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Seeing double makes life twice as dangerous for James Bond -- when an organized crime group makes him believe he's going insane. It's a mad but brilliant plot that forces Agent 007 into the ultimate face-to-face confrontation...with himself....

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DoubleShot Reviews

  • Mark
    2019-06-13 06:53

    Once upon a time there was a major fan of Ian Flemings masterspy/assassin James Bond 007 who wrote a serious bedside companion on the subject that was on every fans wishlist. However as soon as he got the job of writing some 007 novels by himself he suddenly was rather loathed and considered below fan-fiction. Any selfrespecting James Bond fan knows for a fact that he/she can write a better book than any of the continuation writers have done or than EON has made the movies. Indeed they are rather full of themselves, visit any fansite and you'll get my drift.This book is about Ian Flemings spuerspy/assassin but more as envisioned by EON, as in the movies. But in its defense I doubt EON would ever film this book as the story is not the best advertisement for the character of James Bond EON would consider as it is a far more grimm tale as compared to the glamorous affairs the general 007 vehicles are.. Bond is on medical leave after his last job which included climbing in the Himalaya's and stopping a criminal organisation by the name of UNION. (an organisation not unlike Flemings SPECTRE or EON's QUANTUM) they are kind of upset about how such a simple secret agent foiled their plans and have decided to take revenge on 007 himself and England. Their plot is taking Gibraltar away from the UK and making the UK and 007 look like fools.This book is certainly not Mr. Bensons finest hour and a somewhat unrealistic story with a predictable ending that woul not thrill any reader with a little bit of experience with thrillers. While the book is decently written and you can easily see the research done for the book in the scenery and subjects as a thriller it kind of fails. You never are really involved, it is like a movie chosing obvious solutions and well traveled roads that sadly don not add anything new to the series. And the story really never gets going leaving the reader with the choice to struggle on or do something else like reading a better book on the subject of 007.While I have enjoyed some of mr. Bensons literary attempts in the genere of continuations novels with 007, this one is certainly not one of them. In the so-called UNION trilogy it is the weakest book, and I would dare to state that it is overall the weakest of Bensons output.I am not one the crowd who likes to overreact in their critism on any writer but Ian Fleming. I do think that Ian Fleming did give us the best books but am also of the opinion that all continuation writers did give us some more of that addictive stuff called: Bond, James Bond.So why did I read it again. Well as a fan of Flemings hero I find it difficult to say NO whenever I run into a 2nd hand copy of any of the James Bond adventures especially when it is an Hardcover for 99p. Not the best of defenses but for a novel that is probably one of the weaker attempt overal in the continuation genre of 007 it will do.

  • Carson
    2019-06-15 01:54

    Another masterful entry from Raymond Benson, it does not eclipse previous effort "High Time to Kill" as it continues Bond's chase of The Union yet it does what the film "Skyfall" did so well: thoughtfully explore Bond's vulnerabilities.In the aftermath of "High Time To Kill" Bond returns hell bent on chasing down the Union and yet his mental health is not its finest. Cross that with an introduction that foreshadows the ending and leaves you wondering the entire time just exactly how the pieces will align and you have another Benson thriller on your hands.Some chastise showing Bond at his weakest points, but this is what - in my opinion - makes him such a perfect protagonist. For, even in his darkest times, he is able to fight through, focus on the mission and somehow get the job done while willing his thoughts and insecurities and anxieties away."Doubleshot" is a double shot of fantastic. 4 stars.

  • Rick
    2019-06-15 04:19

    I've always had some trouble with the Raymond Benson Bond novels. It's not that they're bad, they're not, it's just that they don't resonate with me. When I first read the Ian Fleming novels, I was mesmerized by the prose, captivated by the character and enthralled with the action. They may not be great literature, but they were literature. I then moved on to the John Gardner novels and was equally enamored with how the stories developed and the how Gardner approached the character. Unfortunately the Benson novels have not caught my attention in the same way. Case in point, Doubleshot: the pacing seems clunky, the prose is forced and narrative blunders along, instead of being driven toward an inevitable conclusion. I know it may sound like I'm saying this book is terrible, it's not. Unfortunately it is only mediocre. 

