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The Final Execution kicks into high gear, as what's left of the battered and beaten X-Force goes up against the new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants...for the last time. Can the team come together in time to rally themselves and survive this brutal assault, or will dissension in the ranks lead to the death of them all? Plus: Genesis faces the truth about Apocalypse...and his deThe Final Execution kicks into high gear, as what's left of the battered and beaten X-Force goes up against the new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants...for the last time. Can the team come together in time to rally themselves and survive this brutal assault, or will dissension in the ranks lead to the death of them all? Plus: Genesis faces the truth about Apocalypse...and his destiny!Collecting: Uncanny X-Force 30-35, material from 25...

Title : Uncanny X-Force, Volume 7: Final Execution, Book 2
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ISBN : 9780785161851
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Uncanny X-Force, Volume 7: Final Execution, Book 2 Reviews

  • Anne
    2018-12-06 21:48

    Well, this is the end of Rick Remender's run on the Uncanny X-Force, and while I'm still partial to Kyle Craig's X-Force, this one definitely had more fun and humor in it. Not every volume has been a winner (for me), but, overall, this was a fantastic title.So what's left of the X-Force goes up against the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, led by Wolverine's son Daken, in an effort to rescue Genesis. The Brotherhood's grand plan is to turn Genesis. You know, by hitting him, and doing a bunch of mental torture stuff.They think by getting him to put on the Apocalypse suit, he'll somehow become evil, and fight by their side. I'm still not sure I get why they thought they would be in control of him if/when he decided to give in to his darker nature. Do you really want to piss of Apocalypse, and then hand him an outfit that makes him unstoppable?Lotta holes in that theory, guys.Then again, they may be right...There's also some touching Father/Son moments between Daken and Wolverine.Awww. Look at those two! Really warms your heart, you know?Deadpool is a stand-out character in this one. His personalities seem to have grown a bit, and he really steals the show. Just...daaaaw!*pinches Wade's cheeks*In the end, Remender sends us off with his version of a Happily Ever After for most of these guys. As he should...Like I said before, this was a (mostly) great title, and I'm glad I got the chance to read it.

  • Nicolo Yu
    2018-11-12 01:32

    Read originally as individual digital comics on the Marvel Comics app.Rick Remender concludes his run on Uncanny X-Force with another massive arc intended to evoke his career defining Dark Angel Saga. But what Final Execution doesn’t have is Jerome Opena who is missed on the interior art. Although he provides some covers to the monthly issues, I would have preferred Opena to end the book he launched with Remender. The artist for the arc, Phil Noto is no slouch though as he steps in to end the first volume of one of Marvel’s best titles in recent years.The sins of Uncanny X-Force’s past adventures have come back to haunt them. Final Execution is divided in to two parts. The first part is the newly reformed Brotherhood of Evil Mutants' blitzkrieg against X-Force, destroying their headquarters and killing three of their number while marooning them in an alternate future.The future arc has the world taken over by X-Force and its pre-emptive murder prevention policy, which simply put is to kill the killer before the killer kills. The future is basically a police state patrolled by X-Force and its agents. It arose from the consequences of their actions in the past and a responsibility Wolverine has not quite fulfilled.The second part of Final Execution has the team returned to the past to face the new Brotherhood for perhaps the last time. Betrayal comes and death is dished out liberally. After all that it may seem Evan, the young clone Fantomex was raising to be an all-American hero just might ascend the mantle of Apocalypse.Remender sure knows how to write an ending. Reading the last chapter, no team member is left unscathed and I‘ve come to realize a few things that I enjoyed about this run:1. Wolverine may be the biggest star in the book but Psylocke has come into her own. The series developed her character well and she just might be able to support a book on her own now.2. When Fantomex was introduced by Grant Morrison he was a prick, but in the hands of Remender, he is a prick because of his three conflicting brains and inability to find love.3. Remender writes the best Deadpool ever.This volume of Uncanny X-Force has ended and another is set to launch because of the goodwill this series generated. Remender moves on to Uncanny Avengers and that is something to be excited about. The writer has acknowledged Avengers to be his favorite title and one can only imagine the possibilities of the stories he will weave with a larger cast and a richer history. But his Uncanny X-Force will always have a special place as one of the best runs in the X-Men franchise.

