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"You can only live in a world of make-believe for so long, before reality comes calling. It always does."In a big house in the English countryside, a reclusive and increasingly unstable author toils over a book which will close the best-selling trilogy of Jade Nexus fantasy novels.Speculation and rumour are rife among hardcore Jade Nexus fans that their heroine will die at"You can only live in a world of make-believe for so long, before reality comes calling. It always does."In a big house in the English countryside, a reclusive and increasingly unstable author toils over a book which will close the best-selling trilogy of Jade Nexus fantasy novels.Speculation and rumour are rife among hardcore Jade Nexus fans that their heroine will die at the hotly-anticipated novel’s conclusion - a possibility against which they have begun to loudly protest via social media as the release date nears.How do you deal with such intense pressure? How do you cope with distractions to your work such as a violent intruder, panicked messages from your agent and a potential love interest moving into the cottage across the field? And far worse than any of those problems... what do you do about the Beast in your basement?BEAST IN THE BASEMENT is a contemporary horror novella about obsession, revenge, censorship, blame culture and parental responsibility. A dark tale with a real kick.Read it fast before someone spoilers you!Author Jason Arnopp's previous credits include the feature film STORMHOUSE, DOCTOR WHO: THE GEMINI CONTAGION, THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES: DEADLY DOWNLOAD and the New Line Cinema novel FRIDAY THE 13TH: HATE-KILL-REPEAT. He is also the author of the non-fiction Kindle book HOW TO INTERVIEW DOCTOR WHO, OZZY OSBOURNE AND EVERYONE ELSE.Parental advice: this novella features strong bloody violence, profanity and some sexual scenes. Not recommended for minors....

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Beast in the Basement Reviews

  • The Reluctant Geek
    2019-04-08 02:12

    Beast in the Basement is a wonderful creepy tale that winds the tension extremely tight culminating in an explosive ending that will certainly make your jaw drop. Jason Arnopp builds the suspense slowly and effectively into his intricate and clever plot to create a spine-tingling story that is well-written and truly entertaining.The novella is written from the point of view of the main character - the reclusive writer. As I read the book I was completely drawn into his world. The words on the page seem to come straight from the character's mouth/mind. They are written in a convincing natural style that makes the reader feel they have access to his very thoughts. I could feel the frustration he had when he read through the novel, the stress with the constant messages from his agent and the terrible struggle to repress the nightmare of his past. But there in the background the Beast lurked and I jumped at every shadow, noise and bang- "Three storeys down, in the depths of the house, I could have sworn I heard The Beast gnash its teeth."The mystery of the Beast will keep you guessing till the end. Jason Arnopp teasingly feeds the reader titbits of information but never enough to reveal the whole story. It is definitely addictive and I dare you to put this book down before you get to the end - I certainly could not.

  • Roz Morris
    2019-04-19 04:56

    Jason Arnopp has an unflinchingly odd imagination. He is also extremely good at plotting and anticipating what the reader is thinking. The central character of this tightly paced novella is holed up in a remote country cottage, trying to finish writing a book while battling with demons from the past. But all is not what it seems. To say any more would spoil the surprise, and Arnopp has concocted a delightful rollercoaster of twists and turns that you will not see even if you're trying to spot them (which you of course are). You'll feel after a while as though you've been blindfolded and spun in circles, while all the same being quided by an expert hand. And, like all slick storymongers, when Arnopp misleads he also plays fair. Very accomplished. Great fun. Recommended.

  • John Higgs
    2019-04-05 10:21

    This is a suspense story with immaculately paced twists and reveals, and as such is tricky to review without spoiling the whole damn thing. I can say, though, that while I understand where the Stephen King comparisons come from, I think it's probably more accurate to describe it as a cross between Stephen King and Tales Of The Unexpected-era Roald Dahl.In the interests of full disclosure, I should say that although I didn't know Jason Arnopp when I first read this novella, I have got to know him since and indeed gave him a quote for the blurb. As such, a five star review from me may be seen as a bit sus. I'll point out, though, that I very rarely write blurbs and am generally wary of putting my name to things. Sticking my name to this is an easy choice because, well, just read it and see.

