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"Dear friend,This is no chain letter, hoax or prank.It is a sincere warning about your home and the entity which dwells within.Your home has been haunted for quite some time.I am sorry that I could not personally deliver this document. I did not even post it myself. The postmark on the envelope will not help you, should you ever attempt to locate me.When this letter is com"Dear friend,This is no chain letter, hoax or prank.It is a sincere warning about your home and the entity which dwells within.Your home has been haunted for quite some time.I am sorry that I could not personally deliver this document. I did not even post it myself. The postmark on the envelope will not help you, should you ever attempt to locate me.When this letter is complete, I shall entrust a friend in another country with repackaging and sending it on my behalf. This letter also may or may not have been translated from its original language.You do not know me. You must never know me.Neither do I know you, beyond your name, address and appearance. I have seen you in person but you have not seen me.Think back to the day that you moved into your home. I contrived to casually pass by as you stood outside. I saw your face, but you did not so much as glance my way. I did not stop walking. I simply committed your face to memory and moved on before you became aware of my presence.Why did I want to see you?I suppose my conscience drove me to it. Just as it compels me to finally write this letter.I wanted to see exactly who I was passing the entity on to."A NEW CONCEPT IN FEAR...Imagine a supernatural horror story in which the paranormal activity happens within YOUR home. A SINCERE WARNING ABOUT THE ENTITY IN YOUR HOME takes the form of an anonymous letter sent to YOUR address. It details the terrifying events which happened in your home and which continue to this day.You have inherited a curse and are being preyed upon by a bone-chilling apparition. This 10,000-word letter from the previous resident advises you how to cope, while detailing the unthinkable ordeal they suffered before you.A SINCERE WARNING ABOUT THE ENTITY IN YOUR HOME is the ultimate way to scare yourself in your own home, because it's the only ghost story which takes place IN your home. Dare you read it?...

Title : A Sincere Warning About The Entity In Your Home
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ISBN : 16099937
Format Type : Kindle Edition
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A Sincere Warning About The Entity In Your Home Reviews

  • Melki
    2019-03-21 11:57

    Between two lungs it was releasedThe breath that passed from you to meIt flew between us as we sleptThat slipped from your mouth into mineAnd my running feet could flyEach breath screaming: "We are all too young to die!"*Basically, the title of this one says it all. Here is a warning and instructions for what to do when you begin to notice bizarre happenings in your home . . . and you will. And it all starts with habitual sleep disturbances.(Hmm, I don't remember the last time I had a good night's sleep...)This may not be everyone's cup ofbut I thought it was extremely creepy. And I wish to hell I hadn't read it right before bedtime.*Between Two Lungs by Florence Welch & Isabella Summers

  • Kealan Burke
    2019-04-10 12:05

    A short, fun read.

  • Kimberly
    2019-04-04 19:49

    I have to say that this story struck me as very original--especially as it was written in the form of a "letter" warning a new homeowner. This was a very creepy read that built up the tension slowly until you reached a complete and utterly hopeless dread for the recipient of the letter. I thought the method used to convey this was a great form, intensifying that all-consuming fear until you reached the ending.Recommended!

  • Tickyette
    2019-04-12 16:03

    A Fun ReadA fun read that reminded me of something I would find on No Sleep. It was an interesting take on the paranormal.

  • Ellen
    2019-04-19 18:54

    I read this short story in bed last night, had nightmares, was convinced there was someone in my room at least twice and had to punch my sleeping husband because he was making choking noises...go buy it!!If you want to freak out a close family member/friend/enemy you can buy the story as a personalised letter to them.Awesome concept for a story!

  • Bandit
    2019-04-06 14:10

    This was a fun novelette with a very novel idea. Written as a letter from a previous home owner to the current one regarding...well you can figure that out by the title. It has that campfire spooky tale vibe, my better half and I actually took turns reading it to each other, which was awesome and gave me a renewed appreciation of the professional audio book readers. Very entertaining creepy supernatural story.

  • Terrie
    2019-04-03 17:48

    Chilling, sad and macabre. The author skillfully builds up the tension, slowly releasing information which unnerves you and adds to the suspense. The novel is particularly effective because it is in the form of a letter which includes the reader in the story and warning.

