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Yatharth, an intelligent over-achiever is very clear about his life's goal-research. However, he faces a new challenge - a girl! Will Yatharth be able to face this challenge and continue with his life's goal? With friends such as Mr. intelligent Sudeep, Mr.handsome-funny-But still not datable Vikalp, the style icon Samantha and the counselor friend Prathishtha, Yatharth haYatharth, an intelligent over-achiever is very clear about his life's goal-research. However, he faces a new challenge - a girl! Will Yatharth be able to face this challenge and continue with his life's goal? With friends such as Mr. intelligent Sudeep, Mr.handsome-funny-But still not datable Vikalp, the style icon Samantha and the counselor friend Prathishtha, Yatharth has all thesupport that he doesnt need!Sanchita, a sentimental girl is all beauty but takes life seriously. Will she be able to handle the challenges she is about to face with love entering her life? My Ex fell in love! is a hilarious tale of growing up and dealing with the consequent challenges of life in a unique way. Enjoy the light, humorous and witty story of these youngsters, which will bring a smile on your face....

Title : My EX Fell in Love
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ISBN : 9789382473022
Format Type : Paperback
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My EX Fell in Love Reviews

  • Vipul Choudhary
    2019-03-29 00:42

    Shubham ChoudharyThe book is really good, presenting some instances that we see in our daily life. I loved the way puns have been used and anyone would like it and would want to read it in one go.Nice work.

  • Bookish Indulgenges with b00k r3vi3ws
    2019-03-27 02:41

    The story revolves around three best friends on a college campus. First is Yatharth, always in the top few of his class, a junior researcher and new to the field of love and dating. Then comes Sudeep - the class topper, junior researcher and king of sarcasm. Third in the bandwagon is Vikalp. His rank is somewhere in the middle of his class, pro at bunking classes, an athlete with a rich but estranged father. He is also somewhere who always puts himself out there with little or no luck. Enter Sanchita into the plot, she is a sweet and beautiful girl who is also the reason for Yatharth’s baby steps into the dating world. And the whole plot is based on the college life, so things are bound to go crazy. You have to actually read the book to find out where, how and exactly how far things can go!If you are thinking, ‘Oh gawd! Not another campus story’, I won’t blame you because that’s exactly what I thought too. But I have been following the author’s personal blog, A Bug in My mind, for quite some time and the one thing I knew for sure was that no matter what the plot is all about or how the characters turn out, they would be presented wrapped up in a very modest writing style infused with a good amount of humour. And I was right! In his own words, through Yatharth, the author makes it very clear that this isn’t another IIT campus story in the very first chapter. He then goes on to introduce the other major characters in the protagonist’s life in a very casual way. As we get acquainted to everyone around him, and his life picks up a rhythm, we realize that the author has actually introduced the protagonist himself through his friends and family. I liked Yatharth! He may be a confused nerd, but at the end of the day he is a very decent guy. Though one may feel that the protagonist should not be average or just decent, but someone who stands out in a crowd – well in present times, a decent guy actually stands out in a crowd and for a change I can actually relate to him. Sanchita is a perfect match for Yatharth too. She is quick to decide and take action and she too is quite a decent girl. I could actually continue my rant on each of the characters, but that would actually make this review a bit too long. So I will limit myself by saying that Sudeep & Vikalp are extreme personalities and each bring in something to the story and to Yatharth’s life. Like all real friendships, there’s no reason or rhyme to as why these three guys would be friends, but they do carry the spirit really well. Yatharth’s father is one character that should receive special mention. He is the one person everyone would wish their fathers’ were like. Open-minded and fun! I looked forward to his appearances.The plot itself is pretty simple – no out of the world experiences. Instead college life is portrayed as it most commonly experienced. Bunking classes, flirting with girls, bunking with friends in hostel, the first drink and the first love. I guarantee that not once will you feel the great Hollywood / Bollywood experience. In fact, there’ll be a number of time you’ll go thinking – ‘I have done that’ or ‘that guy in my class was like that’ or ‘yes one of my friends did that too’. Unlike the ‘other campus stories’ I have read in recent times, this was a refreshing change with its true to life depiction of situation and characters that I could relate to. Love and relationships are depicted just as you know them. There is no evil villain hanging out in the shadows or promises of bringing the moon and the stars or ultra-romantic dates on the beach and dancing in the woods in the next minute. Writing style of Shubham was just as I had expected it – modest and the dialogues were said in normal college goer lingo rather than flowery or too-cool-for-you language. As for the cons of this book, I feel it could have done with a stricter editing. There were some small typos and missed spaces. It did distract me at times.I have spent quite some time reviewing the book in my mind before sitting down to write this review because I didn’t want it to be biased when I put it out. So, to round up my review, I would like to let you folks know that this book is in no way a literary genius, nor does it deserve a noble prize. But it deserves at least a single read for being a modest representation of that special phase of our lives and also because of Sudeep & Vikalp’s sarcasm are just that funny!

