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For centuries, the shape-shifting dragon warriors known as the Pyr have hidden themselves from mankind, defending the earth’s treasures in secrecy. But as the final reckoning with the Slayers—who are determined to eradicate both humans and the Pyr who protect them—heats up, even the most ancient secrets will be revealed.… Brandon Merrick is determined to banish his shifterFor centuries, the shape-shifting dragon warriors known as the Pyr have hidden themselves from mankind, defending the earth’s treasures in secrecy. But as the final reckoning with the Slayers—who are determined to eradicate both humans and the Pyr who protect them—heats up, even the most ancient secrets will be revealed.… Brandon Merrick is determined to banish his shifter nature forever. The charismatic tattooed surfer is on the cusp of the ultimate challenge—to prove himself on the whitecaps of Hawaii and secure his future as a pro surfer. But his dragon isn’t prepared to be tamed so easily.... One look at marine biologist Liz Barrett ignites the spark of a firestorm: Liz is his destined mate and his chance for happiness. While Brandon sees their first night together as just the beginning, his dragon seizes the upper hand. Awakening in the company of a raging dragon challenges Liz’s ability to believe her own eyes. Can Brandon accept his inner beast in time to make it work with Liz? Neither one realizes Brandon is caught in an ancient Slayer’s scheme to enslave him. When the deadly plot ignites, the very island will be at risk...and Brandon and his mate could be the ultimate sacrifice....

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Ember's Kiss Reviews

  • Sandy S
    2018-09-21 23:43

    EMBER’S KISS (Dragonfire #8 ) by Deborah CookeEMBER’S KISS is the 8th storyline in Deborah Cooke’s amazing Dragonfire series. The Pyr are shape-shifting dragon warriors whose job it is to protect humankind but once in awhile a dragon will discover his mate through a firestorm, and the firestorm will bring with it a threat against their own. This is Brandon and Liz’s story.In the previous storylines we have been following the exploits of an ancient dragon shifter known as Chen. Believing himself to be the most powerful, Chen had found the ‘dragon’s blood’ elixir and was making an army of Slayers to fight the Pyr. But the Darkfire had been released thwarting his plans, and with the approach of a new eclipse Chen was hoping to find the next Pyr who would be at his most vulnerable during the impending firestorm. He needed to find the dragons with affinities to the elements-he wanted their powers. Brandon was his target and their ‘friendship’ would nearly cost Brandon his life. With three missing scales, Brandon was closer to the Slayer than he had realized.As the estranged son of Brandt, Brandon Merrick had made a name for himself in the surfing world. Currently living in Hawaii, Brandon was riding the waves hoping to make it big, but on the night of the eclipse, he would find himself awash in the firestorm, of which, all Pyr would hope one day to find. Knowing this would be his only chance at a son, Brandon would soon meet the woman who would be his mate. But something was wrong. He was having difficulty controlling his dragon and he blamed his nature and heritage, but there was something about Chen’s magical powder that seemed to fuel the rage burning inside. Knowing he was a danger to his mate, Brandon decided it was time to leave.Marine biologist Liz Barrett has what she calls a ‘sensitivity to the elements’, but it had been close to 14 years since her special abilities had re-emerged. And the closer to her latest destination and a gorgeous stranger, the stronger her powers became. But the call of a name she had long forgotten proved that she was where she belonged and with a man claiming that the ‘firestorm’ was never wrong. But a cryptic message from an old ‘Asian’ man would have Liz second-guessing the true nature of the Firestorm and her dragon. And she suddenly realized the power that the old man had over Brandon and it was her turn to leave to protect the man in whom she was falling in love. She believed she had to escape her family legacy.Many of the other Pyr will be called once again to help with the dragon’s Firestorm, but this time something felt off. Both Quinn and Erik sensed a difference as though the Darkfire was holding court with Brandon’s destiny and Sara would receive a portent of warning about this particular Firestorm. They all were heading to Hawaii because Brandon was in trouble-the Pyr and their mates were needed to break the spell that had been cast trapping Brandon in the clutches of a Slayer. But it is the power of love and a mate that will be the ultimate spell in saving Brandon’s life.EMBER’S KISS is another well-written, fascinating and amazing storyline in Deborah Cooke’s Dragonfire series. Deborah creates a world of beautiful dragons and timeless love. I have loved Deborah’s Dragons since the very beginning and I was immensely pleased that she brought together the Pyr in this amazing tale. And yet again we get a very quick glance at another one of the Pyr, who amazingly finds himself in one too many predicaments. Copy supplied by publisher.see all of my reviews at :

