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#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER - LOSE UP TO 20 POUNDS IN 21 DAYS! In The Skinny Rules, celebrity trainer and coach of NBC's The Biggest Loser Bob Harper delivers the ultimate strategy for healthy, long-term weight loss and "thin maintenance." But what if you have a big event looming--a reunion, wedding, beach vacation, or other special occasion--and need a fast-acting plan t#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER - LOSE UP TO 20 POUNDS IN 21 DAYS! In The Skinny Rules, celebrity trainer and coach of NBC's The Biggest Loser Bob Harper delivers the ultimate strategy for healthy, long-term weight loss and "thin maintenance." But what if you have a big event looming--a reunion, wedding, beach vacation, or other special occasion--and need a fast-acting plan to meet your short-term goals?Jumpstart to Skinny features thirteen short-term Rules (no one gets thin on mere suggestions) that will supercharge your weight loss. Taking any confusion or decision making out of the equation, Harper also provides a day-by-day plan for success, including his body-toning "Jumpstart Moves" and deliciously slimming recipes specially designed for your get-skinny needs.Jumpstart to Skinny lets you in on the secrets Bob shares with his red-carpet celebrity clients. This is not a marathon diet; it's a quick sprint to the finish line. And the victory lap comes when you slip into that sexy dress or swimsuit and feel fantastic. Get started today!THE FOUR-PART JUMPSTART PLAN TO A SKINNIER YOU - Your Jumpstart Rules: Thirteen must-follow principles to get you ready for your own "big reveal," including Rule #1, a precise breakdown of the proper protein/carbohydrate/fat proportions for every meal, and Rule #3, which explains why you need to just say no to complex carbs after breakfast during this three-week plan. These are the Rules that Bob Harper and his celebrity clients use to get ready for their big events--and now you're in on the secrets, too.- Your Jumpstart Day-by-Day: No decisions, no confusion! Here is the simple, three-week game plan: the food to buy and prepare ahead each week, when and how much to eat each day, and the when and how of your exercise schedule.- Your Jumpstart Moves: Bob's unique, twenty-minute, at-home exercise routines. From sit-ups, push-ups, and squats to jumping rope, lateral jumps, and simple chair dips, choose one of the seven "packages" of body-toning moves when your day calls for Bob's "metabolic conditioning."- Jumpstart Recipes: Cleansing or juice fasting? No way! You need to eat to lose weight, so here are twenty-one days of slimmingly delicious recipes--including "Peanut Butter and Jelly" Oatmeal, Sweet Potato Hash, Spaghetti Squash Bolognese, Buffalo Chicken Salad, and Bob's signature Shrimp Skimpy--formulated with your Jumpstart protein/carb/fat proportions (see Rule #1!) and calorie maximums in mind....

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Jumpstart to Skinny: The Simple 3-Week Plan for Supercharged Weight Loss Reviews

  • LadyS
    2018-09-23 11:05

    I'm not going to rate this book until i have actually tried it what it recommends. Shout to people who rate the book but dont actually try it for themselves! i also see people harping about 800 calorie intake that bob suggests..please, you are allowed to eat as much veggies as you want so you can techically can be eating more!overall, There is nothing that is new, one just needs motivation. So i'll be back to add to this review!

  • Heather
    2018-10-11 15:05

    I love Bob, but ultra-low calorie diets are just not for me. I'm sure the book will be very helpful to some, it's just not what I was looking for. If I restricted myself to only 800 calories a day, I'd start eating the people around me.

  • Sarah Anne
    2018-10-14 11:07

    I was so excited when I snagged this book at Costco. I have loved Bob Harper for some time and thought him to be effective, intelligent and motivating. I have done his workouts and just loved how complete they were.Unfortunately, I was so disappointed in this book that I did not finish it and will be returning it pronto. While I understand that this is a 'temporary' plan I just cannot get behind putting a woman on an 800 calorie diet for nearly any reason. (Least of all 'I have three weeks before my bikini vacation!' which he claims to be great motivation.)Some suggestions in this book are great. Working out in the morning, guzzling water, eating protein for example. However I just don't really advocate 3 weeks of starving yourself (oh but all the veggies you want!) just to squeeze into a dress.Perhaps I am expecting too much from Bob and if I am, that's totally on me but I just hate the focus being all on how great you will look! It is a great way to sell books I suppose, but isn't a great way to be healthy. I think I will pick up his book "The Skinny Rules" and give that a chance, but as for this jump start? Severely disappointed.

