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Librarian's Note: Alternate cover for this ISBN can be found here.Carina Conte has had a crush on her brother Michael’s best friend, Max Gray, since she was a teenager. Now she’s earned her MBA and come to work at Michael’s new venture, America’s fastest-growing bakery empire. But some things never change: her family still treats her like a child. With three drop-dead gorgLibrarian's Note: Alternate cover for this ISBN can be found here.Carina Conte has had a crush on her brother Michael’s best friend, Max Gray, since she was a teenager. Now she’s earned her MBA and come to work at Michael’s new venture, America’s fastest-growing bakery empire. But some things never change: her family still treats her like a child. With three drop-dead gorgeous siblings, she’s still the ugly duckling of the bunch. And Max, the company’s new CEO, still barely notices her.Max knows Carina Conte is strictly off limits. But hot-blooded lust wins out at a conference when the two share a scorching one-night stand—and are busted by her mother! Now, forced by old-world Italian tradition into a marriage he’s not ready for, Max is miserable—and Carina is furious. Her new husband is about to realize that hell hath no fury like a woman transformed…....

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The Marriage Mistake Reviews

  • Blacky *Romance Addict*
    2018-12-24 07:50

    This one was GREAT!Definitely the best from this seriesA lovely romance about a girl in love with her brother's best friend for ages :D now a woman, starting in the familly business, and determined to move onCarina has been in love with Max since she was a teenager, but he only saw her as a baby sister. Now, after graduation, she comes to America and starts working in the family business. Max is surprised by her, how much she matured, and how she doesn't swoon all over him anymoreCarina knows what she wants now, and doesn't let Max affect her like he used to (well, he does, but atleast she learned not to show it eheheheh). So anyway, they have instant sparks, and Max can't understand it, even if he's jealous at every man she flirts with He doesn't want to betray Michael and their friendship, and tries to resist Carina... Until they get to Vegas :DI just have to say, they had chemistry. They had THE chemistry. I couldn't wait for them to actually do it. Boy those kisses before, mmm hmm hmm just yummyand it was just great between them :D That first time - H-O-T! Even though, I'm finding it kind of weird reading this sort of book (sweet contemporary romantic thingy) where the guy is into domination. Hmmm. Just doesn't sit right. BUT, lucky me, I find that hot, so the sex scenes were uber hot and sexy for me ehehehehehehAnd then(view spoiler)[her mother came to Vegas (hide spoiler)]I mean, WTF? Of all people. I guess it had to be done for them to actually get married (the title IS 'Marriage Mistake'). But really?Max and Carina are on a few days business trip in Vegas to seal some deal, and (view spoiler)[her mother from freaking Italy comes to visit and decides to stop by (?????) and catch them in bed of course (hide spoiler)] Just totally and utterly ridiculous.And THEN, she practically blackmailed Max to marry Carina. I just hated her at that point.And the explanation was that it was OK since Carina loves Max, they should marry. Hello? If he doesn't love her and is forced to marry, how the hell would her life be like? Jeez. Just hated that whole setup and that woman for doing it. So anyway, the rest of the story was good, sweet, them living together and allAnd yeah, almost forgot, in the previous book Michael was also a bit dominating, in this book it was just a notch more, but I'm guessing the next will be full blown BDSM, because we were introduced (I'm just guessing, but it has to be) the guy for the next book, and he's supposedly way into the BDSM lifestyle. Hmmmmm. Don't really know how I feel about that. I mean, sure it's hot, but I can't help but think the author put this just because this is currently very popular out there. For me personally, it doesn't go with this type of book. But oh well, who da f am I to say anything, right? And so, this was a really great book, apart from that thing up there I was ranting about. It *almost* rocked my worldJust wish the wedding there was done a little bit better, it would have 5 stars for sure. As it is, it's four, but a great four stars! Highly recommended if you want some fun, light and smexy read :)*ARC courtesy of Simon & Schuster via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Rosalinda *KRASNORADA*
    2019-01-24 08:55

    Just quick thoughts, ok?This was 2.5 stars for me (I rounded up because I hate giving 2 stars, I feel bad). Why only 2.5 stars? Oh well, kinda predictable and boring. Maybe sweet stories are not my cuppa anymore. And yes, it had hot sex but for some reason that's not enough for me. I need to FEEL and let's say this book didn't make it for me but, and this is a big but, most of my buddies loved it so give it a try as you might like it more than me. A one-night stand just wasn't worth it. Not even with a woman who soothed his shoul and made him crave to be a better man.Okay... for starters, (and this is not a spoiler), the blurb tells you almost the 60-65% of the story. NO JOKE!. Why would you do that? Anyway, if you read the blurb you will know what this story is about. Nothing special. Carina is in love with Max (Carina's brother best friend) but she "knows" he's off limits until they have to work together and they can't avoid the attraction between them because they are super ultra mega hot, just like most of the heroes and heroines... Sorry but I don't do well with cliches anymore :(All in all, predictable and sweet and yeah, there are some hot scenes. Finito!

