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How far would you go to help a close friend? Is there a place where you might draw the line and simply have to say no? Eight women. Four decades of friendship. One unimaginable request. Where can you find a story about friendship, laughter and the good things in life that also touches on alcoholism, infidelity, porn addiction, illness and grief? For many women, it's oftenHow far would you go to help a close friend? Is there a place where you might draw the line and simply have to say no? Eight women. Four decades of friendship. One unimaginable request. Where can you find a story about friendship, laughter and the good things in life that also touches on alcoholism, infidelity, porn addiction, illness and grief? For many women, it's often within their own circle of friends. Whether your BFFs are in their twenties or are seniors, everyone has a story. The Bridge Club reminds us of the complexities of women’s friendships through an entertaining and often moving tale of eight women whose lives intersect once a month initially to play the game of bridge. What began as one night turns into four decades that span the segments of a woman's journey from youthful optimism to embracing the challenges and opportunities presented in life's later years. Based loosely on the author’s own bridge club, the story weaves the reader through a maze of life's inevitable scenarios. This is a novel for anyone who values friendship. Not simply the "Hi, how are you?" type of friendship but rather the kind that weathers all sorts of storms, unselfishly celebrates triumphs, and hums along year after year with never an unkind word. It does exist. If you have such a friendship in your life you will relate to the women in The Bridge Club. If you don't, perhaps the story will inspire you to search for it. Throughout the story each of the characters faces challenges and change in her life. The Bridge Club emphasizes how honest and loyal friendship helped to enable these changes and how these women empowered and learned from each other in the process. Through laughter, tears, and everything in between the story meets life head on and affirms that building a strong foundation of friendship is a priceless asset....

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The Bridge Club, A Novel Reviews

  • Patricia Sands
    2019-06-12 00:27

    As the author, I'm just leaving a few words - not a review! But trust me, this is a book for all ages. Good friendships that begin early in life should be nurtured - they mature like fine wine (and often wine, fine or not, is a big part of those early years). Stuff happens and there's nothing like a support group you can count on. The controversial issue faced in the final chapter is something that will touch most of us in one way or another. What would you do? Although fiction, the story is based on the foundation of my ongoing 45-year friendship with my real-live "bridge club". Separated now by distance for some of us, we just spent a week together and the bond is as strong as ever. To have a good friend you must be a good friend, and nothing brings you more rewards.

  • Sue Uden
    2019-06-10 22:47

    The nugget at the centre of The Bridge Club is in Patricia's last sentence of her Afterword, 'To have a good friend, you must be a good friend.' By learning about an individual hurdle in the lives of each of the eight members of the Bridge Club, and how they were supported by the other seven in their journey over that hurdle and landing on the other side, the reader absorbs a true feeling of the bond that has developed between these women over their forty plus years of friendship. As a reader of a similar age, and one who has experienced more than one, or two, of the hurdles covered, my guess is that this novel will hold plenty of interest for women of any age.The poignant and controversial hurdle covered in the last chapter is the one I think we all, man or woman, most dread and yet here it is covered with such compassion and friendship amongst these friends that it somehow diminishes that fear. Everyone needs friends like these.My little missing star is because for me, and completely subjectively and probably because I am impatient, some of the chapters could have had less small detail without losing impact. Otherwise a highly recommended read.

  • Susan
    2019-05-31 19:36

    I really enjoyed this book! It was my first time reading a Patricia Sands book and I'm looking forward to reading more.  THE BRIDGE CLUB is the story of a group of women that takes place over more than four decades.  Each chapter is told by one of the women and as you get to know them you can't help but get all caught up in their lives and friendship.      The end of the book was different for me.  One of the women is going through something very traumatic but Patricia doesn't tell you the name of who it is.  She drops hints but never actually tells you who it is.   This was an awesome read and very hard to put down.  THE BRIDGE CLUB isn't really about bridge, although the women play it all the time.  Its more about friendship and being there when a friend needs you.  Lifelong lessons that each of the women learn will leave you wanting more.  Great job Patricia and thank you for giving me the opportunity to read and review your book.