  • Stephanie
    2018-10-09 09:54

    Easy diet for non-cookers like me. Kicked my butt, but I'm in week 3 and down 10 lbs!

  • Rebecca Ann
    2018-09-29 14:07

    That was a super fast and enjoyable read. After reading reviews, I noticed many people criticizing this for not being a sustainable weight loss plan. Bob points out many times that this will only work for a focused 3 week timeline and is ONLY for people who are determined to lose weight for an event. It's more like a healthy alternative to people who would otherwise use laxatives or cleanses to try and achieve their goals. After that point you need to ease into his maintainable plan, called Skinny Rules (up next on my reading list). I have no intention of following this specific plan because A-I don't have a big event I need to lose weight for quickly and B- This plan requires a level of intensity I just do not have.I did enjoy this book, however, because it gives you a lot of great tips to use on a more relaxed, higher calorie plan. It also gives you awesome exercise descriptions and plans, and healthy recipes that look like something I could potentially cook without burning down my apartment. I also really like Bob's narrative voice, which sounds just like him from the BL. I would say this book is heavily weighted towards women, although it does mention men as well.I'd recommend for people who are looking to prepare for a wedding or beach vacation etc, but not for people who are just trying to get healthy all around. At least, the later people should take it as a guideline. *Ok, obviously I hate the title of both these books. Put the word skinny in anything and I find it repugnant. Healthy, fit, trim, even slender are all way more acceptable.

  • Maryam A-al khalifa
    2018-10-21 12:22

    the regimen little bit rough not a fan of short terms , but this book has a great tips ! assnake on fruit drink water to lose you water waghtif you had a hard workout and you don't want to get sore take a fish oil

  • Kelly
    2018-10-03 10:22

    I could give a better review once I've tried the 3-week plan. I'm still working on altering it for my vegan diet. I wish Bob would have included alternate options for vegans and vegetarians.

  • Christina
    2018-10-07 11:58

    I am fairly disappointed in this book and in Bob Harper. I am very active, but wanted some ideas to change up my routine and shed a few pounds. My jaw nearly hit the floor when I read that part of the 3-week "jump start" plan was eating 800 calories. Bob adds a caveat to this suggestion by saying that research shows a drastic calorie cut like this isn't unhealthy and weight lost during a cutting period can be maintained. Bologna, Bob. No human being can function well on so few calories! His assertion that this is healthy is irresponsible, especially coming from a celebrity that so many Americans trust. He mentions he helped a famous musician lose weight with this very plan, and she looked amazing! If this is the way to look skinny like all the celebrities, I think I'll stay average sized! Aside from this, Bob does include some suggestions I found helpful-- he says to drink 16 oz of water before each meal. Doing so has been very helpful for me in feeling fuller and in not overeating later. He also says to have protein with each meal. I like this. The recipes he included are pretty good as an addition to a healthy meal plan. I will definitely try some of these. If you are looking for a good fitness/diet book, I highly recommend Making the Cut, by Jillian Michaels. She gives more detailed circuit information along with pictures on how to do different movements. I found her workouts challenging and intense. She also has recipes and general advice about healthy eating.

  • Kate
    2018-10-22 08:53

    I got this book from the library because I love both Bob Harper & Jillian Michaels from "The Biggest Loser." I'm a huge believer and active participant in Bob's twenty skinny rules that I apply to (almost) every day! This book really lays it out- no messing around! No cheating, no room for error and you better e ready for a serious challenge...and a serious upset stomach. The plan includes SO OVERWHELMINGLY many vegetables that the first two days I followed it I felt incredibly bloated and downright ill. This morning I woke up with both diarrhea and nausea that led to one episode of throwing up. :-( I'm sure it doesn't affect everyone the same way but I eat about 25-30 grams of fiber just about every day and this totally overwhelmed my system. I love the tips in this book and I am definitely going to follow the percentages of 40 carbs-30 fat- 40 protein and add more vegetables to my diet. However, for me, a hard working busy nurse and currently doing a hybrid P90X and Cardio kickboxing program, 800 calories a day is going to seriously turn me into a person NOBODY wants to be around because that is just not enough. I will follow a sensible plan but this plan is just too hard for me, even for just three weeks. I appreciate the plan, I think it can work, I think his tips are smart & easy. I love the recipes and plan to use many of them. Great book, extremely difficult plan to follow but certainly great things I will be incorporating into my life and my diet!

