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Rylie is Alpha: the leader of the werewolves. They're an endangered species living in a sanctuary, and she's guarded them for two peaceful years.The peace is shattered when somebody sends Rylie a threatening silver bullet. A new member of the pack goes missing. And to make things worse, her inner beast is strangely attracted to her boyfriend's brother, leaving her torn betRylie is Alpha: the leader of the werewolves. They're an endangered species living in a sanctuary, and she's guarded them for two peaceful years.The peace is shattered when somebody sends Rylie a threatening silver bullet. A new member of the pack goes missing. And to make things worse, her inner beast is strangely attracted to her boyfriend's brother, leaving her torn between the love of two men--one of them a werewolf, and the other a former hunter....

Title : New Moon Summer
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ISBN : 16064710
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New Moon Summer Reviews

  • Ashley Stoyanoff
    2019-03-12 03:42

    New Moon Summer was a super quick read (only about 50 pages). Reine kept my attention right until the end with this fast paced tale.The blurb pretty much says it all so I’ll get straight to the review. Although I liked the character of Rylie, she also really confused me. She is the packs alpha, but I can’t wrap my head around the how. She’s relatively quiet and really not the strong figure I expected the alpha to be. Rylie spends a lot of her time worrying about being alone and handling the pack alone. And she was extremely dependant on Abel (her boyfriends brother).Now Abel was a completely different story. He was strong and dominant. I really enjoyed his character and look forward to reading more of him.As for the plot, it was interesting and kept me flipping pages. I enjoyed watching Rylie and Abel together, but the rest kind of … lacked. There just wasn’t enough substance or backbone to the characters or the plot to make me overly invested in the outcome.Even with my complaints, overall, New Moon Summer was a quick and fairly entertaining read. I just wish there had been more substance to the story and definitely more character building. With that said, I have not read Seasons of the Moon (another short story series) which I discovered after finishing this story introduced these characters.So, will I continue with this series? Probably. The first segment was left at such a huge cliffhanger that I can’t stop thinking about it. However, I may pick up Seasons of the Moon first and start at the beginning. I hope that will clear up all my questions about the characters.

  • Alex Albrinck
    2019-03-14 08:41

    Amazon's announcement in September regarding the launch of a program to sell serialized novels struck two chords in me. As a reader, I found the idea laudable and quite interesting. For those not familiar with the term, serialized novels are released piecemeal, perhaps 2-3 chapters at a time, rather than as an entire novel. As a reader, it means you get updates on your favorite characters every few weeks, rather than every six months or every five years. (Are you listening, George R. R. Martin?) For me, the reader, this is wonderful.As an aspiring novelist working on a second novel, however, the concept of a serial terrifies me. The wordcount in a given timeframe isn't concerning; I'm perfectly capable of cranking out 10-12,000 words of readable prose in two weeks. No, the fear is that I'll miss a critical, though seemingly trivial, detail that astute readers will find. (I had a character in novel #1 put on a pair of glasses that he'd explicitly lost four chapters earlier; thankfully, an editing pass caught this.)With that dual background, I'm interested in seeing how more experienced writers handle this bit of detail. As such, I was pleased to find that S.M. Reine had elected to roll out a serialized novel. As a previous reader of her work, I know that her stories and storytelling are top-notch, and while the reader in me was happy to consume her latest work, the writer in me wanted to see how she'd handle the serialized approach.Inner reader and inner writer agree: this works.New Moon Summer follows the story of Rylie, the Alpha (leader) of a pack of werewolves. Rylie is young -- merely high school age -- but is supported in her leadership role by her college-age boyfriend, Seth, and Seth's younger brother Abel. As pack leader, Rylie finds herself in charge of comforting wolves through moon-phased based changes and keeping order in the pack, ably assisted by the two brothers.When Seth departs for a lengthy stay at college, Rylie finds herself troubled. She misses and loves Seth. She's developing feelings for Abel, whom she's come to rely on for significant help in leading the pack. And a new werewolf, one who desperately needs the aid of a pack to learn to deal with his changes, has gone missing. As if that weren't enough, a hunter armed with silver bullets is showing an unnerving ability to find her and let her know that she's being targeted.I'm impressed with the ability Reine shows to invest new readers to this world in characters, and in a mere 10-12,000 words leave notable cliffhangers that we want to see resolved. It's a skilled bit of writing and storytelling, and one I'm eager to continue with as a reader and fan.

