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Eveline Armstrong is fiercely loved and protected by her powerful clan, but outsiders consider her “touched.” Beautiful, fey, with a level, intent gaze, she doesn’t speak. No one, not even her family, knows that she cannot hear. Content with her life of seclusion, Eveline has taught herself to read lips and allows the outside world to view her as daft. But when an arrangedEveline Armstrong is fiercely loved and protected by her powerful clan, but outsiders consider her “touched.” Beautiful, fey, with a level, intent gaze, she doesn’t speak. No one, not even her family, knows that she cannot hear. Content with her life of seclusion, Eveline has taught herself to read lips and allows the outside world to view her as daft. But when an arranged marriage into a rival clan makes Graeme Montgomery her husband, Eveline accepts her duty—unprepared for the delights to come. Graeme is a rugged warrior with a voice so deep and powerful that his new bride can hear it, and hands and kisses so tender and skilled that he stirs her deepest passions.Graeme is intrigued by the mysterious Eveline, whose silent lips are ripe with temptation and whose bright, intelligent eyes can see into his soul. As intimacy deepens, he learns her secret. But when clan rivalries and dark deeds threaten the wife he has only begun to cherish, the Scottish warrior will move heaven and earth to save the woman who has awakened his heart to the beautiful song of a rare and magical love....

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Never Seduce a Scot Reviews

  • Lisa
    2019-01-19 12:28

    HOLY EPIC BEAUTIFUL AMAZINGNESS!I’ve said it before and I will say it once again, absolutely no one writes a highlander romance like Maya Banks! I love many authors who focus on the Scottish highlands but there is simply something magical and beautiful about Maya Banks’ historicals! Sigh! Never Seduce a Scot is no exception. It is the first book in Banks’ Montgomerys and Armstrongs series. Eveline Armstrong and Graeme Montgomery are from feuding clans. The feud has been responsible for many deaths in both clans and a long history of hatred. Both clans are powerful so the king orders a marriage between Eveline (chieftan’s daughter of the Armstrong clan) and the powerful chieftan, Graeme Montgomery, in hopes of avoiding further bloodshed between the clans. But then there wasn't anything to be done about her marriage. She'd watched enough mouths to know that. Her fate was inevitable, so why not embrace it?Eveline was simply a beautiful character. She is thought to be “touched” and daft since her accident on a horse four years prior, an accident where she lost her hearing. At the time of the accident Eveline was to marry Ian McHugh, an evil man who she feared, so when she fell from the horse and lost her hearing she let her family believe that the accident somehow damaged her mentally and perpetrated the lie by never speaking again. When the king forces a marriage between the two enemy clans, her family is outraged. However, there is no refusing the marriage as it would be defying the king and an act of treason. I loved Eveline. She knew her fate would not be easy but she embraced it and was determined to enter into a marriage with the hated clan chieftan. What she did not expect was to be so taken with Graeme. He is the first person she has been able to hear (even slightly) since her accident. Eveline can feel the vibration from his deep voice and the fact that that is the first voice she's noticed is like a balm to her soul.Graeme Montgomery is none too thrilled with this mandatory marriage and he knows there is nothing he can do about it without gaining the wrath of the king. He has no choice but to go onto enemy land to marry a daft girl. With this marriage, Graeme believes that he will never be able to produce an heir, thus ending his line. He feels that the king has overstepped his authority and has asked too much. What Graeme wasn't expecting was a beautiful woman who melts his heart at first glance and certainly does not look touched. He is instantly protective of her and when problems arise back on Montgomery land with his clan not accepting her, he is quick to squash the problem and make an example of those whom are harassing her."I love you, Eveline," he whispered, though he knew she could not hear him. "Somehow, I'll make you hear me and you'll know that I love you as fiercely as it's possible for a man to love a woman."I absolutely loved the heart-fluttering romance between Eveline and Graeme. It was fascinating to watch Eveline's ways of communicating and how other people reacted to her. Initially Graeme’s feelings were more of pity and he felt guilty for thinking about her in sexual terms and considered it such a waste of a beautiful woman. How could he consummate a marriage if his wife is unable to comprehend the act? As the relationship between the pair blossomed Graeme discovers there is more to Eveline and what transpires is a most wonderful and beautiful love. I had tears in my eyes throughout so many scenes in the book. The way Graeme treats Eveline with such tenderness and respect was awespiring! Their love that blossoms is so gentle, yet fierce! Although Banks toned down her usual style for highly erotic sex scenes, she amped up the sweetness and told a heart-melting tale. Overall, Never Seduce a Scot is a must read for lovers of historical Scottish romances. Maya Banks has given us a courageous heroine, a fierce highlander and a tale of true and passionate love. Her writing is beyond superb. My heart is still fluttering just thinking about the story!Favourite quotes:"I knew you'd come," she whispered in a hoarse voice.*****"My lady, I don't simply care for her. I love her. She is my entire life. Without her, I am nothing. I have nothing."*****"...I'll not ever punish the daughter for the sins of the father."She pushed up from the chair, and to his utter shock, she balled her fist and punched him right in the nose."*****"Rorie burst out laughing. Her sister-in-law wasn't happy over her accommodations and she wanted to move into Graeme's chamber. She should be loyal and sternly inform her brother's new bride that is Graeme had wanted her in his chamber he would have put her there. But the devil on her shoulder told her it could be quite fun to aid Eveline in her endeavor and give Graeme a shock when he retired later."*****“You love me,” she said in wonder.He smiled. “Was there ever any doubt?”She turned to her father who was standing a few feet away, his arm around her mother. “He loves me!”Her father’s shoulders shook with laughter. “Aye, I think the whole of Scotland now knows it, lass. Do you not have anything to say back to the lad?”Eveline turned to her husband, her hands leaving his to frame his face. The stubble of his beard rasped over her palms, but she cradled his beloved face in her hands, her thumbs smoothing over the hard lines of his cheekbones. “I LOVE YOU!” she roared, determined to yell it every bit as loudly as he had.There were winces throughout the hall. Others openly laughed. Still others applauded. There were wide smiles, but none as wide as her husband’s. He grinned so broadly that his cheeks looked ready tosplit. Overwhelming joy danced in his dark eyes. He reached up to touch her face, his fingers trailing down her jaw.“Aye, I know it, wife. And the whole of Scotland likely knows it now, too.”My Graeme:My Eveline:

  • Navessa
    2019-01-01 16:19

    So. Goddamn. Cheesy.I was tempted to leave the rating for this blank, because uuuuuuuugh. It's me, isn't it? I mean, come on, what's not to love here? Deaf heroine, non-rapey male lead, well-researched historical setting. PLUS, MEN IN KILTS.Dat cheese tho...And to be honest, I wasn't a fan of how females were portrayed, especially in the first 50%. This is a tale of star-crossed lovers, where the king orders a marriage between two rival clans. The female lead is forced to leave her home and family to marry the enemy. She arrives there, and the men treat her fine, while ALL the women in the clan save one (her new sister in law) are fucking horrible to her. I mean really, really terrible. ALL. OF. THEM. Then, boom, they have a change of heart. It happened so swiftly that it was literally un-believable. Yet the female lead immediately forgives them. Because she's some sort of fucking saint. I did not. Because I am not some sort of fucking saint. I wanted to see them suffer. Alas, they did not. This review can also be found at The Book Eaters.

  • UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish
    2019-01-17 16:38

    Never Seduce a Scot is the first book in Maya Banks’ The Montgomerys and the Armstrongs series, and fun, sexy, entertaining tale! From beginning to end, these feuding clans made this a story filled with twists and turns, situations that were both heartbreaking and inspiring, and kept me turning page after page to see what was going to happen next. Blurb: Eveline Armstrong is fiercely loved and protected by her powerful clan, but outsiders consider her “touched.” Beautiful, fey, with a level, intent gaze, she doesn’t speak. No one, not even her family, knows that she cannot hear. Content with her life of seclusion, Eveline has taught herself to read lips and allows the outside world to view her as daft. But when an arranged marriage into a rival clan makes Graeme Montgomery her husband, Eveline accepts her duty—unprepared for the delights to come. Graeme is a rugged warrior with a voice so deep and powerful that his new bride can hear it, and hands and kisses so tender and skilled that he stirs her deepest passions.Graeme is intrigued by the mysterious Eveline, whose silent lips are ripe with temptation and whose bright, intelligent eyes can see into his soul. As intimacy deepens, he learns her secret. But when clan rivalries and dark deeds threaten the wife he has only begun to cherish, the Scottish warrior will move heaven and earth to save the woman who has awakened his heart to the beautiful song of a rare and magical love. Anyone who has read Maya Banks’ contemporaries knows that this woman can write burn up the pages sex scenes, but I wasn’t sure how she’d pull off a non-erotic story. Well, it’s an understatement to say I wasn’t disappointed and, for the record, this is one steamy read.Given the nature of this story I was a tad concerned that the internal dialog would be dry, making the story drag. But I’m happy to say that Ms. Banks’ did a great job of taking inside Eveline’s mind, letting us get to know her and making her thoughts a pleasure to read! At no time did this necessary storytelling bog down the story, and for that I am very grateful!I can’t often say that I adored the heroine as much as I did the hero but, in this case, I can. Eveline was such a strong, determined young woman who could have justifiably been whiny and bitchy, but she wasn’t. She was feisty, compassionate, loving, forgiving… a truly wonderful lady befitting her role of the Laird’s wife. And speaking of the Laird… lordy, was Graeme ever amazing. He had every right to be angry, bitter, vengeful… but he was none of those things… well, he never directed those things toward Eveline. Honest, understanding, tolerant… the kind of man a woman like Evenline deserves. They were perfectly matched and their happily ever after was hard earned and well deserved.The bottom line: Never Seduce a Scot is a delightful, sexy story. While I would have loved to have heard a more distinctly highlander voice given to the dialog, I truly enjoyed the way this tale was told. I’m very much looking forward to reading the next installment in this series, Highlander Most Wanted.My thanks to for providing me with a copy of this eARC in behalf of Ballentine Books, a division of Random House Publishing Group, in exchange for an honest review!

  • Dd
    2018-12-23 12:43

    ATTENTION: This is from one HOPELESSLY ROMANTIC FOOL to other similar HOPELESSLY ROMANTIC FOOLS--ToHOPELESSLY ROMANTIC FOOLS,Do you want a story which has got-a.Romanceb.Romancec.RomanceWell then CONGRATULATIONS!!.You have chosen the right book.The two most powerful clans in highlands,under King Alexander II are the Montgomerys and the Armstrongs.But unfortunately,they are sworn enemies of each other.Nothing exists between them except hatred.Seeing no other way to stop the war between them,the King decrees that the only daughter of Laird Armstrong,Eveline will have to marry Laird Montgomery." 'Tis madness!"Bowen Montgomery exclaimed."He cannot tie you wee daft daughter of our most hated foe."Laird Graeme Montgomery wants nothing to do with the Armstrongs,much less WED one!!They were responsible for his father's death and he hates them.But he has to bow down to the king's order."Laird Tavis Armstrong's roar could be heard throughout the keep and well into the courtyard where his men were training.Eveline didn't hear her father,but she felt the vibrations against the stone in the floor and knew that something was amiss."Eveline is not only lovely to look upon but also has a beautiful soul.She was betrothed to Ian McHugh three years ago.Her father had wanted the match.Ian was front of others.In reality he was a cruel jerk,a sadist.He had taunted her with promises of a brutal and abusive marriage.Her father too did not believe her, thinking it was just her maidenly fears.Scared she had fled but met with an accident.Though she narrowly escaped death,she lost her hearing,unable to hear anything except low vibrations sometimes.She also stopped speaking.Hoping to get her hearing back,she did not tell anyone of her condition and as a result people thought her to be daft.It helped her to break off her betrothal to Hugh,so she continued with the deception.Meanwhile she learned how to read lips.This is their LOVESTORY.This amazing lovestory depicts that NOTHING,neither hatred,nor venegeance,nor enmity, can ever hold a candle to LOVE.Graeme to Tavis-"My love for Eveline is stronger than my hatred of you."Damn I simply melted everytine Graeme said or did something as sweet as this!!!***sigh***Yours sincerely,one HOPELESSLY ROMANTIC FOOL.P.S-Please make sure you grab this book at the earliest moment possible.

  • Stacey is Sassy
    2018-12-30 16:40

    They thought her daft but she outsmarted them all...This was a re-read of a favourite historical highland romance. Never Seduce a Scot tells a tale of surprising love between a couple whose families are sworn enemies. The King had demanded that a truce be struck between the feuding clans and stipulated that the Montgomery Laird marry the Armstrong Laird's daughter. Wonderful idea from a king wanting peace but with a bride thought to be daft, there is no happiness to be found for either family.5 star reads for me are mainly determined by the feelings I get and this one had me feeling heaps. I was devastated for Eveline and the troubles and heartache she faced from her condition. She lived a lonely life with the Armstrong's and decided to not hide behind the daftness when she moved. These changes were not easy and were made harder because of the clan's hatred of her family. There were times I was blubbering like a baby at the hatred and mistreatment she faced. Her determination to be accepted was amazing. She tried to smile through it all, you just can't help but love her.Graeme is the Laird of the Montgomery's and he takes the job very seriously. When he was shackled to a daft woman, he resigned himself to a marriage in name only. His feelings of guilt when he starts to feel lust for his wife were almost humorous. Graeme is a very controlled man who keeps his feelings close to his chest. When his clan treats Eveline badly that control slips and his displeasure is KNOWN. One of my favourite parts to the story was when we see his frustration in wanting everyone to love and accept her like he has.This story has everything I love about historical highland romance. We have a big strong Laird who loves with his whole heart along with a strong and determined heroine. There was no unnecessary angst between the couple, most of the conflict was on the outside. There was a great connection between Graeme and Eveline and enough steamy bits to give me what I like without being OTT. All of the characters play an integral part to keep the story flowing and make you want to know more about them. Even though this was a re-read it was like I was reading it for the first time again. I was sucked in, devoured it and wanted to go back for more.Thanks my lovelies for picking this as our book of the month.This review and more can be found at

