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Jaston and Malock were once as close as brothers. War and the scars it left behind changed that. It's not until a woman, charged with a crime, arrives on their planet in need of sanctuary, that they're able to set aside their differences. Problem is, she's not quite as willing to submit as they'd like her to be. In fact, she's as spirited as they come. The males of Ralen aJaston and Malock were once as close as brothers. War and the scars it left behind changed that. It's not until a woman, charged with a crime, arrives on their planet in need of sanctuary, that they're able to set aside their differences. Problem is, she's not quite as willing to submit as they'd like her to be. In fact, she's as spirited as they come. The males of Ralen are naturally dominant and the need to reproduce is upon them. If they don't do it soon they risk The Heat overtaking them.Sara isn't one to bend to anyone's whim, let alone two hunky alpha males who want to not only pleasure her but collar her for life as well. She doesn't want to admit she has feelings for both men and worse yet, she wants to submit to them. She wants them to dominate her right into an orgasmic frenzy. Too stubborn to admit as much to them, she finds herself agreeing to live a life of servitude in a House of Pleasure rather than simply stating the truth--she wants them both....

Title : Securing Sara
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ISBN : 17250542
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Securing Sara Reviews

  • Rachel V.
    2019-06-01 05:25

    I really enjoy this series. The story was a fast read and is great to sit down with when you don't have a lot of time or just want a quick adventure or vacation.The plot was good but I think this one could have been just a little longer with a little more detail. I felt like I just didn’t learn as much about the main characters as the first book and I didn’t connect to Sara as well as I did with Teon in the first book. I still enjoyed the story just not quite as much as the first book.Sara is stubborn person but so is Jaston and Malock. They were perfect for this story. This book had a happy ending for all three parties but the ending seemed like it came a little to fast.All in all though, this was a good book. It was a fast read but it introduced you to some more of the men on Ralen. I look forward to continuing with this series to see where it takes me.*I received this free from the author in return for an honest review.*

  • Kelly
    2019-06-01 08:23

    Securing Sara is for people feral men who want the sex....don't mind feisty women who make stupid decisions just to prove they can....enjoy dominance games and guys who don't mind sharing....dig sexy sci-fi and all the crazy that comes with it....get a kick out of Alpha males with a mine, mine, mine mentality.These shapeshifters know how to show a lady a good time. Again and again and again.-Kelly @ Reading the ParanormalSecuring Sara was a free Kindle book I downloaded on 02/22/13 for the Why Buy the Cow? reading challenge.

  • Toni (U.A.C.)
    2019-06-08 05:42

    Sci-Fi setting: (M/F/M) Females abducted and sold to a shifter race for mating purposes.Short freebie. Wording seemed a bit stiff, almost too flowery. Felt like it should be more suited to a high fantasy setting. I would have liked to get more back story of the different characters and worlds. It was not horrible but not great either.

  • Cheryl Mcknight
    2019-06-15 08:35

    This is Jaston, Malock and Sara’s story . Sara has desensitized and briefly meets these two but decides she would rather go to house of pleasure instead of talking or bonding with either of them . If you love PNR with a hint of BDSM grab this book ! This is well written and I recommend to everyone !

  • Anne
    2019-06-03 04:52

    Short story, lots of smoking hot sex with barbarian space faring aliens, great narrator. What's not to love?

  • Cilicia White
    2019-05-31 09:25

    This is the first three book in the Beast Masters series. All of the stories contain BDSM elements so if this type of thing these books are not for you. Read this as a collection so I reviewed it that way.Trading Teon... Teon has been accused of a crime she didn't commit and sent to prison, until instead of prison she is sold to slave traders. Garon and Lorne are from Ralen, a planet that is mostly male that need females to mate with or the go insane from the Heat, are soldiers who help those planets that need them. When a slave ship lands on their vessel the men are happy that they get their chance to find a mate. Both Garon and Lorne see Teon and they both want to collar her, Garon claims first husband status with Teon allowing him to share her with Lorne. Teon is not sure what the men want with her but wants to be with both of them. Can the three of the become a family?Securing Sara...Jaston and Malock are locked in a battle to control the Heating phase so that the will not succumb to their beast. The only person that is keeping their beast in check is Sara. Sara wants them both but refuses to submit to them both. She may be submissive but she still wants to have a say in whether she is claimed or not. She doesn't like how the men talk to her so she decides to go to the House of Pleasure instead. Will Jaston and Malock leave her there or will they be able to claim not only her body but her heart?Rescuing Reya... Reya knows that no one will want her since she has such weak lungs so she is prepared to run. Altan knows she is the one for him but she runs and he needs his brother Utan to help find her. When they do she is near death since the air on the slave ship was bad for her. Altan has to go to the woods to control his beast and while there Utan falls for her also. Utan runs a brothel but never sleeps with the girls who work for him. One woman believes she is the one for Utan and will do what it takes to make sure he belongs to her. Will Utan and Altan be able to save Reya and make her theirs for eternity?