  • Jackie
    2019-06-07 21:34

    Eight women have been through 40 years of ups and downs together. Coming together to play bridge and share their successes and turmoils. Each uniquely different to the other but brought together by a sisterhood that was years in the making. From the sixties to present day the women share the time in their lives that the Bridge club held them up when they could have easily fallen. In the end, can friendship be their in the most dire of needs or will the hurt, anger, love and pain pull them apart?This was a wonderful book. It is so uniquely told. Each chapter is about one specific time in one of the characters lives. This truly illustrates how important friendship is to women. The different times and environments for each of the women telling their story about their biggest issue brought to the Bridge Club will truly bring tears to your eyes. The emotion and pain and love are felt through the pages and will touch the reader thoroughly. In the end, the reader will be left asking one question. I won’t share that but it ends in a mystery of both heartache and sadness. Overall, this book will bring tears to your eyes and love in your heart as you turn the pages. Patricia Sands does an outstanding job illustrating the trials and tribulations women and their friends go through. If you’re looking for a book that completely explains women and how important friendship is for them then you will want to pick this book up.

  • Susi
    2019-06-22 22:19

    This is one of my favourite books ever. I immediately felt I was part of the group of friends and I cried, laughed and lived with them. I wanted the book to go on for longer as I wanted to continue with my new found friends. The story takes you to a problem that we encounter more and more and deals sensibly with all the issues it creates. It does not tell you that there is a right or wrong solution and let's you make up your own mind. Even though the characters are fictional I wanted to hug each one of them at the end of the book. Since the Bridge Club I got more of Patricia Sands' books and in all of them I made new friends. She is one of the few writers where the book draws you not only into their world but becomes part of your world. I greatly admire this talent and hope for many more books to come.

  • Claire McAlpine
    2019-06-24 02:31

    I feel like I've been on a very long road trip listening to an incredible narration which at times made me feel as if I was there living what was happening while at other times I was content to listen to what happened, marking the passage of Time. They say everyone has a story in them and I know that is one of Patricia's mantra's, here she tells the story of 8 women who have an almost otherworldly connection and just as well, because this is all leading them towards the ultimate test of their friendship, to support and assist each other in dealing with a situation completely out of this world.Stunned. What a journey.

  • Dora
    2019-06-18 20:27

    The power of female friendshipThe Bridge Club follows the lives of a group of women who have known each other at least since university and some longer than that. The women bond over a love for bridge and each other's company. As they grow older, become employed and/or married, the group agrees to meet once a month at one of the member's homes. During all of their times together the Bridge Club helps one another through many crises such as searching for one's birth mother, dealing with the death of a spouse, divorce, a spouse's addiction to Internet porn, cosmetic surgery, and dealing with Alzheimer's disease.

  • Elena Aitken
    2019-06-04 20:35

    A heartwarming story of friendship through the ages. The author takes us along on the journey of these women as they go through the trials and tribulations of their lives. The glue that holds them together? Their strong relationships and love for each other.

  • Alicia
    2019-06-28 01:36

    Decades of friendship... and much morePatricia Sands has written a heartwarming and moving novel about eight women who come together in one way or another in their twenties to form a bridge club. Quite quickly, the group becomes more of a sisterhood. One each of them can trust wholeheartedly. One they turn to for friendship, for support, for honesty, for problem solving, but most of all for the bond they have with one another. They are a diverse group of women who provide multiple perspectives to any issue. Some have similarities in their beliefs, some in their life circumstances, while others have known some since childhood, and some have a slightly stronger bond with another, at the root of it all they are one. As they often say, "one for all and all for one."The author brings together the long history of these eight women via their own stated most meaningful event where they needed the others moire than at other times in their lives. In telling their stories, the history and point where each character is in their life comes through in the telling. The reader never feels they don't get a full picture of the main characters SOS, as they call it, while also being provided with knowledge of the other women's role or life circumstance at the time. You will come to love these women, empathize with them, relate to them, see yourself or your best friend or the woman next door in them. You will cherish their stories, the life lessons they pass along, and who each character really is at heart. But most of all, you will honor, respect, and cherish their deep seated sisterhood. Rating: 4.7

