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The true flagship X-Men series returns...NOW!In the wake of the Phoenix event, the world has changed and is torn on exactly what Cyclops and his team of outlaw X-Men are - visionary revolutionaries or dangerous terrorists? Whatever the truth, Cyclops, Emma Frost, Magneto, and Magik are out in the world gathering new mutants and redefining the name Uncanny X-Men. But the chThe true flagship X-Men series returns...NOW!In the wake of the Phoenix event, the world has changed and is torn on exactly what Cyclops and his team of outlaw X-Men are - visionary revolutionaries or dangerous terrorists? Whatever the truth, Cyclops, Emma Frost, Magneto, and Magik are out in the world gathering new mutants and redefining the name Uncanny X-Men. But the challenges that they must overcome are fierce: once again, robotic Sentinels hunt the team and the mutants they protect...but when you find out who's doing the hunting, your jaw will drop! And if that's not enough, there's a mole on Cyclops' team - but who is it? Blockbuster creators Brian Michael Bendis and Chris Bachalo revamp the X-Men concept and turn everything you take for granted on its head!Collecting: Uncanny X-Men 1-5...

Title : Uncanny X-Men, Volume 1: Revolution
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ISBN : 9780785168461
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Uncanny X-Men, Volume 1: Revolution Reviews

  • Alejandro
    2019-04-14 21:07

    Join the Revolution!!!I have the single comic book issues, but I am choosing this TPB edition to be able to make a better overall review about the storyarc.Creative TeamWriter: Brian Michael BendisIllustrators: Chris Bachalo (issues #1 to #4), Frazer Irving (issue #5) ATTACK US AT YOUR RISKIf you are a mutant, in this world, you are guilty until proven innocent.If you are different, if you are like us, they will send the police, they will send the Avengers... and they will do everything they can to knock you down and then decide what to do with you.– I see a man, a uniformed man with his hands around the throat of a new mutant just coming into bloom... I see a man with a gun pointed at the head of a child...I am NOT going to have my people treated that way! I’m not going to have it! And shame on you for not seeing that!– There is a real problem on this planet and every new mutant that pops up shines a real spotlight on it. And if you think for a second that I’m going to back down from helping my people...– ...I don’t care what flag you wrap yourself in. My people need help and they need it all over the world.– My fellow mutants... I know you’re out there and I know that you can hear me. No one else is going to do it for us. We have to fight for ourselves.And if you need help, we will be there to help you. And to our human friends. Our supporters. We feel your love. And we will fight for you too. But to those who would deny us our freedom...The fight is coming to you. We just took out the Avengers without lifting a finger, how do you think you’ll do?These are the words of Cyclops, he is the face of the new mutant revolution.During the battle of the Avengers versus The X-Men where the Phoenix Force possessed several members of the X-Men, tragic things happened… Professor Charles Xavier was killed by a possessed Cyclops is the leader of The Uncanny X-Men, and he won’t do the things peacefully anymore!Due the Phoenix Force experience, now the mutant powers of Cyclops, Magneto, Emma Frost and Magik are broken. They didn’t lose them, but they are out of control and in some cases they lost their usual levels. But this power issue won’t stop Cyclops to start his Mutant Revolution!!!The X-Men is a divided force, while Storm is leading her own team of female mutants, Wolverine has a new school to keep Jean Grey and Professor X’s dreams alive, but Cyclops is making his own team, a strike team to defend mutants by any means necessary and even he is opening a school too!One of the new students of Cyclops, is Eva Bell, aka Tempus, a 16 years old girl with the power to control time and space, creating time bubbles able to freeze time. The US government and SHIELD aren’t thrilled about this new mutant revolution and they send a team to arrest Cyclops. That tea mis: The Avengers! The Earth’s Mightiest Heroes! And not a weak team, but its primary response roster: Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain Marvel, Spider-Woman, Black Widow and Hawkeye, all of them......defeated in a split second!A 16 years old girl defeated the Avengers with a graceful movement of her hand!PRICELESS!!!The Avengers are “frozen in time” and not for a few seconds. Oh, no! Even The Uncanny X-Men left the place (by courtesy of teleporting skills of Magik) and the Avengers were left there unable to move a single muscle for several minutes, easily half an hour if not more, and shown in that state through TV to the whole world!People, if the Avengers didn’t get the chance to do anything......what can you do?Cross the Uncanny X-Men at your own risk!KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE...Scott Summers aka Cyclops was betrayed by Emma Frost and Magneto in the fight involving the Phoenix Force. Now, Scott and Emma haven’t a romantic relationship anymore. And certainly the trust in Magneto has been always a struggling matter.However, Scott is a clever leader and he knows that not matter his personal issues, Emma Frost and Magneto are by far, the best possible allies for his new mutant revolution, so, he is calling them for his team.Emma is suffering a lot in the aftermath of her Phoenix Force experience, and now she isn’t able to read minds and even she is projecting some of her thoughts without her control or even knowledge. And while she isn’t having a romantic relationship with Scott anymore, she isn’t taking well any comment about potential love directed to him by any other woman.Magneto was affected too by the Phoenix Force and now he is only having a faint level of his usual levels of magnetic skills. And he realizes that some organization, very likely with government connections is putting Sentinels, a new generation of them, in action again, and Magneto wants to know who is. So, the solution is simple... he will “sell” Cyclops to SHIELD! Nothing like one big happy family!MAGIK CARPET RIDEIllyana Nikolaevna Alexandria Rasputin aka Magik is a key member of Cyclops’ new team.Not only she is able to teleport an entire team with her to any place in the world in a split second (with the only minor issue that they will travel through a demonic dimension during that split second), but also she is a formidable warrior with an impressive absurdly huge sword, so she can be a perfect “point woman” too.But she was affected too by the Phoenix Force, while at first it isn’t so perceivable, a hellish menace is coming...!NEW BLOODAlong with the valuable addition of Eva Bell, aka Tempus (mentioned above), the new school of Cyclops is getting some other new mutants...Christopher Muse, aka Triage, with the power to heal people.Benjamin Deeds, still without codename, with chameleon-like abilities.Fabio Medina, aka Goldball (still pending codename approval by him!), with the power to project gold balls (d’oh!) floating around the place.And even getting some more experienced students (tranfers from Logan’s school and yes, he must’n be glad about it)...Warren Worthington III, aka Angel, is the original younger version of him that due a time travel mess, now he is in the “present” along with the other four original members of the X-Men, but Angel is the only one of accepting the Cyclops’ offer to go to his new school.Celeste, Mindee and Phoebe, aka the Stepford Cuckoos er... Sisters, originally five, now only three, that they are young clones of Emma Frost and they have very powerful psychic powers (and without much morals to restraining them) that they are able to use while they operating as a single hive mind.HAS THIS ARC A FIFTH ISSUE... REALLY?You know, it was weird that after the first four comic book issues, to find a change of the illustrator in the fifth issue, specially knowing now that the first TPB was made of only five issues and not six (like it’s kinda the nowadays’ standard in the industry). If they will change the illustrator (or replace him for a while) why not wait a single more issue? To present this “arc” with only one style of drawing.Anyway, one more or less issue, and you still will have a cliffhanger in the story.--o--Still, only for the formidable first three issues, this title certainly kicks butts!A mutant team with a clear objective… to protect mutantkind (and its allies) from any menace, not matter which or who! And if they have to break laws to accomplish it... well, they will do it!Join the Mutant Revolution!!!