  • April
    2018-10-01 14:17

    An ultra low-calorie diet you follow for only three weeks to lose weight for a special event. Although the calories are super low (800 a day for women, not counting unlimited green veggies), the food appears to be all the healthy stuff. Lots of lean protein, fruits/veggies, and you get to eat carbs.

  • Christopher Lewis Kozoriz
    2018-09-24 09:53

    This book is for people who want to lose a lot of weight in a little time. For example, those people who are getting married and want to look best for that special day or for those who are performing and want to look their best for their performance. This program is not for those who are seeking a long term plan for getting skinny.

  • Donna
    2018-10-15 14:08

    Another plan for those of us on the unending search for the quick fix. This is a very low calorie diet plan (lots of lean protein and veggies) that is meant to be short term. Complete recipes are included for every meal and exercizes are described with photos. I think if I could do 1/2 of these things I would look better in three weeks!

  • Samantha
    2018-09-27 13:07

    So you eat 800 calories a day (NOT COUNTING the UNLIMITED veggies you may have), you work out twice a day, and you get to drink coffee? Just for 3 weeks? You best be dedicated.

  • Meredith Watkins
    2018-09-24 12:01

    useful tips for jump starting a diet. good recipes too

  • Spook Harrison
    2018-10-09 14:19

    Beginning this book I was amused; in the introduction he describes his book as a quick fix diet without ever saying the word diet, as it’s all about Lifestyle Changes now, but after reading the very first chapter, I started to get worried that this was a very dangerous book. Pg. xvi, still in the introduction, Harper begins addressing the problems with a diet, but he smooths over them with oily words. Worried this is a non-sustainable change? Well, you signed up for it, “…but you’ve decided you need something special, something fast, and something simple for a specific date,” is his reply. Obviously, if this doesn’t work for you, or when you stop this quick fix and regain more weight than you lost, there is something wrong with you. Worried about yo-yo dieting? “An emerging body of work [red flag] might [might?] reassure you: when scholars [not professors, then] at Laval and Sherbrooke Universities [Ah? Not Johns Hopkins, Stanford, Duke…nowhere reputable? Double red flag] compared the after-diet effects…” I’m not going to type out the full quote, but Harper didn’t supply a footnote with the study so we have to turn to the notes to see what the study really said, what the conditions of the tests actually were, and if what he’s saying is honestly substantiated at all [triple red flag]. The study was published in (i)Menopause(/i), a forum for new research, not JAMA or any one of the hundreds of other medical journals that would be interested in a good weight-loss study, and it was done in 2012. In the paragraph following his supposed scientific, academic “reassurance” he jokingly calls you “Grandma” …to add weight to his argument? To shame you into trusting him, make you laugh and put your valid concerns aside? Because no-one wants to be thought of as old or old fashioned, but progressive and open to new ideas, like his, though with all the bad diet info out there some prudence, sense and a way to identify the smiling, smooth-talking devils just trying to sell their wares (he shills for his own work CONSTANTLY, and remember, this was still in the introduction) would be a good idea, don’t you think? He also runs down other ideas with sarcasm, and again uses celebrity (because our ‘stars’ are all Fulbright Scholars) and his past clients to make you think that his ideas work. The intro ends with a note that his rock-star client yelled love to him from onstage. Well, that’s good enough for me! Actually, no. It’s just another fad diet giving you a proportions of food to eat and a very restrictive calorie program to follow (and remember, you signed up for this, you asked for it, so when you gain weight back and put on more because your body doesn’t want to starve to death it’s your fault, not his diet!), though the fact that he tinkered with it using himself as a guinea pig made me laugh; all that proves is that it works for him (right now; in a year or less his body will have adapted and it won’t work anymore). Using yourself as a test subject does not prove that your diet will do anything positive for me, but that’s not what he writes or wants us to believe (pg. 4). Pg. 5 invites us to “Screw the Math” when the only real thing we need to know is that when calories in are less than calories out, we’ll lose weight. 