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On the cusp of his twenty-fifth birthday, Bo Sanford grows frustrated with his directionless life. Slaving away at his father’s construction company all week and partying every weekend leaves him little time for introspection, but he knows it’s time for a change. When his best friend, Mac, drags him to a college party, Bo catches sight of a girl. But not just any girl—theOn the cusp of his twenty-fifth birthday, Bo Sanford grows frustrated with his directionless life. Slaving away at his father’s construction company all week and partying every weekend leaves him little time for introspection, but he knows it’s time for a change. When his best friend, Mac, drags him to a college party, Bo catches sight of a girl. But not just any girl—the girl of his dreams: a delicate blonde-haired beauty with a pink scarf and a smile that promises warmth and humor. There’s just one problem: she isn’t a girl.Even after Bo discovers the truth, he keeps seeing Erick, and the choice to follow his heart despite the obstacles has profound repercussions on not only his sense of self but his relationship with his family and even his job. Being with Erick makes him all the more determined to be his own man and claw his way out from under his father’s thumb.But Erick faces choices of his own: the choice to get involved with someone redefining his sexuality, the choice to trust again, and even the choice to believe love can last beyond the temporary....

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Choices and Changes Reviews

  • Heller
    2019-03-20 00:17

    I thought this was a wonderful sweet read. I have a real love for a good slow burn romance and this one really worked for me. Bo works in construction and is coming up on his twenty-fifth birthday, he's at a crossroads in his personal and professional lives and wants to make changes but is afraid to rock the boat with his family and friends. He goes to a college party one night and sees what he thinks is a beautiful woman but is actually a man, Erick. This is due mostly to him forgetting his glasses and Erick being slightly feminine in his movements.The men eventually strike up a friendship and I really enjoyed reading it develop. There's a lot of conversation in this book and very little sex. I enjoyed the talks they had quite a bit and liked how Bo was ready to take a chance on what he was feeling but that he didn't back down to Erick and demanded the same from him as well. I liked the MC's and the secondary characters are really strong and they had interesting histories and stories here. This was sweet and romantic but it brought the heat in a subtle way that I just loved. If you enjoy a gay-for-you story that's a slow burn this would be a good read. Recommended.

  • Mandy*reads obsessively*
    2019-03-25 23:17

    This is a wonderful story of two young men with serious issues, but the development they go through individually and together was a joy to watch.Despite some very serious issues they talk and work toward each other and not against each other. A true friends to lovers story that leaves me convinced of their HEA.Bo is having a bad day, everything seems to be going wrong. He works for his Dad's company and isn't happy there, for a lot of reasons. His dad is a bully and never happy with Bo. But Bo is used to taking the path of least resistance, even though he has hopes and aspirations, he never seems to follow through. Of course that explains why he lets his best friend Mac talk him into going to a college party he doesn't want to be at.This night is going to change his life forever, he sees Erick, he mistakes him for a girl, but only for a minute. Even knowing that the person he is drawn to and whose smile mesmerizes him is a him and not a her, he wants to embark on a journey, first of friendship and then more with Erick.Despite that Erick is the one working on his masters in psychology I thought Bo was at least as self aware and intuitive, if not more so in some things. They see each other when they can, they talk on the phone, and slowly they decide to give into the sexual feelings they have for each other. But it really is glacier moving slow, I found it real , honest and touching. They both have things to work through, Bo of course is not only grappling with his attraction to Erick and he is also dealing with his unhappiness with his place in life, he wants and hopes for many things, but hasn't quite reached the point of actually reaching for them, and Erick, poor Erick. He really has never had anyone to depend on, anyone who loves him and will be there for him. He also has an abusive relationship behind him. It was traumatic, but fortunately pretty much off page, he needs to learn to trust, trust Bo that he really wants him and is willing to stick with him and that he is really worth sticking with.Bo's father is someone I couldn't like, even with the explanation for his behavior, Bo's brothers and sister in law play enough of a roll to keep the story interesting without taking over. He learns more about his family, secrets that were kept and of course how they and Mac are going to react to Bo's new discovery about himself. Although we only get in Bo's head, I feel I understood Erick, and his thoughts and feelings just as well. I really enjoyed this story, it was nice to see two normal guys, dealing with some heavy and not so heavy baggage, but not being brought down by it, they deserve all the happiness I am sure they will have. This story had almost no sex in it, but a lot of love.

