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Beautiful Cidra, raised amid a serene, spiritual race, is unprepared for Teague, the rugged adventurer from another race, the Wolves. Side by side on a dangerous quest, they battle both human and alien dangers--and find that their passion holds more danger than they know....

Title : Sweet Starfire
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Sweet Starfire Reviews

  • Kathleen
    2019-04-17 22:43

    Decades ago, Jayne Krentz first introduced me to an engrossing new world of romantic science fiction. She wrote that genre under the now-defunct pseudonym Amanda Glass. This LOST COLONY series started the whole ball rolling for me. Fun stuff. Maybe I'm overrating it slightly, but Krentz wrote this spooky-cool sexy stuff before it became status quo. Futuristic adventurous love story, told in 3rd person, set on distant planets. In this mythos, humans have evolved into two types: Harmonics (intuitive, telepathic, intelligent, peaceful) and Wolves (strong, physical, sexy, canny, earthy -- but human, not shifters).Cidra Rainforest was born to Harmonic parents, and like her family, she is serene and intelligent, but she lacks the special Harmonic telepathic abilities. She leaves home to search for a legendary artifact with the power to hopefully augment her sixth sense. She asks Teague Severance, a Wolf, the captain/owner of a spaceship, to convey her to other worlds for her search. Thieving villains attack. Jungle-jaws attack. Aliens attack. Teague is surprised to learn that the peace-loving Cidra fights a good fight. A few sexy scenes.

  • Jane Stewart
    2019-03-22 02:26

    Nice, pleasant romantic suspense. Ok but nothing really special.STORY BRIEF:In the future humans have evolved into two types. Harmonics are intuitive, telepathic and more intelligent. They do scientific research. They meditate and seek harmony with others. Sex is secondary to them. Wolves are like humans of today. They can be smart. They like sex. (These wolves are not shifters, it’s a label.)Cidra’s parents are Harmonics, but she does not have Harmonic abilities. She wants to search for an artifact that she believes will make her more Harmonic. Teague is a Wolf who has an interplanetary shipping business with one small spaceship. Cidra asks him to take her to other planets for her search. She has no money and wants to be a crew member. He reluctantly agrees to take her on one trip.Some bad guys want to steal Teague’s cargo.REVIEWER’S OPINION:Cidra and Teague are neat characters. They’re both smart, capable, brave, resourceful, and other good things. They are attacked by various bad guys and dangerous jungle creatures. Most of the conflicts are dealing with those. After they fall for each other there is a separation (part of the romance formula) which was reasonable. I wasn’t wowed with the story, but it kept my interest. The sex scenes were nice - mildly done.DATA:Narrative mode: 3rd person. Story length: 330 pages. Swearing language: mild. Sexual language: mild. Number of sex scenes: 4. Setting: a future time on other planets. Copyright: 1986. Genre: sci-fi romantic suspense.

  • Carrie
    2019-04-02 23:40

    Sci-Fi Romance Reading Challenge 2011Sweet Starfire was published in 1986, presumably before Jayne Ann Krentz was writing her sci-fi romance under the name Jayne Castle. I didn't look at the copyright date until after I'd finished, and was surprised to find this was Krentz's first "futuristic" book. In my opinion, it's one of the best I've read by her under any pen name. The book has a solid plot, great action scenes, a slow-building romance, well-developed characters, and detailed world-building. Sweet Starfire is the first book in the Lost Colony trilogy. From what I can gather, the books are not dependent on each other, but take place in the same universe. The other books are Crystal Flame and Shield's Lady. The latter was originally published under pen name Amanda Glass, but has been reissued under Jane Ann Krentz. There was something genuine in the interactions between the main characters, Teague Severence and Cidra Rainforest. Krentz does a great job making the emotions and actions of the leads believable and often moving. Highly recommended.

  • Mara
    2019-04-09 00:49

    One of the most boring book I've read. It has nothing wrong, it simply lacks anything interesting. And all of this nothing in the middle of adventure, aliens, new words. It does take some mad skills to make this level of drooling, boring read. Dry.Not my cup, but I'm sure it is right for many people.

  • Debrac2014
    2019-04-02 00:38

    This is one of Jayne Krentz' early stories. I somehow missed it when it was first published. Good story but I found the beginning slow going until the mid point of the book, when Cidra and Severance travel on the river thru the jungle.