  • Lisa Jayne
    2018-12-26 16:34

    4.5 AYE LASS STARS.At the persistence of my gorgeous friend (The beautiful inside and out Anna Champion) and the encouragement of fabulous five star reviews I finally found myself one clicking this popular historical romance and promptly falling happily head over heels. Readers If you want to be swept off your feet then I would suggest that you indulge yourself in a book from this romance genre and specifically if like me you are late to the party and haven't already one clicked this diamond prepare for an invasion of the book butterflies and a book that brings home the book enjoyment factor. Welcome to 'Never seduce a scot' and a romance that goes straight for the heart ...What's it all aboutAfter a royal decree is made by the king of Scotland a fierce rivalry must come to find peace. The two most powerful clans in the kingdom have always been at war but after the king demands that a marriage is to take place between Laird Armstrong's beloved daughter and Laird Montgomery the feuding Clan's must come together or face war with the king, the union between the two is not received kindly by all involved and so begins the story of Eveline and Graeme. Eveline Armstrong has spent the last two years deceiving her family that an accident on horseback has affected her long term, ridiculed by some as less than normal, Eveline made the choice to protect herself from an less than desirable match of marriage but when the king demands that she forges another union she could not even have imagined what would become of when she meets the powerful but gentlemanly Graeme Montgomery. As this duo start to come to grips with their conflicting emotions regarding loyalty to their blood and lifelong rivalry nothing can come as more than a shock when feelings start to grow. But will this couple make the long rocky Road to happiness when everything says they shouldn't? What did I love?This story reminded me of why I love, love. The romance was extraordinary, the story was original and the connection between the couple was heart-in-mouth, I'm- falling-helplessly-in-love beautiful. Of course I was swooning over the delightful characters there is nothing more exciting than two characters falling helplessly in love when everything should stand against them. Eveline stole my heart straight away she was brave, intelligent and has a streak of cheeky that made me smile. Graeme was the most gentlemanly alpha I've ever read about, this hero is wise, loving and ever so delicious, I fell in love with this duo and believed the story the author was portraying about their love. It was a nice break to escape into a book of yesteryear it made my reading experience ever so dreamy, I could not have wanted more from this historical romance and I know this will be the first of many of this genre that I will happily devour.Why not five?I don't want to sound negative here because I genuinely enjoyed this book however there were points in the story that fell somewhat flat for me, where I felt I was just reading instead of involved with what was going on, but there is no mistaking that this is a delightful story and I am fully convinced I will be continuing with the series.Final thoughts ...Do you love romance? yummy hero's? Delightful heroines? Stories that made you swoon? Then this will be a hit for you, and as for those that dismiss historical romance, I suggest you give this one a whirl ... Go grab it readers. Enjoy, kisses.

  • Anne
    2019-01-01 19:31

    3.5 starsAwwwww. This was just so friggin' sweet!It wasn't perfect, it's not going down as one of my favorites, and I didn't fall in love with the characters. But.I have ZERO complaints. None. The guy wasn't a douchebag who did creepy sex-things to claim her, the girl wasn't pathetic or helpless, and her family wasn't a bunch of asshole who abused her.So. Fucking. Nice.Ok so the king sends out messengers, and tells these two badass warring clans that it's time to knock it off. And to ensure that they cut that shit out and quit attacking each other, he forces the leader of one clan to marry the daughter of the other. If either side disobeys, it will be considered high treason. OUCH.It would be a pretty bad situation for both sides to start with, but it's made worse by the fact that the woman in question is...touched. Eveline fell off her horse a few years ago, and since then she's been different. The laird, Graeme, who's expected to marry her is basically going to have to give up on the idea of heirs, because everyone knows she's not all there, and he's not the kind of guy who would have sex with a woman who was mentally incapable of consenting.But her family doesn't know that.They're all freaking out, because all they know about him is that he's their enemy.But wait, there's more! Turns out, Eveline's been faking it (for a good reason), and once she meets Graeme, and sees that he's not an asshole, she thinks this marriage as a way to perhaps get her life back. See, the fall didn't affect Eveline's mind, it just made her deaf. So, she...{Insert spoilery stuff here}But just when you think everything is going to work out, this horrible bad guy {insert more spoilery stuff happening here}, and everyone is freaking out again!Well, of course you don't. You'll have to actually read it to find out what I'm talking about.And you definitely should read it! Especially if you're looking for a good Kilt Romance.Huge Thank You to Holly for pointing me in the direction of this book. It absolutely didn't disappoint!

  • Stacia (the 2010 club)
    2018-12-24 13:48

    3.5 stars. I'm confused. I'm thoroughly confused. Is this the same author who wrote about a weak-willed woman being repeatedly *cough* utilized by 3 men at the same time in every single possible place there is to utilize a woman? I never would have known that this book came from the same person who wrote the other book if I'd gone into this read blindly. The writing style was completely different.Okay, I'm not going to lie. Colters' Woman was not the absolute worst book I've ever read, for what it was. That book was fluff erotica - very enticing in parts while completely ridiculous in others (and tiring - how this woman was able to keep up, I'll never know). However, there was nothing about Colters' which made it stand out for me either. The woman was completely downtrodden, the men were interchangeable, and the story was practically nonexistent.Needless to say, my expectations were pretty low for my first highlander read from this author. So you can only imagine my surprise when I found myself enjoying Never Seduce a Scot. Well, who knew I'd end up liking this? Even though the story didn't have as much of the sexy highlander brogue that I love, it was still a touching little read (and not the kind of touching that went on in Colters'). Eveline is a woman who had lost her hearing in an accident involving a horse. Even though Eveline taught herself how to read lips and could understand what people were saying around her, she pretended to be 'daft' and refused to speak in order to avoid being forced into a marriage to a man whom she considered abusive. Instead, she ended up being forced into a 'political' marriage to the head of an enemy clan. Graeme is the man who feels guiltily drawn to his new bride. He doesn't want to believe she is daft, but he does draw the line at trying to make any advances on his wife because he isn't sure where her mental capacity is. He honestly doesn't want to take advantage, even though his instinct is to protect and care for this woman who was dropped into his life and he finds himself attracted to her beauty. I was happily amazed to find that this big, burly, clan leader was really a softie at heart. His attitude was refreshing and different from the general alpha male. Everything about this man showed his strength of character and ability to treat others with respect and kindness. He was a wonderful character.To his surprise, she turned just enough to kiss the inside of his hand. It was such a simple thing and yet he felt it all the way to his soul.It's not often that you get to read stories in which one of the main characters is disabled in some form and I loved that the author used her real life experiences with her own husband's hearing loss as inspiration for this story. Because Banks drew from her personal knowledge, the story read as authentic and not forced.Overall, this was a beautiful love story and I loved how moving the connection was between Eveline and Graeme. The only fault I could find with the book, which made me knock off half a rating point, is that it ran a little too long. There might have been a benefit from cutting out a few needless scenes. Even so, I'm glad that I gave Never Seduce a Scot a fair chance. I ended up finding a nice little gem in the historical romance genre."I love you, Evangeline," he whispered, though he knew she could not hear him. "Somehow, I'll make you hear me and you'll know that I love you as fiercely as it's possible for a man to love a woman."

