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Code name: Jet Twenty-eight-year-old Jet was once the Mossad's most lethal operative before faking her own death and burying that identity forever. But the past doesn't give up on its secrets easily.When her new life on a tranquil island is shattered by a brutal attack, Jet must return to a clandestine existence of savagery and deception to save herself and those she lovesCode name: Jet Twenty-eight-year-old Jet was once the Mossad's most lethal operative before faking her own death and burying that identity forever. But the past doesn't give up on its secrets easily.When her new life on a tranquil island is shattered by a brutal attack, Jet must return to a clandestine existence of savagery and deception to save herself and those she loves. A gritty, unflinching roller-coaster of high-stakes twists and shocking turns, JET features a new breed of protagonist that breaks the mold.Fans of Lizbeth Salander, SALT, and the Bourne trilogy will find themselves carried along at Lamborghini speed to a conclusion as jarring and surprising as the story's heroine is unconventional....

Title : Jet
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ISBN : 16064853
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 229 Pages
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Jet Reviews

  • Frederick Brooke
    2019-03-15 10:39

    What a pleasure to discover a thriller author who really delivers. JET tells the story of a former Mossad operative who dropped out and went off the grid, but suddenly finds herself being hunted, and decides to find out who is behind it and why. The action starts on page 1, as it should in any good thriller.But there’s more to like about this book than its plot or the descriptions of weapons or hand-to-hand combat. The title character is a three-dimensional flesh-and-blood suffering human being. As the pages fly by you realize what a killing machine she is, yet at the same time, the author succeeds in humanizing her. Fact is, she is lethal, but the forces she is up against are pure evil. When the conflict gets personal, it awakens her assassin instincts.JET is a perfectly paced, professionally written humdinger of a thriller. The perfect escape from my humdrum existence. I’m glad the sequel is already out.

  • Seeley James
    2019-02-23 06:39

    Fast paced and action packed, this thriller grabs you from the opening seemingly endless chase scene to the surprise twist as you near the end. The writing is tight and focused and just on the verge of literary without going over the edge into boring. If you like a fast paced, can't guess it ahead of time kind of thriller, read this book.Peace,Seeley

  • GailGentry
    2019-03-05 14:38

    I feel like I've found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with this author. Being a newbie to the Russell Blake world of writing, Jet was a tremendous way to start reading not only the beginning of what will be a Jet series but a beginning to reading his entire collection of books.In Jet, Russell Blake doesn't ease you into the beginning with this book, he starts you off running and you don't stop until the end. I'm not an arms master - couldn't tell you the difference between a Saturday Night Special and a Glock but Russell Blake broke open a world where fire power, spy apparatus, and kill or be-killed moves are an every day occurrence, and delivered it in such a way that I was both fascinated and wide-eyed with the knowledge I gained. Don't forget to dust your passport off because the plot carries you from country to country. From Monaco to Punta Gorda, you get to see both picturesque waterfronts and the sights, sounds and smells of third world countries. Russell Blake plunks you right smack dab in the middle of it all.Blake has made Jet a woman you don't want to mess around with but not to the point where other women would feel threatened by her. She has feelings and depth. This is a woman I would want on my side and her cell phone number to call if I ever needed some intimidation. As far as the plot, the twists are artfully conveyed where you don't know what to expect next. Want to take a quiet walk down the street? Rethink that when you hear the telltale whistle of bullets slicing through the air towards you.Thankfully, at the end of Jet, Russell Blake has given a sneak-peek of Chapter One from what will be the second in this series. This author doesn't know how to let up on the action....and I'm so glad. Well done, Mr. Blake. It is my pleasure to highly recommend this book to lovers of all genres.

  • Sharon Michael
    2019-02-24 11:39

    Fast paced and violent, with a female agent, retired black ops, who is drawn back into the International scene after an attempted assassination. Suspend belief and get ready for a non-stop roller coaster ride that is definitely on the violent side. A very entertaining read and fun ... but I suspect that future books in this series may be going in directions I'm not partial to. One of the things I see all too often with female main characters is the addition of a child as a device to supposedly 'humanize' the protagonist. I've read so many detective/mystery/adventure books with that, which end up devolving into a series of crises around the child that I tend to get annoyed by this and I suspect that is the direction this series is headed.