  • Adam
    2019-04-17 09:55

    Expertly woven tale that keeps you guessing. I'm normally well aware of the twists and turns that writers think they've hidden, but this took me by surprise, so hats off.I can't really add more without spoiling it, but it's a cracking read and you really ought to give it a try.

  • Robert
    2019-04-16 02:14

    A nice smooth one sitting read.The plot is engaging (if not somewhat predictable). The resolution is satisfying. The pace is good. Arguably it goes from quite mysterious to something quite bland if you anticipate a particular genre.I enjoyed it. Lots of short sentences made this a quick, punchy read. A couple of flase endings kept the twists going for a little longer.

  • Jenny
    2019-04-15 10:06

    I guessed the ending too soonThis was a good idea for a story, but I found the "big twist" predictable. I hoped I'd be wrong and end up being surprised after all, but unfortunately not.

  • Marissa
    2019-04-07 07:06

    Thought I had figured out the twist before it happened, but I had not. Again, *really* looking forward to another novel from Arnopp!

  • Brian
    2019-04-11 05:20

    good little read. expected the twist to be a lot bigger but enjoyed it none the less

  • Thomas
    2019-03-28 03:10

    Before starting this book, I knew there was going to be a twist in it. I hadn't heard of the author before, so when I saw something suggesting this was a good, tight read, I checked a few reviews to see what they had to say, and nearly all of them talked about the shocking twist. So, yes, I was predisposed to expect it, but I think even if I had gone into the story blind, I would have been expecting some kind of twist. It was evident the way Arnopp wrote the story that something wasn't all that it seemed.To his credit, Arnopp did surprise me. Despite expecting the twist, I didn't figure it out before its reveal. It wasn't even a cheat, either, since the story as he wrote it supports the direction it takes. It reminded me of the twist in Shyamalan's The Visit, not that it's similar in any way, but in the way it takes you by surprise, and in the way it doesn't conclude with that twist, but instead takes you a little further into the story once it's revealed.For all that, though, the twist seemed a little ridiculous. I'm not saying it's implausible, or unsupportable, but it didn't have the kind of impact I expected, given how well Arnott sets up the tension of the story. It was a kind of "That's it?" moment, and then a shake of my head as it concluded. Like Stephen King's reveal of Pennywise's true form, the truth of this story didn't live up to the setup.There's really just one main character in the story, though Arnopp brings in a potential love interest for him. She's barely defined, and not much of a character, despite being necessary for the main character's development. It would have been different if he had realized her character more, but as it is, she's there simply as a means to motivate the main character, and winds up being window dressing.Arnopp's previous credits include several screenplays, which shows in this novella. He tells more than he shows, and the pacing is a bit clunky, as it seems to progress too slowly at first, though it does pick up near the end. In fact, I think this story would work well as a short movie, since plot-wise, the story succeeds fairly well.Ultimately, the story is all plot, without sufficient character development. In some cases, this is OK (Dean Koontz's Icebound is one of those stories, and I remember tearing through that book in one sleepless night), but here, it feels like a detriment. It's not a bad story (judging by the number of four- and five-star reviews, it certainly isn't), but maybe I'm not the right audience for it. Still, it was only 99 cents, and I've read a lot worse than this for more money than that.

  • Mayreen
    2019-04-06 10:18

    Read this in around an hour. Well written novella which unfolds with an original twist. Untaxing and easily read. Can't say much about the plot without spoilers so will leave it at that. If you have a little time to kill (which I don't- was just avoiding the housework!), it's worth a squint at this. Back to the hoovering, less of the escapism!

