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The Dursleys were so mean and hideous that summer that all Harry Potter wanted was to get back to the Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. But just as he's packing his bags, Harry receives a warning from a strange, impish creature named Dobby who says that if Harry Potter returns to Hogwarts, disaster will strikeAnd strike it does. For in Harry's second year at HogThe Dursleys were so mean and hideous that summer that all Harry Potter wanted was to get back to the Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. But just as he's packing his bags, Harry receives a warning from a strange, impish creature named Dobby who says that if Harry Potter returns to Hogwarts, disaster will strikeAnd strike it does. For in Harry's second year at Hogwarts, fresh torments and horrors arise, including an outrageously stuck-up new professor, Gilderoy Lockhart, a spirit named Moaning Myrtle who haunts the girls' bathroom, and the unwanted attentions of Ron Weasley's younger sister, Ginny.But each of these seem minor annoyances when the real trouble begins, and someone -- or something -- starts turning Hogwarts students to stone. Could it be Draco Malfoy, a more poisonous rival than ever? Could it possibly be Hagrid, whose mysterious past is finally told? Or could it be the one everyone at Hogwarts most suspects . . . Harry Potter himself?--jacket description...

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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Reviews

  • Zoë
    2019-01-28 18:18

    “It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” CHILLS.(REREAD)Okay DUH 5/5 stars. I actually liked this book more than I remembered! This used to be my least favorite of the Harry Potter books and, while that still might be true, I was more entertained than I expected! I always forget how different Book Ginny is from Movie Ginny (way better all around) and how she has such a bigger role in the books than the films.NOW ONTO HP AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN!

  • Sasha Alsberg
    2019-02-02 15:32

    JK Rowling really knows how to write a great book, thats for sure! Although this wasn't my favorite book in the series, it definitely wasn't because it was bad. I loved the plot and conflict, even though it wasn't as intense as the others were. I was definitely shocked at the epic and mind blowing!

  • Khanh (the meanie)
    2019-01-21 16:19

    I love this book, of course I do, but the fact remains that this book prominently featured two of my most hated Harry Potter characters. Ginny Weasley and Dobby. There, I said it. I hate them both. In my Harry Potter hate list, Ginny and Dobby probably rank somewhere below Umbridge and Peter Pettigrew. Yeah, you heard me. I hate them that much.The reason I hate Ginny is---well, never mind. I don't want to start another shipping war here, the last one was terrible enough, so let the reason for my hatred be implicit and unsaid. Dobby is freaking annoying, yo. All his eagerness and shit - and yeah, I know what happens in the end. Doesn't matter. I still hate Dobby. Dobby is the equivalent of fingernails on chalkboard for me. If he had been my elf, I'd have given him a sock already so he could his whimpering, sniveling ass out of my life. He means well, I know he does, it's just that he's such a frustratingly well-meaning bumbling idiot.“You know what, Harry? If he doesn’t stop trying to save your life he’s going to kill you.”Aaaaaaaand one final note.“Ginny!” said Mr. Weasley, flabbergasted. “Haven’t I taught you anything. What have I always told you? Never trust anything that can think for itself if you can’t see where it keeps its brain?"No particular reason I included that, except for the fact that it reminded me of my ex-boyfriend :3

  • Lily C
    2019-02-17 18:26

    I'm quite hyped to keep reading this series, The wizarding world is definitely an interesting one..Watch my review here:

  • Raeleen Lemay
    2019-02-11 16:10

    Re-Read in December 2015 for Harry Christmas to YouThis time around I realized how much more entertaining this book is compared to the movie. Nothing against the movie because I LOVE it, but this book has so many more fun scenes! Like Arthur and Lucius PHYSICALLY FIGHTING EACH OTHER and Dobby tossing Lucius down a flight of stairs at the end. Reading this aloud with Kyle literally had us laughing like crazy. I love this series so much oh my Rowling.Re-Read in December 2014 for Harry Christmas to YouOH MY LORD VOLDEMORT.In this book we get more little hints to events to come in future books (Horcrux stuff, a mention of Voldemort having left a part of himself/his powers in Harry, etc.) WHICH WAS AWESOME. I find that every time I read these books I notice more things, which was definitely true this time around. One thing I did notice, which COULD HAVE SOLVED EVERYTHING:At the beginning of the book when they're leaving for King's Cross, Ginny forgets her diary and has to back for it. SHE NEARLY LEFT IT BEHIND. OH MAN. Overall, this was a great time, but I'm excited to finally get to my favorite books in the series!!!

  • Chelsea Humphrey
    2019-02-02 20:03

    "It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities."What can I say that hasn't been said before about this series? What words can do this book justice? I've felt at a loss on how to explain my feelings for these books as I've read them. I didn't experience them as a child and therefore my experience is clearly different than most others on here, but in some ways I think it's just as magical to read these for the first time as an adult as it was for everyone who devoured these as they were published in their childhood. I have kids, so I was constantly wondering how my 5 year old will accept these books when she's a bit older and tried to view the story through her eyes. The holidays are always a busy, stressful time for us. All of our family is a hefty distance to travel to and, on top of that, we're moving into our new place this month. All I could think about was how desperately I wanted to escape all of my adult responsibilities for just a bit each day, and this was the perfect book to do so with. No matter your age, the magical world of Hogwarts is truly spectacular; the characters are such that they stay with you even after the final page is turned and the writing takes you back to a place you weren't sure existed for us old farts anymore. If you have been hiding under a rock for the past 20 years like I have, I highly encourage you pick these books up and get swept away like I did. Time is a precious commodity these days, and you couldn't spend it in a better way than with these precious kiddos.