  • Jonny Campo
    2018-11-27 22:50

    Goodbye X-Force :(What a great end to a great series this is quiet possibly the best complete series I've ever read. I'm so happy I gave this book a chance on top of being only my second X-MEN title it introduced me to the amazing Rick Remender. I have to recommend this entire series it's definitely worth your time I promise. One thing I love the most in the book is the way Remender had a loose attachment to the characters in a Game of Thrones type of way and was so willing to just kill off whoever necessary to make the story work. The friendships and relationships that develop through this are amazing. 5 out of 5 please read this.

  • Frédéric
    2018-11-27 22:52

    3,5*I just took a look on my ratings for the whole of Remender's run: 2,5*, ranging from 1 to 4.I don't think such standard deviation can be considered as a good thing. So I wouldn't say I liked this series. Didn't totally disliked it either but for one arc (Otherworld).This conclusion was (surprisingly to me) quite good. Remender deftly ties up the threads he developed in the previous issues and somehow reconciled me with this team I've never been much in love with.It ends on a satisfying note, I'll try and stick with that.

  • Martin
    2018-11-28 22:41

    Concluding the story arc from Uncanny X-Force: Final Execution, Book 1 (as well as the series), this book's first five chapters see X-Force emerging victorious from their Royal Rumble with Daken's new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, followed by an epilogue issue. Also collected in this volume are two "rare" short stories by Remender and Opeña, one featuring Wolverine, the other featuring Deadpool. While they are interesting, these two short stories are ultimately forgettable. They're also NOT the reason you're reading this review. Let's get moving, shall we?Having kidnapped Genesis (in the previous volume), Daken, Sabretooth, and the Shadow King take him on a road trip in an RV through middle America. Their plan is to turn him into a bad guy, a new Apocalypse, but Genesis refuses to harm anyone. So Daken & Sabretooth make random stops on the way, telling him they will kill innocents unless he (Genesis) kills them first. Pretty twisted. Add to that the Shadow King messing with his mind, making him believe his parents are dead (and after that they reveal to him that his parents never even existed). Still, in spite of all this (you've got to give the kid some credit), he refuses to be like them.X-Force eventually make their way to the new Brotherhood's secret underwater base, their objective being two-fold: rescuing Genesis and putting an end to the Brotherhood. Among the highlights of the many duels between various members of both teams, there's (view spoiler)[ AoA Nightcrawler teleporting a shark inside AoA Blob's stomach, the latter being eaten from the inside out, and Daken attempting to drown Wolverine (which is apparently the only way to kill him) by dumping him in a Wolverine-proof water tank. A few pages later, we see Deadpool giving mouth-to-mouth to Wolverine, saving his life (although it's not explicitly revealed just how exactly Wolverine escapes from the death trap).(hide spoiler)] the final showdown between Wolverine & Daken, father & son, and only one is alive at the end (view spoiler)[(and since Wolverine sells way more books than Daken, guess which one it is). Will Marvel actually keep him dead? That's another question. This being Marvel Comics, we'll most likely see him again soon on the last page of a monthly comic, as part of a cliffhanger. Still, Wolverine is full of regret, thinking about the way things might've been, if Daken had grown up with his parents, instead of the harsh life he'd had. This particular segment of the book is well done and if you feel some tugging at your heartstrings, that's normal. (hide spoiler)].In the epilogue issue, aptly titled "Rainbows, Puppy Dogs & Sunshine", Remender wraps up his landmark run with a quiet issue (relatively), in which we see what the different team members have been up to. (view spoiler)[Yay! One of my favourite characters is back! Using the equipment at The White Sky facility (see Uncanny X-Force: Final Execution, Book 1), Deadpool & the gang attempt to clone Fantomex. They succeed, but only too well: the cloning machine made a different clone for each of Fantomex's three brains. So now there are three of them running around in the Marvel U: the one we know and love, a female version of the same, and one who's "not very nice". The book ends with Fantomex (the one we know and love) bringing Betsy to his home, so she can meet his mother (which is in itself inconsistent with the series' own continuity, since Fantomex's mother was killed by "Deathlok Spider-Man" in issue #5 (see Uncanny X-Force: Deathlok Nation). But, as they say, "What're you gonna do?" (hide spoiler)]