  • David
    2019-06-22 09:04

    Among the best of the 21st-century Bonds. Some genuinely new plot wrinkles, mixed in with some old favourite templates.

  • Douglas
    2019-06-22 00:52

    Interesting read but no where near as exciting as the Ian Fleming books. Plot was too flat for my tastes.

  • John Yelverton
    2019-06-07 07:10

    At the beginning of the book, James Bond is sent as a taunt a novel from a smut shop, and that sums up this novel perfectly. Yes, sex has always been a part of James Bond novels, but it has always been used as a plot devise and not just for titillation. The incessant use of doppelgangers and twins as a plot devise just adds insult to injury, and easily makes this the worst James Bond novel that I've ever read.

  • Stephen
    2019-06-12 05:10

    Any time I pick up a new James Bond novel, I still get that little twinge of excitement I got when I first started reading Fleming's Bond novels some 30 years ago. However, the thrill just doesn't linger like it used to. Raymond Benson has proven with his previous novels that he can stir up a fairly decent plot for a Bond novel; but he also tends to be clumsy in their execution, and this is exhibited more in DOUBLESHOT than perhaps any of his others. Even after several practice rounds, Benson allows his prose to stutter and stumble along, displaying no more flair with the English language than an average college creative writing student.Benson's worst offense (ever) is to have conceived the Taunt twins: easily the lamest, dumbest blondes ever to people the pages of a Bond novel. Their presence taints the entire novel with the stench of amateurism; on their way to a possible rendezvous with gruesome death, these supposed CIA professionals blurt out lines like "Oh, this is going to be fun!" with the abandon of high school cheerleaders on their way to a post-game party. Truly an embarrassment, these characters should never have made their way into the novel, and the editor at Glidrose/Jove ought to be flogged for allowing Benson to indulge himself with them.The foreshadowings and "subtle" disguises for the obligatory plot twists in DOUBLESHOT are obvious, again pointing to clumsy, inexpert treatment at the author's hands. Slightly elevating the reading experience, the character of Le Gerant--the head of the formidable Union--comes across as a fascinating and strong villain, a worthy successor to Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Auric Goldfinger, and kin.Whereas HIGH TIME TO KILL showed a lot of promise for upcoming Benson Bond thrillers, DOUBLESHOT is perhaps the weakest of all Benson's yarns, rivaling John Gardner's (frequent) dips into inanity--a disappointing path for James Bond to have taken in recent years.

  • Steve Mitchell
    2019-05-31 05:56

    Raymond Benson's fifth addition to the Bond novels follows on from the events of High Time to Kill with Bond recovering from his trip to the Himalayas and the Union determined to take revenge upon the hero. The target for their act of revenge is to increase the tension between Britain and Spain over the issue of of Gibraltar.In Benson's previous Bond novels he struck a good balance between a decent thriller and the bonkers plot that we have come to expect from a Bond story. This one just falls flat with just too many coincidences and backing the plot into a dead end that removes just any chance of retaining credibility. As this is the second novel of three featuring Bond in combat against the Union it is a book that has to be read to keep the series going, but lower your expectations before you start this one.

  • Wyatt
    2019-05-28 09:19

    Borrowing elements of From Russia with Love (Bond is shadowed and saved at various times in order to keep him alive so he can carry out the nefarious master plan), Benson crafts another exciting entry in the James Bond canon. (view spoiler)[To quibble though - the decision to have Bond continue to take the pills for his headaches (and then to increase the dosage) despite the fact that they obviously weren't helping... that seemed to be unrealistic (in terms of the Bond universe). The character is supposed to have incredible instincts and intuition, and to make him into kind of a clueless dupe for the length of the novel was a disappointment. (hide spoiler)]

  • Martyn Perry
    2019-05-31 03:56

    This is a really good Bond book.After the unique High Time to Kill, Benson is at it again here, staying faithful to character and style but not afraid to do new things.No obligatory torture scene here. The writing is simple but effective, the pages filled with action, and the plot is a good one.What's wrong with Bond? Why does he keep blacking out? What are the Union up to? What is the outcome of the fantastically original murder mystery?The story keeps you interested until the suitably Fleming-Esque conclusion. This won't compete with the originals or true spy fiction, but for what it is, it's great fun.

