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This is a book of poetry that will truly touch your soul. Indulge in the words of a lonely lunatic full of laughter, love, lust, Lucifer, and the Lord. Escape into a world of profound, seductive words that will melt your soul like butter. Escape into an insane mind and learn the trials of a battered soul. Fall into the trap of this astonishing book that will pull at the stThis is a book of poetry that will truly touch your soul. Indulge in the words of a lonely lunatic full of laughter, love, lust, Lucifer, and the Lord. Escape into a world of profound, seductive words that will melt your soul like butter. Escape into an insane mind and learn the trials of a battered soul. Fall into the trap of this astonishing book that will pull at the strings of your heart. Immerse yourself in the pure pleasure of this dazzling work of art. Open up the Slopjar....

Title : Slopjar
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Slopjar Reviews

  • David
    2018-12-28 18:09

    This is not your usual dry collection of verse. This is a journey to be experienced. Ingrid Jennings does a remarkable job of taking the reader into the mind of a madwoman, depicting her disjointed thoughts and tying them together with a fine thread of hope. The narrator’s voice is at times haunting, bitter, lonesome, and confused as she struggles to navigate through a life that has not measured up to her dreams. Her words can be terse and self-absorbed, such as in Helpless, when she is ready to quit. At other times, her words resonate as the proverbs of one who knows better and is trying to warn others, as in the case of Sloppy Moppy 2. Never does the narrator sugar coat the truth as she knows it: “My words aren’t supposed to serenade the ears of the people.” Her desperate cry for love echoes that of millions in today’s world of social media where a person can be “Liked” by hundreds and known and loved by none. Ingrid Jennings has created a memorable piece of work, one that should not be read piecemeal, but experienced as a whole.

  • Lana Bradstream
    2018-12-30 15:51

    Here is a new entry in my Written Word Wednesday series -- not only the book, but the genre. It's poetry. I am a big fan of poetry -- not so much free verse, but poems that have a rhythm and actually rhymes. Free verse seems like journal entries. This book, SLOPJAR by Ingrid Jennings, has elements of free verse and also elements of form.Some of the poems have rhyme and rhythm. Some do not. The poems that do have rhyme and rhythm -- it is not always carried through all the way. It is very eclectic in these terms. Now, on to the content. A good number of the poems scream teenage angst -- poems that ask who the writer is, why others do not relate to the writer. You know, "Woe is me." With the eclectic way they are written and the content, I sighed as memories of high school came flooding back to me. All those lost thoughts and confusing times.At first, that was how the book spoke to me. But, the author did a good job of elevating beyond the angst and touching spiritual aspects that I can relate to.The poems that struck a chord with me the most were "Daddy Cursed Me," "Self Worth" and "I Dream." The first poem is in the "Loneliness" section. I have a wonderful relationship with my father, so I could not personally relate to what Jennings was saying, but I have seen enough children with absent fathers, that it touched me.The second and third poems are in the "Lord" section and these were the most profound for me. "Self Worth" and "I Dream" touched spiritual struggles that I deal with and I know many other Christians are consumed with the same thoughts and doubts that Jennings translates onto the page.Many of the poems are very dark -- not graphic, but if you have ever hard twisted thoughts (and who honestly has not), you will appreciate that someone is brave enough to put some of it on paper and publish it. This is honesty, folks! It is not exactly Shakespeare or Poe (but you would be hard-pressed to find poets who can compare with those two masters), but it is darn good. This is book is a keeper. I give it 5 out of 5 stars!

  • Kim Hansen
    2019-01-07 16:52

    I must confess, I’m not a big fan of poetry. I used to be during the angst of my teenage years, but I don’t seem to enjoy it much anymore. BUT, Slopjar, by author Ingrid Jennings has now become an exception.Although classified as a book of poetry, the way the author weaves together the poems; you feel like you are reading a story. A very unusually, painful, exhilarating, humorous, and scary story.The book is divided into different sections; Lunatic, Loneliness, Laughter, Lust, Love, Lucifer and Lord. As the book begins with Lunatic, through poems you are shown the inner workings of the mind of someone who is in the midst of lunacy. You read about her confusion and her struggles to be more than she is; her loneliness and seclusion; her bitterness; and then finally a cry for help.Filled with very dark poetry that to some, could be offensive at times. But, having dealt with someone with severe mental illness, I can tell you that the graphic words and thoughts are very true – and this book uses them in context with the situation.These poems, written from personal experiences, are heartfelt, deep, sad and will really keep you thinking about the good, the bad and what is most important in your life.