  • Shubham
    2019-04-18 23:57

    Starting with the narration which is really very well as one may actually find everything happening in for real in front of him like a stage play and some may be able to relate to as well if they had experienced similar things. The story is plain, simple and straightforward. In fact, this is also a very great part as the author has saved reader’s time by skipping all those descriptions of a place or a room that other authors use to build an image in reader’s mind and which reader themselves skip while reading. To the contrast, he has directly used names of places like college canteen, CCD etc. that in no time help reader imagine how exactly the place could be. Moreover, many a times the reader might feel that the instance or sequence is inspired and I mean literally, from somewhere but the best part is the author has given due credits to the source mentioning it at some place in devious form, not like Pritam’s inspire. As far as the language is concerned, well, the number of words for which you might need a dictionary can be counted on fingers given that you read books and we believe this is sufficient enough to convey the thought how simple the language is. One more unique thing about the book is its humour. There will not be any instance where you won’t find it funny even in scoldings or thrashings. Conclusive to all, this is a love story based fiction so is it common? Ofourse. Then what’s different? It is differently common. To infer my last statement you need to read the book and conclusively, you won’t find it regretting and boring at all.These were the good points about it, now the bad ones. The character Sanchita has been portrayed as quite way forward in her actions that is a bit contrasting to girls in general and with a character description of hers at the back cover, it is totally not understandable. Apart from that, sarcasm has been used a lot, which is a good thing but might prove itself a harm as well because you really need to have good sense of humour to get those. So people who are good at lame jokes, please don’t read this because neither you will get nor you will learn. At some incidents reader might feel how the hell did that happen, if he applies his mind but well you have to take that for granted.

  • Loveleen
    2019-04-10 05:41

    Ohk.. So, I need a Vikalp OBEROI..!! ♥ :P I am his fan dammit.. :D And my dearest Saddy.. he is awwwww..!! ♥ God.. i wanna meet such a guy ACTUALLY..!! :DNow, moving on to Yathartha and Sanchita.. Cute it is..!! :DAnd Samantha is THE GIRL..!! loved her and could totally relate to her(not telling sudeep part.. :P)Yatharth's dad takes all the claps i must say.. the DUDE rocks..!! :DPratishtha ma'am.. is she an angel or what..!! :P every individual needs a pratishtha in their life.. :D lucky chap is Yatharth.. :PAnd ccd and PMC.. kya baat.. tusi chaa gae Shubham Ji..!! :DEnough about the characters.. :P"Dude you need to google the word "Crush"; I guess you might need that." After reading this i knew i wud love this story.. :D"Chot to dil pe lagi hai mere dost!" You nailed it Vikalp OBEROI..!! :D :DPhew..!! I can quote don't know what else and how much else..!! Very honest review of My EX Fell In Love "The smile didn't leave my face but was only replaced with laugh at so many points.. :D :D"p.s. I completed it in 6 hours.. aur kuch bhi chahiye kya ab tujhe shubham..?!?! :P :Pp.p.s Raunak ko to evil bana deta.. ladke itne ache bhi nhi hote.. :P :D :D