  • Bill
    2019-06-27 04:04

    I'm a big James Bond fan in a iconic kind of way. I love many of the movies, and when I was a kid, I loved the Bond books. But now, it's more of a nostaligic kick to read the Ian Fleming books. I received the trilogy of Benson Bond films for a Christmas gift and am slowly going through them. Ok thrillers, but somehow, they seem old fashioned. I guess I have now graduated to more sophisticated spy thrillers, having moved on to the John LeCarre books and others like those. For interesting modern spy novels. check out the Charles Cumming novels.

  • Ahren
    2019-06-20 03:07

    Using Southern Spain (Andalucía), Morocco and bullfighting as a backdrop, this 007 adventure relies little on Bond tropes like gadgets and cars and instead goes for a psychological thriller vibe. Doubleshot uses an ill-conceived James Bond doppelgänger (not a spoiler) and plays the clues too close to the chest causing the reader alternately figure things out too early or get frustrated by a lack of disclosure.

  • William
    2019-06-10 08:04

    I thoroughly enjoyed the first half of the book. Benson did a good job with the Bond as the troubled spy on the run. The general storyline was pretty good and I was very engaged. Then the Taunt Twins then stepped in and ruined what had been a decent story and the denouement was just lame. Really, Raymond Benson? Bond beat the bad guy against overwhelming odds while experiencing a blackout so that you didn't have to explain how he managed it? No...just no.

  • Lou
    2019-06-05 06:13

    Although I did like the book, I was hoping that Benson would have given us a typical "lighter" Bond character. I think he focused too much on the accident in the Himalayas and gave us a dark, brooding Bond. There were flashes of the old debonair Bond, but he was a very dark character here. Let's keep him a bit lighter, shall we?

  • Jack
    2019-06-16 04:17

    I realize that Bond books (and movies) are formulaic. I also realize that this is highly glorified fan-fiction. But this was too formulaic, even though I read it as mind-candy. At least the movies are considered somewhat "campish" This book was highly predictable in it's storyline and most characters were two-dimensional.

  • Billie
    2019-06-11 07:11

    I enjoyed this look at James Bond pre 9-11. The KGB and SPECTRE have been defeated but now a new enemy seeks to destroy James Bond. The plot flowed quickly and the author does not give Bond as many gadgets and has him questioning his sanity. Of course ladies galore including a pair of blonde twin CIA ladies. Nice book for summer reading.

  • Jim
    2019-06-23 03:13

    As a Fodors travel guide of Northern Africa, this book does all right. As a Bond If I had to cast the movie for this one using a past Bond, it would be Roger Moore. There's more violence here than any of the Moore films, but he's primarily a lightweight.

  • Sam Hager
    2019-06-10 04:14

    Bond is out for revenge with the Union the organization that gives Spectre a run for their money. Injured and pursuing the Union against orders Bond is seeing double, framed for murder, and with two beautiful twins. The Union also wants it revenge on Bond. Very good read, highly recommended.

  • David Stearns
    2019-06-08 01:51

    One of the more far-fetched novels written by Benson of the James Bond character. His simplicity does well for painting settings and events, but the storyline and plot in this particular read does not encompass the character he places on the pages.

  • David Garcia
    2019-06-05 09:07

    Good pace, good read, good plot with a vulnerable James Bond. A very close 3rd.

  • John E Bailor
    2019-06-05 06:15

    My favorite James Bond novel that wasn't written by Fleming.

  • Samuel
    2019-06-16 03:09

    .... Scary.....

  • Roy
    2019-06-12 05:14

    Bensons 4th Bond novel and the second to feature the Union organisation.

  • Christopher
    2019-06-25 06:19

    A Bond book for the Christmas break. Enjoyable 007 adventure in some favorite places of mine--southern Spain & Gibraltar.