  • SheLove2Read
    2018-10-12 04:40

    *NOTE: There may be spoilers. If you've read 8 books, you probably know what's going to happen anyway.Brandon Merrick - professional surfer, poster boy for good looks, dragon. Liz Barrett - marine biologist with a secret. Brandon is a good looking young surfer with an Australian accent, tattoos, and a smile that would melt any girls heart. He's also a dragon shifter - a Pyr - and he hates it. He believes his other self is evil and he lays this blame on his father Brandt. Brandt who didn't share his nature with Brandon's mother until years later, causing not only a separation between them but for Brandon's mother to shun him as well. He wants nothing to do with the Pyr and in typical misguided fashion, ends up becoming the target of Chen - an evil and ancient Chinese Pyr. Believing Chen is a friend to him, he becomes more and more ingratiated into Chen's plans to use Brandon as the new source of a powder that turns Pyr into Slayers. Until he meets Liz.Liz is a marine biologist - and a Firedaughter. This part of the book turned me off a bit because it's based in witchcraft/wicca and I'm not down with that, even if it's "white magic". But I digress. A Firedaughter is essentially from the line of Pele - Hawaiian goddess of fire and earth. She is able to control the element of fire, along with being from a long line of witches, but she doesn't embrace this life as she used to. Believing she inadvertently killed her mother using her powers, she works as a scientist, trying to forget her other self. This seems to be working for her until she comes to Hawaii.Liz and Brandon are a lot alike - both wishing they could abandon their other self. I liked Brandon more however because at least he was honest about it. Liz tried to rationalize and emotionalize (is that a word?) her abhorrence of what she was, even when called on it. She felt a big two-faced to me in that respect. One thing I didn't like about either of them though was this: both are in their late 20s but they act like they are barely out of their teen years. I could understand Brandon somewhat, living the playboy lifestyle, but for Liz to be a scientist and still act so immature at times put me off. I did however like the fact that Liz didn't flip out when she discovered what Brandon is - a Pyr - and run screaming for the hills like an idiot. A bit of disbelief at first, but she didn't refuse his nature until the very end, like some paranormals have the heroine do.The story was good but it wasn't great. I enjoyed seeing Erik, Sloane, Quinn and all the others play their part in the Firestorm. There's also some pretty heavy foreshadowing with Garrett (Quinn's son) and Zoe (Erik's daughter) that looks interesting. Even though Zoe is obviously the next Wyvern and Garrett the next Smith, both are powerful even as toddlers, and it's apparent these two will have a story together if the series continues that far.Overall, my opinion is that I liked it but it was flawed. I'll still keep reading the series though - I have to find out who Sloane gets for his own, if nothing else. 3 stars

  • Elizabeth
    2018-10-11 01:50

    Another Hot dragon shape shifter novel, what more could a girl ask for? The answer, her own hot dragon shifter. This novel did something that I have not seen previously. It took Brandon, who had learned to think of his dragon side as evil, and Liz, who also felt her magical side was dangerous, and put them side by side to learn from each other and life that they needed to accept both parts of themselves to be whole again. This book really entered the concept of the dark side that we all feel we have in ourselves. Was a great story. loved that Zoe and Garrett played a bigger part in this novel since we see them play major parts in the dragon diary novels. Heres hoping we see a bit more from nicholas in the next novel. Each novel brings us closer to the major conflict that will end the war between slayers and pyre. Cant wait for that conclusion. Also cant wait for thoroff and sloans stories. Ive falled in love with all of them and just want them all to be happy with themselves and their families. Definately want to read more.

  • Lady Lioness
    2018-10-05 04:59

    I literally just finished reading this and I have no idea what to write. Maybe it's because I've been reading a lot of new adult books, maybe because I kept thinking about the companion YA series, I don't know, but Brandon felt like a teenager to me. He came across very lost and uncertain. I felt like, if you stripped away all the paranormal elements, he and Liz would have never worked out. Cooke does liven up the series a bit with giving the second generation, still babies and toddlers, fragments of personality and Liz, the heroine, introduces new possibilities with her role as a Firedaughter (a witch with an affinity for fire). So I can see why most people gave it four stars or higher, but the hero was a deal-breaker for me.

