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Ewan's application to the Hammer Club has hit a snag. For some reason, Master Oliver has asked him to train alongside another Top before having his membership approved. Ewan's not sure where he screwed up, but he figures he must have done something wrong for Oliver to have taken this step.Randy is the Top assigned to work with Ewan. Easy going and unattached, Randy is happEwan's application to the Hammer Club has hit a snag. For some reason, Master Oliver has asked him to train alongside another Top before having his membership approved. Ewan's not sure where he screwed up, but he figures he must have done something wrong for Oliver to have taken this step.Randy is the Top assigned to work with Ewan. Easy going and unattached, Randy is happy to work with Ewan, even more so when he meets the man and is instantly attracted. That attraction only deepens as the two men work together and find themselves deeply compatible in the bedroom, and in life.What happens when Randy expresses his belief that Ewan is a sub, and not just any sub, but Randy's sub? Can Ewan find it in himself to give Randy what the man wants, and what he himself needs?...

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Switch Reviews

  • Charly
    2018-10-18 02:04

    Despite poor editing, I liked thisWarning: This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS. Rating: 7/10PROS: - For the most part, Sean Michael’s BDSM characters have definite types: the subs are frenetic and fractured and need near-constant reassuring, and the Doms are calm, collected, and self-confident. In this story, the Dom fits the usual Michael mold, but the sub doesn’t. I liked reading a story about a man who’s submissive but doesn’t have the typical traits of the author’s submissive characters.- Each BDSM story I’ve read by this author has something that’s a little different from all the others, often in the form of a particular kink the characters are into. Michael does well at establishing the specific things that arouse his characters.- D/s stories often center around characters who know what they want and are looking for the specific person to meet those needs and desires. This book sort of works backwards. The men fall in love with each other first, and then decide to try to be what the other wants: “some subs liked to fight it. Some Tops enjoyed that fight. Randy could be that kind of Top, so long as Ewan was the sub.”CONS:- The repetitiveness of Sean Michael’s books becomes more obvious the more you read by him. There are phrases that he uses from one book to another as well as phrases/ideas that are repeated within books. One notable example from this book occurs when the two men are talking about Randy leaving hickeys on Ewan: “Going to look like a leper,” Ewan says, to which Randy replies, “Going to look like mine.” Then, 21 pages later, there’s this: “‘I’d look like a leper.’ Randy shook his head. ‘You’d look like mine.’”- This is perhaps the most poorly edited book I’ve ever read from this author--and that’s saying something, because his books are uniformly poorly edited. There are mistakes throughout the book that are so glaring a junior high student could catch them. Many times, there are entire words and/or phrases that are simply left out: “Ewan showed up for day four of ‘training’ with a pizza, a six pack and a copy of They’d spent three days making out…” (page 48); “The kiss was all-consuming, Randy tasting of beer and pizza and .” (page 50); “They .” (page 59); and so on.Overall comments: There’s nothing surprising for me anymore about Sean Michael’s BDSM stories. I’ve read almost all of them, and overall they’re very similar from one to the next. Something about them speaks to me, though, so I have no shame in admitting that I am a confirmed addict. This is better than some and not as good as others, but if you’re not a fan of the Hammer series already, I doubt you’ll find anything here that’s worth writing home about.

  • Valentina Heart
    2018-10-09 04:12

    This review was originally written for MM Good Book Reviews and can also be found there.This is another story in the Hammer series where the connecting point is the exclusive BDSM Club and the reappearing characters who tend to grow on you more with each new book. In that regard, it’s a Sean Michael classic, with sex consuming almost each page and very little plot.Ewan had submitted his application to the Hammer Club as a top. But, Master Oliver, a character who appears in pretty much each book, has some information that make Ewan different, and instead of approving his membership, he assigns him to another top for training.Now, if you’ve read any of the previous books, you already know that Oliver is a scheming man, who always has his friend’s best interests at heart. But, boy does he love to meddle, and you’ll have trouble finding a more stubborn top than him. He loves pairing up his friends and members so it’s not by chance that he chooses Randy as Ewan’s trainer.The sparks are instant, edging on explosions and the sex is scorching. But you can’t really expect anything else from this BDSM world. Because, if there is one thing that it never lacks, it’s imaginative positions, scenes and toys. Yes, I loved the sex, found it to be very satisfying and while I was somewhat disappointed that some talked about scenes never took place, what I got was more than enough.If this is your first Hammer novel, you should be aware that the plot really is minimal and I’m not exaggerating about the amount of sex. When you read a few of Sean Michael books, it also become repetitive and you notice little things like one word sentences that feel unfinished and a lack of research on some sexual practices. So it happened that I had a feeling I’d already read some parts of this book in others and at a few spots I was seriously worried about Ewan’s nipples.However, good sex and a lot of it, is not something that will make me give lower ratings. In this case my issue was the too quick jump for Ewan from a confident top to a submissive who barely resisted. Words leaving his mouth contradicted his thoughts and when you include his past into the mix, it all comes out even less believable. I disliked Randy’s way of solving issues with sex and spanking. But, then again, I always have issues with that, because I don’t think traumas could be solved so easily and words do have a purpose.All in all, true fans won’t be disappointed because this is definitely a hot piece of writing; true to the series with hotness screaming off the pages.