  • Heather V~The Other Heather~
    2019-03-31 14:53

    3.5 stars - what a weird little book this is! Are you like me? Do you experience sleep paralysis? I have, and I do, at least on a weekly basis for my entire life. It's no big deal to me; I've never known any different. It's a pain in the arse sometimes, especially if I'm woken by my phone ringing and I can't move my damn arm to pick up, or if my dog decides to attack my face and I can't defend myself against the ensuing tongue bath, but beyond that it's little more than a minor nuisance. For other people, though, it's absolutely terrifying, and it's thought to be what's behind unexplained phenomena like alien abductions, visions of The Hag (<--click it, go on, click the link, you know you want to, that is some scary shit right there), or the sensation that one is suffocating because there's some freaky imp thing sitting on your chest while a horse looks on....what do you mean, you've never had this experience?I mention all of this because the novelette at hand, cleverly titled and conceived, brought sleep paralysis to my mind as soon as I started reading it. You see, every so often I've woken up, sort of, and have had the sense that there's something in the corner of my bedroom, staring at me. This is apparently quite common among RISP sufferers...and yet here comes Jason Arnopp, telling me I could be experiencing something altogether very different. And much worse.Believe me when I say that sleep paralysis is most decidedly not what you're being warned about in your home. You will wish it was sleep paralysis. You'll understand why the condition came to my mind about three pages in. Assuming I haven't put you off reading it already with that glorious Fuseli painting up there.This is the first thing by Arnopp that I've ever read, and I'll be reading more of his stuff in the future now. The conceit of A SINCERE WARNING... is one that (mostly) works and feels unusual enough to be almost unique: It's epistolary in nature, directed right at you, the reader, and is imparting some important information about why you've been experiencing odd or unpleasant things in your home at night. I read the first half while in bed, in the middle of the night, and I have to strongly recommend that you do the same; it's at its peak effectiveness that way. The second half I read on a train during daylight hours, which I'm sure impacted my enjoyment of the overall experience. Don't do that. Read it all in one sitting (er, one "laying?" I dunno) and do it at night. Alone. No TV or music on.The ending took it a bit too far for me (it's pretty out there, and made it feel less like it was a scary-ass letter written just for me), thus the less-than-perfect star score, but overall I liked this brisk little creepfest, and I'm sold on Arnopp's storytelling talent. He packs a lot of wallop into a tiny novelette. Further reading of possible interest:

  • Rabha Almahdi
    2019-04-01 16:06

    القصة عبارة عن رسالة غير معنونة يشرح بها المرسل ان لديك كيان غير مرئى فى بيتك وان عليك الحذر منه ، حيث يعتذر مرسلنا على كونه قد القى بمسؤولية هذا "الشئ" على كاهلك ويشرح لك ما وصل اليه بعد بحث وتنقيب للهروب منه وكيفية التخلص منه مع صعوبة هذه العملية ... سيشرح لك المحنة التى مر بها ورفيقه وكيف ان هذا "الشئ" كان يسحب الحياة منهما فى كل ليلة عند نومهما حتى يستيقظان منقطعى الانفاس .. عليك ان تقرأ القصة لتعرف الباقى ..قصة قصيرة مشوقة ويفضل ان تقرأها وانت فى سريرك والاضواء مطفأة :)

  • Mike
    2019-03-27 17:05

    I read this and really got into it, the phone rang, I had to scraped off the ceiling!!!

  • Sean Randall
    2019-04-14 19:53

    A clever use of narrative technique to give what could, under the right circumstances, be a rather chilling short. The quality of the writing was very good and I'd gladly pic up something longer.

  • Joey Simeroth
    2019-04-07 17:05

    Short, creepy and fun! The pacing was excellent, can't wait to read more by Mr. Arnopp.

  • Adele Steiner
    2019-03-29 17:58

    This story strikes such a chord with me. The style and content are riveting(to me.) I am so freaked by this one that I had to put a review on here for it.Why did this one trigger me so? My family moved into a new house when I was a perfectly happy, healthy and 15 year old that seldom even got a cold. By 16, I'd developed asthma which plagues me to this day. My asthma 'attacks' have never been the wheezing struggle for breath I associate with the condition. When I have an attack, it's very much like a hand squeezing my throat. It creates this sensation of a void in my chest that I desperately need to fill with air but no matter how my mouth gapes and my body strains to draw breath it cannot get past the restrictive grip on my throat. These attacks seize me most often when I'm tired and I am tired more often than not these days. I remind myself that this story isn't real. This entity can't be real. My asthma is asthma and my inhaler helps. There is no Josef. I say this and I know I know this. But I have this cat. He sleeps with me. I cannot tell you how many times I wake up (in the middle of the night or on the morning) to find my cat sitting up straight, ears perked alert and wide unblinking eyes trained on the foot of my bed like he sees something that I don't. Something that he wants to protect me from. This is just a bit of fiction. Like a creepypasta; good and effective for some hair-raising mental images, but harmless and unreal. ....if I had the means, though, I might totally look into the unnecessary transplant solution, but that scene was a whole extra nightmare.Must read more from this writer!

