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Each truck and big machine in these enticing rhyming poems is different — and little readers are invited to find a vehicle that’s like them.Sixteen boisterous, rhyming poems — each one highlighting the job and personality of a different vehicle, from a backhoe to an ambulance to a snowplow — invite young children to meet their favorite trucks face-to-face. Cheerful illustrEach truck and big machine in these enticing rhyming poems is different — and little readers are invited to find a vehicle that’s like them.Sixteen boisterous, rhyming poems — each one highlighting the job and personality of a different vehicle, from a backhoe to an ambulance to a snowplow — invite young children to meet their favorite trucks face-to-face. Cheerful illustrations show each one in action, digging (or dozing, or dumping) away. Engaging visual details like an anxious turtle crossing the street just ahead of a steamroller are sure to keep preschoolers poring over the pages as they consider the question, "Trucks as far as eyes can see. . . . Which truck would you like to be?"...

Title : Digger, Dozer, Dumper
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ISBN : 9780763650780
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Digger, Dozer, Dumper Reviews

  • Deania
    2019-06-15 06:15

    The book is good for any little kid wanting to know about construction vehicles. I think kindergarten and first grade kids would enjoy this book. It would be a good book to read to the class and ask questions about what they remember. The book gives great explanations of what vehicles do and what areas they service.

  • Tracey
    2019-06-03 09:12

    Instead of asking “Which truck do you like best?” Digger, Dozer, Dumper by Hope Vestergaard changes that question to “Which truck would you like to be?” The author uses the pronouns “he” and “she” instead of “it”, and the illustrator adds a subtle face to each of the trucks. The poems treat each vehicle like a living creature with specific personalities and preferences and passions. The garbage truck “adores” the sights and smells and sounds of his work. The ambulance “ferries folks to hospitals / with tender loving care.” The dump truck precisely drops its load where it belongs, and the excavator is a smooth operator. This is a great choice for boys who might think that poetry is too sissy. (from my blog at

  • Susan
    2019-06-06 07:12

    This collection of poems about different types of trucks and construction equipment will be a sure fire HIT with the toddler, preschool, and kindergarten crowd! The text is engaging and begs to be read aloud over and over. The illustrations are an added bonus. This will be fun one for library story times! And my 2 year old nephew gives it TWO high fives and super loud VAROOM! VAROOM!I support independent bookstores. You can use this link to find one near you or order DIGGER, DOZER, DUMPER on IndieBound:

  • LaQueena Ward
    2019-06-20 03:18

    This poetry book describes different types of trucks. This books states that it is for lower grades, kindergarten through third grade, but I believe that it is a great book for actually Pre-K and maybe Kindergarten, but nothing really higher than that. This book is great for students to learn about what the different trucks do.

  • Sheila
    2019-06-06 08:31

    Rhymes of what each truck does. Lots of fun! Great illustrations.

  • Ashley Verity
    2019-06-01 09:30

    They liked the pictures but the poems were too long winded to keep their attention.

  • Miss Sarah
    2019-06-25 01:13

    A nice preschool and up or one on one book about all kinds of construction and emergency vehicles and what they do. length is preschool.

  • Catherine
    2019-06-21 01:04

    Even I get excited when I read this to my little one! The short poems about various kinds of trucks are so cleverly written, accompanied by beautiful illustrations. Definitely a must-read for any vehicle-lover out there!

  • Richie Partington
    2019-05-28 04:13

    Richie's Picks: DIGGER, DOZER, DUMPER by Hope Vestergaard and David Slonim, ill., Candlewick, August 2013, 32p., ISBN: 978-0-7636-5078-0"I'm a steamroller, babyI'm bound to roll all over you"-- James Taylor, "Steamroller Blues""DUMP TRUCKThe dump truck doesn't dump his dirtjust anywhere -- he's precise.He slowly lifts his giant bedand checks his target twice.CRASH! BANG! CLANGETY CLANG!The gravel starts to spill --a might swoosh, and just like that,he pours a little hill."Sixteen friendly and hard-working anthropomorphic heavy machines being driven by a trio of kids, accompanied by a dog in a hard hat, illustrate these really great poems about the work of these specialized wheeled or tracked machines. I really like that it is the kids who are operating these huge, expressive machines and that, in the end -- Surprise! -- we get the reality which is that these kids are actually on their knees playing with toy versions of the same machines and imagining themselves in the real versions."Trucks that sweep and dig and shift.Trucks that dump and tow and lift.Hauling garbage, moving goods,building houses, clearing woods.Trucks as far as eyes can see..."Which truck would you like to be?"DIGGER, DOZER, DUMPER sparked my fond memory of Rowena Bastin Bennett's "The Power Shovel (The power digger/Is much bigger/Than the biggest beast I know...), which I have archived in my poetry box and which I mined in the eighties from the Lee Bennett Hopkins anthology CLICK, RUMBLE, ROAR: POEMS ABOUT MACHINES, which would pair nicely with DIGGER, DOZER, DUMPER.Richie Partington, MLISRichie's Picks http://richiespicks.comBudNotBuddy@aol.com