  • Nina
    2019-04-05 21:02

    10% construction work, 50% dialogue, and 40% twu wuv.I liked this way more than I expected to. I was expecting fluff and a fair bit of hot man lovin', but I got a rape and abuse survivor, family issues and the chattiest characters in the history of M/M romance – which I loved. The thing I find most often in books is, obviously, description, because that's what you usually read books for: narration first, whether it's done in a “showy” way or a “telly” way; then dialogue. Here, people communicate all the time. Just the way it happens in real life. The way the characters talked felt realistic, coherent and not at all contrived – quite the uncommon feat.I am absolutely in love with these characters – meaning both the MCs and the secondary characters – and with this author's style (nevermind the lack of explicit sex - grr!). I hope to see more of her work very soon!PS nice cover. I'm tired of seeing waxed chests all over my shelves, and I like blue and black – and the two guys look like the MCs do in my head.

  • Sheri
    2019-03-22 22:20

    Lots of action? Nah.Lots of sex? Nope.Lots of angst? Not really.So, what won me over? *ding ding ding*It was real. I mean really real. This has to be the most sincere and honest gay-for-you story I’ve ever read. It’s not hot and heavy, so if that’s what you’re looking for…I’d suggest you move along. However, if you want to witness two men reform, realign and rebuild their lives ‘together’, so that they can be together, than you’ll want to pay attention to this one. Bo is floating; he’s just drifting along making the best of what he’s got. He’s working for his old man while he’s working his way through college girls. When cupid’s arrow nails a bull’s-eye straight in his chest, it’s literally love at first sight. What he wasn’t expecting was the prize to be another man. He freaks out, but luckily for him this sexy blond doesn’t back away easily.Erick is the epitome of patience. He is strong despite his fragile appearance. He is wise beyond his years. And sadly, he is wounded deeply, even if he covers it stupendously. When he stumbles into the magnetic gaze of a hunky stranger at a party, he takes a gamble. He decides it’s worth breaking one of his cardinal rules, cuz he can’t deny what he wants with Bo. If friendship is all he’s gonna get, he’ll happily take it. I must warn you…the dialogue is heavy. I mean, they talk and talk and talk. Yet for some reason, it works. I should also caution you that it bears some pretty heavy struggles. Both of their souls need soothing, and perhaps the best medicine is love. From friends to lovers, gay-for-you and surviving abuse, it’s a tightly wound package. It’s not the light easy read I was anticipating, and yet I truly enjoyed it. A few over the top similes I could have done without, but I was able to dismiss them easily enough. This may have been my first encounter with K.L. Belanger, but I’d confidently say when she adds to her bookshelf, it won’t be my last.*4 compassionate-chatty-changing stars*

  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    2019-04-10 18:26

    **3.5 stars**"A little less conversation, a little more action."Yup, that's what I'm talking about!I LOVE a good GFY. Give me a guy whose never been with another guy or has never been into guys before and yadda, yadda, yadda ---> SEXY TIME, and I'm a happy girl! What can I say, I'm easy to please! I also usually adore lots of talking. I love characters to really get to know one another and establish a great connection before moving on to a relationship. But here, it was HOURS (in audiobook time) of talking, hours of self-discovery, and while I appreciate the effort that went into developing these characters, it sort of dragged at parts. This book was certainly insta-attraction and, arguably, insta-love. The two MCs had a spark between them that really came through to the readers. I usually hate any sorts of "insta" in my romances, but it kind of worked here. I bought the idea that these two guys saw each other from across a crowded room (awww) and felt that "this is it" sensation. I also loved the way that we got to know the characters. I really felt such a sense of connection to them, and I understood exactly where each of them were coming from. Just a warning for some readers; there is very little sex content in this story. Sure, there are some scenes, but they are pretty sparse. If you are looking for something scorching hot, look elsewhere. In terms of the audiobook narrator, I thought he did a decent job. There wasn't as much differentiation between the voices as I would have liked, and the narrator was pretty forgettable, but I was able to focus on the story and get into it. He had a pleasant voice that was easy to listen to, and while he won't make my list of favorite narrators, I would listen to a story from him again. All in all, if you like slow-paced GFY with a good heaping of angst and lots of self-reflection, this story is for you!**Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review**

