story. I wished it was longer,finding out more about Jack, Fiona's brother, would have been fun.