  • Emma Sea
    2018-10-12 20:49

    That was actually perfect for what I wanted. Mindless, enough terrible editing that I got to mock it in my head, not too much "so big" "mine" "yours" (I mean, there was some, but it wasn't at the recent level of absurdity), a hint of public exhibitionism, and it's long: as long as Bent. I wouldn't call it a good book, by any means, but it completely shut down my head for five entire hours. Woot!

  • Syfy
    2018-10-17 03:12

    Took a minute to get back into the Hammer world, but Oliver was right there to greet me and usher me in. So I’m scrolling along reading happily about Randy and Ewan feeling each other out and *whoa* my laptop caught fire! They get right to it, man! Could not stand Ewan, Randy was typical, yet together they were insanely perfect. They had lots and lots and lots and lots of sex while they fell in love (view spoiler)[ and Randy convinced Ewan he was (understandably) misguided in his belief that he was a Dom, but he is in fact a sub. RANDY's sub. Ewan capitulated so readily that it caused a wonder, how did he behave before he met Randy? (hide spoiler)]Oh yes, call me twisted, but I love Master Oliver and the gang. I will not stop until I've read them all! *gah*

  • Serena Yates
    2018-10-08 01:14

    This book takes a look at what happens when a man who thinks he is a Top (or rather, who desperately wants to be a Top), finds out that he isn't. The reason for his attitude is fairly simple, but the way to deal with it and the struggle with himself he faces, are anything but straightforward. This is a new novel in the Hammer series, and as such examines the dynamics of one particular D/s pairing; each of them so far have been quite different, taking a look at a specific type of D/s relationship and exploring the issues and consequences of that couple's particular kinks and predilections. This latest installment is no exception.Ewan is very serious about wanting to join the Hammer, and he also really wants to learn how to be a good Top. When the owner assigns him another Top to train with, he isn’t overjoyed, but determined to make it work. The shock he experiences when he is asked to potentially submit, so he can understand what it feels like, is the first sign that something may be amiss. His insistence, initially without giving a reason, that he will not bottom makes Randy's eyebrows rise in surprise. And when Ewan finally admits the reason for his "choice" to be a Top, all becomes clear. At least to Randy. For Ewan, the struggle has just begun. Randy is interested in Ewan from the very start, but the man's peculiar reactions to some of his training suggestions make him wonder. Their first physical encounters deepen his suspicions, and pretty soon he is sure that Ewan is not a Top, but belongs with him as his sub. That recognition, however, is just the beginning, and Randy will need every ounce of patient and growing love for Ewan to make sure the man can admit what he is – without feeling ashamed or guilty. It is a long road, but the many kinky encounters he comes up with to show Ewan what’s what make it an entertaining one to follow.If you like the Hammer series, if you're looking for a different type of struggle with submission, as well as a somewhat unusual challenge for the Dom, and if you enjoy some emotions and loving feelings with your D/s relationships, you will probably like this book. NOTE: This book was provided by Torquere Press for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews.

  • Jo * Smut-Dickted *
    2018-10-16 02:10

    I really enjoyed this one. Primarily the communication and discovery aspects. The BDSM is, as it mostly always is in SM novels, pretty lite. I really would like some more edgy kinkier novels from her as I think she could do it well. I was annoyed at all the nipple play after piercing - umm..that's not realistic. You cannot be playing with them all the time within days. And yes rubbing them, touching the tips, moving the rings - all considered playing. The chance of infection (esp. from hands and fingers!) is too great. No one wants infected nipples. Other than that I loved the interaction, the discussions, the hot sex - and Randy who did know what Ewan wanted and needed but never really came off as arrogant, all knowing, or a Super Dom. He seemed real to me and he did pay attention to what Ewan was expressing with body and mind. These are pretty sweet novels - so don't be thinking you are getting into a series with major BDSM. A lot of exploration of the D/s dynamic, a little fun play here and there, but no serious whippings, pain, or "slave" type least not in the one's I have read. This one would not need to be read in order IMHO - some of them seem like they should be due to characters but this one is fine.

  • Wendy Ann
    2018-10-10 23:51

    Overall, 3.5 stars. The Hammer series is one of my guilty pleasures. I enjoyed the premise of the book – Ewan thinking he’s a Top and struggles to discover he’s really Randy’s perfect sub. I loved that Oliver paired these guys up, but never let on about his suspicions. It was so much better seeing Randy and Ewan figure things out on their own. I’d have loved to see a bit edgier play and more kink. Randy made mention of several things he’d like to try with Ewan and I was cheering his thoughts, but they didn’t materialize. I loved Randy’s attitude toward Ewan’s sexual hang-up – how he supported him and helped him work through it. As expected, lots of sex – I’d be disappointed if there weren’t!! Nice addition to the series. :)

  • Andi Anderson
    2018-10-04 22:55

    I really liked this book a lot. I thought the characters and their story was unlike the rest of the series. To me, it was a little more romantic and sweet than some of the others in the series, which was a nice change. I can't wait until the next one... although I'm wondering when the next book in the Velvet Glove series is going to be???