  • Luv Saini
    2019-04-02 02:32

    I think u r book is more addictive than alcohol :P once i stared reading it i want to read it all in one go but being Diwali couldn't do it but completed it till 3 in the morning (that's not a lie :) ) and first thing m doing after getting up is reviewing ( lie :P ).I can somewhere relate all the characters with someone i knew that made it more interesting (Y). I was unable to stop my from laughing at Sudeep and Vikalp sacasm (while my parents thought i have gone mad :D ). I can truly imagine the vikalp expression when he got to know about pretty lady ( WTF o.O ) :D.Coming to Yatharth and Sanchita i need a love story like them :Pthese two were just awesome . Samantha and Pratishtha both seemed to be HELL of intelligent and sorted out girls ( no offense but i never met a girl so sorted out )simply the best buddies one can ask for .overall dude (Shubham Choudhary) i m in love with u :) :P (not gay :P) . waiting for u r next book .............

  • Ankita Mathur
    2019-04-19 22:57

    So finally the moment has come...I am to announce my here it is.1)the cover is amazing and so is the title,very creative and flawlessly apt for the content,so no remarks just rainbows.2)The readers advent into the novel is smooth ,the introductions to characters ,the backgrounds and the setting have been vividly dealt with in a skillful manner,nowhere does the reader question the author's experience ,the few jitters I felt personally were the use of complete Hindi sentences,I understand the novel is meant to cover a select readership but I strongly dissuade the author from doing so in his forthcoming works.3)The beauty of this work is its concise and taut,nowhere does the narrative falter and sag ,the physics terms have been few reiterating the protagonist Yatharth is not that big a nerd.4)The plot is fresh and at many times defies the cliches,and novel keeps you hooked by this virtue.5)The most amazing part is the way the author has described the first romance,the built up is great, you vicariously feel the awkwardness of it and it is a relief to know that so does Yatharth.The reader begins to identify himself with the character and instantly develops a soft corner for him which easily grows as the story progresses.6)The climax is good,but at some places it does fail to develop the "edge of the seat " drama,one knows the clock is ticking ,just does not by how how much.7)The friends characters have been scripted well and so have their contributions to storyline,but a few gaps have been left which does not let the reader connect with them completely.Thus a few of their actions seem to come out of the blue so do a few scenarios,but does not interfere with the reader's piqued up curiosity to know Yatharth more.All said and done this novel is engrossing and pleasant,the narration technique is fresh and unarguably superior to many contemporary author's of campus stories, definitely worth a read.

  • Tripti Goel
    2019-03-31 23:41

    On this happening occasion of New Year, let me review your book. :P 1) Cover is just absolutely awesome. I love the color and designing. It's very catchy and the title sound really wow. :D 2) As far as the characters are concerned, all are too good.And Yatarth sound actually a cute guy. ;) If he is a character sketch of someone you know, give me his FB profile link. Vikalp's too. :P Sanchita sound a pretty sweet girl. :)3) Story is simple and sweet. The research part was new compared to usual Love Stories. I love it. The puns were literally worth to laugh upon. Yatarth's friends were TOO amazing. One can actually relate themselves with some situations. Though, sometimes I felt the story is running too fast. 4) Writing was simple. Everyone can read the whole story without the help of a dictionary. It needs a little more polishing. But I know you will be able to do that without difficulty. Overall, This one is light hearted fiction with lots of amazing puns which everyone can enjoy. :) Now, my expectation have risen a bit. :P I know, there is a lot more in your store. :D ALL THE BEST. :)

