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Turning down a billet at Mike’s Place in Dallas, Sergeant A.J. Turner left Iraq for Freewill, Wyoming with one goal in mind—to forget the last five years. Trading his MARPATS for jeans and his cover for a cowboy hat, he plans to work his ranch and pray the green grass, tall trees, and sweet mountains can wash away the taste of the desert.The last thing he expected was a reTurning down a billet at Mike’s Place in Dallas, Sergeant A.J. Turner left Iraq for Freewill, Wyoming with one goal in mind—to forget the last five years. Trading his MARPATS for jeans and his cover for a cowboy hat, he plans to work his ranch and pray the green grass, tall trees, and sweet mountains can wash away the taste of the desert.The last thing he expected was a reminder of a promise made to his buddies: one night to help them all start again.Sheri Vaughn quit her corporate job, sold her house and moved to Freewill on a whim. Six months after her divorce, she’s hardly ready to put her toe in the dating waters again. One bottle of wine later, however, she signs up for Madame Eve’s exclusive 1Night Stand service and lists a very particular set of qualities she wants in a man; he must be honorable, courageous, forthright, single, have served as Marine, but be a cowboy at heart. If she wants to dream, at least she can dream big.But when local hero A.J. Turner arrives home, Madame Eve comes through, and Sheri has to find the courage to make her dream a reality…Can one night, even a night arranged by Madame Eve, fulfill both a promise and a dream?...

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The Marine Cowboy Reviews

  • April
    2019-01-12 10:41

    This is a 1Night Stand story so I already know three things about it, it will be a nice quick read, it will have a interesting story and the characters will be engaging!It is always a pleasure to read one of these stories!Another sexy marine 1Night Stand story! I really enjoy this series and the thought the author puts into the story. This is a sweet story of two people coming together in a unique way, even though they probably would have gotten around to each other eventually! Don't get me wrong there is plenty of steam here but a quality story as well. The story works up to the heat but once it starts it is hot and heavy.Can not wait for more!! So glad to have found this author and plan to check out her other work. I only hope her other works are longer because she has such a wonderful writing style.

  • Julie Ramsey
    2018-12-27 10:50

    The Marine CowboySheri, has been working in the big city and when she finds out her husband has been fathering kids all around town, she divorces him and moves to a little town in the middle of no where. She becomes the town librarian but fantasizes about a man with honor, integrity, but a cowboy at heart. Not too many military men that are a cowboy at heart. So when she puts her application with some very specific requirements to 1night stand dating agency, she really wasn't expecting an answer. AJ, coming home from his tour overseas in the Marines, dives back into small town living. He sees a new girl around town and decides he was going to ask her out soon. When a letter from an old friend reminds him of a dating service the entire group had signed up for, he is not sure if he can go through it. He is already interested in a girl in town. But it is just for one night!These 1night books are great!! Easy reads, that you can read in one sitting, filled with lust, sex and good characters. Miss Long did a great job for a short piece of work. AJ and Sheri are relate able and they both need something they didn't realize they were missing. The sex scenes are great ..very HOT! Thanks for the great read.

  • Donna
    2019-01-22 07:43

    What’s hotter than a marine returned home to take up being a cowboy again? Can’t think of much. A.J. Turner has left the marines and gone home to Freewill, Wyoming. All he wants is the quiet of his ranch and to train his horses. And that’s what he was doing when he was reminded of his promise to his buds to sign up for Madame Eve’s 1Night Stand service. Sheri moved to Freewill to start over. She has signed on with Madame Eve to find a man the total opposite of her ex. A man with honor and courage, a man like A.J. Turner.When these two get together AJ remembers what he was fighting for and Sheri finds out that not all men are like her ex. Can they turn their 1Night Stand into a future?I LOVE this series of short smoking hot stories of men of courage and honor. Heather Long doesn't disappoint in this installment and I look forward to future stories featuring Ms. Long’s marines.

  • BBMoreB ~
    2019-01-21 10:02

    This is a Western Escape romance, complete with a handsome, hard working cowboy (former Marine) and Freewill’s new librarian. Both had their own reason for signing up for Madame Eve’s 1 Night Stand service. During a drunken night Sheri develops a list of qualities that no man can surely meet – knowing she isn’t ready to open her heart again after a failed marriage; even for a single night. A.J. joined the service as part of a pact with his unit; to help with the transition back into civilian life.A good storyline, realistic dialogue and likeable characters make for an enjoyable read and I'm already looking forward to more installments in the series. Disclosure: This ebook was provided to me free of charge by Decadent Publishing for the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments, and ratings are my own.