  • Jenn
    2019-02-23 06:03

    Received this book via member giveaway for an honest review.This novella was about 48 pages on my eReader. The story was a bit choppy at the beginning and it felt like I started reading a story of characters that were already developed from another book. So for these reasons I wasn't too happy. By the end of the short novella, I did get interested in the characters but I don't like that the author is asking for comments on how to write the ending of these characters tales. For me and based on these reasons, it was a waste of time reading this. If this novella is based on already existing books, I'd recommend updating the end of this book by removing where the author asks for 'feedback' on the storyline and only recommend this book to those that may be familiar with the characters. Otherwise, as it currently is, I would not recommend.

  • A Book Vacation
    2019-02-22 09:44

    To see my full review: was so excited to see that there was a spinoff series to Season of the Moon! I really enjoyed S.M. Reine’s werewolf novels, and though it ended extremely well, every reader is always dying to know what happens next, after any tale concludes. Luckily for us, Reine is giving us more to the story—much more—and she even let her readers have a say in what happened, which I think is extremely awesome!This spinoff series is written as short novellas, perhaps 50-74 pages in length, if I had to guess (since my Kindle doesn’t do page numbers), and it looks like they’ll all end on cliffhangers, at which point Reine asks her readers to help out. I missed the bandwagon on the helping part, and am so kicking myself in the butt, but I’m also really excited because, so far, this novella is everything I wanted it to be. I love Rylie—I always have, and it’s exciting to see her take on her role as Alpha. The novella opens with a quick rehash of events from the final novel in the original series, cluing readers in to the characters in case they need a refresher (or perchance because they haven’t read the original series—which they need to read, stat!), and then jumps ahead two full years. I liked that this novella gives this time and distance because I feel like Rylie, Seth, and Abel all deserve some down-time, and that’s exactly what is alluded to during these two years off, but if you know Rylie, you know it can’t possibly stay that way for her, or her pack, forever. I loved the relationship building that we see happening in this novella concerning the brothers and their love for Rylie. Of course, Seth is somewhat allusive in this novella, and we certainly don’t get enough of him, but I enjoyed seeing Rylie interact with her pack, and Abel. She is a bit confused, it seems, when it comes to her love life, but so far she has remained true to Seth, which makes me a very happy girl. But I love Abel’s angst, and I believe Reine does a superb job portraying angst it between all the characters. And, kudos to Reine for glossing over the sexual encounters. I mean, I just have to say it. Most YA novels nowadays exploit sex like it’s going out of style—there’s the slow taking off of clothes, the wet, slimy kisses, and way too many details that I just don’t need (or want), but Reine refrains from following the crowd. We know sex has happened between the characters without having all the grimy details, and that, my dears, makes me one happy reader. In my opinion, young adults already have sex thrown at them from every angle imaginable. They don’t need it written out for them, detail by detail, in their novels, too. Seriously, Reine is my hero!Anyway, though, this novella is just the tip of the iceberg; it’s somewhat slow paced in its reveal, but once the plot thickens, Reine slams her readers with some fast-paced action that happens all at once, and then she leaves us with a deadly cliffhanger. The good news? The next installment is already out (as is the third and fourth, all for just 99 cents a piece), so these cliffhangers won’t hurt too badly, because I’m about to pick up the next installment as we speak. And I can’t wait to see where Reine and her readers’ input takes us.

  • Nereid
    2019-02-21 02:56

    Life is certainly different for Riley now being an Alpha and having the responsibilities of the ranch plus looking after the pack. Seth is off on a different path following his dream to become a doctor and Riley is feeling conflicted about her new feelings for Abel. Riley is confused and does not know how to deal with the situation. When her life is threatened and a shot rings out, the consequences could be deadly. A choice will be made that may destroy her dream of a happily ever after. I can't wait to read the next one and as much as I love Seth, I am on Team Abel with this chapter.

  • Tia
    2019-02-27 06:52

    Holy HECK! I forgot how much I missed this series! I really want to see Riley with Abel, they belong together. Seth isn't her kind and she needs someone who is, to walk the path beside her. The novel was dramatic!

