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When Griffin Sizemore transferred to Claybourne College, his goal was to finish his doctorate and get out of school. He never expected to fall for his best friend’s sexy dad, especially when that dad turns out to be the Dean of Students. A little daring perseverance shows him that the Dean doesn’t seem so unapproachable. So since when did getting in the Dean’s pants suddenWhen Griffin Sizemore transferred to Claybourne College, his goal was to finish his doctorate and get out of school. He never expected to fall for his best friend’s sexy dad, especially when that dad turns out to be the Dean of Students. A little daring perseverance shows him that the Dean doesn’t seem so unapproachable. So since when did getting in the Dean’s pants suddenly become a quest to win his heart?...

Title : Doing the Dean
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Doing the Dean Reviews

  • Serena Yates
    2018-11-14 20:57

    This book made me smile at the humor, grin at the innuendo, and wonder where things would go with the storyline from the first page. It could have easily developed into yet another fluffy, if extremely amusing and very hot, student-professor romance. Interestingly, it didn’t do that, as Mia Watts very gradually changed the rules of the game on me. Exactly like the main characters, who were taken by surprise when their feelings suddenly got a lot more serious than either of them had intended, my opinion about what this book tries to be and say changed subtly as I read. I liked it a lot more because it ended up differently from what I expected. Very nicely done!Julian is the dean of students at a small college, loves his job, and is not exactly looking for another relationship. He's survived a bad divorce, having gotten married to try to not be gay, and even though he is lonely, he isn't interested in putting his heart on the line again. He is even less interested in risking his career by dating a student – or a guy who looks young enough to be a student. There's only one problem: not only does he fall deeply in lust after only one encounter, he suspects it's a lot more than physical attraction which keep s pulling them back together. Griffin is working hard on his doctorate, and has no time for a boyfriend, never mind a really serious relationship. Commitment isn't on his agenda, he's just out to have some fun. But when his best friend Tony sets him up with the dean of students, who just happens to be Tony's father, the gloves come off. Griffin has a lot to learn about himself, and discovers, to his horror that he isn’t quite as mature as he thought he was. When push comes to shove the ball is in his court, and he has to make the most difficult decision of his life: independence and an assured career path, or a permanent relationship with the man he loves and considerable financial risk.A relationship between the dean if students and a graduate students is bound to be difficult, and a range of stories about this type of 'forbidden love' abound. However, the way this one is written, with believable characters and issues way beyond the May-December (or rather May-August) relationship, kept my interest. If you're looking for a sizzling hot relationship that quickly develops added depth, if you enjoy campus settings, and if you like your main characters to be faced with some challenging choices, you will probably like this book.NOTE: This book was provided by Resplendence Publishing for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews.

  • Alina
    2018-12-04 23:02

    I'm a huge fan of age difference, so I enjoyed this story a great deal!Both characters are really nice and likeable, the relationship development's believable and realistic and I absolutely adored Tony - Julian's son :)))

  • Teeny
    2018-11-19 17:02

    3.5 Stars rounding down to 3, 'cos right till about a few minutes ago I hadn't figured out if Dean was Rickman's name or not since the MCs kept jumping from Julian R. to Dean R. so much it confused the heck out me (not everyone is familiar with the US educational system).

  • Lucy
    2018-11-18 23:51

    This novella is light and funny, with no overbearing amount of angst and with likeable characters. Tony, the son of Dean Rickman and Griffin’s friend, is especially endearing. He wants what is best for his dad and if that means his best friend? So be it! There is a side to Julian Rickman that is the Dean, a side that is an amazing dad, and another that is a man in love and unsure of how to make it work due to the constraints of work. I liked all sides of Julian. The story is written well with believable uncertainty on the parts of both Julian and Griffin. They get together pretty quickly, but it didn’t seem like insta-love to me (though insta-lust, absolutely). It’s a nice May-December romance with a great son thrown into the mix.

  • Candice
    2018-12-12 20:16

    I enjoyed this short story. I like stories that have an age difference when they are written well and this one was for me. Julian and Griffin were good together and likeable characters. I liked that Tony was for the relationship and not a thorn in their side.

  • Tyra Berger
    2018-11-11 22:11

    So I have told you of my love for series and I am excited to bring to your attention the first in a new series from Mia Watts. Since I work on a college campus I can tell you that these kinds of relationships happen all of the time. What makes this story so great are the very believable characters that the author has created.Julian as the older man and Dean of Students knows a relationship with Griffin is wrong and tries not to succumb to his desire for the slightly younger man. But even knowing his job could be at stake Julian can't deny the chemistry between them.Griffin thought he was too busy working on his doctorate and being an RA to have time for a relationship...especially when that man is his boss, sort of, and his best friends dad. All it took was one look at Julian in baseball pants and Griffin thinks it's worth the risk. But when the risk becomes his degree, what choice will Griffin make?This was a good read for a couple of reasons, the first being that the relationship developed over time and had a very real feel to it. The second, was there were some serious consequences for both men. The answer in the end wasn't just about loving someone enough or not, but being able to live with the choices each of them made.The attraction between Julian and Griffin is off the charts hot and I will forever feel a little flush every time I look at a dining room table from now on. Julian's son Tony added some comic relief and brought some needed depth to a story that could have been very one dimensional. If not for several editing errors this one would have been a home run for me, but even with those I am very much looking forward to visiting the Claybourne campus again. This series could almost make me want to go back to school.

  • Monika
    2018-11-27 21:09

    4.5 starsThe title of this book and its cover made me want to say no to reading it I really dislike both but the author’s name made me want to read it so I went with that and am I glad I did. I loved this little novella it was light and sometimes funny, I thought Julian and Griffin were a great couple and the love they had for each other made me smile. Julian’s son and Griffins best friend Tony was a nice twist, not sure it’s believable but it worked he was adorable. Because it was such a short story insta-love or lust however you want to look at it had to happen but somehow it never really bothered me like it usually does. The story kept me interested and the writing was well done, reading it made for a pleasant afternoon.If you want a light, fast, easy, sweet read then I recommend this book.

  • Jo * Smut-Dickted *
    2018-11-24 21:55

    I *love* books set on college campuses (probably because I am in higher education) and this was no different. I liked both characters - though they could have been a bit more detailed, this is a novella or shorter book. I thought the sex was red hot and the fact they kind of took turns topping gave it a really refreshing dynamic and change from my usual more D/s type. I thought the realities of the situation were well played - and I enjoyed two men who were not confused on their orientation nor apologetic for it. I'll be excited to read the next one!I gave it 3 stars for I liked it for the story/characters and it got an extra star for how it had higher ed/college woven into it which was pretty accurate including the politics.

  • Rachel Emily
    2018-11-12 19:15

    I thought this was a great may-december romance between the dean of the college and a doctorate student. I really liked the characters and plot. I especially like that the author took the time to research student-faculty college relationships and make it realistic. Very well done! I hope that there is more in this series, I really enjoyed the writing and look forward to hopefully enjoying more.

  • Mopest
    2018-12-07 20:47

    I have been reading so many ordinary books recently and this is one of them. These are the hardest to review especially if you don't do it immediately after because nothing is memorable - good or bad. Interesting premise, weak execution. The conflict here is contrived and not well executed overall. It's just meh for me.

  • Lasha
    2018-11-20 19:17

    3.75 stars

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    2018-12-01 23:15

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  • Maggie
    2018-11-28 01:02

    Rating 3.5