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Jack Frazer è uno scapolo impenitente e quando la duchessa d Portland lo invita nella sua villa di campagna lui sa che quello è un benevolo trucco per fargli mettere la testa a posto e farlo fidanzare con l'aristocratica Juliana. Jack accetta, divertito, ma lo aspetta una vera sorpresa: tra gli ospiti vi è anche la celebre attrice Isabelle de Vacheron, la splendida donna cJack Frazer è uno scapolo impenitente e quando la duchessa d Portland lo invita nella sua villa di campagna lui sa che quello è un benevolo trucco per fargli mettere la testa a posto e farlo fidanzare con l'aristocratica Juliana. Jack accetta, divertito, ma lo aspetta una vera sorpresa: tra gli ospiti vi è anche la celebre attrice Isabelle de Vacheron, la splendida donna che un tempo Jack ha amato alla follia......

Title : Il sogno di Belle
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Il sogno di Belle Reviews

  • Preeti ♥︎ (Romance She Reads)
    2018-10-03 01:22

    This second book has higher ratings than the first in the series. But I find that I prefer the first one to this one even when that one has a more routine trope – a shotgun moc and a cruel cheating H.The premise and backstory of this book is certainly exceptional and more intriguing. An MB traditional regency where the h is a struggling actress who has had a year long affair with the H ten years ago and then they had parted in bitterness – him alleging cheating and she angrily accepting the charges and leaving him. And so now they meet again – she is now an acknowledged and revered actress, a widowed Comtesse with two kids and he’s a dissolute and cynical rake. The setting is similar to the first book. A few weeks spent at the H’s grandparents home enacting plays and finding each other again. I liked the sophisticated h and her standing up to the H. His dilemma of comparing his young intended with his old flame was also stimulating to say the least. I absolutely adored the h’s children and their strikingly opposing characterization, as also his remarkable affinity and ability to bond with them.The children provided some very poignant, tear jerking moments to the book (which should have been the romance’s job!). Problem? Arrrgh, this family! As with the first book, all that family/friends and then their preparing for the play was really distracting and boring. The ow gets too much space as do her thoughts, judging and disapproving of the H. I didn’t need that – the H’s already a struggling figure and this added censure lowers him even more. I get it that the sweet ingénue ow needs to be shown as not attracted to him so that she’s not hurt in the end but maybe a little less of her pov would’ve been better.And overall the H spends more time with the ow than with the h.But the biggest disappointment for me was the ending!(view spoiler)[With all their MUs sorted out, he has an even bigger reason for being with the h (their daughter!), but he persists with his impending engagement with the ow!Honor? Hogwash! Just plain spinelessness, I’d say. A Hero (regardless of alpha, beta typecasting) is one who knows what he wants and goes for it – all cylinders firing and nothing and no one can stop him! What’s more important than your own child? It’s left to the ow to dump him and only then he wakes up to this other possibility. I dislike it when the h and/or his child are second best, second option!(hide spoiler)]

  • Suzanne
    2018-09-16 20:24

    'Christmas Belle' is the second book in the Frazer duet by Balogh, following 'The First Snowdrop'. This novel focuses on the reunion of a world weary aristocrat and the successful young actress he kept as a mistress ten years previous. Their love for each other has never died despite misunderstandings and grief. However a future together still seems impossible, and their emotional connection is tortured and poignant. Still, a rewarding and touching HEA awaits in the wings amidst the house party theatricals where they meet again.

  • Yessenia Andaverde
    2018-09-30 19:29

    I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw I was about to finish this book. Time went so fast! This has been one of the most enjoyable Christmas tellings I have read in a long time. Commonly, they involve the spirit of Christmas or a Christmas miracle, which, being honest, I am tired of. This one does not.As per usual, I decided not to read the synopsis in order not to get expectations. I might decide not to read a book if I don't like what it sound about, so when I read a series, I only read the story of the first one and the rest are a surprise.This one has been a treat. This authors grabs me and doesn't let me go until I finish reading the last word of her books.Now, about the book: It takes place in the same setting as the previous one, in the home Jack and Alex's grandmother, the duchess. They are reunited all togheter to celebrate Christmas as a family. And the duchess has a couple of surpsises for them.One is Julianna. Jack's to be bride. He is already tirhty one, and is about time he marries. So the duchess inveted Juliana and her family to spend Christmas with them. The other one is Isbaelle. France and England most recognized and talented actress. She is to come with her little to children, being her a widow, and give a little representation for the ones present for the occation. What nobody knows is that she was Jack's lover 9 years ago.Jack is in a dilemma. He already accepted Julianna as his future wife. But he can't stop thinking about Belle, even when doing it brokes something inside him because of the last words the exchanged that final time, in that fight that separated them and sent her to France. But they don't love the other anymore. They are sure of it. But, why did Belle came? What reasons would she have?The chemistry between these two characters is incendiary. They can't stop feeling when the other is in the same room. They can't stop spending time with each other. They can't stop feeling.I had my doubt about this book because of the title: October is not the right moment to read a Christmas story. But I ended up truly satisfied and eager to read more. I couldn't believe it when I turned the page,saw the Acknowledgment and realized the story had ended.I want more!