  • An Odd1
    2019-04-19 05:34

    The planet Renaissance is a clever detailed thorough invention, full of dangerous alien monsters and vegetation. Some parts seem unnecessary stretches by the author, such as gigantic toothed lizards that crash land and leave eggs in an ancient safe-hold. Huge mantis insects attack by glowing and somehow terrifying in the process, handily eliminating one villain.Krentz incorporates terms, such as skimmer vehicles that traverse swamps, with easily flowing language and images to simplify and expand her creation. I dislike authors inventing language intended to impress that instead confuses. One unnecessary reference was the mysterious origin of "Borgia". Mostly, Krentz excels and enthralls.The sheltered heroine, Cidra, grew up ruled by politeness and book knowledge, one study that proves of practical use, special moves for attacks. Cidra seeks an artifact rumored able to change her nature from physical to cerebral so she could finally belong in her family and culture. To facilite her search, she signs on with an independent contractor who delivers mail and travels planets. However, the pilot, Severance, is a "Wolf", ruled by his physical nature. He recognizes that Cidra will be happier developing her own "animal" characteristics. Of course, Krentz is a master of sex scenes required for such growth. Overall this was a terrific fun thrilling imaginative voyage. The nature of violence is explored without overly glorifying. This is one of the best Krentz stories. I will look for more in this venue.

  • Meredith
    2019-04-19 04:37

    This is a science fiction story about a for-hire pilot and a woman who is part of a race of beings that only feel "Higher Emotions." I don't know that I could describe it any better than that in one sentence. Unfortunately, it's a bit complicated. I love Krentz, I've said it before, and while not everyone agrees with me, this is a great example of Krentz doing what she does best: creating strong, dangerous, yet caring heroes. The kind of men who don't--or can't-- express themselves well. The world she creates certainly won't rival the best science fiction out there, but she made the effort and it's not terribly bad--not great, but not bad either. But you're really reading it for the hero anyway.

  • Marilyn
    2019-04-12 21:37

    Ultimate Reading Challenge 2016. A romance set in the future.Teague, a wolf, full of passion, a survivor under very adverse conditions, with an excellent reputation. He loves to drink, perhaps a bit too much, and to gamble. Cidra, raised as a Harmonic, but without a Harmonic's ability to communicate telapathically, cultured, well educated, seeking a means to become a full Harmonic. Lots of adventure. I thoroughly enjoyed their story.

  • D. Manuel
    2019-04-16 05:35

    pre-e-book....rated as a Keeper.....wore out 3 copies of paperback.....first Jayne Anne Krentz/Jayne Castle book I read. at time published Romantic Times rated it a 5. as of 1995 Romantic Times had only rated 20 books 5 stars. they had several 4+ stars but only 20 rated 5 stars. personally had trouble putting it down. I enjoy her current Jayne Castle futuristic Harmony novels but Sweet StarFire and Crystal Flame both beat here Harmony books to pieces.

  • Dawn ♥ romance
    2019-04-12 02:40

    Interesting sci-fi romance with lots of adventure and creative beings. Most of the hero and heroine's behavior in the relationship throughout the story seemed mature especially at the end. Cidra was raised in serenity and asks adventurer Severance to take her on a quest to find her missing component for inner peace.

  • Jane (PS)
    2019-04-07 05:47

    Good book. I was expecting it to be set in the world of Shield's Lady, but it is completely different. Not as captivating as some of the other Krentz books, but certainly an enjoyable read.

  • Dakota
    2019-04-22 05:26

    i realized i havent read the harmony series yet so gave this a go. the first part was a little but picked up from the middle. not bad

  • David Johnston
    2019-04-02 05:49

    He's an entrepreneur with some hard edges and familiarity with violence but a strong sense of responsibility for others. She's a somewhat flaky fount of endless compassion and an interest in new agey self-actualization. In short in her first dip into science fiction Jayne Anne Krentz stuck with her default couple although I'm pretty sure her aspiring interstellar transport tycoon started as a borderline Han Solo fanfic concept. That being said whether this book works depends on whether you find the naif of a heroine funny and I've got to say I did. Also I liked her planets although as a romance novelist experimenting with science she made the mistake of stuffing all three habitable planets into the same solar system. Not bloody likely...although obviously Joss Whedon committed worse sins in his science fiction world building. There is however one big flaw I've got to mark it down for. Shouldn't Cidra have actually made even the slightest effort to track down myths and rumours of things that could actually give her the telepathy she yearns for, instead of just wandering off in a random direction in hopes of stumbling across something? I mean really she's just looking to get away from the City Of Annoyingly Perfect Wimps...but she isn't conscious of that motivation and she's supposed to be both sheltered and intelligent, not just sheltered.

