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Will she be your Grim Reaper or your Saving Grace?Raven can breathe life into you, or siphon the life from you...the choice is yours. They say your life flashes before your eyes when you die. But what you didn't know...your last thoughts determine whether Raven becomes your grim reaper or your saving grace.Death has a sinister plan, but his favorite female reaper has beenWill she be your Grim Reaper or your Saving Grace?Raven can breathe life into you, or siphon the life from you...the choice is yours. They say your life flashes before your eyes when you die. But what you didn't know...your last thoughts determine whether Raven becomes your grim reaper or your saving grace.Death has a sinister plan, but his favorite female reaper has been given a new power that will combat his secret mission. The only issue...she hasn't discovered it yet.Will Raven put the pieces together in time, or will Purgatory be destroyed forever?...

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Raven's Breath Reviews

  • Melanie
    2019-04-08 01:40

    When I got an email asking if I would like a copy of Raven's Breath to review it was an absolute no brainer. Having devoured the Rose series by the same author I was intrigued as to what she could do with something new. Had you asked me before if I thought I would choose reapers over vampires I may have called you crazy but this was an addicting, thrill ride of a read which kept me turning pages and cursing real life that kept interrupting me. I am not sure if this will be part of a series but I sincerely hope so. A new take on a tale that is literally as old as time, I would challenge anyone to predict the ending. Brilliant! V""V

  • Brynn Myers
    2019-04-10 00:32

    Words to describe Tish Thawer’s Raven’s Breath…Intriguing, Unique, and an all-around GREAT READ!When I started reading this book, I wasn’t sure what to expect but with each turn of the page, I was hooked! As the story unfolded it keep me guessing as to what the characters actual motivation was at each twist and turn. I loved how I couldn’t see the ending coming and I guarantee you won’t either. I can only hope she writes more stories about these characters. I definitely have a few that I am dying to know what happens next. *wink, wink*Tish Thawer does an amazing job of drawing the reader into Raven’s world, Purgatory, and the realm the reapers exist in. There are so many creative elements imbedded into each chapter that I have no doubt it will quickly become a favorite among those who enjoy a well written story rich in paranormal elements.

  • Sarah Lazowski
    2019-04-13 23:37

    WOW!! I was drawn in from the very first sentence and I could not put the book down! The suspense, the twists, the turns and romance just had me begging for more! I really really loved this book!! I highly recommend it!!

  • kariny
    2019-03-25 03:55

    Firstly, i'd like to thank the author for sending me a copy to review!And this is an honest review:)When i first saw Raven's Breath, i thought 'hey that's a cool title'. I've never really read about reapers or anything so i thought i'd give it a try. Oh My God. i LOVE this book!the world of purgatory was just so creative and of course Heaven was pretty awesome too.The plot was just extremely unique and well thought out. Everything came together in the end and i wasn't confused or anything. Everything made sense beautifully.Raven, the protagonist,is the first female reaper ever and that already makes her awesome and was just what i'd call 'kick ass'. i liked that she wasn't the perfect person and had humane emotions like jealousy. it just made her so much more real and i could really relate to her jealousy for Holli. it wouldn't have been as nice to read about a protagonist who was a perfect little angel. the other thing i liked about Raven was her confidence. Raven was very intelligent and super curious-she was constantly asking questions and under normal circumstances it should be annoying but with Raven it just made me smile.Most of my books are romance. so i thought i would be disappointed that the book wasn't mainly on romance. i was totally wrong. there was romance-an awesome one-but it wasn't overwhelming so much as to divert the reader from the main plot. i found myself looking forward to the parts with romance but i wasn't like flipping the pages faster and faster just to get to the romance and thinking, 'Where is the ROMANCE!!???'. i actually loved the romance and thought it complimented the whole story perfectly. in short i could say the romance wasn't overwhelming, it was just right along with the story. Plus there was the friendship with Garrett and Raven, that was just so sweet and funny. I actually wish i had a friend like Garrett!So highly recommended book and five stars! i will definitely be rereading this:P!

