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A venticinque anni suonati, Prudence dovrebbe conoscere perfettamente i rischi cui va incontro una giovane donna che si avventuri nel cuore della notte nelle stanze di un gentiluomo. Eppure, a dispetto del proprio nome e delle puritane convenzioni dell'Inghilterra vittoriana, è proprio una visita notturna quella che decide di fare. L'ignaro e sorpreso anfitrione è l'enigmaA venticinque anni suonati, Prudence dovrebbe conoscere perfettamente i rischi cui va incontro una giovane donna che si avventuri nel cuore della notte nelle stanze di un gentiluomo. Eppure, a dispetto del proprio nome e delle puritane convenzioni dell'Inghilterra vittoriana, è proprio una visita notturna quella che decide di fare. L'ignaro e sorpreso anfitrione è l'enigmatico e affascinante Sebastian, conte di Angelstone, che Prudence vuole dissuadere dal duellare con suo fratello. Ma se l'improvvisato rendez-vous riesce a scongiurare il pericolo imminente di una sfida alle armi, ne fa sorgere molti altri, ugualmente minacciosi. Tra il bel nobile e l'impulsiva giovane s'instaura infatti uno stretto sodalizio per far luce sugli improbabili fantasmi e gli inspiegabili e letali incidenti che opprimono l'antico castello di cui sono ambedue ospiti. Di mistero in mistero, i due si trovano coinvolti in un'avventura intrigante e rischiosa, che li porterà a scoprire torbidi segreti e vecchi crimini, in una vicenda imprevedibile e appassionante che potrebbe culminare nella tragica fine di entrambi... o nel seducente e romantico inizio di un'appassionata storia d'amore......

Title : Audacia
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Audacia Reviews