  • Jeanne
    2019-04-08 21:30

    Malgré l'explosion des sous-genres en romance, la romance mâtinée de science-fiction reste marginale et peu connue, y compris de moi-même… C'est pourquoi, lorsque j'ai lu quelque part que Sweet Starfire était considérée comme la première véritable romance SF (exceptant, donc, les ouvrages de SF teintés de romantisme), je me suis jetée dessus, curieuse impénitente que je suis. En plus, c'est JAK, quoi ! Une auteure qui a écrit de tout et qui rocke depuis les années 70, il faut quand même le faire.Le plus drôle, finalement, c'est qu'à l'inverse de beaucoup de fans de l'auteure (si j'en crois les commentaires lus ça et là), cette lecture m'a vraiment ravie. Ça date de 1986, mais ça n'a pas pris une ride ! Il faut dire que l'histoire se passe dans un futur indéterminé, dans un autre système, une autre galaxie. Sur cet archipel de planètes vivent deux types d'humains : les Harmonics et les Wolves (loups). Les premiers sont une sorte de race supérieure, gardiens des arts et des sciences, liés ensemble par une communion télépathique, mais autrement très détachés du monde. Les "Loups", au contraire, forment la populace, encline au vice et au crime, capable du meilleur comme du pire.Cidra Rainforest, une Harmonic qui souffre d'un défaut de télépathie, a besoin d'un lift vers une autre planète pour trouver son pouvoir manquant. Teague Severance, un coursier privé, accepte avec réticence de la prendre à bord du Severance Pay. Commence alors une aventure semée d'embûches en compagnie de Fred, qui ressemble à un tapis avec des dents (mon personnage préféré !), à la rencontre d'amis et d'ennemis sur les différentes planètes du système…Le premier chapitre est d'accès difficile. On est plongé immédiatement dans ce monde qui, s'il rappelle certains aspects du nôtre, n'en est pas moins très bien conçu et remarquablement complet. J'ai toujours peur, lorsque je lis des mélanges de romance et d'autre chose, que l'auteure ne soit pas à la hauteur des standards de "l'autre genre"… Ici, quoique la romance prenne clairement plus de place que dans de la pure science-fiction, j'ai plutôt été impressionnée à quel point Krentz osait nous emmener loin dans la SF.Du coup, même si l'on peut toujours espérer que Sweet Starfire fasse découvrir et aimer la science-fiction à des amatrices de romance et vice versa, je pense plutôt qu'il va plaire à des personnes qui, comme moi, apprécient sincèrement autant la romance que la science-fiction. Finalement, croiser des genres a souvent pour effet de réduire le public cible. Je me demande si c'est pour cela qu'il n'est pas un favori des lectrices… Parce que du côté de la romance, on aime ou on n'aime pas, mais moi, j'ai adoré !On a ici droit à un couple du type demoiselle noble/homme rustique. Sauf que la demoiselle, loin d'être une mijaurée précieuse et fragile, possède dès le début un courage et un culot certains, avant de se montrer forte pour deux lorsque Severance est quasi-mortellement blessé… Mais surtout, j'aime les hommes rustiques. Pour une fois, le héros n'est pas plus riche, plus célèbre et mieux placé dans la société que notre héroïne ! De plus, il a beau avoir des pulsions sexuelles très claires (c'est un Wolf, n'oubliez pas !), il se démène pour ne pas les imposer à Cidra, ce qui est d'ailleurs assez drôle…Enfin, un autre trait digne d'être souligné : il n'est pas un tueur de sang-froid, que le méchant l'ait bien mérité ou pas. J'ai lu parfois que la science-fiction, comme l'historique, permettait de se soustraire davantage au politiquement correct… c'est-à-dire de faire mieux passer des héros « macho » ? Eh bien, tant mieux pour moi, ce n'est pas du tout ainsi que j'ai perçu Severance. Malgré son côté lupin, homme de terrain, je l'ai surtout trouvé sensible et réaliste. Or une bonne romance se caractérise par un bon héros, n'est-ce pas ?