  • Ben
    2019-06-26 19:46

    The Bridge Club: Oh, to be a fly on the wall! A review by Ben Antao The most rewarding outcome upon reading The Bridge Club was that I felt like a fly on the wall, listening to the chatter of women, their secrets and their social lives spread over 40 years in Toronto and Ontario. And the bonus is that these Caucasian women, middle-class and well-educated, come together once a month to play bridge and have a ball of a girls’ night out.I congratulate Patricia Sands, a member of the Writers and Editors Network of Toronto, on writing and publishing this story involving eight women as a work of fiction that allowed her the freedom to crawl inside the heart and mind of each woman, and weave a story filled with humorous incidents that reflect and refract the character of each. It’s a commendable feat.The range of personalities covered in this gem of a novel should give you an idea of what to expect. Here goes:There is an intrepid woman named Cass, trained as a nurse, but whose dream is to sail around the world. So she ditches her husband, a doctor no less, and takes up with a marina deckhand, a much older man to boot, and they refurbish a boat and live on the high seas for five years. No fear of flying for Cass!And then there is Jane who at age 32 discovers during a ski run in B.C. that she’s strongly attracted to her companion who is a lesbian. “Jane’s energy and zest for living was boundless,” writes Sands, and the Bridge Club referred to her as “fully caffeinated.” Jane’s shocking revelation to her bridge friends is handled sensitively, as well as the parents’ acceptance of their daughter’s gender orientation.Then comes Bonnie, a fun-loving woman with a family farm in Halton Hills and a mansion in Toronto’s Rosedale, who just loves a cocktail or two. Her descent into alcoholism and eventual recovery through AA receive well-meaning support from the bridge club.Next comes Lynn, a tree-hugger and an environmentalist, who was adopted as a child. Curiosity takes over, and when the Ontario government allows the adopted sons and daughters of the province to trace their birth parents, Lynn decides to get in touch with her mother. Their meeting is poignant, filled with understanding, but they decide not to take it any further.Pam is a stay-at-home Mom, with a caring husband, and her response to any dilemma is “It’ll all work out.” Unfortunately, she loses her husband Peter to cancer at the age of 49. This event triggers a flood of sadness and loss, making her story rather melodramatic. The bridge club helps her to get over this sorrow and Pam learns to take one day at a time, one breath at a time, and it’ll all work out!Then comes Marti. When she was a 20-year-old stewardess (flight attendant today), she had an affair with the pilot, a much older man. Eight years after the affair ended, she plunges into marriage with a twice-divorced father of two, a charming adventurer with a way with women. Marti who always had a great figure goes for plastic surgery for a facelift and to get her boobs reduced when she hits fifty. “How nice to have guys looking into my eyes when they talk to me instead of at my boobs,” she tells her bridge club friends.Dee, a golf enthusiast, arrives at Pam’s cottage in the country for a party, and blurts out the news. “I’ve got a lump in my breast.” Her husband Ken is in China on business. As her breast cancer is diagnosed, her fear and self-pity are balanced by the strength and compassion of her husband. She recovers ands finds inspiration in these words: “Learn from yesterday, live for today, and hope for tomorrow.”And finally comes Danielle, a staunch Catholic, who has to deal with her husband Bryce’s ED condition. “Goodness knows that when it comes to sins of the flesh, so to speak, the Catholic Church doesn’t exactly inspire confidence,” says Dani to her bridge friends.Sands’ writing style is impressive, suggesting that she’s aware of the ways of the world, and what makes the world go round. The sixty something women in this novel came of age in the late 1960s and the reader gets a nostalgic playback of those psychedelic times, when drugs, LSD and grass left their ambient smell and taste everywhere, when hippies scorned tradition to live free as they liked in communities such as the U of T`s Rochdale College on Bloor Street in 1968.The Chinese expression Ti-Ming for coincidence appears a lot in this book. I was a speaker at the recent Ontario Writers Conference in Ajax, and at lunch found myself seated at the table where Patricia Sands also sat. I didn`t know her for she joined the WEN only recently. She drew my attention to the silhouette of the Queen of Hearts on the back cover of her book, suggesting that I might want to mention the cover in my talk on book covers. And she promptly autographed a copy for me, and said goodbye saying she`s off to Europe and be back in October. T-Ming, indeed, I said after reading her book.The Bridge Club is published by iUniverse, Bloomington, IN, a 388-page paperback priced at $21.95.

  • Cindy Skiles
    2019-06-11 19:39

    I loved this book. It's a great tribute to friendships that endure.