5 pages in and I’m wondering if I can read the rest of this idiocy.Pg. 6 is the page that made me stop, as it’s a very dangerous idea he introduces. Harper invites you to, short term, diet on 800 calories a day. Anorexia, anyone? The thing is, impressionable people will read this, try it, lose weight then gain it back (as our bodies are designed to do), and remember that living on 800 calories a day worked short term. Obviously, they lacked willpower. It was their fault, that’s why everything in their lives is messed up, maybe if they lived on 400 calories a day? 300? If they lost enough weight people would treat them better and they’d love themselves? …I’m sure Harper would say that the aim of this book is a quick fix (you mean a ‘diet’, Bob? One of those things that doesn’t actually work?) and that what you need for a sustainable plan is…his other book. This book feeds into paranoia, bad pseudo-science, low self-esteem, celebrity worship and that kind of crap. I wouldn’t get it for my library. Looking for something positive to say I began reading again only to be stopped on pg. 8. Not only does Harper remind us that this is just a diet and if it fails it’s because we were the failure, but he tries to tell us where his 800-cal a day comes from. First he justifies his macronutrient ratios by saying it’s not just calories in and out, but where those calories come from, when we’ve all read (or at least heard about) the well-documented Twinkie Diet, where a professor of nutrition at Kansas State at lost weight by eating only Twinkie-junk food (and a multivitamin), but made sure that the calories in were less than those expended. I’m sure he felt like hell, but he lost 27 lbs, and his garbage-diet was just as valid as this one. Harper is clearly ignorant. Then Harper goes on to say that if we doubt his veracity we should “trust the science” (!!!) and talks a little about VLCDs. Now, considering how long diets have been popular in this country (1920 on), saying that “As early as 1995” means NOTHING, and he again cites some new, cutting edge, currently in progress (read: No Results) study. I know how long it takes to get a study done, reviewed, peer-reviewed and published, but it takes books quite some time to get on the shelf too. Therefore, unless this one was written over a weekend and a few bottles of wine (which would explain a lot), you could do better, Bob. Why don’t you cite the CRS (Calorie Restriction Society, begun ‘as early as’ 1993) or any of their research? Why didn't you talk about what happens to POWs; as related in Hunger Disease? Are you ignorant of that information too? How can we “trust the science” if you then give us no science to trust??? …On page 9 of 200, hoping I can find something positive to say other than “I like the typeface and the weight of the paper”. Didn’t find it. I found a lot of dodgy self-justification; if he can’t find a tiny, recent study published in an unrelated journal or forum somewhere that he can skew to say what he wants, Harper just says it works for him and his clients. Um, excuse me, Mr. Harper? If your regime really worked, you would have put yourself out of work long ago! ...I’m done being negative, but there is less fact and more crap in this book than you could possibly imagine. Can we sue for Reckless Endangerment or Gross Neglect of thought? This guy has no business writing a book. No way in hell would I subject myself to reading his other book. I might have to read the Volumetrics books again to get this one out of my brain.Ballantine Books, you can do better. Greg Critser, I can only assume you were blackmailed and told you had to lend your name to this without reading it.

