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New blood and old warriors face unforeseen challenges as one war ends in triumph and another conflict looms. Stories you'll love to hear again and stories you've been hoping to hear for the first time in a brand-new Sacred Band anthology that takes the Stepsons where they've never been before...Tales of risk and glory, past, present and future, among the Sacred Band of SteNew blood and old warriors face unforeseen challenges as one war ends in triumph and another conflict looms. Stories you'll love to hear again and stories you've been hoping to hear for the first time in a brand-new Sacred Band anthology that takes the Stepsons where they've never been before...Tales of risk and glory, past, present and future, among the Sacred Band of Stepsons cavalry in The Fish the Fighter and the Song-girl, the second Sacred Band anthology:Tempus and his Sacred Band won the battle of their dreams, but now the time has come to count the cost and face the consequences in fifteen tales, old and new, of the iconic Sacred Band of Stepsons, including the last six classic Sacred Band stories from the million-copy bestselling shared universe of Thieves' World® and nine new adventures...

Title : The Fish the Fighters and the Song-Girl: Sacred Band of Stepsons: Sacred Band Tales 2
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ISBN : 9780985166830
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 402 Pages
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The Fish the Fighters and the Song-Girl: Sacred Band of Stepsons: Sacred Band Tales 2 Reviews

  • Jp Wilder
    2019-01-21 21:56

    I undertook to read the one book of the Sacred Band Series that I had not as of yet read. I am not usually a lover of short fiction. But, the stories within these pages will challenge the most stalwart among us to face reading on without trepidation. Janet and Chris Morris spin for us a series of stories that overwhelm us with the sheer desperation of the situations within. They set up the reader to wade into the unknown, the remnants of a broken world and face what comes next.The survivors of wars face wrath wrought by the victors, and bandits and hate-filled revenge-seekers that unleash ghastly vengeance upon ravaged populations. Magnified by cities and homes that have been leveled by years of war, food is scarce and starvation commonplace, even water is difficult to find, deaths often as great as the war itself. It has happened a thousand times in history. The end of war is not really the end. It is usually the beginning of something somehow worse.And for the warfighters themselves, the wars will never end. They carry their scars to the grave. Deep and ingrained, theirs are ghouls and phantoms summoned by deeds done and seen.It is into such that we stride when we enter these stories.The Sacred Band faces the penalties of their victory, the hopelessness of a broken land, specters and dark magic--emissions from the war's oozing wounds--that are every bit as terrible as combat and bloodletting on the field of battle. In these stories, you will find heroism on a scale that matches that of the books that came before, and it will leave you wanting. These stories are about humanity and its capacity to love and hate and kill and, most importantly, to endure. The authors relay this point very well in the way their writing pulls you into the moment—an attribute in each of the stories within.I could easily write of the quality and skill of the authors’ tradecraft. I could write of their attention to detail and the trueness with which they bring characters and locale to life. I could write of all the things that make these stories technical excellence and a great addition to a wonderful series. But, what would all that mean?Would it not be better to say simply, as I close the back cover, “I am pleased that I have read it?”Would it not be even more meaningful to say, “I am so very glad that I was not there with Tempus and the others to see what they saw—to do what they did?”It is a welcome thing that I had to experience such darkness only in a book. I recommend that you pick this book if you like short stories, strong, fantasy characters and dark fiction. It is made for you.