  • Dianne
    2019-06-22 20:47

    The Orleans Ladies Book Club, Orleans ON. chose the book, The Bridge Club by Patricia Sands for their November 2015 Book Club Read. It is very rare to find a book that everyone thoroughly enjoyed reading but this was the case with Patricia Sands’ book. We were so impressed by her book, The Bridge Club, that in the New Year we will be reading another one of her books - A Promise of Provence! Patricia, it is clear that your book touched each and every one of us. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Included below are our book club members’ reviews of The Bridge Club:I must say Patricia how much I enjoyed your writing style. As someone who lived both in Toronto and Barrie, ON. I knew exactly where these locations were in your book. So much fun! Please keep up your wonderful writing as I look forward to reading more of your books. ~ Brenda Thank you for a lovely experience. Your book transported me to places I had not known or experienced. The people I met through our writing were lovely & warm. I have known many ladies who all had part of their personalities embodied in your characters. Thank you again ~ CarmelaThis is a book of substance, each ladies’ SOS (support of sisters) issue rang true. I made a connection to each of these lovely ladies, shared in their pain, and cheered them on in their victories. Patricia is truly a masterful storyteller, her words paint pictures and create the ambience so that the reader becomes immersed in “that moment”. As readers, we are left with the feelings and the sweet memories of having been there.~ Dianne A beautiful read of true friendships. Patricia has written a lovingly honest and humorous book and it was such a joy to read ~ Donna This was a great read. Sometimes books take me awhile to get into but this book quickly drew me in and captured my fascination. The author has a unique sense of humour. The kind that makes you laugh because you can so identify or have experienced similar scenarios in your own life. In this way I found myself often pausing to reminisce over my own life's sojourn. As with life there are good times and hard times and these eight women are always there to share and support each other. This is a well written book that easily transports into the lives of these eight women. With such good insight into human nature I felt like actually knew these women! The last woman’s SOS story is one that will catch you off guard and cause you to do some real soul searching. There aren't many good books out there about boomers so it was a treat to read The Bridge Club and I highly recommend this book.~ JanineWonderful Story of Friendship and life events which shapes our personalities. Entertaining read filled with humour. A story of acceptance of others and life circumstances.~ JoanneI thoroughly enjoyed The Bridge Club. It is beautifully written and I identified with each character and felt their joy and pain. Having met Patricia Sands provided me with an even deeper appreciation for her characters, as well as a desire to read all of her books.~ Kari "Simply Fabulous". Certainly reminds us of the importance of nurturing our friendships, being able to listen, being there for each other, being empathetic and last but not least never losing our sense of humour. ~ KathyThank you for sharing the experiences of your life-long friendships in your first book, The Bridge Club. I'm usually a murder mystery fan so did miss finding a dead boy – hee hee. The Bridge Club was pleasant and friendly, but I did find it a bit like a soap opera, thoroughly enjoyable. But next time I'd like a murder ~ at least one. Thank you again.~ KittyWonderful read of friendship and life. It reminded me that women need to build each other up and not tear each other down. I have recommended this book to friends and other book clubs. ~ Linda

  • Candace Caine
    2019-06-19 03:25

    So many laughs and so many tearsThis book was a true life story, not a novel, for me. I was able to relieve almost all of the Bridge Club SOS stories-even if their early lives were not my own. I plan to buy a hard copy of this book soon can reflect on it more. Thank you for another wonderful, thought provoking read, Patricia Sands.

  • Gina
    2019-06-02 21:33

    Goodreads Description- For more than forty years, the mantra of the eight women in the Bridge Club has been "one for all and all for one." Beginning their monthly soiree in the psychedelic Sixties, unpredicted twists of fate weave through the good times and strong friendship they share as the years pass. The constant from one decade to the next is loyal and nonjudgmental support, even when agreeing to disagree is the final solution. From the exhilarating cultural changes of their early times together through the "zoomer" years, their connection never falters. As they celebrate turning sixty (give or take a year) at a group birthday weekend, each woman recalls a challenging time in her life when the Bridge Club came to the rescue. After tossing around ideas mixed with a generous helping of common sense and a large dose of laughter they decide to refer to that time as their "SOS." Eight chapters document each one's story.Everything is put into perspective and the strength of their friendship is truly tested when one of these women faces a life-altering decision. Her choice profoundly affects all members of the group, pushing the limits of their beliefs and values. The unique alliance they share is confronted with a crisis none of them might have imagined.Just to say a few things about this book. 1) I am wavering between a 3 and 4 stars because of a few factors. 2) I felt that at times there were times when just too much was said about each particular member's SOS moment. Some of them were just the right length and I felt like they were written perfectly but at other times I felt like the same things were repeated over and over again. I felt like the author was just beating a dead horse. 3) I loved how the book was divided up into a chapter for each member of the BC (Bridge Club). That enabled the reader to get to know each member in a more intimate way and allowed the author to develop the main characters fully. I really have to think about what I feel about the ending. Not gonna say anymore than that on that subject. A full review is in progress.