  • Lauraadriana
    2019-04-06 00:08

    Another REALLY awesome book from a first time author (for me).This is a gay for you story, with probably one of the best and most believably developed relationships I've read in a long while, or maybe ever. Bo is a straight guy who works for his dad's construction company, one night at a party he sees a girl who he is immediately attracted to turns out the girl is actually a guy. A really pretty and delicate looking guy, but still a man. He meets the man ,Erick, and they get to talking. They really hit it off and have lots in common. In the end Bo decides that he has no clue what is up with his feelings, but he's not ready to call it quits, so Erick and Bo become friends. Slowly they get to know each other, and things evolve. Bo is in a crucial moment in his life, he is looking to the future, and what part of that is deciding to go for what makes him happy. Erick is a big part of that, not just giving him advice but showing Bo what it feels like to care for someone...Still they take it slow, so by the time Bo knows what he wants to do, his relationship with Erick is front and center in his future plans...That is despite the obstacles that come in the form of Bo's bully of a dad, Erick's self-doubt and past relationships among other things.I LOVED that these men TALKED. I mean they TALKED! All the time, they worked things out, they said what they felt, they pushed for answers when none were forthcoming, and they TOOK THEIR TIME. To evolve from frienship to a physical relationship, and even in that they didn't rush things. It was all paced and grown up even with the problems that came up. There were a lot of heavy issues to domestic violence, suicide, abusive/manipulative family situations and yet these guys pulled through and were excited to build a life together.I so enjoyed this book. Totally recommend it.

  • .Lili.
    2019-04-09 17:22

    I had never heard of this book until my GoodReads buddy John recommended it. John has never steered me wrong so I decided to try it. So happy I did! It was such a sweet GFY, opposites attract story.What I loved:*The dialogue. It was natural and I loved that they talked to each other. There was no miscommunication between them, no dumb misunderstandings.*Erick. His perseverance and his insight sold me his character. *Bo. His willingness to see where things went despite being confused by his attraction to Erick. He was so sweet and gentle. *As much as I love a steamy read- I was rely happy the plot didn't really on it. *The development from friendship to romantic relationship. Such a delicious slow burn. The only thing I was missing:*An epilogue. Although the story ends with a HFN, I would've loved a look at them well into the future. I can't recommend this enough. It's a great story about family, friendships, and not being afraid of taking chances. 4.5 Stars ♥[image error]*Thank you for the recommendation, John! xxThis review has been crossposted at Reviews by JesseWave

  • Simsala
    2019-04-11 21:03

    First thing first...I finished this book with a contented sigh and then I took a closer look at my friends reviews. (Since when do we all agree? *coughs*)Each one of their reviews is reliable - low or high rating, they all made their point - and that has become such a rare sight here on GR it makes me VERY happy to have them as my friends, just saying...BIG hug to you, guys!This is not the space to talk about stuff like this, but since when do I care.;-)Back to business...I don`t mind chatty male characters - as long as they don`t talk in circles like broken records (or countless hours about cars and soccer in RL).The story was heavy on the dialogue but it made the characters tangible and believable as emotional, individual beings. The dialogue pulled the story forwards without getting boring, making the characters grow as individuals and as a couple. It may have been a bit on the sappy side here and there but the characters were likeable and turned out to be more multilayered than I expected after reading the first two-three chapters. Choices and Changes is a really nice opposites attract story and I didn`t even mind the always hard to believe GFY trope and the small sea of tears. Not mine...Erick`s. He`s got Bo now and no more reason to cry.Recommended!