  • Natasha is a Book Junkie
    2019-01-15 06:53

    “I am the big bad wolf, sweetheart. Now get your ass up to your room.”Reading Jennifer Probst’s books makes me feel like I am on some tropical island, laying in the sun, a sexy cabana boy on call and a cocktail in hand. I feel a little naughty from the pleasure it gives me, but I’m grinning from ear to ear from the sheer indulgence of it all. There is something in these books, perhaps the idea of a marriage of convenience turning into true love that just ‘speaks’ to the hopeless dreamer in me. I want to escape into her books, lose myself in the delicious scenarios she creates for us and never set foot into the real world again.This is Max and Carina’s story. We met them in The Marriage Trap where we first noticed young Carina’s infatuation with her brother’s best friend. Three years later, Carina has completed her MBA and she is ready to get involved in the family business. Max is asked to show her the ropes, a task he considers on par with baby-sitting, but what he does not realise is that Carina is no longer a besotted self-conscious little girl who used to pine after him – he finds himself in front of a hot-blooded vixen, with a killer body and personality to match.Carina has been in love with Max all her life. The quiet but sensitive young girl that she once was used to spend her days daydreaming of her brother’s friend, watching him going through one love interest after another, constantly hoping he would pick her one day. But that day never came and the last time she saw him he had openly demonstrated he had no interest in her by choosing a random woman at a party over her. That day Carina said goodbye to her childhood crush on a man she could never have.“… she offered his companion the second glass. He jerked back as if realizing the symbol of her gesture. Carina looked up and memorized his beloved face for the last time. She left him in the garden with the woman and didn’t look back. She surrendered more than the love of her life. She gave up her old dreams and left her old life behind.”Now she is back in his life and she is ready to “exorcise the ghost of Maximus Gray”. But Max is not willing to let her do that this time. Their attraction is flaming hot, every look, every touch leaving their skin tingling and the reader fanning themselves – they fight the draw between them with excuses of age difference and life-long friendships, but their bodies betray them at every turn. Eventually, they agree on indulging themselves with one night of passion to take the itch away, hoping they would be ‘cured’ in the morning.“I deserve one night of great sex, Max. Would you deny me that? Would you deny what you give to yourself? I’m not a perfect china doll placed on a shelf to be played with in careful moments. I’m flesh and blood and I want messiness and passion and orgasms.”Their one-night-stand proves to be a life changing experience for both of them. The connection between them is not just flesh-deep but neither of them is ready to admit that just yet. At this point, fate butts in in the form of mama Conte who discovers their indiscretion the following morning and convinces them that the only way to save their families from embarrassment and humiliation is by marrying each other. What might appear as an old-fashioned blessing in disguise is nothing more than a curse for Carina – getting the man of her dreams by twisting his arm into marrying her out of obligation rather than undying love is the last thing her heart craves.“Where the f*ck is my happily-ever-after, Max? I dreamed of a real proposal, with a man on bent knee and vows he actually meant. You know what I got? Good intentions, responsibility, and a few orgasms.”Carina’s journey is one of finding her true passions in life, voicing what she wants and does not want. In this story, we witness a vibrant young woman willing to sacrifice everything she was raised to think was right for her in order to find out what would truly make her happy. Her courage to cut the ties that bind her and finding strength within her was inspiring, showing us that one needs to be strong on their own before they can be strong with someone else. She is a fierce heroine, one that likes to submit to her lover in the bedroom but firmly holds the reins of the relationship together with her partner.“I’m finally claiming what I’ve wanted for a long time. A man who makes me explode with pleasure and can take me places I crave to go. A man to hold me and give me orgasms and share the night with.”Max is just as complex as Carina is – he is a man torn between loyalty and his irrepressible pull towards Carina. While she has always seen him as the personification of all her desires, Max needs to readjust his perception of her. He fights a battle inside his head, wanting to keep the role of protector and friend to her, while realising at the same time that this woman is also his soul-mate. Carina is the first woman in his life that makes him crave to be a better man for her.A story of people being each other’s constants in life, of childhood dreams becoming reality, of lovers reaching into each other’s souls and giving life to every dream, every hidden desire buried in there. This is possibly a new favourite of mine in the Marriage to a Billionaire series, having allowed Carina and Max to get under my skin and desperately ached for their happy ending. Ms Probst never lets me down, she feeds the romance junkie in me and she always leaves me satisfied. As fairy-tale-like as her stories might be, we all need an escapist safety haven for our dreams to go wild and that is the world that she builds for us so finger-lickingly well. Every. Single. Time.~ N ♥See this review on my blog! | Follow me on Facebook!

  • Dina
    2019-01-03 03:53

    Es con diferencia el peor libro que he leído en mi vida. Cliché, mal escrito, machista, absurdo, ridículo y guarro. Sin duda merece un video de Satán y le voy a hacer un traje épico!

  • Saly
    2019-01-10 04:59

    Rating 2.5 starsThis is the third book in a series by Jennifer Probst and it was one I was looking forward to, since in the second installment of the series we met the heroine Carina, who was shy and awkward and was madly in love with her brother's best friend Max.The Marriage Mistake opens a few years later and Carina has just completed her MBA and is moving to America to work in her brother's company. It is something that is expected of her but isn't her passion, which is painting. She though no longer wants to be the protected sister and wants to experience freedom and most importantly men. The problem for me was the way Carina behaved. I do not mind a modern sexually confident woman but Carina came across as almost desperate and too reckless for me especially the way she behaved with one of Max's associates and the constant mistakes she made in business.Max now, was just okay for me. He had issues with committment because of his father and he did want Carina but didn't want to complicate his life plus he had issues with where he stood in the company. He didn't stand out for and the whole book was about almost sex moments between them and when they do sleep together, they are caught and end up married. All in all I do think the problem in the book for me were the characters and their actions and for that reason I cannot rate it higher. I would recommend that you try other books by Jennifer Probst.ARC provided by the publisher through Edelweiss.

