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You Sense HimSome refer to it as the Colony. To others, it's a cult. But few locals in the Oregon coastal hamlet of Deception Bay have ever been invited to the inner sanctum of Siren Song. Even the sisters who live here, far from strangers who might recoil at their unnerving psychic abilities, don't know all the terrors buried within its walls. . .You Fear HimEight monthsYou Sense HimSome refer to it as the Colony. To others, it's a cult. But few locals in the Oregon coastal hamlet of Deception Bay have ever been invited to the inner sanctum of Siren Song. Even the sisters who live here, far from strangers who might recoil at their unnerving psychic abilities, don't know all the terrors buried within its walls. . .You Fear HimEight months into a surrogate pregnancy for her sister, Kristina, Detective Savannah Dunbar just wants to wrap up paperwork before taking medical leave. But her department's investigation into a brutal double homicide has suddenly become much more complex--and personal. And now there are disturbing rumors about the Colony, its matriarch, and a long history of bitter secrets. . .But You Can Never Stop HimDeath has come to Siren Song before. But this time there will be no refuge and no remorse. For everything born in wickedness must die that way--and a killer will not rest until he has claimed them all. . ....

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Something Wicked Reviews

  • Eyehavenofilter
    2018-11-29 22:15

    I just can't!This just went in circles That went nowhere.Too many people,Doing too many weird thingsI just can't!

  • Áine
    2018-11-25 02:33

    I really wanted to like this book more than I did, but somehow I found it difficult to get into and even harder to stay focused upon. I don't enjoy any book that I can easily be distracted from. I think the main problem was that it seemed to lack cohesion. There were far too many incidental characters and details that didn't add much to the story, and then in the end the characters that mattered most weren't really ones that were mentioned much at all. I had trouble bonding with any of the characters, even the main character Savvy. I think the story could have used a lot of editing to remove some of the unnecessary details and to provide a little better foreshadowing regarding the important plot twists at the very end.

  • Nichole
    2018-12-11 20:16

    I thougth this book of Lisa Jackson's was really good. Her "Wicked" series deals with the women of Siren's Song, a commune like "cult" of women who have special powers. NOW although I'm not really into the paranormal/fantasy/woo-wooo shit, I do find, Lisa Jackson adds a great deal of mystery, suspense, thriller, and a little romance which keeps me coming back. The "special powers" are pretty much more like a 6th sense, they can feel danger, or see something that could happen in the future, so thigns don't get to woo-woo weird like.

  •  Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)
    2018-12-20 00:26

    A little bit chaotic, but the storyline about the Siren Song women (and men) is intriguing. I think I have to keep reading this series.Overall rating: 3.5/5.0 stars.Reviewed for Affaire de Coeur Magazine.

  • Kelly
    2018-11-19 21:36

    Ok, this one was a little too queer for me....

  • Monica
    2018-12-07 23:17

    This book was okay. Sad and weird are the firs words that come to mind after finishing the book. I’m not really sure what to make of this book.

  • B.Barron
    2018-12-16 18:13

    Possible unfairly of me it is getting a 2 star rating. It is, for the most part, competently written. It gets a 2 because it is just so damn trite - damsel in distress saved by a handsome, rugged, strong patriarchal archetype.Just shoot me now.