  • Kai
    2019-02-17 17:17

    “I'll be in my bedroom, making no noise and pretending I'm not there.”-Me, reading Harry PotterTo say it with the words of my 7 year old brother: "It was good but badder than the first book."This is Harry Potter. Nothing can ever beat a Harry Potter book. Apart from another Harry Potter book. And in this 7 (and a half) part series, this is my least favourite book. There's just so many things I don't like reading about. Harry and Ron stealing the car and flying it to Hogwarts? Gilderoy Lockhart? Nah, I could happily go without it.But then there's things that are just brilliant. The Valentines dwarf singing Harry a love song! Hermione Granger being a genius through and through! Fawkes! Unwillingly funny Moaning Myrtle!I think one of the reasons this may be the weakest part of the series is, that it resembles Part One so much: Someone tries to hurt Harry during Quidditch, there's a hidden chamber deep underneath Hogwarts and Harry has to face Voldemort in said chamber.Now, you have to understand that there is nothing I love more than Harry Potter, and this book is one of the most brilliant things ever written. I'm a proud Potterhead and Gryffindor and will forever love this world. Always.Find more of my books on Instagram

  • Melissa ♥ Dog Lover ♥ Martin
    2019-02-15 19:06

    Re-read audio 2017 ♥Okay, I'm going to do a little *spoilery* in this review so those of you that haven't read the book then you might just want to look at the pictures. I have picked a ton of pictures from the book but believe me, there are plenty more beautiful ones in the book. Plus, if your a Harry Potter fan you will be getting the book anyway if you haven't already!So poor Harry is stuck back with the Dursley's on Privet Drive. And even though Harry is a relative, they still treat him like poo because he's magical. Ewwwwww. Harry is depressed because he has be cut off from talking to his friends or getting any kind of correspondence. Even poor Hedwig has been locked in her cage and hasn't been able to fly around. CRUEL! But Harry can't use magic inside the muggle world. Then Harry meets Doby - the little house-elf that is waiting for him in his room. It turns out that Doby has been intercepting his correspondence because he fears for Harry's life and doesn't want him to return to Hogwarts. So Doby causes some problems at the house that get Harry in trouble. I had to add this cute little picture of Doby running off, look at his little butt. lol ↓Then one night, Ron, George and Fred pull up outside Harry's window in their dads flying car to save Harry. It's pretty funny how they get it all going but that is okay as long as Harry gets away from his evil relatives. Of course, Mrs. Weasley is not pleased when they get back home. The sneaking out part didn't work very well, but she welcomed Harry with open arms and he stayed with them until it was time for them all to go back to school. I love that picture of the Weasley house =) Life at The Burrow was as different as possible from life in Privet Drive. The Dursleys liked everything neat and ordered; the Weasleys' house burst with the strange and unexpected. Harry got a shock the first time he looked in the mirror over the kitchen mantlepiece and it shouted, 'Tuck your shirt in, scruffy!' The ghoul in the attic howled and dropped pipes whenever he felt things were getting too quiet, and small explosions from Fred and George's bedroom were considered perfectly normal. What Harry found most unusual about life at Ron's, however, wasn't the talking mirror or the clanking ghoul: it was the fact that everybody there seemed to like himPoor sweet Harry and I would love to live with the Weasleys' for a bit =) Look at cute, fat little Scabbers ↓The kids are going to meet Hermione to get some shopping done. But ole Harry takes a wrong turn down the chimney hole and ends up in some creepy shop. He hides and gets to hear some things Malfoy and his father are talking about.Finally Harry makes it out of the store and Hagrid finds him and gets him to the right place with his friends. Then Ron and Harry are blocked from getting on the train soooooo back to stealing the flying car. AND of course they get into trouble when they get to Hogwarts but it wasn't anything too bad. Snape looked as though Christmas had been cancelled. He cleared his throat and said. 'Professor Dumbledore, these boys have flouted the Decree for the Restriction of Underage Wizardry, caused serious damage to an old and valuable tree . . . surely acts of this nature . . . 'It will be for Professor McGonagall to decide on these boys' punishments, Severus,' said Dumbledore calmly. 'They are in her house and are therefore her responsibility.' He turned to Professor McGonagall. 'I must go back to the feast, Minerva, I've got to give out a few notices. Come, Severus, there's a delicious-looking custard tart I want to sample.'There is a new Defence Against the Dark Arts professor named Gideroy Lockhart. He's a bit off but still . . . Anyway things are not right at Hogwarts. (are they ever?) And Harry and the gang must figure out what's going on. Poor ole Hagrid gets sent off to Azkaban for something he didn't do! Malfoy is a jerk, as if we didn't know that. lol Harry and Ron go out in the woods to meet Aragog the spider that is friends of Hagrid to find out some truth behind some stuff. Comes to find out there is this diary of a person named Tom Riddle. I'm not telling you who this person really is but they are the one causing all kinds of trouble for a lot of people. In the end Harry has to end up fighting a Basilisk to set things right. He has the help of the sorting hat for reasons, Dumbledore's Phoenix and a sword. Oh happy day! There is loads more to the book then the things I have described but you can just read it and if you haven't, why haven't you? Harry Potter rocks and always will. There is another happy ending for sweet Doby! ♥Harry gives Dobby his stinky sock so this releases Doby. He now has his freedom from the evil Lucius Malfoy! Woot! 'Come, Dobby, I said, Come!'But Dobby didn't move. He was holding up Harry's disgusting, slimy sock, and looking at it as though it were a priceless treasure. 'Master has given Dobby a sock,' said the elf in wonderment. 'Master gave it to Dobby.''What's that?' spat Mr. Malfoy. 'What did you say?''Dobby has got a sock,' said Dobby in disbelief. 'Master threw it, and Dobby caught it, and Dobby-Dobby is free.'Lucius Malfoy stood frozen, staring at the elf. Then he lunged for Harry. 'You've lost me my servant, boy!'But Dobby shouted, 'You shall not harm Harry Potter!'There was a loud bang, and Mr. Malfoy was thrown backwards. He crashed down the stairs, three at a time, landing in a crumbled heap on the landing below. He got up, his face livid, and pulled out his wand, but Dobby raised a long threatening finger. 'You shall go now,' he said fiercely, pointing down at Mr. Malfoy. 'You shall not touch Harry Potter. You shall go now.'Lucius Malfoy had no choice. With a last, incensed stare at the pair of them, he swung his cloak around him ad hurried out of sight.This book is wonderful, it always has been and always will, and the graphics in this book make it even better. ♥MY BLOG: Melissa Martin's Reading List