  • Anne
    2019-04-07 19:49

    Pretty darn good start to a this one. I'm missing a big chunk to this puzzle, because I still don't' think I ever read the big showdown where Cyclops killed the Professor. I was hoping that maybe this one was it, but nope.Anyway, Revolution seems to be heavy on the Scott stuff. It mostly revolves around what he has done/is doing, and how that effects everyone around him. The Uncanny mutants have broken off from the X-Men like Logan and Havoc who are still at the Jean Grey School, trying to fit into society. New mutants are popping up all over the place, and Cyclops and Co. are now trying out a new more proactive role of helping them, which seems to be a good thing. Sort of.Magneto is (maybe?) pulling a double (triple?) cross, so there's the question of whether or not he can be trusted.And Emma is still reeling from the loss of her power, and the end of her longtime relationship with Scott.FEELINGS!Another familiar face is Magik (Illyana Rasputin), who helps round out a formidable group.Plus some new guys that I've never heard of. Because they're new...Coolest thing that happens is the face-off with the Avengers!Guess who wins?Go on...guess!Magik's powers go little haywire at the end, and this volume leaves you with a little cliffhanger.Unfortunately for me, I'd already read volume 2, so I knew what was going to happen. If you are blessed enough to read things in order, you'll probably enjoy it even more.Recommended for X-fans!I mean, if you're looking for more X-Men, you can do a lot worse than Bendis.

  • Jeff
    2019-03-21 21:52

    The A vs. X crossover event is over. *fist pump* Finally! But there are repercussions. There are always repercussions in the Marvel Universe. New mutants are starting to pop up all over the place and it’s making the powers that be uneasy. Scott Summers, aka Cyclops, wants to make sure that they’re protected and safe at any cost and this stance seems threatening to the people at SHIELD. To complicate matters, some of the more powerful X-Men seem to have had their abilities downgraded as a result of A vs. X. Magneto could move satellites, now he’d have trouble twisting a paper clip. Plus, Summers (view spoiler)[ killed Professor X(hide spoiler)]. What’s to likeThere’s always going to be in-fighting on this team and Bendis does a great job of amping up the conflict and tension.The humor – There’s several new, young faces on the team and their coming to terms with their powers, surroundings, each other is funny and poignant.The showdown between the Avengers and the X-Men.A bald Magneto (it's a good look) pulls a Severus Snape.A glimpse of the original five X-Men in the present, but their future. I’m sure that will be explained elsewhere.The Stepford Cuckoo Sisters vs. Emma Frost. Meow! Hiss!What’s not to likeNot sold on the Magik/Dormmamu in Limbo storyline.

  • Sesana
    2019-04-06 15:53

    Putting all my cards on the table here: I hated Avengers vs. X-Men. If you had told me a year ago that I would love a book starring Cyclops and that he would be the most interesting character in it, I would have told you that you were lying and read more Batman. And yet here I am, loving Uncanny X-Men, loving the direction that Cyclops has been taken in as a character, and being grateful to a crossover event that I hated for making it all possible. But I still hate Avengers vs. X-Men.In the wake of that event, Cyclops has become the guerrilla leader of the mutant underground, a shockingly charismatic rebel who can make the Avengers look like chumps. Cyclops. Charismatic. I don't even know how to handle the fact that he's become one of my favorite characters. I feel like I should be sending somebody a fruit basket for this. There's plenty going on aside from Cyclops suddenly being (believe it or not) interesting. Magneto, Emma Frost, Magick, they all have their own impossible to predict character arcs going on. The brand-new characters look like they'll be interesting additions to the book. And I feel very much like the events in this book, in particular, are going to lead to a mutant uprising (crossover event, of course) that could be a really good read. I didn't see this coming. I haven't read any X-books in years, had no interest in starting up again, and never would have started off with a book lead by Cyclops. And yet this is really good, and I can't wait for more.