  • Karen
    2019-06-13 01:01

    Digger Dozer Dumper is a book of poetry. It is a brand new book just published in 2013. Although it has not won any awards as of yet, I feel it certainly has the potential of winning. This book is intended for nursery years, primary years and could possibly stretch into the early intermediate years as well.Digger Dozer Dumper contains individual poems describing different trucks, tractors, and machines and their uses.I rated this book five stars. The colorful illustrations had added animation by making the equipment look like faces, similar to the hit movie "Cars" captivating the reader's attention. The descriptions given for each piece of machinery are simple and the use of rhyming words gives young readers a clue as to what the next line may be. The author was very creative in use of language by not making the machines 100% masculine. Some of the machines are referred to as "she" and illustrations contain female operators. Although the problem of gender specific occupations and gender discrimination are not as prevalent as in the past, this book could prove to be useful in continuing to break the stereotypes of male jobs and female jobs.

  • Jennifer Heise
    2019-06-21 06:11

    My preschool truck fan loved this so much we'll probably have to buy a copy. It covers a wide variety of trucks-- streetsweeper, garbage truck, dumptruck, backhoe, skid-steer loader, excavator, bulldozer, cement mixer, fire truck, ambulance, cherry picker, tow truck, steamroller, forklift, semi, snowplow... all the standard truck-fan favorites. The adorable, softly rounded illustrations show slightly anthropomorphized truck equipment-- with eyes-- paired with child-shaped construction workers. Children are invited to figure out which truck they'd most like to be. The rhymes and rhythms are good; the book is longer than most so be warned if you want a short storytime! Both good behavior/getting along and gender-neutrality are modelled-- some trucks have no gender pronoun, while some are female, some male. (Female pronouns are used with: forklift, steamroller, tow truck, ambulance, excavator, skid steer loader and there's a good mix of male and female construction kids.)Overall, a book both parents and kids can like.

  • Meribeth
    2019-06-21 03:19

    Young readers are introduced to a variety of working vehicles in this picture book of rhyming poems. From early morning street sweeper and garbage truck, to backhoe, bulldozer, and cement mixer, the poems are rhythmic and easy to read out loud. Fire truck, ambulance and tow truck are ready to rescue: “Bent your fender? Lost your way?/Tow truck’s here to save the day." Children, with a refreshing mix of skin color and gender, drive the 16 working machines: among these are steamroller, forklift and snowplow.The cheerful acrylic and charcoal paintings highlight the action in the companion poems. Additionally, expressive headlight eyes on each featured vehicle continually keep the reader’s attention. The final illustration flips the relationship of child to machine: showing the children playing with their toy-sized vehicles. As a collection of poems, this book is creative, well constructed and absorbing.

  • Geneva Roberts
    2019-05-31 01:05

    As a mom of three boys who are obsessed with all kinds of trucks and construction equipment, this book has been a favorite in our home library. The book has multiple poems about various types of vehicles from street sweepers, garbage trucks, dump trucks, firetrucks and cement mixers. Each poem is paired with color illustrations showing how they work captivating my sons attention.I would recommend this book for young children in the classroom or at home. It is a wonderful book to just simply entertain them as well as teach them about what vehicles do. Tow Truck Out of gas? In a ditch? Crashed and don't know which end's which? Bent your fender? Lost your way? Tow trucks here to save the day. She's got wrenches, she's got tires,jumper cables, extra wires, a winding winch to tug and tow and lots of you go!

  • Amy Rachuba
    2019-06-27 01:16

    Ever stand and watch construction vehicles? If you know someone who can't simply walk by a working excavator, this is one for them. A book of poems, with each machine getting its own dedicated page to the specialties of each. Fun to read with a variety of different styles, although not my favorite construction picture book. Found a list with some of the best construction books I have run across, although it is missing one of my favorites, Alphabeep!: A Zipping, Zooming ABC.

  • Elizabeth Burr
    2019-06-26 08:10

    This book is so great! Digger, Dozer, Dumper has 16 differnt peoms in it; Having a different poem for each truck. Its like each truck is its own little personalitly. it would be a neat way to get the children to write about themselves and what they do everyday. The book ends with the questions "whaat truck would you like to be?" This is a great way to get children thinking. CHERRY PICKERThe cherry picker's lanky armunfolds into the air,reaching high among the treesto find what's lurking there:a traffic light,a broken branch,a kite that lost its way,a waving wire,a pointy spire,a lonesome little stray.The picker pauses in the sky,plucks its target,then...gently, slowly, gracefullysets it down again.