  • Alasandra Alawine
    2018-12-16 22:14

    Savannah is acting as a surrogate for her sister Kristina & Hale St. Cloud. But Kristina isn't acting like herself and and at various times ask both her husband Hale and sister Savannah if they believe in sorcery.Before taking maternity leave Savannah is hoping to wrap the Donatella case up, she has also been asked to investigate Mary's death by Catherine who wants the investigation kept on the DL. While Savannah heads to Portland to interview some Bancroft employees, Kristina goes to meet her lover "Good Time Charlie" aka Declan Jr (Mary told him he was Declan Bancroft's son) who attempts to kill her. Kristina is found still alive and taken to the hospital. Hale calls Savannah to tell her and she starts home from Portland only to be caught in a storm in the mountain pass when she goes into labor. When Hale finds out Savannah is wrecked on the side of the road and realizes that the emergency services are stretched thin he goes to rescue Savannah himself, and winds up delivering his son on the side of the road. Shortly after Hale, Savannah and Baby Declan get to the hospital Kristina dies. Catherine is in the hospital after "falling" at Siren Song and Ravinia and Ophelia are there with her. Ravinia takes the chance to talk to Savannah. Catherine also starts opening up to Ravinia and gets her to help with digging up Mary's body and putting it in the grave with Mary's tombstone on it and removing the bones of Declan Jr's Father. When they dig up the grave they discover "the bones" are missing Catherine realizes Silas (Mary's son with Hale's Father) removed the bones and burned them on Echo Island after he gives Ravinia the adoption papers Catherine was looking for. Catherine also ask Ravinia to find her daughter Elizabeth and keep her safe when Ravinia leaves Siren Song. Ravinia seems to be accompanied on her journey by a mysterious Wolf. Charlie captures Savannah and takes her to the Donatella house, and uses Savannah to lure Hale there. Hale calls and tells Detective Clausen Savannah is in trouble and Clausen says he will meet him at Bancroft Bluff. Clausen gets to the Donatella house before Hale and Charlie shots him, but Savannah manages to escape. While Charlie is pursuing Savannah a homeless man (Mickey) enters the Donatella house and starts building a fire. Shortly after that Hale arrives and then Charlie enters the house intent on killing Hale. Mickey manages to trip Charlie and he falls into the fire. Savannah enters the home and a badly burnt Charlie shoots at Savannah and Hale but hits Mickey before he escapes with the help of Hale's former nanny. Really wished more questions were answered in the book, the secrets seemed to be doled out sparingly and there always seem to be new questions that need answers.* I think Mickey/Silas/Wolf may have been the same person. And Mickey's fate is unknown. We know he was hit, but we do not know if he survived his wounds.

  • Lisa
    2018-11-29 21:12

    InterestingWhile I cant dislike the book I was not thrilled with it.I have read better books in this genre.The biggest hurdle that I had was not on the writing but on the way it read on my Nook. The page numbers were in the middle of the pages and the authors names also. Most of it was formatted as double spacing. Some areas were single spaced but 95% was formatted weird.The murder possession theme was slightly weird but all in all an interesting read. I thought the changes of thoughts were a bit abrupt. (My feeling on this may have been the way it was formatted.) All in all I give it a 3. It wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t that memorable. I just finished it yesterday and all I can remember of the characters is Sister 1 (Detective) is surrogate for sister 2 and husband. Husband builds houses and they are falling into the ocean. Double murder in one of the condemned houses. Enter group of women with special “Gifts” who live locked away from the rest of the population. Sister 2 thinks she is going nuts and Sister 1 is having fantasies about Sister 2’s husband. Enter murder ‘brother’ of women with “gifts”. He kills a bunch of people with no evidence at any crime scene. Sister 2 is killed and sister 1 is still on the case. Too many characters to keep up with on a poorly formatted version. Hopefully that will be fixed soon.If your into the paranormal you will probably like it a lot. It does have that.

  • Nicole
    2018-12-06 21:16

    A dark supernatural thriller, Something Wicked will send a shiver up your spine. I'm sure I'll catch some flack for this, but it is my opinion that men write better horror than women do. I'm not so close minded that I don't give female authors a chance, obviously since I entered the giveaway for the book. In any case Lisa Jackson and Nancy Bush can give any male author of horror a run for their money. This is the first book by either author that I have read. As I understand it, Lisa Jackson tends to fall into the romantic suspense category. So I would imagine that some of her normal readers may be disappointed since this book is light on romance. I hope they would at least give it a shot though because it is a great read. **I have received a free copy of this book through a GoodReads First Reads Giveaway.

  • Teresa
    2018-12-06 02:23

    SOMETHING WICKED is a suspense mystery which leaves the reader guessing until the end as to the killers true identity. Although it is part of a series, I had no problems following the story even though I'd not read any of the others. The story opens with Echo Island and the discovery of a dead body posing more questions than answers. Then, we go on to meet the main character of the story, Savvy who works as a detective and is very pregnant. At times the story is disappointing when you realise scenes are just too unreal for words, ie having a baby, in a blizzard and back at work the next day and at others you're wondering how could you kill this character off. Overall the story is excellent and if you like a good mystery you'll love this book. Be warned though, there's more coming in this series.

  • Charles Gallagher
    2018-11-23 21:14

    Trash. Dumb. Too complicated. Terrible ending. I listened. Do not know why I kept listening. Unbelievable that average rating is more than three stars.

  • Lyns
    2018-12-18 00:36

    I hope I remember to not ever pick up this author's books again! Just awful!

