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Will is panicking. In ten days he'll be thirty, and his life isn't anything like he imagined it would be at that age. As he considers his future, he sees the possibility for failure. When he thinks of the past, Will sees all the opportunities and loves he's lost. The only thing he can't see is what's right in front of him....

Title : Can Anybody Find Me
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Can Anybody Find Me Reviews

  • Mandy*reads obsessively*
    2019-04-02 04:32

    3.5*Will, the narrator of this story, is 10 days away from his thirtieth birthday.To say he is unhappy and unsure of where he is in life or where he really wants to be is an understatement. He has been with Andrew for many year, they got married 8 years ago and they really do love each other, they have a house and a clothing stealing and destroying dog Max.He was teaching high school History and loved it, it is his passion, not just history but teaching it to teenagers, but because he wants to move forward and make more money for a new place that he and Andrew want he joined the Master's program for speech pathology. The problem is he is bored there, he doesn't like what he is doing or the young children as much as he loved teaching history to the older kids. But the PhD he really wants wasn't in his area and Andrew does not want to move around, so Will is resenting Andrew, his life, his career and mourning what he thinks he's lost and turning thirty is like a looming deadline to make a decision about his life.All the while he feels guilty for feeling the way he does, and I have to say, I think almost everyone I know has had these moments in life where we ask ourselves ' Is this it, is this my life'? This quote: “It was the fear of failure; the fear of losing his chance; the fear of wasted potential; the fear of living with the burden of being less than what he could have been—what he should have been; the fear of letting people down, himself most of all.” sums up what he's going through. It was a bit much at times, I understood but it really started to stress me listening to all his doubts and fears and I kept wanting to tell him to talk to Andrew or an advisor or something! I did like that the title of the book was actually cleverly tied into the story, I like when things are told and shown through songs.Andrew is a sweetheart, but he has his own issues, which I thought were pretty realistic and very seldom seen in m/m romance stories. These were normal guys with normal hangups, living in a small house that after five years still doesn't have curtains in the front window and a cute if slightly destructive dog. But they love each other and at the end of the day that's what really counts for Will. I'm not quite sure about the ending, I guess I feel invested and wanted a little bit more of a payoff but I think for Will, it didn't matter as much anymore, he has Andrew.

  • Ami
    2019-04-05 04:38

    3.45 starsThis story MAINLY consists of internal monologues (or self-conflict) about Will, who is getting more and more restless and unhappy regarding his life choices (professionally, though, NOT personally) as he is approaching his 30th birthday... Will has set certain targets for himself and he feels that he has yet achieved all that. However, he also doesn't want to make his beloved husband of 8-years, Andrew, to get disappointed, if he decides to make another change in his life. It is very easy to connect with Will's self-doubt. Don't most of us, feel like that, once or twice in our lives? Not necessarily about the big decisions, but sometimes the small ones too. Especially at certain point in life, like the big 30, or the big 40, or the big 50... I know I do.It is good to see how Will decides to actually TALK (yes, people, TALK!) with Andrew about his worries and doubts. I'm happy to read about established couple, see. However, like Mandy, I am not feeling fully satisfied with the ending. I want to see the payoff too. I want to see what Will finally decides, and the outcomes of that decision. Blame the romantic optimistic in me.

  • Arthur
    2019-03-30 05:39

    You know those stories about 'people who have everything' but still feel insecure and unsatisfied with their lives? No, I'm not talking about rich, Hollywood stars. I'm talking about real people you know. Your friends, family members, or yourself. Or, in this story, Will.Will has 'everything'. Degree, job, handsome and caring husband in Andrew, family, etc. When he's reaching 30, he felt he didn't achieve much in life. He's pursuing a grad degree in Speech Pathology, but he's having a second thought about his choice (common for anybody who's in grad school!) He liked history (his previous degree) and enjoyed teaching. He thought he liked speech pathology because he liked helping children, it turned out he prefered teaching older kids, like high schoolers. At this moment, 10 days before his 30th birthday, he was not sure whether he wanted to continue his degree. He'd prefer to do a PhD in history, but to do so it means (1) he 'wasted' several years on his current program, and (2) moved to another school. The second one was more difficult for him because Andrew hated moving and Will didn't want to impose on him. He loved Andrew, but at the same time he kinda of resent him for holding him back from pursuing another degree.What would he do? I enjoyed reading this. At first, I was tired of his inner monologue and a bit angry (view spoiler)[especially when he's comparing Andrew with his exes with some romanticized idea about them (hide spoiler)], but after a while, I realized that I did that too, once or twice. And perhaps everybody did at one point.A good story that makes me think of my own choices.

  • Sadonna
    2019-04-09 21:20

    Full review can be found at The Armchair ReaderThis site is down. Here is the review. This is the second story I’ve read by this author recently and I think I am becoming a fan. Ah those birthdays with a 0 on the end. They all seem to loom large and it’s nearing Will’s 30th birthday and he is filled with doubts. He’s not sure he’s made the right decisions in his life and he’s looking a future that he just isn’t very excited about. He’s made decision based on his love for his husband that he now questions. Will is in grad school – speech pathology – but as he’s getting farther along in his program, he realizes that while he can make more money in that profession, he does not find it fulfilling. He is really happiest in his teaching job. But he is an uncertified teacher and he can’t pursue his earlier dream of a Ph.D. in history because of other decisions he’s made. He doesn’t want to be a disappointment to Andrew, his husband and he doesn’t want to ask Andrew to make changes he’s not comfortable with – like moving. They are legally married in Iowa and that’s really important to Andrew. As the birthday approaches, Will becomes more and more panicked. He doesn’t want to betray Andrew’s confidence in him but he doesn’t know how to tell him, he really isn’t happy with this career choice. He loves Andrew more than anything and he won’t do anything to compromise his marriage, but he’s having a lot of troubling dealing with the sacrifices he’s made for that. As the day gets closer and the panic attacks a bit more intense, he realizes that the love for Andrew is his one constant and he needs to focus on that. While everything might not be perfect, they are perfect together and they will work through these doubts. I really enjoyed the reality of this story. These are not picture perfect characters. They have weaknesses and flaws and that’s OK. They accept and love each other and that whether or not everything works out as they maybe thought it would when they were younger, their relationship is the thing that they will build their lives around and it will be enough.

  • Stephanie
    2019-03-22 02:40

    3.5 stars

  • Tailtiu
    2019-04-10 02:34


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