  • Arya Chowdhury
    2019-03-27 23:39

    How many times have we read a novel and felt completely out of place,finding it impossible to place ourselves in the situation, or thinking that it could never happen to any of us?how often do we come across chapters laced with long and uninteresting descriptions interesting only to a Ph. D student of literature?My EX Fell In Love contains neither of the above, and is a humorous yet simple story of a young man that each one of us can relate to. Yatharth is one among thousands of fellow Indians pursuing engineering, except that he is determined in his "goal". But like many among us have experienced, things go haywire when Cupid strikes. He has to keep his goal in mind while keeping his girlfriend happy, except that the girl in this case is the rare understanding type. While he battles his emotions, he is accompanied by his two best friends Sudeep and Vikalp, who never leave his side.The incidents and anecdotes given in the novel is certain to bring a smile on our face, as we will certainly recall many of these in our lives. The author saves valuable paper in skipping details of geographical locations which are in any way skipped. No wonder the book's cover is green(pun intended). Read this book if you are looking for something real in a real world, where you can actually put yourself in the shoes of the protagonist and be with him the whole way. And trust me, you won't regret it.

  • Ibrahim
    2019-03-22 02:57

    This book has actually managed to stand out within the conventional stories being written by Indian authors of today. Fortunately the author decided not to stick against the formula. Neither is the lead character the greatest human being to ever step on the planet and even though the protagonist is a normal guy, his life does not dwell into ultra exaggerated miseries that seem impossible to overcome and finally things straighten out either by God's intervention or by some super awesome heroic acts. There's no mention of unrealistic things or acts done by either the lead or anyone against him. In fact the one enemy he had, Rahul, could've been a cruel, heartless, mean guy, but no life does not work that way. All characters are both good and TRUE. Vikalp has great looks but is playboy, Sudeep is a genius but is no charmer, as one would expect in all written fiction. And of coure, Yatharth is someone, who personally I could find myself a lot similar too. Anamika is someone whom everyone dreams to be with but finally at the end of the day, I'd want the love of my life to be like Sanchita. Finally, the author with this book, without any exaggerated and unreal acts, manages to keep the pages turning till the end and Of course, the ending is sure to keep you in a happy mood till the rest of the day.

  • Vinay Leo R.
    2019-04-17 23:28

    The book, with the smooth, pacey and yet simple narration, brings the familiarity of a campus love story, and influences from movies and other books too perhaps. Some parts are absolutely brilliant, making one wish we were like Yatharth in real life, and yet not be that comical but fun character either. Shubham layers his characters well, and doesn’t make any character predictable, except perhaps Vikalp (to an extent). However, to an extent, I could predict the ending some time before the final chapter, so perhaps, that’s an area to work on. There are no serious scenes in this book, the humor laced throughout to good effect, and not a mushy story in any respect. A good read, of a story that could very well happen in life, one of strong friendship and wonderful love. For a debut novel, this is excellent, and worth the price.From my review:

  • Gargi Joshi
    2019-03-29 22:52

    This is one of the cutest love story i have read till date and also the author has a great sense of humor. All the characters play such an important role in the story. It is a very well tracked, humorous as well as romantic love story of an intelligent cum geek cum confused guy, yatharth and a very cute ,emotional , caring girl, sanchita. The story is a lovely blend of love + friendship and of course the engineering fundas used in, are hilarious. I enjoyed reading it throughout. Wishes to the author, hope to receive the next book soon.... :)

  • Neeraj Yadav
    2019-03-27 03:43

    I haven't read the book fully, but till the place i've reached, it's an amazing book given it's the debut novel.I'd say if you have a few hours and want a good laugh without exercising your brains much, do give “My EX Fell In Love” a try. All college students can relate to it and everyone will laugh reading it remembering their own college time. More than a love story, it's a fun filled experience.

  • Swati Goyal
    2019-04-14 22:54

    Awesome cover, funny writing, superb narration and a cute story. Though i believe a better plot could have been there and definitely a better ending, but given that it's his first book, it is better than many such novels we see in the market. Good luck for this one and for the upcoming works. Awesome book :)

  • Aashish Aryan
    2019-04-07 01:49

    Honest,easy,smart and crisp. Honest for not being too ambitious with the characters of the novel and thereby blowing the fun while reading. Crisp and smart for staying with the plot and putting in subtle humor whenever and wherever the need was. This debut novel is guaranteed to leave a smile as you turn over the last page to complete it. A good read indeed!