  • Joe Bonadonna
    2019-02-07 20:00

    The team of Janet Morris and Chris Morris once again grace us with another excellent anthology of Homeric Heroic Fantasy, featuring Tempus, Niko and their Sacred Band of Stepsons. This collection takes place after the Morris’ masterpiece, The Sacred Band, and gives us more of the history of the Sacred Band as Tempus takes his Stepsons and Thebans north, a world away, into unexplored regions and a mythic country. Though they are courageous, these fighters, they are no strangers to fear. Though they are warriors, hard and tough, they are not immune to love and compassion, to decency and common humanity. And though the gods at times play their part, there is never a chance that Deus ex machina will overwhelm these wonderful characters and seize control of the stories. In fact, at times it seems that the gods are really no match for the human and mortal characters. As in Greek mythology, which is the heart and soul of all the tales of the Sacred Band, the gods are as weak, as fallible, as jealous, and as imperfect as mortals – and sometimes even more so. The Fish, the Fighters and the Song Girl is a highly intelligent and extremely complex collection of tales that reads very much like a novel, and is built on a large and strong cast of characters who live and breathe, sweat and bleed. We meet new characters and revisit old, familiar ones. And, while we travel through unknown territory with Tempus, Niko and the Sacred Band, most of these stories are centered in good old Sanctuary®, where war is brewing between the empire of Ranke and the Beysibs of Harka Bey over control of that infamous town of rogues and thieves, whores and priests, mages and mercenaries. Tempus and the Stepsons, the 3rd Commandos under Sync, and the Rankan Empire all want to rid Sanctuary of the Beysibs, install an interim ruler, and make Sanctuary an independent state. Tempus the Sleepless One, as always, has a full plate. When the two gods – Father Enlil (Lord Storm) and Vashanka the Pillager – vie for space and attention inside the head of an exhausted Tempus, Abarsis the Slaughter Priest, founder and now patron shade of the Sacred Band, comes to his aid and grants him one full night of rest. And Tempus will need that rest, for even more trials and tribulations await him:Kama, his daughter, is on a covert mission and becomes apprenticed to Hakiem the storyteller, who claims to be neutral in this war but seems to have all the right connections. New to the Stepsons is Gayle, a foul-mouthed mercenary who can build a string of profanity around a single word; he’s been assigned to protect Kama, even from those who are trying to help her. But then Kama is framed – implicated in, and about to be indicted for sedition and attempted murder. Meanwhile, Molin Torchholder wants to save and marry her, and Jihan claims to be in love with young Randal, the Hazard Class and shape-shifting mage. So Tempus decides it’s best to stop the marriage between Randal and Jihan; with Randal’s permission he then sets out to woo Jihan away from the young mage for many reasons of his own, not to mention for the sake of romance. But first Tempus must send out teams of Stepsons to find the traitor who framed Kama for murder and sedition. There is so much more to this anthology and to these stories, so many levels and layers, and the fun is in the reading and discovering how all the many threads tie together to create a tapestry of great storytelling. As in all Janet and Chris Morris’ stories of Tempus and his Sacred Band, their writing is crisp and spot on. Their use of present-tense to grab the reader with a sense of immediacy and urgency is always well-played and never jarring. There is a balance and simplicity, a beauty and poignancy in their prose that is not overdone, not overplayed; they write with a deep insight into the human soul, with compassion and humanity. The “writing” of Janet and Chris Morris aims for the heart, as well as the brain. The philosophy, the credo of the Sacred Band will make you pause to think, but the way the characters are written, whether heroic, villainous or something in between, will make you feel.One thing I’d like to mention is the women characters. In a review of one of the Sacred Band books, the reviewer brought up the point that the female characters are either witches or goddesses. Now, part of that statement rings true to history, true to a time when women controlled most religions, when women ruled as queens. But women play much more diverse roles in the Sacred Band mythos than witches, goddesses, priestesses and even whores. First, there is Kama, a Sacred Band warrior as deadly, as proficient in the art of killing as any man. There are the two Lemnians, Breisis and Ditki, who once fought against the Band but have now joined with them. And then there’s Madame Bomba, a shrewd business woman who has her hands in everything, her eyes on everything, and her heart in the right place. These women are all empowered – they are forces to be reckoned with, such as: a witch that even the gods fear; a necromant who feels love and compassion; a goddess who wants to be human; veteran warriors who have not sacrificed femininity and gentility, tenderness and caring. To talk more in depth about the plots of each story would be to give too much away. I think, I hope that what I have given you here is tease enough and has piqued your interest enough to have you seek out this volume and lose yourself in the wondrously magical and yet all too gritty and real world of the Sacred Band.

  • Sandra Hausmann
    2019-02-15 18:55

    The Fish the Fighters and the Song-Girl is a bold, dynamic story of gods and goddesses, heroes and heroines battling for glory. This is part of a series of "dreams of power, dreams of glory, dreams of love and dreams of death." Fans of Lord of the Rings will enjoy the drama and camaraderie as well as the exciting action.