  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    2019-01-05 13:20

    LOVED!This book is a romancy-romance for romance lovers! Is it historically accurate? Probably not.Is it realistic? For sure, no. But was it so romantic and un-put-downable that I walked around carrying that bodice-ripping cover everywhere? YESSSSSSS!I adored Never Seduce a Scot. I honestly barely read the blurb before buying this book at my library book sale, and I went on simply the positive reviews from my friends. #worthit. While this book is the traditional virgin-meets-hulking-warrior/laird trope as well as the arraigned marriage trope, it was insanely readable. I have a weakness for a character with a disability, and I was instantly drawn to Eveline and liked her immediately. Her chemistry with Graeme was insane, and I died with every touch and declaration of love. Swoon-worthy to the nth degree, a romance for when you want to read about LOVE and care less about plot and realism. Straight to my favorites list.

  • ♡Karlyn P♡
    2018-12-22 11:33

    Maya Banks is quickly becoming my favorite author of Highlander/Medieval romances. NEVER SEDUCE A SCOT was another winner. It was a sexy, sweet highlander romance between enemy clans. While it was a bit predictable in places, I really didn’t care. The story kept me glued, the characters were endearing, and the romance was swoon worthy. Forced to marry by the king’s proclamation, Eveline Armstrong and Graeme Montgomery meet just one day before their own wedding. Graeme will respect the king’s wishes, but he has no intention of making Eveline a wife in truth. He will not have the enemy’s daughter be the mother of his children. Shortly after they wed, he realizes the rumors about her being ‘touched’ in the head were a lie. She is deaf, not stupid. She can read lips and communicate just fine. And she has a sweet side that Graeme is very attracted to. His clan has trouble accepting his new bride, now his wife in truth. Someone is also trying to start a war between the Armstrong and Montgomery clans, which puts both of their lives at risk.There was some great action toward the end, but for most of the book the story is focused on Graeme and Eveline getting to know each other. We learn much about his clan, and meet his brothers (who will have their own stories too)! It was a sweet romance. Graeme was not a dark alpha type hero you normally read about it Highlander/Medieval romances. This was a great start to a new series. It was a bit predictable, but I still recommend it for a fun read. I will definitely read the next, can’t wait. If you like sexy highlander romances, but want a book where the hero isn’t a brooding alpha type, this is a great choice.

  • Val ⚓️ ShamelessBitchySKANKY ⚓️ Steamy Reads
    2019-01-18 13:37

    After just re-reading this for about the 5th time I said to myself, "Self, why did we ony rate this 4 stars? That's ridiculous Self, this book is fucking amazing." So 5 Stars.Love,Self

  • NMmomof4
    2019-01-19 19:26

    3 StarsOverall Opinion: This wasn't quite as good as I thought it'd be. I enjoyed it, but I just thought it was ok. The H was awesome, but I think I've been conditioned to like a different kind of H as he seemed a little too sweet for my liking. I'm sure I'm a minority in that! The ending felt a little lackluster to me too. Many people loved this, so it could just be me 🤷🏻‍♀️Brief Summary of the Storyline:This is Eveline and Graeme's story. They are both from enemy clans and the King has ordered them to get married to force a blood treaty and cause peace in their area. Eveline had an accident years before and her family believes that she has never fully recovered and is "daft", so they are especially upset about the fact that she is to marry the enemy chieftain and leave to live on their territory. Graeme is sympathetic to Eveline, and they connect instantly regardless of the fact that their families have been enemies for many years. The more time they spend together, the stronger they feel for one another. There is some clan drama, some ex suitor drama, a few sexy times, and some sweet moments...and they get a HEA ending.POV: This alternated between focusing mainly on Eveline and Graeme in 3rd person narrative.Overall Pace of Story:Good. The end felt a little abrupt, but otherwise I never skimmed and I thought it flowed well.Instalove: Kind of. They both felt an instant connection, and it didn't take long for them to feel strongly for each other.H rating: 4 stars. Graeme. I liked him, but he was a little too beta for my preferences. He was so sweet and compassionate towards the h from the start.h rating: 3 stars. Eveline. I though she was ok. I was disappointed in how she didn't trust her family, but I also understood that she was in a bad position.Sadness level: Low, no tissues neededPush/Pull: Not really Heat level: Decent. They have some decent tension, chemistry, and scenes -- but not so much it takes away from the storyline.Descriptive sex: YesOW/OM drama: Yes (view spoiler)[ Ther was an OM that the h was promised to before her accident that comes around and causes some drama. (hide spoiler)]Sex scene with OW or OM: NoCheating:NoSeparation: NoPossible Triggers: Yes (view spoiler)[The h is deaf due to an accident (accident off page), assault/attempted murder (on page), and virgin h.(hide spoiler)]Closure:This had ok closure, but I would've liked a farther glimpse into their future. I would still call it a HEA.How I got it: I got it on loan through my public library and Amazon.Safety: This one should be Safe for most safety gang readers(view spoiler)[- Does Not have cheating- Does Not have a descriptive sex scene with OW/OM-Does Not have the h or H pushing away-Does Not have a separation between the h and H-Does Not have abuse by mcs-Does Not have OTT sad parts- Doeshave a HEA ending (hide spoiler)]

  • Lady Gabriella of Awesomeness
    2019-01-06 11:24

    I have to say,I was truely touched by this read.Especially after reading the author's notes under ACKNOWLEDGMENTS....AUTHOR'S NOTE :Eveline’s deafness is based on my husband’s own hearing condition.No one ever knew how bad his hearing was until he was in his master’s program in college.He’d taught himself to read lips and got through school by sitting close to the teachers so hecould see their mouths.Like Eveline,he cannot hear higher pitches and only some lowertones.This book and the heroine is a nod to him and his perseverance. I cant believe I let this book lie on my TBR for soooo loong ! Totally faceplam-ing myself now !!MAYA BANKS established her story quiet wonderfully as always,with strong characters and a very unique plot.This book has DEFINITELY earned its place on my FAVORITES is the least I could do for keeping my awake to 2:30 AM ;) TO ME..This read depicted a true moral by the end.If I was in EVELINE'S place I'll admit I probably wouldn't have taken my sudden deafness so bravely while promising myself to make the very best out of it...And for that I truly do admire both,the character and THE AUTHOR'S HUSBAND for going on with such perseverance. To those who always fear failure but face the inevitable head on anyway..STAY STRONG BECAUSE

  • Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤
    2019-01-01 18:20

    What a wonderful story!!I absolutely loved this book!!!My first and definetely favorite historical book!!!!The story starts with a century of long feud between the Armstrong and Montgomery clans.The king, having the support of both of these very strong clans fears that his backing will be weakened severely if these 2 clans kill each other off.Really, it's just a matter of time before they war with each other.In a last ditch effort to save this from happening the King decides to issue an edict that the only daughter of the Armstrong clan must marry the Laird of the Montgomery clan.By uniting the clans in marriage he hopes it will keep them from hurting one another...This is met with much anger and hurt on both sides, but what other choice do they have? If they go against the King it will be seen as an act of treason and their clans would be destroyed....For Graeme, not only would that mean tying himself to his fiercest enemy's clan by marriage but it's also known throughout Scotland that the chief's daughter is daft,addled,touched.So it would also mean he couldn't expect a proper wife and therefore his dream of heirs to pass the Montgomery name to is also shattered...It's a crushing blow....GraemeEvelineI loved the characters in this book!!Graeme is fair,loyal,caring,protective and open.Eveline is strong,tenacious,sweet,feisty and loving.I found it refreshing to have a heroine that was not "perfect."Their relationship between Graeme and Eveline was incredibility sweet and romantic and I loved the way he stood up for her while she is struggling to gain acceptance into his clan.And while most of the book did revolve around their relationship them getting to know one another and falling in love and they have good chemistry.Their bond is tested as they face challenges,igotry and danger.Their fierce protection of each other is amazing during dire circumstances!!! Favorite part"I appreciate that you seek to protect her Rorie but do not assume that I cannot also give her protection from those who wish her ill.'Tis my duty as her husband and one I do not take lightly.Now sit.The both of you" "My lady,I don't simply care for her.I love her.She is my entire life.Without her,I am nothing.I have nothing".

  • Karla
    2019-01-13 19:23

    4 1/2 Lovely Stars! Great start to this Highlander series! Beautiful story about two feuding families brought together by through a mandated arranged marriage. Eveline, Graeme and their families are resolved to their fate, not necessarily pleased by the king's order, but they obey to keep peace among the clans. Eveline was one of the sweetest, bravest heroines I've ever read about, I adored her. Graeme was charming, kind, and even though this union was not what he sought or dreamed about for his marriage or in a wife, he did his best to make Eveline feel at home. What he didn't expect was to fall in love with this beautiful determined girl, that carried the name of his sworn enemy. It was heartbreaking to watch Eveline, who was already afflicted with a disability, overcome the odds, as she tried to win acceptance of Graeme's clan. They humiliate, berate and try to break her, but her iron will and love for Graeme give her the strength she needs to forge ahead. Graeme initially feels pity for her, but her sweet personality, beauty, and sheer tenacity to become an accepted member of the clan, has him thinking that instead of being cursed, he's been blessed. Rorie, Graeme's sister was a delight, and her friendship with Eveline was quick to form, as was her protective nature. Bowen and Teague, Graeme's brothers, angry that Eveline has taken the family name, eventually soften to this woman, who puts herself in harm's way to protect their brother. The ending was somewhat abrupt and I was disappointed that there was no epilogue, but I'm hoping future books in the series will involve both the Armstrong's and the Montgomery's. I enjoy when books feature a couple, but center around the family, giving us a chance to follow the lives of the couples that came before. There are some heated love scenes, but they are few. However, what I enjoyed the most in this book, were the moments were Graeme and Eveline connected through their hearts, and they both realize that the heritage you're born into, doesn't define you as a person. It was really lovely!

  • Jilly
    2019-01-04 12:19

    So freaking good!This HR is about two rival clans in ye old Scotland that are forced by the king to join one of the chieftains to the other chieftain's daughter in marriage. The hope is that this will stop all of the crazy killing between the clans. Neither clan is happy about it at all. These were some unhappy clams clans.But then, oh it was so awesome! The hero, Graem, is a total sweetie pie. Yes, an alpha sweetie pie, but still. And, the heroine, Eveline, is so amazing. Ugh! The cute-o-meter goes through the roof! I think the damn thing broke!Yes, this much cuteness!And, best of all: no Too Stupid To Live moments. No idiotic reasons they have to break-up and get back together. The sex was actually reasonable. He even waited a few days after she lost her virginity to give her time to heal, like a considerate guy. Even the bad guy, who could have been considered a bit over the top, had a good plan as to why he does what he does. It made sense.Weird!I actually have no complaints about anything that happened in this book. NONE! My only complaint is that I don't get to complain. It was just too awesome.I guess I'll always have that

  • xrysa
    2019-01-03 14:46

    Graeme EvelineYears now the Armstrong and the Montgomery clans are sworn enemies and they are fighting each other.The king cant stand this anymore and the solution is not just a treaty but a marriage , an unwanted one.The marriage of Eveline and Graeme is supposed to stop their clans warring . However, no one wants this marriage but unfortunatelly they cant oppose to the royal orders. After the marriage she has to go to the enemies land and live with them.As the laird's wife she should be treated with respect but people cant forget the past ( or the rumors ) .Armstrong b*tch.In his clan she feels alone and terrified because people are not hostile and they arent willing to change their horrible attitude either. They make her feel picked apart and unworthy because she is an Armstrong.Things between Graeme and Eveline are so awkward in the beginning.I believe that they are forced to love each other but their relationship is very beautiful ."I do not regret our marriage Eveline."Graeme starts falling in love with her and he cant tolerate anymore the disrespect towards her. He wants to protect her from everyone but he is not able to."Give me a chance to make you happy."Eveline: I loved her! She is so smart and sweet. Eveline is not responsible for her father's actions but still people treat her badly . She managed to embrace a marriage that was forced on her and she finally found the love she deserved . Her past haunts her but Graeme is there to make her forget everything and move on. “My lady, I don’t simply care for her. I love her. She is my entire life. Without her, I am nothing. I have nothing.Graeme: He is so swoon worthy! I have to admit that in the beginning of the book he scared me but he started showing us his real face I fell in love with him. He is so protective and he cant stand the idea of losing her."This is for my wife and I hope you rote in hell."All in all , this book didnt disappoint me and I definitely recommend it .