  • Sara
    2019-01-18 02:57

    The third installment in the Marriage to a Billionaire series is stunning. I didn’t think Nick and Alexa from The Marriage Bargain could be topped and then I met Michael and Maggie from The Marriage Trap. Of course I loved them; I was so connected to their story I didn’t think I could read The Marriage Mistake until a friend told me to cut the cord and dive in. Max and Carina, I have to say my cheeks got the ultimate workout from the constant smile on my face as I read every word of their story. This series just keeps getting better and better! Ms. Probst has outdone herself again!"Carina Conte stared into the flickering flame of her homemade campfire and reminded herself she wasn’t crazy. She was just a woman in love. Her hand trembled around a piece of paper. Carina glanced down at the page. Okay, time to summon Earth Mother."Carina is the youngest in the Conte family. The one everyone feels the need to protect and guide has finally grown up. She has her MBA and has arrived in New York to learn more about the running’s of La Dolce Maggie. While she imagined her brother Michael would toss her in the accounting department where she excels with numbers, he has other ideas. Michael wants her to shadow someone, that someone is none other than Maximus Gray! The childhood crush and love of her life that she had finally moved passed and now she has to be in his close company every day. Oh Carina, I wish I could feel sorry for you, but I have met Max.From the second Max and Carina are in the same room together the connection is undeniable but they both try to fight it. Max is attracted but feels a sense of familial obligation, a need to protect Carina even from himself."Horrified at the sudden veer of his thoughts, he quickly imagined nuns in underwear and got himself back in control." Carina is excited to be in a new country, with a new job, new apartment and new possibilities for her life; including her love life. Having to be around Max day in and day out at work is something she is dealing with even if it means flirting and dating other men. Max has always been “the one” for her but after years of her unrequited feelings she isn’t going to let a little attraction get the best of her or stop her from getting what she wants. What if Max is still what she wants?Max and Carina have passion that sizzles beneath the surface and comes out with steam when they are close. I could feel the emotion, the tension and the sensuality at the fair, the event when they danced and the confrontation after it. The animal magnetism that brings these two hot blooded Italians together is also the force that can repel them to the point of no return. Thank goodness Michael needs a job done and sends Max and Carina on a business trip together!The Venetian Hotel has never held as many memories for me as it does now. The deal that Max and Carina make is one that will fulfill their needs and desires. They have it all planned out but life has a funny way of stepping in when you least expect it and has plans of its own.In some dim corner of his mind, he always imagined if he ever kissed Carina it would be more of a spiritual experience; an initiation into tenderness and the gentle slide of lip against lip. Instead, the reality ripped through him with a savageness he never believed possible. He was going to hell and it was worth every damn moment.She lay back and watched with hungry eyes that only hardened him further. “You’re so beautiful,” she choked out.He shook his head and joined her on the bed. “No, you’re fucking gorgeous. Beyond anything I ever dreamed." That life with plans that I mentioned comes sweeping in as the force that is Mama Conte. I love this woman. She is knowledgeable and kind. She is a forceful and comforting as Mother Nature herself. Mama Conte is not to be messed with but at the same time; I just want to hug her and make pasta in her kitchen alongside her.With the guidance of Mama Conte Max and Carina embark on their Marriage Mistake. Mistake or not they are challenged by each other and themselves to look deep inside for what they want. Carina must the direction her life is going to take and meet it head on regardless of the consequence. Max must overcome his insecurities to fight for what he wants at any cost. With the passion these two have for each other the sparks fly at every road block, bump and grind they come across."I love you. I've always loved you, but I needed to love me more before I could give you what you need. The question was never will I come back to you. The question is, will you come back to me?" The Marriage Mistake is a wonderful story of two strong, stubborn and passionate people bound to each other by something so powerful it can’t be denied. The strength of that bond is what can build them up or tear them apart. I have thoroughly enjoyed the story of Max and Carina and will hold it with me tucked away safe; right next to Nick, Alexa, Michael and Maggie. There is room for two more…did I hear there will be a fourth book in the series? Ms. Probst to quote the lovely and fiery Carina "Bring it!" ARC copy provided by Gallery Books via Edelweiss for an honest review.

  • Georgia Cruz
    2019-01-17 06:09

    I have got to get those love spell book and cast a request for Earth Mother to bring me one and only man I truly want in my life: Kellan Kyle***Okay, so here's my review now. I love this story because it's a combination of sexy-romantic-funny ride all in one package. I even laughed hard in this particular scene where they talked about "Fifty Shades of Grey". I mean they even have the same name Maximus Gray. I bet the author was inspired with the book especially the dominance sex scene. Haha! Here it goes:He reached into his pocket and pulled out a long silk scarf. Her eyes widened. "Are we doing the Fifty Shades of Grey thing?" she whispered."Did you like the chocolate?" She sputtered a laugh. "You really are a bastard, aren't you? Christian Grey has nothing on you." He laughed with her. "My name might be similar, but I'd never say 'Laters,baby'." Her mouth fell open. "You read it!" ******************HAHAHAHA! This one was so funny and sexy at the same time!

  • Zemira (Kylo Ren fangirl) Warner
    2019-01-16 08:57

    You can find this review and much more on YA Fanatic.I picked this book up because a lot of people on Goodreads are saying this is the best one of the Marriage to a Billionaire series and I liked the first novel so why not. Oh, and it was a part of my December reading challenge. Let me tell you how I feel about this book. *headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk* Ouch! That not only hurt my head and brain but everything I stand for- about relationships, marriage, sex and etc. If you still want to read it, you should skip this part because I will be revealing the reasons why I hated this book. Beware, spoilers ahead.I won’t bore you with their whole life story you could read from the blurb. Anyway, Carina has been in love with Max her whole life but he never paid any attention to her until she starts working with him in tight skirts and in blouses showing of her cleavage. They are hot and cold around each other and one night in Vegas they seal the deal. It was going great until Carina’s mother sees them nekkid. She practically brushes Max off and enters the hotel room saying she has seen him nekkid when he was a kid. Let’s just stop there for a minute. I used to run around nekkid as a three year-old with my cousin but that doesn’t mean I want to see him nekkid now that he is all grown up. What the hell is wrong with people? This is not the first time I’ve come across this type of thing in books. OK, so she sees her daughter nekkid and makes them get married. I mean, what the hell is happening? This lady is crazy! Why would someone get hitched after a one night stand, well expect for Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher in that movie? At this point nothing could salvage this book. Not even if Tarryn Fisher wrote the rest of it. Since I live in a very traditional country and it pisses me off when people get married right after they finish high school like there is nothing more in live to do but settle down and get married so I raged while reading this stuff. Raged, I tell you! There was no going back so I continued down the hill. They get married even though Max is a total dom and doesn’t let anyone order him around but he did agree with this whole mess. They try to do it but something stupid always interrupts them, like the phone, voicemail, someone giving birth and doorbell. They are married for a week or something and they get interrupted so much while I can’t remember when did something interrupted me in and my ex, while you know what… Carina decides to leave him so she could pursue her dream becoming an artist. After she does, they get back together. And that my friends, is this book. Totally deserves the rating of 4.03 with 266 reviews, right?