  • Sabrina
    2018-12-12 23:15

    This book is a complete mess! How did it get such a high review? Or even past the editors desk to be published? It's so full of contradictions and ignores facts stated repeatedly in previous books in the series. I take back everything I said in the past about worst books I've read because this one takes the cake as worst book in the history of the world! I would give it negative 5 stars.A short summary that should replace the blurb for this book. Middle aged woman who acts like she's 13 and throws tantrums like she's 2 has some how passed her classes and been miraculously hired as a cop who I will never call a heroine because she is dumber then a box of rocks looks into a bunch of murders while 9 months pregnant without a care in the world for the child she's carrying. The crimes are cared out by a very sick psychotic man who only thinks about incestuous sex and murder to which we get every little detail over and over again while he either kills or masturbates in every scene he is in. It takes forever to get to the climax which is the last 4 pages with no resolution since the authors thought it would be great to have a cliffhanger ending to try and get another book out of this utter pile of shit they are trying to pass off as a story. All of this takes place in a few days and besides one day of snow the whole thing is conducted in the rain since it's the only bit of weather these authors seem to know. Full review below.Where to start....So the first 3 pages are the exact same as the ending of the last book. Also the fact that Mary lives on this island that anyone can get to but wait reverse that it's really hard to so no one does even though there are rumors and sightings of a crazy women living there? Seriously no one from any social services or police go to see over 2 decades? Catherine has Earl bring Mary supplies when he can which is not basically Mary is starving most of the time because there is no power on this island (no fridge, so no meat) and no fresh fruit or bread from lack of visits. So all she can have are canned goods most of the time but supplies are meager when they get to her. No one comes to check out the house that has a dock and a well maintained garden and Mary must go out of the house sometimes, someone must see her not to mention lights in the windows at night. But no, no one goes there but Earl when he can brave the treacherous water and rocks and stuff. When Catherine finds out Mary is dead, murdered no less, she does not think or want to call the police she and Earl just leave. They leave Mary's rotting body in her house and Catherine doesn't tell Earl anything and keeps this to herself because hey she faked Mary's death a long time ago so....Cut to a heavily pregnant (with her sister's baby) Savannah "Savvy" Dunbar as she waits to check out a possible crime. It's in the same neighborhood as another crime that the police are trying to solve. She is pissed off because she is ready to pop and everyone, ie. her male coworkers in the police force are treating her like she is a heavily pregnant female who is ready to pop. Most nine month pregnant women working in law enforcement are on desk duty by now but not her and it pisses her off that her coworkers are treating her with care and concern. After having an encounter with a homeless man who so how mysteriously knows she is having a boy on sight she goes back to the station and meets Catherine. Catherine who is waiting in the station for a detective she knows and trusts as far as she trusts anyone. A snap decision and she invites Savvy to her fortress of a home to talk, giving her the ultimatum to be there. Savvy will go even though she knows she will be on maternity leave in a week or so and after she will go see her sister Kristina who's baby it is she's carrying because over the past few months the happy couple aren't so happy and might have changed their minds about the baby. Seriously every relationship and couple in this book and series are miserable, angry, sad and having problems even the main female of the story! (she ends up wanting her sister's husband) Really! Not one good happy couple at all!Hale is Savvy's brother in law who's building company is in a bind over a bunch of houses they built on sand dunes (really everyone would know it's a bad idea) that are falling into the ocean because they were built on loose ground. He is annoyed with his grandfather/partner and questioning his marriage. He married Savvy's sister while he was in a state of grief and depended on her now he's not sad and just miserable. He gave in to the baby idea and wants to fix his marriage if he can but Kristina is brushing him off and acting weird. He is torn between his wife and the baby situation and lawsuits over the falling houses which there was a murder in not to long ago. Oh and since his wife has gone from strong independent thinking woman to a total flake he is now thinking about her sister who is like she was, but in reality is worse and no one seems to see this.Back to Savvy now being the first non family to be let into the "colony" or Siren Song the name of the compound house/fortress Catherine lives in with her sister's many adult and late teen/early twenty's daughters. Everything in this house is old and Catherine keeps the girls in even older time cloths and ways. Catherine wants to know about her sister Mary (why ask an outsider is beyond reason since they grew up together and she stuck Mary on an island she couldn't leave). She admits that she lied about how and when Mary died. Catherine starts to talk about genetics (it gets technical and boring here) and says that they, the women of her family, are extra special and so are the males. She won't answer Savvy's questions, denies that anything happened on the island and denies all the