  • Val ⚓️ ShamelessBitchySKANKY ⚓️ Steamy Reads
    2019-01-21 15:14

    I sat down to "read a few pages" of this before bed two nights ago and had to force myself to stop at page 100...then picked it up and flew through the rest the next day.I really enjoyed this one (as did millions of others, obviously) and, with this installment, I am definitely seeing why this is such a beloved series. The magical wizarding world of Harry, his friends, and the folks at Hogwart's is just FUN to read about. I am in LOVE with Fawkes the phoenix and I adore Dumbledore...And now I am so worried something bad is going to happen to one of them over the course of the remaining books. And, yes, I know it's probably made you gasp in shock that - in addition to never having read the books before now - I have also never seen any of the movies...and I truly have no idea what happens throughout the remainder of the series. I guess it IS possible to blissfully ignore spoilers for over two decades...unless we are talking about Game of Thrones. Good luck making it a fucking day with all the assholes posting every single scene on Twitter. Not that I'm on Twitter...But I digress. So yeah, firstly, loved this book and looking forward to the next one. And secondly, now more of the art on the HP mug I got from OwlCrate a few months ago makes more sense and I totally love it more now, so there's that. Winning all around.

  • Adam Silvera
    2019-02-12 22:27

    Come for the saga. Stay for Gilderoy Lockhart.

  • Raeleen Lemay
    2019-01-23 17:03

    THE ILLUSTRATED EDITION IS SO GOOOOOD. However, I will say the two page spread that was full of spiders was a wee bit freaky

  • James Trevino
    2019-01-29 22:22

    I am always surprised by J.K. Rowling's ability to make her books an allegory of our modern world and it's big and hideous problems. We all know, after all, that she covered discrimination, wars, hate crime, the Kardashians, etc.Let's take this book for example. Harry goes back to Hogwarts. Now enter Gilderoy Lockhart. A fame enamored charlatan, who knows nothing about anything, except memory spells. So clearly a Kardashian. Now some might ask: do Kardashians know memory spells. And the answer is clearly YES! Keeping Up with the Kardashians is already on Season 13, so some magic must be at work, otherwise you'd have to think the world has gone mad!!!!!Carrying on, Harry has an awful year, mostly because of the fact that he can talk snake language. Actually all of Harry's life is an allegory about fame and how it can easily destroy you, hence Harry might've been modeled after Lindsay Lohan. But Rowling had to give a moral to the story and because of that Harry ended up fine in the end... mostly.And to crown all of this awful year, he meets Tom Riddle, who is the heir of Slytherin. He also speaks snake language and has a giant serpent for a pet. So definitely a forefather of Taylor Swift. And look at what that those family ties made her do!! Lessons to be learned from here, people!Now, of course, a lot of questions remain: will the Kardashians magic still work for long? Will Taylor have a nose job so she could resemble her grandpa? Will I finish this review already?Only time can tell...

  • Wil Wheaton
    2019-02-05 17:11

    Overall, I loved this, and I can't wait to start Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban today. Quick thoughts on the things that stood out to me: Wow, the Dursleys were even more loathsome in this book than the first. I love the Weasleys even more than I already did.I am so glad my mother never sent me a Howler.I thought Dobby was annoying in the movie (which I saw when it came out over a decade ago, not having read the book) but I thought he was awesome in the book. In fact, we rewatched the movie last night, and not only was it as unsatisfying as I remember it, it's just a shit adaptation of this book.I thought it was delightful that (view spoiler)[the flying car went into the Forbidden Forest and went feral (hide spoiler)].Tom Riddle's diary was really, really awesome. The entire idea and execution were fantastic.I loved it when Dumbledore told Harry, "It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities." I hope that, as the series goes on, we have more scenes with him, because I really love his wisdom.My minor complaints seem a little nitpicky, and I suppose that if I'm going to suspend disbelief to accept that wizards are real, I should be able to accept that (view spoiler)[none of the adults at Hogwarts would look in Hermione's fist to see the paper that Harry and Ron found after she was Petrified (hide spoiler)] and (view spoiler)[Fawkes somehow just found his way into the Chamber of Secrets (hide spoiler)], but I'm an adult and if I'd read this as a kid I wouldn't have cared for a single moment.