  • Sarah
    2019-01-02 03:05

    Another great 1NS/Always a Marine story! I want more NOW!!! AJ is a Marine AND a Cowboy? Yes please!!! Sheri is a woman who was screwed over by her ex and the local librarian. Apparently guys have fantasies about librarians. I was so involved in the story when it ended I was not anticipating it! I KNOW it was meant to be a short story but I want more. Updated reviewHERE

  • Tamara
    2019-01-19 03:46

    A Marine who is a cowboy too! Does it get any better than that? full review @

  • Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews
    2019-01-21 07:41

    Originally posted at: of the sexiest male stereotypes come together for one hot story. Cowboys and Military Men. This is the premise of The Marine Cowboy.A.J. Turner is fresh from battle and has just returned to his hometown of Freewill, Wyoming. After agreeing to a pact with his buddies, he signs up for Madame Eve’s 1Night Stand Service and then promptly forgets about it. He shuts off his phone and buries it in a drawer, looking forward to the hard work and peaceful life his family ranch can provide. A brief encounter with the town librarian is the only thing distracting him from his tranquility, until the local postman brings him a message from his former commander, instructing him to turn his phone back on. A.J.’s date has been arranged, and he has little time to prepare.Sheri Vaughn moved to Freewill over the winter in order to start a new life. Divorced from a serial cheater, she signs up for the 1Night Stand Service in hopes of meeting her dream man, but her demands are very specific. She wants a Marine Cowboy, and nothing less will do. When her fantasy walks into the cafe before her very eyes, she thinks he may be too good to be true. Thanks to Madame Eve, however, she’ll have her opportunity to find out.The chemistry with these two characters was instant. Ms. Long does a wonderful job with dialogue, and I could picture the southern drawl coming from A.J.’s lips, endearing him even more than he already had. A.J.s confidence, mixed with Sheri’s romantic dreaminess was a winning combination. No doubt these two belonged together. The hot sex that followed their meeting was just an added bonus!Two very minor complaints about the story – although I hesitate to use the word complaints because the story is wonderful. The first is the feeling that these two would have met and hit it off even without Madame Eve. Watching A.J. approach Sheri to ask her out would have been fun in any situation. The second is the abrupt ending. I know the 1Night Stand stories are limited to only one night, but an epilogue with an update as to how they’re doing would have been nice-mainly because I wanted more time with these two! They were too much fun!The Always a Marine series by Heather Long is worth the time, and The Marine Cowboy is definitely no exception. These are all worth picking up and are super hot reads!

  • Jody
    2018-12-24 10:57

    Decadent Publishing gives readers exactly what they want with their 1Night Stand series which are quick reads with likable characters reaching for their HEA after a steamy one-night stand. Ms Long's story involves AJ, a Marine coming home after a long time fighting overseas who longs for peace and quiet. After applying for a good-hearted woman to ease his pain through the 1Night Stand agency he's introduced to the quiet and reserved librarian Sheri, who shows she's not as quiet and demure as she appears.The premise of this story is immensely appealing as it's many a young girl's dream, to be swept off her feet by a military man ala An Officer and a Gentleman. AJ is the perfect hero in that he's sexy, charming, and knows how to treat a woman. He's a hardworking cowboy with an aw' shucks attitude who, when he winks (which he does very often), makes you melt. He's tired after his long tour of duty and longs for the quiet countryside and a return to his ranch. His Marine brothers are just a phone call away and it's this fact that binds this book to the other books in Ms. Long's Always a Marine series. After being betrayed by her husband, the divorced Sheri leaves big city life behind to become the town's librarian. She appears quiet, wears glasses, and always has a book, but that's where the stereotype ends. Once she meets her dream man AJ she turns into a sex kitten. Their promised encounter leads to a night of non-stop steaminess that looks like it could lead to more in the future.This is the kind of story you read to escape the stresses of the day. We don't dig too deeply into these character's lives, we're living in the here and now. There's no powerful emotions or issues, no roadblocks to happiness, just a hot read with likable characters. As I too have a thing for military men I found myself falling for AJ and am intrigued by the closeness he has to the other Marines. It has me definitely wanting to read the other books in Ms. Long's series as her story gives a girl exactly what she dreams of....a picture perfect hero to sweep her off her feet.

  • Sassy Moms Say Read Romance
    2019-01-11 07:53

    Sarah's Review:Oh how I love cowboys and Marines and this one gave me both! This story is also part of 3 different Decadent Publishing's Series: Always a Marine, 1Night Stand and Western Escape. AJ is a Marine who, despite the offer from Capt. Luke Dexter (Always a Marine 1) to work at Mike's Place, returns home to Freewill, Wyoming after serving 7 years in the Marines. He comes home to run his ranch and build his life where he grew up. He forgets that he was suppose to sign up for Madame Eve's 1NS service, but Luke doesn't and made his account active. He is surprised when Luke tells him that Madame Eve is trying to reach his, but he follows through. Sheri is a recent transplant to Freewill, but she had heard all about AJ. She relocated after her sleazy ex-husband cheated on her countless times during their marriage. After signing the divorce papers she decides it is time for a fresh start and she ends up in Freewill where she becomes the town's librarian. She decides to sign up for the 1NS service to help her regain her life back. She dills out the application thinking that Madame Eve wouldn't be able to meet her requirements of a Cowboy and a Marine along with others. So when Madame Eve lets her know her date is ready to be schedule, Sheri starts wondering if it is AJ. These two have chemistry right from the start. I love that both of them were hoping their date was the other. Though AJ had planned to ask Sheri out after church on Sunday. I hope to see these two again in the future!