  • Lila
    2019-03-20 09:50

    This was January MCT read, and it didn't quite work for me...Story is what blurb says(except Lizbeth Salander comparison). So,read a blurb, and imagine every possible cliche involving girl who was once an operative and you'll get Jet.JET features a new breed of protagonist that breaks the mold.I have to point this part of blurb, because "new breed of protagonist" in this case means borrowing from:1. La Femme NikitaI don't mean just that they are both operatives but (view spoiler)[she is in a forbidden relationship with her superior, and he helps her arranging her own death with explosion on a mission.But Michael was way more complex and cooler then David. (hide spoiler)]2. Kill BillThis kind of pissed me off (view spoiler)[she pees on a stick, finds out she is pregnant and decided she doesn't want to work as a killer any more. Her baby died on birth, just to be told in the end that her baby is alive. (hide spoiler)]It reminded me also of Sydney Bristow from Alias and Stephanie Patrick from Mark Bullner series, but that wasn't big of a deal. Female operative should all be sexy, bad-ass, multilingual and masters of disguise. Same plot devices bugged me. It was predictable. It was meh read for me. Guns were cool, though...["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Sheila
    2019-03-08 11:58

    First in a series, Russell Blake’s Jet introduces a cool action heroine, chased by criminals, hiding from her past, with a secret history in the Mossad’s invisible forces. An exciting introduction follows this seemingly innocent shopkeeper as she destroys the hit team sent to kill her and swiftly falls off the radar. Nicely detailed, swiftly told, and immediately enthralling—it’s hard to even think about putting the book down until those first fast scenes are done. Then, with perfect timing, the author introduces backstory, building a mystery behind the tale. Why did Jet leave her Mossad team? And why can’t she stay lost?The author balances answered with unanswered questions to create an enthralling standalone tale, perfectly set up for further novels in the series. Jet’s no one-dimensional heroine, and she’s more than just backstory and plot. By the end of the tale she’s a wounded character chasing hope in the face of betrayal, as skilled with knife and gun as with a computer, and someone you’d definitely want on your side. As to who’s side she’s going to end up on, I guess I’d have to read more novels to find out. In this dark world of political and industrial espionage, good guys are hard to find.I’ve read several of Russell Blake’s novels before this one, and this is definitely my favorite—unputdownable and fun!Disclosure: I was lucky enough to be given a free ecopy of this novel.

  • Gae-Lynn Woods
    2019-03-04 08:42

    With every new book, Russell Blake goes from strength to strength. In JET, he combines all the elements I love about his writing: twisted conspiracies, flawed characters who must improvise or die, and lightning paced action that keeps me turning the pages. This is the first Blake book I've read where the main character is a woman, and he did an excellent job of writing in her voice.The story moves around to help the reader understand who Jet is and how she came to be hunted. Blake weaves seamlessly between the present and Jet's past so that by the end of the book, you understand why she left her former life, who is after her now and why, and how monstrous are the lies she's been told by the one person she trusted.I ended up reading JET twice, simply because I enjoyed it so much and the characters stayed with me. If you hunger for smooth prose, a plot that never slows, and characters to love and hate, read JET. You'll be glad you did.Highly recommended.

  • Suzie Quint
    2019-03-12 08:37

    I enjoyed this book a great deal. It has a kick-ass heroine who, having retired from the Mossad by faking her own death, is sucked back into her old world when a team of assassins try to kill her. How did they know she wasn't dead? Or where to find her? The only person in the world who knew is her ex-lover/controller. If she can't fix this, she'll never have the life she wants.This book starts out with high energy. The first 3 or 4 chapters are tense and compelling. However, it lost a point because (view spoiler)[ even though I didn't question it as I was reading, after I was done, I found it impossible to believe that someone as paranoid and security conscious as David is described as being would leave the details the author claims on his personal computer. Just not feasible. But as I said, I didn't question that until this thrill ride was over.(hide spoiler)]

  • S.W.
    2019-03-20 07:43

    Loved this book. Great story full of action. Can't wait to read the next book. Russell Blake, you have a new fan.Note: I don't claim to be a pro-reviewer, I am a reader. My reviews are based on my personal thoughts around the story that the book is trying to tell. I'd rather focus on the story (which is the reason I read) rather than dissect the book and pass comment on writing style, structure or typos.

  • Toni Osborne
    2019-03-13 13:51

    Book # 1, in the Jet seriesThis story is Hot Hot, action packed from start to finish mayhem around 50% of the book with a bit of romance thrown into a very captivating drama. What is not to like for a thrill junky as myself. “Jet” provides everything I like in this type of books: expertize in clandestine enterprises, minutia details in action, equipment and scenery, in your face action, a hot assassin and it goes on and on. Of course you need to enjoy a fast-paced story with lots of shooting, stabbing, blowing up people….the bang-bang definitely is at the driver seat….If you love spy/assassin adventure this series if for you. Prepare to start running at the opening page and not stop till the very end…The scenes play out like an action movie: very visual and exciting. The prose is clear and straightforward” in all an easy read. Although the protagonist is a female the author does not go sexist or ridicule his character, her sex happens to be incidental. She is definitely a woman you don’t want to mess around with: she is lethal if you cross her and very intimidating most of the time. Jet is an ex-Mossad operative, who kicks ass in one of the best action sequences I have read in a long time. Of course this is a heart-pounding thriller with unique twists only Mr. Blake can deliver. The scenes also combined opulence and glamour and hard hitting black ops tradecraft we will ever see. This is definitely a humdinger of a thriller