  • John The Cosmic Wanderer
    2019-04-17 22:26

    All the talk in this book is such a BIG plus for me. I love it when the characters talk and actually get to know each other on a deeper level.The first part of the book actually reminded me of one of my favorite films, "Before Sunrise". Erick is such a deep character. I love his speech about not worrying about the past or future and just do the the things that make you happy today. This book is going to my "favorites" shelf.Note to self: Do not judge a book by its ratings.

  • Anke
    2019-04-01 23:26

    Yes, I really, really liked it. Despite the over-the-top beginning (I got it after the first few mentions, he had a bad day) I'm glad I stuck to it and read on, as soon it was a very compelling read. First building of friendship and with that moving further into the relationship, so good to read. And these guys really talked! Overall a wonderful read, only the epilogue - well, to say the truth I could have done without it. Yes, we have come full circle, but it didn't really add anything to the story.

  • Heather C
    2019-03-25 17:14

    Something about this story just didn't work for me. I mean I did enjoy it but I frequently found myself getting annoyed. The characters talked too much and everything just seemed too convenient. Plus, the sexual tension was just meh when it was finally resolved. Very disappointing! But, my biggest issue was the fact that I felt like I was being "told" about and not "shown" key events in the story. Just an average story for me.

  • Mandapanda
    2019-04-16 23:09

    3.5 stars. Quite an enjoyable sweet GFY. Reminded me of the well known free story Construction Days. Not a lot of angst. I love more effeminate/crossdressing MC's and was looking forward to that aspect of the story but after Bo's initial sighting of Erick (and thinking he was a girl) there is not much more in that vein.

  • Anyta Sunday
    2019-04-08 00:17

    I really got into this! Very mature guys talking things through. My first from this author.

  • Candice
    2019-03-30 17:02

    Such a wonderful and sweet story. I really liked how while there was instant attraction on both sides, that the relationship between Erick and Bo was so gradual. Nothing was rushed and they actually talked to try and understand what was happening between them. I loved their interaction with each other, some of the conversations were fun to read. Would love a brief follow up to see how everything worked out with them.

  • MaDoReader
    2019-04-10 20:01

    2,5 Redondeadas al alza porque ellos son monos, pero al final se me ha terminado haciendo cuesta arriba la lectura. Too much drama que no lo viven como tal pero que me deja pensando "WTF ¿puede pasar algo más?"

  • Amy
    2019-04-14 21:10

    A very sweet gay-for-you story! Bo and Erick meet at a college party and Bo thinks it’s love at first sight. Until he realizes Erick is *not* a girl. Unable to deny their connection, they become fast friends. I enjoyed watching their relationship develop into something more. Lots of great dialog, strong slow-building storyline, and minimal sex. Loved it!!

  • Elsa Bravante
    2019-04-02 18:10

    Me topé con este libro por casualidad y decidí leerlo por casualidad también. A veces, esas casualidades son felices. Un planteamiento nada original, chico heterosexual que al conocer a alguien se replantea su sexualidad y tiene que afrontar las posibles consecuencias de comenzar una relación con alguien del mismo sexo. Situaciones en algunas ocasiones quizás demasiado dramáticas. Algún recurso fácil. Pero, a pesar de todo esto, he disfrutado mucho con el libro porque la pareja tiene mucha química y es absolutamente encantadora.Una feliz casualidad.

  • Trisha Harrington
    2019-04-04 00:00

    This was a really nice gay for you. It was also one of the most realistic ones I have read in a long time. One of the things I really enjoyed about this was it wasn't just the straight character who had issues adjusting. But the gay character, too. I think the way the relationship between Bo and Erick developed was not only very realistic, but also, very sweet.I think people will be kind of fooled by this book. The cover is amazing and it doesn't really give away how much serious stuff is in this book. Bo and Erick had their issues. Those issues stemmed from their pasts and they were real. I think the way everything was dealt with was perfect. Nothing felt overly rushed or that unbelievable. It also explained some things about the characters. I won't give anything away, but one of my tags does give a bit of a spoiler. So let's just say, this book will not be for everyone.There was an element of family in this. I liked it. The sister-in-law was a really cool, strong female character. I did love how she handled the men in the family, too.If you don't mind a gay for you story, or want something that feels realistic, then this might be the one for you. There are a mixture of nice, sweet moments and of darker ones. But this book deals with everything perfectly. And I highly recommend it.