  • Sapphyria
    2018-12-28 08:52

    Sheri has made a new home in the town of Freewill, Wyoming. After being completely screwed over by her ex, a fresh, new start is what she needed. After making a list of completely impossible qualities in a potential new mate, she subscribes to Madame Eve's 1 Night Stand.A.J. Turner has been discharged from the Marine Corps and returned back to his home in Freewill, Wyoming. Wanting nothing more than to tend to his ranch and train his horses, he's abruptly reminding of the 1 Night Stand service he joined with his buddies.When Sheri gets the message that Madame Eve has found her perfect match, Sheri doesn't believe it - There is no one that meets her strict criteria....Is there?A.J. can't believe that the shy librarian he keeps seeing around town in the girl that Madame Eve wants to match him with. She's beautiful and totally sexy.Will this one night bring both Sheri and A.J. more than just a 1 Night Stand?I enjoyed this novella very much. Sheri us a likable female lead and A.J. a great male lead. Their chemistry and attraction is instant. The author did a fantastic job with this short story. We received enough background on each main character to prevent holes or gaps. There wasn't anything that ran on as filler and there weren't any boring spots. The attraction and 1NS was written tastefully and had quite a bit of spice. Nice, quick, easy read that left me satisfied.(Book provided by the author, in exchange for an honest review)

  • Cocktails and Books
    2019-01-11 09:11

    A.J. Turner has left the marines and gone home to Freewill, Wyoming. All he wants is the quiet of his ranch and to train his horses. And that’s what he was doing when he was reminded of his promise to his buds to sign up for Madame Eve’s 1Night Stand service.Sheri moved to Freewill to start over. She has signed on with Madame Eve to find a man the total opposite of her ex. A man with honor and courage, a man like A.J. Turner.A.J. already kept seeing Sheri around town and made plans to ask her out, when he agrees to meet up for this one night stand he signed up for he never thought it would be her. Sheri never thought the service would actually find the man she was looking for and surely not in this small town she moved to, but after seeing A.J. on his first day back in the cafe, it hits her that this is probably the guy they will set her up with.I found this chemistry with the two characters spot on for a hot and steamy one night stand. You get to hear a good story from his experience overseas and learn about the awful marriage Sheri had and why she never thought this would work. At the end of the book you left with the wonder of do they make it more than a one night thing. I really loved this short read and would recommend it to anybody looking for a quick steamy read.Reviewed by Kenzie for Cocktails and Books

  • Carin
    2019-01-14 03:41

    Madame Eve makes magic again in The Marine Cowboy part of the Always a Marine series of 1 Night stand books by Heather Long.A.J. has finally returned home after being gone 7 years in the marines. He is enjoying the quite and the solitude being back in Freewill, WY. How could he have forgotten that he signed up for a 1 Night stand with the rest of his unit 18 months ago. Sheri moved to Freewill from L.A. after her cheating dirtbag of and ex was finally an ex. When she signed up with Madame Eve she really never thought they would find someone to meet all of her very exacting list, that was until she caught sight of A.J. now she is hoping he is her 1 Night stand. Ms. Long does a fantastic job not only giving us hot sexy cowboy/marines and spunky heroines but she makes them easy to relate to and a story that never feels rushed or hurried because it is a novella. Her Marine Cowboy gives us a hero we can admire as well as enough heat to melt the snow in Wyoming (I have been to Wyoming in the winter, that my friends is a hell of a lot of snow).I have enjoyed this entire series however The Marine Cowboy holds a spot in my heart and my virtual book shelf because the heroine is a librarian, how perfect. I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

  • Aislynn
    2019-01-16 05:55

    Sometimes putting a wish, a want or a dream out there can bring some unexpected results. When Sheri signs up for 1NightStand she has no idea the man of her dreams was going to waltz right into her life and sweep her off her feet and right into bed.A J and his fellow marines all signed up with Madame Eve as a way to get back into the swing of dating when they returned to civilian life. Going home means a lot of work for A J, getting the ranch back up to snuff requires all his attention… until a phone call piques his curiosity.When Sheri and A J meet up – they set the sheets on fire! What was suppose to be a one night fling, turns out to be a whole lot more for them. Can one night lead to a lifetime of happiness? I would love to have seen more of Sheri and A J’s story! When I first started reading this, I didn’t pay attention to the fact that it was a novella. Would I recommend this book? Yes, if you like something quick, easy to read and spicy then this is a story you should check out. I like Heather’s style of writing, it flowed so well I didn’t want it to end. Would I read more by this author? I would! I’ve already picked up another title for a book tour and a few others in the marine series.