  • A.L. Butcher
    2019-01-24 17:55

    This is another great collection of stories from the Thieves’ World/Sacred Band of Stepsons mythos seamlessly woven into a larger tale of what starts out as a simple journey. However nothing is simple where the demigod Tempus and his band of fighters is concerned, at a whim of one god or other as they are.Some of the stories recount previous adventures, cunningly sculpted as a training tool for the younger Stepsons, and some are new, reminding the reader of why this series and this world are so exquisitely crafted. There is humour, albeit dark, love in many forms, loyalty above and beyond the norm, and of course a good helping of heroes - mythic and mysterious, dangerous and deadly but heroes nonetheless. These are heroes in the mould of Odysseus or Beowulf, and the tales bring the reader closer to our mythic past.The action starts early and does not let up, even for a moment, and the reader is drawn into the tempestuous world of war and its aftermath and is not for the faint of heart. This is gritty and many-layered with characters real enough to stay with a reader for some time to come.

  • Uvi Poznansky
    2019-01-26 16:03

    Finding myself in the Sanctuary again, I am excited to reunite with a large cast of characters, some of whom I followed in previous books by these amazing authors, Janet mMorris and Chris Morris. From the compiletely imagined universe surrounding this city, come mythical stories that heighten the courage of the characters and the ways they face their challenges. Led by Tempus, a mercenary general, you too would awaken to the call of mission and the harrowing risk of violence, even death: “Tempus… was knee-deep in the bloody purges marking the first winter of Theron’s accession to the Rankan throne when the sky above the walled city began to weep black tears.”Articulated knowledge of weaponry is seamlessly woven into the text, “Zip did what he had to do: let fly with a palmed dagger and then a specially pronged slingshot missile.” Also, horse-riding is described in an intimate manner that puts you right there, in the saddle: “The file was a little out of control and his horse had to leap hot flames…Men yelled and squirted water on themselves and their mounts as they let flaming arrows fly and urged skittish horses…”Every character has a complexity: take Roxane, dubbed Death’s Queen. Once she had been nearly all-powerful—until she fell in love with Niko, a mortal and a Sacred Bander, and paid the ancient price. She had to give up immortality to love a mortal who wasn’t capable of appreciating such a gift.There is no way I can encompass all these stories in a single review, as they are richly described and lyrically painted, just as the title suggests. I can only say that this is an opportunity to live in myth, and listen to the song of the siren.Five stars.Live in myth, and listen to the song of the siren

  • Cas Peace
    2019-02-13 21:12

    The Sacred Band is leaving Sanctuary just when that hellhole of a town needs defenders. A ragged thief named Zip leads a group of rebels against Sanctuary’s invaders, yet he’s unlikely to succeed on his own. Tempus has led his Stepsons and Thebans north, leaving Sanctuary to sink or swim on its own. Along the way, the Band tell each other tales of former exploits while contending with new and frightening supernatural adversaries such as the Sphinx. Wraiths visit Band members while they dream, bringing sickness and a sleep that won’t end. Can Cassander, Band healer, aid his warrior comrades?This novel contains all our favorite characters while introducing new ones. I was pleased to see two female fighters join the Sacred Band. The stand-out quote for me in this collection was: “Nothing walks the earth more savage than a mare enraged.” As an incurable lover of all things horse, this quote for me epitomized the deep understanding Janet Morris has of horses. Her novels contain many references to the use of horses in war, and bad things inevitably happen. Yet she deals with the subject in a sensitive and knowledgeable way, and without compromise. Her characters rely on their horses; love their horses; fight alongside their horses; and sometimes, watch their horses die. Her skillful word-weaving has me laughing, crying, despairing and triumphing along with them. You can’t ask more than that from an author.Highly recommended by Cas Peace, author of the Artesans of Albia fantasy series.

  • Deborah McClatchey
    2019-02-12 21:47

    I love Janet and Chris Morris’ incredible books. They continued to deliver another epic dark fantasy that I couldn’t put down. Tempus and the Sacred Band are back for another entertaining adventure. It’s filled with non-stop action, memorable characters you will think about long after you finish reading. Well-researched and incredible story-telling is what brings this epic novel to the top. I highly recommend and give it the highest marks.

