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À qui appartient Mahomet? À tout le monde. Il est le prophète des musulmans, certes, mais pour d'autres il est un personnage historique ou bien une légende. On peut caricaturer Mahomet comme on caricature Jésus, Napoléon ou Zorro. Lorsqu’on caricature Mahomet dans Charlie, on caricature surtout l’idée que s’en font les extrémistes, ou bien on se sert de Mahomet pour l’oppoÀ qui appartient Mahomet? À tout le monde. Il est le prophète des musulmans, certes, mais pour d'autres il est un personnage historique ou bien une légende. On peut caricaturer Mahomet comme on caricature Jésus, Napoléon ou Zorro. Lorsqu’on caricature Mahomet dans Charlie, on caricature surtout l’idée que s’en font les extrémistes, ou bien on se sert de Mahomet pour l’opposer aux musulmans radicaux. Dans tous les cas, c’est la vision des fous de Dieu qui détermine notre façon d’envisager Mahomet. Il faut dire la vérité : on ne connaît pas Mahomet. En Occident, tout le monde peut citer des épisodes de la vie de Jésus, mais qui peut citer un épisode de la vie de Mahomet ? Est-ce normal dans un pays comme la France, où l’islam est présenté comme la deuxième religion? Nous avons mis en images la vie de Mahomet telle que l’ont racontée les chroniqueurs musulmans. Sans aucun humour ajouté. Si la forme apparaîtra à certains blasphématoire, le fond est parfaitement halal…...

Title : La Vie de Mahomet - Les Débuts d'un Prophète
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La Vie de Mahomet - Les Débuts d'un Prophète Reviews

  • Manny
    2019-04-09 00:45

    This is a remarkable book, and it's quite likely the main reason why its illustrator, Charb, was killed on January 7 2015 along with most of the Charlie Hebdo staff. First point to note for any members of Al-Quaeda who happen to be reading this: if the Kouachi brothers hadn't murdered Charb and his colleagues, I wouldn't be posting this review, I wouldn't have read the book, and, indeed, I wouldn't even have heard of it. I presume jihadists are all familiar with the concept of martyrdom. Well, it works both ways. Je suis Charlie.Anyway, enough of that and let's talk about the book itself. It is, indeed, very blasphemous and also very funny. But why is it so blasphemous and so funny? It's easy to give a straightforward answer to these questions: it's very blasphemous, not merely to do a cartoon Life of the Prophet, but to depict him naked, having sex with his numerous women, going to the bathroom, etc; and, if you have a sufficiently warped mind, it's very funny to see how Charb's adroit pencil treats these subjects using his trademark deadpan humor. I completely understand that the preceding sentences will make any believing Muslim's blood boil with fury, but please don't martyr me until we get to the end of the review. You'll only have to wait a couple of minutes.I submit that there is a more interesting reason why La vie de Mahomet is both blasphemous and funny, and that is that the book, at least according to what I've seen so far, presents a fairly standard biography of the Prophet; the text has been written by "Zineb", an Arabic-speaking scholar who's very familiar with Islamic traditions, and contains numerous direct quotes from the surahs and hadiths. I hope one of my Muslim friends will suggest a mainstream book that I can read and compare with this one, so that I can be surer of my facts; but, at least as far as I am aware right now, Charb has done no more than supply the illustrations. I think that Charb is making a worthwhile point here that isn't frivolous at all. The Muslim prohibition against depicting the Prophet doesn't strike me as irrational or wrong, but on the contrary entirely sensible. Religions have a well-known tendency towards idolatry, worshiping humanly created symbols (statues, paintings, cathedrals) rather than the thought behind them; the Catholic Church has historically been one of the most egregious sufferers from this syndrome. Clearly idolatry is wrong, and a simple way to limit its spread is to be brutal about controlling the production of idols. But, unfortunately, people have a deep-rooted love of idols, and if they aren't allowed to worship a statue they'll find the next best thing available. Charb is just pointing out in his satirical way that Muslims, even though they aren't allowed to idolize painted depictions of the Prophet, are idolizing the story of his life; when you add pictures, you can see at once that a lot of it is evidently just another ridiculous human construct. The core message of monotheism, which comes across clearly in this book, is that we should worship the intangible and immaterial One, not earthly symbols that stand for Him. This in particular includes people. People are weak and fallible. They are greedy for food and sex, they are full of petty anger and jealousy, they lie when it suits them and they think they can get away with it, and they should not be confused with God. But, somehow, we want to do it, even though we know it's wrong.That, in my humble opinion, is the contrast which makes Charb's book so funny. Okay, I'm sorry to have kept you waiting. You can shoot me now.

  • Fredrik Strömberg
    2019-04-10 02:55

    Having given numerous interviews to the media on the subject of the killing of the editorial board of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, and having had them on my mind for the most part the past week, I thought that I would read and/or re-read some of the actual comics that everyone is talking about, but most seem to not have read. I bought this book when visiting the Angoulême festival last year, as I immediately realised the significance of it, but must admit to only glancing through it after coming home. Now, I've taken the time to read it more properly, which takes some time for someone like me, who is more or less autodidact in the French language.This is a strange book, on several levels. To start with, considering the conflicts that can arise from drawing caricatures of the prophet Muhammad, it is of course unexpected to say the least to see not only a whole album depicting his life, but also one drawn in the unmistakable style of Charb, former editor of Charlie Hebdo, and one of the artists killed in the attack. Charb had a heavily caricatured style and also used a strange color scheme, with most people in a bright yellow, making them look like distans cousins to the Simpsons. Then there's the story, which seems to be a rather straight recounting of the life of Mohammad, written by "Zineb", who is presented as a sociologist and journalist from Marocko. He has done a thorough job of going to the Arab sources for the facts about Muhammad's life, and the story in this first volume (of two) has 90 footnotes, pointing to where the facts were taken from. In the text on the back cover, Charb states that there are numerous visual accounts for the life of Jesus, but none of Muhammad, making his life less known, something that he and Zineb wanted to change with the help of the power of comics. So, the story is a didactic, sometimes almost boring account of Muhammad's life, but Charb has added his take on this in the drawings, using every trick possible to make it a funny read. The contrast is nothing but weird. I can't help feeling that a satirical magazine such as Charlie Hebdo was maybe not the best suited to undertake the notion of making a straight, historical comics version of the life of Muhammad. But then, if they had not done it, who would have...

  • G.R. Reader
    2019-04-11 03:50

    Five times undisputed World Champion in the controversial Drawing the Prophet Mohammad event, Charb's record may never be bettered. Read this book if you dare.

  • Steve Cooper
    2019-03-22 05:09

    Une formidable représentation de Mahomet, et très bien visualisée (malgré les visages sans menton, mais à chacun ses goûts). En se concentrant sur les détails reconnu de sa vie, sans ajouter ni commentaires ni humour, Charb et Zineb ont créé une œuvre sans reproche - ce qui n’est pas un mince exploit!

  • Serge Boucher
    2019-03-27 21:59

    Un sujet sérieux traité avec humour.

  • Variaciones Enrojo
    2019-04-18 03:04

    Historieta satírica del director de Charlie Hebdo, asesinado hoy junto a varios colegas por unos soretes armados.