  • Keely
    2019-04-09 16:10

    It occurred to me that if I chose to start reading this title before All-New X-Men (which I had just consumed last September) then I would be even more critical about The Uncanny X-Men. Written both by Brian Michael Bendis, these two series can be read side by side together since a lot of their scenes do tend to overlap, particularly by TUM's fourth issue where a certain key scene appears much more notably in ANXM issues #10-11.I think this had to be my main concern about The Uncanny X-Men. There is so much material that could have been explored here, but Bendis' first five issues for this title were too reliant on his other series which in turn became a disadvantage to The Uncanny X-Men's storytelling framework. If you chose to pick up this title without reading All-New X-Men then pertinent information such as the introduction of the mutant recruits Eva, Christopher and Benjamin, who all appeared first in AXM where the first bouts of their mutation manifested.But this wasn't the only glaring flaw for this series.llustrated by Chris Bachalo, the first volume of TUM entitled Revolution was really not as terrible as I hoped it would be, considering most of the lukewarm reviews I've encountered online last year. Perhaps it's because I was already familiar enough with what was going on since the events in this first volume where loosely tied with whatever was happening with All-New X-Men, which is exactly why someone who has only read this title without the other might find it infuriating, and they have every right to be. While reading, I decided to separate myself from what I know about ANXM so as I re-examined the content over in UXM alone, it occurred to me that there is a lack of cohesive structure for each installment because everything felt either rushed or sluggish. We barely get to know the new mutants Cyclops recruited, and when the title finally tried to establish itself as a standalone piece from ANXM, it delivered a mediocre story concerning Limbo and Magick, and some whatsitsface demon creature which she had to fight...or some shit. It really wasn't that interesting so I was eager to move on.What I considered at least acceptably compelling about this first volume was the fact that we get to see Cyclops, Emma Frost and Magneto at their weakest point yet. These are three of the most formidable mutant warriors and now their powers are all broken, and they have to adjust to their sudden lack of control over them. And that only means one thing for me: Scott Summers--in the aftermath of being possessed by the Phoenix force, finally had his worst nightmare come true: he had no control over his power which makes it very dangerous for him and the people he is close with especially when he is so adamant in training and helping the new recruits. Emma Frost is also suffering identity crisis, no longer the White Queen who can flip through people's minds like they're just pages in a book she had no qualms exploring. Now she's busy playing the blame game for her situation. Meanwhile, the master of magnetism is also struggling because his magnetic hold has weakened somewhat. In the first issue, we saw him conspiring with Director Maria Hill and S.H.I.E.L.D to bring down Cyclops by pretending to work with him but was actually backstabbing him. I was all on-board for this because, accident or not, Scott Summers did murder Charles Xavier, Mags' longtime frenemy and open-secret lover. What I wasn't on-board for was that Mags was actually just screwing around with S.H.I.E.L.D and is truly on Cyclops' side. Um, what? Hold the Satanic Bible, that's the most unbelievable plot point EVER! I CALL BULLSHIT, sir!Marvel, have you forgotten that Charles Xavier was the love of Erik Lehnsherr's life? How could he possibly and easily forgive the man who murdered said best friend, let alone help him in any way he can? Goddammit, if this wasn't a triple-cross in the end where it was revealed that Mags is indeed just faking the faking of his cooperation with S.H.I.E.L.D and is actually planning on destroying Cyclops to avenge Xavier once and for-- then I WILL LOSE IT. I swear to Loki! I don't buy Mags' fealty to Cyclops. He never liked Cyke, let alone be willing to stand with him to fight for the same things. The more I focus on this, the mightier my self-righteous rage gets. For fuck's sake, Bendis, pick up a late eighties or nineties X-Men and see for yourself how potent the love and devotion Xavier and Magneto have for each other, and why it will never make sense for Mags to just turn his back from that. Anyway, what else is there to say about this first volume?Well, aside from that complaint, I don't really have strong feelings of dislike towards this. I was fine with the first five issues. Reading it really did feel an incomplete experience if you haven't read ANXM yet, but other than that, I want to see the continuous fall from grace of Scott Summers, Emma Frost struggling to re-define herself, and Magneto eventually revealing that he was working with S.H.I.E.L.D after all. I'm also looking forward in getting to know the youngsters better especially with Warren in the mix. But I don't have high hopes. I was told by plenty of people that this series wasn't that great which was why I'm going to review this by volume as oppose to individual issues. That is reserved for reviewing X-Men Vol IV by Brian Wood, mind you! I heard that title has all my favorite ladies at!RECOMMENDED: 6/10DO READ MY REVIEWS AT:

  • Mike
    2019-03-30 22:55

    What is going on here in this version of the current X-Men story is...unsettling. I can't quite get a handle on these broken, empty X-Men. Are they just driven by the demons of their recent overreach? Are they fallen, embracing the heartbreaking loss of ethical high ground? Or are they truly decent folks, stuck in a harsh corner of their own past sins, living out the remainder of their days in a zen Buddhist state of presence?So until I started writing this review, I couldn't really figure out if I liked this book or not. It's not the easy-as-falling-off-the-comedy-log witty dialogue that Bendis can bring when he's not even hardly trying. This is more sombre, more affecting in a way because it's a fine tightrope of not knowing which side of the shades of grey these shambling mutants are walking. I usually know immediately if I'm enjoying Bendis or not. Here, it's hard to get a handle on how I'm reacting and what exactly Bendis and Bachalo have pulled off to make me feel this unbalanced.Bachalo makes a notable contribution here too. His wildly unrealistic style is...restrained here? He throws in some very clear and clean images that I wasn't even sure he was capable of (based on the ridiculously fun work I've seen of him on Wolverine & The X-Men and on Spider-man), which makes for an interesting mood shift where he does it. Subtle (when surrounded by others of his free-flowing compositions) and not always noticeable but I spotted myself stopping a few times and wondering why.I don't know how this book will stand up as the storyline progresses, but I'll give it to the team: there's more under the surface than I was expecting here.I can't in good conscience give this a full five stars - I didn't like the fill-in art for #5 and there's no excuse for a flagship book to get any scheduling short shrift - and there's still a gnawing feeling that I'm reading a little more into the execution than might really be there. But damned close.