  • Sarah Hulcy
    2019-02-06 23:05

    Grand new stories wrapped around canonical Sacred Band tales from Thieves' World(R). The Fish the Fighter and the Song-girl marks the gathering of all the Sacred Band of Stepsons stories not previously assembled in "Tempus with his right-side companion Niko" into one satisfying volume: "the Fish the Fighters and the Song-Girl." Thank the gods! No more babying ancient paperbacks with crumbly pages or struggling with unwieldy, over-sized three-volume Science Fiction Book Club editions and tiny print. The Morrises are too respectful and too smart for that. "The Fish the Fighter and the Song-girl" is the second volume in a two-volume set of "Sacred Band of Stepsons: Sacred Band Tales" and these two volumes include every story of their Sacred Band that the Morrises ever wrote for Thieves' World plus many unavailable outside these compilations or hard to find. And did I mention that the covers and production values here are spectacular?As with the Tempus collection (Volume 1 of this two-volume set), the Morrises give us more than a collection of iconic old stories. "The Fish the Fighters and the Song-girl" begins with Tempus and his hand-picked personal guard lost in unknown country. Almost immediately, Arton, one of the youngest Stepsons, encounters a Greek sphinx in the woods. From there the action rockets. This frame story of the northward trek through an unexplored land introduces every other story, threading its way among old tales and new, and comes to its own surprising conclusion. We greet all the characters we've come to love and meet memorable new characters: Cassander, the McGuyver of the Sacred Band, lightly mentioned and introduced in the big SBS novel, "The Sacred Band"; the Song-girl herself; a fighting pair of Lemnian women; others... I won't spoil it for you. The book's title story, "the Fish, the Fighters and the Song-girl" is a tour de force, virtually free-standing, yet enhanced by what's around it. The plotting of the entire volume is intricate but never overpowering, enriching each story, old and new, as it frames it. And each old story has been revised and expanded, part of the Morisses' "Author's Cut" series of enhanced reissues. If you love the Sacred Band of Stepsons from Thieves' World(R) or from the Morrises' "Beyond Sanctuary" books, you'll be thrilled with this book. If you haven't read any of the other Sacred Band books, this is as good a place to start as any: you'll be mesmerized. I was.

  • Zoe Saadia
    2019-02-03 22:05

    As expected I was on the edge of my seat when the Sacred Band left the Sanctuary and not at the best of timing, just as they might have been needed to defended it against the rebels or against the inner strife. But the adventures that await Tempus' Sacred Band are as challenging, as breathtaking.My favorite fantasy series, this book was full of wonderfully vivid, complex characters and amazing descriptions of places that made me feel that I was right there, participating in the adventure.Great series that I highly recommend!

  • Inge-Lise Goss
    2019-02-20 22:07

    Amazing Stories!This anthology is a collection of well-crafted, creative stories based on Greek mythology. The well-developed characters are memorable and the plots riveting and complex. This is a hard to put down book written by talented authors.

  • William O'Brien
    2019-02-10 21:57

    Epic adventure and fantasyThe Fish the Fighters and the Song-Girl (Sacred Band of Stepsons: Sacred Band Tales Book 2)by Janet Morris and Chris MorrisA highly imaginative and superbly presented work from these impressive authors. The Fish the Fighters and the Song-Girl is a highly captivating read, full to the brim of amazing characters - fish-folk, rouges, a visionary song-girl and the Nisibisi witch.Philosophy, epic adventure and fantasy pour from page to page in the amazing creations of Tempus and his Sacred Band - so, journey into the worlds of gods and goddesses and take a deep breath and engage in the magnificence.Pure brilliance 5*****

  • Joseph Vanucchi
    2019-02-06 22:59

    AhhhDon't really know if this is a five star book. But it was extremely enjoyable to me. It's nice being back in Sanctuary. Like a line of the finest krrf.....

  • Brandt
    2019-01-24 16:09

    The vastness of imagination it takes to create a story like this is hard to comprehend. The Fish the Fighters and the Song-Girl (Sacred Band of Stepsons: Sacred Band Tales Book 2) by Janet Morris and Chris Morris is an impressive addition to this series and the body of work of these authors.

  • Natasja Hellenthal
    2019-02-20 14:56

    The Fish the Fighters and the Song-Girl is another great collection of stories from the Thieves’ World/Sacred Band of Stepsons mythos.The stories are of top quality, well-written and engaging.Highly recommended to lovers of Heroic Fantasy and Mythology alike.

  • Hunter Jones
    2019-02-09 17:54

    Review coming soon.

  • Othen Cummings
    2019-01-20 14:59

    This book is so good! It is a collection of exciting and fantastical stories. Excellent work!

  • Jonny Bell
    2019-02-14 22:11

    Great book by a great author. Recommended.