  • Melissa Levine
    2019-02-22 06:41

    This was a short story. That wouldn't have been a big deal if the story would have been good. I've read a lot of werewolf related books before and usually like when the author makes up new things. It's like usually there are certain rules when it comes to the supernatural folk, vampires-no sunlight, holy water... werewolves-silver bullets, strength, etc. Sometimes you'll find an author that makes up new rules regarding those rules. This story seemed like a joke. We are told that werewolves lose their fingernails and hair and bleed everywhere each time they change. And there are a good amount of werewolves living at the ranch. See where I'm going with this? Messy, messy....One thing that's always been constant is the fact that werewolves are always touch feely with eachother. Not always in a sexual way either, just lots of touching, comforting, very close to each other in the pack. Very family oriented.So, Rylie is only 16/18 (throughout the story) and an Alpha? Really? That would definitely be something new. Usually Alphas (who are in charge of packs) are older, as in adults and are born into the role. Typically they are males also. I read through this first book with no real explanation of how she managed this feat so young. Especially when we later learn that she's been a werewolf since she was 15, hence not long at all. We also learn that the Alpha title has to be 'earned', and again no explanation. She might be in charge of a supposed pack. but they don't act like a pack. They aren't close whatsoever, minus Rylie and Seth.Oh but the real funny thing is that the whole 'Alpha' title only really seems to be prominent when it's time for everyone to change during the full/new moon. Otherwise Rylie seems really pathetic and pouts a lot. Definitely NOT Alpha material in my eyes. An important question is how old Abel is? We know by the end of the story that Rylie is 18, Seth is 2 years older and then Abel is older than Seth....but by how much?The whole counting down to the exact minute of the change was funny too. "Five minutes!" This is a short story and seems to pack way too much into it. Of course with this 'extra-ness', not being explained. For example:1. How does a witch seem to be in charge of the werewolves? Who is he? 2. Demons are mentioned as having been killed recently....?Why did Rylie's aunt not seem to care about the fact that Rylie and Seth were constantly having sex in her house? I get their werewolves but hello.....their young and doing it in her house. Aren't most parents/guardians against their charges having relations in their house? And the fact that neither seemed to have any consideration for Abel who was right next door, being able to hear everything.....Lastly, when Rylie finds Seth while at the hotel after running into Pagan...they go upstairs and get cozy. Keep in mind that Abel is out looking for Seth, Pagan is out and about and then the pouring rain are all going on. Does Rylie or Seth think they should call Abel and tell him whats going on? Of course not! They just go on upstairs and have lots of sex! The only reason I'm giving 2 stars is because I was a fan of Abel.

  • Mandy
    2019-03-20 09:04

    I received New Moon Summer in return for an honest review from a Librarything give-away. Rylie is the Alpha werewolf leader of the werewolves and fresh out of high school. She lives on a ranch which is really a werewolf sanctuary which she has guarded for two years with the help of her boyfriend and his brother. Seth has headed away to college so Rylie’s closest friend is Abel who happens to be Seth’s older brother. Seth isn’t a werewolf but a hunter which is attuned to living werewolves. However his brother Abel is a werewolf and Rylie’s second in command plus her wolf is attracted to him. With the return of Seth Rylie receives a cryptic note along with a silver bullet but she assumes it’s from Seth. Abel heads off into town to pick up a new wolf that will be staying at the sanctuary only to find out that the wolf wasn’t on the plane as expected. Scott the one in charge of the sanctuaries and handles all the business that the wolves may need like travel, hotels, and anything else that comes up. When he learns that the wolf is missing he sends Seth to find him before he returns home to the ranch for the summer. When Rylie doesn’t hear from Seth after several days she decides to go find him taking along his brother to protect her. When they find Seth they learn that there is more going on than a missing wolf and that the bullet wasn’t from him. I’ve not read any of S.M. Reine’s books before but I love a good werewolf story. It’s a fast paced story only fifty pages but it’s easy to be sucked in and left wanting more. I wish I knew more about Rylie so maybe I should have read her other series first but it’s not the first time I’ve read out of order. I’ve already added the original Seasons of the moon series to check out and learn more about Rylies back story. I like the concept of the sanctuary for the wolves as well as the idea of the hunters. I really enjoyed the story I just want more and wish I had read the books that have the start of who and how Rylie became a werewolf .