  • Paul
    2019-04-01 06:00

    In a big house in the English countryside, a reclusive and increasingly unstable author toils over a book which will close the best-selling trilogy of Jade Nexus fantasy novels. Speculation and rumour are rife among hardcore Jade Nexus fans that their heroine will die at the hotly-anticipated novel’s conclusion – a possibility against which they have begun to loudly protest via social media as the release date nears.How do you deal with such intense pressure? How do you cope with distractions to your work such as a violent intruder, panicked messages from your agent and a potential love interest moving into the cottage across the field? And far worse than any of those problems… what do you do about the Beast in your basement? Occasionally I like to throw caution to the wind and take a chance when it comes to my reading. I have a long list of authors whose work I enjoy, but I am always on the look out for new names to add. One of the best ways I’ve found to indulge this devil may care attitude is with short fiction and novellas. Its low risk, has a quick turnaround and every so often you’ll come across a name that’s new to you and whose writing you know you’re going to enjoy.At first glance Beast In The Basement appears to fall into the traditional man versus monster horror tale; don’t be fooled, it’s not. Unfortunately, that’s all I can tell you, for fear of spoiling the surprise…..Ohh alright. A bit more then, but like I said no spoilers.Very quickly, you get a sense that something is not quite right. Yes, there is no denying that the main protagonist has plenty of everyday stresses in their life, manuscripts to deliver and all that, but there is also the suggestion of something far more insidious going on. Like all the best psychological horror there is feeling that everything is slightly off kilter.Beast in the Basement is the rarest of things, a story that manages to keep you guessing right up until the end. Arnopp obviously delights in messing with his readership’s heads. Just when I thought I had a handle on what was happening and started to suspect where things where going, another literary curve ball smashed into my unsuspecting brain. I really can’t get enough of writing like this. It’s always a delight to have my expectations exceeded so spectacularly. I’ve read a lot of horror over the years and my absolute favourites are the stories that are believable, contain genuinely unexpected moments and ultimately make you pause for thought. Arnopp manages to skillfully meet all these requirements and then some. Well worth checking out, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

  • Robin Burks
    2019-04-12 01:55

    I have been struggling with how to type up this book review for Jason Arnopp's The Beast In The Basement. Not because the book was not good - it was great. But because everything I want to say is probably a spoiler.That's not a bad thing. This book has one major turn in it that was so wonderful that I don't want to take it away from anyone else who might read it.Although the title and synopsis makes The Beast In The Basement sound like horror, it is more of a thriller.The main character is a writer, but he is not who he seems to be. And he keeps something he refers to as The Beast in his basement. As far as the story goes, that's all I can really tell you without giving away a major plot point.I can tell you, however, that this is one of those stories that will not only surprise you, but that you'll probably read in one sitting. Once the story gets going, it gains momentum and doesn't stop until the very end. It's also a short read that will guarantee you'll want more once it's done.As far as the end of the novella goes, I had hoped for the opposite of what happens to happen (again, I am attempting to avoid spoilers here), but I still liked the way events finally unfolded.

  • Gordon Mcghie
    2019-03-26 02:00

    Normally I write my reviews by discussing the story and flagging/highlighting what I liked. I may discuss the characters that stood out and cover some of the subject matter (it's a murder story, an espionage thriller, a dark comedy...). Normally that's what I do.Not with Beast In The Basement.First rule is NO SPOILERS. So I am not even going to hint at Beast In The Basement, not going to discuss the story, not going to even name the characters. I AM going to tell you that this is a cracking story and I really enjoyed it.Jason Arnopp has penned a wonderful wee shocker of a story. One of the stories that draw you in really quickly and keep you guessing right up to the point the clues fall into place and your jaw hits the floor. From that point (after you have picked up your jaw) you devour the rest of the book as you need to know what will happen next.Beast In The Basement is recommended for those that enjoy their stories to have a bit of a twist, some tragedy, a shock or two and basically anyone that enjoys a bloody good read.Don't spoil it for anyone.Only discuss it with people that have also read the book.Tell others to read it too.

  • Brandon Witt
    2019-04-01 07:13

    As other reviews have said before me, this book is hard to review and not give away things that shouldn’t be given away. That said, typically, I don’t like books that rely on that kind of story twist. Usually, I figure it out and it doesn’t live up even what I figured out. This one kept me guessing and even when I realized where it was going (at the time the author wanted me to) it kept me reading—actually even made me pick up speed. The book scared me in a few different ways, all of which were satisfying, but I won’t say more than that. I also think it is a must read for any author, as it will pick up on a multitude of fears (some not so fun) that every writer has. However, you don’t need to be a writer to love this book. Wonderful storytelling, and great creativity! Very smart—the work, forethought, and planning are clearly evident. I loved it, and think it will be a blast to read a second time to pick up on clues Arnopp may have planted. Great single sitting read. A lot of fun!!!