  • Sam Quixote
    2019-04-15 18:49

    All-New X-Men has a storyline where original X-Men are brought to our present and acclimate to the strange new world as present day X-Men deal with the events of Avengers Vs X-Men; Wolverine and the X-Men has a storyline where Wolverine starts a new school in the style of Xavier’s original and comedic shenanigans ensue. Both of these series are successful in their own way - they have storylines that enable them to drive forward with plot or slow things down and let the characters mingle with one another to great effect. They not only have options but ideas and fresh new takes on classic characters.Uncanny X-men - this series’ storyline sees Cyclops and his group of mutant rebels recruiting new mutants for their own school. On the face of it, it should be a good series like the other two big X-titles but it’s not. For a start, they only recruit one new mutant in the entire book - Fabio Medina aka Goldballs. I’m not going to complain about this character because I think he’s amazing - really. Goldballs: the dude manifests and fires golden volleyballs(I think?). Love it! I’ll bet dollars to donuts Jason Aaron brainstormed that for inclusion in his own series and Marvel gave it to Bendis because it fit in with Uncanny’s storyline more. What else - they fight some Sentinels, which is your basic template for an X-story; the Avengers show up (and I had this creeping sense of deja vu that we were going to see more of that crud known as AVX but thankfully didn’t); Scott and co. briefly visit the Jean Grey school. Besides the Sentinels, they don’t fight anyone - they just meet characters, talk about how Scott killed Xavier, and they walk away. What is this series’ storyline? Scott being the leader of a new mutant revolution. So why don’t we see any of that being developed? Why are these characters wandering around aimlessly when they have a very clear and well-defined purpose? I see the phrase “glacial pace” used in a lot of reviews of this book and it’s completely apt - this book is sooooooo slow! And BORING! It took me no less than six attempts to get through this book, I just kept finding reasons to put it down and do anything other than read it! The rotten carcass of AVX hangs over this book as characters recoil in dismay at Scott - the murderer of Charles Xavier! - and the scene where Scott rebuts accusations of murder becomes so utterly tiresome as it repeats over and over here. Meanwhile the Phoenix Force has left their powers weakened and warped to the point that Scott, Emma and Erik - once among the most powerful mutants in the world - can now barely control what little powers they have left. This might be interesting but what it really amounts to is characters standing around repeating they have no powers and they hate it. So this is Uncanny X-Men: the mutant revolution is Goldballs, Scott denies killing Xavier ad nauseum, and the others stand around wishing they had powers while doing nothing. Revolution? More like stagnation! Maybe this is Bendis channeling Claremont’s ‘80s X-Men series where the comics were packed with dialogue and exposition - but at least in Claremont’s comics things happened! Days of Future Past was two issues! In a single issue of Claremont’s X-Men you had tons of things happening - in this book, collecting five issues, barely anything happens. (And this is an aside but how does Cyclops’ new mask work? It’s an X - I don’t see a visor. Is he wearing special contacts or something?)I hated Chris Bachalo’s art in this. There are so many characters that he’s resorted to having almost the same layout each time to incorporate all of Bendis’ dialogue - large panel, characters standing around, hands on hips, dialogue balloons of Bendis’ nonsense filling the page. If that wasn’t bad enough he’s also the colourist on this book and proves why having separate colourists are a good thing by colouring the entire book in flat, dreary colours that look monochromatic at times - at least the dull art style matches the script! The whole time I was wishing Dave Stewart or Matt Hollingsworth had done the colours and given the book some style and a look. Maybe Bendis is doing too many titles at the moment and Uncanny X-Men is his pit-stop, a place where he can relax, write any old gibberish and pass it off as a viable comic. This series should be far better than it is - Scott should be doing something to justify his ridiculous new status as a revolutionary leader (even among the non-mutants!) but Bendis does nothing to develop this exciting angle. I’m sure die-hard X-Men fans who just enjoy reading Bendis’ often trite dialogue using their favourite characters will love this, but for everyone else looking for a good story, a fresh idea, anything remotely intellectually stimulating, won’t find it here.

  • Terence
    2019-03-30 22:52

    Scott Summers is a wanted man, the government wants to arrest him for the murder of Charles Xavier. Cyclops sees himself as a revolutionary and not a criminal. He and his team are going around saving new mutants who are being treated like criminals for simply getting powers.I realize I may be on my own with this one, but I've always seen Scott Summers as a prick. He's one of those brown nosers who causes some trouble when the teacher isn't looking. We get it Cyclops you got Jean, no need to rub it in the face of the guy with unbreakable bones and a regenerating body. So while others may be disturbed by Cyclops actions, I think for the first time he's totally being himself.I really enjoyed this volume. It was excellent to see there was consequences for the mutants who held the Phoenix Force. I really appreciate seeing Cyclops stop pretending to be a boyscout and instead be the jerk he is because in truth he can still do some good.Uncanny X-Men Revolution was a good start to a new Uncanny X-Men series, I hope the next volumes are just as good if not better.

