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Robbie Hammond is the hardest throwing pitcher in the Babe Ruth League. But what good is all that heat when he can't seem to find the plate? With Robbie struggling, the Orioles are suffering through a nightmare season, still looking for their first win. Robbie's teammates are whispering that the only reason he's even pitching is because he's the coach's kid. They've even gRobbie Hammond is the hardest throwing pitcher in the Babe Ruth League. But what good is all that heat when he can't seem to find the plate? With Robbie struggling, the Orioles are suffering through a nightmare season, still looking for their first win. Robbie's teammates are whispering that the only reason he's even pitching is because he's the coach's kid. They've even given him a new nickname: Ball Four. What the other Orioles don't know is that Robbie is still haunted by a fastball that got away from him and injured a batter in last year's All-Star Game. Now, with the pressure mounting, he's willing to try anything to get his control back, including listening to a mysterious boy who just might hold the key to helping Robbie and the Orioles save their season. This third action-packed book in Cal Ripken Jr.'s All-Star series will have readers on the edge of their seats as they root for Robbie's comeback....

Title : Wild Pitch
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ISBN : 9781423140023
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Wild Pitch Reviews

  • Noah Millet
    2019-01-17 15:52

    Wild pitch, Fireball throwing pitcher named Robbie Hammond has a hard time hitting the strike zone. Robbie Hammond plays for the Orioles with his buddies, but there is one problem, The strike zone. The author of this book is a former Major League Baseball player Cal Ripken Jr. Some of the main characters are Robbie Hammond, Ben, and the Orioles. The setting takes place mostly on a baseball diamond or the outdoors. Some of the main conflicts are how Robbie and his team struggles to win games. After Robbie’s devastating pitch he would never be able to forget the image that is stuck in his head. The main lesson that the characters learned was success doesn’t come easy. Wild Pitch is a realistic fiction sports novel. A Common theme of realistic fiction is friend relationships when in a tough situation. “Come’on you can do this Robbie, just hit the glove just like playing catch.”pg 72. There is always a problem that the characters need to solve. “I know your control isn’t how you want it to be but we can get through it.”pg 91. Another key part of realistic fiction is what makes realistic fiction realistic? There has to be believable characters and setting. “My team is Marty, Jordy, Willie, Connor, Jacob, Ryan, Javier, and I Robbie Hammond, we NEED another player bad.”pg 27. The last key part of realistic fiction is the features. A place that is imaginary but possible. “Our practice was at Cattle Rock Field every Tuesday and Thursday.”pg 53. Another piece of literature is a short story by Gary Soto. It also meets all criteria of realistic fiction as well. Based on my investigation about this book it meets all criteria of realistic fiction but there is one problem. It may be mistaken for non-fiction. It uses real places in the world and in the U.S.A. It may cause confusion to readers. After reading Wild pitch it was an exciting book that I couldn’t stop reading. I enjoyed this book because it uses lots of detail and gives information about the game. I think people who enjoy baseball or sports would like this book because it was written to teach and show the struggles of baseball and sports. Children of all ages would love this book because if a kid wants to play he/she could learn more about it. So if you are looking for a great book to read, pick up Wild Pitch and start reading today.

  • Alex R
    2019-01-14 18:50

    This the second book I've read by Cal Ripken and it has stayed exciting so for my next good reads I will read the last one. The genre is Sports/Adventure, and I love reading books of this type. It also has the character from the previous book start in this book. Now I will tell you a little something about it. There is a pitcher for the orioles (Little League) named Robbie Hammond. He is 13 years old and is in the 7th grade, and does not have many friends. He used to be a very good pitcher until he hit a kid in the head, ever since he has been afraid to let it all go and is throwing wilder than ever. His team was in a slump, mostly because of Robbie's pitching, and none of his teammates no whats going on and they all try to help but nothing helps, he even gets his best friend (Marty Loopus) to give a video of him pitching at practice, where he did very well to help, but nothing helped.One day, He went to the Carnival to just take a break from his baseball life, and come's across a pitching place where you have to throw it in a tiny hole. He buys a couple of baseballs and throws each one of them into a hole. The person on his team who hates him the most (Willy) says that that was just pure luck. He Buys more baseballs and put each on of them in to the hole and again, and again, and again. From then on he would put every ball across the plate hard and his team would beat the first place team by a walk off from Robbie. This book was a real thriller for me and I hope to experience the same feeling I had with this book, as I would have with the last book.

  • Matt Gareau
    2019-01-03 19:46

    I read the book Wild Pitch, by Cal Ripken Jr. The main character is Robbie Hammond. Robbie was the best pitcher in the league, until he hit a batter in the all star game. After that he hasn't had good control on his pitches. As the story goes on Robbie decided that he is going to quit pitching, “ I'm done with pitching. Forever.” Page 141. But later on in the book Robbie finds the kid he hit in the all star game. He goes watch him play and sees that he's ok, and it makes him want to pitch again. The theme of the book is don't give up This book is worth reading and, I would recommend this book to people who like baseball.