  • Simone
    2019-04-17 03:37

    I received a free copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review.Raven is the first ever female grim reaper. Unlike the male version, she wears a skin fitted black leather uniform and has black wings. Suddenly, many years later, there's a new female reaper in purgatory, her name is Holli. She's the polar opposite of Raven, with long platinum blonde hair, white uniform and white wings. Death's excuse is that she's there to assist Raven with the sudden influx of phenoms. This makes Raven suspicious, and with the help of her best friend Garrett they begin to unravel a huge mystery. Will Raven ever get over her jealousy of Holli? Will Garrett and Raven uncover Death's sinister plot before it's too late?I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Raven is a strong female character that I absolutely loved. She had so much love and compassion for humanity that you immediately connect with her. I thought that the relationship between Raven and Garrett was awesome and I could easily see why Raven cared about him so much. This was a great edge of your seat fantasy novel, I'm hoping there will be a book two, if there is, I can't wait!

  • Andrea Heltsley
    2019-04-15 00:42

    This was a creative idea about heaven, hell, and reapers. I liked the plot and the concept. This author always writes fascinating books. I'm already looking forward to seeing what's going to happen next. Four glittery stars!

  • Kami
    2019-04-08 05:43

    After Raven dies she is given a job by Death, to be a Grim Reaper and she is given a set of black wings. I immediately liked Raven a lot. She is a spunky character. The writing and pacing of this book were really good. I was immediately drawn into Raven's world and it held my interest. 4 stars

  • Colleen
    2019-04-01 05:46

    I felt like this book was written by a 15 year old girl. So very cliche and just blah. Save your money. Buy another book.

  • Ray Goldman
    2019-04-14 00:40

    This was an awesome book. I was drawn in from the first page and kept the pages turning. It was hard to put down. Highly recommended.

  • Shelby
    2019-04-04 23:35

    Good, quick read for fans of Angela Roquet's Reaper series. The premise is similar in that the lead lives in purgatory and reaps souls for a living, but in this series there are only 2 female reapers and they gain a position by dying rather than being created every so often. An easy and enjoyable read.

  • Crissy
    2019-04-12 01:36

    3.5 stars!Raven's Breath was a good read. However, for it being a paranormal read I expected a little bit more action. I enjoyed all of the characters and the way it ended but as I mentioned before I expected a little bit more.

  • Elvira Rowe
    2019-04-04 02:55

    If you like Reapers, Purgatory, Heaven, Angels, Norse Gods/ Goddesses you will love this book.Raven is a badass Reaper, the first women who had "Perks" from Death to do her job taking souls to Heaven or Hell when a person dies.Tish Thawer made a badass connection with mythology and gods/goddess to make this book. It makes you want to second guess if this really happens when we die and if reapers are men or women that share a normal job and hilarious attitude with each other.She made a quick twist of my favorite Goddess Hel and her father Loki in this book that I never saw coming and that made it so interesting. If you know your Norse Mythology you will be quick to figure out little points in this book.Above all, this book was top notched and loved how she put heaven and hell and included angels and reapers together to make a fantastic book. The norse mythology was inputted great and made the story all more interesting to the plot and tied in lovely.