  • Natalie
    2019-04-04 16:08

    I like gay-for-you/out-for-you stories but it's so hard to find ones where the progression of the relationship feels natural. This book does a wonderful job of building a friendship between Bo and Erick. I loved that the narration is heavy on dialogue (men do talk!). This is light on sex but we still get to witness the intimacy between the main characters. Sweet and satisfying.

  • Camille
    2019-04-08 18:00

    3.4There were some really great, really strong parts; but then there were also some too-sweet, sappy parts; and some other segments that were a bit too clinical.Nevertheless, all in all, a really good read.

  • Kaje Harper
    2019-04-18 22:05

    This is a GFY book that worked for me, with a straight guy who questioned what was happening in a way neither obliviously bewildered for chapters on end, nor immediately willing to leap into bed. Both Bo and Erick are extremely likable, the issues from their pasts were there on both sides, and the mixed reactions from friends and family worked for me. There was a strong female character in Bo's sister, and these guys talked to each other. Erick's back-story was not novel, but it was pretty realistically dealt with. I do like when characters with problems get some counseling, too. At times the handling of tough issues was almost too good - too much insight from the guys, and clarity on the situation very thoroughly explained. This is not a bad thing, and far preferable to some of the mishandlings I've read, but felt idealized. But I enjoyed this, read it straight through, and will definitely look for more stories from this author.

  • Debra
    2019-04-06 00:23

    This was a sweet GFY friends to lovers story. Character driven, where the two MC's actually spend more time talking and forging a relationship rather than just having sex. Looking forward to more from this author.

  • Stephanie
    2019-03-26 20:08

    3.25 stars. Sweet story but it didn't blow me away. Both Mcs were likable. I liked it when Bo finally stood up to his father to become his own man and start his own business. Overall, I was hoping for more.

  • Major English (Laura)
    2019-04-02 00:10

    My Toughts Before I read Choices and Changes:I didn't realize that this premise of boy meets girl who is a boy was so popular in the m/m genre until recently. I just read "Plan B" by SJD Peterson whose plot is almost identical to this, and then also the plot of the online free story "The Girl For Me" is almost identical to this too. Also similar sounding to the free story "Louder than Sirens, Louder than Bells." But as I Loved those stories, I will probably read this too. Lol. But how uncanny? My Thoughts After I Read Choices and Changes:3.5-4 starsAhh.. This book really had so much potential from my point of view. I really absolutely loved the first half of it.This is the story of Bo, a 24 year old "straight" construction worker and Erick, a gay graduate student, who meet one night at a frat party. Erick is rather feminine looking, but is not in female clothing or makeup, and Bo thinks Erick is a girl at first. However, Bo realizes that Erick is in fact male, and then tries to avoid Erick at the frat party. However, Erick then meets Bo outside and they begin talking and talk for hours and hours, not just making small talk, bur having a really insightful and meaningful conversation.And thats what I loved about the first part of this book. It felt really romantic - the characters hung out and talked and talked on the phone, and although they were physically attracted to each other, they didn't jump the gun. They talked and built an emotional connection before they started anything physical. And it just felt right to read.However, all the talking, in the second half of the book, is what turned me off a bit. The relationship between Bo and Erick was going so well and I felt like it was really romantic and charming, but then I feel like the second half of the book is a completely different book altogether. (Also, when the characters do decide to get physical with each other, I thought it would feel more romantic, like the first half of the story, but it just felt rushed to me and a bit off,even though not described in extremely explicit detail like some m/m reads.)In the second half of the story, or there about, at one point Erick says something to Bo and Mac about his and Bo's relationship that is just plain stupid to say. I mean, I know this is a review, but I don't know what other word to say than stupid. Basically he said something that hurt Bo and from then on, I really felt like this couple lost their spark altogether. Also, there is a domestic and sexual abuse aspect to this story that I didnt see coming. I don't think it was over the top in anyway, but want to alert the reader in case it is a trigger.In addition, when the sexual/physical abuse is being discussed, I feel like Bo's words in this conversation are way off base. At one point, Bo keeps making comparisons of himself to Erick's abuser and even apologizes to Erick for interfering in the abusive situation, even though he very may well have saved Erick's life. Also, the reason why Erick refused to call the police after the dangerous situation made absolutely no sense. And this was all annoying to me.And all this talking about the abuse, and since this all happened after the little incident with Erick saying something stupid, again, in the second half of the book, I feel like this book really dropped off and all the talking that I loved at the first half of the book turned into long, drawn out, overly convuluted conversations where I feel like the characeters lost their spark and their joy. Which was too bad. I feel like Bo was so into the relationship and I feel like Erick just couldn't fight for it. I know Erick, emotionally had some problems, but he was so strong and Bo really admired him and Erick just felt like a different character to me towards the end. They both did in a way. And their relationship just fizzled out for me and I feel like there needed to be more time towards the end to settle it all out rather than just end the story when the characters' relationship just felt so off.I wonder if this book was written almost in two pieces, months apart and maybe that is why it felt very disjointed between the first half and second half of the book.So I feel like this is a shame, I really loved the first half of the book and really thought I'd put it on my favorites list, but after reading the second half of the book and the lousy, tiny epilogue, i really have to bump this down from what could have been a five star book to a 3.5 or 4 star book.

