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In this whimsical picture book, a little girl believes her mother is a good witch—and she is a special witch's cat! After all, every good witch needs a black cat. Together, this playful girl and her loving mom are a perfect twosome, whether they are mixing potions, growing magical plants, or dreaming of wild broomstick rides under a full moon.For each dazzling spread, authIn this whimsical picture book, a little girl believes her mother is a good witch—and she is a special witch's cat! After all, every good witch needs a black cat. Together, this playful girl and her loving mom are a perfect twosome, whether they are mixing potions, growing magical plants, or dreaming of wild broomstick rides under a full moon.For each dazzling spread, author-illustrator Harriet Muncaster handcrafted three-dimensional scenes out of paper and mixed media, then photographed them for a truly distinctive look. With each turn of the page, parents and kids will love discovering all the rich details in the miniature world Muncaster has created.With plenty of witchy magic and sparkle, this warm story is sure to become a Halloween treat that will be enjoyed throughout the year....

Title : I Am a Witch's Cat
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ISBN : 9780062229144
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 32 Pages
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I Am a Witch's Cat Reviews

  • Melki
    2019-05-31 01:46

    A little girl who never takes off her cat costume is convinced her mom is a witch. Why? Well, the bathroom counter is filled with lots of strange potion bottles the girl is forbidden to touch, sometimes her mom's friends come over, and they cackle as they discuss "spell" books, and she buys odd food items at the supermarket.The story was cute, and I loved the ending, but I was torn about the artwork.The girl and her mom are flat 2D drawings posed against elaborate 3D backdrops, and I just don't think they mix well together. It's me, I know, as everyone else seems to be raving about the artwork.

  • Natalie
    2019-06-08 03:27

    An adorable child bedecked in a feline costume deduces that her mother practices magic. All the signs are there, mother has potions (perfumes & face creams), she buys eyeballs at the market (olives), her cackling friends trade spells (at book club), and she grows magical herbs (she gardens). This portrayal of a single parent family will cast you under a spell with it's sweetness and lovingly created miniature and mixed media collage illustrations.

  • Amy Rae
    2019-06-23 00:49

    Absolutely adorable! I loved the text and the illustrations--this iteration of photographed cutouts worked a lot better for me than Shadow Chasers.

  • Jenna
    2019-05-31 20:25

    Perfect for the season and a very cute story that's reminding me of the bit in Calvin and Hobbes where the former gets transmogrified.

  • Kathryn
    2019-06-23 01:47

    4.5 STARSBewitchingly adorable! Love the collage illustrations and the girl's (I mean, *cat's*) imagination.

  • Tina
    2019-06-23 20:39

    So cute! Elaine was right!

  • Tasha
    2019-05-31 23:38

    A little girl believes that her mother is a witch and that she is her mother’s black cat. Dressed in a cat costume, the little girl gives examples of the witchy things that her mother does each day. She has potions in the bathroom that the little girl isn’t allowed to touch. She buys weird things at the grocery store. She goes magical herbs (like carrots) in her garden that she then uses to make potions in the kitchen. She has a group of friends who come over and they cackle together. All of these examples are shown in the pictures to be completely normal and easily explained. But a nice little twist at the end of the book will have readers wondering if perhaps there’s some truth to her mother being a good witch!Told entirely in first person by the unnamed little girl, this book is jaunty and playful. It is a very positive depiction of a family of two, their interactions together glow with warmth and connection. The dynamic between the beliefs of the little girl about her mother and the mundane truths shown in the illustrations will have children trying to figure out whether the mother is a witch or not. It’s a simple premise for a book that lets the unique illustrations shine.And what illustrations they are! Muncaster has created miniature worlds out of paper, fabric and other materials and then photographed them for the illustrations. They have a wonderful wit and dazzle to them. At first the 3D effect is subtle enough to be missed, but once it catches your eye you will be entranced with these unique and lovely illustrations.Filled with Halloween magic, this book is one amazing treat. Appropriate for ages 3-5.