  • Emespre
    2019-02-25 05:08

    This book was quick and interesting. However, there are a few things that I didn't really like.1. Rylie is the Alpha - yet she's about eighteen, unable to stand up for herself and in a pack with other wolves who would probably be more able to be Alpha. I only found out about Six Moon Summer after reading this, so the reason that she's Alpha might be explained there, and if she was the one who set up the sanctuary then that may be why, but it seemed a little off.2. Abel said that Rylie and Seth had sex a lot. From what the book said, Rylie was sixteen when Seth left for college. Did this all occur after she was sixteen or was some of it before she reached the age of consent? If the latter is the case, it's rape. If the former was the case, it still seems to be cutting it a little close.3. The ending. It was good in terms of cliffhangers - it was kind of like a double cliffhanger, actually - but I'm not really a fan of cliffhangers. I'd prefer the book to make you want to read on because the characters are so interesting that you want to find out what happens to them (this does this too, to an extent; I want to see what happens with Abel), not because you want to have two orchestrated questions answered. However, part of my irritation at this is because I didn't realise it was a serialised novel and so expected a conclusion in this book. I should have realised from the cover that it was part of the series, but I only really glanced at it and thought it looked pretty.[spoilers]4. It's pretty obvious how the romance triangle is going to resolve itself. If a book spends its course with only one of the male characters on the scene and developing his relationship with the protagonist, it's probably going to be him. However, I haven't read the first book, and if that develops the other relationship then it might be like a Twilight/New Moon thing with less harassment and abuse, where the initial relationship lasts.[/spoilers]

  • Courtney
    2019-03-11 07:01

    Wow! What more can you ask in a quick novel than everything a full series would include? This short story had everything; the romance, the suspense, the love triangle. Everything a great book needs. Riley will always be a favourite character for me, ever since reading the first series involving this character I began to love her. Her relationship with Seth was something I always wanted to happen throughout the first series. But S.M. Reine has now caused me to question everything I originally believed in. You can now call me an Abel and Riley shipper. **Insert screaming Abel fangirls**I am now one of you! ** joins in with the screaming**Back to seriousness. That cliff hanger! Damn you Author! What have you done? Just as Seth started to ruin what I hoped was the beginning of an amazing relationship between Riley and Abel, BOOM The End. NOOO!! I cannot wait to read the next instalment in this series. S.M. Reine, once again you have captured this readers attention and you are not letting go.

  • Gypsy Madden
    2019-03-07 07:58

    This piece is beautifully written, all the characters come to life, and it is fascinating exploring a female alpha, since the large majority of alphas in werewolf fiction are male. I thought the triangle between Seth, Rylie, and Abel was wonderfully handled with just the right amount of tension. And there's a nice sense of adventure with the hunters. But then that is also one of the problems of this piece. It is very much just typical werewolf fiction fare--it has a romantic triangle with two guys after the same girl, there's the usual drama between members of the pack, and there are hunters threatening the group, and Rylie is really the typical teen heroine wavering on which guy to choose. Makes me wonder if I'm getting rather jaded expecting more out of the ordinary. I would recommend this to people who are fans of Being Human, but not of the excessive blood in the TV series. Like Josh, Rylie can change at will, or with strong emotion and because of it has people turning to her as Alpha, and same with Being Human there's the having to balance drama and day-to-day life along with being something other than human and trying to find a place in life. This is also akin to Bitten, following a female werewolf with two guys interested in her, and her pack, and people hunting them (and personally, I found Rylie a lot easier to sympathize with over Elena who seemed whiney when I attempted that series).

  • Vanessa
    2019-03-09 08:56

    New Moon Summer tells us the story about Rylie, a female alpha who is trying to keep her pack safe from the hunters. Instead, she finds herself becoming the hunted thus jeopardizes the ranch where her pack live. In addition to that, she also has to deal with two brothers, Abel and Seth. Seth is her boyfriend and Abel is in charged to take care of her while Seth is away. Of course anyone could smell the love-triangle and conflicting emotions present in the story. But trust me, both brothers are hotties and I had hard times choosing which one I’d rather see Rylie with but I’m sticking with Seth (go Team Seth!). Rylie herself is a strong character but in New Moon Summer, she seems to have problem with her confidence as the Alpha. There are some scenes in the book that questioned her ability but at the same time, she never let it show or get over her head. I liked the simple plot of this story because it was direct and without too much confusing twists. We as readers are constantly on the lookout for something original but simple and author S.M. Reine gave us just that. Not only New Moon Summer was well-written, it also had me gripped with emotions especially at the part when Rylie missed Seth. And the author’s narration was excellent as well. Everything she wrote was easy to understand and even her dialogues were realistic. This book ended with a surprise, both good and bad, and I can’t wait for the sequel – can’t wait to find out what happen to Abel, Seth and Rylie.