  • Aaron
    2018-11-16 01:00

    A big, blowout ending to one of my favorite superhero series of the past 10 years. It's rare that a Marvel book gets to wrap so succinctly, both from in story and theme. Everything X-Force has done, right or wrong, comes into play in this final showdown, forcing them to deal with the consequences of their actions in every imaginable way.One of the biggest letdowns with this series ending is knowing Remender's not around to write Deadpool anymore. He approached him with the most human, believable lunacy of any writer since Joe Kelly, and made you actually believe it when Deadpool would have crises of conscience, which have always come across as forced and stupid when Daniel Way writes them.But really, the whole team has always been near perfect. Remender clearly picked his favorite outliers in the X-Men universe, characters that don't get a ton of screen time but serve as some of the most interesting. Well, minus Wolverine, who the team continually jokes about being on ever super team in the world. But Psylocke hasn't done much in recent years and is used here to perfection, Fantomex is an incredible, complex character leftover from Grant Morrison's New X-Men run, and hell, Age of Apocalypse Nightcrawler hasn't been seen since, well, Age of Apocalypse (a story I've never liked, and yet Remender made me admire in retrospect). This is just great team writing, on par with anything Joss Whedon's done onscreen or off, and I'm sad to see it come to a close.Rick Remender's on my "watch" list, though. If he can do this with X-Force, I trust him with most anything else. Can't wait to read all the other stuff he's been putting out.

  • Lynda
    2018-12-10 20:55

    A very satisfying end to the series.

  • Chris (The Genre Fiend)
    2018-11-30 20:02

    Hot damn. Excellent ending, and a strong emotional core amongst the action sequences. So endeth one of the most mature and intelligent Marvel series I've ever read.

  • Mike
    2018-11-22 19:32

    That moment of a combination of glee and heartache at the thought of never seeing more of this fantastic run again.But Jesus do I hate Daken - whiny, self-absorbed, woe-is-me-I-only-have-all-of-Wolverine's-powers-and-the-world-owes-me-more-I'm-a-poster-child-for-the-needy-pathetic-teenagers-who-fall-in-love-with-that-imaginationless-selfish-brat-Ayn-Rand. (Yeah, you could say I have minor issues with narcissists.)Hey willyoulookatthat: I dunno when they made the switch, but it finally appears Psylocke is sporting something other than butt floss as a costume. Welcome to the 21st century Betsy.Culmination of all the pain, torture and bad choices, it comes to this: Wolverine will be tormented by this big, rational choice for the rest of his life. And Remender finds a way to sell the moment so it'll ring in *my* head pretty loudly. Thanks man, I wasn't quite warped enough by your touch on my psyche - that's quite a bold reformation statement to nail to the door to my soul.OTOH, the super-cool *decent* endings he gave to a couple or three other characters was...unexpected. I kept waiting for the next page turn to trip me on a claymore, or punch my brain with a badly-timed pun. None of that. When it's all said and done, this was a massive tale of redemption through the most bizarre and warped means.Can I really feel settled after all the turmoil of this series? There's a lingering melancholy - each of the characters are a little...changed after all these killings and time travels and what does it all mean for love? I mean, can you imagine a story where Deathlok is the Buddha figure? That's like telling me that Garth Ennis is a prophet of some polytheistic schlock-worshipping religion...which I'm willing to believe if you swap him with Warren Ellis.So what do we do now? Where do we go to follow the next mind-warping turns of Remender's imagination? Is it Uncanny Avengers? Black Science? Or do I go back to continue my way through Fear Agent or Venom? So many friggin choices man, just tell me where the best fart jokes are.