  • Samantha
    2019-02-19 22:12

    Reading HP to ring in the new year may be a new tradition of mine, since I've done just that two years in a row. I haven't read this book since the first time I read it in 5th grade, but I loved it! I never would have thought before that CoS was one of my favorites from the series but I stand corrected.

  • Evgeny
    2019-02-07 19:21

    In memory of Alan Rickman who showed us what Severus Snape looks like on the Big Screen.I made myself a promise not to use any stills from any Harry Potter movies in my reviews for any book of the series, but I have to make an exception today January 14, 2016 thus the image above.Even people who somehow managed to avoid reading the books and seeing the movies can guess that this book is about Harry Potter's second year the School of Wizardry, Hogwarts. Before he gets there though he had to fight the depression from loneliness as his adopted family does not care about him much and his Hogwarts friends seemingly forgotten about him. Fortunately a magical creature called Dobby shows up and instantly makes Harry's life full of excitement: he is convinced Harry's life is forfeit if the latter goes to Hogwarts, so Dobby makes everything in his power to stop Harry from doing this. Injures and maiming are fair game as long as Harry remains alive. To add to the fun it seems Harry's life as well as that of his friends might really be in danger Dobby hinted at. Like the first one, this book can still fully qualify as a children book however it is darker and it does have some very gloomy and depressing moments; children grew up and matured a little and so is the tale. We get to meet characters familiar from the first book and see their development as well as new interesting ones. Speaking about new people, Gilderoy Lockhart is so full of himself he is excellent. His whole Valentine celebration made me laugh out loud. I think this is the first time we get to meet Lucius Malfoy in person - he is another interesting guy; the last scene with him is excellent. I would like to talk about Harry Potter a little. I saw lots of people say he is not the main hero of the series; he is just a guy who always gets either lucky, or have a helpful friend handy in tight spots. I saw Hermione named the main hero - she is the brainpower behind Harry's successes most of the time. I saw Neville named the main hero - he has the greatest and most unexpected development of all characters. I would respectfully disagree: Harry Potter is the main hero albeit a reluctant one (compare him to Lockhart to see why). For the proof of this look no further than the final confrontation in this novel. This was my reread of the book; I knew exactly what to expect and I was sure I would rate it with 4 stars until I found myself awoke well in the early morning hours finishing this reread despite the fact that I had to wake up early. Any book which can do it to me deserves 5 stars. I do not have anything else to add to what I already said; each installment of the series was analyzed and reviewed countless number of times by better qualified people. I will stop right here.

  • alyssa ♛
    2019-02-15 23:08

    first read: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟second read: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 // buddy read with ines!this book was absolutely brilliant! Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ / 5 starsLead Male Character: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★/ 5 stars (everyone) Lead Female Character: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ / 5 stars (everyone)Plotline: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ / 5 stars Genre: fantasy, middle-grade, wizards Will I recommend this book to others?: YES Will I reread this book?: YES, I already did LOLOverall story summed up in one word: BRILLIANT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Last read of 2016! Which house are you in? I would love to know! :D2,000,000 Stars!This was me at the beginning of the book:This was me during the book:This was me at the end of the book:Why did I give this one 5 stars? Well, duh. It's Harry Potter. This book was just as good as Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, if not better! This one definitely gave me the feels, you know what I mean? Harry, Ron, and Hermione's characters really did improve in a lot of ways. I should explain, but c'mon. Im pretty sure you're aware of the fact that everything in this series is pure perfection. The plot was a roller coaster ride! The ending was an on-my-fucking-god-just-happened-moment. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was perfection. Everything in this baby was so good and well-written, I just can't put into words how much I enjoyed reading this :) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Super excited for this one! :)

  • James LafayetteTivendale
    2019-02-01 23:21

    When everyone first read and loved Harry Potter I ignored it. Not for any particular reason but about 10 years ago I didn't think I would be into it. Fast forward a decade and I'm now working my way through what I can say already is a children's classic fantasy series that is up there with The Wizard of Oz and The Chronicles of Narnia. Harry's existence with his Muggle uncle and auntie is as horrible as ever and he can't wait to get back to Hogwarts after speaking to a mini-elf masochist who essentially predicts his doom and travelling in an awesome magic-infused flying car. Upon returning to Hogwarts it's similar to before, Quidditch lessons, Malfoy being a bit of a tosser, Hermainie loving studying, and the wizarding threesome getting into all sorts of nonsensical antics. A new tutor is introduced this time, Professor Lockhart and I thought he was brilliant mainly due to how awful he was with his tall-tales and celebrity status! This narrative is brimming with ghosts, boys and girls who adore Harry, spiders, and Professor Sprout. The characters are pretty brilliant and I can easily understand why this is adored globally. I didn't need the continuous info-dumps that reminded me what happened in book one but apart from that there isn't really anything negative to say. The ending was surprising with a cool twist, a magic hat, a phoenix, a sword, a diary, and a giant snake. I hope you don't tell me off for these spoilers as I'm sure I'm the only fantasy book reviewer who hasn't read these yet. I'm loving the adventure so far. These books are what I go to for now when I want no-nonsense, uncomplex awesomeness. Love it.