  • Nicolo Yu
    2019-04-10 18:14

    This is where writer Bendis made Scott Summers, a.k.a. Cyclops, a revolutionary that approaches the legend of a Che or a Fidel. In this first arc of the Uncanny X-Men Marvel NOW! relaunch, Cyclops and his team took on the Avengers and won without lifting a finger. Cyclops further his own reputation and street cred when he out-maneuvered Captain America, a known tactical genius and Iron Man Tony Star, the most media-savvy Avenger. Cyclops managed to win a battle of the hearts and mind of the viewers watching his stand off.I still hate Cyclops though. I really hope he gets what's coming to him soon. I hope someone will wipe the self-satisfied smirk of his murderous face.I don't understand how Marvel packaged this collection. While five issues is a good size for a arc, the fifth issue in this trade is by Frazier Irving whose art doesn't exactly matches well with Chris Bachalo who did the first four. Irving's arc is actually three issues and I think it would have been better to include all three in one trade.

  • James DeSantis
    2019-04-04 19:56

    I didn't like this as much as All New X-Men. I have my reasons, but let's talk about the good. I like seeing Scott internally battle with his choice. I think Scott is usually a boring character so this twist on him makes him exciting to read again. I also enjoyed the Avengers showdown here, it kept interesting. The new X-Men are decent too...kind of. Now the bad. The art. It looks really...weird? Like sometimes great, other times crappy, I just never really enjoyed it all that much. Oh and the last issue feels so meh I can't even begin to describe it. Basically it centers on Magik which isn't bad, but my oh my it felt like total filler. We'll see where it leads but I thought it was crappy. Also one issue here is basically already done in All New X-Men except has some different points of view, still meh to have basically same events. Overall it's not horrible, I'd probably go with a 2-2.5. But it's not nearly as fun as All New X-Men Volume 1-2. So We'll see with volume 2 here.

  • Joseph
    2019-03-23 21:58

    This week's theme for the Shallow Comic Readers is, well, pot luck!Here's a dirty little secret. When I stopped reading comics for a while (like a lot of old timers have done), in particular I stopped keeping up with Marvel Comics. When I started reading again, and asked how Marvel was doing these days, I usually got a lot of good feedback, but one of my friends on Facebook said there was this guy named Bendis, and he was a pretty decent writer, but had a tendency to have the characters just stand around and talk a lot about nothing. I think my friend was referring to the Avengers, but he could have been talking about this first volume of Uncanny X-Men (Marvel NOW!), as well.I think Bendis was/is doing a good job over on All-New X-Men, but here we have Scott Summers, AKA Cyclops, mouthing off about this, that, and the other, and after the first time, I was starting to skim through. Apparently Scott killed Professor Xavier in a previous Avengers Vs X-Men tome, and now he's trying to rectify the situation by turning the mutants against normal homo sapiens. I never really get the reason why he thinks this is a good idea, even though he pontificates on what he's going to do over and over again.Similarly, the conversation Scott and Emma Frost has is redundant, not cute, and makes them both look rather pathetic and weak-minded. It's hard to picture this Scott Summers being anything other than a whiny crybaby bitch, instead of the trusted leader he used to be.I have to question the need for this book. It used to be that competent writers, like Claremont on the original X-Men title, or even Paul Levitz on Legion of Super-Heroes back in the 80s, could juggle multiple plots when dealing with large casts. I don't see the need for an additional X-Men book that repeats a lot of what is happening over in All-New X-Men. Perhaps if the two books didn't overlap as much, it would make sense, but I can now see that I was wise to read this on Marvel Unlimited rather than purchase the book outright. The art is usually good. The new mutants are the only bright spots in this book, although the scene with the Avengers was interesting. Seeing two sanctimonious characters like Captain America and Cyclops battle wits with each other is rather good theater. I'll keep reading, but even with all the talkity-talk-talk, this slim volume of five issues went by quickly.

  • David
    2019-04-08 22:50

    Occurring contemporaneously with All-New X-Men, Volume 2, this recounts events from the "other" X-Men's point of view, the revolutionary team led by Scott Summers/Cyclops and including Magneto, Magick, and Emma Frost.So basically, after the "Phoenix event," the X-Men's powers were all broken, so Magneto & co. have been radically depowered, which is obviously a narrative device so that Magneto can't just roll up all their enemies into a ball and toss them into space like the old Magneto could have done.The team runs around recruiting new mutants who are popping up around the world. Cyclops's message of preparing for the coming crackdown is scaring S.H.I.E.L.D., so they react by behaving pretty much exactly the way Cyclops has been warning they would: the X-Men visit the home of one of their new recruits to reassure her mother that she's okay, and the Avengers drop out of the sky ready to beat up everyone in sight.The fact that the kid in question had always idolized Captain America was a button that could have been pushed harder, since Captain America, of all people, should have been able to see "what's wrong with this picture."The rest of the volume is taken up with what seems to be major subplot #2: Magick's powers are going awry. Back when that happened in the original Claremont run of the X-Men, it meant bad things. (Magick, aka Ilyanna Rasputin, you may remember, has the mutant power of "teleporting" by transporting through Limbo, and she eventually was trapped in Limbo and become some kind of demon queen.)Looks like it means bad things again. So, there is the metaplot of how the U.S. government (which in this series really does seem to equal "the world" - I mean, come on, what are the Avengers doing showing up to arrest people in Australia?) is about to start a race war, and the subplots involving all the individual X-Men: Emma Frost and Scott are pining for each other while insisting they are through; the teenage new mutants are behaving like teenagers; Magneto is, as usual, ambiguous about which side he's on; and Magick is about to drag everyone into hell, literally.This has a freshness that is as appealing as it's meant to be to a new readership that isn't necessarily familiar with 50 years of X-Men continuity, while still appealing to old-timers who are. So I find it much more recommendable to X-Men fans of any age. I'm still not going to buy individual issues, though, but wait for the trade collections to come out.