  • Richa
    2018-09-24 06:56

    It was the darkest hour of the night.....She was going to pay a call to the man known as Fallen Angel...She had no other choice if she wanted to save her brother's she walks into his den and finds....LUCIFER!!!!Sorry, that's just his (the man called Fallen Angel's) black cat, Lucifer!! :PAnyway...coming back to the story....So, she walks into his den...his home and finds him....the man everyone called Fallen Angel....the last and only person who could help her...So, who is she???She is Prudence Merryweather. A country-bred 25 year old, innocent miss, she has come to Town(old London or should I say the 19th century London) with her younger 20 year old brother. And the ton has given her the title of Original. She's witty, innocent, intelligent and has an unusual hobby....she is a "ghost investigator"!"Do you believe in ghosts, Miss Merryweather?"“I myself am extremely skeptical on the subject,” Prudence admitted. “But many people do believe in ghosts. They often think they have evidence of spectral phenomena. My hobby involves examining that evidence and attempting to find a logical explanation for it.”So, the ton is amused by her, fascinated by her....and she's invited to tons of parties and balls and dinners....And it's in one of those balls where she meets him....Sebastian Fleetwood, the Earl of Angelstone.....He's a man who's accustomed to living in the shadows....after all everyone knew the devil preferred the cover of night. His notorious reputation has earned him the name Fallen Angel.Angelstone was anything but angelic in either appearance or temperament. It was said in the drawing rooms of the ton that he bore a strong resemblance to the Lord of the Underworld. It was true that it would take a formidable imagination to envision him with a pair of wings and a halo.The firelight flickering behind Sebastian seemed a little too atmospheric tonight. The glow of the flames threw his fierce, saturnine features into harsh relief. His black hair was cut short. His curious, amber eyes blazed with a cold, penetrating intelligence. His body was hard and lean. Prudence knew from her experience with him on the dance floor that Sebastian moved with a lazy, dangerous masculine grace.They meet in a ballroom....he asks to be introduced to her....and they waltz...And then her naive brother gets in a mess, a duel...for a stupid, silly reason...and being the responsible, sensible elder sister that she is, she tries to make things right....and Angelstone is the only one who can save her she braves a visit to his den...his home in the dead of the night and makes a bargain with him...“I should perhaps remind you that when one grants a favor, one expects to be able to collect payment in return at some future time.” A fresh flash of alarm went through Prudence. She eyed him warily. “What, exactly, are you suggesting, my lord?”“Merely that in return for my doing you this favor tonight, you will agree to do one for me should I ever request it.”Prudence held herself very still. “What sort of favor would you expect in return for sparing my brother’s life?”“Who knows? One cannot see into the future, Miss Merryweather. I have no notion now of what sort of boon I might someday require of you.”“I see.” She drew her brows together in concern. “But you expect to collect this favor from me at some point?”Sebastian smiled slowly. His eyes and those of his cat reflected the firelight. “Yes, Miss Merryweather. Someday I shall most definitely collect what is owed to me. Do we have a bargain?” A dangerous silence settled on the shadowed library. It was broken only by the crackle of the flames on the hearth. Prudence could not look away from Sebastian’s steady, unreadable gaze.She would have to take the chance that her intuition about this man was correct. He might be dangerous, but she did not believe he was evil.“Very well, my lord,” Prudence said quietly. “I will agree to this bargain.”And they seal it with a kiss....or rather he seals it with a kiss and she's left stunned....Walking into the devil's lair...sealing a bargain with him was all very well...for she needed to save her brother...but who will save her from him???[image error]Intrigued by her...attracted to her...Sebastian has decided to have bold little Prudence who is the only one who drives away the cold inside his chest....There was, he realized, an earnest, thoroughly wholesome quality about Prudence that he found inexplicably enthralling. He thirsted for a taste of her refreshing, invigorating goodness even as he mocked it.Sitting there in his library lecturing him about his responsibilities, she had made him feel every heavy ounce of the darkness that weighed down his soul. Prudence was a creature of the sunlight and she made him very conscious of the fact that he was a man who dwelt in the deepest shadows of the night.They were opposites, yet he had wanted her from the moment he was introduced to her. It made no sense. Sebastian wondered why he found himself so captivated by Prudence. For captivated he was.But he'll need to stay alert...for she'll keep him on his toes with her reckless, adventurous forays into dangerous situations...And soon she'll need all the protection she could get.....A young, unmarried lady visiting a gentleman's house alone in 1800's was scandalous...but visiting a gentleman's house in the dead of night would be beyond was Dangerous....“This is a trifle awkward, my lord.”“Yes.” Sebastian stretched his booted feet out toward the fire and went back to slowly stroking the cat.“It is also a trifle dangerous.”“Nonsense. I have a pistol in my reticule and the coachman who brought me here has agreed to wait for me. I assure you, I shall be quite safe.”“A pistol?” He eyed her with some amusement. “You are a most unusual woman, Miss Merryweather. Did you think you would need the pistol to protect yourself from me?”"Good heavens, no, my lord.” Prudence was genuinely shocked. “You’re a gentleman, sir.”“Am I?”“Of course you are. Pray do not tease me, my lord. I brought the pistol along as protection against footpads. I understand they are very prevalent here in Town.”“Yes. They are.”(Here comes the cat...)The cat crouched on Sebastian’s lap and gazed at Prudence with an unwinking gaze. It struck her that the beast’s eyes were almost the exact same shade of gold as those of its master. She was momentarily distracted by that observation.“Does your cat have a name, sir?” she asked suddenly.“Yes.”“What is it?”The faint smile briefly edged Sebastian’s mouth again. “Lucifer.”In the lap of luxury, in Sebastian's lap lapping up all the strokes....ladies and's Lucifer!!! :DWhen she was trying to talk some sense into the devil and persuading him to save her brother's neck....“He is at that dreadful age when young men feel things so very intensely. I expect you were young once yourself.”Sebastian gazed at her, clearly fascinated. “Now that you mention it, I believe I was. It was a very long time ago, of course.”Prudence flushed. “I did not mean to imply that you are old now, my lord.” “Thank you.”Prudence gave him an encouraging smile. “Heavens, you are probably not much above forty.”“Thirty-five.”Prudence blinked. “I beg your pardon?”“I am thirty-five, Miss Merryweather. Not forty.”“Oh. I see.” Prudence wondered if she had offended him. She sought to recover whatever ground she had lost. “Well, you certainly have the aspect of the sort of sound maturity one would expect in a much older man, sir.”“Kind of you to say so. Others have said that my face bears the marks of a blighted soul and too much hard living.”LOL!!He wrapped one hand around the bedpost and looked at her with hooded, unreadable eyes. “I wish to speak to you about this engagement of ours. I have had enough of this foolishness.” Dismay swept through her. “You wish to end it so soon, sir?” She floundered for a logical, rational reason that would forestall the inevitable. “What about our investigation?”“Forget the damned investigation. I am beginning to think that if the matter were put to the test, I would finish a poor second to yourinterest in conducting investigations"“I did not mean to imply that you are not also quite interesting, my lord,” she said desperately. “Indeed, I have never met a more decidedly interesting man. I am quite persuaded your intellect is of the highest order. I have been deeply impressed by your inquiring nature. And by your cleverness with locks.”“Enough.” He released the bedpost and came toward her with an air of grim intent.“Sebastian? What are you about?""Why don’t you apply your intellect to that question, Miss Merryweather? I’m certain you will very quickly arrive at the answer.”He caught hold of her and swung her up into his arms before she realized what he intended.“Sebastian.”I love Amanda Quick's books!!!Love her historical romances!!!Love this one too!!Her historical romances are very different from all the other historical romances that I've read till today. The heroines in her novels are shall I say..unconventional? Yes, definitely unconventional! For example, the heroine of this novel, Prudence, is brave, headstrong, intelligent, bold and curious. She is not an unrivalled beauty as is usually the case in such books...rather she's pretty in an understated way....and definitely not frivolous. She is lively and full of spirit. Also, she's a investigator of spectral phenomenons!! I mean it's not exactly believable....where in heaven's name one could find a female detective, let alone a female detective of ghosts in the early 19th century?? And that's why she's unconventional!! She's also very charming, innocent and naive without being stupid. A difficult feat to achieve by an author. But trust me, Amanda Quick does it every time! I don't how she does it but I'm grateful to her for it...because a while back I was obsessed with this genre and while reading some HRs I came across certain books which had heroines who were supposedly naive and innocent but came across as stupid...not exactly the image I'm certain the author of the book was intending to achieve. :S No matter how good the story, if the characters irk you for some reason or the other, it's very unlikely you'll go back to it for a second read. Thankfully, that's definitely not the case here.The hero of the novel was a cynic (as any good hero usually is! :P), supposedly cold (his whole family had died in a so-called accident and he's at odds with his other relatives...his cousin and, basically he's alone..), shrewd, handsome(of course!), intelligent, calculative and very good with locks!! :D How? Well, he could apparently open any lock and this talent came in handy quite a few times in the book. In more than one way actually...This is how he talks to the locks (yes, talks to them!) while opening them...and breaking and entering places where he's not wanted...“Open for me, sweet,” Sebastian whispered to the lock. “That’s it, darling, let me inside. Give me what I want. Ah, yes. That’s right. That’s what I need. Beautiful.” There was a tiny click. Sebastian turned the doorknob and opened the door. The hinges squeaked eerily.And this is her, Prudence's, reaction later on in the book when she hears him talking to a lock when they're stealthily trying to enter someone else's house....Sebastian felt something give inside the lock. Satisfaction coursed through him. “Ah, yes, love. That’s it. Open for me. Easy, now. Let me inside. Beautiful.” Prudence gave a soft, annoyed exclamation. “Are you aware that you tend to talk to locks the same way you talk to me when we are making love?”“Naturally. You and a fine, clever lock have much in common. You are both endlessly amusing.”“Sebastian, sometimes you are impossible.”"Thank you. I do try.”LOL!!! I mean, seriously?? :DDThe story is pretty good and enjoyable. The focus is more on their story rather than on the mystery which is intermingled with the main plot....The dialogues are such that they'll make you smile, laugh and smile some more. :) It's sweet, interesting, and a classic Amanda Quick novel with that unconventional touch....One thing is for definitely won't be bored!! :))This is the second time that I've read this book....after a very long gap and I can honestly say that I enjoyed the second time around as much as I did the first time! :))Note: For those who've never tried this genre or are unfamiliar with this period of England(19th century England), I've tried to explain the unfamiliar terms used in this review...not sure if I did it properly but trust me, don't let a few unfamiliar words keep you from trying this genre!! It's amazing!! Especially Amanda Quick's books! Try them...who knows, you might end up loving it. :)Original: A lady with a unique style....someone who was amusing or unconventional.Ton: Fashionable Society or the upper crust of english society; The members of the ton were largely made up of the aristocracy, and they enjoyed the Season on a grand scale with seemingly infinite avenues of entertainment; British society known, in Regency slang, as the ton - a shortened form of the French term haute ton or haute monde. In English the term translates to "high society".Enjoy!!! :))