  • Shannon Thompson
    2019-04-19 04:45

    Sassy, witty, and teetering on the edge of Heaven and Hell is Raven, the first female Grim Reaper. I fell in love with the concept alone, and Thawer, as usual, doesn’t disappoint. Raven is fierce, sarcastic, and capable—not to mention in the presence of Garrett, my favorite boy-that’s-honestly-just-an-awesome-friend character. On top of that, Thawer uses Norse mythology, which isn’t the norm, and I appreciate whenever an author strives off the usual and traditional. This correlated with the overall gothic feel of the situation (hello, apocalypse), and it balanced out the humorous voice. I DEFINITELY did not see part of the ending coming. (Awesome.) And I think I want an ice-hellion as a pet. A fantastic Hell/Heaven, Reapers/Angels tale. I cannot wait for the sequel, Dark Abigail, and I am beyond thrilled I have a signed copy of this novel. I had the pleasure of meeting Tish Thawer at Penned Con St. Louis (which is where I bought my copy), and she is as sweet as Holli. On a side note, Raven’s Breath definitely uses curse words and sexual language as well as alcohol, so if any of these topics offend you, this isn’t for you, but personally, I really loved every bit of it. I thought every use of it was tasteful and not overdone, and it fit the story very well. ~SATRecommended to: New-adult urban fantasy readers, paranormal romance fans, and lovers of angels/demons, Heaven/Hell, Norse mythology, and sassy-strong female leads. Favorite Quote: “I’m not cute…I’m dangerous.”

  • Julie
    2019-03-30 02:54

    Raven's Breath by Tish Thawer is a 2014 publication. I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Raven is like a grim reaper type creature and up until now is the only female of the species, if you will, and therefore she has wings while the males do not. If Raven's job as a reaper wasn't challenging enough, her world is about to become really weird. Death is up to something and Raven will have a hard time getting to the bottom of his plan. She will have the help and support of her friend Garrett and Michael to work through the increase in her power and to deal with "Death".I do not read a lot of YA novels nor do I read Urban Fantasy that has this sort of theme. So, I feel a little out of my element here. I will say this is one really unique novel and this author has an incredible imagination. There are many magical elements that readers of this genre will understand and enjoy. I'm impressed with the author's story telling ability and I believe a bright future is ahead of her. I would like to see her tackle some more adult material and maybe try a high fantasy type novel. She certainly has the imagination for it. This one get a 4 star rating.

  • Angela
    2019-03-27 05:36

    Who knew Death could be so complicated. Raven is such a great character. As the first female Reaper ever she is both envied and loathed. But Death has other plans with Holli. Such a great story flow. Love the characters.

  • Rosanna
    2019-03-28 05:54

    The first book in the series is great! We have the story of Raven and the Archangel Michael. Raven and her best friend Garret work for Death. They are reapers in Purgatory. Their job is to guide the souls to where they have to go after a person dies. Either to Heaven or to Hell. Raven isn't a topical reaper either. She's the first female reaper and has some kickass black wings!She seems to also be getting a nifty new power and that is she can also breath life back into a person after they have passed. A great gift given to her after she had been marked by Heaven. Death has a plan of his own and that is to create a new winged reaper and live topside. But with that plan comes a crapload of problems!!The only downside to this story is that I found that her relationship with Michael came out of the blue. I didn't see it coming at all. All of a sudden they were in love and that was it. I would have liked for the author to have introduced him a bit earlier and have their love grow instead of bam... I love you kind of thing. This is definitely YA with some swearing in case you wanted to know.

  • Cassandra
    2019-04-21 00:38

    My Thoughts - 4 out of 5 Unicorns - I really liked it!!!***Received the ebook for free for an honest reviewOkay, I hate to admit this, but the cover does nothing for me, and I would have missed out if I judged this book by it’s cover.Okay, I really enjoyed this book. This is the first book that I have read by Tish, and I really liked her writing style. It is easy to read, and a great adventure. I loved the combinations of Heaven and Hell with the Death and the Grim Reapers, but then she threw in Norse mythology too. It mixed very well together and was a great adventure. I’m going to have to look into more of Tish’s work since she writes paranormal romance, and I love reading this genre.I really liked Raven and Garrett. They were my favorite characters. They are best friends and made me laugh. I like that Raven is strong and doesn’t take crap from anyone. I love how she stands up for herself and fights for what she believes is right.I definitely recommend this story to my paranormal romance reading friends. You will definitely enjoy this unique story!!