  • Sonic
    2019-03-28 19:48

    Brian Michael Bendis went to the David Mamet School of Character Dialogue, where you simulate real characters having real conversations just as real people would actually interact, with all their conscious and unconscious motivations compete with realistic personality traits.Add this to his penchant for developing great plots, and you have one of my favorite writers in this genre today!Chris Bachalo went to the Stay-Puft Marshmallow-Man School of Drawing Marshmallows, where they teach young artists how to break everything down into a few remedial marshmallow shapes.The stepford cuckoos all look the same (as they should) but Emma Frost also looks exactly like them and so you can't tell who is supposed to be who and it is annoying as hell! And sometimes it is hard to tell Magik from Emma Frost too, ... Ugggh!So yeah, I broke my vow to NEVER read anything that had Chris Bachalo's "art" in it, and I guess I am still gonna give this 4 stars because the story is much fun!

  • Keith
    2019-03-20 19:57

    I'm giving this book five stars even though I feel super weird about it. Part of the weirdness is realizing how much money I'm about to spend on following both this series and All-New X-Men, but a lot of it is just how totally frigging weird this book is on its own. I was going to log in and try to explain it, and then I saw Mike already did it, and I'm just gonna go with that one because whatever man. X-Men, man. They make me feel all the feelings.

  • Quentin Wallace
    2019-04-17 22:50

    3.5 starsThis was an entertaining volume, but honestly it seemed like not a lot happened. You had a "battle" with the avengers that was anything but, an attack from the sentinels that was very short, and then we end on a cliffhanger. We have a subplot with Magneto that didn't really go anywhere, and we get introduced to some new X-Men that may have potential.The art is good (if you like Chris Bachalo, he can be an acquired taste), and really the story does flow well. It's an enjoyable read, and I'm curious to see what happens in the next volume. X-Men fans should probably check this out.

  • Christina Kneidel
    2019-04-10 23:57

    I just don't care about Cyclops, or Magik, or Emma Frost or Magneto... like AT ALL. Also, if I have to read another speech by Cyclops or his denial over murdering Professor X one more time I will throw up. I probably won't be reading the rest of this volume.

  • Scott (GrilledCheeseSamurai)
    2019-04-16 18:04

    Bleak. That's the best way I can describe this first chapter in this new X-Title.Scott Summers is leading a desperate, crippled team of mutants trying to get back on their feet from the aftermath of AvX. Everyone is pretty much f'd right up and trying to find their place in this now fractured mutant society.I'm hoping that things settle in quickly so we can get on with the story...I can only take so much brooding...and as much as I enjoyed AvX I am ready to leave it behind and get on with things.I really liked the cliff hanger ending though, so I'ma shut up now and jump into the 2nd volume.

  • Anthony
    2019-04-07 18:50

    Not as good as All-New X-men. It has potential, with the new characters and the new takes on old characters, but I just didn't enjoy it as much as All-New. I think some of that lies in the art. I've liked some of Chris Bachalos previous work, but a lot of this seems crowded and messy. Maybe it's because of all the characters he has to fit in some panels. I don't think his art is suited for Bendis style writing.

  • Brandon St Mark
    2019-04-04 17:12

    Sometimes the art was confusing and the last chapter with Magick was a little weird, but this was a pretty good first volume. I definitely need to read whatever happened before this one though, I don't know a lot about the Phoenix Force after the Dark Phoenix Saga, and it's really important in order to understand where this picks up.

  • Arturo
    2019-03-19 20:04

    Once again: Bachalo on Spidey, sure. Bachalo on GenX, why not.But on X-Men, a big disappointing *facepalm* Iv seen a Daredevil issue with horrible art, or maybe its artistic, it was pretty much ugly sketches and it didn't matter, Bendis's writing made it a good read. Bendis coulda brought this up a notch, but it brought nothing new to the table. Same ol' same ol' Sentinel fight, new mutant recruiting, magneto as the cliffhanger (for the billionth time). I was about to give it a pass, for being just and OK read, and only the action sequences being a huge negative, for taking me outta the story.. trying to figure out what's going on. But overall its just a mess. One extra star for Goldballs!

  • Logan
    2019-03-23 00:02

    WARNING: THIS REVIEW CONTAINS CRUDE LANGUAGECyclops is a dick!!!! Oooh glad i got that off my chest! I have never liked cyclops he was always an asshole, and now thanks to Marvel Now! I can officially say hes a asshole! So this volume Cyclops has broken from the school and is starting up his own school and his own X-men. In this volume i actually like Cyclops more as a 'bad guy'(bad guy who thinks hes doing the right thing) he was unintentionally created to be one. Art in this volume was great, a few funny moments! Overall a must read!

  • Emmett Spain
    2019-04-18 18:06

    An interesting kick off that feels a bit like Bendis on autopilot. He has done better, and it shows by times that he is phoning it in here and there. That said the story is interesting and the art is fine without being remarkable -- Bachalo has also done better, with many of the breakdowns being a bit stale. Also, Bendis can't yet write Emma Frost... Her voice is all wrong. This certainly isn't bad - it just isn't especially great, which is something I expect from talent of this caliber.

  • Christal
    2019-04-03 19:08

    3.5 starsWow, Cyclops was actually pretty interesting in this one but I fully admit to picking it up for Magik. I will definitely be sticking around to find out what's going on with her and then we'll see if the rest of the A-plot has more to offer. I also like the new mutant Tempus.