  • Debbie
    2018-10-09 01:57

    Brandon Merrick is a dragon shape shifter, a Pyr only he thinks of himself as a monster, he doesn’t know about his heritage because of an absent father. He’s focusing on surfing the Hawaiian waves while getting help from his old Chinese friend to save him from his dragon-self. But now there’s another fly in the ointment during an eclipse Brandon’s firestorm erupts, (when the Pyr find their one true mate), and what a woman she is but it’s also causing his dragon to take control.Marine Biologist, Liz Bennett is also in denial, she’s running from a past full of magic and legends too hurtful to remember, so she’s come to the islands to start over. But before she can even unpack her suitcase she’s literally hit by the sensual sparks coming from a gorgeous surfer and she never knew what hit her. Worse it unleashes her thought dead powers.Liz and Brandon are alight in the newfound light of the firestorm and before the sparks die down nature is erupting in catastrophe, but there’s nothing natural about it. A terrible enemy has them in their sights and will do anything to end them. The other Pyr have sensed the firestorm and are on their way to help, if they can reach them in time. Will the firestorm bring them together forever or will it burn them to ashes.Deborah Cooke’s excellence in world building just keeps getting better and better and her characters just keep getting more interesting. This time she brings us a man who’s ignorance of his heritage gets him in a world of trouble and a woman who’s knowledge of hers scares the daylights out of her and we get to watch as the magic of Deborah’s words give them life and meaning and make them fall in love as well. Her plot of fantasy and contemporary mixes like the perfect ingredients of a time loved recipe, her characters keep the pages turning and the nails bitten to the quick. And the romance, oh the romance is poetic how she makes these not so ordinary folks bow to the altar of extraordinary love. As with every series they’re best read in order but she also makes each one stand well on it’s own.Deborah yours is always one of my must reads and always keepers on my shelves.

  • Pamela
    2018-10-04 01:39

    For those who love the paranormal series, “Dragonfire” by Deborah Cooke, the eighth book in the series, “Ember’s Kiss” does not disappoint. It’s a terrific novel about a young man (Brandon) who doesn’t want to acknowledge or accept who and what he really is; that he’s Pyr (dragon). For years he’s hated his dragon and done everything to ignore it; turning away from the other Pyr members who’ve tried to guide him; and not wanting to be a part of the war between Pyr and Slayers; to only do what he loves best – surfing the biggest and most dangerous waves. Once again Cooke delivers a well-written, intriguing and engaging story of good vs. evil. It’s full of action, suspense, and romance. As well, two adversaries (Slayers) who try to destroy each other for total control and power. I loved it all, especially the couple at the heart of the story, Brandon and Liz, who made this story really come alive. The way Brandon’s firestorm occurs so early on in the book (chapter 2), the way it consumes them as they’ve never met and don’t even know their names – talk about hot and oh so erotic. The heat and passion between them sizzles. I’ve always loved the heroes in the series and that includes Brandon. There’ve been the odd one or two heroines that I didn’t care for, but I thought Liz was absolutely terrific. With no clue of what’s really going on and instead of sitting back and doing nothing, Liz dives right in to help Brandon fight his demons and ultimately, the Slayers, never giving up on him. She accepts who and what Brandon really is. With the support and guidance Brandon receives from Liz and the other Pyr members (and their mates), Brandon is able to finally accept his true self and destination. I’m already looking forward to reading the next installment in this kick-ass paranormal series.

  • Beate
    2018-10-05 03:38

    I really love this series. I don't want it to ever end. Bugger is that we're running out of dragons here! Ember's Kiss is more a coming of age story than any of the others in the series have been. Brandon, our hero, goes from hating his dragon self and contemplating suicide, to accepting who and what he is.Even though I'm still heartbroken that Rafferty's book was so bad and we don't get to see him in this one at all, I really did love Brendan and Liz' story. He's struggling with what he is, 'helpfully' guided along by Chen, the villain. Liz' arrival in Hawai'i and in his life, turns everything upside down for Brendan. He falls in love, and he fights for not only his life, but Liz' life as well. Finally accepting his dragon self, he accepts the help from some of the other dragons as well.What made this one a real treat to read, was that Liz is a witch, or a firedaughter. Ms Cooke got most of the magical stuff 'right', though she implemented Wicca - which is a rather new thing (think 1960's kind of new), and would not have been around for Liz' grandmother, or her grandmother's grandmother. Witchcraft is as old as time itself, but Wicca is a new age thing - sadly the research wasn't done well enough on this for the book.I'm real happy that Ms Cooke has planned three novellas for the series to come out at the beginning of 2013, and I sincerely hope there'll be more full fledged novels as well. I'm far from done with this series, and I hope Ms Cooke isn't tired of writing these dragons.