  • Rebecca Honeycutt
    2019-06-15 22:33

    Oh, am I ever a sucker for this style of illustration. I LOVE IT SO HARD.This a super cute story about a little girl in a cat costume seriously explaining how she knows that her mom is a witch, and how she's her mom's special cat. The illustrations (which show the mundane truth) add a level of gently ironic humor that will allow young readers to feel in the know.The real draw here, however, is Muncaster's art--photographs of adorable, cunningly crafted mixed-media models combined with dimensional cut-paper figures. The illustrations give the whole book a cozy, homespun feel, like an exceptionally well-made diorama. The use of light is also notable--there's a page with an stained-glass door that's strikingly lovely, and the penultimate page depicting the little "cat" snuggled in bed has such a contented glow that it made me IMMEDIATELY want to curl up with a blanket myself.Beyond the appeal for people (like me) who geek out over three-dimensional illustrations, this book is perfect for parents who want non-scary Halloween reads, and for kids who constantly pretend that they're cats (or dogs, etc.)

  • Aurora
    2019-06-22 23:26

    For this and other reviews please check out my blog www.buzzonbooks.comSo, I know Middle School Monday is supposed to be about book to read in Middle School, you are all probably looking at me like I have three heads now. I really think EVERYONE should read this book! This book is such a fun read, the pictures are amazing and the story made me laugh out loud.In the story we have a little girl who believes that her mom is a witch, she dresses up to be a witches cat so that she can be apart of her mom’s daily activities. However, when you remove the little girl’s imagination (in the pictures) you see these things that are making her mom appear to be a witch are just regular everyday things.I think this is a great story to show kids what having an imagination can do for you, and for the older kids it can demonstrate how sometimes things aren’t what they appear to be.This book won’t take you very long to read (maybe 5 minutes) and although it will likely be found with your Halloween books, I don’t think it should be limited to only being read this time of year. Do yourselves a favour though and check this one out!

  • Vicki
    2019-05-31 22:23

    A fresh look at witches in the form of a picture book from the view of a child (or is it a cat?) with truly unique illustrations. I think children will love this story.

  • Ama
    2019-06-22 02:20

    An adorable tale that, while not actually a Halloween book, would be perfect for a Halloween storytime.

  • Elaine
    2019-05-29 22:37


  • Lisa
    2019-06-06 19:49

    I adored the illustration style but wasn't crazy about the story. I liked how self-contained the world of the mother and daughter was but personally found the witch/cat relationship overlaid to be a bit off.

  • R.M. Donaldson
    2019-05-29 01:21

    This is the cutest Halloween book for your little cat lover! It's told from the point of view of the a little girl who is happy to be her mother (the witch's) wonderful cat and tells us all the wonderful spells she casts and games they play. Perfect for your little Halloween kitty lover!

  • Kara Harder
    2019-06-14 21:34

    The artwork in this book is fantastic. Not to mention the adorable story.

  • Heaether
    2019-06-07 19:47

    I love this book! The story and illustrations are the freaking best.

  • Traci Escher
    2019-06-16 21:50

    Everything by Harriet Muncaster is full of magic and wonder but this witchy story is especially wonderful!

  • Holly Underwood
    2019-06-27 19:21

    Four stars for the story, five for the illustrations! They were created in three dimensions which makes for a visually unusual tale.

  • Margaux
    2019-06-14 01:23

    This book... I can't say enough good things about this book. It's so warm and cuddly that my heart feels like my own mother knitted me a sweater for my heart and my heart is wearing a homemade mom sweater. A single mom is raising her daughter (or son? I suppose it could be a boy, as this child is wearing a cat suit...) And the child is commenting on the likelihood of his mother being an actual witch. She has bottles of ingredients (beauty products) and once a week, mom comes and dances around the room with her broomstick (the vacuum). On Friday nights, mom goes out and a babysitter comes to watch her. Where does mom go? The child doesn't know. Illustrated with mixed-media photographs, the child and mother are sketched out in a small, lovingly crafted world. This illustration is evocotive of Here Comes the Garbage Barge! by Jonah Winter. I'd recommend this for anyone who wants a fun new Halloween story or anyone who really loves mixed media or photograph illustrations. A+. I'd give it 10 stars if I could.

  • Terry
    2019-06-15 22:25

    Adult Reader Reaction: The mixed media illustrations are great. I love the way the author combines a 'paper' character with miniature creations. They're fun to look at and add dimension to the story (no pun intended). I have mixed feelings about the story, though. There is a lot to like, particularly the little girl’s imagination. Kids will enjoy figuring out the things the young girl describes as "witchcraft." I also liked the ending where the little girl explains to readers that even when she has a babysitter her Mom is always her mom. The last image, though, took away from the story as a whole.Pros: Readers looking for a unique twist on a Halloween-ish story will enjoy our young narrator’s imaginative tale. To read our full review, go to The Reading Tub®.