  • Shirley
    2019-03-07 10:04

    Okay, I admit it. I finished the last book in the Seasons of the Moon series and I just couldn’t say goodbye. Crazy, I know, but such is the life of a book addict ;)The approach of this series is a little different than the Seasons of the Moon. Basically because the first 4 installments are short (this one was only 53 pages.) That doesn’t mean that it is lacking though. An awful lot happened in those 53 pages. The pack has fallen into a routine and they’re even growing in numbers. Both sanctuaries are running full force with Rylie watching over the wolves in her pack. She’s still not comfortable running things alone, but she has plenty of support from both Seth and Abel.In true S.M. Reine fashion, things don’t stay peaceful for long. There’s tension within the pack and danger from outside it. Then there’s the fact that there’s something going on between Rylie and Abel that even they’re not sure about. I’m not sure I’m happy with where things are going – even knowing where they end up (just another friendly warning to read these series in the right order.)I picked up the first book in this series by itself then I immediately got my hands on the box set that contains books 1-4. It’s about the size of a short novel combined (246 pages) and it’s really broken up into ‘episodes’ instead of books. I’m pretty sure that’s how I’m going to read and review the rest of it. Mainly because the cliff hanger in New Moon Summer was brutal… o.O

  • Ms. Ali Cat
    2019-03-08 05:56

    brother vs brother in an epic fight for girl cootiesThis isn't bad. It's abundant with overused tropes, but if you are going to throw your hat in a race of like contenders I say do a bang up job. Since the Cain Chronicles was introduced as a choose your adventure, the readers got to vote their direction the story would take, I liked the unique concept. Kudos, S.M. Reine you've taken an old thing and made it yours.The tale itself is brother one has girl, brother two has connection with girl, girl is caught between what her heart has always wanted and what her soul needs. Readers drive story, outcome isn't predetermined. Pros:- again I love the reader driven story- the heroes are super dark skinned and I get tired of the All American white boys who were pressed from a 1950s cookie cutter. Abel you sound like a yummy cookie.- I am a big fan of episodic novellas. They appeal to me in that they can tell a compressed part of a story in full with a cliffhanger that is less frustrating, and far more compelling than a full length novel.Cons: - the age of the characters felt off scale to me. Perhaps a revision with an older Rylie might have not felt so skeevy to me.

  • Shelley
    2019-03-16 02:50

    As mentioned, this is a quick read, at 53 pages.I had read the first series, Seasons of the Moon, so the characters were familiar to me. Even though, it's mentioned this series can be read as a stand alone... I'd recommend starting with the Seasons of the Moon series. (4 books/novellas) (Easier to understand things if you start at the beginning, when each character was introduced to the story.)New Moon Summer begins months/years later.I enjoyed getting re-acquainted with the characters and meeting new baddies.While I like Rylie, I'm not sure how she snagged the Alpha spot. She's not the strongest or toughest wolf. But, she's had her moments. I continue to find it an interesting theory that the wolf is separate from the human.(being able to feel the wolf's thoughts/emotions while in human form ~ but notremembering what has happened when in wolf form after returning to human)Definite hints of future challenges in this tale.While I might not grab the next installment asap, I will keep it in mind.As I really enjoyed the first series and this installment.

  • Jules Goud
    2019-03-08 04:42

    Whooa. Where did that ending come from!!And that beginning! Starting with something that happened two years later? Whooooa!You never know what you are going to find when you look at the free iBooks. You just never know.Love triangle alert. I have to say that this was a lot of book. The whole Seth has been gone for so long and Abel is the one that has been there for me. Not that it was Seth's fault; he wants to go to med school, he should go to med school. But, of course, there is some interesting attraction between Rylie and Abel...Then, the other part of book (mini book? it wasn't that long....) is about the werewolves. We see how they live on the sanctuary as well as the potential for an uprising from some of Rylie's packmates. Oh, and there is another interesting little tibit that I will not spoil for you. Basically, Rylie's life just got a lot more complicated then having to choose between the brothers (or choose none at all, you never know). A very interesting, quick and captivating read. It keeps your attention all through the short story and it is perfect if you are looking for a quick read!