  • Luca Ambrosino
    2019-02-14 16:12

    ENGLISH (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets) / ITALIANOBedtime reading for my daughter (and second reading for me). It is once again exciting to wander across the Hogwarts halls, observing the mysterious facts that involve the protagonists, just like we were there too. This is Rowling's rare gift: making sure that we see through the eyes of Harry, Ron and Hermione.The summer holidays have passed, and the new school year is about to start at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Harry's power is still immature, but Dumbledore's teaching is adamant:«It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities» This time, our young wizards are struggling with the new professor of defense against the dark arts, the dork and vein Gilderoy Lockhart, called to replace Professor Quirrell (died in the previous adventure). However, the joyful atmosphere is soon ruined: strange events begin to happen...Far be it from me to spoiler something of this mystery-fantasy. J.K. Rowling gives us another masterpiece to live, rather than to read. Actually, I do not know if my daughter was more pleased than me to hear this novel, or if I was happier than her to read it and literally interpret it (I even modulated the voices of the different characters). Any excuse to read Harry Potter.Vote: 9Lettura serale per mia figlia (e seconda rilettura per me). E' ancora una volta emozionante vagare per le sale di Hogwarts e osservare i fatti misteriosi che coinvolgono i protagonisti, proprio come se fossimo lì anche noi. Questo è il raro dono della Rowling. Fare in modo che vediamo con gli occhi di Harry, Ron ed Hermione.Trascorse le vacanze estive, alla scuola di magia e stregoneria di Hogwarts sta per iniziare il nuovo anno. Il potere di Harry è ancora immaturo, ma l'insegnamento di Silente è categorico:«Sono le scelte che facciamo, Harry, che dimostrano quel che siamo veramente, molto più delle nostre capacità» Stavolta, i nostri giovani maghi sono alle prese con il nuovo insegnante di difesa dalle arti oscure, il Professor Gilderoy Lockhart, tanto imbranato quanto vanitoso, chiamato a sostituire il Professor Quirrell, deceduto nella precedente avventura. L'atmosfera gioiosa è presto rovinata, però: strani eventi cominciano ad accadere, associati ad una certa camera dei segreti...Lungi da me spoilerare qualcosa di questo fantasy del mistero. J.K. Rowling ci regala un'altro capolavoro da vivere, più che da leggere. A conti fatti, non so se sia stata più contenta mia figlia di sentirselo raccontare, o se sia stato più contento io di leggerlo e letteralmente interpretarlo (ho perfino modulato le voci dei diversi personaggi). La scusa è buona, in ogni caso.Voto: 9

  • Jessica ❁ ➳ Silverbow ➳ ❁ Rabid Reads
    2019-01-30 16:20

    Before I say anything else, it's important you know that I LOVE HARRY POTTER. In my fingers and my toes. LOVE.That being said, this is my least favorite of the early books (I'll let you know whether it's my least favorite overall after I reread HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX).The reasons are LEGION:1. Gilderoy Lockhart is a prat and I hate him.2. Deathday party. It's creepy and gross.3. Poor Ginny.4. The trouble Harry and Ron get Mr. Weasley into stresses me out.5. I don't like snakes.6. I HATE spiders.7. Dobby needs to calm the eff down:BUT. This is Harry Potter we're talking about, so there's also plenty of awesomeness:1. Dwarves dressed as cupids, delivering singing valentines.2. MOLLY WEASLEY.3. Ford Anglia in the wilds of the Forbidden Forest.4. Polyjuice Potion5. Gnomes shouting "geroff."6. (view spoiler)[Lucius Malfoy getting taken down a peg. (hide spoiler)]SO. Even if this is my least favorite, it's still Harry Potter, and Harry Potter = AWESOME. If you haven't already, READ IT. If you have read it, read it AGAIN. That is all.My other reviews for this series:Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Harry Potter, #1)["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Lora
    2019-01-28 15:25

    "It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities." - Albus DumbledoreSuch a wise wizard.You know how sometimes when you read the first in a series and it turns out so much better than you originally anticipated, it makes you a little apprehensive when starting the sequel? Well, I felt that way before starting this, but I can definitely say that Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is another fabulous installment in the rightfully beloved Harry Potter series!And while I will admit to not loving it quite as much as its predecessor, I still enjoyed it a great deal. I think the reason for my not liking it as much can be mostly credited to the introduction of a new character, Professor Lockhart. Lockhart is an annoyingly pretentious wizard who is completely full of himself, and the majority of his teachings were based on his own life and his supposed brushes with death that he escaped only because of his "heroism" and great knowledge of the magic arts. (view spoiler)[Riiiiiiiiight. (hide spoiler)]In a summary, I didn't find the story involving Lockhart quite as interesting as Harry's realization of his true abilities and the escapades of his first year at Hogwarts.But HP II undoubtedly still has plenty of hilarious moments and magical wonders - not to mention the lovely cast of characters - to more than compensate for this particular installment's slightly lacking plot. Hence the five stars. :)(view spoiler)[Very clever Ms. Rowling, very clever indeed. (hide spoiler)]FAVORITE QUOTE: "I've heard you hate those Muggles you live with," said Ernie swiftly."It's not possible to live with the Dursleys and not hate them," said Harry. "I'd like to see you try it."Next up is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and I'm very much looking forward to it.**********************************************************My reviews of other titles in this series:Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Maxwell
    2019-01-31 16:29