  • Dina
    2018-09-27 07:38

    I read somewhere that Amanda Quick's historical romance novels follow an usual "formula": a somewhat tortured hero who needs to learn how to love and laugh + a quirky heroine who marches into his life bringing said love and laughter and never takes no for an answer. Well, I happen to like that "formula" and Dangerous does follow it, so no one will see me complaining here. :)I loved the charming and sarcastic hero (Sebastian) and the funny and indomitable heroine (Prue). Their quick banter had me laughing from the start, and it didn't take long for Sebastian to realize that he was never going to win an argument with Prue. Not because he wasn't smart or witty enough but because he just wanted to make her happy. Too melodramatic? Perhaps, but it only made me love him more.Sebastian and Prue's relationship went kind of smoothly from the start and all the way through the end. There wasn't really any big bumps on their road to the HEA - once they got together, there was no doubt on their minds their marriage was going to work - but that doesn't mean that the journey was boring. Quite the contrary. Their common interest in investigating "unusual" things - he helped a Bow Street Runner to solve some cases as a hobby and she was an amateur ghost hunter - kept the story flowing very nicely. The whodunit mystery they ended up investigating together was actually very good. Call me naïve but I didn't guess who the killer was. Not that there were that many suspects, it was the "why" that kept escaping me.All in all, this was a great read and my favorite book by this author. Okay, I've only read two so far, but who's counting? (LOL)

  • Rane
    2018-09-25 03:41

    Out to save her hot headed brother from a duel that could kill him Prudence Merryweather finds herself at the door of the man whom her brother challenged, finally coming to an understanding to spare her brother, Pru ends up making a deal with the Fallen Angel which he may collect at anytime, but it doesn’t have her “to” worried that is until he kisses her. The Earl of Angelstone, Sebastian Fleetwood finds the amateur ghost hunter Ms.Merryweather fascinating and very unusual from the women of the ton, he finds the deal between them very amusing and just another way to stay close to her while he goes about his hobby of solving crimes for Bow Street. But when Pru finds out about his little hobby they both finds themselves not only in a sham engagement but becoming a team solving their biggest mystery yet. As their case starts turning up more dead bodies, they delve deeper to find the truth and finding out their a better team as they match wits and passion to solve a long ago crime. This was a delightful read, it was fun and quick paced never slowing down keeping you wrapped up between Sebastian’s and Pru growing relationship to their case and who-dun-it. Sebastian was a great hero(extra points for having a love for cats), always coming across with his bored and sarcastic attitude toward everyone around him but mostly his father’s side of the family whom always looked their noses down at him. Sebastian hides behind his devil may care mask a deep hurt after the deaths of his family trying to find warmth where he felt a deep cold lay close to his heart. When he meets the crazy and delightful Pru his life turns around as he starts to feel love and warmth making him wonder how he went all his life without Pru by his side. Pru was smart and clever always wanting to be where the action is, she finds she can truly be herself around Sebastian and tag along on his cases. (Mucht to his horror ) As a couple their were really great with their back and forth banter that had you smiling knowing in the end Pru would somehow win no matter what Sebastian did, which was really sweet.The case that Pru and Sebastian work on to solve was if you pay attention and are a fan of Clue was a no brainier, but as to why they did it was a big surprise and how the main villain gets his due was awesome touch.The only fault I had with the whole book was although the banter was enjoyable, when either Sebastian or Pru didn’t get their way (going along on cases or whatnot) they started to act like child who was deny a piece of candy which seem out of character as both were smart and clever and having to act like a kid because they didn’t get what they wanted made me roll my eyes.Overall: a fun read with a overlaying murder mystery and two great leads that will have you enjoying the book till the very end!

  • Becca
    2018-09-29 04:46

    Sebastian and Prudence are a funny couple. It was quintessential Amanda Quick.Sebastian is a super confident, cool, and enigmatic hero. He is always in control and is drawn to the quirky Prudence from the beginning. Prudence is an odd duck, quick to defend those important to her, and always fascinated by a mystery.While some of the dialogue was a little awkward and Prudence could be tiresome, it was still somehow, fun. I think what was refreshing about the story was that most of the conflict was external. Sebastian and Prudence are a team from the beginning. They both love a good mystery, have excellent physical chemistry, and value the insights of each other. It was the team aspect that I loved best about this story.This was a fun story and a mystery that I didn't quite figure out until the end. I liked the very mild paranormal element and the adventure. I just found Prudence's lectures annoying--she meant well, but she came across as a nag when she got on a roll.Overall, a nice comfort story with a couple that work as a team and a good murder mystery.

  • Holly
    2018-10-08 03:58

    This gothic lite story starts with Miss Prudence Merryweather paying a visit to the Earl of Angelstone, Sebastian Fleetwood, at his home way past the hour of acceptability. She has come because her absurdly protective brother is determined to avenge her honor which has been rocked by the fact that the Fallen Angel has been seen in her presence. The ambiance starts up immediately when we are introduced to Sebastian who has been relaxing in his home in a state of dishabille. He eyes Prue up and down like a tasty snack, disbelieving that a gently bred young lady would visit him, alone, at such a late hour. This makes her fair game in his eyes and he intends to claim her before the end of the night. She has come to demand he apologize to her brother and prevent their dawn appointment. She assures his agreement through her clever banter and Sebastian is charmed. He agrees to her terms and seals their deal with a kiss, forever changing both their lives in that moment. As corny as it sounds, Sebastian and Prudence really do complete each other. They are compatible in every way. Sebastian looks at Prudence as if she's a very special gift and takes care of her with a gentleness that shocks him. She brightens his world with her gentle, caring manner and gives him laughter in his life. She's determined to save him from himself and does all she can to make sure he and his family reconcile. She even goes so far as to change her country girl style for something more sophisticated and urbane, a move that horrifies Sebastian and made me laugh out loud. Amanda Quick has created a hard, aloof man in Sebastian Fleetwood and it is very endearing to see his cold spirit thaw around Prudence's natural cheerfulness. While the formula Amanda Quick uses is tried and true, it's the wonderful, quirky personalities that will remain with you long after you read this book.