  • •Anna•
    2018-12-29 04:51

    WARNING!People! Everybody! Buddies! Ladies! Gentlemen! Boys! Girls!I just want you to know something about Italians. We are not this kind of people. We do not get married just because we have sex. I can tell you. We are Italian, not medieval.Cara Jennifer,potresti smetterla (gentilmente eh), di ritrarci come un popolo di trogloditi, maschilisti, o qualunque cosa per te voglia significare "secondo la tradizione"? Non sono una fan sfegatata del mio paese, ma te lo chiedo per favore: supera i clichè, non far di tutta l'erba un fascio e smettila di ripetere in ogni tuo santissimo libro che abbia qualcosa a che fare con l'Italia tutte queste chicche da preistoria. Te lo dico in inglese? GET OVER IT. u__uDetto questo e avvisati gli amici che non masticano la nostra lingua, e non conoscono le nostre tradizioni, che essere beccati dopo aver fatto sesso senza essere sposati NON obbliga la gente ad organizzare in fretta e furia un matrimonio, andiamo avanti!Nel capitolo precedente, dedicato a Maggie e Michael, avevamo conosciuto una Carina (che non si capisce perchè sia diventata "Carolina" nell'edizione italiana) frignona, timida e un po' ochetta per quanto mi riguarda, cotta a puntino per il migliore amico del fratello, Maximus Gray. Al solo pensiero di ritrovarla protagonista in "Contratto di passione" sudavo freddo e non credevo di riuscire davvero a reggere, tant'è che mi ci son voluti 50 libri per sperare di poter dimenticare e, nel frattempo, accumulare quanta più buona volontà possibile.Col senno di poi, direi che la sua totale trasformazione non mi è dispiaciuta, anche se rimane il fatto che io l'abbia trovata molto inverosimile. Da ragazza timida, impacciata, innocente e indifferente ad esperta gatta morta, sfacciata seduttrice. Signori, tutti la vogliono, tutti le fanno il filo, tutti la trovano perfetta. Forse il merito di tanta bonazzaggine in famiglia è della contessa. Ma che gli dai da mangiare? E' passato qualche anno dal nostro ultimo incontro con la famiglia Conte, e Carolina, ormai ventiseienne, si è trasferita in America per inserirsi nel business di famiglia. Per il suo periodo di prova, però, deve sottostare a Max, il che non è affatto un problema per lei, visto che ormai non prova più niente per lui. Per Max, invece, è uno shock: ma davvero quella lì è la sorellina del suo migliore amico? Ma come è possibile? Di qua. Di là. Non deve farsi tentare, è di Carolina che sta parlando, Michael lo ammazzerebbe, meglio tenere a freno i bollenti spiriti. Ma per quanto voglia riuscirci, il comportamento di Carolina non fa' che mandarlo fuori di testa. La ragazza esordisce così: adesso è in America, il paese della libertà, quindi deve trovarsi qualcuno con cui andare a letto, alla svelta, perchè proprio non ne può più di rimanere casta.Temi profondi, insomma. Allora capirete quanto difficilmente Max possa passar sopra alla cosa... immaginarla a bordo di una moto, aggrappata a qualche bel maschione... Riesce comunque a trattenersi dal farle capire che l'ha "notata", fino a quando lei non le da del gay, perchè non si è ancora sistemato. E da lì parte tutto un discorso banale del tipo: "Vieni qui, e ti faccio vedere se sono davvero gay." Che poi non fa altro che segnare l'inizio di dialoghi incentrati sulla voglia matta di Carolina di scoparsi pure i tavoli, fino a quando lui non cede del tutto. E credetemi, che stress!, ci vorranno 3 scene di baci appassionati interrotti, seguiti dai tremendi "No, non posso..." di lui. Ci vorranno un paio di conquiste e qualche scrivania su cui far pratica per far accadere l'irreparabile.Boom!Carolina e Max ci riescono. Senza intoppi. Senza cellulari che squillano. Senza ripensamenti. Senza risparmiare location o posizioni. Ci riescono e basta. Ma il patto è che resti una cosa di una notte, per levarsi un peso, insomma. A Carolina lui non piace nemmeno più, era solo tensione sessuale accumulatasi nel tempo, tutto qui... (No.)"Quello che merito, Max, è una notte di sesso alla grande. Davvero me la vuoi negare? Negare a me quello che tu ti concedi abitualmente? Non sono una bambolina di porcellana che si rompe solo a guardarla. Sono fatta di carne e sangue e voglio sesso, passione e orgasmi!"Sono a Las Vegas, e mi sentirei di dire che quello che succede a Las Vegas rimane a Las Vegas, se non fosse, però, che la contessa si presenta nella suite della figlia per un salutino veloce e trova Max ad aprirle la porta, in boxer. Sorvoliamo sull'entrata in scena della contessa, che da Bergamo va a New York per lavoro e trova il tempo di far tappa a LV solo per salutare Carolina, e concentriamoci sulla prepotenza della donna, che con una serie di slalom riesce a superare l'ostacolo (Max), insinuarsi in camera da letto, per poi scoprire che la ragazza nuda e ronfante distesa sul letto è sua figlia.Vi aspettereste più o meno questa reazione, invece tutto quello che fa è capire, mettere in moto il cervello e organizzare il matrimonio in quattro e quattr'otto, mettendo in ginocchio il più irremovibile degli irremovibili, che, a capo chino, accetta la sua sorte e va a parlare con la sua futura sposa. Da qui in poi si ride di meno, purtroppo. Succede che Carolina capisce che lui si è trovato costretto, perchè, insomma, è la tradizione! Sta cercando di salvarle la reputazione e nient'altro. Accetta di diventare sua moglie, gli concede se stessa due o tre volte prima di andarsene a riflettere sull'accaduto. Loro non si amano, il loro matrimonio non ha nulla di reale, ed è meglio fare le valigie. Nel frattempo lascia l'azienda di famiglia, dedica tutta se stessa alla sua passione, la pittura (erotica), capisce di amare suo marito, organizza una mostra dei suoi quadri, li vende tutti (!), invita Max, gli fa vedere un quadro che lo ritrae mezzo nudo, si guardano negli occhi e capiscono di amarsi. Yey!E così, anche le fantastiche avventure di Carina e Max giungono al termine, lasciandomi ricordi indimenticabili, pensieri profondi, e molte lacrime da asciugare...(hahah no.) Richiami alle Cinquanta sfumature di Christian Grey e la sensazione di aver letto le avventure di "Jersey Shore nell'Upper East Side" a parte, mi sono divertita tantissimo. VOTO: 2.5 stelleCon la speranza che nel prossimo Contratto, la Probst abbia esaurito caratteristiche e aggettivi da affibbiare ai personaggi italiani.