  • Andrew Wallace
    2019-04-06 07:10

    A novelist works in isolation on the final book of his Potteresque ‘Jade Nexus’ sequence, trying to meet a deadline that becomes increasingly less achievable when he suddenly decides everything past a certain chapter is rubbish and needs to be rewritten. This decision is even more remarkable given that completion of the novel appears increasingly to be a life-or-death matter…Meanwhile, an attractive woman moves into a cottage nearby. Is she a source of salvation, or is she one of the fans the writer has moved to the country to avoid? And who or what is the Beast downstairs? As the writer’s many nightmares turn out to be far less upsetting than the reality he is trapped in we become complicit in a twisty and twisted tale shot through with humour as dark as the titular Basement.This is the kind of book that Kindle is great for. Short, insightful, deliriously nasty and gripping, it delivers the kind of emotional punch longer pieces often don’t manage.

  • Paul Downey
    2019-03-20 08:56

    A twisted tale with many twists and turnsHaving read one of Jason Arnopp's other short novellas, I decided to read Beast in the basement next. Very impressed with a story with many twisted and turns before a brutal finale. Recommended

  • Emily Carter-Dunn
    2019-04-13 09:58

    I decided to give Arnopp another go as I wasn't terribly impressed with 'A Sincere Warning About The Entity In Your Home'. I'm rather glad I did.'Beast in the Basement' is a novella that focuses on Steve, a reclusive writer, who lives in a lovely cottage in the country. Steve is struggling to finish the final book in a series. Oh, and there is a beast in his basement.Although not grabbed from the start by this book, the thrill and intensity built up gradually until I could no longer put it down. The amount of twists in this is shocking and I spent that last 25% of the book shouting "No way!" several times (much to my husband's annoyance).I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it.

  • Dave
    2019-03-24 07:18

    What a corking short story Mr Arnopp has cooked up for us. Deliciously dark and twisty, It's hard to write more without spoiling it, and you want to go in as I did, fresh and untainted by any expectations.Suffice it to say that The Beast in the Basement is a glorious dark novella. Don’t spoil it for anyone.Only discuss it with people that have also read the book.Tell others to read it too.This is me telling you to read it. And if The Beast in the Basement is anything to go by, Mr Arnopp is an author to watch very *very* closely indeed. Just make sure the door to the basement is firmly locked.You have checked, haven't you...?

  • Phillip
    2019-04-18 07:06

    Another fantastic novella (only £2 on Amazon right now), about a reclusive author attempting to finish the much anticipated third book in a popular teen fiction series, while ensconced in a country cottage retreat. Things aren't as they seem, and the suspense & tension of this story are easily worth the asking price. Yes, there are twists and turns and yes, they're mind fuckers. Recommended go anyone who likes a short sharp brutal shock to the senses.

  • Katrina
    2019-04-17 03:16

    A tantalising treat of a tiny tale. A very quick read, but a superb one at that, and superior to his other short story, ... Entity in Your Home. Can't say much more without spoiling anything important to the story, but dearie me, the rug was pulled out right underneath me and no mistake.Highly recommended.

  • K.L.
    2019-04-04 10:22

    Unexpected, and very enjoyable, though I found it a little difficult to get into the character's world at the start (view spoiler)[(understandably, really--since it's not his world) (hide spoiler)]. Arnopp has a real way with words and plotting.

  • Martin Clews
    2019-04-16 08:15

    This author is troubled, it's the end of the trilogy...but what to do with the beast in the basement? Maybe check that lock again?Great novella by a great author, if you haven't checked out The Last Days of Jack Sparks...go do it...go on....oh maybe check that lock again...

  • Omaina
    2019-04-12 04:55

    Woww! I went in expecting very little from the book thinking I had already figured it out before reading it and boy- did I get a surprise! Well written, strong story, emotionally pulling. Mostly the plot really gets to you and makes this a highly recommendable read

  • Kaylie Sudlow
    2019-03-26 10:13

    This was a really well thought out and written book. I enjoyed every minute of it and all the twists along the way.

  • Sean Randall
    2019-03-26 03:20

    With a twist I saw coming, this nonetheless managed to keep my interest. The writing is as always fresh and well-paced, and the idea of the work clever. If you like Jason, worth checking out!

  • Michael
    2019-04-10 10:06

    Great read Liked it a lot. Read it for yourself and see, a detailed review would give away the game with this one.

  • Fred
    2019-03-29 04:58

    Arnopp does a phenomenal job writing tense horror/thrillers.