  • Rahul Singhal
    2019-04-16 00:28

    after reading it completely in 13 hours i felt like i lived my college life from day 1 till date...its a must read for everybody who live to live life to the most ya not for nerds, coz they wont understand the tits and bits of college life.....p.s. i am in love with Samantha.....:D....enjoy buk reading .... !!

  • VaultOfBooks
    2019-04-02 21:39

    By Shubham Choudhary. Grade: AA perfect story to read while you lie down on your bed under your warm blanket – isn't that what we all need in this shivering winter? A tale that vibrates and pulsates along with your heart as you swim in its delicious concoction of feelings and emotions, soothing your nerves, making you laugh and wiping your tears at the same time. No, I am not exaggerating, but these are the exact characteristics that you can find in Shubham Choudhary’s remarkable debut novel – My Ex Fell In Love.My EX Fell In Love by Shubham Choudhary Yatharth, an intelligent over-achiever is very clear about his life's goal-research. However, he faces a new challenge - a girl! Will Yatharth be able to face this challenge and continue with his life's goal? With friends such as Mr. intelligent Sudeep, Mr.handsome-funny-But still not datable Vikalp, the style icon Samantha and the counselor friend Prathishtha, Yatharth has all thesupport that he doesnt need!Sanchita, a sentimental girl is all beauty but takes life seriously. Will she be able to handle the challenges she is about to face with love entering her life? My Ex fell in love! is a hilarious tale of growing up and dealing with the consequent challenges of life in a unique way. Enjoy the light, humorous and witty story of these youngsters, which will bring a smile on your faceShubham Choudhary is an Engineering student of MNIT Jaipur, his specialization being in Electronics and Communication. He is an active blogger and has written several articles, stories and poems, humor being his forte. He also loves traveling and reading biographies and fictions. Shubham has a keen interest in music and is trained as a Radio Jockey. He writes for many popular websites.My Ex Fell In Love is one of those novels that will tickle your heartstrings and make you feel good after a long day’s work. In fact, the bright cover itself has a pleasant appeal to it, depicting a guy standing at the cross roads of life, where one way leads to love and the other to academics and career. The story revolves around Yatharth and Sanchita, two college buddies who meet and immediately fall in love. Or, is this love? The dilemma revolves around Yatharth’s mind and he soon finds himself in the midst of a confusing amalgamation of love, attraction and friendship, not to forget his dream project that more often than not drives him to the extremities of craziness. How he manages his relationship with Sanchita, as well as focuses on completing his dream project, forms the crux of the story.The protagonists Yatharth and Sanchita steal your hearts. They are oh-so-real, just like any other guy or girl you can ever come across, and you quickly relate with them. You cry with them, laugh with them, and even hug them at times. Their best buddies, Vikalp, Sudeep, Pratishtha and Samantha, add colorful dimensions to the story that make you feel like being a part of a big circle of friends. Yes, trust me, it is that real. You bunk classes with Yatharth and Sudeep, get funny flirting tips from Vikalp, adore the cute innocence of Sanchita, and share all your problems with Pratistha and Samantha, looking forward to their friendly suggestions. Right from the first page, the author drew me into this exciting world he weaved. The narration is smooth and flawless, holding on to your attention all the while. Well, here comes a warning. You really need to read this book with care, because it is too addictive. You wouldn't need a bookmark while reading this novel; you just can’t keep this book down after going through a few pages. The what-happens-next factor will keep you glued, enticing you to read on and on. The witty humor and the apt play of words, along with a tightly knitted plot and excellent characterization will ensure you complete the story in one go.A love story with a difference, this is what the book is. A perfect debut by Shubham. Do pick up a copy to experience a thrilling roller coaster ride of a delightful campus love. Not only the exes, but everyone who reads this book will undoubtedly fall in love with it.Hats off to the young man, Shubham. This book does delivers in a big manner and lives up to all expectations.Originally reviewed at