  • Kelly
    2019-03-19 08:54

    For all the power Rylie holds as the Alpha, she's still just a girl working on finishing high school and worrying about whether or not she should go to college. Throw in some oopsie-daisy attraction to her boyfriend's brother and things get really tangled for the poor girl.To be honest, her romantic life isn't even the worst of her worries. Missing werewolves, hunters on the prowl and someone who seems to have it out for Rylie in particular are putting additional strain on her. The poor girl is going to need plenty of allies to get out of this mess.I'm going to tell you that I'm torn here on the romance angle. I've always liked Rylie and Seth together but I also like how dedicated Abel is to both Rylie and the pack. And with Seth away for months on end, Abel is her touchstone and the one who keeps her moving forward when she's worn down and pushed to her limits.This is going to be an interesting ride, to say the least.-Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal

  • Jessica
    2019-03-08 03:48

    Dnf. everything about this book was confusing and/or creepy. we get dropped into the middle of the story and get just enough to be wildly confused then we move 2 years back....then several months later then two years later (but not where the prologue started). I had no clue what was going on or when it was going on. then theres the fact that the alpha of the pack is like 16...what the hell?! ive read a lot of variations but ive never read a wolf story where you didnt have to fight to be an alpha so how did a child earn that distinction...and keep it? and what kind of sicko is her "boyfriend" who is away at medical school. this puts him at least at 22 to her 17/18 (kinda ew if you ask me) and also how the hell did they ever manage to go to high school together when shes just graduating and hes in med school?...but has only been away 2 years? omg wtf is going on did i miss something?! the world isnt given any depth that i read except im going to assume from the reaction to a silver bullet that that is deadly to the wolves. grrrr so bad that i could even finish the 66 pages of it

  • Sarah Kalaitzidis
    2019-02-24 09:50

    Short ReviewDon't let the shortness of the book get to you. This new book series is going to come in 4 parts. It will be writen with the help of SM Reine fans. I will tell you this the ending to this book will want you to read the next book in the series.It goes by a little fast but it basically takes place during and after the time Seth leaves for college. Rylie is still the alpha of her pack and she is the only one who can change into her werewolf at will. With the help of her the rest of her pack are more relax when they transform.Abel is there also to help Rylie be there for the pack. Rylie depends on him more and doesn't want him to leave when he goes to pick up another pack. Its a gift Rylie recieves in the mail that things start to go wrong. They all know that a new enemey is going after them.This book will also leave you guessing on whether Rylie wants to be with Seth who is a hunter or Abel who is a werewolf like her. The attraction she feels towards Abel is strong but then she still loves Seth.

  • Cat
    2019-02-24 08:46

    The beginning of this book is SUPER confusing. I felt like I was dropped in the middle of an on-going story (which I guess is always true), but I got zero background. I even exited the book (on my Kindle) and re-read the cover...nope it says #1. I check on goodreads...still says #1 in the series. Huh.Okay, forging on anyway, things start to make a bit more sense. Actually the story is quite intriguing - murder mystery and the makings of an epic love triangle. Then, when things are finally picking up the book ends! Whhhhaaa? Disappointing, to say the least! BUT the author did ask readers what should happen next, with regards to the main character's love life. That sounds fun, but unfortunately I'm wayyyy too late for that boat. Oh well.So, I took off starts for the confusion at the beginning and the short story, though I did find the book enjoyable once you get past the first 15-20%.Hopefully the next book is better!

  • TKhia. H Haywood
    2019-03-05 09:08

    This is a really quick book about 56 pages. Rylie is a 19 year old girl and a alpha of a big pack. She has to live with out her boyfriend because he's away at college but she has his brother who she is falling in love with well at least her wolf is. Rylie is sent a bullet to show that she and her pack is not safe. Rylie has to find a boy who was suppose to come meet her and the pack a long time ago but instead she is greeted by a crazy woman trying to blow her head off with a shotgun. As they find out that the boy they where looking for for a long time is now dead and no longer can help them they must leave to find out that hunters has been spying and plotting to take them out. The crazy lady with a shotgun followed them back to the ranch for the right moment to kill the alpha but killed her boyfriends brother.

  • Amanda
    2019-03-23 06:56

    well-written, but tbh it kind of spoils the original series. NEW MOON SUMMER shows how weak an Alpha werewolf Rylie is; she can't handle pressure and why make any decisions, when you can hide behind two other teens instead? She can't stand up to challenges as an Alpha either, Abel has to step in when it looks like she may be challenged for her role. It makes me begin to dislike her - there is nothing interesting or admirable about her here, she is weak, whiny and needs the nearest available man to step in and be her backbone.But what is the real turn-off for me? The emerging love triangle; who will win the Alpha werewolf's heart? The human boyfriend who hardly spends time with her and is a werewolf hunter, or the werewolf who stands by her side & always supporting and protecting her? Who can even begin to guess how that will end?