  • Michael Church
    2018-12-09 17:34

    What a perfect ending to this saga! This book has built and built from page one. Everything just comes together so well here. There are themes held throughout - the primary being whether or not you can choose who you become. On the surface it seems like its just for Daken and Evan, but it's everyone. Every character from this book has a complete and amazing arc. Some of them ended books ago, but even Angel still followed that path to see what he wanted to be versus what he was set up to be. Fantomex, Deadpool, Psylocke, all of them.Remender doesn't have to use any tricks either. There is genuinely good storytelling here and the plot has great twists and turns. Again, the part that gets me the most is Psylocke's arc. She's amazing. She's been transformed and put through so much. She's enthralling to me now. Literally, the only reason I'm sticking with UXF in Marvel NOW is because she's leading the team (ok Storm doesn't hurt). There were multiple points where I was moved by the story. At the height of the climactic scene I actually teared up for a few pages. Oh and Deadpool and Evan? AMAZING. And the end. The end was perfect. The art was solid. A bit of a departure from the last few volumes, but I quickly got used to it and enjoyed it. It definitely added to the atmosphere and storytelling. On top of all that goodness, you get two backup stories by Remender and Opeña for their early work on Wolverine and Deadpool. Wolvy is typically dark, but still interesting enough to get the blood pumping. Deadpool's story is the true gem here, though. It's short but absolutely hysterical. The comedy is juvenile but brilliant and the story is clever and action-packed. Seriously, get this whole run. It's worth every penny and probably the best and most influential comic I've read in contemporary books.

  • Dan
    2018-12-03 22:58

    I really enjoyed the direction this series went. It felt like the choices characters made actually had a consequences that couldn't be ignored or brushed aside in future issues, and where in the previous X-Force series it seemed the only character who had a strong opinion about the killing was Rahne, this time it seemed each character had moments where they actually think about what all the killing is doing to them and those around them. Considering the premise of the book is that they're an off-the-record team of proactive killers, that's quite a writing challenge, but Remender manages to give everyone a distinct voice. I was especially impressed with his approach to Deadpool (balancing his unique humor with some serious moments without feeling maudlin) and Fantomex, who I was unfamiliar with before I read this series, and is now I character I look forward to following. Honestly, there were several characters in this series who I never really had much care for before - Psylocke, Wolverine, Deathlok, even - where I now have an interest in their futures. Remender seemed especially attuned to Psylocke, and I look forward to seeing how she is teamed up with Storm in the new X-Force series.Speaking of Psylocke, kudos to the various artists on this run, specifically Jerome Opena and Phil Noto, who took strides in drawing Psylocke in an atypical way - that is, normal and not the sexed-up thong one-piece type that emerged from the Siege Perilous in the early 90's. Plus, she actually appeared to be Asian!

  • Mattiscus
    2018-12-08 18:36

    Satisfying conclusion to the whole Remender run, Noto's art is on fire and the whole thing really is a page-turner.

  • Michael
    2018-11-22 20:52

    For an action comic about a mutant kill squad, Rick Remender and Phil Noto really amped up the emotion without it ever becoming melodramatic. An amazing example of superhero storytelling.

  • Bader Al Shirawi
    2018-11-15 17:53

    Epic ending to an epic series.

  • Sean
    2018-11-14 18:58

    Rick Remender ends his Uncanny X-Force run with a story that epitomizes X-Men books. The motivations for the Brotherhood made sense and the desperation that X-Force endured felt real. I liked this volume of Final Execution much better than the first because the book seemed more streamlined and had more soul. There were a few resolutions that were tied up too quick and neat but weren't terrible. The art was very good but I just wish Jerome O'Pena could have ended the run with Remender. Overall, a satisfying end to the series.

  • Juan Ramon Umana Fernandez
    2018-11-25 17:44

    Sunshine and RainbowsThis whole run , Uncanny X Force, by Rick Remender is a must read. From beginning to end it's been a thrill ride filled with gut punches and face ripping. The key is that you are not only invited to the quiet world of assassins who do it for "the right reasons", but you also see how, as mutants, they never really get to celebrate and enjoy the fruits other heroes do. It's a wonderful book that made me care, feel and believe in the X-Men.