  • Kelly H. (Maybedog)
    2019-04-04 21:13

    Choices and Changes wasn't exactly what I expected and I was both surprised and pleased with how good it was. I expected something like Plan B with the "straight" protagonist struggling with his attraction and trying desperately to deny it while at the same time using the other MC. (I liked that book a lot but the straight character angered me to no end.) This was so not the case here. Both men were mature about what was happening. It was difficult for both of them and they took it extremely slowly, but neither played mind games with the other, neither pretended to be something they weren't or made promises they couldn't keep. As a result, I loved both of them. I really loved how Bo (has that name been used to death in M/M romance or what?) never blamed anyone else or claimed that Erick was an anomaly and he wasn't gay at all. He acknowledged that something had to be latent within him, that he had to be bisexual at least, because people don't just decide to start loving their same gender overnight. When the darkness from their pasts come to light, I cried, and I liked how Erick's history fit into the story and how it explained why he was in a relationship like this. The whole thing was beautiful and mature and I'm in love with the two boys. They go right up there on my list of Favorite Gay Couples in M/M Romance.Oh, and God that cover is hot.Happy ending? (view spoiler)[Yes, strong HFN, which fits in this realistic and believable story. (hide spoiler)]

  • Lala
    2019-04-11 20:26

    Sweet. And cute.But.Too much talking...

  • Barb ~rede-2-read~
    2019-04-03 17:12

    Note: This audiobook was provided to me by the publisher through Hearts on Fire Reviewsin exchange for an impartial review. Against his better judgment, Bo Sanford attends a party with his friend Mack, knowing it’ll just be another chance for his best friend to find a hot woman, get drunk and then brag about his sex life the next day. Bo, who is almost 25, is done with that scene. He’d much rather stay home, but he’s a people pleaser and goes anyway. When he spots a hot blonde woman across the room, he’s stabbed by a feeling like he’s never had before. Entranced, he approaches her, only to find that “she” is a “he”, Erick. Pissed off that he’d feel an attraction for a guy, he ditches the party and goes out to sit alone on the balcony. But he’s not alone for long before Erick comes out and apparently he’s seeking peace and quiet as well. The two talk and find they have a few things in common so when the party spills out onto the balcony later, they decide to go somewhere for coffee and conversation. This is the start of several weeks of good companionship and conversation and the two men discover that they can be friends. Bo is still attracted to Erick, but refuses to admit it’s a sexual attraction until he can’t refuse any longer and gives in to a scorching kiss which then leads to the most awesome blow job of his life. Erick isn’t interested in going further, though, and that suits Bo just fine because he’s got enough stress with being the foreman on a job for Sanford & Sons Construction Company and his very demanding, angry, perfectionist, and homophobic father is never pleased with Bo’s work no matter what he does. As the story unfolds, we learn more about Erick who is a struggling grad student majoring in psychology. He has more issues than some of his future clients, having been the victim of abuse and he’s given in to his fears of having another relationship, never mind a permanent one. But the men move forward despite the issues going on in their personal lives. Bo is able to overcome his need to please everyone but himself, finally manning up to his father and taking charge of his own life. In turn, Erick is coming to terms with taking a risk on a future with Bo. The story ends with a HFN and really, for such sweet guys, they deserve a HEA, so in my imagination they’ll get their HEA together. I neither liked nor disliked the narration, so it didn’t add to, or detract from, the score of the book. I found his voice pleasant, if a bit rushed in places, but there wasn’t any distinction in the vocalization of each MC and sometimes I found it hard to figure out who was speaking. I would recommend this story to those who enjoy a sweet romance between two young men who live angst-filled lives and overcome the verbal and physical abuses they’ve had to live with. It’s not too dark and not too sweet, it’s just an enjoyable way to spend some time.