girls "powers" even though she just got done saying they have something special about them. The males of the family are worse because they can't control their powers and they go crazy. But how would she know this because there weren't any males before Mary's and their cousin's boy Justice who are the age of some of the older girls in the house? That right there contradicts the other books in the series. In the other books it says there are no boys, then it says that they die as babies or little kids. The bad guy in the previous books was a one off. But now wait! Mary had boys! A few of them! And their still alive! Catherine adopted them out and has no idea about them since no one kept or even made any paperwork for them. She won't tell Savvy how many children Mary had but says it was almost one a year. (unless some of these boys are twins to some of the girls there really could only be 2 or 3 if that.) Mary's power was sexual and to allure men to her whom she had her children by....that isn't a power that is being a woman who will spread her legs for anyone and doesn't gives two shits about birth control. Catherine seeing her sister only cared about getting fucked and popping out babies gave many away and then took Mary out to the island and stranded her there.Catherine leaves to get something and Margret aka Maggie aka Cassandra comes down to see Savvy and uses her powers to see things others about the future and people to say Savvy is having a baby boy for her sister and that they are all in danger (again) from a man she can't see. Yet she does know that he is very handsome and will try to kill them all. She leaves as Catherine comes back with the knife used to kill Mary in a bag and puts it on the table and asks Savvy to run tests on it. How she got it who knows because last we saw she left it in Mary's corpse on the island and hasn't been back. She won't answer Savvy's questions, denies that anything (murder) happened on the island and denies all the girls "powers" even though Savvy has just told her about Cassandra and what she said. Savvy takes the knife, says she get the lab to teat it but won't open an investigation! I would fire her. But hey she'll be on maternity leave in just a little bit so what the hay.Cut to the POV of our bad guy who is calling himself Charlie, good time Charlie that is. His power besides being handsome (we aren't given a description so who knows) is to be able to rape women and have them enjoy it since he stops them from saying no. All he wants to do is fuck and kill in very descriptive detail. Oh and he has the best fantasies about incest. He raped his adopted mother who killed herself after he taunted her about it, and then found Mary and wanted to fuck her. She lead him on and he would do anything to fuck her. She tried to trick him into getting her off the island (which he made it to but Earl didn't see him even though he was there for a while) that supposedly no one can get onto but Earl. She was going to kill him and instead he killed her and thinks that he has absorbed her sexual powers so he is stronger and can lure in any female he wants. He masturbates like crazy anytime and anywhere including right after he has killed a woman and her boyfriend at a bar, then fleeing the scene he thinks about it and has to go fuck some woman or else. Nice bad guy and great that we get a look at all his thoughts like these! Later he feels the presents of another of the gifted women and thinks about how nice it's going to be to find this future lover and fuck them too. For the record they would be half brother and sister but hey since he almost fucked his own mother why not a half sibling?At this point Savvy runs across and reads a book about the history of the colony. In previous books this has been alluded too but now we as readers get to see it. It details Mary and Catherine's family back to their great grandparents and the beginning of the colony. In previous books we are lead to believe this is a big family, hence the cult status. Nope it's about one child per generation until now so it's not a cult unless you count all the men who came to fuck Mary back in the day. To help Savvy with her not investigation Catherine goes to look for any papers about the children in Mary's private journal which she kept. Nothing in it but weird bits about Mary fucking and taking men from other women and trying to take a man from Catherine, surprise!Savvy is refusing desk duty (and smart advice to take it easy) and keeps on looking into the murders at the bluffs and decides to go over a snowy pass right before a snow storm (again against everyone's advice and her own internal concerns) to interview people who might know something about the buildings the murders took place in. Mean while her sister is going crazy and, oh, having an affair which she tries to break off and gets killed for because of course the man she was banging on the side is good time Charlie, who has gotten a peek at Savvy and thinks it would be great to fuck her too. Savvy learns of her sister's cheating but refuses to believe it. She gets a call about her sister getting killed (she's dead but they stretch that out just a bit) and rushes back in the middle of the storm and in labor, which she thought she was in before she went out in the storm. She gets into a wreck on the pass after going around a road block so no one will be around to help. She calls her brother in law instead of real help and of course he leaves his hurt wife and goes to rescue her himself. He gets to her but she has the baby in his car and it's a long while before they get to the hospital. Meanwhile Catherine has been fighting with her youngest niece who has been sneaking out of the colony. She say's if Ravinia leaves again not to come back and she won't help her or giver her money or anything. Ravinia