  • Martyn Halm
    2019-03-07 08:39

    I had expected more from Blake. In comparison to the excellent Assassin books, the Jet series lacks suspense and the whole book felt formulaic. While the beginning had some action, the flashbacks and blocks of narrative exposition placed in a drawn-out dialogue between minor characters dragged down the pace. Compared to Blake's assassin series, Jet seems rushed and amateurish. I was also irked by the 'necessity' of giving the main character an abusive past to serve as a justification for a woman to become a black-op Mossad agent. Abused people who are filled with rage, as Jet seems to be, don't make the best black-ops agents. Another thing that bothered me is the frequent description on how incredibly beautiful Jet is, in one case even referring to her as a 'cobra in a model's body' and in another 'Her bronze skin accented (accentuated) the captivating almond shape of her eyes, and even in a venue that was no stranger to beautiful women, she was a stand-out.'The book also seemed hurriedly edited, I found mistakes like 'low-voltage bulbs' (wattage) and a large luxury yacht being referred to as a 'penis symbol' (phallic symbol) by a supposedly writer of erotic fiction.I won't be reading the sequels. And, unlike Blake's 'Assassin' books, I don't recommend this book.

  • Jack
    2019-03-02 10:57

    Not bad, particularly since I got it for free. I'll be unoriginal and say it reads like a Jason Bourne movie. It also reminded me of a recent Patrick Lee book I read, Runner.

  • Ed
    2019-02-25 06:59

    Fast and furious tale of a Mossad agent forced to fake her own death to survive unknown enemies. Living quietly off the grid in Trinidad, Maya (Jet) is suddenly attacked by a mysterious nine man hit team forcing her on the run - after she eliminates the bad guys of course. This is an action driven book with a dynamic, foxy and quite lethal female Jason Bourne. Very entertaining book one of a series.

  • Tia Bach
    2019-02-28 08:41

    Rating: 4.5 stars (but worthy of rounding up)Fans of fast-paced action and strong female characters, think Sydney Bristow in Alias, will love Jet. As described by the author, "Jet is ... an enigma cloaked in a big helping of ass-kicking." Jet has made plenty of enemies as a Mossad operative. When she decides it's time to get out, she fakes her own death and goes into hiding. Unfortunately, the twin brother of one of her slain targets finds her and is determined to make her pay. After taking out everyone Grigenko sends to kill her, Jet decides it's time to put an end to her nemesis. To do so, she will need the help of the man who helped her fake her own death. David is also the only man to claim a piece of Jet's heart. Together they come up with a plan, one that puts both of their lives on the line. The odds are not even close to being in their favor.As I was reading, the movie version played in my head. Jet is a female Bourne, and could give him a run for his money. But the story is not all action. Jet is a well-developed heroine--the reason behind her need to leave behind the operative life is compelling and unresolved at the end of this first story in the Jet series. Like Bourne, I wanted more for Jet than just to survive. I wanted her to end up with a life and find love. But it is good to know she can handle anything that gets in her way.I highly recommend this to readers who want a roller coaster of a thrill ride with the added benefit of a female character worth investing in.(Think Sydney Bristow in Alias + Lara Croft + Trinity in Matrix)Note: I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review; the opinions expressed are my own.

  • Kate's Reads
    2019-03-02 14:32

    Russell Blake's "Jet" is the first novel in a fast paced trilogy that will have you on the edge of your seat. Jet is an ex-Mossad operative who faked her own death to get out of the business. She's made a new life for herself on the island of Trinidad. Suddenly her life is disrupted by an assassination attempt that could only have been planned by professionals.Now Jet must figure out how she was betrayed and who wants her dead. Her search will take her across continents and unearth a plot of destruction and domination.The character of Jet reminded me of an older Lizbeth Salander from "The Dragon Tattoo". Blake gives Jet more emotion and depth in this first book of the trilogy than Lisbeth had in "Dragon", in my opinion. The villains are deliciously evil.The story is fast-paced and full of unexpected twists and turns. It's a great thrill ride that will leave you anticipating the rest of the trilogy.