  • Kyle
    2019-01-13 14:55

    WILD PITCH By: Cal Ripken Jr., Kevin CowherdOver all I thought this was a pretty good book. Its about a boy named Robbie Hammond, in the book Robbie struggles to throw strikes on the mound for his team the orioles. His teammates tease him for this, but was it always this way. 1 year back Robbie was pitching hard and accurate like usual. Until he hit a kid rite in the head. Robbie started to lose his confidence, he couldn’t throw hard because he was afraid he would hurt someone, this also caused his accuracy to go away, read this book, and find out of Robbie can gain his confidence back.I liked this book it was about baseball, and I play baseball, also its written by my favorite player, Cal Ripken. I liked that it left me wanting to finish the book because while I was reading I wanted to figure out if everything was going to work out so bad. You almost fell bad for him so you keep reading to see how it works out because you want him to do will. Overall it was a great book and I would recommend you read it.

  • Angie
    2019-01-01 11:53

    Last summer Robbie Hammond hit a kid in the head during a baseball game. Ever since then his pitching has been terrible. He can throw a huge fastball in practice, but anytime there is someone batting he just throws fouls and clunkers. His team is on a losing streak and Robbie's pitching isn't helping. Then he meets Ben, a kid who lost an arm but still has a great throw. With Ben and his friend Marty's help, Robbie starts to deal with his phobia of hitting another kid.This is a typical celebrity written book. It isn't horrible, but it isn't really good either. Ripken is writing what he knows in baseball, but the story doesn't have a lot of depth. It is a little too after school special for my tastes. Very predictable story and not the best writing. Ripken should stick with what he knows...playing baseball...instead of writing about it.

  • Lisa
    2018-12-29 17:53

    6th grader Robbie Hammond was the best pitcher in the League, until a wild pitch sent a batter to the hospital. Now he can’t find the strike zone with a GPS, his team blames him for their losses, and the coach, his dad, thinks he’s just in a slump. Can Robbie get past his fear of hitting another batter, and what about the boy he beaned? This is part of Ripkin’s All-Stars Series. A great recommendation for the young baseball player, it’s full of game and practice action.** Crossposted to check it out!

  • Michael
    2019-01-04 19:51

    What kind of sports book starts half-way through a season with no wins? Oooh, wonder if they'll make the playoffs? Not likely bub. Robbie, the Orioles' pitcher, would like to just get through the season without killing anybody. Cal Ripkin, Jr., the one baseball player who played through more thick and more thin than anybody else, tells a real story of real kids trying really hard not to really suck.For more great sports for middle readerr guys, see:

  • Miriam
    2019-01-08 20:10

    I have my doubts that Cal Ripken does much of the writing in these collaborations, but his name on the cover is attractive to baseball fans, so he's getting the credit. The books in this series fit into the mold of sports fiction for older elementary school kids: decent sports writing, some tips on how to play the game enfolded smoothly into the text, and a problem with which the kids need to contend. It ain't great, but it ain't bad.

  • Ms. Yingling
    2019-01-02 19:46

    So the question remains-- why is Kevin Cowherd NOT writing his own books, and if he coaches basketball, why not a book about that? Baseball is the least requested type of sports book, and yet the most written. Still, have students waiting for this one, and it's not bad-- this whole series is a little more angsty than most, but packs in a lot of play-by-plays I don't understand, since my last ball experience was playing on the American Ambulance softball team in 1976.

  • Helen
    2018-12-25 14:08

    I was surprised to really enjoy this WAW list possibility. This realistic fiction sports story was about Robbie who is a strong pitcher but hit a player with a pitch the previous summer at his baseball camp. Since then he has not pitched well since he is so afraid of hitting the players. Then he meets Ben who lost an arm in a snowmobile accident and Ben helps Robbie overcome his fear. This is a yes vote for me.

  • Anne
    2019-01-01 15:05

    Robbie's a pitcher with a big dilemma: he is hard-throwing and accurate – until there is a batter at the plate. The rest of his team is not doing much better and they have not won any games all season. Robbie wants to quit, until he meets someone with an even bigger challenge than he's facing. A lower-level content read-alike for Tim Green fans, also reads for slightly younger audience.

  • Chase Kmosena
    2019-01-15 18:59

    I think if you love to play sports you would really like this book by Cal Ripken Jr. This book is about a boy from Baltimore that is a starting pitcher on a little league team and his dad is the head coach. Robbie is struggling and it is costing his team. You should read the book if you want to find out if Robbie can get his act together.

  • Dawn Moews
    2018-12-27 16:00

    Waiting to read(1,1,1)

  • Sarah
    2019-01-02 17:03

    Read to my son - he really likes the series.

  • Peter
    2019-01-22 20:12

    Robbie is the hardest throwing pitcher in the league, but he can't control where the ball goes. I like this book because it was about baseball. I recommend this book to boys who like sports.