  • Hester
    2019-04-19 16:06

    This story is a whole lot of "meh" with some truly creepy moments with a ridiculous ending. This is what people who lived in the age before science and reason believed happened to you during a nightmareThis image kept coming back to me while reading this story.An anonymous letter writer sends a dire warning to the new inhabitants of their old home about the ghost that lives in their new home and what will happen to them unless they do something about it.(view spoiler)[The ghost that haunts the home is of a young boy who was strangled by this father for possibly being possessed so each night when he relives the trauma of being strangled he steals the air out of the lungs of the living and in this process he slowly kills. Moving won't help because the ghost will follow, there is a way to save yourself but it's unlikely that will happen unless you have very good contacts in the black market. (hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Emily Carter-Dunn
    2019-04-03 11:51

    This was ok, I guess. Very short story written in the form of a letter to you about paranormal activity you are probably experiencing and why.The premise of the story is intriguing, but the delivery of the story is lacking. There are too many unbelievable parts (yes, I am aware it is a ghost story), such as a consultant at a hospital not knowing what sleep apnea is and surgeons allowing a major medical procedure to occur without using general anaesthetic.

  • Kristin
    2019-03-23 19:05

    Short fast read that was just, "okay".The format was interesting and unique enough, it's always sort of fun as a reader to feel "involved" in the story in some way. However, it had a lot of...uhh...plot holes?Such as the illegal organ donation..which I won't touch on too much, 'cause I could go on all day. The US and UK both have organizations that decide who gets a transplant, why they should get it, and when. It isn't as easy paying some corrupt, idiot doctor a thousand pounds and getting magically shot to the top of the list and magically getting a new set (seemingly) the next day.You know, for someone writing a letter "anonymously" he sure revealed a lot of information about himself. I'm not sure how it is in the UK but in the US it's very easy to find out who owned your home in the past. All you have to do is take some paperwork to the county and they'll give you the history of your home. For someone that's trying not to be found, he sure didn't try very hard.Also, I wouldn't read a 44 page letter from the previous owners of my house. Especially one was weird as this.The idea is unique and ambitious, but I think the subject is way too broad and varying to create a proper atmosphere for every reader.

  • Jessica Brake
    2019-04-02 20:11

    Odd, quick read.I read this in about an hour and a half. It was fast-paced and original. I really enjoyed it. I was impressed with it only being a short story, as many of those are peppered with spelling and/or grammatical errors. This one was not. I really don't want to say much about the story, so as to avoid spoilers, but this one is certainly worth a read.

  • Kitty Jay
    2019-04-04 13:58

    Chilling!I admit, after reading Auto-Rewind by the same author, I was skeptical, but I am glad to know I was wrong. This novella starts off strong and just kept getting better. Arnopp really nailed the tension building in this one. There were a few parts where the pacing felt off, but those were more than offset by the genuinely creepy moments. Great short novella!

  • Dan (Dan_s_macabre)
    2019-04-20 15:53

    A fun, short read. I imagine if you were to receive the snail mail version of this story in the post (it's a thing) without knowing the trick it may be rather unsettling.

  • Michele
    2019-03-31 19:58

    A short story rich of suspence that you will want to read in a single go. For sure, I did, in less two hours.

  • Laura Jarvis
    2019-04-08 12:43

    Disappointing & rushed.This book seemed like a story a 14 year old might write for their English homework. Forgettable & unfortunately disappointing.