  • C.
    2019-06-22 21:23

    The Bridge Club by Patricia SandsPatricia Sands is a Canadian writer residing in Toronto and The Bridge Club is her first book.The novel is about a group of eight women that maintained a very close circle, united at first by their love to play bridge and who later developed such an intimate knowledge of each other, so much love that went beyond emotional support; that, when necessary, they shared practical life duties and responsibilities to sustain each other during times of need or distress. It starts in the 60's while they are hippies in college, approaching their twenties and extends into the two thousands, when they are more mature as they get close to their sixties. The characters are eight women, but there is also a subtle group "personality" that behaves like a quasi own-entity. Canadian traditions and family lifestyle; sometimes in the city of Toronto, some other times around more rural surroundings, are described in detail as a background to the story. The dialogue is amazingly youngish, entertaining, vivid, real and abundant (these women in particular are really good communicators). There is a chapter for each one of the group, focused on their particular SOS through the over-four-decades of their relationship. As their meetings happen, with a cup of wine in hand, good food on the table, followed by a bridge game, the conversations begin. They are uplifting, full of witty commentary, hilarious, intelligent and sometimes emotional; as each one of them, according to their personalities, express their points of view. The themes range from love, medical, ethical, travel, trivial, music, to the seriousness and sorrow of death; but all equally beautifully expressed. The final chapter reveals unequivocally the most challenging times for the group and will put their friendship and beliefs to the test and will have reader the questioning their own ethical choices.Definitely a book to read by women and men and as the author says, "It was never about the cards" It will entertain you, inspire and motivate you to live and appreciate life!

  • Barbara Conelli
    2019-06-05 03:21

    The Bridge Club is one of the best books I’ve ever read. Written with heartfelt compassion, understanding and feminine energy, it’s a book about real life, real love and real friendship – with all its ups and downs.Once I started reading The Bridge Club, I couldn’t put it down. Thanks to Patricia’s colorful, vivid writing, I felt I was actually among the Bridge Club ladies, experiencing their laughter, their pain, their happiness and their sadness.The Bridge Club shows you the real face of female friendship, and its changes and challenges throughout the years. It’s not another made-up story about pink cocktails and stilettos and perfect worlds. It’s a book about real women, with real emotions, who go through life doing the best they can and supporting each other along the way.I was very deeply touched by The Bridge Club on a very personal level. I remembered my Grandma diagnosed with dementia and the last weeks and days of her life. I remembered my Mum when she told me about my Father’s death and her struggles after she had lost her husband at such a young age. I remembered my family members’ and friends’ battles with cancer. I also remembered those precious moments spent with my dear friends and the joy we shared. I remembered the hugs, the words of support, that special kind of love that only friends can give and receive.The Bridge Club is a magical book: It’s authentic, gentle, nurturing and loving. A book that will help you revive your dreams, rediscover what really matters, and deal with the challenges of life, even if you don’t have your own Bridge Club girls in your life.Last but not least, I would like to mention a very neat detail which complements the stories in a lovely way. If you don’t play bridge yet, this book will definitely encourage you to learn to play it. Every chapter ends with an example that connects the game to the real life and makes you think about how the game of life actually resembles a good game of cards. After all, it’s not about how we play the game; It’s about how much we enjoy it and what’s left behind when the lights above your bridge table get turned off.

  • Angieleigh
    2019-05-31 23:18

    I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my review.The Bridge Club is about eight {nearly} lifelong friends who forge an amazing friendship that withstands the test of time. In addition to playing Bridge once a month - alternating whose home they play at each time - the women share a passion for cooking, drinking, music, dancing, etc. When I first started to read this, I wasn't sure I was going to really like it. There is a lot of vagueness in the very beginning {you learn at the end that this was done on purpose}, then all of the sudden you're transported back in time to an important event that happened in each woman's life where the fellow members of the Bridge Club, in addition to family and friends, was there in that woman's particular time of need...or as they refer to it, their SOS. Each woman's SOS is well written, if sometimes a little too wordy, and will strike a chord in each person who reads it. You either have gone through something similar or know someone who has. The last two chapters are...interesting. In the interest of not spoiling the book, the final chapters are worded so carefully that no matter how much you try to figure out whose SOS you are reading, you will never figure it out. I read in the acknowledgments that she did this purposely because it could happen to any one of those eight women. While it aggravated me that there is no name supplied, I found the final two chapters to be the most empowering of the entire book. At times I struggled to get through, not sure if I wanted to finish it or not, but at the end of the day...I'm glad I did. You walk away wanting to make sure that you're living your life to the fullest and that you have a core group of friends who will stand by you no matter what...even when your life ceases to be your own.