  • Paula Howard
    2019-03-04 09:36

    Jet by Russell Blake is an extraordinary read. I finished the book, which is almost 700 pages in less than 24 hours. Jet is an "ex-Mossad". I use " " as I don't believe that anyone every quits the Mossad or any other covert intelligent group.Jet is a member of a dark group that is entirely off the grid. She has had enough and finding out that she is pregnant she decides it is time to start a new life. With the help of David, a fellow member of the group and father of her baby, she fakes her death.Three years pass and suddenly she finds herself under attack. She has been found. Her only solution to find David as he was the only one who know where she was.Many twist and turns.. Jet is the 1st of a series.

  • Sherri Vigil
    2019-03-02 12:32

    My first Russell Blake book and will be reading more of his. Very fast paced and definitely a thriller. The level of violence is a bit stronger than I'm used to reading. The subject matter and characters require it. However the author does a courtesy acknowledgement to the reader in advance regarding the violence and reminds "that this is a work of fiction.". I have never seen that before in any book I've read. A nice courtesy. I got hooked from the first page and didn't want to put it down. I see it is a series so I'm into the next one.

  • Glen Robins
    2019-03-09 13:32

    If you like spy novels that pack a punch, you'll love this book. I was hooked in the first chapter and had trouble putting it down. Russell Blake has assembled a line up of characters that are intense, unpredictable, and deep. He puts you right there in the action with the characters as they bounce around the world, fighting for supremacy. It's a great thrill ride!

  • Dan
    2019-03-18 08:48

    An action movie in book form. Lots of violence, lots of disjointed plot ideas, but in the end, an easy and reasonably enjoyable read.

  • Thom Swennes
    2019-02-25 13:49

    Who the HELL is Jet, aka Maya, Carla, Veronique? And maybe a more interesting question is who wants her dead at any cost. As an intelligence agent (assassin), working for the Mossad, Jet has seen it all. Any actual or perceived enemy of Israel was fair game and she eliminated them with extreme prejudice if so ordered. She is a killing machine with killer looks. On the verge of an emotional breakdown, burnout, and her recent pregnancy bring her to the one and only solution; she has to get out. Unfortunately, like the mafia, you can’t just walk away; you’re a member for life. With the help of David, her direct superior, she succeeds to disappear after a car explosion. Flying to Trinidad, she buys an internet café on the white beaches of that Caribbean island; she goes underground in the hope that she would remain dead. It only takes three years when she finds herself on the run again. This story starts like a bat out of hell and continues hell-bent for leather. Violent action fills every page not giving the reader time to come up for a breath. Few stories I’ve read equal in pace and can be mentally exhausting but few will even consider putting it down. This is a first class ticket to travel world travel. In the span of a few hours, the reader travels to Trinidad, Belize, Chechnya, Algeria, Venezuela, Russia, Jordan, Yemen, France, USA, and Israel without leaving the comfort of your favorite reading chair.Words are the most valuable things in the world. Words are more valuable than gold but free for everyone to use. Languages live and evolve with time, drastically changing but staying the same. One of the signs of an avid reader is their increased vocabulary. I pride myself on mine and try to make it a point to learn at least one new word with every book I read. This is a virtual goldmine in unique words and is guaranteed to not only leave you sated but much wealthier vocabulary-wise. Russell Blake belongs in the big league which includes James Patterson, Tom Clancy, and Jonathan Kellerman and will be a welcome friend to your library.

  • John Podlaski
    2019-03-02 14:35

    This overlooked book sat in my Kindle library for more then two years and was finally chosen after completing another book by Russell Blake. Jet is an edge of your seat international roller coaster ride. The story opens with Jet as a small town store owner on the island of Trinidad. Suddenly, Jet is attacked by a professional hit man who is part of a squad sent to kill her. Readers soon learn that she is not the demure, innocent female that others in the town believed. She, too, is a ruthless killer and former member of Mossad - the secret service of Israel. She got out of the business two years earlier by collaborating with her boss to fake her death. How did they find her and who's paying for the hit? Only two people were aware of her existence and location...the other was her former boss.Jet is successful in escaping the island and heads to Israel to confront her former boss. When she arrives, she finds herself in another fight with a professional hit squad. This time, her former boss was the target and she finds him gut shot and unconscious. To save him, she has to kill all the attackers.She soon learns that every Mossad agent who participated in their last mission - where she faked her death - were recently assassinated and only her and David remained. They finally learn who is responsible for the hits and was time to plan their own hits and become "The Predators" to end this madness. The author is not making this task easy and has added some twists, turns and traps for the two of them. The journey becomes a quest for survival tinged with a touch of revenge. Don't miss this one!

