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Cinder is trying to break out of prison—even though she’ll be the Commonwealth’s most wanted fugitive if she does.Halfway around the world, Scarlet Benoit’s grandmother is missing. It turns out there are many things Scarlet doesn't know about her grandmother, or the grave danger she has lived in her whole life. When Scarlet encounters Wolf, a street fighter who may have inCinder is trying to break out of prison—even though she’ll be the Commonwealth’s most wanted fugitive if she does.Halfway around the world, Scarlet Benoit’s grandmother is missing. It turns out there are many things Scarlet doesn't know about her grandmother, or the grave danger she has lived in her whole life. When Scarlet encounters Wolf, a street fighter who may have information as to her grandmother's whereabouts, she is loath to trust this stranger, but is inexplicably drawn to him, and he to her. As Scarlet and Wolf unravel one mystery, they encounter another when they meet Cinder. Now, all of them must stay one step ahead of the vicious Lunar Queen Levana....

Title : Scarlet: Chapters 1-5
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Scarlet: Chapters 1-5 Reviews

  • Sharon Mariampillai
    2019-04-12 16:42

    This is one of my favourite books of all time!

  • Tuba Sayed
    2019-04-09 16:52

    Wolflet is life.

  • Tiffany
    2019-04-03 20:36

    Scarlet's grandmother is missing, but unlike the police she has not given up. While delivering produce to a local tavern, Scarlet meets Wolf, a street fighter who protects her from a bar room brawl and asks for a farmer job. He's shy and strange and Scarlet can't quite make sense of him. When Scarlet returns to her grandmother's house, she finds her absentee father turning her grandmother's room inside out searching for something. Only then does she learn that her father has been driven mad by her grandmother's captors, men with a strange tattoo not unlike the tattoo that she noticed on Wolf. In this preview, readers also get a glimpse of Cinder in prison and how she is trying to escape. I am glad that I have Scarlet on pre-order because this book sounds every bit as interesting as Cinder.

  • EmmaCaudill
    2019-04-10 17:59

    If your looking for a dystopian, thriller, SIFI romance, you have come to the right place!

  • Sheila {}
    2019-03-31 17:45

    I liked this book so much more than "Cinder." No offense...I still don't care for Cinder's character. She seems to lack so much, even still, and it's downright bothering me.However, Scarlet's character is tangible, and real. I felt like I could completely relate to her if I were in the same predicament. She acts like a real human being. Maybe that's why Cinder can't act normally...I loved the twist of Wolf, and totally did not see it coming once his true identity was revealed. It makes TOTAL sense, but apparently I was too wrapped up in everything going on that I simply wasn't paying enough attention. I was like, "He's a wha...?!" *gasps* then smacks self in forehead.The fact that the wolf in the original "Little Red Riding-Hood" has a similar role in a way, but another completely opposite of the original tale is SO...brilliant.And sorry, but this..."Wolf, are you asking me to be your alpha-female?" so funny and skin-tickling-ly awkward. (Just like that word.)All-in-all, the book was fast pace as more characters and situations are added to the equation at every turn. I'm looking forward to meeting Cress in the third installation, and see how it continues to unfold.This review can also be viewed on my blog: She's Going Book Crazy

  • Kylie カイリー Yay Apocalypse
    2019-04-01 15:46

    Wow. This is going to be a very great five star book! I just know it!!! The plot and setting is so well done. When Scarlet is in France, word is going around about Cinder and The ball. Then we get introduced to Wolf. The badass street fighter who's shy on the inside. The next thing you know Cinder atempts to drill her way out of jail and ends up in wierdo dude Captain Thorne's jail cell instead and he starts flirting with her. Then Scarlet's dad is all wacked up on wacky gass and doesn't make any sence. One of the things I did manage to catch from Scarlet's dad was "something happened on the moon" with Scarlet's grandmother. Bingo. Lunars. Finally, Scarlet's dad give out a hint to Scarlet that Wolf was one of the dudes who kidnapped him and her grandmother. Sigh* and i have to wait one month and eleven days for the whole book to come out. TORTURE!!!! D: Lets just say I am very extreemely super dupper excited to read Scarlet!!!!!!! I'm gonna preorder it online SOON!!!!

  • Salma G.
    2019-03-23 21:58

    Unbelievably good! I read the first book a while before picking this up in my public library. I thought that I would quickly lose interest, due to short term memory loss on the first book. Shame on me. The ending left me wanting more.( It's very hard for a book to do that to me, especially one in a series.) When I pick up a book, I have really high expectations. I can't even read a book twice, because it should be good enough to blow me away the first time I read it. Now I can really picture myself reading this book a second time. Like I said with Cinder, Scarlet took my mind on a journey to a world not so different from ours. Just you know an evil queen from the moon, history repeating itself with a plague wiping out a bunch of people, and a really cool twist on the story of little red riding hood.

  • Emily Bayliss
    2019-04-16 17:49

    So I loved, loved, LOVED, the first book, and it seems that I love the second even better! You know, people always say that "nothing can out do the original"-but oh man. This one did. In this book, you get to see Cinder and Kai grow as characters-and meet NEW characters! How awesome right?! Getting to see Cinder and Kai grow up and develop deeper personalities was one of my favorite parts of the book. I also really enjoyed a set of new characters-Something she will continue doing in each book- because it mixed things up. Scarlet and Wolf's personalities are just so's amazing. I love the two. This book was a great sequel to Cinder and I recommend it to anyone who enjoyed Cinder!

