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Life seems relatively normal for eighteen-year-old Avalina, who spends most of her time hanging out with her outspoken best friend, Jess, her twin brother, Aiden, and his best friend, Nick. Avalina fights against the overwhelming crush she has on Nick, harassment from her cruel ex-boyfriend, and an over protective brother while trying to make it through her senior year ofLife seems relatively normal for eighteen-year-old Avalina, who spends most of her time hanging out with her outspoken best friend, Jess, her twin brother, Aiden, and his best friend, Nick. Avalina fights against the overwhelming crush she has on Nick, harassment from her cruel ex-boyfriend, and an over protective brother while trying to make it through her senior year of high school.Their lives are forever changed when the mysterious Araios, who looks remarkably like Nick, appears at a party in their sleepy little town in Northern Idaho. Araios holds secrets Avalina has long forgotten, secrets of a past based in a world of magic, mythical creatures and a royal lineage.Follow the group of friends as they travel through this thrilling new world while Avalina learns to control the magic she needs to save everyone from the darkness that threatens to destroy Aurora and all who live within it....

Title : Twins of Aurora
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Twins of Aurora Reviews

  • Joy
    2018-09-25 08:11

    Very good. Good world and character (mostly) building. Love the idea of the four elements being controlled in a parallel world and mythical creatures wielding the magic. I just really like it as a stand alone book. I don't want to ruin my feelings for this book by reading the rest of the series. I loved the cheesy predictable ending and that the love interest changed and happy with the choices made by the protagonist.

  • Megan
    2018-10-17 02:04

    I first fell in love with Magen McMinimy's writing about a year ago when I was first introduced to her Immortal Warriors. That loved continued when I picked up the North American Pack and the Half Blood Princess series. My awe for her abilities grew exponentially when I sat down to read the first in the Twins of Aurora series.The Twins of Aurora series is a Young Adult series - a step away from the paranormal romances I have come to drool over. The fact that McMiminy has taken the YA path for her twins instead of the more adult road she's come to be known for shows just how incredible a writer she is. As an admitted lover of adult paranormal romances, I've come to be disenchanted with a lot of YA novels, but Twins of Aurora has restored my faith in them with an incredibly layered story that doesn't forget the reader. There were times when just as a question popped into my head, a character answered before it could hinder my enjoyment - this is a prime example of a writer knowing her readers well enough to anticipate their needs and keep them immersed within her world.Avalina and Aiden are 18 year old twins in a small mid-western town planning out where their lives will take them after graduation when those plans drastically change. A night out with her brother, best friend and crush leads to the arrival of a mysterious stranger that holds secrets long forgotten. That same stranger leads the teens 'down a rabbit hole' (in a sense) to a world they don't remember in order to save it from the darkness threatening to destroy everything within it.I could clearly understand what Avalina was feeling as she tried to understand her crush on her brothers best friend, dealt with a cruel ex-boyfriend and was then confronted with a stranger she can't help but be drawn to. Her strength of character makes her a force to be reckoned with (and all the men in this tale can agree) - she is unwilling to just take things at face value, wanting to know all aspects of a situation before making a choice. McMinimy is a master of the strong female character. I have yet to come across a lead woman in any of her stories that I wouldn't want to be friends with. Her women refuse to be left behind so that a man can save the day - they'll save the day themselves. This isn't to say her men aren't just as amazing. Nick, Araios and Aiden all possess the expected 'alpha male' 'me strong you weak' attitudes at times, but each one is also willing to admit when their way won't work. You can even see the changes in each character as the story progresses - they are stagnant and non-changing -- as they come together as a group with a purpose, this little 'family' finds itself dealing with jealousy, love, anger, fear and a multitude of other emotions. The Avalina, Nick, Jess, Aiden, and Araios you meet in the beginning are not the same ones you come to love by the end.McMinimy has once again set her readers on a course of adventure into a world of magic, mystery, love and family. It's a path I will gladly walk down for as long as she's willing to develop the world.Twins of Aurora is a pick-up/can't put down even if I wanted to must read series.