  • Abhinand
    2019-04-16 03:35

    ‘My EX Fell In Love’ is a simple and plain story which revolves around a young student that each one of us can relate to. Starting with the cover page of the book, it is good with comic content. The title again well suits the story and it gives a hint about the content. So both the cover page and the title scores full mark. Next to tell about the narration, it is very well narrated which makes you put yourself in place with the character. The language which is simple and clear is a big plus point for this book. Yatharth, the hero, is an intelligent engineering student who is unlike the usual student character we normally read. He works for his goal but still enjoys his college life with his friends. Sudeep, again an intelligent student, is always dedicated to his work and supports Yatharth in all ways. Vikalp, unlike his two friends, is born to hit on girls but still waiting for his first date. Vikalp’s character adds humour to this book. His lame jokes and thrashing with friends keeps the story alive.Sanchita, the heroin, plays a simple and elegant role though I felt her character was less expressed. Their love which last for only some time was described short and sweet. The author had made a clear point not to elaborate every scene in detail which is good for a good book. With 204 pages, he has well managed to bring the story alive. Samantha, a friend of Sanchita, entertains with her snub when Vikalp tries to flirt with her. Though the project part was carried throughout the story, it was well written in needed place without dragging it’s part. After the break-up of Yatharth and Sanchita, I liked the story even more. The usual break-up stories will leave a heavy heart in the readers but this was something differently written. Raunak’s character was well addressed in the story.To summarize the review, I would say the Mr.Shubham Choudhary has done a wonderful work in writing. This is a kind of book which makes you feel light after reading. Though with a simple story line and simple language, the book scores 4 out of 5. I strongly recommend this book and looking forward for his next work.My EX Fell in LoveShubham Choudhary

  • Amit Kumar
    2019-04-08 21:53

    Light read book with great sense of humourYesterday I completed reading the novel My Ex Fell in Love written by Shubham Choudhary. The book is a good one which is light on readers' mind. Whenever we decide to read a book, we are clueless about what is inside the book except what the name of book suggests or the brief description written at the end or start of it justifies. This book is a simple yet funny love story. Well, this is not such a love story in which hero says I will bring moon and star for you, this is a different love story not covered by any book, movie, TV programme at all as far as I remember. Apart from love story, there is more like campus life, family relations, emotional stints, friendship etc. If we read any book, the book will only touch us if we are able to relate to its characters. I was purely able to relate myself to the characters of the book, My Ex Fell in Love. Funny incidents, chats, all are written in a hilarious manner. The end part of the story is purely dramatic and is giving a fresh and good feeling. While reading the book, I was totally interested in knowing what will happen next. The story is narrated in such a simple and easy to understand manner that a person who is reading his life's first novel or a person having even little English reading skills, can easily read and enjoy the book. The difficulty I faced while reading (though it may be in my case only) is that I got familiarised with girls' names only after reading one fourth of the book. The names like Pratistha, Samantha and Sanchita are kind of similar looking names. The boys' names however were easy to remember. One more problem I faced while reading the book was about a particular sentence said by whom. Like the person who said it was mentioned at the end. I needed to re-read the line to make sense after getting to know who said that particular line (I do not know how able I am to explain this fact). If that person's name is mentioned at the start (maybe not in all of them but most of them), then it would have been good.I have read many books like this and this one of course becomes one of my favourites. Overall, this is a great book for people who are into reading stories, love stories, novels, light content etc.