  • Murren Harker
    2019-03-30 03:24

    A very good read, still getting used to the futuristic tone of this book but was a very good read. I feel that the ending could have been better developed to explain the aliens presence on the planet. Perhaps an explanation of these so called 'Ghosts'.

  • SmartBitches
    2019-04-14 02:32

    Full review at Smart Bitches, Trashy BooksThis book is simply delightful. There are giant bugs and snakes and river monsters. There is fashion. There’s a dingy spaceship and futuristic gambling. There’s a brooding bad boy who isn’t too bad and a very sweet ingénue who totally kicks ass. There’s a fluffy alien pet with three rows of teeth – like a super snuggly, deadly cat. The cover has pink AND fuchsia. You can’t ask for much more from life than this.This book has a fun pulp science fiction quality to it when Cidra and Severance crash land on a hostile jungle planet. I loved the action and the mystery and the humor, and the scenes of Cidra and Severance hanging out on the spaceship. The pacing is excellent – there are enough action scenes to keep the book moving, and enough quiet scenes to allow for believable character development. Cidra is a more complex and compelling character than Severance, but the two characters play off each other in an incredibly entertaining way.By the end of the book, not only did I want these two crazy kids to wind up together, but I could picture their future lives. Sometimes in romance there’s so much keeping two characters apart that the couple’s resolution seems overly optimistic. In this book, I understood the conflict, but by the end Cidra in particular had become such a tough, shrewd spacefarer, without losing her core values and personality, that I could totally picture her and Severance flying side by side. And while Cidra will keep pants and a shirt handy (she found them very helpful for jungle hiking), I’m sure for the most part she’ll be wearing fantastic clothes of “delicate yellow-gold fabric spun of the finest crystal moss.”You just can’t beat crystal moss for fashion and style, or so I hear from the Harmonics.- Carrie S.

  • Rachael
    2019-03-23 05:26

    I finished this book a week ago and since then, I've been struggling to come up with words about why it didn't exactly gel with me. I think there were two big reasons:1) I was looking for more of a "sexytimes in space" book, and this, while a romance novel, was lighter on the sex and heavier on the emotional part of the romance. Also, what little sex there was happened on a planet, and not in space. Not the fault of the book, just not what I was looking for.2) As a science fiction novel with heavy romantic elements, this was generally a fine book, but it was clearly the first part in a trilogy, and that irritated me. Things were discovered in this book that I wanted closure on, or some kind of further exploration on, and neither of those things happened. The book just ended. Therefore, I felt like the plot was set up, and parts of it were concluded, but parts were left hanging in favor of tying up the romance.With all that said, the worldbuilding in general was all right, and I LOVED Cidra, the heroine. (Considering the book was first published in 1986, she is amazing!) She manages to be both tough and innocent without being irritating. There was a kind of frankness, a hopefulness, and a determination to her that made her easy to identify with and admire. Severance, on the other hand, I had no strong feelings about, except that he felt like a cliche of a gruff loner to me. I feel like Cidra would be happier just jetting around the universe without him. So: it was a good book for the most part, and some part of it were really gripping or creepy, but it wasn't really what I was looking for, and I didn't feel like it delivered on what it promised. I feel like I could just as easily give it three stars as I could four, because I enjoyed it, but I'm going for three because of the unresolved plot pieces at the end of the book.

  • Sheila Melo
    2019-04-15 05:21

    Early Sci-fi Romance from JAKSWEET STARFIRE is a science fiction romance written in the 1980s. It is the story of Cidra Rainforest who was born and raised by Harmonic parents but isn't one herself. Harmonics are telepathic and tend to have the intellectual dispassionate qualities of humans (think Spock). Cidra lacks telepathic abilities and is on a quest to obtain a facsimile of those abilities do that she can take her place amongst her family. She seeks to join the crew of one of the mail haulers (similar to courier services). She approaches Teague Severance with her offer. Severance is a Wolf, who exhibit the earthy, physical human qualities. The two end up traveling together and Cidra and Severance fight of those who are attempting to disrupt the shipment.In SWEET STARFIRE readers can see a precursor to JAK's Harmony books (written under Jayne Castle). This early book does not create as elaborate a world, but does contain the action, the humor and the alien pet similar top her current books. Severance and Cidra are two opposites and this leads to amusing events. They are also passionate and brave. Their romance is engaging and the result of two equal personalities working together. Cidra is strong and doesn't shrink from what must be done. I especially liked how she discovered herself during the course of this book. Severance Is a bad tempered surly loner with a soft spot for Cidra (he reminds me of Han Solo). This book is especially good for fans of the Harmony series of books even though it is not directly connected.