  • Katie
    2019-04-18 22:54

    This wins the "Meh of Steel" award. I read you? I didn't hate you? I'm just having a hard time caring about you.

  • Michael
    2019-04-01 22:51

    "I'm worried that our teachers have more problems than we do" fürchtet Eva Bell aka Tempus ganz zu Recht, als sie gemeinsam mit anderen Jungmutanten von Cyclops gerettet wird.Nie war die Situation der Mutanten im Allgemeinen und die der X-Men im besonderen weniger hoffnungsfroh als nach nach Dark Phoenix und dem Tod von Professor Xavier: Cyclops wird von der Polizei als Mörder gesucht und die öffentliche Meinung ist Mutanten gegenüber äußerst kritisch. Irgendwer kocht sein eigenes Süppchen und hat Sentinels aktiviert und auf die X-Men angesetzt und Cyclops muss sich fragen, wer in seinem verbliebenen Team ein Maulwurf ist.Das ehemalige Team der X-Men ist gespalten und die neuen Gruppierungen stehen sich feindlich gegenüber. Während Wolverine und Kitty Pryde die Jean Grey School for Higher Learning eröffnet haben und dort eine beträchtliche Anzahl nachwachsender Talente um sich scharen konnten, rekrutiert Cyclops junge Mutanten in seiner New Xavier School for the Gifted. Untergebracht werden seine Schüler aber nicht mehr in einem viktorianischen Prachtbau wie einst unter Professor X, sondern in einer unterirdischen Anlage, und sowohl die Situation als auch das Umfeld wirken düster und bedrückend.Brian Michael Bendis hat im X-Men Universum die Kerze von beiden Seiten angezündet und fast zeitgleich zu den 2012 von ihm geschriebenen All-New X-Men die Uncanny X-Men als neue Marvel Now!-Serie gestartet. Während bei den All-New X-Men der Focus auf der Gruppe der Mutanten der Jean Grey School und dem aus der Vergangenheit in die Gegenwart transportierten klassischen ersten X-Team liegt, erzählt Uncanny X-Men die Story mit dem Fokus auf Cyclops weiter. Aber es gibt Berührungspunkte zwischen den beiden Reihen, zum Beispiel die Szene, als Cyclops an der Jean Grey School auftaucht, um dort Mutanten abzuwerben. Bendis erzählt dieses unerhörte Vorkommnis sowohl bei den All-New X-Men als auch bei den Uncanny X-Men, aber die Perspektive ist gegensätzlich.Düster und konfliktgeladen überzeugt mich auch Bendis Uncanny X-Men Reihe sehr, und ihm und Marvel ist ein kluger Schachzug gelungen mit den parallel erscheinenden Reihen, denn daraus ergibt sich viel erzählerisches Potential.Die Artwork der Uncanny X-Men stammt aus den Federn von Chris Bachalo und Frazer Irving. Bachalos Zeichnungen machen den Hauptteil aus und sind an die Mangas angelehnt. Viele Panels sind sehr ausdrucksstark und cool, in Vergrößerung würden sie auch als Poster "hängenswürdig" sein. Andererseits wirken andere Zeichnungen wieder hingepfuscht und extrem detailarm. Stärken und Schwächen kann man auf dieser Double Page Spread bewundern:Zum Abschluß noch ein Cover von Bachalo, das mir supergut gefällt (und das, obwohl ich kein Manga-Fan bin):

  • William Thomas
    2019-03-22 18:54

    I was talking about all of the new developments in the last few months in both the Marvel U and DCU with my comic shop owner- over at Challengers Comics on Western Ave in Chicago if you live in the area, it's a phenomenal and friendly shop- and he gave me a bit of a new perspective on this book. I wasn't going to review it. Didn't want to. I haven't liked a damn thing Marvel has done with my beloved X-Men in a long, long while (aside from the outrageously fun 'Wolverine and the X-Men book Jason Aaron is writing, and the brand new Brian Wood x-ladies book). Everything Brubaker an Gillen did was just pretty terrible overall and even Morrison couldn't write an X-book, he just wrote Morrison books. So I didn't know what to really make of this attempt by BMB after all the convoluted bullshit of AVX and the last 7 or so years. But it was up into perspective for me. The heavy dialogue, the bountiful exposition- its exactly what Claremont's run on X-Men was. And he's exactly right. BMB's X-Men is a mimic of Claremont's style. I like it for that, but not much else. See, once he told me that, I basically realized that that's really all Bendis does when it comes to capes. His entire Avengers run basically relived the 80's Avengers- bringing back esoteric heroes and using all the greatest villains, including Morgana le Fey, Baron Mordo, The Hand, Skrulls, etc. no new ground to be broken. And I guess that's why I both loved and hated it. Much the same way I both love and hate his X-Men. Once again, however, nothing happens. Just like in his Daredevil books, there is quite literally nothing going on. Glacial pacing with the front of some kind of action, but at the end of the day none of it has an impact and I'd dare anyone to recall a single scene from this volume 6 months after they've finished with it. Don't get me started on the fact that basically Cyclops' X-Men and recruits are Nazi SS and Hitler Youth. Whereas the X-books always strove for harmony and acceptance, this hard line is more off putting than I think anyone at Marvel realizes right now. The attitude is more like 90's X-Force. A team that seems more villainous and morally ambiguous than heroic. I don't like it one bit. Bachallo's artwork seems to constantly regress and become more infantile the older he gets. His work on Shade was brilliant. His highly stylized Generation X work was marvelous, but now it feels lazy and trite and offhand. It doesn't feel fleshed out, it feels unfinished. Writing: C+Art: C+