  • Nicolesouders
    2018-12-27 07:01

    Soo I stayed up at till 3 in the morning to finish this book and let me tell you what a huge waste of time that was. I thought it was the worst out all the marriage to a billionaire series. First of all the book took way to long to get to where they finally start realizing they might have feelings for each other. I over half way through when it finally started looking like a romance novel. Secondly and the most important point was that the ending sucked. I mean she leaves him because she's not sure he loves her even after he tells her. Something about needing to love yourself because other love you. WTF?!?! She goes on to say that she doesn't need him in her life but wants him in it. Ya kudos for the romance there. And when she finally decides that she wants him back all she has to do is back her eyelashes make a horrible excuses of an apology and he takes her back. SHE LEFT HIM!!!!! And all their friends come out and say it's great that they're together. Woopie. He's practically miserable without her but guess what, she CAN live without him. She should have had to get and on her knees and beg for his forgiveness or something. The ending came way to abruptly. She's just a selfish girl who in the end always get what she wants. Does she ever think about other people? Certainly not in this book. I'm sorry but this was just a huge disappointment to series.

  • ♥Rachel♥
    2018-12-28 06:09

    The Marriage Mistake was fun, flirty and addictive. There’s a fair amount of sexual tension and denial that makes it oh-so-satisfying when they finally give in and let go. Carina is the naïve heroine longing to break free of her traditional Italian family’s overprotective constraints, and experience life and passion. She had a mad, intense crush on her brother’s best friend, Max all growing up, one that was evident to everyone including Max. Max, of course, only looked on her as a little girl and thought her crush was cute. Carina had to endure the countless girlfriends he went through. She’s moved to America to take a position in her brother, Michael’s company, but she’s not that little fluttering girl anymore. When Michael assigns her to work with and learn from Max in La Dolce Maggie, she plans on showing Max she’s long since over him. Max is Michael’s right hand man at La Dolce Maggie. They have been best friends since they were boys growing up in Italy. When he finds out he’s to train Carina, Max is not happy. He doesn’t want the distraction and Carina was always so passionate and emotional, really not a fit in a tough business world. What he doesn’t expect is the Carina that comes through the door. She’s grown up, confident, and gorgeous. Not the unsure, volatile girl he remembers. Max remembers the crush she used to have on him, but there are no traces of it now, and that hurts his ego a little. This is all for the best though because he has no intention of settling down right now. However, the feelings Carina stirs up in him are dangerous. He knows he can’t act on them and ruin the relationship he has with the Conte family if things go wrong.On one night of weakness they give in to their passions and are caught by Carina’s mother, Mama Conte, who swiftly forces them into a marriage to make things right. As we’ve learned from the previous story, Mama Conte is always knows best, even though it may take Carina and Max a little while to figure this out. I wanted to smack these two upside the head a few times, but that’s what makes these stories so much fun. The giving in and the pushing away, back and forth, until they finally figure out they’re perfect for one another. There were all kinds of smoking hot sexual tension in this story! Ms. Probst certainly knows how to write some spicy scenes. I loved how Max got all growly and alpha on Carina once he let go, but I loved his sweet side too. Carina was such a passionate and honest woman, she’s a force to be reckoned with, charming the socks off any who come around her. This series is so much fun, I can’t wait to read the next one. Is Carina’s sister, Julietta next? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. A copy of this was provided Simon and Schuster via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • Didi
    2019-01-11 04:04

    I am so glad I finally read this! To be honest, I read the first one, the Marriage Bargain, but completely skipped the second, the Marriage Trap. I wasn't yelling from the roof tops about how good it was and actually found it slightly boring. I thought the characters fell flat for me and the story didn't have enough of a stellar cast.Whoever coined the expression, "third's one a charm" must have been talking about this one. I know, I know! I'm saying this without having read the 2nd in this series but I am confident. Very confident!The Marriage Mistake was sexy, sweet and very hot! I liked Carina, more so than Alexa and what I saw of Maggie. She was a combination of a naive young woman and a scandalous sex kitten. I almost fell for her pretending to want just a sexual relationship from Max and not something meaningful. Even if she managed to fool herself, she couldn't fool the reader.Max was sex on a stick, with his lush, dark curls and blue eyes...the term Italian stallion does paint a fitting picture! But he was as in denial as Carina here and I loved how he finally came to see his feelings for what they were.Those two danced around each other for so long I wanted to scream! And finally when Max caved, let go, submitted to his desires, it was EXPLOSIVE!!!! Like a cannon going off! the man was a beast!This was a wonderful story and truly entertaining! Genre: Contemporary RomanceSteam: Mid-highPOV: Third person with H/h "voice"Cliffy: HEA, with an epilogue and set up for another couples' story( Sawyer and Julietta! )

  • paperysoul
    2019-01-13 03:44

    5+ starsThanks to Simon & Shuster (via NetGalley) for this ARC.Oh my... I loved this book. It was so good. So good I stayed awake and had panda eyes on the next day.This story was way intriguing and interesting, it got me hooked until the end. I really liked the sexual tension between Carina and Max. It was super uber hot. With the brand new sexy, beautiful, artistic Carina, she's definitely a great match for hot, brooding, commitment-phobe Max. I also liked their banters, their conversations, their longing-look at each other, and their inner feelings of want and love to each other. Besides, the family story was awesome. It was filled with lots of love, happiness, and joy. Throughout my reading, I was filled with the intensity of immense heart-warming which I welcomed it whole-heartedly.Wonderful happily ever after.The addition to a new character in the book was a bonus, too! I happened to like this one guy very much and I wonder, what's his darkest of secrets (I sensed very bad boy in him) and who will be the utmost lucky one to have him. I can't wait for the next book!Highly recommended.