  • Maranda Russell
    2019-01-05 19:50

    The poems in this collection are startling in their honesty and in their unique view on matters such as mental illness, lust, love, spirituality and many other subjects. I'm not sure if all these poems were based on the author's life or just on people she has known and experiences she has endured, but either way, Ingrid Jennings did an incredible job of bringing personal stories to life in poems that alternately shout out harsh truths about being human or bring attention to the beautiful, sacred side of life.Although all of the sections are interesting and well-written, I must admit my favorite is the 'Lunatic' section. I have always been fascinated with various mental illnesses and these poems about schizophrenia are dark, fascinating and very touching in their own way.

  • Mattie
    2019-01-18 19:58

    This was nice collection of poetry. The words resonated in my heart and soul stirring up so many feelings & emotions. Some of the poems were better than others; those are the ones that I found myself re-reading. A well written piece of literature.

  • Rob Slaven
    2019-01-15 18:48

    As usual, I received this book through a GoodReads giveaway and also as usual despite that kind consideration I'll gripe candidly below.Slopjar is a collection of poetry that outlines the descent of the author into much and varied unpleasantness in her life followed by her eventual redemption through the Christian faith.It first must be noted that I'm not really a fan of poetry. I dabble in it from time to time due only to the acts of mischance as defined by GoodReads' random number generator. Therefore my criteria here are fairly simple. First, does the work evoke some emotional response? On this level, certainly the author is being mightily sincere in her work. She's expressing some very raw and personal emotions and you have to give her credit for that. Unfortunately, despite the inspiration she may have from her own life, the poetry just doesn't work. Her choice of words is sometimes distracting and inappropriate, her endings abrupt and in general the work is just unpolished.The second criteria is entirely technical and goes to general structure, meter and construction. As stated above, these aspects lack polish as we find free verse that at points resorts to rhyme, repetition of words and just generally inconsistent tone.In summary, I love that Ms. Jennings is at a happier place in her life and that the poetry she wrote helped her get there and wish her nothing but the best. Sadly, I can't really take that into account when rating the book. Slopjar strikes me as a mediocre poetic offering from an otherwise inspiring and unique person.

  • Laura
    2019-01-17 14:43

    I received a free copy from the author in return for an honest review.Two words: cover lust. I know we're not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but I think you safely can for this book. I'm holding my copy in front of me, and the fiery flower with its wisps of smoke is absolutely stunning against the backdrop. But on to the content... Slopjaris a collection of poetry from the perspective of a paranoid schizophrenic woman. Although each of the seven sections (Lunatic, Loneliness, Laughter, Lust, Love, Lucifer, Lord) and their respective poems can be read separately, the sequence of poems follows a sort of narrative that I interpreted as the woman's spiritual journey towards salvation. Some of the poems that touched/inspired me the most were "Daddy Cursed Me" (Loneliness), "Anew" (Loneliness), "Take My Flower" (Lust) and my personal favourite, "I Dream" (Lord). The poems in this collection are full of emotion, although the repetitive style found throughout the poems sometimes took away from my enjoyment of them, and I wished for more concrete images to tease my imagination. Overall, however, despite the unusual nameSlopjar , the beautiful collection of poems is anything but.

  • Sandrag Gallegos
    2019-01-15 18:55

    This is by far not your typical poetry book!! Books that I have read in the past have nothing but feel good poetry that make you appreciate the words. What these poems do is take you into the mind of mad woman and really get into her thoughts and emotions. Some say no way can they relate or have anything in common with such a person but honestly you will find yourself saying, WOW! Even though the book is broken down into individual poems they are categorized into 7 sections: Lunatic, Loneliness, Laughter, Lust, Love, Lucifer, Lord. Within each section you will find that Ingrid has really put her life into words for all to read. The way she opened herself up and put her emotions into words for all to read is truly remarkable and I guarantee everyone will find some way to relate to at least a small part of what she is saying.

  • Dianna
    2019-01-20 14:47

    Slopjar left me feeling a little bit breathless and a very heavy heart. It follows the thoughts behind and after a tragedy of a terrible crime. There is considerable use of foul language in the poetry. It is used in context, though, and seemed somewhat appropriate for the situation. This is not really my preferred type of reading, but I value its literary merit. Perfect for the Halloween season, Slopjar is dark poetry at its scariest. I found myself having such conflicting emotions for the bearer of this poetry......without giving too much away, I want you to know that it's very sad. Deep thoughts abound in Slopjar . Author Ingrid Jennings went there and came back to tell the tale.I received a copy of Slopjar to review. The opinions stated are 100% mine.