  • ARomanceLover
    2018-09-28 18:27

    This story of Isabelle and Jack is very typical of Balogh's Christmas stories with all the obligatory merry-making of an old-fashioned English Christmas. Sugary sweet but bittersweet at times it is a cozy read for any time of year.

  • Ana T.
    2018-10-05 17:51

    Notes from the archive:I did liked it because the characters were strong and believable but I didn't love it for 2 reasons: I think the misunderstandings went on for a bit too long - I had already guessed what Jack finds out almost at the end - and because when they admitted their feelings for each other I felt they should have acted on it and not rely on fate - or in this case Juliana - to allow them to be together.2nd readThis is a book I have read a few years ago. I noticed I hadn't written a proper review of it and since I read book nº1 in this duet a few weeks ago I thought this might be a good read for Christmas Eve. I do love Christmas house parties and Balogh does them so well that I couldn't resist it.Belle and Jack were once lovers. They meet again nine years later during Jack's grandparents’ traditional Christmas house party. Belle is the guest of honor of what would otherwise be a just a family reunion.I really enjoyed seeing the characters I had met earlier in The First Snowdrop. They all seem like such a warm and close knit family, I would have loved to see Freddie and Ruby get their own book or to read about the Duke and the Duchess's courtship and wedding. On a second read Christmas Belle is even better than I remembered. I don't usually go for the big misundertanding plot but here I felt that more than the effects of a “big mis” situation we see the characters grow and acknowledge their own errors and behaviours. We see how the years of separation and their new situation in life makes them experience things differently and how they take into account other people that are also important to them.My complaint about this story continues to be the same, though. The HEA is left in the hands of fate and if I understand Belle and Jack's behaviour I would also would like to have seen them more actively pursuing their happiness. I'm sure it would give us some wonderful angst ridden moments that they would eventually have overcome to celebrate their happiness.Despite this I think Christmas Belle is a really good Christmas novel and I wish Balogh will keep writing this type of story. I am well on my way to read all her books and I can’t imagine the day when I won’t have one to look forward to. Grade 4/5

  • Monique Takens
    2018-09-25 19:38

    Tot in de late uurtjes opgebleven om dit boek uit te lezen , ik WILDE gewoonweg niet stoppen met lezen van dit geweldige kerstverhaal en ik weet zeker dat ik het volgend jaar in december weer ga lezen . I finished this book in the very late hours because I simply dit not WANT to put it down before reading it to the end and I am sure I am going to read it next december again .Andere reviewers hebben al omschreven hoe het verhaal verloopt dus dat laat ik achterwege . Wat ik mooi vond aan dit verhaal is dat Jack door het instuderen en overdenken van de doodsscene in Shakespeares Othello tot de conclusie komt dat hij waarschijnlijk een verkeerd beeld had van Isabella en zichzelf 10 jaar geleden .Other reviewers have already given a synopsis of the story so I am not going to bother .What I liked about the story is that Jack by playing and overthinking the deathscene in Shakespeare's Othello he begins to understand that he probably was wrong 10 years ago about him and Isabella .

  • Lynleigh
    2018-10-06 18:39

    What's up with the low ratings??! This story was wonderful. So heart wrenching and gut twisting, I got misty eyed a few times. Balogh was in her prime in the 90s! Don't be deterred by the few mixed reviews, the story is worth it til the very end. Sadly this book is out of print and hasn't been formally released as an ebook, but you can find used copies online and hastily done digital copies for download (if you know where to look). Ugh, what a sad yet heart warming story of rekindled love during a week long family holiday get together. Angst, tears, lost love, lust, tragedy, and heart melting moments packed into one book. Yes!

  • Linda
    2018-10-10 23:28

    Maybe it's just the Frazer family that overwhelms me with indifference. The second book in the series with a Christmas theme to boot. Even that didn't save it for me.The heroine, Isabella is okay but I never warmed up to Jack her former lover. Isabella is a famous actress engaged for theatrics with Jack's grandparent, the duke and duchess. She is a widow of a French noble and comes with her two children.The same people inhabiting the first book are back with several more marriages to add to the confusion in sorting out all the family members.

  • Nenya
    2018-09-28 22:23

    what i disliked most about it was that the author justified their (H's) behavior and actions when he was younger, with both H and h agreeing that they were too young/hot-headed whatever to be together, but not that they are mature, they will be good together. .... yeah, i don't think so. H was a jackass, that hasn't changed much. h was ... well, women just have a worse time of it anyway, so i'd rather excuse her.

  • Janet
    2018-10-16 21:36

    Good but not great. Like A Snow Angel, "events" conspire to makes things work out.

  • Marlene
    2018-10-14 21:24

    Nice conclusion to The First Snowdrop; jack Frazier was not as despicable as Alex.

  • Booklover, Indianapolis
    2018-10-07 01:21

    (Oct) 2.5* Kind of boring - I find some of Balogh's earlier short books to be quite hit-and-miss with me.

  • Ewa
    2018-10-08 01:31

    Sweet.Merry Christmas :)