  • Louise Graham
    2019-06-27 19:33

    The Bridge Club by Patricia Sands is a story about eight 60 something Women set over forty years. Brought together with their passion of Bridge and so the Club is established. Fate takes hold of each of the 8 ladies in different ways and their friendship is tested every time. They remain loyal, don’t judge each other and offer the ultimate support when needed.The books starts at the end. You get a taste of what is to come and the ultimate test of friendship is brought to them. Eight chapters are dedicated in turn to each one of the 8 ladies where you are transported to their most important time in their life and they remember the feelings and support they gave each other. Their “one for all and all for one “ mantra uniting them in their individual struggles. Drinks, laughter and tears will help them work through their beliefs and values.I wondered when I got this book if I would be able to connect with a group of ladies with a love of Bridge, not being able to play etc! Like it says on the front of the cover, was never just about the cards. This book is so much more than a group playing bridge. This is a story of hope and sorrow. Friendships tested but always the first place each lady comes when in times of trouble/need or reassurance.Beautifully written, Patricia introduces you to each Character dedicating a chapter to each one but still showing the closeness of the friendships through out. This book will have you laughing with them but also reaching for a tissue and the struggles they all endure. To me the ending was perfect and I totaly understood the direction that Patricia took and why. Loved the Bridge card display at the end of each chapter with a heading so fitting to what you have just read, lovely touch.A thought provoking read for anyone, whatever age, who has close friendships that mean the world to them.

  • Melissa
    2019-06-05 00:32

    The Bridge Club, a novel by Patricia Sands, is a Finalist in the General Fiction category for ForeWord Reviews 2010 Book Of The Year and I can easily see why. The premise of this novel is: Eight women. Four decades of friendship. One unimaginable request. According to the author, the novel is based loosely on the author’s own bridge club, and the story weaves the reader through a maze of life's inevitable scenarios.Any woman who has a lifelong, well connected friendship will love this book. The book introduces you to eight different women and takes you through the points in their life when they most needed the friendship of the bridge club. Each character has their own chapter to explain what they were going through and how they felt at that time. The first and last chapters explain to you why we're revisiting the women of the club.The last chapters threw me for a curve-ball. I couldn't figure out which of the eight women it was talking about, who was going through the problem that had led them where they were to suffer through what could be the hardest thing a friend could suffer through. I think the author did this to show us, the readers, that it can happen to anyone, you won't know who.This book was very well written. It was long enough (at approx 400pgs) for you to connect with and know each character. This is a thought provoking book that anyone who has a deep friendship will adore. Good luck to the author, Patricia Sands! I was not paid for this review. All the opinions expressed here are my own and were in no way swayed. Thank you for taking the time to read! -Melissa

  • Deborah Blanchard
    2019-06-22 00:40

    This book is absolutely amazing! It is so well written and flows effortlessly.It spans 40plus years of friendship between 8 wonderful women who are bonded together through love for he game of bridge and love for each other. Each chapter is about a single member of the bridge club, and deals with a difficult time in their lives in which their friends in the bridge club helped them to get through with love and compassion.The last chapter deals with a difficult time for all, where they choose to help one of the bridge club members, which one they do not say, with an extremely difficult task. I laughed, I cried, especially during the last chapter, then I cried a lot. This book is a true testament to friendship and the sacrifices we make for our friends.My favorite quote in the book was "What you learn as you grow older and life tests you in ways for which you are never prepared, is that showing up matters. The simple, unremarkable, un-heroic act of being there, bearing witness, saying in one one or another: I am with you. There is nothing that carries the seal of friendship quite as firmly as being there in crisis." Each character is so well developed and extraordinary. You will come to know and love each and every character. Patricia has captured the true meaning of friendship in this book, be there for your friends , no matter what. This is truly one of the best books I have had the pleasure of reading in a long time. I highly recommend this to women of all ages, or anyone for that matter.

