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DELPHINE DODD is the first in a trio of novellas related to the novel KNOCK KNOCK.Before the town had a name, people buried their dead on the mountainside. Now Mont des Morts exists only in memory, but its ghosts still haunt Delphine's family....

Title : Delphine Dodd
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Delphine Dodd Reviews

  • Kimberly
    2018-09-22 01:49

    Delphine Dodd is a novella based on some of the individual characters in Miskowski's novel, KNOCK, KNOCK. I enjoyed the novel, but reading this novella made me enjoy it even more! I love to get the "background" on certain things. This novella answered several of the questions I had after reading the original novel. Even if you haven' t read KNOCK, KNOCK yet, this novella stands on its own. I've heard that there are two others out dealing with the different characters, and I plan on searching them out now, too!Recommended.

  • Tona
    2018-10-03 22:50

    I couldn't put this book down. I started it on Sunday afternoon and finished it Sunday night. I was hooked after the first chapter. Two sisters are left on the side of the road by their mother and her new "man". It wasn't the first time but this time was different. This time their mother didn't come back. At least this time they were left at their grandmother who they've never met. Being left with their grandmother was a blessing in disguise. They had a real home and were learning how to make remedies. Soon they are making remedies for the Sanatorium across the way....little did they know that the Sanatorium was an evil place. It isn't long before the evil comes to light.

  • Char
    2018-10-20 03:39

    I just read Knock Knock and I noticed this book also takes place in the town of Skillute, WA. Since I enjoyed the characters from KK, I picked up this novella to learn more about them. The setting of Skillute is almost a character itself. Ms. Miskowki paints vivid pictures of the woods, streams, plants, and wildlife. It's some of the humans in Skillute that pollute the atmosphere. I enjoyed learning the backgrounds of Mrs. Knox and Flora, both of whom were introduced in KK. I also learned more about Skillute and its history. The author has created a tight story, deftly weaving medicine women, hillbillies, native American traditions and human nature with a creepy, but beautiful setting. This novella was well done! I would recommend reading Knock Knock first, though. Being slightly familiar with some of the characters added another level of understanding for me. Recommended for fans of atmospheric, subtle horror.

  • Suzanne Morrison
    2018-09-27 20:44

    I read this book in one sitting, holding my breath through much of it. Holy hell, this is a great story. If you liked Knock Knock, this novella is a must-read: it's the chilling back story to Miskowski's gorgeously written, indelibly vivid novel. S.P. Miskowski is a master of literary horror.

  • CC Vep
    2018-09-22 01:38

    Left on the roadside by their wayward and absconding mother, Delphine Dodd realizes this time is not like the others. She and her little sister, Olive, have been discarded on the side of the road like trash, only to find themselves floating aimlessly into the care of their unfamiliar grandmother. Set in the early settlement years before the First World War, S.P Miskowski weaves Delphine’s vivid recollections of her adolescence into a haunting dreamscape.S.P. Miskowski’s Delphine Dodd reads like an old family tale told by that old, wispy grandmother that had a strange wives-tale of a solution for whatever ailed you. Mysterious remedies, superstitions, talismans, ghosts, and evil in the flesh waft throughout the pages of Miskowski’s writing like a chill that tingles your spine. A gripping story with such a depth, you’re often left scrambling for the line that divides the dimensions between reality and the paranormal. Genuine and provoking, Delphine Dodd allows the reader to determine which is more haunting, the ghost of your past or the one in your present.Read my full review at Bloody Good Horror:

  • Ann Schwader
    2018-10-18 03:47

    This is a quiet, creepy, elegantly-crafted piece of dark fantasy -- and an unusual one, since women are the primary focus. Complex & often dysfunctional relationships between mothers & daughters -- biological or otherwise -- drive the plot, though the story is solidly supernatural.Set in the Pacific Northwest, in & around the logging town of Skillute, WA, Delphine Dodd relates the haunting & haunted life of its title character. Delphine's world shifts between rural reality & a very matter-of-fact approach to the occult, which keeps the reader guessing without feeling cheated. I found this one nearly impossible to put down. Fortunately, there's more, & I intend to check out the author's Shirley Jackson Award-nominated novel Knock Knock at my earliest opportunity. I suspect I might have enjoyed this novella even more if I'd read the novel first, though it worked perfectly well on its own.

  • Lori
    2018-10-01 02:56

    If you have read "Knock, Knock" by the same author, then you will truly enjoy the back story about some of the main characters. I was almost done with the book before I realized it because I was engrossed not only in the characters, but the scenery and historical background as well. I think this book could also be read before the other and it would still make sense. Really nice read.

  • Daniel
    2018-10-21 01:41

    Two sisters are left on the side of the road. Their mom abandoned them(close to their grandmother's house) to be with her current lover. It is here that the girls learn the secrets of healing and using the forest to their advantage.This novella is split in two parts. The first, chronicling Delphine's childhood and the spooky sanitarium close by. The second, find Delphine as an adult continuing in her Grandmother's footsteps; looking for a protege to pass on the knowledge of healing."Delphine Dodd" is rich in atmosphere and phenomenal characters. The author weaves plot with striking details that reel you in. The small town of Skillute is hauntingly beautiful filled with secrets.Characters with depth, a fine-tuned plot, and poignant prose make this a must read title.Some may find this a slow burn type of story but trust me; stick with it.