  • Susan
    2018-09-28 00:08

    This couple didn't grab me as much as some of the other Hammer couples but I did enjoy their story.

  • Tj
    2018-09-30 23:13

    Like all of Sean's books this one had hot sex. Ewan was a Dom applying for membership to the Hammer. It came to Oliver's attention that Ewan needed additional training. He was rough and didn't abuse the subs but something seemed off. Oliver asked fellow Dom Randy to give Ewan extra training.... that is where the problems began.Ewan and Randy fell for each other - they rocketed to the I love yous much too quickly. I can overlook that. If a person can a fall in love in a two hour movie the same can happen that quick in a book. My problem is I didn't think of Randy as being an honest person. He easily figured out that Ewan was more submissive than dominant and wanted him for his own. He should have been more upfront with poor Ewan. Ewan told him that he did not bottom and the reason being he was raped when he was younger. A few pages down the road and Ewan is bottoming for Randy. I thought it was too rushed. Ewan knew the trauma and fear caused from rape. I found it odd that he had very little reservations and little fears their first time. As a Dom Randy is supposedly tuned into his sub. He didn't worry that having anal sex could traumatize Ewan or give him nightmares. (Now of which happened.) I also felt like Randy pushed Ewan into nipple piercings.I liked the humor between these two. I would have preferred if they could have kept looser based Dom/Sub relationship - skip the "sir" "master bit.

  • * Booksessed * Bec
    2018-10-01 20:05

    Provided by and reviewed for Affaire De CoeurEwan has applied for membership to the Hammer Club but Master Oliver decides to put him with Master Randall for 3 months training in being a Top before he will agree. They immediately have an undeniable attraction and Randy believes Ewan would make a great sub, his sub, but after a horrible first encounter Ewan is adamant he is a Top. Can Ewan find the strength to give up control?Although this is an enjoyable read with a good plot the conversations between Ewan and Randy didn't flow and seemed forced. It is also filled with editorial mistakes. The reader may also be a bit disappointed that there isn't any actual 'topping' by Ewan. With all this said there is a chemistry between the two main characters that is intriguing

  • Tamela
    2018-10-19 20:46

    The Hammer series used to be one of my favorites as was Sean Michael. He has such a talent for developing characters and making their story interesting to the reader. Which is why this Series has become such a disappointment. It is no longer how the character is changing and growing but more about how much sex can be cramped on to each page.Tsk, tsk. It's to bad really because I would have really liked to learn more about Ewan's growth as a sub and how Randy was helping his move forward BESIDES just in the sack.Sadly I'll probably be passing on any future Hammer stories as I do like more of a story in my books... not just erotica. But this is just my opinion!!! If that is what you enjoy, than this is the book for you :)

  • Katy Beth Mckee
    2018-10-10 21:15

    Evan has put his application in as a top at the Hammer club but it's decided he might need a bit more training to move forward. Evan is so worried about what he did wrong. Randall tries to put him at ease but things take a turn when Evan's response is unexpected. Evan is struggling to find out who he is deep down. Past trauma has his mind tracking down in one direction and Randy is working very hard to derail that thought train. Beautiful thing when a relationship comes together.

  • Timeforme
    2018-10-21 22:06

    I liked this book but was also a bit disappointed in it. It seemed to me the Ewan made the switch from Dom to sub too easily. I expected that there would be more angst and a few bumps to that move, especially when they went back to the Hammer to eat. Also, I am really curious regarding his bad experience with some man that pushed him into becoming a Top in the first place.

  • Addicted2M/M
    2018-09-30 00:56

    Really enjoyed this installment. It was what I was in the mood for: sweet & hot, low angst. My only complaint is very minor- I wished there would have been a little more time with Jack & Oliver. I enjoy seeing them.

  • Jane
    2018-10-07 04:08

    A wonderful novel - not about a switch, but about a couple, Randy and Ewan, finding each other, while Ewan still thinks he is a Top-Dom. instead with Randy he finds his pushy-bottom sie which leads to a lovely dynamic!

  • Logan
    2018-09-28 01:51

    I had a tough time sticking with this one. My mind wandered a lot while reading which is not at all typical for a Sean Michael book.

  • Sandra
    2018-10-07 22:09

    $6.99 on Amazon

  • Allie
    2018-10-12 03:48


  • Kat
    2018-10-17 03:52

    3.5 stars

  • Virginia
    2018-10-20 03:12

    3.5 stars. Sweet read in the series. Didn't have the emotional angst some others in the series have had but it was a nice, sweet read.

  • K
    2018-10-10 22:55

    3.5 rounded up to 4

  • Anke
    2018-09-24 01:55

    Yes, I really liked it - it got a little bit tiring during the final 10%, but otherwise a very good addition to the series.

  • Maggie
    2018-10-22 01:56

    Rating 3.5

  • Fernanda Parente
    2018-10-15 23:06

    I loved Randy, the way he shows Ewan to be a tender.