  • Kurt Rocourt
    2018-11-24 20:59

    Mega happy endingThe finale was forced. Going for the mega happy ending brings this down for me. The Archangel Saga was the best parts of this series. Everything else didn't come together afterward.

  • Patrick
    2018-11-29 22:56

    That was an interesting high-note ending for such a dark, twisted series.I mean, no one's forgiven or anything, but there's still hope.

  • 47Time
    2018-11-23 17:54

    This story arc revolves around the young Apocalypse cloned by Fantomex. He was sent to the Jean Grey school for mutants a while back and is now captured by a new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants under the leadership of Daken, Wolverine's son, so Wolverine and the team go after him. There are some very impressive displays of power here: we know Wolverine and Sabertooth never liked each other, Farouk is a telepath at Professor X's level, Mystique is a manipulator, Daken is angry at his father, Nightcrawler is out for revenge and his alliances are fragile, the Omega family of cloned assassins are out for blood and you have rest of the pychos - Skinless Man, Blob, Deadpool. The bad guys want to trigger Apocalypse into the monster that lies within his genes, but good guys will struggle to convince him that revenge isn't the right way.It's a more classic team deatmatch than we've seen before, but it's certainly more enjoyable than Otherworld or the Age of Apocalypse universe. Every one of the good guys seems more hesitant when killing comes into play. They want to avoid what they did in the first volume, the one that created all these repercussions. It's beautiful to see, not just short story arcs, but a larger picture encompassing this run where the idea of cause and effect is used effectively and realistically. Also the characters come out of it changed and some of them not for the better.

  • Nathan
    2018-12-01 00:57

    I debated giving this book five stars since I didn't like it at first but once I read it over I found myself fighting back the tears well not really but it did make me feel sad for Wolverine and the gang also Remender ending the series so that Marvel can do a big reboot seemed lame too but anyways.The story starts off with X-force returning from a future timeline with a crucial piece of advice given to Wolverine from Future Wolverine. Daken's manipulation of Genesis gets a little too lengthy but the action and the excellent dialogue make for a very good read. Nightcrawler's revenge was very gruesome and there are other equally disturbing parts to the book all which finish with a big fight between Daken and Wolverine. There is a loose end that I really wanted tied up but alas it wasn't. The ending was a bit flowery but I suppose Remender may have been told by higher ups to reset the team so it does feel a bit strange but either way the book ends in style with an excellent story and art and wraps up quite nicely.

  • Hannah Givens
    2018-12-05 22:58

    Wow. This series started off shaky, but I'm really impressed by how it ended. It's a complete story in seven volumes, a bloody tangle surrounding the question of whether it's ever right to kill someone. I started off not liking any of the characters, and ended up deeply attached to all of them. I also didn't realize this is where I'd see Genesis' storyline after meeting him in the Wolverine & the X-Men series, so I'm really glad I got to see that. Loved him and his relationship with Deadpool. I just can't get over how great this ending is. The perfect ending, the only ending for this story, and the fact that a comic series actually told a story instead of dribbling off into nothing. There's one specific panel with Wolverine and Genesis where it's just "Oh my god, this is what this whole story has been about." Of all the comics, why in the world am I crying about Uncanny X-Force. Oh god.

  • Chris Lemmerman
    2018-11-16 19:54

    You'd never know that Rick Remender's run on Uncanny X-Force was truncated by about 25 issues, would you? This final volume wraps everything up neatly (though leaving a few plot points open to be picked up on later, especially regarding Fantomex) and brings the conflict between Wolverine and Daken to a close, as well as deciding the fate of Evan/Genesis too. It's heartbreaking, emotional, visceral, and just down right entertaining. The collection is rounded out with two early Remender stories which are decent but unremarkable, but their inclusion doesn't tar the volume at all, with the strength of the Final Execution keeping it well up at 5 stars.The artwork in the lead stories from David Williams and Phil Noto is gorgeous, and the facial expressions are especially good too. Opena's art in the final two stories is decent though nowhere near his current work, but it does the job well enough.