    Re-read #?: November 27-28, 2014Re-read #??: November 29-December 3, 2016While this is probably one of my least favorites of the series, it's still a fantastic book. I can't say for sure why I don't love it as much as the others, but it's just never stood out to me.However, upon rereading it, I am reminded again how great Rowling is at developing a story arc! There are so many hints to later parts of the series in this book! Especially with Tom Riddle showing up, the diary, hints of Ron's affection for Hermione, and overall just building up the characters and storyline. It's also really fun to see things of importance show up early in the story come into significance later on.Here are some thoughts on things I noticed or didn't remember about this book while I was reading it:-Like in one of the Harry Potter video games, Ron and Harry de-gnome the Burrow's garden at the beginning of the book. -Hermione's parents actually go to Diagon Alley and exchange Muggle money at Gringott's!-Why wasn't Nearly Headless Nick's deathday party in the movie? Also he died in 1492 which is when Columbus 'discovered' America. Significant?-"And some old witch in Bath had a book that you could never stop reading! You just had to wander around with your nose in it, trying to do everything one-handed." (p.231) Sounds familiar.-I really wish they had the Valentine's Day party in the movie, with all the dwarves walking around dressed as cupids and delivering love messages.-Aragog is literally my biggest fear.-Apparently Dumbledore, back in the day, was a Transfiguration professor at Hogwarts.-And finally, I knew Voldemort was an heir of Slytherin, duh, but I didn't realize he was the last heir of Slytherin. Dun dun duuuun.5/5 stars because even when it's my least favorite of the seven, it's still perfect.

  • sana°¤°
    2019-01-28 21:10

    dnf @50%so lame, boring, petty, plotless, uninteresting, lame, boring, and boring. harry potter is just not for me, I think I'm just gonna give up trying to read these books. ___tbh, the only reason i wanna finish this series, is so i can finally watch the movies 😂Also buddy read with that mr. thicc asshole who took forever to read the first book and had me waiting aka salmon aka Solomon who I'll tag soon.

  • maymay ☕
    2019-01-26 23:06

    I promised my besties that I wouldn’t roast this book :) so I’m gonna try my very best :)(s) (the fan art in this fandom is effing gorgeous you talented peeps)Recap- Harry is still a live and breathing special snowflake- All that happened was they drove a car- That’s it- For 150 pages- The only event that took place- Was driving an effing car in the sky- Okay, right we said no roasting- Ummmmm, Hermione is awesome, I like her- Ron is meh- Malfoy seems like the only complex character- The second half was MUCH better than the first half thank goodness or else I would have dnfed for something- I wish the mystery aspect would have been introduced earlier- I love ron’s family so much oh my god- His mother and father are G O A L S- And ginny is the cutest thing- Dobby was also kinda cute- Freaky but kinda cute(s) “It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”2.5 stars!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~guess who's back at it again trying to relive their missed childhood????