  • Kathleen
    2019-01-13 14:35

    Story rating 5 BIG STARSCharacter Rating 5 BIG STARSRomance Rating 5 BIG STARSHeat Level 4 out of 5 starsOverall Rating, priceless, LOL!Can you tell how much I LOVED this book? Just in case you have not figured out how much, I must say that this book was absolutely AMAZING!This book grabbed me early on and had me loving every moment. The heroine, Eveline was such a special character. She went into a marriage with her clans most hated enemy and by the end she brought them to her knees with her beautiful smile and her kind forgiving and gentle heart. Don't think because of that she was wimpy, NO WAY. Eveline was very smart, brave and courageous. Time and time again she did what she thought would help her ease her way into the enemy clan, never once complaining. It was not an easy task and she had many of clan members do offal things to her. The hero, Grarme was also a fantastic hero. I loved watching this fierce warrior fall for Eveline even though she came from the enemy's clan. I loved that we have a hero who had not slept around with every lass. When he finally decided that Eveline was ready to consummate the marriage, he did so very gentle and put her every pleasure above his first. Let me tell you that the love scenes were really written well.This book brought out many emotions for me. I felt, sadness, joy, anger and of course love. I sighed, smiled, cried and got the chill bumps through out this book.By the end of the book, you got to see just how fiercely these two cared and loved each other. I really could feel the love leaping off of the pages.There are plenty of secondary characters in this book also. Graeme has two brothers and a sister. Eveline has 2 brother also. I wonder who the Hero or Heroine will be in the next book, Highlander Most Wanted. I tell you February 26, 2013 can't come fast enough for me. I'm going to go absolutely crazy waiting on this next installment.After saying all that I just have to say that YES, I would HIGHLY recommend to any and all of my book friends out there who love a fantastic Scottish romance to read this one. I can say without a doubt that you will really like this one, if not LOVE it as I have :-)

  • Vishous
    2018-12-29 11:38

    One word: beautiful. <3

  • Carmen
    2019-01-02 15:34

    He liked kissing. Many a man didn't have much patience for it. His men jested about kissing being a waste of time and was only for wooing the unwilling lasses. But if a lass was willing, they'd much rather move to the more rudimentary elements of coupling.But to Graeme, kissing was almost as intimate as the act of lovemaking itself. It wasn't something to be hurried or to be offered as a token to woo a reluctant lass. It was an expression of regard.Welp, there you have it. *Carmen slams the book shut.* Now you know why this is getting 5 romance stars from me. Okay, bye....Oh, you're still here? You want more details about the book? A hero who loves kissing isn't enough for you? Okay.This is an AMAZING romance book that is going to make your heart explode inside your chest. For tons of reasons: cuteness, sweetness, betrayal, shock, outrage, and romance. Yay!The Armstrongs and the Montgomerys hate each other. Their clans have been feuding for generations. So the king orders a marriage to unite the two clans.Eveline Armstrong is touched. Daft. Not right in the head. Her clan is outraged at the thought of her being forced into a marriage with the hated laird Graeme Montgomery. Anyone can see that she is unfit to carry out her wifely duties. Why, she hasn't spoken a single word in three years, not since "the accident."Graeme is not pleased with the arrangement, either. Getting married to a woman who is afflicted means that he will be unable to consummate the marriage and unable to have any heirs. And when he finds himself very attracted to the tiny blonde lass, he is ashamed. Only a slime would think lustful thoughts about a dimwit. And Eveline is most certainly addled... Isn't she?Having faked mental problems for three years, Eveline is tired of pretending that she's touched. In fact, nothing is wrong with her brain at all. She's simply deaf. But in a desperate move to avoid marriage to a wife-beating rapist piece of shit, she used her deafness as a tool to fake intellectual disability. Now, forced by marriage into a clan who hates her family, can she confess the truth and find an ally in her kind and patient husband?...This book is so cute and delicious and it also will make your heart explode with feelings. o.O GRAEME: Sweet, kind, patient, loves kissing (!!!!!). He is so honorable. Sometimes historical heroes can be forceful, possessive, and a bit brutal, so I'm happy to report that Graeme is a complete mensch. Your heart will be melting from the cuteness. He acts so correct, it is so attractive, OMG. Patient men who love kissing are the best in life. O.O I was excited. He's so good with consent. He has a really deep voice and Eveline loves it because she can feel the vibrations from his voice. I'm with you, girl. I could listen to Vin Diesel or Michael Clarke Duncan or Michael Dorn or James Earl Jones or Ving Rhames read me the phone book and it would be exciting. ;) For serious. What else? Oh yeah. As something VERY RARE in a historical romance, Graeme is NOT a mujeriego. NOT a man who has slept with 500 women. He's actually just slept with about 4 or 5. Wow. That is so amazing for this genre you have no idea. (view spoiler)[And when he goes down on Eveline, it's his first time doing that! OMG so sweet. (hide spoiler)]EVELINE: Sweet, kind, good-hearted, earnest, hard-working, sincere, smart, and brave. My heart was being torn out every time someone was mean to her because she was deaf or because they thought she was daft. She was always trying to do the right thing and she was so brave. Aw!There's bad guys and betrayal and some bad stuff happens (but no rape, thank you, Banks). This book will really put you through the wringer.I loved every minute of this book.I highly recommend this if you like historical romance, and/or specifically Highlander romance.3 REAL STARS, 5 ROMANCE STARS - Highest romance recommendation!!!P.S. Why is this available in Portuguese and NOT Spanish!?!!?!?!? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Kristin
    2019-01-16 17:43

    Eveline has thought to be daft since her spill on a horse years ago. So when the king forms a marriage between two enemy clans regarding Eveline's hand in marriage, her family is outraged. However, to refuse the marriage would be defying the king, but, they do not let her go to their enemies hands lightly and are quick to inform Graeme of Eveline's condition. When she happens upon Graeme and her father speaking, she is instantly taken with him. He is the first person she has ever been able to hear. Granted, she can't make out words but she can feel the vibration from his deep timber voice and the fact that that is the first voice she's noticed excites her.Graeme is not too thrilled with this arranged marriage but like the Armstrongs, there is naught he can do about it without gaining the wrath of the king. So he goes along onto enemy land to marry a daft girl. A girl who will most assuredly, due to her condition, never produce an heir, thus ending his line. What he wasn't expecting was a beautiful woman who not only seems taken with him but shows great intellect and awareness as well. He is instantly protective of her and when problems arise back on Montgomery land with his clan not accepting her, he is quick to squash the problem and make an example of those whom are harassing her.This was a great historical romance. I admit that this is the first Maya Banks novel that I have read and I can honestly say that it won't be my last. In fact, I look forward to more from this series. Banks has a great way of telling a story and painting the picture of the grassy green hills of Scotland. I instantly fell in love with the characters and look forward to catching up with them in the next novel. The romance between Eveline and Graeme didn't by any means feel rushed since for a good portion of the book, Graeme thinks her daft and tries to respect her as an innocent woman. I even enjoyed the secondary characters and am quite pleased to find out that this is part of a series. Favorite part...Once arriving on Montgomery land after the marriage Eveline is taking to her chamber. Note the "her" and not the "their" chamber. She is not pleased at all that unlike a normal marriage, her husband has placed her in a separate room to his own. So she sets out to rectify this immediately and is caught by Graeme's sister Rorie when she's trying, unsuccessfully I might add, to move her trunks to which ever room might be his. So she asks Rorie to help her not only find Graeme's room but to assist her in moving all of her belongings there."Rorie burst out laughing. Her sister-in-law wasn't happy over her accommodations and she wanted to move into Graeme's chamber. She should be loyal and sternly inform her brother's new bride that is Graeme had wanted her in his chamber he would have put her there. But the devil on her shoulder told her it could be quite fun to aid Eveline in her endeavor and give Graeme a shock when he retired later."