  • A1
    2019-03-27 22:46

    Well this is the first time that I review a book. And honestly I do not know how to do one. So you shouldn't be relying on this. Still I am here penning it down. I owed you this much.The language used is simple and lucid. The reader is allowed to connect to the book. The humor is subtle yet effective and the writer has lived up to the expectation of the genre. The plot is pretty evident yet unexpected.Certain incidents which I liked were the use of truth blended with humor about the life of engineers confined to enter a college in order to get a job. The interesting part was… “Here’s a tip; when you ask for a number all of a sudden, girls don’t generally say ‘NO’”. For all the guys out there… These tricks really help if you try exactly the opposite.The use of alcohol isn't considered cool at least in the start, for all my friends out there. And if you want to believe it just read half of it(JUST THE HALF). Second, is the irony of girls…. You need all the time in the world while guys are the ones who actually suffer. So girls learn from this book. The summarization after certain intervals is an aid to readers like me and for others it’s a source of humor as the words used will definitely make you roll down the floor.The college romances and flirting is like cherry on the topping. Mysteries of the hot girl at Sudeep’s place or simply Samantha’s crushes. The role of parents was fiction but trust me such parents do exists…. Be it, Yatharth’s father and yes, even Sudeep’s father!A book read purely for fun and entertainment, a typical bollywood movie in other words, not for critical analysis as some chapters will make you think that few things aren’t as serious as we take them to be. The book is a complete fusion of comedy with a simple moral of “All you need is some courage, a passion and a few crazy friends…”

  • Kshama
    2019-03-26 03:52

    okay.....!!!!(sigh)Here comes the review of this novel... as "My ex fell in love"..(though i don't have any ex.. :P)..Cutting the crap...and moving on.. My dear friend, first of all.. congratulations for your book..!! Being a fan of your blog and getting something big like this to read.. i have to say.. Big Work..and well done!! :)(This review can get personal, and i am very bad at giving reviews in detail, so.. never mind!! :P )plus, i am writing these bunch of words during my exams' time!!(Shubham, you owe me one!! KIDDING! )This book became a great friend while i was going home during vacations!The characters.. well!! i loved all of 'em. i felt the strong connection and if you like certain characters from the famous TV series like THE BIG BANG THEORY, FRIENDS, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER.. O BOY... you are good to go..!! I mean you should rush to have this one in your novel collection. (as i already suppose you are a voracious reader like me!! ) I started reading and at certain times, i guffawed like hell.. :Pand, people around me were wondering. WHAT THE HELL..!!and, It made my juniors laugh as well when they read it..!! :DThere are certain places mentioned in this book like CCD and all... well, you don't have to imagine anything, as all those places, you have been there like hundred times.. (and the story in short goes right in your mind with full visualization. . .)The narrative is fast paced in the beginning, but slows down towards the middle with sudden twists leading to somewhat predictable end..!!but yea.. the novel is enticing, it has its own enjoyable moments and I highly recommend it to lighten up a boring sunday afternoon. . .If you love laughing like me..!! :D :D (It is worth reading a book like this..!!)

  • Talex
    2019-03-30 04:55

    Review by YouthDiariesThe story of “My EX Fell In Love” knits around the life of Yatharth who is struggling with his physics research project to get himself to some conference in Germany under a very respectable Professor. However, no one gets anything without facing any hurdles so does he. A girl named-Sanchita enters his life and one thing leads to another moving the storyline. In between all these, brief personal life of his friends also keep coming up to inform the readers that they haven’t come out of nowhere and haven’t been added as sidekicks to Yatharth.One more character, that is equally important and is portrayed in a totally unconventional way is Yatharth’s father. A father who can beat every dude of current generation and is yet mature and meaningful at times in his own ways. This character is the best among all and you will wait for his part to come in consequent chapters.This was all about the characters, now about the actual writing part. Starting with the narration which is really very well as one may actually find everything happening in for real in front of him like a stage play and some may be able to relate to as well if they had experienced similar things. The story of “My EX Fell In Love” is plain, simple and straightforward. In fact, this is also a very great part as the author has saved reader’s time by skipping all those descriptions of a place or a room that other authors use to build an image in reader’s mind and which reader themselves skip while reading. To the contrast, he has directly used names of places like college canteen, CCD etc. that in no time help reader imagine how exactly the place could be.