steals Mary's journal to try and learn the truth that her aunt won't tell her. Catherine gets hurt and Ravinia gets help only to learn one of her sisters beat her to it using a secret cell phone. While getting help Ravinia meets Rand, Earl's son who tells her he is a relative. So the history we read a few pages back is either a figment of our imaginations or they forgot they just wrote it this is not possible.Savvy now at the hospital runs into Ravinia and Catherine and Catherine tells Savvy she'll help her when she wouldn't even help her own nieces who live with her or who came to her for help from being hunted previously. But Catherine changes her mind and will work with Rivinia to get answers and tells Savvy about Mary's affair with Hale's father and grandfather. Charlie might be Hale's relative (more incest ahead). Savvy meanwhile doesn't really care about the baby only thinking of it in the background but with her sister officially dead now has the hots for her brother in law. Savvy goes back to work the next day and bullies her way into working her sister's case but spend the rest of the book saying she isn't. Also she had no partner and goes out into the field even though she has decided to breast feed the baby who is at home. She has a pump but never uses it, she goes all day without any pain or milk spillage. (I'm going to take a guess and say the authors never gave birth or have forgotten about reality if they have kids.) Savvy goes to see the homeless man from beginning of book and he tells her he knows about her sister's affair and that she helped in the murder she is looking to solve. Charile has been busy all this time killing people Savvy has talked to. Hale has been obsessing about Savvy and his grandfather who thinks he is being stalked and his mother who comes to visit. Everyone but Charlie and the colony people end up at Hale's house including the nanny who is clueless about babies and was hired because she's pretty. Hale's mother confirms the affair's Mary had with their family and leaves, and Hale and his grandfather go back to work. Charlie tries to use his sexual powers on Savvy but it doesn't work as she has fallen in love with Hale and they almost kiss...the day after her sister/his wife's death/murder.Catherine has Rivinia and Earl dig up Mary and put her where she is supposed to be in case of exhumation by the cops and the bones of the man who fathered Charlie and almost raped Catherine are missing from the gave Mary was supposed to be in. Mary then tells Ravinia she had a baby and gave it away (we are going to guess that this will be revealed later as Savvy with the way the story is going and incest rules of this book). The nanny calls and says she found a gun belonging to her sister, which is probably the murder weapon she has been looking for. When she goes to get it all alone after having pestered her boss hourly for information and progress reports who is out interviewing people who she doesn't call now with her info she is kidnapped by Charlie. Charlie admits to his affair with her sister, the murders (all of them), and that he believe's he is Hale's uncle and stalking Hale's grandfather for what is 'his by right' he is going to rape her and kill her. (At this point I am almost rooting for her death, not rape, that I could do without, she frustrates me that much.) Hale is called out to see this and be murdered but he calls for help on the way, which is only answered by Savvy's 'former' but not really former partner. Charlie kills the 'former' partner, Savvy gets untied and runs for it and Hale almost gets killed by Charlie. But it's the homeless man to the rescue as he trips Charlie who falls into a fire the homeless guy sets, but manages to get away. Meanwhile Ravinia with Catherine's blessing has gotten money, and gotten out of the coloney only to run into a 'friend' she has seen before who gives her paper's Catherine wants and leaves her. She goes into town to shop before going home and giving the papers to Catherine after almost deciding not to. They are the papers about all of Mary's sons and some missing pages from Mary's journal. No idea how he got them but what they hey we don't need to know since there might be another book for this. Catherine tells Ravinia that this man might be Silas, Mary's son, who is good and not out of his mind crazy on/with power and won't hurt them. WTF didn't you just spend the whole book and if not that at least one whole chapter telling us that all the males were driven mad with power and would try to kill them all after previous books said that there were NO boys?Skip ahead three days and Savvy is happily living at Hale's home as his lover and his babies mother, breast feeding away with him looking on, having just buried her sister/his wife and her now officially former partner. Charlie is being taken care of by the nanny who was working for him the whole time planning to get revenge. He is confronted by his mystery lover in his head who he/we learn is his brother not his sister (ick!). Ravinia is busy walking to California and is being followed by a wolf who helps her scare away two men how want to pick her up. WTF is with the wolf? Who knows but it's the last paragraph so we may get to know in the next book if you care to read it between clawing your eyes out, pulling your hair out in chunks and throwing the book across the room in frustration.Again I ask how this book was ever published. If there is another book count me out of reading it. I have no idea how I got this far since each book was worse the the last. It's like a train wreck you just can't stop staring at or look away from. If there is another book the authors should consult notes or reread the previous books, hire two editors and have numerous proof readers get a crack at it before it even glances at a printer.