  • JC82
    2018-10-11 03:49

    4 1/2 Magical Stars!!Magical, mesmerizing world of forgotten identities and unbelievable futures; that’s what McMinimy creates with her book Twins of Aurora.Twins Aiden and Ava have very few memories of their past and their parents. Raised by very loving adoptive parents and surrounded by some of the best friends anyone could ask for. Their lives seem headed in the right direction that is until a stranger who isn’t really a stranger at all shows up one night at a party and the twins find out the truth about who they are, are far from ordinary or normal.Aro a mysterious warrior who is in fact the unknown brother of Aidan’s best friend Nick surfaces to warn both Aidan and Ava that they are in danger. With the help of Nick and Ava’s best friend Jess the group set off on a journey to discover Aidan and Ava’s lineage and the powers they will come to wield in order to stop to a powerful villain intent on destroying all that is good and wondrous in Aurora.This is a wonderfully creative and entertaining story. McMinimy combines various genres of fantasy to create a world that is both alluring and fascinating. I loved the inclusion of the elements and how each elemental power corresponded to particular group of mystical creatures. The descriptions are detailed, fluid, and will have you imagining some of the most visually stunning images. McMinimy has quite an imagination. The story is fairly fast-paced and never gets boring, as soon as Aiden and Ava set off on their journey the books really takes off and you are thrust into this awesome tale of both power and self-discovery. Each character provides a different dynamic to the story. Ava is a somewhat insecure yet beautiful girl who has lost her sense of self after a bad breakup. She becomes the ultimate heroine mastering a multitude of talents that not only make her admirable but also fierce. Nick and Aro are a pair of gorgeous brothers who are both determined in their mission to protect Ava at the same time providing the romantic twist in the storyline as each brother’s feelings intensify for Ava. Jess is the ever optimistic no-nonsense best friend, she is all spunk and spitfire and she constantly provided a little flare to the story. Aiden came across as steadfast, stoic and absolutely flirtatious big brother. He is Ava’s rock.There is plenty to enjoy in this story from the beautifully detailed backdrops and different locations, to the characters and their dedication to each other and to the thrilling adventure of finding who you are. A great fun read that will satisfy the taste buds of any fantasy reader.

  • Anne
    2018-09-29 08:59

    Reviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock - 5 FangsAdopted twins Avalina and Aiden are high school seniors living a normal teenage life planning their futures. Avalina and her feisty best friend, Jess, are cheerleaders, and Aiden's best friend, Nick, is on the football team. Avalina dated the high school jock, Jared, who turned out to be really obnoxious. She has had a secret crush on Nick for years, but despairs of him ever seeing her as anything other than Aiden's little sister. During a moment of conflict with Jared, Nick's brother, Araios, shows up seemingly out of nowhere. The teens are confused, because they have known Nick for years and never knew he had a brother. There starts the beginning of a lovely fairy tale. Araios tells them that they are from a different world, Aurora. Being magical royalty, they are being chased by Shadow Wolves and Shadow Guards sent by their evil uncle, Valdar, who was responsible for killing their parents. Nick has been a guardian watching over them on Earth. Valdar manages to have Aiden kidnapped, and the teens head back to Aurora, so that Avalina may develop the powers she wasn't aware she had. The fascinating world of Aurora is filled with nature nymphs, spirit wolves, dragons, fairies and mermaids. The only way to rescue Aiden is to have Avalina develop her powers to fight the dark shadows that are being spread by Valdar. On this amazing journey, Avalina strives to get her confidence back, control her magic, and ultimately finds herself torn between loving two men. The Twins of Aurora was filled with all the elements of a great fairy tale. This extremely well-written book was filled with engaging characters, and the descriptive passages of Aurora were so realistic you felt you were there. I had no trouble imagining the homes of the nature nymphs, fairies and mermaids in my head. Which warrior does Avallina really love, the brother or the friend she has loved for years? Will they rescue Aiden from Valdar's evil clutches in time? The Twins of Aurora is well worth reading to find out. Although this is a YA novel, I found myself totally engaged. I can't wait to read the next in the series to find out what further adventures are happening in Aurora.

  • Katie Harder-schauer
    2018-09-26 04:53

    I loved this book. I could totally relate to Ava being in love with her brother's best friend (I've had a crush on one of my brother's good friends since the 5th grade, still do, but we're both married to other people now, so I'm pretty sure nothing is going to come of it). I related to many of Ava's other characteristics as well, and it sort of felt like the author was writing about my teenage self. Sadly I never had any hot guardians take me to the magical world of which I'm supposed to be queen. I guess I'll keep waiting for that though.There were a few references to sex, but not any scandalous details, which is good for a NA book. The references were certainly no worse than what I was reading in Harlequin romance's in eighth grade and as such I would have no problem allowing my daughter to read this as early as middle school. This book at first made me think of the Disney movie, Twitches, starring Tia and Tamara Mowry (you know the girls from Sister Sister, and yes, I realize I'm dating myself here), except these twins grew up together and one of them is a boy. In both cases, the twins have been hidden on Earth as we know it to escape the clutches of their evil uncle who is a sort of lord of darkness, and they have to team up to save their world that up until their teen years they didn't even know existed. Beyond the basic plot line the details between the two are very different though. And I don't think the author just ripped off Twitches, for one because it's a somewhat obscure movie that you'd only know about if you spent almost all of your time watching The Disney Channel (which is the only channel my tv was pretty much always on after I had my son because it's kid appropriate television and I just can't stand most of the shows on Nickelodeon anymore) and for another they really are quite different journeys, even if their basics are similar.I would definitely recommend this book to any NA paranormal enthusiast.