  • Gi's Spot Reviews
    2019-01-12 14:27

    5 MILLION Stars for this book!My ALL TIME fav historical and my ALL TIME fav HR Hero! Yes, it topped JG's Lion's Lady and the Bride for me, and considering how much I loved those is saying a whole lot! Graeme was undoubtedly PERFECT, so very perfect! From first thought to last single line that came from his mouth. If I made a list for everything I want in my HR main male characters I can honestly say Graeme would tick ALL the boxes. That's right, he's THAT good! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3Full review to follow when I'm not so weak kneed from swooning so hard...

  • ♥Rachel♥
    2019-01-14 17:38

    Never Seduce a Scot was amazing and epic with a romance that turned me into a puddle of goo! I listened to the audio version, and the performer, Kirsten Potter, was perfection!! I’m supposed to save my audio books for my commute but there was no way I could stop listening to this mesmerizing story once I got home! I was up until 2am to finish. The Montgomery’s and the Armstrong’s are enemy clans engaged in bitter feuding for ages. Being the largest and the most powerful clans in Scotland, the king forms a plan to unite them and stop their feud from weakening the kingdom. He decrees a marriage between the Laird of the Montgomery clan, Graeme, and the Laird’s daughter of the Armstrong clan, Eveline. Needless to say, this does not go over well, and the king only hopes they don’t kill each other at the wedding! Both clans acquiesce out of loyalty to the king and because if they don’t, the act of disobedience would be a death sentence for their clan. Graeme hates the Armstrong’s but doesn’t hold this against an innocent woman. He’s not happy forcing this marriage, first and foremost because Eveline is an Armstrong but also because she’s reported to be “touched” or “daft.” How can he have a real marriage and heirs with such a woman? For three long years Eveline has been carrying on a deception with her family. After a grave horse riding accident left her with a severe fever and unconscious for two weeks, she came out of it deaf but mentally sound. However, in order to avoid a marriage to Ian McHugh, a man who she was betrothed to against her wishes, she allows everyone to believe she’s mentally compromised. She has her reasons that we discover later, and I have to say, I would’ve done the same thing! This story captivated and mesmerized me! I was on the edge of my seat, eager to find out how everything would work out! Both Graeme and Eveline captured my heart in their own way. Both were resolved to make the best out of an unwanted situation, but they didn’t count on the intense attraction and connection they would form. Each is an advocate for the other right from the beginning. I loved the fact there was zero frustration from either character, they made rational and reasonable decisions. *sighs in relief*Oh my heart, this romance just filled my heart to bursting! There are so many swoon-worthy moments and also enough spice make your insides zing! I can’t recommend this story enough, and I plan on reading the next in the series: Highlander Most Wanted. I’m a little nervous to pick it up, though because it seems like a much darker read.

  • CC
    2019-01-12 15:31

    4.5 stars.This was a great love story. It features one of the best Heros I have ever read. I cannot imagine a hero as caring and intuitive as Graeme, all the while being a badass highland laird. He saw something in Eveline that even her family, that loved and adored her, did not see. He is protective, patient, kind, smart, ok did I say I LOVE him? He gets a million stars! I really liked Eveline as well, she has a tough time of it but I felt she put up with a bit too much. Reading about a deaf heroine is a first for me and I admired her in so many ways. I smile when I think about her learning to regulate her speech. I think it could be funny! And their first meeting was hilarious and sweet. I knew it would be a good story the minute she took his hand because even I, as a reader, was shocked. And I loved how she went a bit crazy when he was hurt, kicking everyone out of the room! Priceless! The women of the Montgomery clan were a bunch of nasty, lazy, spiteful bitches. Good thing Eveline was so sweet, because I would have gone postal on their asses! I did love how Graeme stuck up for her and could not fault him for the actions he took. I think he handled everything exactly when and how he best could. Well except for you know who...she should not have lived. Loved the little sister Rorie. She is a trip! Maybe one day she will get her own book....So why not 5 stars? I remember being frustrated by how long Eveline played the deaf, mute. It started to really bug me around 30-40%. I disliked how she did not trust her family even after her first betrothal was called off. I get why she did what she did, but lying is a hot button for me and I felt she took it too far for too long. It was funny how freaking relieved Graeme was that she was not mentally deficient so that he did not care she had been lying all this time. I totally understood that too. Yea - basically Graeme can do no wrong!I thought the story was put together flawlessly. The action towards the end was perfectly placed and was just the right amount of time. I loved the resolution with her family. There is so much to love about this story. Anyone with even a minor tolerance for historical romances should read this book!I know I will reread this book. Safety gang safeLoved that Graeme was not a manwhore and there were zero OW issues to deal with!!!!

  • Annika
    2019-01-11 19:38

    For someone who usually doesn't like Historical Romance (nor anything by Maya Banks so far), I found this book to be surprisingly enjoyable.Amazing characters, sweet romance, great plot.Thumbs up!

  • Sheryl
    2019-01-14 16:35

    THANK YOU TO EDELWEISS AND RANDOM HOUSE FOR PROVIDING ME WITH AN ARC OF THIS BOOK!!!!! And Ms Banks, you should know that it was your McCabe trilogy which brought me BACK to reading Scottish historical romance after giving that genre up 10 years ago!!! And now this; your new Scottish historical trilogy feauturing the Montgomerys and Armstrongs is going to FREAKIN' KICK AR$E!!!! *HAPPY DANCE* OH MY FREAKIN' GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was so bloody AMAZING!!!!! I swear i need to breathe now considering i was holding my breath the WHOLE time i was reading this...... *SQUEAL* I will write a proper review shortly BUT this is SURELY a 5 star read!!!! The love and emotion... *SWOON*... more soon....