  • Stacey
    2018-12-12 01:36

    Unless you like missing MOST of the story there's only one way to get the full impact of this one. That is to read, in order, Blind Spot (Nancy Bush) followed by Bush/Lisa Jackson's Wicked Game, Wicked Lies, and finally Something Wicked. Jackson & Bush call their trio of co-authored books The Colony because it's all one story. However, I promise yours will be a richer, fuller experience if you read Blind Spot first because most all the major characters are introduced there and you'll understand them better if you do. My review is not so much a review of this book as a review of this SERIES (this story). It’s nearly impossible to judge Something Wicked as a stand-alone book because it’s only a chunk of a much larger story.I am really digging Lisa Jackson. Now that I’ve plowed through all Nancy Bush’s romantic suspense books I'm starting on her work, but I have to confess I have a definite preference for Bush. The only work by both women in which I'm interested is in the romantic suspense genre because one without the other is just boring. However, while Jackson is a master suspense storyteller, I believe Bush more believably blends the two, and her love stories are so beautifully written they far surpass what is typically done by anyone in this genre. Her writing is simply beautiful, the way she gets into the hearts of her characters with such distinctive prose. I simply love Nancy Bush’s men, all the more so because they’re utterly believable.When both women write on their own, their styles are quite opposed. And the suspense angle in this long story reflects that. I found myself wanting to get past all that implausibility and back to the love stories (which I recognize as being Bush’s style, rather than Jackson). And as far as the suspense goes, there are a lot of holes. What woman wouldn’t be armed 24/7 if she knew a serial killer who can track her like GPS were hunting her down? These chicks drive on dark, deserted roads in bad weather; walk into their homes with no lights on, KNOWING their nemesis could likely be right around the corner with a knife and the intent to kill, yet they don’t have a gun? Or even mace? Absolutely ridiculous. And get this, there’s not one but TWO serial killers. The first, is the ssssiliesssst bad guy ever written. And you have to endure him/it through two volumes. The second is actually an IDTV-type true crime believable sociopath. But, too many evil killers AND crazy issues (keep reading) aren’t as bad as all the missed opportunities. The most glaring being the way the two brothers who first discovered the bones in Wicked Game were brought back way at the end, for the big show-down at the lighthouse... for no apparent reason, since they were just there. When the story was set up to show the frustration of the elder brother towards his younger bro, who’s a real heartthrob at school I was just waiting for the moment when the big brother saved our heroine from the evil dude, suddenly becoming a God at school. Didn’t happen - but it should have. It would have been awesome fun watching the popular girl trip all over herself to attract him after he became SOMEBODY. Like I said, this series is LOADED with missed opportunities- though I DO love the way it all ended. The communing with wolves was a fun touch and I was hoping Silas (a BOY) would rescue the women of SirenSong, but then he just disappeared. There will surely be a fourth book and I really think the sisters should confer BUT Nancy should handle all aspects of the romance and Lisa should take the suspense. But apart from this series, in the future, these ladies each need to keep their eyes on their own papers. This co-writing thing may have been a fun experiment but the result is, ultimately, not successful.Other reader/reviewers have already pointed out the tiresome editing issues and I agree. I believe it was Wicked Lies in which the term "purchase" (and not in terms of buying stuff) was way overused. Also, in a single paragraph it's typical to see a statement REstated to the point where you think 'Hold on... isn’t this a restatement of what she JUST said??? And don't get me started on the way BOTH sisters habitually refer to chairs "groaning" under somebody's ponderous weight. Different as the two sisters are as writers, BOTH could use a thesaurus for some alternate ways of expressing ideas and an eagle-eyed editor who doesn’t allow them to get away with anything. I promise you, every great book you've ever loved had an editor almost as great as the author. It matters.I LOVE the books these ladies write but whoever is pushing them to churn out a fresh book every six months should be shot. Jackson writes some terrific descriptions, particularly when she inserts comedy (something I’d like to see Bush do a bit of). And Bush uses such beautiful language to capture a feeling that tears spring to my eyes. A serious editor and a REAL focus on quality over quantity could raise the books both of these women write from paperback mill quality to ART. It’s such a waste that this is not happening when the foundation is THERE. I will be back for the next installment in this series and will continue reading Jackson. But what I’m REALLY looking for is the return of August Rafferty because he’s a real woman’s Christian Grey.