  • Katie Boettcher
    2018-10-12 08:09

    What would you do if the guy you have had a major crush on gives you a ring? Would you take it or would you turn it down? What if they said it was from a different person just to make you feel better? What do you do when your heart wants two different people for two different reasons? Do you pick the one who has been there for everything or the new guy that makes you feel safe and wanted? What if you find out that the one for you is actually the opposite of what destiny and fate have chosen for you? Aiden and Ava live the dream life for two Northern Idaho high school seniors or that’s what everyone thinks. Their life takes a drastic change when Araios shows up. They have survived there birth parents dying but will the secrets of their families past destroy them or make them stronger. Araios holds the key to some of the secrets but can they trust him? Jess, Ava’s best friend, has had a crush on Aiden for the last 10 years is she the girl for him or will a mysterious man hold the key to her future? Nick, who looks a lot like Araios, has always been friends with Aiden and Ava but does he know that Ava has a secret crush on him?I fell in love with this book. The fantasy genre is hard to do because most authors wind up moving more towards dystopian but not this one. This was one of the best written I have read in a while. There is great character development and storylines. This book sucked me in on the first page and I did not want it to end. Very few books make you feel like that but this is one I will definitely re-read and brag about for years to come. The author has given this book a NA Fantasy rating but in my opinion I would say it is ok for 16+.I was given a complimentary copy for my honest review by the author for A Literary Perusal Book Blog.

  • Christie R.
    2018-10-16 05:52

    Magen McMinimy has done it again and further proven why she is one of my favorite authors of all time! This book has everything that I look for in a paranormal fantasy. Avalina and Aiden are twins facing normal everyday issues in high school. Jess and Nick are their best friends and secretly Ava is crushing hard on Nick and Jess just flirts with everyone. Everything is going along normally until Araios shows up and he just happens to be Nicks brother that they didn't even know existed. They are thrust into the supernatural world when shadow wolves come after them leaving Nick and Araios to protect them. They learn that their life is not what they thought it was and that secrets have been kept to protect them. Their Guardians (NIck and Araios) take them to Aurora where Galina fills them in on the magical world that they left behind as children and the prophecy. There Ava learns that she is magical and has the ability to talk to animals and even protect the ones she loves. Unfortunately Aiden is taken by the Shadow Guards and imprisoned to try and lure Ava to the evil King so that he may stop the prophecy from happening and keep his reign of the kingdom. Ava however proves to be stronger and even better then they thought with her magical abilities and doesn't believe in giving up. Ava, her best friend and Guardians embark on a journey to get her brother back and fight the evil that is trying to destroy Aurora. This book is filled to the brim with magic, dragons, mermaids, good, evil, love and most of all an exciting read that will leave you wanting the next book in the series!

  • Giana Racine
    2018-10-23 01:45

    Yet another amazing read by this Phenomenal Author!!!!I absolutely love reading her books and am always sad when I finish them because I know at some point that series will end. Magen McMinimy's books are remarkable and are something everyone should read! They are the types of books you just can't set down and have to read from start to finish with as few interruptions as possible. Trust me when I say this, YOU WILL BE ADDICTED TO THEM!!! I have read all her books up to this current one. That's a total of 14 books!! This is a really good book. Magen McMinimy painted such a vivid picture of Aurora and the characters that will have you wishing this world really existed! I felt like I lived there and was apart of the Character's every day lives!! Twins Avalina and Aiden are your typical 18 year old seniors in high school. Avalina spends most of her time with her out spoken best friend Jess, her brother and his best friend Nick who she also has a major crush on but doesn't have the strength or bravery to tell him because she had her heart crushed by her cruel ex-boyfriend Jared. Just when they think that life is moving on and headed for the future, they get a surprise visit from Nick's brother Araios who pulls them into a magical world that Avalina and Aiden are destined to rule. Avalina is faced with the capture of her twin Aiden, and the fact that she wields all 4 elements that she must learn to conjure and control in order to save her brother from Valder. Can she learn all she needs to save him? Will love, friendship and family be enough to help Avalina on her journey, or will Valder be to powerful and end up destroying Aurora?