  • Michelle
    2018-10-01 05:04

    Ember's Kiss is the 8th Dragonfire novel revolving around the Pyr, dragon shapeshifters. There is an overall story arc so I highly recommend reading them in order. In Ember's Kiss we join Brandon, Brandon has bad history with the Pyr - they are the good guys but after his Dad abandoned him and his Mum - Brandon wants nothing to do with them. Unfortunately ths means that Brandon doesn't know much about being a dragon, all he really wants is to lose the ability to shapeshift. Chen is the head of the Slayers, who are enemies of the Pyr, has taken an interest in Brandon. He is determined to harness his power for his own and has deceived Brandon to accomplish this. Things start to change when Brandon experiences his Firestorm - the meeting of his destined mate that only ends with conception of a child. Liz has powers of her own, can Brandon trust her enough to let her help him?

  • Tracie Runge
    2018-09-22 03:06

    Ember's Kiss is Paranormal Romance at its bestWhat another engrossing and amazing instalment to the Dragonfire Series by Deborah Cooke. If you are a lover of Dragons and the paranormal and have not read this series all I can say is what are you waiting for.The reading order for the Dragonfire series isKiss of Fire Dragonfire Novel Book 1Kiss of Fury Dragonfire Novel Book 2Kiss of Fate Dragonfire Novel Book 3Winter Kiss Dragonfire Novel Book 4Harmonia's Kiss Dragonfire NovellaWhispers Kiss Dragonfire Novel Book 5Darkfire Kiss Dragonfire Novel Book 6Flashfire Dragonfire Novel Book 7Embers Kiss Dragonfire Novel Book 8This is a keeper for all lovers of paranormal romance.

  • Jacqueline
    2018-10-16 04:54

    I'm a fan of this series but this one was a pretty big miss for me. The hero Brandon was an idiotic gullible goob. I have no clue why the heroine would ever think she was in love with him. Because he washawt I guess. Don't know which dragon will get his firestorm next, but if it is Thorolf it looks like he might no be any smarter. Still loving the beautiful description of dragon colors though.

  • Shaineinok
    2018-10-13 20:59

    Brandon and Liz's story. Not a stand alone but #8 in the Dragonfire series. This is a great series and I really loved this installment.

  • Darkand
    2018-10-14 21:50

    Surfer Pyr Brandon and Firedaughter marine biologist Liz's story - set in exotic Hawaii - lush and beautiful story! Loved it!

  • Renee
    2018-10-07 23:44

    Another wonderful book. I loved both Brandon and Liz, and it was great to see other characters resurface. This book is definitly worth reading and the story is very original.