  • Katelyn Patterson
    2019-06-27 23:46

    publisher: Harper CollinspicturebookA little black cat tells all about how she knows her mommy is a witch: she keeps potions in the bathroom, she buys jars of green fingers at the grocery store (pickles!), she grows magical herbs in their garden, she cackles in a circle with her friends, and she can magic it all better when her little cat gets hurt.Muncaster's illustrations are what really get me. She uses all kinds of materials, paper, fabric, foil, to create 3D illustrations which were photographed. I really love how light shines through the stained-glass on their front door.Happy Halloween, Witch's Cat is a cute follow up with more beautiful artwork. Not scary in any way, these are fun for getting ready for Halloween.

  • Amanda
    2019-05-29 19:29

    *review based on a galley, and I look forward to seeing the finished version*I picked this up based on it's darling cover. The mixture of 2D and 3D elements in the photographs just drew me in, and I can't get enough of that adorable cat outfit. I appreciate how our single mother leaves the cat with a babysitter without any anxiety caused, and how the final illustration leaves us with two possible interpretations on her witch status. I found the tone of the writing to be just right, with a perfect mix of sweetness and humor. Simply charming, and one that I'm hoping will not be confined to just the holiday shelves.

  • Kate Puleo Unger
    2019-06-28 01:38

    The little girl in this story is convinced that her mother is a witch and she herself is the witch's cat. She gives many examples of why her mother is a witch - she brews potions, she cackles with her witch friends, she whirls her broomstick around the room once a week, etc. When you see all of the pictures you realize she's talking about everyday things, but it also makes sense in the context of being a witch. It's so clever! And the pictures are amazing. They're all photographs of 3D miniatures that Harriet Muncaster built to accompany the story.Ages 3-6

  • Ashley Hutto
    2019-06-20 21:29

    I fell in absolute love with this story! The mixed media style illustrations are gorgeous and the story is whimsical and so much fun. Each page is intricately stylized and really engaging to the reader, no matter what age. The little girl in the story is convinced her mother is a witch. She sneaks around pretending to be her black cat. She grows strange herbs in her garden (carrots!) and her bathroom is filled with endless potions. This sweetly shows the imagination of a child; I think it'd be great for a Halloween storytime even though it's not explicitly a holiday book.

  • A Leisure Moment
    2019-06-17 23:38

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  • Margaret Chind
    2019-06-07 23:34

    Wow. I was expecting a Halloween book, but it is truly an anytime book about the imagination of a small child and the relationship with her mother. I cannot imagine the time that went into creating these impressive mixed media illustrations, but I for one wouldn't hesitate to reach for a future Harriet Muncaster creation! I read an advanced copy. Genre: Juvenile Fiction / Holidays & Celebrations / HalloweenAges 4 to 8, Grades P to 3Pages: 32 Jacketed Hardcover 10x8"Date Published: July 22, 2014Publisher: Harper

  • Mary Ann
    2019-06-06 19:31

    Love the illustrations! Combination of hand-drawn, cutout characters, miniatures made with realia, mini-models, all photographed. Very sweet, enjoyable story -- I think kids will have fun debating whether the little cat is actually a little girl playing pretend, or a witch's cat. "I know my mom is a witch because she keeps lots of strange potion bottles in the bathroom that I am NOT allowed to touch."

  • Tricia Douglas
    2019-06-01 23:42

    I picked up this Halloween book for my granddaughter. Lots of cute pretending in the story with the colorful illustrations. A little girl is pretending she's a cat and her mother is a witch, a good witch, of course. Everywhere they go is done with how a witch would do it. Going to the market to buy eyeballs and green fingers (olives and pickles), working in the magical herb garden, listening to her mom laugh (cackle) with her friends about spells and such. Simple, but spell-binding!

  • Nick
    2019-06-07 19:48

    This is a cute little book that is about witches, but not the least bit scary.A little girl has decided that her mother is a witch, and the "evidence" is cute and clever, as she sees her mother's life through her own imaginative eyes. The payoff at the end is very funny, although I wish the illustrator had shown the babysitter.

  • Alice
    2019-06-21 02:37

    4.25This book is fun! The story is fun and the artwork is nothing I have seen before. I looks like someone did a full storyboard 3D diorama to tell this story. Like They drew the pictures and turn them into 3D by making sinks, and bottles and vacuums! Just fun to look at the pictures! It is great fun to see see the textures and depth!