  • Raina Collins
    2018-09-25 03:00

    Reviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors that RockI give it 5 fangs.Twins of Aurora is the first book of a new series by Magen McMinimy. It can be read by young adults but is a good read for mature readers as well.Avalina, also known as Ava, and Aiden are twin eighteen-year olds. Their lives seem like any other teenagers. They know their parents had adopted them at the age of five, but don’t know much of what really happened to their biological parents.The story circles mostly around Ava. Ava’s best friend is Jess. Jess is like a sister to her. Aiden’s best friend is Nick. Ava has had a life-long crush on Nick. Life makes a drastic change for the twins when they learn they are from Aurora and not Earth. Aurora is a world of magic with even dragons. They learn what really happened to their parents and why they left Aurora. But soon after Aiden is taken by their uncle they never knew of. Ava must learn all about this new world, try and save her brother and try to save Aurora from her evil uncle.And of course there is the romance. Ava is torn between her thirteen year old crush with Nick and the feelings she has for Nick’s older brother, who she just met but has a strange connection to.The story was a fast read for me and I couldn’t put it down until I read it all. If you like fantasy with magic and some romance, this is definitely a book for you. I can’t wait to start reading the second book of this series.

  • Chrissy Dunlap
    2018-09-30 09:04

    I was already a fan of Magen's when I received a copy of Twins of Aurora for an honest review. It starts out as a typical High School crush. Ava is in love with her twin brother Aiden's best friend Nick. While they are at a party Ava's ex boyfriend starts causing problems. Nick starts to come to her defense when in comes a strange man. After the strange man takes care of the ex, he makes Ava, Aiden, Nick and Ava's best friend Jess leave. Come to find out the strange man is Nick's brother Araios that no one knew about. Araios is there to protect Ava and Aiden from their evil Uncle Valder. The twins find out that their whole life has been a lie. They are the intended rulers of Aurora. Aiden ends up being kidnapped by their uncle. Ava and the rest of them go back to Aurora to rescue him. To rescue her brother Ava has to learn to harness the elements. Magen is able to bring this whole new world to life in a way that makes you feel like you are truly there with the characters. There are plenty of twists and turns for everyone. I did not want to put this book down. I am ready to read the next in the series. This is a must read!!!

  • S.L. Dearing
    2018-10-16 04:11

    I received an ARC for an honest review.I was given an opportunity to read the Twins of Aurora and I'm so glad I did.It was a wonderful NA Fantasy Paranormal adventure with plenty of romance thrown in for good mesaure. I'm already a huge fan of McMinimy's Immortal Heart Series and I now love the Aurora Books as well.Twins Ava and Aiden are fantastic, along with their friends Nick adn Jess. They are typical high school seniors thrown into a world they completely unprepared for and yet, we see them struggle and work through their fears and insecurities. Their emotions are real and like most eighteen-year-olds, they flip on and off like a switch. The world of Aurora is a wonderful place and McMinimy once again has created the sights, sounds and touch of a magical realm, full of beauty, mystery and darkness. I can't wait to get my hnds on the second book in the series. It was a wonderful ride!! Bring on more Aurora!!

  • Tonya
    2018-10-24 04:52

    Once again I was sucked in and hooked on one of Magen's books. I absolutely loved this story. Avalina "Ava" and Aiden are just normal twins, going to highschool and to parties, when one night, that all changes. They will both soon be learning that nothing about their lives is normal. What an adventure it is. Ava learns about who she really is, while learning to control, and use, her powers so that she will be able to rescue her brother. It will be a struggle. But she will get help from creatures and people she did not know even existed. Will she be able to figure out which Stanton brother, Aro or Nick, that she loves? Can't wait to read the next! I love being transported into Magen's paranormal books. They way she writes them, just pulls me right in and leaves me wanting more as soon as I finish reading.

  • N. Kuhn
    2018-09-24 03:55

    4.0 out of 5 stars wonderful, June 24, 2015By Nickinic - Ebooks Galore "Authors please feel free to contact us regarding our blog."Edit ReviewDelete ReviewThis review is from: Twins of Aurora (Kindle Edition)*I recevied this book free in exchange for an honest review*I actually enjoyed this book. I like the brother's friend crush thing. This was a great story. Seeing Avalina and Aiden adjust to new lives, new worlds and new beliefs. Ava deals with a lot, between her ex and her crush on Nick. I think she was such a well written character. I enjoyed readin her. This was a wonderful story.Why no voting buttons? We don't let customers vote on their own reviews, so the voting buttons appear only when you look at reviews submitted by others.Permalink