  • Day-thief
    2019-04-12 21:58

    DNF at 80%Can't believe I made it this far. This gay-for-you story lured me in because, for once, the supposedly straight MC acknowledges his attraction right away. Unnecessary angst-fest averted, yay! But what follows is so mediocre in every aspect (writing, plot, characters, dialogue!), I only continued because I payed real money for this book. There's so much I could complain about in detail, I just can't be bothered. Let's mention one thing: why, o why, would these too endure weeks (!) of cuddling if not as lazy plot device in order to let the book end with THE final sex scene? Repeatedly, the authors tells us, that there are erections present. And no, both MCs are not into edging. Ugh, it's all so stupid.

  • Lelyana
    2019-03-25 18:04

    This reminds me of one of Tara Lain's book Knight of Ocean Avenue with Billy and Shaz. This he kind of book I craved for entertainment. Low angst, sweet and the chemistry between Bo and Erick is strong.I'm glad that Bo didn't busy with his denials that he's not gay some authors can make it cute with denials, some are not.And Erick, he's so adorable you cannot not loving him.This is is a very enjoyable, cute read. And the plus point , this was unputdownable.Recommended!

  • Katharina
    2019-03-29 18:07

    I have to give kudos to my GR friends here, because they nailed down this story perfectly. Especially Sims' review said almost exactly what I thought. Which is: (1) holy crap, is there a lot of talking going on in this book - but in contrast to other books it really didn't annoy me at all (well, most of the time), because it felt natural. Instead of external circumstances pressing the story onward, it was exactly that talking and thinking that made the story progress and the characters develop which is nice. And probably more similar to what usually happens in real life. (2) The characters were really great, especially Bo. Both had this natural tendency not to hide, not to lie, not to be over-sensitive in situations, not to be too hasty in judgment that I always love in characters - and in people in general. Of course, they didn't manage to stick with this tendency in every situation, but it was still there and clear and it made the whole story a million times better than it would have been otherwise. And (3) I do like GFY stories, and I like it even more if they are at least a little bit believable - and this one is. To me anyway. I don't believe in anything like master plans or a general purpose for everything - I think coincidence, probability law, and statistics explain occurrences well enough - but that doesn't mean that finding an instant connection to someone isn't in the cards. And that is clearly what's happening here and it's quite beautiful to watch.There were a few drawbacks for me though that prevent me from giving it five stars. First of all, while the conversations felt authentic most of the time, there were a few scenes especially in the middle part of the book when they felt a bit stilted and ...unreal in wording and phrasing. And since the talking is so prominent here, that really did bother me while reading - it's one of my pet peeves as I've pointed out quite a few times ;-D Bo's final one-on-one talk with his dad is one of those occasions, for example. It just felt a little bit too put together and at the same time too wordy to be real in this situation. And finally, I wasn't a huge fan of the sex scenes. I mean, they weren't bad or anything, but they just didn't live up to the rest of the book for me. I guess, I like my guys to be a little less coherent and a bit more blown away and too hot to even think. And the sex scenes here - while good for the story and for the characters - well. They really didn't do much for me.Despite that, I'd totally recommend this book to anyone who doesn't mind a lot of talking when there's actually a point to it. Most of the time anyway ;-D