  • Aaron
    2019-03-28 22:59

    An incredibly slow, labored start to a series with a lot of potential. Bendis is inheriting an X-Men team that stands in direct opposition to the powers that be, though with slightly more moral legroom than, say, Magneto and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. It's a very interesting setup: Cyclops is the leader of a renegade faction of X-Men who now view humanity as being an obstacle to all mutants (I know, I know, been there, done that, got the spandex). However, instead of taking the fight to humanity and trying to wipe them out, old-school Magneto style, Scott and the gang instead turn their rather militant efforts to protecting and converting new mutants to their specific ideology. It could be a cool dichotomy between Cyclops and the X-Men at the Jean Grey School, kind of a passive-resistance-versus-militant-activism allegory.But, this volume is pretty stagnant. There's a TON of exposition, often repeated many times over, and a lot of people standing around and talking to each other about things that don't seem to matter to the plot or characters. The new characters aren't given much development, so there's no much to care about, and the old characters are treated with a sort of "you already know who these people are so I'm not going to bother showing you" sensibility. It feels very much like a stall while Bendis focuses his efforts on his far superior takes on the series All-New X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy. At best, this seems like supplemental material to All-New X-Men, and so far doesn't feel like a "must read."As I mentioned, though, there's a virtual powderkeg of intrigue that could be building up in this series on a philosophical level, and I'm still interested to see where Bendis takes this. I just hope it really picks up steam in the next volume, or I might have to get off this train.

  • Michael Church
    2019-04-02 21:17

    What it comes down to for this book is whether or not you like these characters. I'm a huge fan of Cyclops and Emma and the others, so this was a home run for me. It's extremely character-driven, but has a bit of a slower plot. Of course, it's still setting up this new team and the new status quo for the "Uncanny" team. There's still plenty of good action to be found. Each issue has at least one moment that's heightened from the others. Especially in issue #5, while it is set apart from the other issues a bit, it's got a lot of action and really sets up the next arc nicely. Being X-Men, there are plenty of other titles out there. This works best in conjunction with some of the other titles. In particular Wolverine & the X-Men and All-New X-Men. I'm extremely invested in how these three titles play into each other because I'm already invested in them independently. Like peanut butter and chocolate, they go better together. Lastly, the art. It's so wonderful. Bachalo really can't go wrong. His style and details make this book stunning and stand out from everything else that isn't his work. I love the new character designs and I love the new characters. The sets, everything just looks phenomenal when he's drawing it. Unfortunately, the fifth issue was done by Frazer Irving. It's not that he's bad, it's just a very jarring change from what it was with Bachalo. It's not my favorite style, and it's a bit muddier than I like, but it still works. I just hope Bachalo isn't taken out if the mix too often. This has been the flagship X-Men title for some time and it continues to deliver a lot of the core aspects of what's happening with the mutant community. I loved the AvX event and am thrilled to be seeing the fallout take shape.

  • Jeff
    2019-04-16 23:07

    This is one of those times when I wish I could give out half stars, because I truly feel like it was a solid 3.5.Brian Michael Bendis, who has been reshaping the Marvel Universe for some time now between the Ultimate comics and the Avengers books turns to taking on the task of revamping the flagship title of the X-Men franchise. After both the events of Avengers vs. X-Men and the immediate events afterwards, Scott Summers, the mutant known as Cyclops, is now a revolutionary leader. He is trying to cultivate a new attitude towards the world's mutants by starting another school to train them. Named after his late mentor Charles Xavier and working with Magik, Magneto, and his former lover Emma Frost(with some contention- see the events of A. vs. X. for details on all of this).Scott is taking a much more serious and extreme viewpoint for helping the mutants who powers have now been developing. This not only brings him into conflict with SHIELD and the Avengers, but also with the other group of mutant students and heroes being led by Wolverine at the Jean Grey School. Tension all around and very character driven, which in my opinion has always been when the X-Men books were at their best. This bind up collects the first five issues and we are left with a bit of a cliffhanger as Magik's been facing some issues regarding her power and someone else challenging her rule of Limbo. I am glad that the library had both volumes one and two so I can see what happens next.Comic fans and fans of the X-Men may enjoy so I suggest you give it try, especially if your library has a copy!

  • Andrew
    2019-03-22 17:52

    The idea of a series centered on a militant, outlaw band of mutants is really interesting, and it opens up space to address topical political issues (it's brief, but the couple panels referencing police brutality are pretty poignant). But I just don't buy mopey Cyclops as a charismatic revolutionary, and right now his "revolution" mostly entails punking The Avengers, giving a canned speech, then teleporting away before he actually has to do something revolutionary. Cyclops is clearly the least capable member of his whole team. Magick and Magneto even point this out in-text, but they still let him lead the team, for reasons related to brand recognition and narrative convenience. I also don't understand why his band of outlaws is actively recruiting teenagers and making them live in an underground bunker in the Canadian Rockies. If the teenage mutants aren't safe at home, why not send them to the Jean Grey School where they will be protected and can actually get an education in something other than running from S.H.E.I.L.D.? It's not like Storm and Wolverine wouldn't take in troubled mutants just because of their personal beef with Cyclops. Their whole job is taking in troubled mutants! The only reason why the kids are in this series at all is because of Bendis' love of teenage melodrama. These logical inconsistencies, along with the general aimlessness of the plotting, make this feel like a missed opportunity. A note on the art: I hate hate hate everybody's costume in this. Magick and Emma Frost look identical to each other, and Cyclops looks like Daredevil with a big X on his face.