  • BookHeroin
    2019-01-07 11:08

    5 SEXY ITALIAN STARS The Marriage Mistake by Jennifer Probst This was probably my favorite so far of this series. it was super hot,sexy...All the characters were great.Max Gray and Carina Conte are the perfect couple, i LOVE them. The cover was SUPER HOT, the models are incredibly sexy!Great read, i enjoyed it a lot.

  • Fani *loves angst*
    2019-01-16 05:54

    In a time of my life when I'm struggling to finish most of the books I start, the fact that I was looking forward each night to read more about Carina and Max, is a plus by itself. I never thought I'd like this fluffy contemporary romance so much, but the truth is, it had humor, it had a dose of angst, it had unrequited love, two very interesting characters, a plot that flowed easily and some really hot chemistry between the main leads, so I enjoyed the heck out of it!Carina has been in love with Max, her brother's best friend since she was a child. Now that she's a woman and secure in her own sexuality, she understands that Max is only seeing her as a friend and she'll never be something more for him, so she decides to play around. However, that seems to trigger Max's jealousy and make him realize that Carina is no longer a girl to be protected, but a woman with curves, brains and wants and needs that he can't allow anyone else to fulfill but himself. Carina senses this change in Max and proposes one night of sex between them that will solve their frustration and tension once and for all, and then they can both go their separate ways. Of course, things rarely go as planned...Things I liked about this book:-Carina was a very likable character, strong and decisive and never whinny-The plot moved fast and alternated between humor and emotion with ease-The sexual chemistry was explosive and though Max and Carina take a while to get their night together, even their interrupted encounters, left me hot and bothered!-Max was not the cold, unfeeling, cruel billionaire that many recent romances feature, but a more tamed and thus more likable version of the old taleThings I didn't much like:-When Max suddenly realizes not only that he loves Carina, but has loved her all his life, it came completely out of the blue and I wasn't convinced of it-In the last 10-20 pages of the book where Max has admitted his love to Carina, her reaction (view spoiler)[to say that she's not ready for his love, but needs to love herself first, after reading a whole book where she's infatuated with him (hide spoiler)] was totally incompatible with the story and characters thus far and made me furious-Max was not 100% 3-dimensional. He wasn't exactly flat either, but his character needed a bit more depth IMO to help the readers understand Carina's long lasting love for himAll in all, a very nice, easy read that while not unique, manages to captivate the reader. If not for the couple of issues I had near the end, this could get an even greater rating from me. Now, I want to go back and read the previous books of the series as well:)ARC provided by NetGalley

  • AJ
    2019-01-14 02:51

    This is a sweet little read. It’s the story of the youngest Conte sister, Carina, and the man that she has loved since she was a teenager - her older brother’s best friend, Max. Carina has moved from Italy to the US to start a new life for herself, and enjoy the freedom that comes from being away from home and her sheltered upbringing. She has a job lined up in the family business, and her protective brother wants her to learn all about her family legacy, so he gives her a position assisting the CEO – Max. Max is unimpressed with the plan for Carina to work so closely with him. He doesn’t want to babysit and, knowing that she is a sensitive soul, he wants to be able to do his job without having to worry about hurting her feelings. He is also aware of her crush on him, and doesn’t want to have to deal with any of that. He is closed off, his dealings with women are mainly impersonal, and he no time for relationships, and he wants to keep it that way. But when Carina walks into the office, Max gets the shock of his life. All grown up, she is a woman in control, and has seemingly moved past her infatuation. The manwhore in him is seriously attracted, but he is an honourable gentleman, and with their family history, and his genuine protectiveness over Carina, he wants the best for her – and that doesn’t include him. Although watching the two sides of him battle over his feelings is fantastic.“Her full breasts strained against the material as if dying to escape, turning her respectable business suit into a vehicle for a stripper. Horrified at the sudden veer of his thoughts, he quickly imagined nuns in underwear and got himself back in control.” I really liked Carina. I love her excitement over finally having the opportunity to find her place in the world. And I love her sass and her confidence. As much as she still wants Max, she has come to the conclusion that he is never going to be able to give her what she wants, so she is prepared to walk away and find happiness elsewhere. And she has no qualms about telling him so when his overprotectiveness starts to impinge on her burgeoning social life. “I deserve one night of great sex, Max. Would you deny me that? Would you deny what you give to yourself? I’m not a perfect china doll placed on a shelf to be played with in careful moments. I’m flesh and blood and I want messiness and passion and orgasms.”With banter, teasing, lots of frustration and UST, these two battle it out for a large majority of the book. There are brief moments of hotness, but nothing really happens until Carina suggests a one night stand with no strings, which he initially refuses. But after more banter, teasing and lots of frustration, of course Max finally caves. “Why now?” He squeezed his eyes shut to deny the truth, but she deserved more. When he finally opened his eyes, he let her see it all. “Because I want you. I’ve always wanted you, Carina. I don’t deserve you, or this night, but the idea of another man touching you makes me want to beat the shit out of him.” The smile that lit up her face punched straight through his chest. “Well, okay then. Let’s go.”Neither of them could have predicted the fall out from their one, hot night together when they are persuaded into a marriage that neither of them are in any way ready for. But their situation forces them to face up to what they really want – both from each other, and for themselves individually, and I thought that was really well done. I must say, the whole marriage thing was a bit ridiculous, but that aside, I really like the relationship between Carina and Max. It’s hot, flirty, and there is lots of emotion. And regardless of how it happened, their coming together was really sweet.There’s a fair bit of time spent with the couples from the previous books, which is always a treat, and there a nice intro to Sawyer, the hero of the next book – love him already! This is one of those series that you can pick up and read whenever you need a break from heavy books. It’s light and fun, but with some heart, and you know you’re going to get a HEA. A very comforting, chick-lit read – 3.5 stars.