  • Zoe
    2018-10-03 02:00

    A re-read from my youth, this one is. I read almost all of Amanda Quick's one-word romance novels years ago. Formulaic that they are, I seem to recall them with great clarity. During this phase, Amanda Quick had a distinct preference for eccentric heroines, often with spectacles paired with cold-on-the-surface heros, often earls who were by nature honorable men. I noticed that she had a series of earls as heros. She did not seem to like other ranks much. In these stories the heros were always enchanted by how unusual the heroines were. The women were usually odd creatures, not society babes, bookish, slightly on the shelf. They usually had a strong interest in intellectual pursuits, almost always pathetically unfashionable whereas their husbands always dressed the part, aka devastatingly handsome devil of an earl, and had an eye for fashion. This book is the epitome of her style during this time: Prudence, the 25-year-old spinster who liked to investigate supernatural phenomena and Sebastian, the Earl of Angelstone who seemed cold but of course whose passion could be only ignited by said spinster and whose loneliness could only be chased away by the presence of said spinster.One great thing about Quick is her writing. She truly had a way with her stories. Even if I am not so crazy about the characters (usually the bespectacled heroines), I still find it pleasant to read her books. Her heros were "controlled" men, not necessarily cold or tortured and they were almost always responsible men, despite how Quick wanted to paint them as devils. They were quick to offer marriage (how convenient), had a strong sense of honor and could oddly, only find love with women who were considered odd by society standard. Her heroines, oh aren't they the dears. I read a review for one of Quick's stories once which said: Amanda Quick's heroines all remind us of a historical version of Amanda Quick herself. A woman who was not exactly "traditionally beautiful" but "loved reading" and "was almost always too smart" for their own good. They had an odd sense of honor and often expected the heros to "do the right thing" or they would chastise the men for "not acting responsibly". They were also strangely level-headed to the point where they had no emotional weakness. I laughed so hard when I read that. I have exactly the same impression: there is definitely some "author's self-compensation" kind of thing going on here I found the writing as good as I remember. Sebastian is a good hero but since I am not exactly crazy about Prudence, I lost some respect for Sebastian for falling for her. Prudence was bossy, damn. I rather despise the managing sort of women, no matter how much Sebastian wanted to be managed. I for one, have no interest in managing anyone. I usually like a level-headed heroine but Amanda Quick's heroines often remind me of Maggie Smith in Downten Abbey, whose Dowager Countess of Grantham, Violet Crawley, is the hautiest of the hautiest English gentlewomen: almost too level-headed and practical that they lose their vulnerability. For Violet Crawley, her level-headedness comes with age. For Amanda Quick's heroines, it just seems absurdly practical and unfortunately un-feminine. I bought the book for my memories. I liked it better when I was younger and I am keeping the book for the old times.

  • Erika
    2018-09-18 23:59

    2.5 starsEh. Big disappointment. I was hoping this might be just as sweet and fun as Ravished, but unfortunately, too many things didn't work for me. I didn't get any sense of much love or affection between Prudence and Sebastian. The case they were investigating for most of the book ended up pissing me off in various ways. I know this book isn't supposed to be taken too seriously, but the crime committed against a young woman was really horrific and it seemed neither Prue, Sebastian nor the young woman's lover, were properly enraged. They all should have demanded either lifetime imprisonment or death for the perpetrators, right off the bat. That didn't happen. Also, I didn't like how Prue kept demanding that Sebastian be civil or nice to his cousin and Aunt. They were awful people and undeserving of his good will. She really annoyed me in this.Overall, pretty big failure.

  • Loriidae
    2018-10-18 00:34

    Yes it is flawed but a delightful romp all the same.

  • Farah
    2018-09-26 04:34

    I didn't love it but I didn't hate it either, the plot was interesting and the characters were different in a good way but when it all came together it didn't click.Pru was more like a mother figure than a love interest to Sebastien, I did love her character , she's bossy , intelligent , a little eccentric and very clever but the way she treated Sebastian made her seem like an elder lady not his wife , the way she advised him and the way she treated him in front of others was a little like a mother putting a leash on her son so he would stop being troublesome , it made me laugh quite a lot but it also kinda of ruined the romance. Sebastian was intriguing but he didn't really live up to his reputation of being someone difficult and a little scary , he was too tameable , I would have preferred seeing an intense clash of wills between them rather than complete submission from one party. The relationship between Pru and Sebastian was promising at the beginning but then it took a turn into an uninteresting one , I couldn't feel any tension or chemistry or anything hot for that matter , it was a little too cool for my taste.The murder mystery was very interesting but then the conclusion of it was too disturbing for my taste and the way Sebastian handled it right before the final confrontation was too distasteful for me , a monstrous crime like that deserves absolute punishment not a chance at escape and loss of wealth only as a punishment , I was pissed at that .. of course at the end things took a turn and it concluded differently but I still didn't like how that happened because the villain wouldn't give up not because the characters decided that he can't get away with what he did .. I didn't like how that part was handled and it turned me off from the book. Overall it was enjoyable until the mystery was revealed .. after that not so much.

  • Maria
    2018-10-04 04:43

    Another favorite re-read, this one has Prudence and the Earl of Angelstone sharing investigative adventures as the Earl maneuvers Prudence toward marriage. One of the things I like best about Jayne Ann Krentz is her male characters, who generally know exactly what they want and how to get it without having a clue as to why they want it, which is so typically male. Her female characters, on the other hand, are often headstrong and independent but succumb to their emotions, which gives the male the upper hand every time. As usual, this book was fun!

  • Ira
    2018-10-01 03:03

    4.5 stars.It should be an easy 5 stars if I didn't want to smack the heroine for a few times.Her quick to defend whoever the target of the Hero's sharp tongue it's very annoying especially when it's deserved.Anyway, this one has a good storyline, I wonder if Ms. Roberts got inspired from this book to write Brotherhood in Death, you know what I mean if you already read that book.Somehow while the disgusting crime are the same, because of the humor in it, this book feel much lighter than BiD and very enjoyable.