  • Felicia
    2019-03-30 00:33

    I met Tish Thawer at the Phoenix ARC in October and bought this book. On the cover is the sentence "Will she be your Grim Reaper or your Saving Grace" that caught my interest (and she also recommended it to me). As I was reading the first chapter I knew this was going to be a different kind of book than I normally read. As I continued reading, by the second chapter I was hooked. Raven's character was one that I could relate because of the age and how she thinks. Raven was the first female grim reaper who made friends with Garret. I was able to relate to this book because of a relationship I have with a close friend. Then Death bring in a new female grim reaper Holli. I kept trying to figure out her part in everything and the story keep me guessing. Every time I had to put the book down I wanted to scream. Michael the Archangel....ohhhhh my. I love how he was with Raven. This book is fast paced and easy read. Can't wait for the second book. Tish is going to be a one click buy from now on.

  • Kel Crist
    2019-04-10 03:28

    I was provided a free copy of this ebook in exchange for an honest review. Raven’s Breath by Tish Thawer: This Urban Fantasy is a page turner. You are drawn into Raven’s world and all its strife. Accompany Raven while she reaps the souls of those that have died, see how Purgatory is ran and you even get to meet Death! I really liked this book. Raven is this gal that at the moment of her passing, Death offers her a position as the first female Reaper. She finds a true friend in Garrett and an unlikely friend in Holli. Doing her job and doing it well is all that matters to Raven until she finds that things aren’t as they seem. Not only are things changing in Purgatory but she now has additional powers. I loved the characters and the storyline. This tale continues in book#2 Dark Abigail, if it’s anything like book 1 it’s gonna be a knock-out.

  • Delta
    2019-03-23 22:34

    I enjoyed this book and was pleased to find it hard more than just the traditional reaper story line. The addition of the Norse mythology is a bit baffling, but it seemed to have worked well enough. The description of Purgatory was interesting and reminded me a bit of Grim Fandango. The biggest issue I had with the book was the rather awkward love story and the convenient ending. Otherwise, it would have made for a very solid fantasy novel.I listened to the audio version of this book and found Suzanne Elise Freeman to be a wonderful narrator who gave a great performance. Her tone was very appropriate for the book: a bit of humor and a bit of seriousness.A nice fantasy with an interesting take on the grim reaper.**I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.**

  • Diana
    2019-03-27 21:34

    I have to confess that I have a strange fascination with stories about Death. Capitol D. But really it's only strange to the people I mention it to. Some people like vampires, some people like zombies. I like grim reapers and lords of the Underworld. And the occasional angel. Which this also has! Yay!As much as I enjoy stories like this I don't read them too often, so when I do I'm instantly caught up in them. And this, obviously, was no exception.The characters are so fun, definitely a bunch I enjoyed spending time with. And wouldn't mind spending more time with in the future. It's such a great new imaginative world. And the way it flows is amazing I just fell into it and didn't realize how far in I was until I had to stop.I received this book in exchange for an honest review FULL REIVEW

  • Sarah Pepper
    2019-03-25 00:47

    Oh-may-gawd!!!! Finished this book and hot dang was it beautiful! Of course I'm biased to all that is supernatural, but when you can bring out Norse gods, archangels and the simple beauty of souls, you really have something! I raise my hat to you, Author Tish Thawer bravo! Thawer writes in a fast pace so that you're never in a slow moment of the book. I'm not a girlie girl, well not all the time, and this bad@ss reaper definitely wasn't wearing pink. Bring on the leather and angelic power! Oh, one small thing that left me hanging.... MICHAEL!!! Give me more Micky in the sequel...wait! There needs to be a sequel, PLEASE make a sequel. I'll be waiting UNpatiently for the next one. Her amazballs book that gave me all sorts of warm fuzzies <3

  • Olivia Stafford
    2019-03-31 04:39

    This book was okay. I felt the story had a lot of potential. I did not like the main character at all. She had a cocky attitude that just overwhelmed everything else about her. The story seemed to go extremely fast. By the time it was over I felt I had no details as to what really happened. There's a new female reaper and then bam! Here's Michael the archangel oh and he's in love and bam! Death has a giant evil plan and bam! Here's Loki! I was only surprised with the Krev character. I honestly didn't expect that to happen. However I knew that something had to happen with that character. I just didn't expect what did happen.Maybe if the writing had been better and the story not rushed, I would have liked it more.