  • Robert
    2019-04-05 15:05

    Horror stories are like stand up comedy. If the audience is not in the right mood then it can fall flat on it's face. Horror can be funny when it should be scary in the same way that a comedian dying on stage can fill you with empathetic distress.What i'm saying is: Read this book tucked up in bed on a dark winter night to get the most from it. (or if you didn't like it, it's your fault!)I've rated the book at 4 because you can't give half marks, but I felt that it was hovering at 3.5-4 in my current mood. I am after all reading some of it in the day on a bright summer day.It's a novellete and it's novel (as opposed to being a gimmick). The story is a letter from the previous owner of your house to you explaining their experience with the malovelent force that preyed upon them.Being a novellete, it's naturally quite short, but punchy with it. The pacing is perfect. If you're not filled with dread you're at least turning the pages to see what's happening and how it's going to end. I feel the plot did what it needed to do. I didn't feel that there were any loose ends. I dind't need to know more about the dark force in the story.I didn't get a lot of personality from the main character (which is often the way with 1st person pov stories), save that he's obviously into self preservation (who isn't? save the archtypical hero). He's a bit of a jerk though - he could have left the lungs somewhere that people don't usually sleep rather than setting someone up.I particularly liked the grammar used with the Russian character. I'm not a big fan of the use of vernacular spelling (e.g. clipped words etc) to convey accent etc, so it was really nice to see the effect achieved without resorting to that style. I could hear the Russian accent as I was reading it.I liked the way the story concluded. The idea of a lung transplant (with or without anaesthetic) scares me. The idea of surgery full stop scare me. I like that the choices are horrible thing (a) which leads to death or horrible thing (b) which may lead to death but certainly a reduced life expectancy.From another angle, I like the idea that the whole thing could be made up (yes, I know it's fiction), but I mean that a sinister person could have simply written the letter to plant the seed of horror in the mind of unwitting fool (i.e. me, the reader). I don't know if that was ever the intention of the author.The one thing I definitely take from this story is that I will be reading other things from this author.

  • Thomas
    2019-03-31 16:07

    'A Since Warning about the entity in your home' is a short read, just long enough to properly draw you in to its twisted little world but still short enough to be comfortably devoured in one sitting. Written in the form of a letter, sent to the owner of a new property from the unknown previous tenant, writer Jason Arnopp slowly and gradually reveals a disturbing tale. It’s purpose is simple; to present the properties new incumbent with the facts of the situation and let them know of the extreme measures that will be necessary for them to escape a suitably grisly fate.The plot is, admittedly, fairly simple, playing second fiddle to the rather neat novelty in the concept itself. As the letter writer wishes to remain anonymous there's a strange impartiality to this story, it contains very few of the details necessary to let you connect with the character, but that's all part of the threat. In fact, despite this sense of disconnection, there's one moment right at the end of the sixth page which simultaneously jump starts the plot and brings the terrible fate this man (or woman) has endured crashing home. Up to that point, which I won't spoil, I was mildly invested in this unusual novelty, and from that moment on I was hooked.All in all I enjoyed this read, accepting it for what it is, a small diversion that plants some pretty creepy ideas in your head. Whether they take root or not probably depends on the reader's own disposition.Reading around the net a few people have scoffed at the far-fetched ending, but I would argue it is entirely suitable. The story follows a logical progression, and if you accept ghosts and demons are real I see no reason not to follow this very dramatic conclusion. In fact the threat that the reader is faced with this entity; faced with this terrible fate, and there is a potential way out that involves a truly awful procedure, is fascinating. Of course you're supposed to be able to escape this fate, there'd be no fun if that was impossible, but would you want to go through that?Recommended for any fans of short fiction, any fans of supernatural horror, and particularly for any of the above who have just moved house. 'A Sincere Warning...' has only a few goals in its existence but gladly I can report it ticks most of them off with considerable aplomb.(P.S. As a test I handed the book to my partner. She read one page and hated it. And I mean that in the best way possible - genuinely hated the eerie similarities between the contents and our life, and she refuses to read any further. My name, is after all, Tom...)

  • Robin Lee
    2019-04-06 12:07

    I was very fascinated by the way the story is set-up in entire letter format. Not only found it a very creepy paranormal story but almost evil for what this anonymous person has just done. To save his life he chose this and another extreme option that is almost ritualistic. The reader will be shocked by this very disturbing ending and looking for a shovel. Now you are trapped and your life-force is being slowly drained. So, I am a new home owner, find this strange letter in my mailbox and open it out of curiosity."This is no chain letter, hoax or prank".So, I am a little freaked and very exhausted from not sleeping well... I almost discard it in the trash not feeling up to dealing with this nonsense. Yet, I hesitate and decide to continue. As I read on I start to feel weak in the knees, that I reach for the kitchen chair to sit down before I faint. What is being told to me now is unbelievable, yet does somewhat explain why all my family is having trouble sleeping for about a month now.. My children screaming from nightmares telling me there is a shadow person in their room. I cannot understand what this coward just did to my family and as this letter says there is no way to contact him....We can take a chance, move to a hotel and test the theory, but I must get my husband to read this letter first... Then there is only one option to save my family's lives... I must return home and find the damn things. If not this is an evil force that will not stop until we are all dead. Reviewed by