  • KarenF
    2019-04-06 02:39

    So I love most JAK (and all her AKAs) but this one didn't quite click for me. I think if I had read it longer ago I would have enjoyed it more. As it was, I couldn't help but compare to the Jayne Castle Harmony set books, which are some of my favorites. The bones of some of that world building are here but this one dragged for me in places whereas the Harmony set ones mostly don't. Also, while this isn't "old skool" in that Teague isn't too much of a controlling a-hole and all the sex is certainly consensual there were a few too many of the old timey sentiments in there. Again, it's a product of it's time and one that's held up fairly well compared to many others but I wasn't a fan of that era of romance so I'm probably more sensitive to it than others. And while I really liked Cidra, she is a typical Krentz heroine, who knows her own mind and has her own agency. Teague I had a harder time with. He's not a bad guy but there's a bit too many decisions that he makes for her "for her own good." While Cidra still pretty much does what she pleases I feel like there were times where he was a little too eager to dictate what she should do.So if those elements don't bug you and you enjoy science fiction romance this is a good, if early, example of it. I prefer this author's later books but this one was certainly enjoyable, if not a favorite.

  • Linda
    2019-04-01 01:42

    I read all of Amanda Quick, but not all of Jayne Ann Krentz, but decided to pick this one up. It was a bit different than what I expected and it took me a while to get my head wrapped around the other-worldliness of it. Cidra was an interesting character. How she managed to not get overly irritated with Severance is beyond me, but then she was pretty stubborn herself. I guess I couldn't blame him for egging her on about not being Harmonic. Trying to change who you essentially are is probably impossible, but she was determined to do so. Cidra left her home town to seek an artifact that could change her fully Harmonic. Although born to Harmonic parents, she was one of those fortunate or in her case not fortunate, to be more Wolf than Harmonic. She manages to just get herself on board Severance's ship as a crew member, working for passage to Renaissance where they will discover not only danger, but several unbelievable finds. Severance is pretty much a loner. Having lost all of his family, and being betrayed by his one and only partner, taking on passengers is not something he is willing to do, but finds himself helping Cidra anyway. The good news is that she does have her uses, and after saving his life, he finds himself trusting someone again. I've always liked sci-fi so reading this book was fun. Add in some romance and I really enjoyed it.

  • Paraphrodite
    2019-04-20 03:48

    It's always interesting reading older books by a favourite author. This book is set in a world very similar to Harmony. The colonists are divided into Harmonics (telepaths who have gone above physical desires) and are revered by the people as "Saints" and Wolves - those who are not telepathic and are more governed by instincts and passions.The story begins with Cidra, born to Harmonic parents but without telepathic abilities. She ventured out into the world in search of a mail pilot who would take her on her quest to find a legendary artifact that would turn her into a true telepathic Harmonic. Enter Teague Severance, the pilot of mail ship Severance Pay (giggle) who initially refused to take her as either passenger or crew. (Shades of Han Solo and Princess Leia). Severance relented when his ex-partner made a play for Cidra and thus begin their adventurous mail-run across the galaxy that included treacherous ex-partners, discoveries of lost worlds & alien artifacts and dangerous jungles. It also became a journey of self-discovery for Cidra. If you are a fan of JAK and like the Harmony books, this would be quite enjoyable.

  • Maria
    2019-04-19 05:33

    This genre is always a delight. Jayne Ann Krentz creates wonderful worlds and characters with interesting plots while throwing in a little philosophy to get you thinking, like what would happen to the world if everyone lost their aggressive tendencies? Peace, certainly, but JAK makes you realize there could be some downsides as well. This book is possibly my favorite in this genre. I love the way the progression of events moves so smoothly to a turnabout in Cidra's way of thinking. No sooner is one situation resolved than another occurs, which makes it easy to follow along and very realistic in a fantasy science fiction way. Teague, like most of JAK's heroes, is no ladies man. He's rough but sincere, impatient but persevering, harsh but appealingly virile, protective but willing to let Cidra learn.