  • M
    2018-10-11 16:04

    easy, logical, gets to the program immediately

  • Devin
    2018-10-10 15:18

    Fast acting 3 week plan to meet your short-term weight loss goals. This is not a plan that will sustain past your goal date in three weeks. (Bob recommends transitioning to his Skinny Rules book for longer lasting healthy lifestyle and weight loss) There are 13 rules to adhere to. Can be read in a few hours. Doesn't go that in depth with the concepts. There are also pictured exercises in the third part of the book and a list of recommended recipes in Part four. Rule 1: Take control with proper Proportions-40/40/20There are three essential macro nutrients- carbohydrates, protein, and fat. 40% of calories should come from Protein. Protein is great for dieters because it maintains muscle while losing fat and prevents you from feeling hungry because it helps control blood sugar and insulin (p.4)40% of calories should come from simple Carbohydrates. There are two types of carbohydrates: Simple and Complex. Simple carbohydrates are fruits and vegetables. Complex carbohydrates are bread, pasta, baked goods, potatoes, and crackers, which are okay in moderation, but should not be taken in excess. Carbs keep your energy up, thinking sharp, and replenishes starved muscles. 20% of calories should come from fats. Rule 2: Cut back on calories. Then cut back again. For this diet to work on time (in three weeks), if you're male, you should eat 1200 calories a day. Rule 3: Eat no complex carbs after breakfast *This is a recommended rule for long term weight loss as well; in the long term, afternoon time is acceptable too, just not midday or later. Complex carbs trigger appetite, but simple carbs don't. Recommended fruits to ear often: blueberries, blackberries, kiwi, strawberries, and apples Rule 4: Get rid of water weight by drinking more waterDrink water before meals-it'll make you more full and you'll eat lessStay hydrated because "staying sufficiently hydrated can increase your resting rate of your metabolism"; meaning, you'll lose weight naturally throughout the day. Long term: 16 ounces of water before every meal and every snack; or 80 ounces of water a day. To "jumpstart" your weight loss, this is a minimum requirement. Rule 5-Get your ElectrolytesElectrolytes are minerals including sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, chloride, hydrogen phosphate, and hydrogen carbonate. Muscle contraction, the essence of muscle building, becomes impossible when you don't get enough electrolytes. Muscles weaken and you get cramps. Electrolytes are found in fruits and vegetables. *If you're ever buying electrolytes, (necessary when you're working hard 5 days a week)don't buy any with sweeteners, natural or artificial. Buy the one with minimum additives and maximum minerals and vitamins. Bob recommends the "Electro-Mix" powder, which is good because you add water to it. Do NOT use laxatives (p.19)Rule 6Do 45 minutes a day of low-intensity cardio, preferably before breakfastrecommends walking everyday, at a pace you can talk on the phone with. Rule 7Five times a week, at any time of day, do 15-20 minutes of my jumpstart moves (p.25)Rule 8: Cut the Salt Long term-consume less than 2,000 milligrams of salt a day. Short term- consume less than 1,000.Alternative to salt is to squeeze lemon juice on food to enhance the flavor Rule 9: Take advantage of the restorative power of daily fish oil Fish oil, and fish oil supplements, can help with post-exercise soreness and also boost immunity. For the plan, 3,000 milligrams of fish oil every day. "Most brands package fish oilin increments of 1,000, so the label should read '1,000 mg omega-3 fatty acids'". "Pharmaceutical-grade fish oil" is an alternative to make it more palatable. Rule 10: Fall back on VeggiesFor the jumpstart, green vegetables are preferable. Vegetables, especially green ones, contain a lot of fiber. Fiber=better digestion and faster, regular, and more natural bowel movements. Eat as many vegetables as you want, whenever you want. EX: Lettuce, Tomatoes, Kale, Arugula, chili peppers, celery,Rule 11: No fruit during week 3In addition to fiber, fruit contains fructose, a form of sugar that predominantly comes from fruit,and, with over-consumption, can skew our metabolism toward fat storage rather than fat burning. Rule 12: Lay off ALL Alcohol Alcohol makes you retain more water and look bloated, makes your eyes look puffy, and will alter your metabolism and slow down your fat burning. Rule 13recommends caffeine. Some exercises I liked from the regimen: Burpees, Chair Dips, jump rope, Mountain Climber in Push-Up Position,Recipes: 4 ounce skinless, boneless chicken breasts, Chicken Salad, Apple Chicken Salad, Herbed Turkey Meatball and Veggie Soup, vegetables with Turkey Patty, Roasted tomatoes, Taco Salad,

  • Katrina
    2018-10-18 15:22

    Exactly the way a non-fiction book should be written. Straight forward, humorous, concise. Thank you!

  • Bethany
    2018-09-24 14:09

    Okay, this is not actually a book, but it's book-shaped, and there are words inside it and I read those words, so after some deliberation I decided to log it here.I do not like the word "diet," and I detest the cultural idolization of "skinniness" and the requisite assumption that being "skinny" means being beautiful (and therefore more valuable somehow), and that alone made me hesitate to talk about this. I really don't want to add to the popular fixation with unhealthy body image, and as it happens, the writer couches all of his information in just that light (Honey, you're gonna LOVE how awesome you look at the end of this!!!!!!!). However, I like the idea of being healthy, so I sometimes like to skim through books and magazines on this subject. It was kind of a whim that made me pick this up in a bookstore and browse through it, but some of the advice looked helpful so I ended up reading it all and using some of his food and exercise advice. The exercise regimen was relatively sound and well-rounded (several quick and easy strength-training routines with a little cardio), although it doesn't leave much room for plain old jogging, but I loved the food. Seriously. Loved. It's all delicious- I've never tried a sodium-free meal plan, and I would never have thought I could LIKE one. This is a great way to eat if you want to find a good, organized balance of vegetable-heavy meals that don't amount to eating the same thing every day. What's not good is that my grocery bill went through the roof and I spent all my time preparing meals. It would have been helpful if the writer had included a grocery list and a good set of substitution foods for people who don't want to spend an extra fifty dollars just to get seven different varieties of salad greens. Also, some of the writer's rationale for his tactics could use better explanation (Drink an espresso every day and you will, like totally totally love how you look in a swimsuit, Guuuurl!)The guy has a cheeriness level that could rival the Trix Rabbit on amphetamines, and he tends to make statements that he doesn't back up, but then he's clearly not a writer. And this is not a book. Such as it is, it's okay.