  • Gina
    2018-10-01 02:39

    Amanda Quick's old historicals are a bit hit or miss. For every Ravished that is easily 5+!!! stars, there are many that are solidly in the 1 to 2 range. While I don't think Dangerous is as good as Ravished, it's close. So very close. More like 4.75. I would love to talk about it, especially with those who also loved Ravished as a comparison, but feel many details at all would give some of the best parts away. There are a few things that Quick does especially well: 1. The book begins in medius res. There are huge backstories for both main characters and they are acquainted (having recently met at a few balls, even sharing some dances and conversation) before we are dropped into a late night conversation between the two. Quick then weaves in subtle clues to incorporate all the past stuff in order to drive the story forward from page 1. 2. Writers often mix-up stupid and naive. A woman who is from the country may not know the ways of town, men, or all social details, but that doesn't make her stupid. With Prudence, our heroine, Quick walks the perfect line between the two. Yes, Prudence is sometimes naive which causes issues, but she is never stupid. And she owns it when her naivety has caused a bigger problem. 3. Just as Prudence is a complex well written character, so is our hero, Sebastian. He could easily fall into the devilish rake, changed by the love of a woman, trope, but he doesn't. He is very confident in who he is but lets others think what they want. 4. The dialog. I've ended up saying more about this than I wanted. I truly enjoyed it and highly recommend it.

  • MissJessie
    2018-10-09 04:03

    Not Ms. Quick's best. The plotline it a typical Quick one - innocent heroine (probably virginal), dark mysterious possibly dangerous hero, various threats to the lady, ritual deflowering of the virgin in the library, hero to the rescue, happy ending. These books are all the same and the pleasure is in seeing how the resolution is reached, not in wondering what will happen at the end. Fine.But books should be somewhat believable in their own sphere I think.No woman in her right mind, then or now, would have put up with the verbal abuse the heroine received from her hero and continue to stare at him in wonder and inform him that it's all her fault and he is perfect and wonderful and kind beneath his rough exterior, so to speak. Particularly irritating were some of the romantic scenes, esp. immediately after the heroine was verbally tongue lashed by the hero. She would have conked him on the head with the chamber pot and returned to her own bedroom if she had any self respect at all. Also, how many times can one read of aching loins and his (various adjective) member before one begins to laugh? And what man could tolerate the heroine's star struck innocence for long? Normal women eventually wise up and grow up, but this heroine appears to be stuck at age 15 mentally for the rest of her life.Mainly I enjoy these romances from Amanda Quick as light bedtime reads without any stress or great thought required which might keep me awake, but this one was so ridiculous that it irritated me, thus defeating the reason for reading it. If 1.5 stars were available, that would be my opinion. OK for a beach read if you can stand assininity.

  • Courtnie
    2018-10-04 02:57

    I really do love a good eccentric character (or characters) in my romances. Lord Angelstone could probably qualify as such, with his penchant for mystery solving. And to that end, his new wife Prudence would qualify as well. Named the season's Original, Prue's hobby of investigating spectral phenomena is unique. Though I found both of them amusing at times, especially while Angelstone is discovering Prudence's naiveté, I thought that overall they were painted very thinly and wanted more from both of them. For example, I'm not sure how Angelstone earned the moniker "the Demon Earl", nor did I feel any real mystery about him since he was so completely open with Prudence from the beginning. His mysterious/dangerous side is very vague and yet most of the story is wrapped up in his image. Couple that with the weak mystery and conclusion that wrenches the tell-all from the villain right at the end, and I felt like this was a very mediocre read.I've read a couple of Amanda Quick's books now, I enjoyed Scandal, but felt like Ravished was as lack luster as this one. I think I'll return to Quick if a particular book is recommended but will not actively seek out another read of hers.

  • Lynn Spencer
    2018-09-20 23:57

    3.5 stars This was a bit of a nostalgia re-read for me. I loved Quick's "letter" historicals when I was in high school and early college. Dangerous isn't the best of them, but it still has its moments.The basic plot? Spinsterish Prudence Merryweather calls on the Earl of Angelstone late at night to convince him not to duel with her brother. Their inital meeting is fraught with all kinds of tension and makes for great reading. Sebastian, the Earl, finds himself unexpectedly intrigued by the Original Miss Merryweather. The two join forces as Sebastian inserts himself into Prudence's hobby of investigating spectral phenomena. And it turns out that Sebastian has a detective/investigator sideline of his own. The repartee between these two is entertaining, if not the best Quick has ever written, and the story is mostly an enjoyable one. In fact, this book would have landed closer to 4-star territory were it not for the somewhat weakly handled murder mystery running through the story. As anyone who follows my reviews on GR knows, I like a good mystery at least as much as a good romance. However, the two just do not combine optimally here.

  • Juliana Philippa
    2018-10-14 03:52

    A great Amanda Quick read and one of my favorite by her. Prudence is a strong, adventurous, and lovely heroine and it is an absolute joy to watch Sebastian, "The Fallen Angel," fall under her spell - completely unwillingly on his part and unknowingly on hers. Angelstone is great - the cold, austere, vengeful hero whom everyone is scared of ... except our heroine, of course, who intrigues and enchants him!

  • Diane ~Firefly~
    2018-10-10 04:52

    Love this story. It was the first Amanda Quick I ever read. There is an intelligent and "original" heroine with little family. A hero who has family issues and a mystery to solve. That is the formula for these books and it is one I love.Prudence begs Sebastian to call off the duel her brother started by apologizing to him. He agrees and through some mix-up they soon end up engaged. Pru sees only good things in Sebastian which brings out his better nature.

  • Kathleen
    2018-10-08 23:35

    Our eccentric little ghost-busting heroine bespeaks the aide of Angelstone, aka The Fallen Angel, who dwells in the shadows with furry little Lucifer. Fun!

  • adelina.
    2018-09-26 03:02

    Loved it! But then again witch book from Amanda Qucik I didn't like.

  • Jenny Koch
    2018-09-24 23:40

    DNF @ p. 203The heroine is so darn sweet and saintly, it's driving me insane.