    2019-04-01 22:38

    Huh. An interesting I found myself wondering about the connection with the author's later series. Guess they all were founded under similar circumstances.So our h was born...a bit different...from her people. Her people are ahhh.... kinda like monks I guess. Telepathic monks at that. She's not, and she's full of all those nasty emotions. She wants to be "normal" The H, out of a sense of responsibility, takes her on as a crew member in a ship that sounds like it's barely larger than a fighter jet.I think maybe my biggest issue might have been the constant puzzling about how this fit into other futuristics by the same author. Eh, it was a minor quibble brought on because the author revisited the idea and stuck some familiar themes in other series.

  • Book Monitor
    2019-04-19 02:42

    I am not a huge sci-fi/romance fan but I actually enjoyed this. Yes it is a bit too formulaic and yes it is a book that quite frankly you know what the outcome is going to be before you open it but nonetheless for it's genre and type it was an enjoyable read with a few twists and turns before it got to the inevitable conclusion. In my mind that's OK and the pacing of the book was fast enough to engage and I was interested enough to want to get to the end of the story. If you are not a fan of romance then this isn't for you but for those that enjoy this genre I would suggest you give it a go. However if you are really not a fan of the "mills and boon/Harlequin" style romance this may not be your cup of tea as it does follow a certain pattern! I leave it to you to decide.

  • Kjirstin
    2019-03-28 03:50

    Such fun! I've enjoyed other similar books that were in my mom's possession from the '70s and '80s -- I'm thrilled to see that some of them are making their way into ebooks! The relationship is pure romance novel, but there's some interesting worldbuilding there as well, and I found myself extremely interested in the mystery of the Ghosts. I'll probably look up the rest of these books to see what can be discovered! Really, my only quibble would be that I'd have been happier with less detail for the sex scenes, but then, that's not appropriate to the genre.All in all, a fun approach to science fiction with a strong, manly hero and a capable but feminine heroine. Refreshing!

  • Raven R. (AvalonReadsBooks)
    2019-03-25 03:28

    I got this thinking it went with the Harmony series... I was wrong. Still, once I got adjusted to everything and got a good feel for the universe I was fine. It took me a while to warm up to both Cisra and Severance, but once they got off their high horses I was fine. The book had a very good plot, a bit of a mystery which I always love and a great adventure amidst it all. I would have liked a bit more specific description a lot of it was a bit too vague. It was a good read though, will definitely read the sequel.

  • Tory
    2019-03-27 04:36

    I did enjoy the relationship between Teague and Cidra. They worked well together. If I was just basing the review on the relationship dynamice between Teague and Cidra, I would have given the book 4 stars. However, the plot was all over the place and I felt left a lot of holes. It was as if the last 1/3 of the book was a completely different story. Once they get pulled to the safehold and the alien/lizards. Also, in the end it didn't really explain what the point of the safehold and alien/lizards were about.

  • Lauren
    2019-03-27 05:35

    OK, I am way too happy with how this book turned out. I really knew nothing about it, except Susan Elizabeth Phillips recommended it on Facebook. The world the author creates, along with the characters and the adventure are wonderful. The story often had me on the edge of my seat. And the romance was well developed and true to the characters. The world and premise really reminded me of Firefly and while it doesn't have all the great characters, I think it has some of the heart and sense of adventure. Highly recommended.

  • Silver James
    2019-03-30 01:39

    I've read this book before and for some reason, when I was between "GOTTA READ RIGHT NOWs", I grabbed this one off the shelf. This book laid the groundwork for her Harmony series, though this book isn't part of the series. LOVE the series, and it's always fun to return to the roots.

  • Amber
    2019-04-16 21:37

    I dug this. The language is definitely dated but in spite of that it still had a badass lady in it. I mean, she wasn't the rack 'em up type, but I think bravery in the face of fear and adversity is pretty damn badass. The story itself? *shrug* but I just really dug the heroine and the hero was okay too I guess.Okay for Aayesha