  • Margaret Fieland
    2018-12-27 12:08

    These poems dove straight down to hell, exposing the ravings of a crazed mind, but a mind still able to put words on paper, to show us her mental state and to take us there, too. Every time I read these poems, every time I open this book and read another poem, my heart beats faster and my palms sweat. I am there alongside the narrator. I, too, am praying for sweet sleep while knowing it will elude me and my dreams will be full of nightmare images. Want to go to hell and back? Then read this book.Amazing stuff. Don't miss it.

  • Kathy
    2018-12-26 17:47

    This book was amazing! The author puts together many poems that seem more like a story. The author goes in to a lot of detail with the poems and they are very meaningful. Every poem really reaches out to me. I have never read such beautiful poems before. Each poem really catches my eye and I can even relate to some of them. There are even different sections for the poems including: Lunatic, Loneliness, Laughter, Lust, Love, Lucifer and Lord. Anybody who loves poems that really reach out to you would love this book! I was so touched by all of the poems. I give this a five star rating!

  • Samantha
    2018-12-24 13:45

    I was so excited to win this book from Goodreads. I love poetry, but what I got was totally different from any kind of poetry I have ever read. The amount of description and emotion in this selection was absolutely amazing. I loved how even though there were many posems in the book, they all fed from eachother almost as if they were telling one story. I will definitely be recommending this book to everyone I know!Well done Ingrid Jennings!

  • L.M. Young
    2019-01-04 15:59

    "Slopjar' was refreshingly honest. There is no doubt that the author has definitely seen a lot in her life and the road has not been easy. This just further gives into the idea that the journey is just as important, as the destination. The author touches on hate, lust, love and spirituality; from an honest and refreshing perspective.I would easily recommend this book to anyone; who thinks the struggle is theirs alone.

  • Hanna
    2019-01-22 13:56

    Slopjar, is so different from any other book I've read (and I've read plenty of books). The book is classified as a poetry book, so that's what I was expecting. Just poems. The way Ingrid Jennings writes however, makes it like a story. Each poem goes into the next one telling a story along the way. Her writing style evokes emotion as well as personal thought.

  • Kimberly LaRocca
    2018-12-29 14:00

    I really enjoyed reading Slopjar by Ingrid Jennings. The great thing about poetry is that no two books are the same and each book allows you to delve into the mind of the author. Some of my favorite poems are Anew, The Dream, Slopjar, The Past and Candlesticks And Ashes. I would recommend Slopjar to anyone that enjoys reading poetry.

  • Tammy ~Witching Hour Reads~
    2019-01-01 17:52

    I really enjoyed Slopjar, usually when I get a book of poetry it gets put aside, and I read something else, but this was not the case with Ingrid Jennings Slopjar! It is worth the read even a second or thrid. I found it raw, honest and real.

  • Melissa Meador
    2019-01-12 15:49

    Wonderful and whity...thoroughly enjoyed it

  • Paddy O'callaghan
    2019-01-18 19:54

    The title piece alone makes this book worth buying.It is not to be only read, It is to be treasured for life. I don't think that I will ever finish this book.

  • CaedyEries
    2018-12-31 18:50

    Review pending....but love it!

  • Stella
    2018-12-25 11:44

    Slopjar grabbed my attention in the beginning, although I did feel a bit ant-climatic soon into reading the book. In my personal opinion, had Jennings chosen more tasteful words to interject in those specific spaces instead of crude ones, the book would have been more enjoyable. Piss & shit, bull-sit, yada, yada -not my idea of a good read or enjoyable poems. The language was too elementary. Sorry but, to me it was like reading poems from a high school writer.I loved the cover - I give that an A+ Fantastic.

  • Kelly
    2018-12-22 15:44

    I won this book with Goodreads First Reads so first off thank you. I was a bit hesitant about this one as the only other poetry I have read was in school but I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed it.

  • Deliasue
    2018-12-22 15:52

    This book of prose didn't interest me, but I make a point of reading the whole book even if I do not like it, Its about an insane woman and her writing while in a mental hospital.

  • Beckey
    2019-01-22 20:09

    Collection of poetry. Some better than others but enjoyable nonetheless (not a huge fan of poetry)...

  • Jeri
    2018-12-22 15:52

    Good Poetry