  • Conni Harness
    2018-12-16 22:40

    This storyline just keeps getting better and better. One more (at this point) to go from the collaborative work of Jackson & Bush, but there are 2 more from just Bush. Please, I hope these ladies (sisters) keep more coming from Siren's Song.

  • Emily Aguilar
    2018-12-05 21:16


  • Lisa Redfern
    2018-12-09 01:38

    Loved this book. It went by too fast. Have ordered more Lisa Jackson books.

  • Lynn Toth
    2018-12-15 19:36

    This is one of my favorite authors. Very goodLove all of Lisa Jackson's books but, I especially like this series.I really enjoy these characters. Never know what's coming.

  • Shirley Edbrooke
    2018-11-30 19:22

    I liked the book, but the abrupt ending was a long time coming for what seemed obvious.

  • ShellyJ
    2018-12-13 22:20

    Couldn't get into it

  • Sandra
    2018-12-04 21:16

    Fantastic read, first rate reading.

  • Julie C-F
    2018-12-18 18:39

    Took me a while to finish this, not that it bad, it was rather good. I somehow didn't want to know how gruesome and bad the killer was.

  • Luzmaria Morneault-welton
    2018-12-06 20:22

    Loved it! This was a great read/listen (I listened to the audiobook). I really loved the series and this book was a great addition to it. I wish I had re-read the first two books in the series as it's been years since I read them but you can read this without having the prior knowledge of the first two books but it's a great series and even though they bring you up-to-date I always love having all the details. Each book has it's own great story-line they all have something to do with Siren Song or the group of women who live at Siren Song. Siren Song is a Colony of sorts. It's a family owned lodge/house filled with half sisters and ran by their aunt. Living with little to no contact to the outside world and each having some kind of supernatural power. I LOVED it. It had me interested from start to finish. Great plot, great character building, great characters and very well written.I listened to the unabridged Audible audiobook version. The narration was excellent and very fitting for the story.

  • Laura Lapierre
    2018-11-21 22:33

    Very good book.

  • Julie
    2018-12-13 02:18

    Something Wicked by Lisa Jackson and Nancy Bush is a Kensington/Zebra publication. This was a May, 2013 release.This is the third book, I believe, in the "Wicked" series.In Oregon the small enclave of Deception Bay, we revisit the strange family of women that seem to have certain "gifts". The girls are now being cared for by their aunt Catherine. They all feel the imminent arrival of "the devil". He's coming and Catherine is very worried. Worried enough to confide in Savannah, a detective in the Sherriff's department. Savannah, is pregnant with her sister's baby. She gets the feeling that her sister and brother-in-law are getting cold feet about becoming parents. Her sister has been acting strange lately. Savannah is determined to work until the last possible moment on a murder case where two people were found dead.Then the unthinkable happens- Savannah's sister disappears and another double homicide takes place. Do these homicides have anything to do with Catherine and her nieces? What does Savannah's sister have to do with any of it and how does it all tie together?I really could not decide how to rate this book. It was multi-layered mystery, a good dose of suspense and just wee bit of romance. At times there was almost a Gothic feel to it when the book was focused on the "cult" of women. I got a real spooky feeling sometimes while I was reading this book. However, there were times when the story got too busy. The thoughts of the killer, the thoughts of Savannah's sister, the real estate development disaster, the relationships of Mary, the girls mother and the havoc she reeked on the lives of everyone in the community, the murder investigation, and Savannah's pregnancy made it hard to keep up with everything. There were some unbelievable aspects as well. Savannah is a better woman than me if she can give birth under dire circumstances and be back at work in two days, doing physical activities and able to fit back into her regular clothes right away.The very tiny amount of romance was also a bit unrealistic, in my opinion. If I had endured these monumental life changes, I just don't think romance would be in the fore front of my mind. I know there was a bit of paranormal nudging to the relationship's development, but under the circumstances, I don't know how appropriate it was to have the relationship start the way it did.After a period of time had passed, I could see it happening, but I thought it was just way too rushed.The book had good points and bad points. I do believe we will hear from the "girls" again sometime in the future.Overall this one gets a C+.