  • Tiffany Johnson
    2019-04-12 23:55

    This was a solid 3.5 stars! It was definitely an interesting take on "Death" and the Grim Reapers and I enjoyed the idea. I wasn't crazy with Raven at times. If I remember correctly she died at 21 and had been a Reaper for 25 years...I would have expected her to have gained some maturity during that time but she occasionally acted like a petulant child which was irksome. The whole jealousy bit over the new female Reaper didn't bother me so much because I could understand that to an extent but her maturity level fluctuated drastically. I enjoyed Garrett a lot however and would like to see his character expanded upon. I would be interested in reading the next book to see what direction Tish takes this next!

  • Monica
    2019-04-17 03:33

    The story is somewhat interesting, if you're a teen girl. A twist of the grim reaper. It's a little silly, but not written in an odd way.You know, there are so many books you read or listen and you get the same story...I would only care more if the characters had more background and dept.I mean, you know so little, you need an heavy setting. It would be more enjoyable.I'm gathering my thoughts... It's like you're reading a comic book. A few lines and that's it. The story goes on like we readers don't need to know anything else and that's why only ***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Laurie Stewart
    2019-03-22 22:41

    This is a fun read, blending Norse, Christian, Greek and modern mythos into an exciting and enjoyable romp. With Armageddon and the end of the world hanging in the balance.Raven is a Grim Reaper, one of the select few who survive their deaths to work for Purgatory, escorting the dead to their final destination. She is also the only female Grim Reaper ever created, and the most powerful.That is, until Death breaks Heaven's laws to create Holli. A blond Barbie with innocence shining from her eyes. Is she Raven's enemy, Earth's doom, or just a sweet girl in the wrong place and time?

  • Renee
    2019-04-19 00:52

    A fast paced, quick read set in purgatory. This was the first book I have read by this author and I am interested in reading more. Raven's Breath is the first book in The Women of Purgatory series. The main character is a raven haired, leather clad, winged grim reaper. She befriends the newest female reaper who is more of a ditzy blond. They both work for Death, who appears to be hiding something. The story unfolds with conspiracy, mystery, adventure and romance. I received this audiobook free in exchange for an honest review.

  • Lynn2 Girls & A Book
    2019-04-05 02:46

    I have read quite a few books about Reapers and I have to say I love the direction Tish Thawer took with this one. She weaves in angels, demons, and mythology to bring us a new twist on the legend of the Reapers. There's action suspense and even a little romance.My favorite character is Raven. I love that she's strong and badass. Ravens stands up to everyone including Death.This is the first book I have read by Tish Thawer and it's definitely a hit. I can't wait to check out other books by her.

  • Teri
    2019-04-10 00:39

    What's not to like about a different twist on the war between heaven and hell especially when it is lead by the Grim Reaper. Raven is different than another Reaper since she is the only woman. But when another woman shows up along with all the other weird happenings it's a fore warning of danger ahead. What entails is short snippets of background on each character and how they came to be. Some intrigue and PGish romance round out a well told story with likable characters and a pretty cool ending. I look forward to read more about the Women of Purgatory and the men that love them.

  • Shannon
    2019-03-27 00:39

    I loved Raven's Breath! The story is a fabulous supernatural tale with just the right amount of mystery and suspense woven in. Tish Thawer's world building is so rich that I was able to imagine every detail, while reading the book. Raven was a wonderful and strong main character and I loved learning about her past, as well as her afterlife as the first female Reaper. I can't wait for the next book in this series!