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Title : Hidden Agenda (Perfect Submissive, #1)
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 15823492
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 269 Pages
Status : Available For Download
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Hidden Agenda (Perfect Submissive, #1) Reviews

  • Patrick Whitehurst
    2018-10-15 20:43

    Author Kay Jaybee has a knack for sexy prose - and it can often come quick, fast, and dirty.Her "Perfect Submissive Trilogy," from Xcite Books, is a shining example of to-the-point lustful prose, penned in an unshakable style, and hitting all the marks expected from a well respected author. Reading her work leaves no doubt she is in control - both in her craft and in her knowledge of what readers want when it comes to sexy BDSM material. In adult literature, most want something scandalous, they want a turn on, and an escape into a lifestyle many would never try outside of their own kinky imagination.Book one of the trilogy, "Hidden Agenda," introduces us to the Fables Country Hotel, a spot that offers much more than a bed to crash on for a night. Manageress Laura Peters operates the cozy locale and runs what is appropriately called the "adult leisure department."Peters is personally responsible for what goes on inside the hotel's legendary fifth floor. And adult activities of all sorts can be found within the rooms there. From the kinky Victorian room to a modern day school room, where naughty "students" get punished in a special kind of way; the sky is truly the limit under Laura's skilled guidance. The first of the trilogy also introduces readers to Jess, a wet-behind-the-ears clerk, who learns the ropes of the BDSM lifestyle whether she wants to or not. Jess's story, as well as that of artist Samuel Wheeler - a visitor to the hotel who cannot bear life without Peters and her dominating games - carry on in book two, "The Art of Submissive Survival" and book three "Room 54."Stories of kinky hotels are almost a sub genre of the erotic literature industry. The series "Tales from the Hotel Bentmore" by Shelby Cross, "Fantasy Hotel" by Victoria Young and a score of others book overnight stays to passionate levels. It takes a deft mind to make the check-in fresh and appealing. Here such a mind can be found, as Jaybee's strong popularity in the field of erotica can attest.

  • Chris
    2018-09-21 21:30

    What a fantastic read! Kay Jaybee never fails to deliver.What I love about her writing is that she often teases you down a corridor in which you think you can guess where you're going only to have another steamy corridor open in it's place.The Perfect Submissive is just one of those books. A number of times I thought I could guess where it was all leading only to have Miss Jaybee show me a more erotic way to end things. The Perfect Submissive is fantastic and know how to leave you wanting more sex of the kind you couldn't even imagine. However, what really makes this book is the great story and strong charismatic characters Kay has created a long the way..... Maybe a Fire escape wouldn't go a miss next time.

  • Lindsey
    2018-10-03 18:37

    Help lol Does anyone know if the title changed on this book? All the info is wiped from this book and her other book The Perfect Submissive has the same characters? Just a title / cover change or complete book overhaul?Amazon freebie 3/27/13

  • Nikki
    2018-10-16 00:43

    2.5-3 starsI decided to try this novella series because of how much I enjoyed Brie by Red Phoenix, but unfortunately the first part of this story did not grab me as much as I had expected. I can see how this series could have great potential but I just had a hard time getting into this first part. The POV switches back and forth between two female characters and I'm not sure if one of these is actually supposed to be the main protagonist and the other is a secondary character, or if both of them are supposed to be main protagonists. I think that's one of my problems. I just wasn't sure how I felt about the jump between the two different POVs and I would rather know who I'm actually supposed to be viewing as the main character so I can say whether or not I like how that character was portrayed based on what they were supposed to bring to the overall story. There wasn't anything that stood out to me as really good or really bad in this read. There weren't an over abundance of grammar or spelling errors but there also wasn't a whole lot that felt new about this story either. I kind just felt bleh after I was done, with no real inclination to start reading the other parts of this series. I will definitely say that the first part in the Brie series captured my interest far faster than this one did and would recommend that series to anyone who enjoys reading about the submissive lifestyle. I still intend on giving this series another try but I don't intend to start reading the next part of this series anytime soon. Because it didn't interest me enough I would rather read some of the other items I have on my Kindle that seem more interesting. Especially since I was able to read this first part for free but the others are all $.99 or up. Not actually ready to spend any money on this series.

  • ♥♥Deborah♥♥ Is A Brian Kinney Groupie
    2018-09-22 17:36

    Very rarely will I give a book, especially a BDSM book, five stars. I found this one to be believable. I was pleased the subs (in training) were not knowledgeable of this lifestyle and were surprised at their acceptance into their role. It was non-consent in the way that it was not discussed before the "seduction" (and formally agreed upon), but was not "abuse" - as the sub was not opposed. Just to note, no safe word was given, but the D did not "abuse" the sub. (IMO)There are many books out there that are supposed "bdsm", that just make the subs sound unintelligent and weak. I cannot stand a book where the sub talks the entire time and mind-fucks themselves during the encounter.I recommend this to anyone who is tired of the fluffy, in the "sex club" books.

  • Natalie50208
    2018-09-26 23:42

    I wish there was a little more character/plot development - but was nice to read a book with the 'shoe on the other foot'.

  • Joelle
    2018-10-15 18:43

    Interesting. Held my interest and made me wnat to find out what happens to Jess.