  • Cheesecake
    2018-10-12 00:45

    (Sebastian) Angelstone and Prudence. I listened to this on audio and yes, I had indeed read it before. But I still enjoyed it a second time. I loved the h and H! As is typical for AQ, the H is a bad boy who is very much in control, bordering on austere. He is enamoured by the h who is far different from his usual cup of tea. The h is pretty cerebral but a bit stupid when it comes to men and women and sex. He of course steams up her glasses like no other. ; )Angelstone notices Prudence the minute he sees her in a crowded ballroom. He never declares his intentions but he manages to achieve them in a round about and somewhat devious manner. Prudence is oblivious, which he finds humorous. There's a murder to solve and there's a dash of paranormal (ghosts in this case).This is a safe read, no OWs and Angelstone is devoted to Prudence in his own enigmatic way.The reader, Ann Flosnik, has an older voice that you would think would be a turn off when applied to Prudence's already conservative style of speaking. Yet it didn't bother me. I think AF drags out some of her words in an overly dramatic/droll way, but over all I like her reading style.

  • Yue
    2018-10-06 23:50

    Like 4 or 5 years ago I've read almost all books by Amanda Quick. She became one of my favorites Historical Romance authors, along with Lisa Kleypas and Julie Quinn. The bad thing about reading all her books in a row is that, with time, you tend to mix the plots, the characters, which is what happened to me. I remembered this book was one of my favorites, but I could not remember the plot that well.As usual, the heroine is... unusual. And the hero, a cold rakish gentleman. Why is this formula not working for me anymore? Prudence is a girl who is unlike other girls, she is interested in paranormal stuffs, and Sebastian is a rake who is known as The Fallen Angel. Again, which hero is not known as something as The Devil, or similar names in a regency novel? And of course, he is delighted with her and almost immediately they matched.But Prudence is not THAT original, she is kind of silly, honestly. And Sebastian is a bit of a jerk. I did not believe a single moment why he was so attracted to her. They shared the same interests? She was clever enough to make the same observations as him? Not really. The thing he liked the most was that she complimented him every time, and that was good for his ego.Regency books are interesting because of their way of talk, of behavior, clothes, customs, etc. But there is a scene where Prudence tells Sebastian not to be 'such an ass'. Hmmph... in a REGENCY novel?One thing that I appreciated now more than I did before is that there are barely love scenes, and they are not very long. On the other hand, there was a tiny detail which I found kind of awkward. When Sebastian is unlocking keys thru illegal ways, he says the same thing as when he is making love to Prudence. MEH. And also, why is so important to make our main characters talk during the love scene? And I am talking about corny talk, not amuse talks.All this babbling may seem as I did not like the book, but I did, I honestly did. And the name of the hero is enough reason to rate this book higher. Sebastian is the kind of name that works for hot, amazing heroes.

  • Pamela Shropshire
    2018-10-17 06:59

    Another early, classic AQ! Prudence Merriwether is the daughter of "scientists" and she is herself interested in ghosts. She calls herself "an investigator of spectral phenomena." She and her brother have been brought to London by Lady Hester for whom she performed an investigation and found that lady's missing jewels.The book opens with Prudence visiting Sebastian Fleetwood, the Earl of Angelstone, to convince him to call off a duel with her brother, Trevor. Earlier in the evening, Sebastian, who has a dangerous reputation, had danced with Prudence and Trevor called him out. The outcome of this "discussion" is never in doubt because Sebastian is already in love with her, although he doesn't realize it for a long time.Sebastian also has a hobby: he secretly investigates crimes among thetonthrough his contact with Bow Street. Their respective interests form a bond between Sebastian and Prudence and, coupled with their physical attraction to each other, assures they will have a HEA.The romance is woven around their investigation of a series of murders that seems to involve a ghost. The reader can easily deduce the murder, but it's an enjoyable journey nonetheless, what with watching the war of wills and the witty banter between them. The appearance of the ghost in the climactic scene is a great touch.3.5 stars. Please, GR, will you allow us to award 1/2 stars???

  • Rachael
    2018-09-29 04:38

    I downloaded a couple digital library Amanda Quick books after she was recommended to me. I've quickly discovered that every book is the same! I do like the female characters but every plot device occurs the same way in each book. It got so tiresome I stopped reading. I felt like I was reading the same book over and over again but with different characters. Even the villians were similar. How disappointing. I was looking for historical fiction along the lines of Julia Quinn or Lisa Kleypas with funny, strong female characters and interesting and humorous plotlines. Oh well.

  • Noha El-Shami
    2018-09-18 07:58

    رواية هي مزيج ما بين الرومانسية والأكشن وخيال ما وراء الطبيعة، تفاجأت خلالها بالقاء المؤلفة الضوء على ما يجيش به عقل وصدر الرجل في علاقته بالمرأة؛ فمن المعتاد في مثل هكذا روايات تكون مترجمة إلى العربية أن يتم التركيز على ما تشعر به وتفكر فيه المرأة وحدها من: إعجاب/ خوف/ إطمئنان/ تردد/ رغبة/ رفض/ غضب/ كره/ حب ... إلخ، يبدو أنهم حين يترجمون إلى العربية يختصرون الكثير والكثير على حساب ما قد يشعر به الرجل توفيرا لنفقات الترجمة أو الطباعة :Dالرواية تساعد في تحسين إنجليزية المستوى المتوسط

  • Lani ⚔⚔the Destroyer ⚔⚔
    2018-10-11 02:38

    This would have been a 5 star read for me if the heroine hadn't nagged on endlessly about the hero taking care of his dreadful family. Other than that, I really enjoyed Sebastian and Prue's honest and forthright connection. There was no artifice between then and for some reason I found it really refreshing. This is one of the best AQ books I have read.

  • Sassafrass
    2018-10-08 06:56

    This was my first experience with this author and I had a great time reading this. Prue and Sebastian were a great couple. I loved the way that Prue was able to handle the "Fallen Angel" Sebastian. The mystery was interesting, the dialogue was funny, and the romance was sweet.I hope that I get a chance to read something else from this author soon.