  • Jean Poulos
    2019-03-15 10:43

    This is book one in the Jet series. The protagonist is a 29 year old female a former Mossad operative. She faked her death and went into hiding. Now people are trying to kill her, and she is asking why and who. While she is evading being killed, she sets off to find out why and who. Blake reveals her story in bits and pieces throughout the book as we are introduced to Jet.The book is well written and the action starts with the first sentence and never stops. The pace of the story is super fast. Blake has created a ruthless assassin who is a sympatric character. The plot has Jet travelling from country to country. Jet speaks eight languages and is a master of martial arts and firearms. The ending sets the reader up for book two in the series.I understand that Blake is one of the successful independent authors. He apparently started with e-books using the Amazon services. I have discovered a number of exciting new independent authors in a variety of genre on Amazon and Audible and thoroughly enjoyed reading them. I read this as an audiobook downloaded from Audible. Braden Wright does a good job narrating the story.

  • Delaney Diamond
    2019-03-01 08:44

    A really great thriller about Maya (aka Jet), a retired assassin who’s forced to come out of hiding after an attempt on her life. I would describe this as Mission Impossible meets Salt. She’s an amazing assassin. In the first chapter she gets rid of about five mercenaries who were sent to kill her. They were no match for Jet and her skills. I was kind of sad about the depth of the lie her ex had told her. He really betrayed her, and I understood how she was torn between her love for him and her anger/hate for what he’d done. But on the flip side, there was a potentially happy ending. (view spoiler)[I hope she does find her daughter and is reunited with her. (hide spoiler)]Would like to read more about this extraordinary female assassin who is smart, can fight, use her feminine wiles, and knows her way around firearms. Really cool book.

  • Trish R.
    2019-02-26 08:46

    I'm so disappointed. DNF..Ok, so at 71% I’m not going to finish this book. I get real tired of authors who let you get to know people and like them then kill them off. Jet and David got back together after 3 years and were thinking and talking about a future, after they killed Grigenko, only to have David die? That’s not good reading, IMO. I was looking around Goodreads when I saw a spoiler and read that David died and I knew then that I was done. Jet is one tough cookie but even her toughness couldn't make up for David.Any sex between David and Jet was all fade-to-black and there was no swearing to speak of.As to the narrator: Braden Wright was not very good at all. All females sounded too male and he read without emotion. I have no idea how he got so many great reviews.

  • Claude Foster
    2019-03-11 07:44

    Russell Blake’s Jet is a pretty straight forward action adventure novel. His protagonist is an ex-Mossad assassin who just happens to be female. Blake provides all of the guns, explosions, double-dealing, international locations and evil villains that we’ve come to expect from the genre. He keeps it moving and doesn’t make it difficult to go along for the ride. If you’re in the mood for a modern day shoot-um-up, you’ll find this to be right down your alley.I read this as an audiobook. The narrator, Braden Wright, was very good.

  • Ctgt
    2019-03-19 07:43

    This was just an "ok" action adventure novel. There were a few little twists, female protagonist, a few dropped hints about a terrible childhood, a pregnancy, but not enough to rate this higher than 3 stars. In fact, if it wasn't for these differences this probably would have rated 2 stars. The action was pretty good and it was a good read and I see that the next few installments get pretty high rating, but I'm not sure I'll be returning to this series.

  • Milan Raška
    2019-03-15 09:47

    Tak:1) ke knizce jsem ze zacatku pristupoval dost s odstupem a hned na zacatku veta "vrah se dabelsky zasmal" me velmi znejistila2) pribeh je nicmene pomerne zajimave vystaveny3) nema hlucha mista4) akce je plno, ale pritom se nejedna o nesmyslne pasaze ratatata (sorry, Kotleto)5) Jet je husta. Neznicitelna. Kam se hrabe Bond.6) Jet je v kozene kombineze.7) 4* si proste zaslouzi

  • Matthew Delphia
    2019-03-12 10:30

    JetAwesome series so far. Jet is my dream girl. Love the plots and twists and the action. It's even better that each book follows where the previous one ended, not many series of books really do that

  • Rhod
    2019-03-09 08:56

    If you like a well written story about kick-ass action, this is for you. Jet is one special lady, and I am starting to look for other stories about her from Russell Blake. No detailed review is called for. If you read the first few pages, my bet id that you will be hooked. Well dome, Mr Blake!

  • Joe Fegan
    2019-03-22 12:34

    This book kicked off a wonderful adventure for me. It is very tightly written, fast-paced, and a great ride. As I wanted more, on finishing it, I gladly read the rest of this series. Now, I am reading other books by Russell Blake, who is quite a talented author. Thank you.+joe fegan