  • Joy (joyous reads)
    2019-01-02 03:44

    I read the first book to this series a while back; and if I may be honest, I can say that I barely remember what happened in that book. Unfortunately, it wasn’t that memorable. The third installment was mildly interesting but it still didn’t rock my boat. In my experience, mind blowing books in this genre are typically hard to find, unless they’re written by Lisa Kleypas. Anyway, The Marriage Mistake has a plot that have been used, misused and abused since the beginning of time: girl in love with her brother’s best friend but the boy could only see her as a baby sister. Growing up, they’re pretty much status quo - with the girl still pining for the boy. This time though, she’s willing to move heaven and earth to have the boy, er man even if it would only be for a night. Complications arise when the Conte matriarch surprises them the day after and forced their hands to marry.I don’t really know anything about Italian family traditions and what not, so I can’t say how preposterous it was to have Carina’s mom forced them to marry just because they had a one-night stand. I would imagine reputations are quite important, hence the extreme resolution to one night of indiscretion. I don’t get how Max kept comparing himself to his father who abandoned him when his mom got pregnant. I mean, he was basically going through women like crazy but he wasn’t giving them false hopes that they’ll be something more. He’s a playa, sure. But it doesn’t explain why he thinks himself unworthy of Carina. To be honest, his insecurities tired me out. It was pretty obvious how different he was from his father but he kept subjecting himself through the rigamarole of self deprecation. Carina constantly threw herself at Max’s mercy – which I get, to a certain degree. He’s always been the one for her so she did everything to get his attention. Her epiphany toward the end felt like a means to draw the story longer. Because in all honesty, the major plot conflict (the marriage mistake) didn’t really happen until there was about a quarter left to the book. Again, I can only scratch my head. The better half was spent Carina chasing after Max and Max pulling and pushing Carina.As far as Carina’s concerned, I saw moments of strengths from her especially when it involved Max. But I couldn’t believe how easily she was swayed by her mother.The conflict was manufactured at best but then again, I didn’t go into this book expecting too much. It screamed dime store romance to me, I’m sorry.Overall, I wish I could say I had fun with this book but I really didn’t. It wasn’t a painful experience, per se. It was more like…I was going through the motions.

  • Sofia Lazaridou
    2019-01-07 04:45

    A one-night stand just wasn’t worth it. Not even with a woman who soothed his soul and made him crave to be a better manCarina wanted Max for a really long time and now she decides to move on,go to America and have a sexual affair,something she could not have in Italy.But Max wants to protect his best friend's little sister and tries to not let her have sex with anyone.Except him.He ends up kissing her once or twice but something comes up and they don't do the deed.She sputtered a laugh. “You really are a bastard, aren’t you? Christian Grey has nothing on you.”He laughed with her. “My name might be similar, but I’d never say ‘Laters, baby.’ ”Her mouth fell open "You read it"I didn't expect them to marry they way they did in Vegas,at least not for that reason.I thought they will get really drunk and let an Elvis marry them and they'd wake up the next morning naked in the same bed with wedding rings on their fingers.Sawyer is my favorite non seen before character(I will be waiting his story Probst don't disappoint me).A plus is the role of Nick,Alexa,Maggie,Michael and Mama Conte have in the book and I am happy I saw them.As I fan I liked the refrences to Fifty Shades of Grey and True Blood.I liked the couple but I wanted something to happen a little earlier than I did.“Are we doing the Fifty Shades of Grey thing?” she whispered

  • Belle
    2019-01-07 04:59

    I'm sorry did the heat go up in my room, or am i just imagining things..This book was phwoah... i mean there were some seriously hot sizzling scenes between the main two.. and i won't lie i enjoyed every minute of it. In fact I think those scenes are what made this book great.It was a fairly easy read, with a typical girl loves boy, boy rejects girl, girl grows up and ignores boy, boy wants girl... and then a forced marriage after a steamy night of sex (okay so that part wasnt how most books would go)I love books when the main guy realises just how stupid he was and finally sees her in the right light. When Max finally had his epiphany moment, I literally think I saw a light bulb and a big bubble saying NO DUR mate NO DUR. hahahaIf you arent prepared to handle the love scenes, don't bother, but if you love them as much as me READ THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW.haha i give the book a solid 3.5 :)

  • Lily S.
    2019-01-20 04:01

    This book is not simply bad but truly awful. A mere excuse to rip off one more skin from the same story and make some money. The characters are flat, they barely have any personality. They are shallow and priviliged, reminding me of the quality of my fantasies when I was no more than 5 years old. The only sign of the characters Italian origin is that they someties say 'DIO!'. Very authentic no? The conversations are fake, lacking the sense of reality. My advice is to stay away from this book, avoid it at any cost. If you happen to have it and haven't read it yet burn it.

  • Kara
    2019-01-22 11:07

    I love a little Maximus in my life!!

  • Shelly Bell
    2019-01-03 03:52

    I downloaded it and read it today. Steamier than the first two and I loved it.