  • Lara
    2018-10-01 04:46

    This was an earlier book by the author, and that shows in the hero's particular inability to appreciate (or even recognize) emotions. I liked the hero, and enjoyed his droll sense of humor. The heroine was perceptive and intelligent, but naive. I found the hero's most annoying interactions with her to be based on his (more experienced) perspective and condescension towards her ideas. The mystery is pretty good in this one, and I enjoyed the story a great deal.

  • Shirlene
    2018-10-08 00:57

    Prudence Merryweather had attended a ball and been asked to dance by the notorious Earl of Angelstone, known as the Fallen Angel. Her brother had called him out for asking Prudence to dance and they were supposed to duel in the morning. She went to see the Fallen Angel around 2 am, knowing that he would still be awake. She asked him to apologize to her young brother, Trevor, and call off the duel. He told her that he would but she would owe him. He kissed her and then took her home in his carriage. Sebastian went to his club to see his best friend and second for the duel, Garrick Sutton. He asked him to apologize to Trevor for him and call off the duel. Trevor came to think if Sebastian as a coward and repeatedly tried to duel Sebastian and was rebuffed. The gossip was that Sebastian was trying to gain the favor of Prudence. Prudence had gained notoriety with the wealthy due to the fact that she had a hobby which was investigating the presence of ghosts. She had investigated the home of Hester, Lady Pembroke, and had located some jewels that had been missing for years. Her grandfather had hidden them and didn't tell anyone where they were and forgot where he had hidden them. Prudence found them hidden under a floorboard in her house and Lady Pembroke was accepted back into society. Hester had then invited Prudence and Trevor to stay with her for a season. Prudence wasn't happy about the way her brother was acting. Prudence was known as the Original for her work with ghost hunting. She had found out that Sebastian was 35 to her 25. Sebastian's parents and brother had been killed by thieves while they were out of the country and on their way to visit him. Prudence's parents had been killed in a carriage accident. Prudence investigated what people thought were ghosts and Sebastian helped the bow runners in their investigations when he was asked. His current investigation had led him to Lady Thornbridge's bedroom. He was looking for a necklace that had been given to her as payment for blackmail from another woman. Sebastian recovered the necklace and left a note in it's place stating that she had been found out. If she were to continue the blackmail attempts, it would be brought to light that she was born into poverty and not wealthy as others in polite society thought. Prudence followed him into Lady Thornbridge's bedroom and was confronted by her husband. Sebastian had hid Prudence in the wardrobe but she came out of hiding when she thought Sebastian would be shot for attempting to meet with Lord Thornbridge's wife. They ended the evening engaged.Prudence thought that she might be in love with Sebastian by this time. The morning after their announced engagement, she and Sebastian had run into a man that she had met in the country three years previous and thought that she loved him at the time. He left her at the end of that summer, returned to town and got engaged to the woman his family had chosen for him. She was happy to discover that she no longer had feelings for him. Prudence had been asked to discover the cause of some disturbances in the house of Mrs. Leacock. She suspected that it might be some greedy nephews trying to play a trick on their aunt to gain possession of her wealth should anything happen to her. She discussed her investigation with Sebastian and suggested that they might work together on future investigations. He told her that he might discuss his cases with her but he wouldn't allow her to aid in his investigations. So, she told him that he couldn't work on her cases either. That night, she stayed in Lady Leacock's bedchamber to try and catch the culprits. She was wishing that Sebastian was there when he snuck in through the window. They were interrupted by when someone entered the room acting like he was a ghost. He was one of Mr. Leacock's nephews. Sebastian was asked by his Bow Street Runner acquaintance to look into the death of Lord Ringcross at the request of Lord Curling. Sebastian decided to accept an invitation to Curling's country estate where Ringcross had died from a fall out of a tower room at Curling Castle. It appeared that Curling didn't think the death was an accident. While searching through the castle the evening of their visit, Sebastian and Prudence found a snuffbox that they later found out had belonged to his cousin, Jeremy Fleetwood. They also found a button with 'Princes of Virtue' engraved on it. They were leaving the tower room when they ran into an old man who said something about a woman jumping to her death from the tower room window. Her body was thrown into the river to make it look like she drowned. Higgins told them that they were all responsible for her death and they would all pay. They went back to Prudence's room and Sebastian decided it was time to marry her. She accepted because she knew she was in love with him and felt he would feel the same way in time. They were married the next morning. Sebastian talked to Jeremy about the snuffbox and Jeremy told him that he had lost it years ago at the castle but he had never been in the tower room of the castle. Sebastian then tried to find out who had ordered the buttons. He got no answers but there was a note left in his carriage that evening saying that the Princes of Virtue were Ringcross, Oxenham, Bloomfield and Curling. They eliminated Curling as a suspect because he hired them, Ringcross was dead so they decided to drive by Oxenham's house. The lights were off so they stopped to investigate and snuck in a window. Oxenham was dead and it was set up to look like a suicide. Sebastian took a note and a ring from the room and left. Sebastian sent a note to Jeremy requesting that he come see him. Jeremy was told asked about the ring which was inscribed 'To Lillian with love' and the note that said that Lillian's death would be avenged. Jeremy was pressured into admitting that he had given the ring to Lillian and had thought it was lost in the river when she drowned. He had met her in a tavern where she was working for her uncle and had fallen in love with her. They planned to marry until he found out that she was dead. He had a replacement ring made so that he wouldn't have to answer questions to his parents. Sebastian's aunt and Jeremy's mother, Drucilla paid a visit to Prudence later that day and accused Sebastian of setting up evidence to destroy her son. She admitted to having planned on marrying Sebastian's father until he ran off with the actress that he later married. She ended up marrying his brother instead. Sebastian arrived before she left and she angered them both with her accusations regarding Sebastian setting up Jeremy and that Prudence didn't know how to dress properly. Prudence had put herself in the position of dealing with the hostility between Sebastian and his aunt and cousin. They began discussing Sebastian's reason for continuing to investigate the deaths and removing the items that would have linked the deaths to Jeremy if not to protect him. Sebastian admitted that he was doing it to make her happy. Sebastian was starting to feel like the ice he had built around his heart after the death of his parents was starting to thaw and he wondered if Prudence would ever be able to love him. After Drucilla's departure, Prudence received a request to come see Bloomfield in the morning concerning occurrences involving spectral phenomena. Apparently he felt he was being haunted, maybe by Lillian's ghost. They arrived at his house and noted that he had not disposed of anything in years. He told Prudence about Lillian's death and how the four of them had purchased her from her uncle. They took her to the tower room and raped her. She then jumped out the window swearing vengeance upon them. He had not been able to be with a woman since and he was the only one out of the four that didn't actually have sex with her. Sebastian suggested he leave town immediately for his own safety. They returned later that evening after he was gone to search his house. They found papers showing that the four of them were business partners. They determined that Curling had killed two of the partners and hired the Bow Runner knowing that Sebastian would be the investigator. Due to the feud within the family, he felt that he would let the blame fall on Jeremy. Due to Prudence's insistence that he protect his family, that didn't happen. Jeremy was located and Sebastian told him the true story of Lillian's death and they paid a visit to Curling. The two of them told Curling that he needed to leave the country and had assumed that he had done so. Sebastian and Prudence were kidnapped that evening on their way home. The were taken to Curling Castle and locked up in the tower room. Sebastian had picked the locks on himself and freed Prudence when Garrick was tossed in the room with them. Sebastian managed to knock out the guard but Curling arrived through the back of the wardrobe closet with a gun. Prudence had her glasses attached to her dress and they were broken when she was kidnapped. She used the broken glass to cut the arm that Curling was holding her with. This drew his attention away long enough for Sebastian to attack him. Curling acted like he saw a ghost and backed out of the tower window and fell to his death. His plan was to say that he had caught his wife with his best friend so he killed the two of them. Curling would then have entered the room where Sebastian attacked him so he had to kill Sebastian. it didn't work out that way. They had to go wake the magistrate and explain what happened to Curling. A month later, Prudence left to go clothes shopping with his aunt. She came back home telling him that she had another case. It involved a ghost and a missing diamond necklace. Sebastian told her that he wanted to hear her say that she loved him first and she obliged. He then told her that he loved her with all his heart and they were meant to be together for the rest of their lives.