  • * Meli Mel *
    2019-01-02 16:35

    I haven't read a historical romance in quite a long time. Really... I think it has been close to a year. I don't know why I stopped, but then I decided I wanted to go back to it. I am so glad I picked Never Seduce a Scot, because I loved it!The Montgomerys and Armstrongs are enemy clans that blame each other for the death of their loved ones. As time passed, their hatred and thirst for revenge grew, but the king was not willing to let them feud any longer. He decides that Eveline Armstrong and Graeme Montgomery must marry in hopes that the war between them ends. They have no choice but to obey the King's orders.Eveline Armstrong is the only daughter of Tavis Armstrong, cheiftan of the Armstrong clan. She suffered an accident years before that resulted in Eveline never speaking again. Everyone thinks she is touched and daft but the truth is, she has lost her hearing and doesn't mind what people are saying about her. This is because at the time of her accident, she was set to marry Ian McHugh, a man that had everyone believing he was a very good man when he was not. Many times he came to Eveline and spoke of all the ways she would suffer once they were married. So Eveline pretended to be what people called her in order to get out of the marriage.Eveline was such a great character. She knew that she wouldn't be able to get out of her marriage with Graeme like she did with Ian, but she would do it for her family. When she arrives at the Montgomery keep, she is hated instantly because of who she is. There are glares everywhere she looks and obscene words said to her, but she is determined to find a place in the Montgomery clan and to be accepted. The women of the clan were the worst towards her and I loved that she never lost that goodness inside, even when they were downright cruel to her. She did show her anger but she never became vengeful towards them. It was at those times that she showed how strong of a woman she really was. She was also an intelligent and sweet person.But neither of them had been given a choice in the matter and in Eveline's mind it was better to make the best of a bad situation. She liked Graeme. The more time she spent in his presence, the more she grew to like and even respect the man he was.He'd been kind to her and he'd shown her understanding. Any man who could do that with the daughter of his most hated enemy was not an evil man.***************"I do not regret having to marry you," she said gravely."I do not regret our marriage either, Eveline."Graeme Montgomery is the chieftan of his clan. He has had nothing but hatred for the Armstrongs since he blames them for the death of his father. He can't believe that he has to marry Tavis's crazy daughter. When he sees Eveline for the first time, he is struck by her beauty and finds that he can't blame her for the sins of her kin. He later sees the intelligence in her eyes when he speaks to her for the first time and starts to realize that the rumours may not be true. He is determined to protect and to care for her as she deserves. He slowly starts to fall for her and is disapponted and angry that his clan is treating Eveline so badly and that he can't control it. "Why do you stare at me so?""Because you're the most beautiful woman I've ever had the pleasure of looking upon."*****************He wanted her wholly to himself. By his side. In his bed every night. In his arms... She was a ray of sunshine on the dreariest of days. She filled a hole he hadn't even thought occupied his heart.He couldn't let her go.Graeme was a super swoony highlander. If I ever had to have an arranged marriage, I would want it to be with Graeme *sigh*. He was a fair, kind, caring, and protective man. I really loved seeing them fall in love and not caring about which clan they came from. The pacing was just perfect, and all of the moments they shared were truly heart warming, that it actually had me melting. It was really beautiful!"I love you, Eveline," he whispered, though he knew she could not hear him. "Somehow, I'll make you hear me and you'll know that I love you as fiercly as it's possible for a man to love a woman."I loved the story, the main characters were very lovable, and even the secondary characters were great. The plot was also very interesting and never had me feeling bored. Now, I can't wait to dive into Bowen's story! If you are looking for a good highlander book, I really recommend this one!

  • Splage
    2018-12-24 16:28

    5 StarsGenre: Scottish Historical Romance Heat Barometer: 4 out of 5 flamesAudiobook editionOnce I started the audiobook I couldn't wait to get back to it, every free moment I had, my headphones were in and I was IN Scotland. I am a newbie to audiobooks and the narrator, Kirsten Potter, is what I think made this book just come alive for me. I fell in love with the H&h, Graeme and Eveline. I can not count how many times my chest tighten up or my face warmed because of these beautiful characters and the tenderness and honor that they had in abundance.Previously, I did read two of Maya Banks other books from her Scottish McCabe Trilogy series and they were enjoyable, but lacked the excitement that I felt listening to NSaS. It makes me wonder if I would have listened to them with this narrator, (she was the narrator for the McCabe Trilogy also) that maybe I would have liked the first series more.The Armstrong's and the Montgomery's were the Hatfield's and McCoy's; they hated each other and it had been going on for generations. The king decides to play matchmaker, as well as, possibly try to mend the fences between the families. He decrees that Graeme, the laird of the Montgomery's, will marry Eveline, only daughter of the Armstrong's. Eveline is considered "touched" or handicapped because she doesn't always seem aware of what is going on around her. She was in an accident a few years back and lost her hearing, but she reads lips. She hasn't been forthcoming to her family or her clan regarding her state of mind because by playing damaged she has gotten out of some bad situations.The love story between Graeme and Eveline was phenomenal. It was so good and warming to the heart; Graeme is THE MAN!! He is honorable, gentlemanly, protective, possessive ((BIG SIGH)) and Eveline was so sweet and strong. She recognizes immediately the goodness in Graeme and tries so hard to make their marriage work by putting the family feud behind her. The steamy moments were satisfying and also, what I thought was unique was that Graeme was not practice in the sex department. He didn’t use women for a quick tumble just to get off, though he definitely knew what he was doing between the sheets. I will definitely look for more from this narrator and continue with the audiobooks in this series.

  • Iliada
    2019-01-04 11:19

    I seriously loved this book! I liked Maya Banks's McCabes highlander trilogy a lot, but her talent really shines in this book and it's become my favourite book by this author.We have a truly lovely heroine, who is deaf after an accident she had three years ago. Everyone thinks she's daft though and that the accident affected her mental faculties, and she allows this deception to continue in order to avoid a very bleak fate. Let's face it, it's always cute and touching to have a hero or heroine with a disability, but I honestly don't believe the reason this book is so good is solely because of that. Though I didn't agree with everything Eveline did, it is a fact that she's a wonderful heroine, with a positive attitude, a big heart and great inner strength.Graeme is such a sexy Highlander! I have a soft spot for the Scots. I love everything about them; from their accent and kilts to their typical warrior persona, the possessiveness and their hard exterior contrasted to their soft interior (at least in romances :P). Give me a Scot and chances are I'm going to like the book. But Graeme was definitely one of the best I've read about so far. I liked how accepting and kind he was towards Eveline. But I loved that, after he found out that her only "defect" is that she's deaf, he was so fast to love her and he wasn't stubborn at all about it. He wasn't the type of hero who refused to accept his feelings until the very end. Instead, he fell in love so fast, he never tried to hide it from anyone and he did all that was in his power to protect Eveline and to keep her by his side, even defying and going against his own clan when necessary. In fact, what I loved the most about him was that he was was his wife's greatest champion.Forced marriage may be a typical theme for romances, especially for the medieval variety, but more often than not it works quite well. Here it was simply amazing! The Montgomerys and Armstrongs were the biggest enemies and when the king forced both clans to make a treaty through the marriage of Graeme Montgomery and Eveline Armstrong, both families had no option but to grudgingly accept. I appreciate and respect the maturity of both MCs and their willingness to make the most out of a difficult situation.All in all, this is a wonderful book. I just wish Maya Banks would go back to writing HRs. It's not fair to keep the readers waiting for so long.

  • Anna
    2019-01-08 13:33

    5 stars !! I loved loved loved it !!! My Graeme :Review to come soon !! I inhaled this and left my buddies Lisa Jayne and April in the dust !! I couldn't help it ! I couldn't put it down !!! ❤❤❤❤Need more highlander fix !!!