  • Devansh
    2019-03-23 05:33

    One word- Chubby!When you hear the title- My ex fell in love, you think it's about the tragedy after the break ups, the tanhai and the emotional atyaachar!Well, this book is nothing about any of the above things!A simple love story, that takes shape in a college campus- something that most of us can relate to. Throughout the book, the writer has managed, and managed beautifully, the flow of the story. I mean, never once do you feel like keeping the book aside and continue later. I myself finished it in 4 straight hours.But what really stands out is, the cuteness, the innocence. That is something that makes you smile all the time, while reading the entire novel. The way the writer has penned down the feelings of the hero and the heroine, it literally seems as if it is an autobiography, or wait, is it? The way that the writer has created the scenes, makes you believe that they have actually happened somewhere, someplace, sometime!So if you're a someone that loves reading love stories, here's something that you don't want to miss, trust me!And if you don't like love stories, what are you doing here?Lastly, all I'd say is, if it was a movie, I'd have watched it again after completing it once, that much I liked it!(and not that I didn't get it in the first time :P )Simply amazingA must read!

  • Akanksha
    2019-04-16 22:48

    My Ex Fell in Love by Shubham Choudhary To begin with, the book is short, just 200 pages. You can read it in one sitting very easily. It is written in autobiographical form and the narrator is the male protagonist, Yatharth. He’s a boy next door who soon falls for a girl (Sanchita), the girl proposes, their relationship blossoms. After this, the story moves on with some twists and turns. The plot is as easy as that. The language is simple and homogeneous with profound use of ‘Campus Language’ and ‘Hinglish’. Also, there’s a lot of punctuation. As the reader drifts further, it becomes very noticeable that the huge Indian engineering college crowd has been targeted as the main audience. Though the author has made a very impressive attempt as a debutant, at some point you might feel that he could have included more details. This book is humorous, precise, lucid and more about friendship than love. It will make you smile from the very beginning and does not have even a single dark or grey character. The story ends on a very happy and positive note. This book is not a literary masterpiece, but has the recipe to become popular. It’s not compulsory to add this one to your personal library but it surely makes a very pleasant gift to a friend who is fond of reading.

  • Dinesh Kunnel
    2019-04-10 23:40

    I was eagerly looking forward for this book since I saw the writers copy at home; it took me some time to get it. The story of Yatharth & Sanchita was fun, lot of people might have thought there love story should have the same happy ending and others might have thanked their stars that they did not have the same ending, everybody is not like Yatharth, to have only one break up. It sends shivers down the spine to Imagine all your ex turning back towards you at the same time, it would be like standing in front of God on the last day on the earth and giving answers to all you did. The only disruption I found was few words that made me run for the dictionary otherwise everything was smooth. The story was something that you can easily relate, it was fun all the way, I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it, I am eagerly looking forward to your next. Best of Luck

  • Sahil Jain
    2019-04-21 05:31

    Seeing my name in the acknowledgements was enough to excite me about it. The book's hilarious language and the story just added more.Awesome work by a great friend. Must read for every young student out there. :)

    2019-03-23 01:43


  • Varun Singh
    2019-03-26 03:33

    If you read this book , you won't regret the time it took from your life; coz the smiles the book gives is worth enough. " My ex fell in love ' , by Shubham Chaudhary was a smooth read which is both a good thing , and a not so good thing ( it isn't much thought provoking ) . But it was a smooth and entertaining read and so is the author's writing style. I , in fact finished it the same day I bought it , from the author himself ( but that shouldn't put a doubt on the veracity of this review as this is less of a review for the public and more of a ' motivation speech ' to the author himself . None of which though , has come in the way of truth. ) The entire story was gripping and lucid. The book is in the current Indian trend of college love romances. But the unique thing in the book was it's ever present humor . Puns , or sarcasm or irony or clever comebacks have been used throughout so you chuckle your way through this reading journey till the last line of the book. There was one particularly hilarious and uproarious chapter where all the college friends play a game of truth and dare or something , and start unraveling secrets and confessions and insults and comebacks. That was the most memorable chapter. The writer should write more chapters like that in his much anticipated next book. The name of the next book is probably not revealed but some choice lines have been and can be read on stalking the writers facebook profile -

  • Nishtha Mukherjee
    2019-04-05 22:36

    Smooth flow, crisp writing, humorous style and a marvelous ending. Precisely the book :)