  • D. J.
    2018-10-11 21:54

    Delphine Dodd is a very worthwhile prequel to Knock, Knock, also by the same author. Delphine Dodd stands on it's own so can be enjoyed without having read Knock, Knock first, but to fully appreciate the history of some of the characters introduced in the previously published work and to connect the dots with some minor plot nuances, I would definitely suggest reading the books in order.I very much enjoyed this book. It was written in a very understated way, but a creepy and brooding atmosphere was ever present. I am looking forward to reading the next story in the Skillute Cycle series, (Astoria), soon.

  • Spencer
    2018-09-26 03:38

    Wonderfully written and crafted to fit in and alongside Knock Knock, I really enjoyed this a lot and would say that if you've read Knock Knock and liked it in any way you should definitely check this out!

  • Beverly
    2018-09-23 00:52

    See my review forKnock, Knock ; but, in brief: this book is scary, full of dread, addictive, well-written, and good as a stand-alone despite being part of a collection of novellas related to theKnock, Knockworld. I've read two of the Skillute Cycle books now, and I plan to read every last one of them. I hope you will, too.Definitely readDelphine Dodd , even if you happen to get to it before you get to the novel.

  • Samuel
    2018-09-23 20:37

    It was alright. Be aware that I read this before becoming aware that it was a prequel. So the things I didn't like about it (abrupt ending, unexplained world building, references to time) were probably written in with that in mind. I've added Knock Knock to my to read list, and once I finish that I may reevaluate this review.

  • Dan Hart
    2018-10-11 00:44

    So very awesome! This is a back story to "Knock Knock" that makes the novel take on additional levels of depth and meaning. I loved every word of this.

  • Joe Zanetti
    2018-10-08 02:00

    Delphine Dodd is S.P. Miskowski's second book--and the first novella--in her Skillute Cycle. The book focuses on Delphine Dodd, a character who had a somewhat minor role in the first part of Miskowki's debut novel, Knock Knock. We are given a detailed look into Delphine's history, making the book serve as a prequel to Knock Knock. The book is broken up into two parts: Over the River and Through the Woods, and The Changeling.Over the River and Through the Woods centers on Delphine's time as a child, before she moved to Skillute. It begins with Delphine, and her sister Olive, riding in a car with their mother and a man named John Dee. Both girls are drooped off at the house of Eve Alice, their grandmother. Their mother rides off with John Dee, and is never heard from again. Eve Alice, like Delphine in Knock Knock, is a sort of midwife, and thought of by many as a witch. She stocks up on oils, herbs, and other remedies that she gives to clients. They live in a place called Mount Coffin, also known as Mont des Morts, the Rock of the Dead. Aptly named because of the burial practices of the Chinook, Native Americans who settled the gargantuan rock long before the arrival of the Europeans. They covered Mount Coffin with canoes, housing the remains of loved ones, also gifts that were precious to them. This bit of history, along with winding streams, dense forests, myriad crows, and thick fog make Mount Coffin a liminal place, situated between the worlds of the living and the dead. Miskowski truly shines at creating a haunting and mystical atmosphere. Reading the first part is akin to experiencing a dream, you have a difficult time discerning what is real and what is not, giving the reader not so much a sense of terror, but unease. Add to the fact that Mount Coffin had not quite yet been touched by the cold hand of industrialization, and you have a place that is only read about in fairy tales, so it's only fitting that the first part has the title that it does. The dream-like quality of Mount Coffin, coupled with Miskowski's penchant for vivid details, sometimes made me forget that I was sitting on my sofa.The second part of the book, The Changeling, takes us away from the haunted world of Mount Coffin, and brings us to Skillute, where Delphine has moved to, after receiving a letter from her mother. She essentially inherits her mother's house and all her belongings. Delphine sets up shop and continues the practices and traditions that were passed on to her by Eve Alice. While the first part was all about atmosphere and Delphine's childhood, the second part is much more impactful; it's chock-full of revelations, showing us just how important Delphine's role in the Skillute Cycle actually is. It was the second part that truly left me staggering. Miskowski, just like in Knock Knock, knows how to build something up, and once it culminates into the big reveal, you are left shocked and breathless.Delphine Dodd can be read on its own; however, if you read Knock Knock first, the payoff is much bigger, and more rewarding. The books seamlessly tie into one another, creating a cohesive, organic world, and there are still two more books in the Skillute Cycle! Without having read the last two books, I can already say that Miskowski deserves a tribute in the form of an anthology. I would love to see a collection of stories that revolve around Skillute and its residents. Miskowski has created something special, a haunting, living, breathing world full of mystery, folklore, legends, horror--both real and otherwordly--atmosphere, and moments that will make your jaw drop; moments that will leave you terrified; but most of all, moments that leave you wanting more.

  • Anita Mcconnell
    2018-10-07 02:40

    An excellent companion story to Knock Knock that stands well on its own. I love the more sensible approach to the hints of paranormal, which adds to the creepy atmosphere by making everything seem more realistic, like something that could have actually happened in a rural town. It was great to have more backstory on some of the characters from Knock Knock, mainly Delphine. Seeing things from her point of view made her feel like a real person with a more complex personality as opposed to just the mysterious "witch" she was seen as by everyone else in Skillute. I almost wish I'd read this story first.Just as with Knock Knock, the world-building is fantastic. Despite being a simple town, I was drawn into the history of the area - in fact, I was surprised to find "Mount Coffin" is a real location in Washington. There is an honesty in the characters' motivations that puts you in that uncomfortable grey area for most of the events in the book, which kept me thinking about the story even after the fast read.This is a must read if you enjoyed Knock Knock, but is also recommended for fans of atmospheric horror and darker, character-driven stories.