  • Cheryl M-M
    2019-03-01 02:59

    Nice add-on novella to Six Moon Summer (#1) (Seasons of the Moon) and the first in the episodes to go along with series.Long enough to pique interest in the Cain Chronicles but a little on the short side if you enjoy the way Reine spins a tale. (No pun intended)If you have read the first book you will be aware of the romance between Rylie and Seth. In this book someone from the inner circle steps up as a possible new contender for the affections of the Alpha female.The pack also has to contend with a new outside threat with a personal link to Rylie.The author has a very specific way of treading the path of YA. I hope she remembers to keep her own voice and not wander down well-trodden paths.

  • Merissa (Archaeolibrarian)
    2019-02-25 06:47

    This story continues after a couple of years break from Rylie, Seth and co but it does give you a quick rundown in case you've forgotten anything. However, don't get too comfortable as this is a short Novella, only about 50 pages, so you finish it before you even realise it.Seth has been away at college, Rylie has finished school, Abel and Gwyn have stayed on the ranch to help turn it into a sanctuary but there are new hunters on the loose that are making people nervous. New characters are introduced and old characters show up but although I loved the old series and have enjoyed this book, it was a bit too quick for me. I am hoping that the next book isn't over so quickly and more detail is given.

  • Kelli
    2019-03-08 03:07

    Hmmm... so I didn't realize that this was actually a continuation on S.M. Reine's other werewolf books. I have those on my TBR list but since this one was so short I thought I would go ahead and read it. I was able to figure out what was going on easily enough, though now I think I need to go back and read the others to totally understand the characters.This can be read without reading the others (I did), but I don't really understand character motives and such since I didn't read the others. I like the author's writing style and the idea of wolves and hunters, so I am definitely going to read the other books.

  • Nioka
    2019-03-18 06:51

    Now the Alpha of the only pack of wolves left, Rylie has had a great two years, if not a bit lonely without her love. The summer break is coming and so is Seth, but a new wolf disappears and a new threat looks upon her happy life.A fast paced, teen drama, involving werewolves, fun. This is a good start into the paranormal genre for teens. This author has a good version of many of the types of 'other' out there and in this series she shows a great story of trying to find how to live with what you become.This is a teen drama, so there is a lot of silly drama that is stupid, but that is normal in the life of a teen. If you do not like teen drama, do not look at most young adult books.

  • C. Erani Kole
    2019-03-06 03:59

    Can't believe it ENDED right-I love this author and fell for her two series, The Descent and the Seasons of the Moon. This is a sequel to the latter series I just mentioned- they're all FREE so go check her out!!!!This was pretty short and nothing major happens, just catch up and- well, it came off as a book to introduce everyone and all the new plots. I'm super stoked. I don't love L-triangles, especially when they're done wrong, but when I saw this synopsis, I had a hard time choosing. Eeekkkk! I'm in love with the characters and am leaning towards Abel right now. I can't wait to see what'll happen next...

  • Renae Rogers
    2019-03-14 03:50

    I had gotten a few of the books in this series for free from Bookbub. Luckily, I hadn't gotten around to reading this one yet when I found the first book in the series that this series seems to be a continuation of. Phew! This book was...good. I'd just read the previous series when I read this one, so I was all up on the who, what, why, where and when. I suspect I might have been a bit lost had I not. I'm not sure it's as good as the previous series, but it was still an entertaining, quick, light read.

  • Richard Hayes
    2019-03-16 09:38

    Rylie, with the help of Abel, the brother of her boyfriend Seth, has been running one of the two ranches setup after Rylie killed Seth and Abel's mother and gotten a pact with the union of hunters not to attack the ranches or hunt werewolfs on the ranches. She has problems, she has started to get feeling for Abel, Seth has been away for school for 2 years and she has gotten a package with flowers, a silver bullet and the message "I'm coming for you."This is part one of a 3 part series and while short is entertaining and leaves the reader wanting more.

  • Tabby Shiflett
    2019-03-24 09:05

    Great start to a novella werewolf series. Also good choices for the names of all the characters. Really wish it was a full-length novel, but part two should prove to be interesting. Good idea utilizing the Cain/Abel/Seth story. Likeable MC, but maybe she will be stronger in next one. Loved Abel.LT Member GiveawaysNew Moon SummerS.M. Reine