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Pedal It! celebrates the humble bicycle--from the very first boneshakers to the sleek racing bikes of today, from handlebars to spokes to gear sprockets--and shows you why and how bikes can make the world a better place. Not only can bikes be used to power computers and generators, they can also reduce pollution, promote wellness and get a package across a crowded city--faPedal It! celebrates the humble bicycle--from the very first boneshakers to the sleek racing bikes of today, from handlebars to spokes to gear sprockets--and shows you why and how bikes can make the world a better place. Not only can bikes be used to power computers and generators, they can also reduce pollution, promote wellness and get a package across a crowded city--fast! Informative but not didactic, Pedal It! encourages young readers to be part of the joy of cycling....

Title : Pedal It!: How Bicycles Are Changing the World
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ISBN : 9781459802193
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 48 Pages
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Pedal It!: How Bicycles Are Changing the World Reviews

  • Kristine Hansen
    2019-02-03 11:48

    Written by someone who is really passionate about her bicycle, there's a lot of information here that I hadn't expected. I never knew some of the ways the people use bicycles around the world and am fascinated at the idea of bicycle ambulances or centrifuges. Bicycles are incredibly important around the world, and yet mine sits rusting quietly in the backyard. I suspect that this afternoon I might have to go take a bike ride. And tomorrow afternoon as well. The world needs more time in bicycles!

  • Hilary Misle
    2019-01-29 13:53

    1. Twin Text: The Girl and the Bicycle by Mark Pett, copyright 20142. Rationale: Pedal It! is a good book for introducing students to the text structures of nonfiction books. With its table of contents, chapters, subsections, and index, this book really mirrors the increasingly complex textbooks students will need to read. This book also would be good for a research project. It delves into the history, mechanics, and uses of bicycling. It introduces students to the idea of cycling as an efficient, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly mode of transportation, and it shares how bicycles have transformed lives around the globe: “Bicycles don’t help just individual families. They can strengthen whole communities by helping young people get an education. Beene is a teenager in Zambia who could go to school only a few times a week until recently. . . . In 2011, though, an organization called World Bicycle Relief gave her a bicycle. Now she can get to school faster than before, and she still has enough energy to study, play sports after school, help look after her nieces and nephews, and do other chores” (36).The fictional twin text, The Girl and the Bicycle, is a picture book without words. We meet a young girl who falls in love with a bicycle in a store window. She does chores for neighbors to earn money, and she strikes up an especially meaningful relationship with an older woman. After she earns enough money to buy the bike, she discovers it’s no longer in the store! She is devastated, but she used the money to buy her little brother a tricycle. Little does she know, the older woman actually bought the bike for her. This book would enhance the nonfiction text because, like the nonfiction, The Girl and the Bicycle shows how important bicycles can be to people who love them. This book promotes critical thinking because since there are no words, students will need to make inferences about what is going on in the story. For example, in the last pages the girl is about to ride off on her new bike, but then we see her drop it and hug the older woman. This would be an excellent spot to ask students to make some inferences about their feelings and relationship.3. Text Structure: The author presents the information in a description text pattern. There are four chapters, which are divided into headlined sections. The table of contents lays out each chapter and section with page numbers. The book includes captioned modern and historical photos and drawings, periodic text blocks set apart as “Bike Facts,” a list of resources, and an index.4. Strategy Application: I would use the directed reading-thinking activity with students. We would begin by having students make predictions based on things like the titles, pictures, chapter titles, and other aspects of the books. After reading a while, we would stop to see how accurate student predictions were, and we would discuss the differences (or similarities) between predictions and actual information.

  • Sara
    2019-02-16 10:13

    An excellent book, shining a light on the bicycle as a tool for social justice - beautifully written, with a gentle, smart, inviting tone. This book does the gentle intelligence of the bicycle justice!

  • Betsy
    2019-02-05 11:06

    This is a really interesting information book. Mulder is an avid cyclist herself, and her bias toward cycling definitely comes through. She peppers the book with personal accounts of her own bicycling experiences, walks the reader through a succinct history of the bicycle, and shows the many ways people use bicycles around the world. The photography is well done. Sidebars offer extra points of interest, and a note at end plus a thorough index complete the picture. Mulder is Canadian, so measurements are given in kilometers/miles. Mulder's perspective on the bicycle as an agent of change for the better for social justice, climate change, and more is clear but not over the top. All in all, young bicycle fans will enjoy this one.

  • Amy
    2019-01-28 08:14

    Everything you ever wanted to know about the bicycle! From its invention, to how they're made, to endless information about them. This informational text is loaded with facts, drawings, photographs, history, and much more. Whether you are a cycling enthusiast, novice, or just interested in learning a bit about bikes/biking, this book can be read cover to cover, or pondered and enjoyed for its pictures and graphics. Contains a table of contents, resources, acknowledgements, and an index. Great addition to the library's non-fiction collection ~ would a great book to display and use with a sports and hobby feature.

  • Marilyn Olson
    2019-02-15 11:01

    This features a brief history of the bicycle along with its various uses around the world. The photographs and drawings are clear and enlightening. The ecological usefulnes of bicycle riding is stressed with the use of muscle power as opposed to fossil fuel power is highlghted. The handiness of the bicycle in developing areas is highlighted. An interesing look at cycling.

  • Tracy
    2019-01-23 13:46

    This book gives a lot of information about the good things that can come about because of owning a bicycle. Not only does one get exercise, it also enables people to get to places faster than walking, without using gasoline. Owning a bicycle can help many people raise the quality of their lives.

  • Sharon
    2019-02-11 15:10

    Was surprised to discover that this was a children's book, but turns out to be wonderful book for both children and adults about the history of bikes and more importantly explains the bike's different usages around the world.

  • Jessica
    2019-01-22 09:07

    This was a great informative read. The transition between bicycle history, modern & global uses are executed nicely. I definitely would like to take a bike trip or use a bike for making smoothies. :) The pictures were amazing, too!

  • Stephanie Tournas
    2019-01-23 07:08

    Such an enjoyable, visually and factually interesting book! From the history of the bicycle, to ways bicycles are used around the world, to fun facts on every page, this is a very appealing and motivating book. Includes sources, further information and index.

  • Amy
    2019-02-09 07:13

    A great non-fiction book for 4th grade and up about the history of the bicycle. You also Learn about the innovative ways bicycles are used in other parts of the world. This book has a lot of text, but the many pictures and inset text boxes throughout make it easy reading.

  • Rani
    2019-02-22 13:01

    Power your life and pedal your way to keep the planet and you healthy!

  • Carmine
    2019-02-04 08:51

    Great photos. Wide variety of bikes, past and present and their many uses around the world.

  • Sherry
    2019-02-05 11:03

    Booklegged this twice to grades 4/5. Great interest, really interesting information and layout.Booklegger, grades 5-7 (Fall 2014)