  • Alyssa :::Riverina Romantics:::
    2018-09-15 20:50

    Posted At: Riverina RomanticsRating: 4/5*Romance: 4/5 <3Mommy, can I have a dragon shifter for my birthday? Pleaseeeeeee!This was a great book! The firestorm happened fairly early, the action picked up early, then it was a race to the finish. It kept me interested, reading furiously to see how everything played out. It was nice to see an appearance by some of the other shifters and their families, I always miss how they all interact with each other. I do wish they had been allowed a little more page time, but hey, we don’t always get what we want. I remember as I was reading, I was surprised how things happened and how quickly. It was a nice change from the other novels that seemed a little more even. I have to say the pace fit Brandon and Liz, so it was good.I couldn’t get over how childlike Brandon behaved for most of the book. I had a hard time believing that he was a grown adult, instead of a teenager --cause he sure as hell acted like one. I think that was my biggest peeve with him. He was so sure of the firestorm between him and Liz, yet he tried to furiously deny what he was and embrace it. Yes, Liz was doing something similar with herself, but she took it like an adult. Brandon just ran away like a kid. What I really liked about him, though, was his dedication and loyalty. Once he got involved with Liz, he made sure to do everything he could to protect her and make their relationship work. He fought for her, both physically and emotionally. He supported her even though he didn’t know about her own personal demons. He was determined to do the firestorm right, and was loyal to her until the end. He never once denied what was going on between them or their relationship. He embraced it completely and allowed it to flourish.I really liked Liz’s character. She was a very strong and capable woman, despite how her life quickly got turned upside down the moment she got to Hawaii. She had been living in a mental world of her own making since she was a child, and when she got tangled up with Brandon, she realized she couldn’t hide who she was anymore. She had to embrace it, or everyone she had grown to care about could die. Things around her quickly start going haywire, lives started getting threatened, and her whole world gets altered. She takes it in stride, even the goofy-ass behavior of Brandon. She takes the knowledge she has and uses it to help not only Brandon and the other Pyr, but also herself. She becomes a one-woman fighting force, coupled with the strength and loyalty of Brandon, and the rest of the Pyr. She also never once denied the relationship she had with Brandon. She embraced it, even accepted the things he told her as if she had already known them. She didn’t doubt him and she never hid the fact that she cared about him so deeply. It was very refreshing to see two people embrace each other so readily instead of wasting time denying it and fighting against it.Their romance was passionate and sweeping. They wasted no time in coming together and embracing each other. It only grew from the moment they joined. It showed how strong they were together, and how much stronger they continued to become in the face of all on danger chasing them. They made an amazing team, one that had me cheering for them until the very end. I really wanted this one to work, especially with everything that was working against them. I really liked the confidence and loyalty they had to each other.Overall, despite Brandon being so juvenile at times, this was a great book and a great addition to the Dragonfire series. The family that these dragons create, both with each other and their own personal families, is amazing to see on the page. It always makes me happy by the time I put the book down, knowing that there is that kind of love out there. Really good story.I want more. Now.

  • Valerie ~ Val Hall ~
    2018-10-10 02:53

    Since it's the 8th book of the series, it's impossible for me to write a review without spoilers so, be advised.The Dragonfire series has seen many couples formed of shape-shifting dragon warriors (the Pyr) charged with protecting the earth and humankind. If the dragon is very lucky he will find his destined mate during a firestorm. The dragons that go against this ideal turn to selfish and destructive goal and are called Slayers.Here we have Brandon Merrick, professional surfer trying to divorce himself from his dragon nature. He is young and stupid to realize that his quest has less chances of success than winning the lottery or a leopard changing his spots. His destined mate is Liz Barrett, marine biologist fleeing from her past.Brandon has convinced himself that his dragon half is evil since her mother threw him out and his father was never a permanent fixture in his life. He wants to become wholly human and befriend Chen, an evil and ancient Chinese Slayer, who has great plans for him in the form of a very dead Pyr.Liz Barrett has a lot of issues as well since she is a Firedaughter in denial caused by a traumatic childhood incident. I did not particularly liked the witchcraft/wicca introduction in the series because it emphasized how little the Pyr, as a magical species, had forgotten over the centuries about magic. It kind of cheapen the world-building of the 7 previous books. So, Firedaughter have an affinity to fire given by the hawaiian Goddess Pele. The premise looks interesting and the story was good but not great. Whenever there are two main characters in their late 20's in complete denial of their fundamental nature, the easy option is to regress ones actions to the level of a teenager. Brandon, with his surfer playboy persona could maybe be excuses but Liz with a university degree took the cake. The good thing is that Liz did not scream and run for the hills when she figured out what Brandon was, being herself not stickily human. The saving grace was that the previous characters like Erik, Sloane, Quinn and their children played a large part in the story that balanced and helped the story move along. I'll continue reading the series because I can rarely give one up but it has become a bit formulaic and could use some more darkfire.