  • James
    2018-11-21 01:00

    I enjoyed the series as a whole, but the last two volumes of Uncanny X-Force didn't quite work for me. Writer Rick Remender steers the series in a pretty conceptual direction, setting the "X" hit squad up against their philosophical opposites. The lead villain of this new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants isn't one I find compelling, and his peers seem a bit worn out too. Beyond that, the group using a murder spree to explore the limitations of conventional morality feels like shock for shock's sake; it could have come straight out of Natural Born Killers.There are some good character moments here as members of the team fall of their ideals or, more entertainingly, transcend them. But there's a lot of time spent in the muck as Remender tries to make a point. I'd rather his point had come out more naturally in the story, with a different group in opposition.Read digital issues.

  • Ryan
    2018-11-29 17:41

    The art in this final volume is not quite up to par with the previous, but it isn't bad. Character development is well done. There are some unexpected twists at the very end regarding Fantomex, they came up with an interesting way of bringing him back to life with a bit more creativity than is usually seen in this type of comic. I never really liked this character, but Remender manages to make him interesting. I guess this is a testament to Remender's writing skill, he can make a crappy character seem believable. But I couldn't help but feel that the writer was no longer fully invested in this series. He seems to be trying to finish the story since he doesn't really know where else to take it.

  • B
    2018-12-12 22:00

    Also even though it ties in with Wolverine and the X-Men, it's wholly incompatible. Both books have a concurrent plotline where a future Wolverine sends a message back to Wolverine. But they're different future Wolverines with different messages from (importantly) different futures. Confusing. It's not necessarily a paradox if divergent futures exist simultaneously but it's a bit gross.OK, I should probably not start with "also."It seems like the writers don't really have the hang of the characters and a lot of it seems a little forced. It's pretty clear that the best thing to have done would be to do a Psylocke & Fantomex book. Those are really the guys that get the most attention and everyone else is just kind of there to sell the issue.

  • Christopher Mclean
    2018-11-24 22:42

    This is quite possible the best conclusion to an run I have seen in a super hero book.Remender does a excellent job of finishing X-Force on a high note, leaving the very best till last. Everything from the previous volumes comes back into play, the tone is still the excellent dark, sarcastic, humor, Noto's excellent art works perfectly for the story and Deadpool in particular absolutely shines in some very touching moments.While the run had a few ups and downs I could not have asked for a better conclusion and I am very disappointment I won't be getting more of these characters from Remender.

  • Shannon Appelcline
    2018-12-09 01:43

    A fine conclusion to the series, but not just because of the great action. Each issue is a wonderful character piece, focusing on various folks throughout the volume, including especially Wolverine, Daken, and Fantomax. There are terrific moments of heroism and great regrets. All around, a very enjoyable and insightful volume.I'm happy that Marvel opted to include Remender's minor X-Force work at the end of the issue. The Wolverine story is good and nicely in tune with X-Force; the Deadpool story not so much.

  • Matt
    2018-11-22 21:35

    Collects Uncanny X-Force (2010) issues #30-35, and material from Wolverine: Dangerous Games issue #1, and material from Deadpool issue #1000 (The extra material is included because both of these short stories were written by Rick Remender.)This was a very satisfying conclusion to Rick Remender's run on "Uncanny X-Force." Things paid off and questions were answered. While some of the fighting continues to be brutal, there were a lot of emotional aspects to the battles, as well, because of the personal things happening between the protagonists and the antagonists.

  • Travis Duke
    2018-11-30 19:41

    Solid ending to a fantastic series. Rick remender is one of my new favorite authors because of this series. Specifically this book finishes the moral battle all the x-force experience, with fantastic vivid art. I usually hate daken stories but this father son arch is thoughtful and well told. The two side story at the end are a great read, love the dead pool breakfast ending. Overall I have to own this whole series, it's a must!

  • Tommy
    2018-12-11 19:34

    Series finished stronger than it had been written for most of the run. Evan/Apocalypse added some depth and they finally acknowledged that Deadpool is in the series. I originally read this series because I read some commentary that said it was one of the better depictions of Deadpool, even though he wasn't front and center. I can safely say this is one of the worst treatments of Deadpool I've seen largely because they didn't use him.