  • TheCrazyGranny
    2019-01-20 03:09

    After her divorce, Sheri decided to quit her job and move to Freewill. Six months have now passed and she feels she is ready to get back into dating. She contacts Madame Eve with her dream date. A.J. just returned from serving in Iraq as a marine. He is ready to get back to his ranch and raise and train horses. It turns out that AJ and his buddies have also signed up with Madame Eve. AJ sees Sheri in the local café. He can’t stop thinking about her. Sheri likes what she sees in AJ. She is hoping that her date is with the hot marine cowboy.AJ fits Sheri’s requirements so the date is set.I loved it! A light fast read for when you need a quick fix. This is a really sweet story about two people that want to get to know each other. The chemistry between them is very hot and so is the sex. I will definitely be reading the other stories in this series.

  • Jen
    2019-01-13 07:43

    "The Marine Cowboy" was able to combine two ideas of the "dream" guy, a Marine and a cowboy, and came up with AJ Turner. ^.^ Then you've got Sheri Vaughn, a librarian with a hint of naughtiness. You bring the two together and you've got a sweet and sultry story.It was nice to have a story of a guy who wanted to go back to his roots and re-discover everything he had left behind and was missing while he was in the Marines. It's as if the cowboy in him never really left and now neither will the Marine in him. ^.^ Admittedly, out of all the male lead characters in the series that I've come across so far, AJ is my favorite.4.5 stars for "The Marine Cowboy", rounding it off to five stars for Goodreads. ^.^

  • Nadine Bookaholic
    2018-12-30 08:56

    Words: 13,030A.J. has finished his contract with the Marines and is heading home to Freewill, Wyoming. A.J. runs into Sheri and there is an instant attraction but neither of them react to it.Madame Eve’s exclusive 1Night Stand service is being used by all the Marine's in his unit and they have signed A.J. up for the service while he is overseas and activates it when he returns home unbeknownst to him. I think Madame Eve has a 100% record of happily matched couples because it doesn't seem like any of them just go for the one night, they all want more and A.J & Sheri are no different. I Loved the chemistry between A.J. and Sheri and I hope to see them again in the series.

  • Connie
    2019-01-14 02:44

    Liked it! Storyline was fast paced, interesting and hot. AJ's a marine but a cowboy at heart. Coming home to his ranch gives him the peace he needed to try to forget what he has seen. Sheri moves to Freewill, Wyoming after divorcing her crappy cheating husband. They had their own reason for signing up for Madame Eve's 1 Night Stand service. Enjoyed their interaction and chemistry.

  • Meaghan Cooper
    2019-01-15 08:01

    This was a quick read but not really something I would read again. I was pretty quick but just didn't really get my attention. There was some steaminess and character development, but overall it just wasn't really my type of book. I would probably recommend this to someone who enjoys contemporary, cowboy, or marine romance.

  • Nina Daguman
    2019-01-19 06:50

    Coming from the super hot ménage life and love story (the book before this), this one kinda paled for me. It's more like a 3.5.A hot ex-marines cowboy who seemed to have wanted to be cut off from the rest of the world meets a divorced and sexy librarian. For some reason, it felt like the marines' background story was lacking in some way.

  • ツ Renée
    2018-12-30 11:10

    I really enjoyed the sizzle between AJ and Sheri. Her shyness and playfulness were endearing; his confidence and masculinity … sexy. Together they were yummy!Another fabulous addition to the Always a Marine series!

  • Darcy
    2018-12-26 04:04

    After reading this one, you have to wonder why these people signed up for the service. I have a feeling that they wouldn't have needed to at all. With the small town and their instant awareness they would have found their way to each other.

  • Adriana Caceres
    2019-01-12 02:51

    I want a cowboy Marine after reading this one... excellent.

  • Carole
    2019-01-17 09:00

    Great take on the 'Cowboy and the Librarian' steamy romance. Genuinely likeable people. Love this series.

  • Shannon
    2019-01-03 10:45

    Really wanted more of this. So many of my favorites rolled into one: small town, military honor, cowboy, and more.

  • Siobhan Muir
    2018-12-24 02:58

    This short 1NS tale was sweet and sexy and full of all the magic necessary to sweep you away in a fun ride. I enjoyed it and like AJ and Sheri.