  • Lisa Annesley
    2018-09-27 02:49

    Brandon Merrick grew up believing that his dragon side was a monster. Now estranged from his family, he wants nothing more than to conquer the darkness within him, to eradicate the dragon from his life. His goal is to become a pro surfer, since the water element seems to calm him. To that end, he cooperates with Chen, an elderly friend of his who says he can help him control his dragon. But does Chen have Brandon's best interests at heart? Is there more to Chen than Brandon sees?Liz Barrett is a marine biologist who believes she's put her own past behind her, having given away her Firedaughter witch powers fourteen years ago. But when she arrives in Hawaii for a symposium, her powers begin to return. And when she meets up with Brandon under a lunar eclipse, their firestorm--their fated mating--sparks into flames. After a night of passion, an unnatural earthquake releases Brandon's dragon. Although Brandon doesn't tell Liz that he is the dragon, she starts putting clues together to figure out that he's a Pyr. But she's also holding back on Brandon. They both have secrets that they're hiding, and they both can't accept their true selves.The Pyr race to Brandon's side, welcomed by Brandon or not, as Chen makes his true nature known. An additional enemy arrives on the scene, complicating matters for all. The lives of Brandon and Liz--and the safety of the island of Oahu--are on the line unless they can accept and control their true natures. Will they succeed?♥♥♥Brandon and Liz are likable characters that you'll enjoy spending hours with. They aren't perfect--like real people they have their flaws. But Brandon is noble, loyal, and protective. Liz is caring, nurturing, and loving. But she can also kick some dragon butt.After the story is established, there is plenty of suspense and fast-paced action. Both Brandon and Liz find themselves in mortal danger. But when all is said and done, Ember's Kiss is a story of self-acceptance and forgiveness.Deborah Cooke will reveal her plans for Dragonfire in 2013 on November 1, 2012. Watch her blog for details at on or after the 1st.For more of my reviews, see Paranormal Romance with Lisa Annesley Subscribe by e-mail, and you'll be notified of monthly giveaways as soon as they're posted!

  • PepperP0t
    2018-09-25 01:52

    4.5stars reallyThis adventure of the Pyr has surfer Brandon Merrick on the cusp of achieving all his goals when he meets marine biologist Liz Barrett. Brandon has unwittingly allowed himself to become a pawn in Chen's quest for ruling the Pyr. Brandon hates his dragon and hopes the firestorm will end his ability to shift. Liz has denied her heritage as a witch and being in Hawaii seems to have re-awakened her gift, she can also see through Chen's magic. Liz doesn't understand the magic around Brandon but she knows it is dark and that she will help him beat it back. Brandon was likeable enough but felt quite young (the others have felt more settled) and Liz also likeable and smart, felt more mature than he. They were great together as well as in their interaction with the fairly well developed secondary characters. Chen was at his dastardly best and it was quite easy to see him twirling his mustache and laughing maniacally. Will Chen's master plan finally come to fruition? Are the Pyr doomed? Where are the Dragon's Teeth? This read had a lot of pressure to resolve outstanding issues and did it well. Cameos from some of the other couples as they gathered to help Brandon's firestorm brought to mind their installments and kept the read exciting. It was also quite noticeable and gratifying to see the growth in the series. I absolutely loved Liz's very strong thread. While the other female leads have not been weak, their threads were not as full as Liz's. Another action I liked was the closure of some storylines while ushering in a new era with others. Overall a very satisfying read and (IMO) this is a series that has not been recommended enough!

  • Robin
    2018-09-29 01:57

    Chen, Cooke's latest Slayer villain, is so creepy, slimy and cartoonish in his evil that I could barely stand to read about him in the previous novels when he made an appearance. Though I bought this novel when it came out a year ago, as soon as I read that the novel began with Chen doing his creepy thing I passed, only to pick it up again now. It might have been different if it had been about a Pyr like Thorolf or Sloane who I as a reader was familiar with and cared about. Now I know if I had made myself read a little longer that Brandon Merrick would have endeared himself quickly, and his firestorm with Liz Barrett made it easy to root for them. Favorite characters from the series reappear, and I was glad for the final resolution. The read was a little like putting on an old pair of comfy slippers, but it wasn't any more than that. So on a rainy day that you want to read something that demands little--except perseverance when it comes to creepy Chen--but delivers the love-conquers-all vibes it is nice to indulge in from time to time, this is for you.ASIDE: Now that I think about it, you do probably need to have read at least some of the previous novels in the series for this one to be familiar enough to qualify as putting on old slippers.

  • Barbara ★
    2018-10-06 23:53

    Since his parents firestorm went to hell, Brandon actively suppressed his dragon self, hating it and wanting it gone forever. Thus he was an easy mark for Slayer Chen who wanted Brandon for nefarious purposes. Enter Liz Barrett, marine biologist and witch with suppressed powers as well. Her situation is a little different. Liz feels that she was the reason her mother died during her Test. Her powers have been gone for fourteen years but upon her arrival in Hawaii, they came back with bells on. Add the firestorm and things are definitely heating up (in more ways than one) for Brandon and Liz. Both have to accept the other side of themselves and learn to live with their gifts instead of rejecting them.I really liked both Brandon and Liz. They are truly perfect for each other having complimentary gifts. I always like when previous characters make a guest entrance and in this one, a whole lot of them appear to help Brandon with his firestorm. I loved the addition of the kids and seeing their affinities so early. A wonderful series that I hope never ends. Dragon shifters are H.O.T.!

