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The Whistle Echoes is a sequel to Elizabeth Gaskell's classic English Novel, North & South. Margaret Hale has declared her love for John Thornton. The two lovers journey back to Milton to prepare for their wedding and to begin their new life. Margaret is returning to a city, which has brought her much pain and loss. John is unsure of the future with the cotton trade. FThe Whistle Echoes is a sequel to Elizabeth Gaskell's classic English Novel, North & South. Margaret Hale has declared her love for John Thornton. The two lovers journey back to Milton to prepare for their wedding and to begin their new life. Margaret is returning to a city, which has brought her much pain and loss. John is unsure of the future with the cotton trade. From the days before their wedding through the first year of married life, Margaret's headstrong, determined ways often clashes with John's authoritative, ordered manner. Disagreements, interferring relatives, and troublesome workers are bound to create problems, but nothing will never diminish the love they have for each other....

Title : The Whistle Echoes: A Sequel to North and South
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ISBN : 9781478362012
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The Whistle Echoes: A Sequel to North and South Reviews

  • Piyangie
    2018-11-22 09:31

    North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell is one of my most beloved Victorian classics. When I came across Whistle of Echoes, a sequel to North and South by Liza Marte, I was both excited and cautious; excited as to see how a new story has been formulated from this magnificent piece of classic and cautious by the little apprehension felt as to how the original plot and the original characters so perfectly built have been affected by this new story line. Before getting hold of the book, I managed to read the first chapter of it and was happy to see that Miss Marte had picked up her story from the point Miss Gaskell had ended hers. Then I was very curious to see how Miss Marte had continued with the original story to unfold the untold tale of Margaret Hale and John Thornton, one of the histories’ most loved couples. The story begins where North and South ends at the drawing room of Mrs. Shaw’s London home after Margaret Hale and John Thornton has finally expressed their love and affections for each other. Early chapters deal with the announcing of their engagement to their somewhat shocked families, the impending wedding preparations and resuming of the operations at the Marlborough mills. Then the story progresses with the lives of John and Margaret as husband and wife as they adjust themselves to marital responsibilities and to each other and Margaret’s unending struggle to understand and get adjusted to harsh industrial life of Milton. The story also touches on the mill business and the sharp calculative measures taken by John to make it financially flourish. Then the story continues with certain turns and twists which ultimately grow the couple stronger and closer, more understanding and loving of each other. The plot is satisfactory. Credit goes to Miss Marte for attempting on a continuation of the original story of North and South rather than a variation of it. She has employed all the important characters from the original story of North and South in hers to give it a feel of connectivity. The use of the Victorian English language is accurately grasped with a good writing style. But what was most unsatisfactory was that the story was crowded with too much of sex which I felt highly inappropriate for several reasons. First, it made John look more of an obsessive husband who lusts his wife rather than love her as he claims to be which diminished his character of a caring and loving husband. Second, the story is a continuation of a 19th century plot. In 19th century I believe men and women were very much concerned with proper conduct and self-control. Consequently certain sex scenes described in mill premises and certain public areas of the house is unrealistic. Third the absurd number of descriptive sex scenes employed and their repetitive nature kept me wondering whether I’m reading a harlequin romance novel instead of a sequel to a Victorian classic. The abundance use of sex really hindered the smooth flow of the story line. Miss Marte has attempted to establish how passionately Margaret and John love each other through the deployment of numerous sex scenes. But I feel given the time period in which the story was set in, it was not the most successful of techniques. However I give the book 3 stars out of loyalty to John and Margaret.

  • Christina (SteepedinBooks)
    2018-12-16 05:42

    I normally don't complain much when there is a lot of sex in a romance. I'm usually of the "more the merrier" school, but I have to say that this book had too much in it for even me. The characterization, plot, language, etc. were all excellent, but there was soooooo much sex it got old very fast. If there had been a little less of it paced throughout the book, I think it would have been a bit better read for me. Some of the sex scenes didn't further the plot, or the relationship between Margaret and John. Some did, of course, but not many. Otherwise, I enjoyed the book.

  • Rhee
    2018-12-01 05:56

    WellllllllllllIt isn't a bad story. The author, in my opinion, relied too heavily on sex scenes to really get into the meat of the storyline. If you don't like reading sex scenes, this is completely not the book for you.

  • Suzan
    2018-12-09 01:48

    More North & South fan lit. This one picks up from Mrs. Gaskell's original book ending, not the famous train station ending of the BBC miniseries. This version has a very plausible story continuation as it relates to Marlborough Mills and the inhabitants of Milton. It is a difficult financial recovery for Thornton and conditions for the working class do not improve. There's a strong character thread for Thornton, he remains serious with moments of levity, scowls a lot and sees little need to adopt a more charitable attitude towards his workers. Mrs Thornton is brilliant in this book. The author pegs her so well. Margaret continues to be a bit naive and has great difficulty accepting Milton ways. I believe that much of Margaret's troubles in Milton is due to her very young age. As a character, she tends to show poor judgement, which in this version creates great damsel in distress scenarios. This book is loaded with romance and sex. Lots of sex. It really doesn't develop the relationship between Margaret and John, except that he's overly obsessed with her and wants .... Lots of sex. Margaret is a young woman just discovering her emotions and it isn't clear what draws her to John, other than they have lots of good sex. There is one major misunderstanding between the couple which is indicative of what the trouble is with this relationship - good sex, but not so much meeting if the mindsThis edition was loaded with typos and I believe may have been missing some text. I found myself wondering what happened to proposed ideas - like a trip to Helstone that never materializes. There are better N&S fan lits.

  • Jingle
    2018-12-11 02:36

    I have read *A Heart for Milton, another continuation of Gaskell's classic North and South. Compared to that one, The Whistel Echoes is slightly better. This should be tagged under *erotica* as well. I enjoyed it mostly because of the intimate encounters between the main characters, if nothing else.

  • Mariana Custodio
    2018-12-04 08:45

    Some parts I did like it, but some were just not ok. Some parts of the history were really well written as for the part concerning the mills and its troubles. But the problems between them and some of John' and Margaret's reactions weren't so fine. As for Fanny, well her history could have gone other way. I guess it wasn't that convincing for me =/

  • Katie Lowis
    2018-12-13 08:42

    I love sequels to books, especially when it's like this one, so many things go on in this book. Keeps you interested. Worth a read if you love north and South and Mr and Mrs. Thornton, but it definitely showed a sexy side to Mr Thornton. You kinky bugger ;)

  • Emilie
    2018-11-18 06:55

    Most amazing book ever.

  • Donna O'neill
    2018-12-03 05:59

    Loved it, big fan of Elizabeth Gaskell's North & South, great sequel