  • nurmawati
    2018-10-14 00:56

    salah satu buku amanda quick fave gw.....yg ini ttg ce aneh yang suka banget nyelidikin 'spectral phenomena' atau biasa dikenal dengan penampakan hantu :)sementara si co adalah seorang earl yg terkenal dingin, eksentrik ...lord angelstone...dijuluki 'fallen angel' oleh the lord juga punya hobby gak biasa..dia suka nyelesaiin puzzle...solve mysteries dan merasa tertarik dengan prudence yng original dan beda dengan para lady2 di the ton...karena sesuatu hal pas angelstone menyelidi kasus dan pruedance yg penasaran ikutin dia dari belakang akhirnya terjebak di kamar yg sama oleh si pemilik castle....akhirnya mau gak mau mereka di suruh nikah....sebelumnya mereka tunangan dulu...prue dan angelstone sepakat buat pura2 tunangan selama beberapa bulan dan kemudian mereka akan mutusin pertunangan dan pru kembali ke desa nya...setidaknya itu yg pru pikirkan..padahal angelstone berpendapat lain..dia merasa tertarik dengan pru dan malah beneran mau jadiin prue countess nya (tanpa sepengetahuan prue)prue ini spinster berkacamata....dan dibalik kacamata nya angelstone bisa ngeliat kalo prue itu cantik...walo bukan masuk kategori cantik banget..tapi angelstone suka prue karena dia unik dan punya hobby yg sama...solve the puzzle..angelstone seperti biasa hero2 lain..gak prcaya cinta....dia org yg sinis krn dia merasa bertanggung jawab atas kematian ortu dan adiknya beberapa tahun yang lalu...keluarganya mau mengunjungi angelstone tapi di tengah perjalanan mereka terbunuh oleh bandit..angelstone merasa bersalah karena dia yng minta mereka datang ketemu dia...angelstone yang dingin lama2 hatinya mencair karena prus...prue bener2 beda....kalo ce lain pasti minta cepat2 dinikahin demi gelar dan kekayaannya...prue malah menolak...karena dia merasa angelstone gak mungkin mencintai dia yg ce biasa, lady dari desa...mereka semakin dekat pas menyelidiki pembunuhan seorg lord yg di temukan lompat dari kastil....bukti2 menunjukan pelaku nya adalah sodara tiri angelstone....walau angelstone benci dengan keluarga jauh nya karena dulu mereka bersikap jahat pada alm ibunya yg aktris....akhirnya dengan bujukan prue mau membatu keluarga nya...kasus nya juga ternyata berhubungan dengan seorang wanita yg beberapa tahun lalu ditemukan mati tenggelam di danau...padahal sebenarnya perempuan itu di culik dan diperkosa secara bergantian oleh 4 org lord berkuasa yg tergabung dalam cult 'princes of virtue'...yang suka menyekap gadi2 buat 'sport' mereka...1 orang lord mati karena lompat dari menara....1 lagi di temukan mati bunuh diri...1 lagi jadi agak gila dan impoten krn ketakutan krn sebelom si gadis mati udah mengutuk mereka..sisa 1 lagi lord yang ternyata adalah org yg berada di balik semua pembunuhan itu...sementara sambil menyelidiki kass...angelstone juga melancarkan rayuan maut supaya prue mau tidur sama dia dan setuju menikah dengan dia....bagi yg penasaran gimana dan bagaimana uhuk2nya..mesti baca sendiri...yang pasti seruuuu....sering pas angelstone lagi very2 arouse dan udah nyiapin si prue pake acara lick2 an dan fingering....passs banget angelstone mo buka trouser nya...diganggu sama ketukan di depan pintu kamar prue...sampe dia hell2 an ... :pdan gak cuma sekali tapi 2 kali....makanya pas udah dinikahin, angelstone bilang gak peduli kalo ada yng mengganggu privacy nya dia bakalan ngamuk wkwkwkwk....banyak dialog yg lucu dan cerdas....dan dengan adanya prue, angelstone juga bisa make ammend sama keluarga nya..suka banget sama buku ini....btw...nama depan angelstone itu sebastian loooh......yg namanya sebastian kenapa ya selalu wicked (inget sebastian st.vincent hehehehe)