  • Audel
    2018-11-28 18:37

    Ce tome suit de très près la fin du précédent puisqu'il s'ouvre sur la découverte de la mort de Marie par Catherine. On y retrouve aussi l'inspectrice Savannah qui est presqu'à terme. Dans ce roman on suit en alternance pour l'essentiel Catherine qui commence à considérer l'idée de lever tout une du moins une partie des secrets du chant des sirènes et l'inspectrice accompagnée de sa soeur et de son beau frère. Ainsi, dans ce tome on apprends beaucoup d'élément nous permettant de mieux comprendre le personnage de Catherine.on suit donc deux enquêtes policières en apparence sans rapport : la mort suspecte de Marie et le double assassinat des amis et associés du beau frère de Savannah. Mais bien sûr, comme c'est souvent le cas dans les petites villes, on va s’apercevoir au fil de l'histoire que tous les différents personnages sont liés et donc les enquêtes aussi.Et bien évidement un nouveau meurtrier semble attiré par la colonie qui semble mieux entouré qu'il n'y parait ! On passe donc dans ce tome un peu plus de temps au champs des sirènes et faisons ainsi plus ample connaissance avec les différentes occupantes. Parmi elle, Ravinia prend de plus en plus d'importance. Et c'est notamment par sa soif de vérité que certains secrets sont révélés au lecteur.Le dénouement n'est pas tout à fait complet et lance en filigrame la ou les intrigues du prochain tome. un tome qui se rapproche plus que les autres du thriller avec une romance encore plus en arrière plan.Un troisième tome encore mieux que les précédents pour une saga de plus en plus addictive !

  • Carol
    2018-12-09 22:29

    I hadn't read any of the other books in this series. I think would been better if I had read the previous books because there were so many characters that it was difficult to keep them straight.The book kept me reading but I only liked one character, the pregnant detective trying to solve several cases at the same time, endure teasing about being pregnant from the rest of station and be a surrogate for sister. I sort of felt that she was protecting me from the rest of the book. Even though, it was stretching reality, I did enjoy the blizzard scene. I thought it was unreal for her to have a baby and then quickly get back on the case.I didn’t like the group of women on the mysterious island of Siren Song at all. Also I hated the villain, he was way too creepy for me, and he did things that were very difficult to read about. He gave me chills.Think I skimmed through the goriest scenes for fear of nightmares later. I didn’t realize the paranormal bent of this book before I started to read it so I hope that I am not being too harsh. There was too much heat and too much violence and it made me glad that I hadn’t read the rest of the series. You may like this book better if you can stand more heat and violent scenes but I did not. I would have liked to extract the detective from this book and plunge her in a different one.I received this book as a won from Library Thing but that in no way influenced my review.

  • Leanne Kale sparks
    2018-11-30 00:40

    Loving sister becomes surrogate for sister and her husband, and then develops a crush on the baby daddy. Oh, and a madman with the ability to make woman do whatever he wants because he can give them raging orgasms, is after Loving Sister. I cringed when I started to read this, but it turned out to be another great story by Lisa Jackson, working with a co-conspirator (and her own sister), Nancy Bush. It is two stories in one; that overlap expertly. The love triangle (that really is not a love triangle), the murdering sex fiend, and the psychic women that live on a desolate sound weave together masterfully in this follow-on in the series.I have to say that I was intrigued by the intimacy between Savvy and Hale, without so much as an inappropriate make-out session. It was a little disturbing that any sex in the story involved the man who manipulated women into having sex with him, and not the couple who were falling in love. All-in-all, it was a truly masterful murder mystery, with a disturbing look into the eyes of a murderer who, in seeking revenge, discovers the thrill of the kill is more satisfying than retribution.Check out my blog for more reviews:

  • Stef
    2018-12-11 23:25

    How does this book have so many stars? I read this not knowing it was part of a series and only because there was absolutely nothing else to read on a four-hour plane ride. Events plodded along with little suspense; there were heaps of italicized, unnecessary, skimmable flashbacks; and everything was so overexplained -- it got to the point where I wanted to scream whenever Elizabeth thought to herself something like, "You can't think people dead!! ...Can you?" -- which was at least every other page. Then pops up a random cousin from some backwoods "gifted" cult trying to find Elizabeth via a private investigator, and that too was easy to skip over -- just a lot of yawn-worthy exposition about the aforementioned cultish family in their high-necked dresses and supernatural powers. Ugh, and don't get me started on the Moms Group -- all of Elizabeth's faceless, blond, suburban friends with their unimaginative lives as equally boring as Elizabeth, who should've been grateful for all the deaths happening around her; it made her more interesting. Every character was so bland, cliche, and trite and the book so poorly edited for content I'd be surprised if this book took more than a week to write.