  • David Caldwell
    2019-04-04 20:08

    This story is written in the form of a letter sent to you to warn you and explain about the entity that occupies you house.This story had a lot of problems. The first is the format. It is supposed to be a letter, but it is 41 typed pages. Seriously, would you read a letter that long that was sent anonymously to you? I would chuck in the recycling bin by page 3. I understand that it was written this way to make the reader feel like it was being written to them personally. Considering that I live in a house built by grandparents, a letter from some unknown former resident just doesn't have too much steam.But the biggest problem is there are so many logic gaps in the story. How hard would it be to find out the name of the previous tenants in this day and age where everything is stored on computers? For reasons that I can not give (to avoid any spoiler), the letter writer has severe gaps in their knowledge. They believe snoring is only caused by obesity. Have never heard of The condition known as sleep apnea (which isn't a disease) or apparently how to test for it or treat it. Sleep deprivation seems to be a totally new concept for them. I have severe sleep apnea and am on oxygen all of the time and I can tell you that if they had it as bad as described, they would have gotten it checked out by a doctor. A good CPAP machine would have worked wonders for them.Finally, the way the letter writer achieved there solution went beyond any level of suspension of disbelief that I could ever achieve.The last problem was that the story itself wasn't that scary. This felt about as suspenseful as a story told around a campfire to a bunch of ten year olds.The writer seems to have the mechanical ability to write, but he just didn't deliver with this story for me.

  • Jacqueline Carvell
    2019-04-02 13:09

    This story literally stayed with me for days. I would not go to bed alone. Waking up in the middle of the night scared the hell out of me (if you read the story it will become clear why). I think this story, with a bit of padding out and adding meat to the bones would make a great film. A real ‘hiding your face behind a cushion’ type of film. My favourite kind! :DAnyway, enough of me pretending I’m Steven Spielberg and let me tell you a little bit about the plot of this story. It is, as I said, a letter to you, the current occupier of your house and it is a warning from the previous occupier about this so called ‘entity’ kind of ghost-type thing that is in your house with you. I can’t say too much without giving a lot of the story away but as it says in the blurb, the previous owner has passed the entity onto you in order to rid himself of it. (What a thoughtful housewarming gift, right?) That part of the story – the whole ‘having to pass it onto somebody else to escape it’ type thing reminded me of ‘The Ring’ and various different things in the story remind me of a host of different films. There’s elements of ‘The Grudge’, ‘The Ring’ and a few others.Please do give this story a try. It costs less than £1 on the Kindle store so you can’t really go wrong if you want a short, fast-paced, terrifying read.

  • Grace Harwood
    2019-03-24 17:52

    This is a new interpretation of the classic genre of ghost story and is interesting and original. It didn't send cold shivers down my spine or build the suspense like your classic Victorian ghost story might do, but it was interesting and original enough to keep me curious about how it would all pan out. I have to admit being a little disappointed with the end result of how to get rid of your entity - it was a bit unlikely and left me a little flat. Still, it's a new twist on the genre which is always interesting to read and it's certainly well-written. If you like ghost stories, this might interest you.

  • Holly
    2019-04-02 19:07

    What a fun, creepy little horror story! The tone echoes old-fashioned Victorian/Edwardian ghost stories, but it is decidedly set in the present. I love how it is written as a single letter - as it goes on, the fate of the letter-receiver seems to become more and more dire.A Sincere Warning About The Entity In Your Home hooked me from the synopsis, which is just the text of the first couple pages of the story. If you like what you see, then you'll enjoy the whole story. If I had half-stars on Goodreads I'd probably give it a 3.5, but as we do not, I'm bumping it up to 4 stars.

  • Katrina
    2019-04-10 15:44

    Actually it gets a 3.5 from me since I thought giving it three stars was a bit harsh. Entity is built upon a great idea, and for such a short story it paced itself very nicely. There are some genuinely creepy moments in the story to make it worthwhile, however, I didn't find the resolution all that great.To be honest I felt it could have been a little bit longer and expanded upon a lot more, but for something I started and finished during my lunch break, and cost me less than a cup of coffee, I don't have too many complaints.

  • Kat
    2019-04-09 17:56

    I got this for free a little while back and for free it was an excellent read. I loved the way it was formatted to the reader as a letter.However by the end I felt the story was really far fetched - meaning what the previous owner went about doing to get rid of the entity.It was well written and I did enjoy it for the most part, so I will keep an eye out for other works buy this author. Check out my horror movie/book review blog: Shivers of Horror