  • The Window Seat
    2018-10-01 02:47

    Well, when I first started this book, I was admittedly on a down trend toward the whole Dragonfire series. Kiss of Fire started incredibly strong and Kiss of Fury was disappointing. But since the second one took so long to slog through, this one got rushed to the front before the 6 in between. If this one were the tie breaker (which it isn't) then I wouldn't be reading Kiss of Fate next. That one will be the last chance of the series for me.Brandon Merrick is a dragon shifter who doesn't want to be a dragon shifter. He wants to be a surfer. And he wants to be the best gosh darned surfer there is. (yes, I am serious) And so he settles himself in Hawaii where he can surf his days away and separate himself from the dark nature of his heritage. But Liz Barrett is there waiting for him. For the full review, please go to Ember's Kiss

  • Kathy
    2018-10-07 01:51

    I really like this series, I like the characters, the story of good vs evil and the bad guys are really evil and demented to say the least. I like how the series progress with each story. The only thing is I think that it should end soon, although sometimes I hate when a series ends I think it should before it gets stale and starts to drag on. I really liked that Liz had abilities of her own to use against the slayers, she wasn't a damsel in distress waiting for Brandon to save her and she held her own pretty well. I hope there is going to be just two more, because I want Sloane and Thorolf to have their firestorms. I'm hoping that the next one is for Thorolf cause I'm a bit worried for the stupid oaf, he's not using his head as usual.

  • Angela
    2018-09-24 03:54

    There are several elements that keep this entry in the series fresh. Brandon's desire to deny his shifter nature and his lack of knowledge about it sets the story up well. The mate's own secrets bring something new to the series (no spoilers). As usual we have the Slayers--Jorge and Chen--making trouble. I thought this one brought the overall series forward, gave us some additional dragon lore, and gave us some insights into the other series characters in the background.

  • Lauren
    2018-10-13 03:00

    This is the 8th book in the Dragonfire series and I loved it. Brandon is a surfer dragon that wants no part of his dragon side. Liz is a marine biologist firedaughter witch that also wants nothing to do with the magic side of herself. The two have to come to grips with themselves to win out over the Slayers. I enjoyed the chemistry between the two and also loved seeing a glimpse in to the lives of previous Pyr main characters.

  • Mirjam
    2018-10-16 01:44

    Ember's Kiss is the 8th book in the Dragonfire series featuring the young Pyr Brandon and marine biologist Liz. A likeable pair, although Brandon drove me daft with his gullibility at times. Liz is a wonderful character though. I love the union of dragon and firedaughter. Perhaps with her help some lost lore can be regained. This book offers danger, romance and a meeting with familiar characters. Ember's Kiss is another wonderful addition to the series!

  • Anita
    2018-10-08 00:40

    I have read all of Deborah Cooke's dragon series and while a few are hit or miss, I was pleasantly surprised with this addition. I really enjoyed it. Just when I thought the story was going to get stuck, Ms. Cooke plowed through to tie the storyline up. I liked the characters and it is always wonderful to see past characters. Definitely a good read and a good addition to the series.

  • Elaine Wingert
    2018-10-11 00:48

    Wow this book was awesome! Full of Dragon suspense mystery intrigue romance action packed drama twists and turns kept me on the edge throughout. I couldn't put it down. Yes another all nighter reading but definitely worth it. I Highly recommend.

  • Jackie
    2018-10-05 22:04

    I love this series. I'm sure Deborah has a master plan on how the series progresses. But I hope she doesn't wait to long to give Sloane his firestorm. I like the character's I have known for a long time to have their story before new character's have theirs.

  • 2readmore
    2018-10-03 22:47

    Good book. I read it in one whole day. Though a lot less action and drama than some of the other Dragonfire books. It was pretty good. The main character (Brandon Merrick) was more of a self loathing type of guy, but in the end he came to love and accept himself and his dragon nature.

  • Mona
    2018-10-15 02:07

    OMG I loved this book! Even though its not the last book in this series, I feel content in waiting for the next and not anxious as I usually do when waiting for the next book. The storyline and ending were beautifully written to the point of making me cry. The DragonFire series is an amazing read.

  • Wendy
    2018-09-30 00:48

    Flipping love!