  • Kate’s Book Spot
    2019-06-08 00:43

    Firstly I’d like to thank Janice from Loveahappyending for sending me this eBook to read and give an honest review. The book began with an intriguing prologue which raised lots of questions in my mind, I love a prologue that makes me want to know more! This is why I was so surprised to find that I struggled to become fully engaged with the main storyline to begin with. However, as I learned more about each character and followed them through their "SOS" memories, I became more involved and was able to connect with them more easily. They were a group of women supporting each other through life's many ups and downs, this in itself was inspiring to read but the writing style gave me such a feeling of warmth and camaraderie (even when there were disagreements) that it made me want to join them.I'm pretty sure that most people will be able to relate to at least one of the issues raised within the storyline, I know that I was nodding my head in familiarity quite a few times whilst reading. The author took me on an emotional rollercoaster right to the very end, which I found to be rather different with certain information being omitted. I personally thought it was an appropriate ending and with an epilogue that brought tears to my eyes, it just felt right to me! A story of life and everything it can throw at you, this was a well-rounded read with something for everyone.

  • Alana Woods
    2019-06-06 20:34

    This is a well-constructed storyline that follows eight friends for 40 years on get-togethers for their monthly bridge club meeting.The prologue plunges you in at the end. Something momentous—but not divulged—has happened at the annual club ski weekend away. The only clue is an approaching hearse, meaning someone has died. Was there a skiing accident? Did someone hit a tree like Sonny Bono, or fall and hit their head as did Miranda Richardson and Michael Schumacher? It’s not until the end that all becomes clear.Chapter 1 jumps back to the beginning of the weekend. The eight are driving through a winter snow storm and the laughter is forced, so you know there are undercurrents. Subsequent chapters focus on each of the members at a time of crisis, when the support of the others has been crucial. Each chapter is finished with a bridge hand that, not being a player, I didn’t understand but nevertheless appreciated the thought behind.As I say, it’s a well-constructed story that draws you in to the characters’ lives and world. The dialogue is natural and the location descriptions atmospheric. The emotional impact of the ending was, for me, not as satisfactory as full disclosure would have been. I’m not going to explain that because it could be construed as a spoiler.All in all a good read.

  • Lisa Deckert
    2019-06-12 02:31

    “The Bridge Club” is the story of eight women in a long-standing bridge club. I liked these women and enjoyed learning the story of each woman and how they supported one another throughout their lives. The point of view of most of the book was distant, that of a narrator who knew the story and related it to us, rather than a participant or even a direct witness. It was probably the best choice for this book. That way we could know the thoughts and motivations of the different women in their discussions instead of only one of them, but the downside was that I felt I didn’t really get to know each woman one-on-one, just her story. There were some exceptions; for example, in Chapter 3, Jane’s experience in Whistler with Sam felt personal and the descriptions were vivid. Some of the dialogue was great, and some felt forced, more like a motto than something a person would say spontaneously, but the sentiment was true, the theme of unwavering friendship was always there. The different women each give an example of some life issue, and the bridge club was always a steadfast source of support for each of them, even carried to extreme in the controversial and emotional ending. A fine book about true friends.

  • Doreen
    2019-06-19 22:18

    What a lovely book about female friendships and the laughter, crises, and hope that help them to grow. The story centers around eight women who share a forty-year history, playing bridge together each month. Their friendships and experiences together extend far beyond their bridge-playing.Each chapter of the book is a crisis experienced by one of the women, and weathered through the group's support and love for each other. The difficulties are mostly to be expected; illness, loss, death, marital discord, etc. Each is described to correctly show the strength and support that is so prevalent in female friendships. These women have their differing quirks, as well as a cohesive view of life that has developed over the years. Some words of wisdom, " aware of the three N's of aging"..."Never pass a restroom. Never ignore an erection. Never trust a fart!"This story does have its share of hilarity, though the topics themselves are serious and sometimes life-shattering. I liked each and every one of the characters. They're women that we have all known at some time in our lives.