  • Tracie Runge
    2019-06-12 08:49

    Looking for a hot sexy quick read with just the right amount of BDSM thown in then this series is for you.Securing Sara is the second novella the Beast Masters series by Reagan Hawk. Jaston and Malock had once been very close but the constant of battles and all they had seen left a heavy burden of guilt on Malock and the pair had drifted apart. When a vessel arrives on their planet the Ralen Warriors dare to hope there are females on board as their mating heat is upon them and the warriors know what will happen if they do not mate and succumb to their beast.Sara is a convicted woman and has been placed on board a Voxenite vessel to be taken away and traded however her captors pleased. Sara has never been one to submit to anyone so why now she had landed on this strange planet does she not only feel attracted to one of the males standing in front of her but two and why does she feel the desire to submit to both of them and their every need. Sara knows to stay on Ralen she must choose a mate or work to service all Ralen men. Jaston and Malock are both extremely drawn to the fiery red head but who will get to claim her or will she choose to work to service all the Ralen men and reject them both?

  • TheCrazyGranny
    2019-06-22 06:45

    Sara, accused of a crime, is on a ship of slave traders bound for the planet Ralen. The Males here have an inborn need to reproduce and are naturally dominant. If they don’t find a mate, they risk going into The Heat and then lose their humanity and need to be put down. As soon as Sara steps off the ship, she sees them.Jaston and Malock used to be as close as brothers. The war changed that. As soon as they see Sara they both want to collar her for their own. Can these two hardened warriors overcome their problems and learn to share? Can they convince Sara she belongs with them and not a life in The House of Pleasure. Sara is strong willed and refuses to submit to either Jaston or Malock, let alone both of them together. The men decide to let her choose between a life with them, collared as their woman, or a life of servitude to all the males in the house of pleasures. Sara chooses the house of pleasure. So the men need to convince her she is wrong. I really enjoyed the fast pace of the story. The chemistry between them is very hot. If you are looking for a ‘quickie’ this has it all. Alpha shifters, hot sex, light BDSM.

  • Cheri
    2019-06-09 04:31

    Sara was among the prisoners aka slaves facing the men/monsters they'd been told about by the slave traders. She was not going to be collared. She hadn't been able to escape but now they had landed--Another woman from the ship scuttled that idea. Running meant the shackles would detonate and kill her. Looking at the men they couldn't be worse than death? They sure were gorgeous. But she wasn't some servant or pet to be collared. That's what they did to women. There had to be another option.Jaston and Maloc, once friends both settled on Sara--they wouldn't force her, but persuading was okay. And she was worth persuading. First though they have to decide who she would be with--they couldn't agree to share, could they?An unwilling Sara left few options, ones that would be have to be tried. It was more than just wanting to mate--both men needed to mate or face horrible consequences.Read this next feature of the Beast Masters and see if old friends can find a way to save them both and Sara.Good one and a recommend.

  • Janette Lopez
    2019-05-30 06:37

    This was the second book in the series and I must say I loved the first. I want quite sure if this could live up to the first. Thankfully it meet and exceed my expectations. This is the story of strong willed Sara and her determination not to dominated by the Alpha males of the planet she was dropped off at. She is strong and full of life I love that she refuses to give in. I love a strong heroine especially when she keeps the heroes on their toes. This is a great addition to the series and I love this authors writing style.

  • T00zday
    2019-06-03 03:48

    The ONLY reason I read this one after the disappoint of the first in this series is because I bought the bundle with the first three of this series.I thought maybe I wasn't being open minded, or possibly the author might try something different in this one.Nope. 2 stars.Skimmed the last three pages.Not recommended.

  • Shelley Chastagner
    2019-06-17 01:50

    This was a super spicy, fast story. There was a bit more character and plot development than the previous book Trading Teon. I liked Sara's spunk. Malock and Jaston gave a great performance but it was way too brief, there just wasn't enough of the story to really get to know them. Still fun to read. I would recommend buying the box set.Adult read

  • Keoki Ki`Ili
    2019-06-19 09:49

    Two for pleasureForced on a slave ship Sarah has no idea what is in store for her. When she arrives on the planet, she's surrounded by males. Our hero's are pulled towards her, but she isn't giving in easily.

  • Natalie
    2019-06-24 05:38

    Securing SaraSo beastly and powerful. I love to read about the power of mating. I get excited just thinking about reading books from this author.

  • Alicia
    2019-05-28 07:22


  • Amanda Richardson
    2019-06-14 01:42

    This book was really hot, two alpha males and one woman. Writing is great and the story was fun. Smoking hot!

  • Melissa
    2019-05-28 06:45

    Book twoOnly slightly better at least there was a little more story but not much. You can have erotic and have a little more ... I don't know romance maybe..

  • Rebecca Horvat
    2019-06-07 02:51

    WOW. Loved it

  • Laura Wolf
    2019-06-08 06:42

    Short n steamy sci-fi erotica. Good story

  • Julianna
    2019-06-24 03:42

    It was ok, really short though and didn't really connect with some of the characters, but it was still an ok read.

  • Rochelle
    2019-06-05 02:30

    This book was not a bad read but there were elements I could have done without!