  • maggie
    2019-02-10 19:03

    ❝It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.❞Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets stars off where Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone left off. Harry goes back to his old home for summer and spends time with his ugly family, The Dursleys. They are no different then they were before but in fact are even more rude. As Harry thinks about going back to Hogwarts, a new and ugly creature appears in Harry's bedroom as Harry returns upstairs. His name is Dobby and he is known as a house-elf, one that is treated badly. But Dobby didn't come to chat with Harry, he came to warn him. Warn him about Hogwarts and save him, telling him he must not return to Hogwarts. He says this because he is trying to warn Harry and tell him that he can put the whole school in danger including his friends and himself. But because Harry does not listen and is actually able to go back to Hogwarts thanks to his best friend Ron, a lot of things happen this second year and some aren't the best. Some include agony being made and being taken back in time, a new professor named Gilderon Lockheart, a spirit/ghost who died in Hogwarts and now haunts the girls bathroom named Moaning Myrtle, and even events having to do with Ron Weasley's younger sister, Ginny. These aren't the only events happening and the only ones making Hogwarts suffer. They actually have nothing to do with it. There is something—or maybe someone—who is leading Hogwarts to danger and putting everyone at risk. This person, or thing, is turning students into stone, writing on the walls, and killing a professor's cat. As rumors spread, nobody knows who this might be. It might be Draco Malfoy, since he is known as an evil child wizard in Slytherin, or maybe Hagrid, since he has been in Hogwarts for a very long time, including his studying years there. Or any other professor, including Snape, Dumbledore, McGonagall, or even Lockhart. But if it isn't any of those, then it might just be Harry himself.I really don't know what to say. Words aren't possible because this book was just so wonderful and so fun. There were even more magical journeys and I was so glad everyone has changes and J.K. Rowling decided to changer everyone's character. Well, almost. Where do I start? Harry is still the cute cinnamon roll and I love his precious and cute character. I hate how he had to suffer even more with the Dursley's and had to even go back as the second year ended. I hope he escapes one day for good and never returns because I am so tired of him being treated like shit and like he really does not exist. His family is the only family he really has, yet they treat him like they wish he was dead and didn't survive The Chamber of Secrets. Sure, that's what they wish, but they should show a little more empathy with him and treat him a little better, maybe feed him more food and give him better clothes, let him go out with his owl and have some freedom, let him write back to his friends when they know he is miserable with them, and just be the young Harry Potter he was made to be. Other than that, he is growing and growing into a much better wizard and is slowly learning even more spells, which he ended up using some to defend his friend and fight Draco with.Ron, oh Ron he is so cute and precious but so dumb in such cute ways. He still can't figure out the right magic spells and how to use them, making the rest of the crowd laugh at him because of his silly actions. He's so funny and when he's worried, his face reactions are so cute but so heartbreaking at times because he is just so adorable. Draco didn't mock him like he did in the previous book and I was glad for that but he still received laughter from others because of the message he got from his mother, the way he tried learning transfiguration, and for needing his mother to defend him. He isn't learning quick like Harry but I know the time will come and he will become a good wizard and be able to change things into the right objects, be able to drive a flying car correctly, and defend his friend like he defended him when he needed the saving. Hermione was probably my favorite. She has changed so much and isn't a bossy high-top nerd anymore. She's always at the top, able to answer questions before anyone and earning Gryffindor points, and that is the reason I loved her a lot more. What would Gryffindor, Harry, and Ron do without Hermione? Like my friends have said, probably dead or lost because they can't figure out what to do or how things work. She actually breaks rules in this book to help Harry and Ron and is also helping them with the secrets they are trying to discover. She still supports Harry with his Quidditch matches and is there for them when they need help, even when she wasn't supposed to.You might be wondering what the 4 stars mean? Well, like others, Ginny was my least favorite character. I wish she didn't get in the way and wasn't the reason for the secrets, but she was also really dumb. She acted dumb in front of Harry and tried stepping up for him, only embarrassing herself. She was embarrassed by her mom because she was accepted into Gryffindor, but she was still dumb. She didn't have to listen to Riddle and could've made the choice of leaving everything out. Of course, the book would be different and maybe quite boring if it wasn't for her, but I still didn't like her character majority of the time. I hear she's one of the least favorite characters and I can see why. She's pretty annoying and is always blushing when she sees Harry. I'm guessing she likes him? Dobby was not my favorite either, only because he tried telling Harry what to do but at the end, sure, I liked him and was glad he was free because Malfoy was not a good master for him. He kicked and hit him for no reasons, so I'm sure that the reason for his actions when Harry told him to sit.The friendship has definetely grown and Hermione, Ron and Harry are just best friends. They worry about each and everything about them together is just so cute. I will admit that I liked this one a little less than the first one, but just a little bit. I don't use half stars or anything anymore, so don't be thinking the first one was better and this one had its flaws because it really didn't disappoint me. I just hated some characters and that happens in all novels, and Draco is still one of them. He's an asshole, fight me! Like him or not, I feel like I will always hate him. I feel like he will grow out to be just like this father and become an evil wizard like all Slytherins do. I know his appearance won't change and his personality won't either. He treats Harry like shit as well because of who he is and sometimes he thinks he's cool because of his father. But his father is nothing but a lousy and loud man that tries to show off because of his son and because of what he can afford. There was nothing new about him and I hate him for almost everything. Well, everything actually.Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets did not disappoint and left me upset, but it had different flaws than the first one. Bad ones, but I'm sure they'll be fixed sometimes. I just didn't like Dobby at the beginning, but like I said, I was glad he was free at the end and defended Harry from Lucius Malfoy. I know every story has its own improvement and all analyze, but this one might be my least favorite. It's like I see it coming. Overall, I can't wait to see where the next journey takes off and how Harry will escape the Dursley's again.

  • Mohammed Arabey
    2019-01-27 17:09

    هل كنت لتصدق منذ عقدين أن الجرائد قد تقرأها علي جهاز لوحي خفيف بلا أسلاك، تنقل لك الخبر بالصوت وفيديو وقت حدوثه اينما كنت وتقلب صفحاتها علي الجهاز كأنها جريدة بجدKnight Ridder علي فكرة الموضوع بدأ 1994 ,قبل أبل بسنوات لشركة أسمهالماذا أذن أعتبر البعض أن ما يحدث في رواية هاري بوتر 1997 من جرائد ذات صور متحركة سحر محرم؟ بل وحرقوا كتب الرواية في ساحات حرق الكتب لانها حرام؟طب انت عارف أن من وقت للتاني يظهر أشخاص نادرة بأي مكان بالعالم وعلي مر الزمن ولدوا بقدرات غريبة،ممكن تكون موهبة عقلية فذة ، أو موهبة غريبة كتحريك الاشياء عن بعد، قراءة الافكار وغيرهاودائما هناك تلك التفسيرات سواء العلمية -كهربا ف المخاو التفسيرات الطبية -اورام لا قدر الله او التفسيرات الدينية -دول بتوع ربنا او التفسيرات اﻷخري الشائعة -ده شغل نصابين ولامؤخذةماذا لو هناك مكان يقوم بتعليمهم التحكم بهذه القدرات وتحويلها لخدمة العلم؟مكان لا يفرق بين الأديانحسنا ,لنتعرف عن المزيد عن الموضوع أدعوكم معي في رحلة جديدة ومقال جديد من سلسلة أخترنا لك وهاري بوترمقال عن العلم و السحر والحبومنتظر أرائكم أن شاء اللهمحمد العربي