  • Adrienna
    2018-10-06 16:54

    My aunt reviewed and purchased this book when I was visiting out of town. She underlined the key points as I highlighted even more. Reader has to keep in mind that this is just a jumpstart or beginning process to see weight loss but not a permanent weight loss method. There are 13 simple rules to follow and some I am very aware of already. He encourages also fish oil omega-3 supplements and even caffeine which is a rarity in most books I've read over the years. I will set aside for 3 weeks and try his suggestions and recommendations and keep you posted on this process. However, I will slowly get his exercise regimen in my schedule ahead of time and add the fish oil supplements to my diet after every meal, since my grandmother sent a bottle of them and dad sent a package as well, plus helps with BMs that I sometimes need help in this area.He basically suggests 45 low-intensity workouts in the morning or before breakfast (which I do in the evening before bed because of my business) and add 15-20 minutes of strengthening exercises such as squats. At this point in my process, I can only do low-intense workouts anyways! He seems to follow a similar diets I read in the past where you mainly eat fruits, veggies, and meats (even egg whites) but no mention really of starches (he does have pesto pasta and spaghetti). Then stop eating fruits the last week, I guess this is possible. I was also doing juicing and smoothies added to my diet, but not as a meal replacement but as addition.

  • Cami
    2018-10-15 14:19

    I guess I just didn't realize what the point of this book was when I picked it up. I thought it would be more of a motivation, help to get you started on a weight loss journey type of book. That is not what it was. This book is basically a three-week, starve-yourself-diet to fit into a bikini or wedding dress (which apparently is the whole motivation of doing this 3-week plan). I just can't justify a diet of 800 calories (for women) just to shed weight fast. Does that seem like a healthy diet? I do think some of the suggestions he gives in the book are great, like morning workouts, drinking extra water, more fiber in your diet, but I just can't get behind a starve yourself diet. I have read the Skinny Rules and enjoyed that one way more - it felt as if he was advocating a healthy lifestyle change and something that I could get behind. Overall, I was severely disappointed in this book. I'm glad I didn't buy it but instead checked it out at the local library (where some kind soul had left a message of warning on stick it notes stating the faults and possible dangers of this book. Wish I would have just closed it right there.)

  • Jen
    2018-09-26 16:56

    I wanted to like this, because I used to be a big fan of Bob's (still like him, but the whole hipster thing isn't doing him any favours - also, JILLIAN FOREVER) but whoa. I didn't finish this because I couldn't imagine living off of 800 calories a day.The whole thing just read like an Ana handbook, what with Bob suggesting you eat asparagus and boiled spinach for lunch. It was so strange. I GET IT, of course - it's a "kick start" and it's a way for you to lose tons of weight in a short space of time, but it's not realistic and I do believe it would send any normal person around the bend. I just don't think it's advisable to eat below 1,200 calories a day - depending on activity level - and while I know you'd lose weight doing this, I can picture the other results - headaches, trouble concentrating, black spots in your vision, greyish skin, lank hair... I could go on. In the end, it's just a fad diet, and I always figured he'd be against those. Regardless, blech. That sums it up.

  • Abs Abrego
    2018-10-14 13:58

    This is a great book to get you back on track, but it is definitely not meant for long term use. The 800 calorie a day requirement for women may seem extremely low, but the combination of food items in one sitting made me feel quite full. As a matter of fact, I had difficulty finishing my 5 egg whites w/pico mix and 1/4 of a avocado breakfast. I'm only on my 2nd week, but I have yet to feel hungry. I bought my boyfriend his own copy and he has finished the program. The weight loss has motivated my boyfriend, who lost 12 lbs and 4 inches around his waist while following the plan to continue to walk daily, exercise regularly and make better eating choices. He has continued to lose about 1 lb to 2 lbs a week, as well as continued loss in inches. He has stopped taking his embrol injections because he no longer has the pains that he was dealing with before following the required food plan, water intake, vitamin suggestions, and electrolyte supplements. Thank you Bob Harper for making getting back on track so simple.