  • Spunky N Sassy
    2018-10-15 02:57

    SNS Rating: 5.0~~~~~~~~~~Dee's ★★★★★ Review~~~~~~~~~~Beautiful fairy tale with a modern twist. Twins Ava and Nick, typical seniors, are whisked off to a magical land of dragons, fairies, merfolk and other mystical people. The ruler of this land has turned to the dark side ruling with evil and slowly destroying all life in the land of Aurora. It is up to the twins to overcome the darkness and return the light to the land. The author skillfully described the environment, the magic of the different realms and explained the history of Aurora. It was easy to see the vivid colors, hear the crackle of magic and experience the excitement and suspense of the final showdown with even a streak of romance added in the process.

  • Colleen Everly
    2018-10-07 07:59

    Loved this book! This is a great start to a new series. the world the author has created is so fascinating. I had only planned on reading a few chapters and going to bed needless to say it is 3:30 AM and I need to get up in a few hours, but it was worth the book hangover. This story starts out and think think it is going in one direction and the author puts a twist in there and takes you in a whole new direction. Let's just say that if you love fantasy books with a little romance you're going to love this book. I would love to see this as a movie. I found myself loving the characters and their chemistry with each other. Her best friend is a hoot! Everyone needs a friend like her. I can't wait to read Sacred Fire coming this month.

  • D.S. Schmeckpeper
    2018-09-27 05:00

    Fantasy worlds implementing the four elements as their basis for magic is a classic plot element, however this book is anything but predictable. This is a beautiful story about Ava and her twin, Aiden, as they get pulled into a magical world they are destined to rule. Truly, the vivid descriptions of the world of Aurora and the characters themselves just really made this book come alive with color and beauty. I wish I could just move in to Aurora myself and become one of these characters, it's that good. Once started, I couldn't put this book down and finished it in just one day. Try it, you won't be disappointed!

  • Shannan Williams
    2018-09-30 06:07

    I absolutely loved this book! It took me on a magical journey that captured me from page one and still has my heart…even though I finished it quite a while ago. This is one of those books that just kind of stays with you. It was that good. If you like fantasy then you will love this book just as I did.The characters, the creatures, the places…everything, made this a perfect fantasy book. Fantasy is my favorite genre and this is one of the best I have read in a while.I am not going to give away any information about the book except that it is wonderful and you have to read it. I highly recommend this book and it gets 5***** all the way around from this reviewer.

  • Sadie Yates
    2018-10-06 03:15

    Warriors,dragons and mermaids, oh my! This story was more than a romance it was an adventure. I was drawn to the character Ava, I could relate to her insecurities and the struggle to find her strength. I laughed and cried with her on her path not only to save her twin but to find out who she truly is. The imagery of the other ream made me want to travel there. I want to vacation with mermaids and ride a dragon. Looking forward to book two!

  • Eunice Korczak
    2018-10-22 00:59

    Twins of AuroraTwins of Aurora is a light fantasy romance. I believe it would be highly appealing to the YA market. Although I miss inclusion in that group by a couple of hundred years, I enjoyed the story even if I did not become particularly engaged. It's a quick easy read requiring little investment of effort and a nice afternoon or two of entertainment.

  • phyllis
    2018-10-05 01:48

    The twins destinyA very good read. I enjoyed the characters and the magic of the twins. Their adventures were well thought out and fun to read. After finding out that they were not who they thought they were, the twins handled everything with a maturity that was subtle and admirable. A book that you could read over again.

  • Wynonna White
    2018-10-08 06:58

    I really enjoyed this book full of magic, love and confusing. Twins born in one world but raised unknowingly in another get the shock of their lives when nicks brother cones to take them home. This is a good young adult clean romance book .

  • Brandy Rivers
    2018-10-09 01:11

    A great story, lots of action. Ava has to go through so much to find her strength, and herself.The story moves along, there's a whole world here of magical beings. Magen does a great job of bringing the world and characters to life.I still prefer Nick over Aro.

  • Diane
    2018-09-29 07:50

    Easy read, though not an intelligent one. I see it as a no brainer, so if you want a "cute" book this is it. My main issue is that most of it reads like a book meant for 11-13 year old but with content for the adult crowd.

  • Ophelia
    2018-09-28 03:10

    Personally, I was a bit disappointed I would've much preferred her to be with Nick than Aro.

  • Emma
    2018-10-19 07:48

    To be honest I ended up skimming this the minute the talking fawn appeared, it was just too full of over descriptive cutesy fluff and the heroine needed a shake.

  • Helen Simpson
    2018-10-16 01:05