  • Ida
    2019-02-17 17:02

    THIS REVIEW, more like a rambling of opinions, MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! Still a five star read!I still love Lee Jordan: “Brilliant!" yelled Lee Jordan. "Inspired! What an entrance! Flying car right into the Whomping Willow, people´ll be talking about that one for years-” We are introduced to one of my all time favorite characters, Dobby. There´s still lots of great quotes, even though most will only make sense for those who´ve read the book. “It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” “Never trust anything that can think for itself if you can't see where it keeps its brain?”“Well, you're expelling us aren't you?" said Ron."Not today, Mr. Weasley."Snape looked as though Christmas had been canceled.” “When in doubt, go to the library.” The characters are still amazing with a lot of humorous one-liners. This might be the only series where I, at least close to, love every character.“Of all the trees we could've hit, we had to get one that hits back.” “Honestly, if you were any slower, you’d be going backward.”And the storyline is absolutely fantastic! J.K Rowling truly has a magical imagination. Short "review", if you can even call this a review, because I´m heading strait in to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

  • Chris
    2019-02-09 20:32

    Since pretty much everyone I know has read these books, I figure reviewing them is pretty pointless. But with the new book coming out in a couple of weeks, I have to go through them beginning to end. To make the reviews more entertaining, I will be doing them in a variety of unexpected formats. For this review, I will be writing as someone who's just getting into Freudian theory.From the very beginning, the true nature of this story is quite obvious - The Chamber of Secrets. There is only one "chamber of secrets" that is of any human concern, and it is no coincidence that the book of such a title was written by a woman.By sending her young, immature male character, Harry (whose name, along with Tom and Dick, just happens to be one of the "universal" male names) into the mysterious Chamber, Rowling is exploring her memories of early childhood sexuality. The Chamber is filled not only with mystery, but danger and legend - its very existence is debated, which no doubt refers to the elusive female orgasm.Ms. Rowling, whose sexual impulses have no doubt been unfulfilled over the years, is attempting to fulfill them by way of her own fiction. She has created a perfect sexual explorer in Harry Potter - a young, innocent and noble young man whose powers have not yet matured. Obviously a male that Rowling would feel comfortable with. This is especially interesting given the actual resident of the Chamber of Secrets - a huge, deadly serpent. And there's only one thing that a huge, terrible serpent can represent.Rowling's sexual past is the fertile ground in which this book was grown. It is her cathartic attempt to win over the guilty feelings that she's repressed from her former sexual life, the one she regrets more than anything else, by manufacturing a hero. That hero, in Harry Potter, represents the type of man for whom she would "open" her "chamber - pure of heart and noble of intention and, most importantly, under her control. The vanquishing of the serpent-symbol is her victory, leaving her free to explore other aspects of her life, including the eventual resolution of the Electra complex that appears to have been built up around Professor Dumbledore...

  • Inge
    2019-01-23 19:18

    The Harry Potter series is like one giant puzzle, and during every book, tiny puzzle pieces start fitting together and forming a whole. There are hints everywhere about what's going to happen, sort of like inside jokes for people who've already read the books, but the mystery remains. J.K. Rowling keeps you guessing up until the final pages.I love how every character brings something else to the table. Ron's dry comments, Fred and George's pranks, Hermione's cleverness, Dumbledore's charming strangeness. Even side characters like Mr and Mrs Weasley have such a strong individuality. They're all fleshed out.Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is an exciting, thrilling read. It makes you think along with the Golden Trio and laugh out loud. It makes you cheer characters on and boo others. You're engaged for the entire story and there's no way out. You can't escape. Hogwarts is your home.

  • Bookdragon Sean
    2019-01-21 22:08

    This is the worst book in the Harry Potter series. The fact that I’m still giving it four stars sort of says something about my opinion for the rest of the series. It’s a wonderful world. The magic is alive and the storytelling is extraordinary, but here are three reasons why this could never be five stars in my estimation like the rest:1. Gilderoy Lockhart. The man is ridiculous to the point of revolting. I don’t need to say anything else. 2. The flying car bits were just stupid. More people would have seen it. 3. Nobody in the school gets Ron a new wand and they let him run around the school casting dangerous spells. The first one is a genuine reason and the last two mere petty grievances. There was also something a little off about this book. The writing wasn’t quite at the same level. From here though, it only got better!

  • Aj the Ravenous Reader
    2019-01-22 16:05

    After the last book I read, I thought I deserved a treat and decided to read the second HP book and true to everyone’s claim, I enjoyed and savored every single page on which everything written magically fits one another, exactly like the 10 year old me dreamed of. The experience was ten times better when I used Professor Mc Gonagall’s voice to read the entire thing. Lol!Just a few of the abundant awesome moments/stuff: 1. The heroic, flying car, duh!2. Mrs. Weasly’s feistiness and Mr. Weasly’s fascination over Muggles.3. Plate of delicious sandwiches refilling itself. (Yum!)4. The Howler. (lol!) 5. Harry catching the snitch (awesome!)6. Basically all scenes with Prof. Lockhart (LMAO!)7. Harry’s ultimate battle. (freaky but awesome!)8. The scary monsters! (view spoiler)[The giant spiders and the basilisk. Eeep! (hide spoiler)] (Aaah!)9. All Dobby scenes. (Awe, Dobby. <3)10. And how can I forget Prof. Dumbledore’s wisest words! "It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” RIP, Sir Alan Rickman- the indomitable, unforgettable Professor Snape. *sniffs*["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>