  • Anahita
    2018-12-25 04:48

    2.5I am disappointed, I expected more from this book. Through all the book I couldn't feel anything special about them. First the way that Carina treated Max in the beginning it was like she is saying "because I loved you and you didn't notice me then, now I'm having my revenge and I'm NOT going sleep with you" all the time.And the way it took so long that they find oh! they have this feeling for each other and then in the end she doesn't accept that he love him because she need to love herself first?! OMG someone need to tell her: mio caro haven't you already pass that phase? from the beginning of the book!

  • Angela Carr (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    2019-01-13 04:48

    Review also posted at Under The Covers Book Blog The Marriage Mistake is the third installment of Marriage to a Billionaire by Jennifer Probst. I must say that this book is the best of the three. Ms. Probst mastered the art of sexual tension, smexy scenes and managed to add a heart-warming element to the story, not to mention the swoon worthy hero. Max and Carina are two people who are career minded. Max already established in the business world with Michael Conte, Carina’s older Brother. Carina on the other hand, had just finished her MBA and had come to America to learn the family business. Because Max saw her as his BFF’s little sis, he felt like he was babysitting and was a bit resentful of this assignment. However, what he did not expect was that Carina has grown up to be a beautiful, sexy, very independent woman and has been in-love with him for years. And that, shocked the heck out of him.I was intrigued with Max and Carina being 20th century career focused but with a very heavy cultural background. In the melting pot of New York City, this is realistic and very believable. How many of us battle between making your career a priority, love life or family life. Max and Carina managed to get both. Not only that their story was heartfelt, but had funny banters, family love, extremely high sexual tension and very sexy love scenes. The secondary characters were just as great. Nick/Alexa and Michael/Maggie made their cameo. Momma Conte was there again and she was a major factor to this love story. You know what they say, mother knows best. And the “Book of Spell” that has made its way from Alexa to Maggie and Carina, made its cameo. Looks like IT will make its way to the next heroine for Ms. Probst series. *crossing fingers* Overall, if you enjoy a light read full of romance, heavy with sexual tension and ends with a Happy-Ever-After, this book is for you. Correction, this series is for you!!!*ARC provided by publisher

  • Aishwarya
    2018-12-25 07:55

    Disclaimer: I didn't finish reading this book.There are so many reasons this book made it so difficult for me to read it but I am going to go with the top four:a) authenticity - the lead characters, they're meant to be Italians. Yes. But past the pazzos and the dios i didn't get it. Even in the least. Somehow, the whole they're not american came up only when Max or Carina say things like -Or as you Americans say it. Ok. Love of bruschetta does not make Italian.b) the lead characters - Neither of them possessed spark or wit. They were a bunch of hormone riddled beings who were supposed to be "charming", "passionate", "over-emotional"(though this one she had apparently over come to have a drama free life) yada yada. They're also supposed to be wildly attracted to each other. Wet paper sparks up better. And neither of them are the smart people that they're supposed to be.c) the writing - uninteresting and not very stimulating. The author has done her best to include characters from previous books in this but they're just limp one dimensional extras. d) research - And she might need to take a quick look again at the world of business. Really. This Carina chick is as dumb as they come(if this isn't what she wants to do, why did she go to business school. What a waste of money. And like Max notes, it's not like the family doesn't allow for a passion towards anything other than the family business. Her sister with the name that reminds me of Venice is a fashion designer.). So many of her stupid actions and decisions are just waved away by Max because really, her heart is in the right place. THROW HER OUT BECAUSE SHE SUCKS AT IT. And Maximus, really. If you helped take the business to new heights, it is well within your rights to demand a permanent contract with the company. And really, the way you deal with your father desertion. Tch tch. So one dimensional. This book just didn't do it for me.

  • Katie_la_geek
    2019-01-19 05:05

    So far I have quite enjoyed the Marriage to a Billionaire series (The Marriage Bargain and The Marriage Trap) and after reading the second book I was sure that the series was getting better with each book. I hop high hopes for this, the blurb sounded awesome, the characters and romance had been introduced in The Marriage Trap and I was excited to read more. It all seemed so promising but unfortunately The Marriage Mistake fell well short of the mark for me.I didn’t like the characters all that much. Carina was ok but she lacked the passion and spirit she showed in The Marriage Trap. I admired her strength but it came at the expense of her personality.Max was extremely hard to like and I found him bossy and dull. He orders Carina around and threatens her dates away from her, not because he wants her but because he thinks she should be in a long term serious relationship and because he thinks she is not ready for intimate relations. Carina is in her mid-twenties and isn’t some teenager who cannot make her own choices. It has nothing to do with him but he keeps butting in and insinuating that she will get a ‘slutty’ reputation for flirting. It is all a bit cheeky considering that he is the one who takes her virginity in what was supposed to be a one night stand. The romance lacked chemistry, I just couldn’t see the sparks between them at all and I really didn’t care if they ended up together or not. The lack of personality and chemistry lead to me finding this book dull and boring. I hate writing a negative review for this because I am a fan of the series but for me it was just a massive disappointment.

  • Eva
    2018-12-29 05:02

    I enjoyed this one, about the same as I did The Marriage Trap, I guess so far neither of them are able to unseat my love for Alexa and Nick's story. At any rate, I liked that we were given a continued glimpse into the earlier character's story. Carina was beginning to bug me a little with her insecurities especially when Max made it obvious that he wanted to make this work. Momma Conte is definitely a force to be reckoned with, I loved when she revealed to Carina how she had to get involved with Michael and Maggie's wedding. I was a little confused in the Epilogue at the mention of Maria who's baby is she, can't wait to see if the "spell" will work for Julietta and if so will it be with Sawyer, (hmmmm)?

  • Christy
    2018-12-26 04:08

    The first two books in the series were really good, but this one blew them out of the water! Maximus Grey was smoking hot! Loved him! Carina was great too.. Really a fun sexy read!

  • Debbie
    2018-12-26 10:08

    4.5 StarsI think I might actually love Carina and Max's story more than Alexa and Nick's. Love, marriage and babies. I love, love, love it! Full review to come closer to release date.

  • Lisa Jayne
    2019-01-17 04:40

    Romance at its best, great story line.