  • Leah
    2019-03-30 17:02

    I loved this book and can't wait for the next one!! I fopund the story line so infatuating it really takes you to a whole other place I loved how the 2 stories intertwined and kind oif became one! Mariisa meyer thankyou soo much I loved ythis book this book was a little hard to keep up with the change of story lines but it was an amazing bok I sugest readers read the queens army before thy read this it helps you get a better understanding even though Dr. Erland was a traitor to the crown I highly enjoyed him as a character, I enjoyed how at the begginning of the book it was a contium of the book Cinder because I had wanted to know what would happen next which I think we all do I loved loved loved this book and was happy top se it out before march! Can't wait until Cress comes out!!!-L

  • Veray Carter
    2019-04-03 20:00

    I absolutely loved this book. Such a great twist on the Red Riding Hood story and then mixed in with the rest of the Cinderella story in Cinder. I can't wait to see which fairy tale she puts in the next one. I loved the romance in this one even though I would have liked to have seen more of that because the romance is my favorite, but the story is so interesting and fun that I didn't miss it too bad. Scarlet and Wolf are so cute together and the added character of Captain Thorne with Cinder is quite funny.

  • Joeigh Parker
    2019-03-24 20:42

    Another re-read (the actual full book not just these chapters but I wanted it to count towards my Reading Challenge). This is definitely one of my all time favorite series! Re-reading made it so much better. This is a very impressive sequel. Scarlet is probably one of my favorite book characters ever and I love Wolf! The action is intense and the world is impressively put together. Queen Levana is a real bitch which is epic! Very excited to finally read Cress!

  • Brook
    2019-03-27 20:48

    I loved this one almost as much as he first one. It goes on to introduce new characters and intertwine the Cinder storyline with Scarlet who wears jeans and a red hoodie and is in love with a wolf-man. It definitely has the marks of a "middle-of-the-series" book. Although a new storyline is introduced, it really doesn't go anywhere. It's kind of a place holder for book three. Nevertheless, I couldn't put it down. It was fun and imaginative.

  • Danish Wayne
    2019-04-10 19:59

    This book grabs your attention and is a great follow up to the first book, Cinder. The story is a great twist between the futuristic theme and fairytales. In the book, Scarlet's grandmother goes missing one day without warning. Determined to find her, Scarlet accepts the help of a stranger named Wolf. As they travel in search of her grandmother, the plot turns into a mystery that makes you want to keep reading.

  • Shelley
    2019-03-21 21:45

    I really enjoyed Scarlet and Wolf's story. I found myself rushing through the Cinder parts just to get to, what I thought, was the more exciting of the two's plot lines. I recommend it to those who enjoyed Cinder, but caution that she is not where the excitement is at.

  • Jo
    2019-04-17 19:52

    I loved this inventive take on an old fairy tale. The first book was amazing and although this book was not as intriguing as "cinder" I still read it a second time after finishing my first read of it. Looking forward to the next two books.

  • Vayda Williams
    2019-04-13 19:40

    So far so good. Looking forward to finishing the rest of the book.Meyer has noticeably matured since Cinder was published. Her characters are rounding out and becoming more real. Lovely writing. Glad to see the improvement to support a wonderful plot and catchy characters.

  • Rose
    2019-04-09 23:34

    Can't wait to read the full book!

  • Myi'a Antoinette
    2019-03-28 15:33

    So ready for this awesome story!

  • Margaret M. Obluda
    2019-03-31 19:51

    Exciting but...They say 'he' and don't tell you who 'he' is. But, otherwise, it is almost close to being as good as Cinder

  • Hannah
    2019-04-10 20:48

    Just as great as the first in the series, Cinder. It even adds some more fairy-tales!!!! Loved it and couldn't put it down!!

  • Amanda
    2019-04-16 16:35

    The first five chapters in and I can already tell that I am not going to enjoy this as much as Cinder. That's a shame.

  • Ally
    2019-03-24 23:52

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Can't wait for the entire book!

  • Elysia Detweiler
    2019-03-30 15:52

    I can't believe how good this book is!! This series is better than Harry Potter.

  • Jenny Jo Weir
    2019-04-04 15:36

    Awesome! Every little thing about this series is above par! Way to go Marissa

  • Rachel
    2019-04-08 19:57

    cannot. wait. for this. book. frikken'. awesome.

  • Rebekah
    2019-03-26 17:00

    Full review to come!

  • Cheri
    2019-04-06 20:41

    Really aggravated to realize that the book itself doesn't come out until February 2013...I enjoyed the first five chapters though!

  • Oscar Crick-Furman
    2019-04-19 16:02

    Awesome!Even better than the last book! Can't wait to get the full version! This is a must-read for anyone who loves fairytales!!!! Luv it!!

  • Sandy
    2019-03-29 18:40

    Cinder is still learning about herself, enter "Wolf"book #3 next

  • Liana
    2019-04-15 18:36

    omg I seriously can't wait to read the whole book gosh omg I'm thankful for this preview faj;jafjajslfjaj SCARLET IS FEISTY LOL