  • Kim Powers
    2018-10-11 15:05

    I'm near the end of week two on the diet. 800 calories (plus unlimited specified veggies) isn't that hard. Yes I'm hungry by the next meal but not outrageously so. And this diet helps stop sugar and carb cravings which is one of the toughest things when a person starts a diet. However, there are recipes I just don't like--or ingredients I don't like--so I've done some swapping out; but figuring out what's good and works and what doesn't takes some trial and error. Along the way, though, I've found some of the recipes are actually delicious!Once I've finished these three weeks I'll transition to the regular skinny rules diet. Many of Bob's rules and diet theories make good sense; a few I'm skeptical about. But so far, I agree that this is a good three week program for those people who need/want to lose weight quickly or those wanting to make a fast start on their weight loss journey.

  • Kristine (The Writer's Inkwell)
    2018-10-15 17:21

    So my rating is for the book and not the weight loss plan. I found the casual tone of the book to be uplifting and though it's nice to have someone set out a complete guide of meals and such, the fact is, the meals are too expensive. My suggestion would be to add a grocery list and then make it clear what substitutions are allowed (for example, spinach instead of arugula, especially when you need spinach for 4-5 other meals).As for the workout suggestions: meh. I do Zumba and workout at the gym several times a week. Considering I burn almost more calories doing a one hour class of Zumba than I'm allotted to consume with this plan, I think I'm fairly safe on how many calories I burn.That being said, I'm in my first week of this and have dropped 6 lbs already. If this really helps to jump start your metabolism in the long run (by following The Skinny Rules after the initial three weeks), then I'll be pleased.

  • Leanne
    2018-09-25 13:22

    This book will take no time to read. In fact, I have read it quickly before but want to go through it again and actually DO it! lol.I love Bob and trust what he says. What annoys me are the people who say: only 800 calories?!, I'm going to starve!, That's a starvation diet!, That's so unhealthy!PEOPLE DO NOT READ OR LISTEN! It's for 3 WEEKS...not the rest of your life!!!!! He clearly states this and also clearly states this is NOT a lifestyle type diet. It's for an EMERGENCY (special event, your wedding, tropical vacation or whatever your reason)You get to eat UNLIMITED vegetables!!! This point in itself clearly tells you it's not a starvation diet! People want their starchy carbs...guess what? Those unlimited starchy carbs got you to where you are now to read Jumpstart to Skinny (i'm not the exception either!).Either suck it up and do it or at the very least READ what he says before making false accusations.

  • Marguarite Markley
    2018-09-22 15:58

    This rating reflects the book, not the effectiveness of the "jumpstart diet" described in the book. It is written in a very casual style which I liked. It does not go on for pages about the science behind the rules, which is nice for someone who doesn't really care about that stuff. I, however, like to read the science behind the claims. I will read the Skinny Rules book he wrote before this one as I have noticed several reviewers state it's more practical. I think this jumpstart book would be a good recommendation for people looking to lose 5-10 lbs who are already fairly physically fit. I'm interested in seeing what the first book has to offer.

  • Phyllis
    2018-10-08 11:55

    Love Bob Harper from Biggest Loser! This book is for people who need a Jumpstart for a special event or something like that. It is a 3-week plan with exercises, meal plan and other info to get you started. Like others I did not like the 800 calories for women and 1200 for men. Even with the additional fruits and veggies this seems pretty low for someone exercising. Bob Harper's other book Skinny Rules is for those of us who want a long term plan to follow.

  • Megan
    2018-10-09 16:04

    Great inspiration. Now to just carry out the plan in this book for a lifestyle change. Learned that it is better to exercise before eating anything in the day so as to jumpstart the metabolism. Also learned that if you are going to start a new exercise regimen that you should start taking 1000 units of fish oil (omega 3) to help prevent muscle soreness and joint aches that usually deter people from continuing to exercise.

  • Melinda Hall
    2018-10-19 12:57

    This book has great recipes, ideas, and exercises. It is definitely a very difficult plan to actually replicate. I made a grocery list to follow the first week's meal plan, and my list was filled with produce items ( yeah), but very, very long. In order to follow and make the plan feasible, I would need to modify the plan. Maybe, I will try this plan in the future. I would love to hear from someone that was able to cook all the meals and follow the plan.