  • Carol
    2019-06-04 20:34

    Won an autographed copy by Ms. Sands when I entered a contest recently.The Bridge Club (ISBN 978-1-4502-4135-9) by Patricia Sands 2010ForeWord Magazine's Book of the Year Award Finalist5 star ratingI recommend this book to everyone.Amazing novel - Eight women (The Bridge Club) came together during the 1960's meeting on the first Tuesday of each month at one of their homes. They came together to celebrate their sixtieth birthdays and reminisce forty years of trials and tribulations they each experienced during this time. They were always there for one another (Support of Sisters), over lunches, dinners, wine parties, accompanying one to doctor's appointments, etc, and playing a game of bridge at the end of the day. The one staple that brought them together.Each individual story will have an impact on you, as it did me. Felt like I was right there experiencing their issues with them.This is Ms. Sands first novel and can not wait to read her second The Promise of Provence a Novel due out next month. Thank you Ms. Sands for allowing me to read such a well written novel.

  • Heidi
    2019-06-23 00:26

    The Bridge Club is a book about friendship and companionship. It follows 8 main characters (the members of the Bridge Club) during the varies stages of their lives.This novel looks at each character in turn and deals with a vast majority of topics such as grief, affairs etc. Although I really liked this book, it took me longer to read this novel than it normally takes me to read through my books. For me, The Bridge Club was more like 8 little short stories rather than a whole novel. It’s not that I didn’t like the way this book was constructed, but I found myself taking longer reading breaks after I had finished with one character’s life story before continuing with the next one. I had a really busy summer workwise, so reading small chunks of a book without having to fear of forgetting the plot actually worked brilliantly for me.The ending of the book is very daring I thought. It definitely appeals to the reader’s consciousness. We find out what is happening, but we don’t know which character deals with this awful fate (as no names are mentioned) – definitely an interesting and intriguing way to end the book.

  • Caren ~ the misfit geek
    2019-06-20 00:36

    This is a lovely story. The camaraderie and mutual support of the characters is very authentic. It never felt forced or fake. Each of the women had their unique personalities that stayed consistent throughout.In spite of this, I did not really enjoy this book. I struggled to discover why this was and identified a couple of reasons. They are purely mechanical but they mattered to me. First was the organization of the book. It felt like a group of disjointed stories containing the same set of characters. It just did not flow well for me. The other reason was the length of the chapters. I really have a hard time with chapters that are 30 to 40 pages long. I honestly thought that each of the chapters could have been split into several, more manageable, chapters.My personal experience is unique and does not stop me from recommending this book to others. It has a wonderful message and addresses issues that are relevant.

  • Di
    2019-06-12 00:28

    This Bridge Club friendship worked because the women were all the same age and met faithfully every month and built strong bonds. They also really liked playing cards together. Being in a neighborhood Bookclub with women spanning ages 28 to 65 makes a difference. You don't share the same issues as we are at different stages of life. Many books get unread and it ends up just being a night out to drink wine and eat yummy food. That can be ok at times but really would like to share thoughts and ideas about the books we do read.I am envious of the deep loyalty and friendship these women shared in this story. I would only hope if I had to face what Dani faced I'd have the courage she had and the friends to support me. I liked the way the author dealt with how grief is paralyzing and long suffering. Everyone has to go through it their own way. I could relate to the inner struggle of that character. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend it to other women.

  • Valerie
    2019-06-22 03:35

    I was not given this book in exchange for an honest review. But it's a Patricia Sands book, and there was no way I wasn't going to read and review this book. I mean I've read, and reviewed, all her other books, and loved every book. And this story is no exception. This is a story about a group of women that have the ultimate friendship. It's a friendship that's been rock solid through their youth, and is still there for them during their 60's. It's a story that will be seen, by many women, as a friendship they wish they could experience in their lifetime. To have the friendship these women have experienced is exceptional. It's about friendships I don't believe a group of women sees very often. These kinds of friendships are to be cherished, and taken care of. Like all friendships though, there are good times, as well as tough times. It's during these tough times these women show us, through each woman's experiences, how to cherish one another.

  • Amy Cooper
    2019-06-05 23:27

    I was hooked on The Bridge Club from The Prologue! I liked how the book was divided into chapters per character. It made the story easier to follow. I do not play bridge, and this does not impact the beauty of the story. I too have wonderful friends which I have had grown up with over the last 25 years. I found myself reminiscing over our personal stories, journeys, life tragedies that we have faced and come together over the years. For me, this story proves how powerful friendship is and that friendship is just as strong as family. I was not prepared for the ending (don't worry I won't spoil it) which I appreciated because it gave this story a beautiful twist ~ to make it stand out and be original which is why I fell in love with it more. I enjoy Patricia's writing and look forward to escaping into another of her wonderful stories.