  • Emily
    2019-06-08 03:06

    Digger, Dozer, DumperThis book talked about and described various trucks including the street sweeper, garbage truck, dump truck, backhoe, skid-steer loader, excavator, bulldozer, cement mixer, fire truck, ambulance, cherry picker, tow truck, steamroller, forklift, semi, and snowplow. I can pair this book with Truck Stuck by Sallie Wolf. In this book, a truck gets stuck under a viaduct and holds up many vehicles behind it. Some of the vehicles mentioned in the traffic jam include the excavator, street sweeper, and tow truck. It would be very easy to make connections between the two books. I could read Truck Stuck and then read Digger, Dozer, Dumper since this book provides explanations of what certain trucks do.

  • jeanmarie
    2019-06-26 04:14

    This is a fun book with rhymes about each of many different pieces of construction equipment. The rhymes are generally quite fun (although a little awkward at times to read aloud) but the reason I like this book so much is because there are GIRLS (!!) in the book! We own a number of construction books and nearly all the workers and trucks in those books are described as 'he'. It was nice to have a variety of characters and variety of vehicles in the book. I think it would make a nice gift although I have to admit that there are other truck books out there I prefer to read aloud over this one.

  • Danielle Baker
    2019-06-12 02:27

    Oh what an adorable book. This book is perfect for all those boys in the classroom who choose blocks everyday for their center. It has rhyming words and wonderful illusrtations. The book ends with the question "Which truck would YOU be?" and this is very engaging for young children. STEAMROLLERAfter the asphalt's dumped and spreadin sticky, long black lines,the road must cure. You can be sureSteamroller's close behind.She's broad and big, a massive rig-molasses slow, but steady.And after she has barreled through,the road is smooth and ready.

  • Diane
    2019-06-07 09:19

    Poems about the different types of big machines of which children are fascinated. I love the question at the end "Which truck would you like to be?" I'm going to ask kids to answer that question and support their answer with evidence from the text (I want to be a backhoe because he can do more than one job.) It might also be worth asking "Which truck do you think you are most like?" Could make for some fun dicussions.

  • Jess
    2019-06-26 04:22

    June 2016 - technically poetry, but it can be read like a picture book for the vehicle enthusiast. Enjoyable to read, Ben loved all the trucks and things, and I appreciated that (thank goodness) not all the vehicles are written as male - my pet peeve with stories like Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site.

  • AbsentLibrarian
    2019-06-15 06:29

    Lots of fun! Each page features a different vehicle and through rhyme, describes it and it's function. The usual construction vehicles are there from bulldozer to excavators. The the community vehicles such as firetrucks. But they add in some lesser known vehicles such as cherry pickers. Great for anyone who like vehicles. Also good for exploring the community and they vehicles/jobs in it. Introduces concepts like precision and cooperation.

  • Heidi-Marie
    2019-06-21 02:16

    For the truck lovers, I really like this. It explains quite well and succinctly what many trucks do. There are some bigger words, but they can be figured out from context and it's a great teaching opportunity (if it's a lap-read). I loved seeing the little kids and dog inside the vehicles, which made the very end all that more fun. Poetry flows pretty well, too. I wasn't too pleased with the Beehive poetry nominees (length of book, etc.), so I have a feeling this will be one of my favorites.

  • :Donna Marie
    2019-06-01 02:30

    DIGGER DOZER DUMPERThough boys are typically drawn to books about trucks, construction machinery and vehicles, I think girls will enjoy this book, too.Well-written in rhyme, a very wide variety of trucks and their functions are described in a very clear and entertaining fashion. I actually learned a lot while reading it!

  • Taylor Brady
    2019-06-25 07:26

    This is a cute book about the importance and role of several different vehicles. The explanations of each vehicle are rhythmic and take on a human personality. The book focuses mostly on trucks and construction equipment; as a teacher one could discuss the community importance and human jobs of each of these vehicles.

  • Samantha
    2019-06-17 06:22

    Rhyming poems about safety vehicles and construction machines. I really liked that the street sweeper and the cherry picker were included; those are two machines that I think fascinate kids and don't always get a spotlight like bulldozers and steamrollers.Acrylic and charcoal illustrations. PreK-2.

  • Christine
    2019-06-25 01:17

    A fun book for my truck-loving toddler. It's on the long side for a picture book, so he's always wanting to turn the pages before I'm done reading. But he loves the pictures, and I'm probably better off reading this to him a page or two at a time and just letting him show me "truck!" on page after page.

  • Jocelin
    2019-06-03 02:16

    This was a cute book that took you through the lives of the heavy equipment that make building possible. I love the rhyming theme of the book. Each of the construction vehicle had its own description which was really cool. The illustrations were done well and had a artistic sketch feel to them. Good book for story time.

  • Bethe
    2019-06-21 07:23

    Fun, fun, fun poems about trucks, all rhyme and flow smoothly. Just as fun are the illustrations, with diverse male and female drivers, and a puppy on each page! Love how the female trucks have long eyelashes. Surprise ending finishes up the truck fun.

  • Karimah Grayson
    2019-05-28 01:26

    What a great book for little children, heck even for adults. As I read this book to my grandson, I learned about so many types of trucks that I've seen but didn't know their names. Purchase the book for boys and girls alike.

  • Laura Salas
    2019-05-30 07:16

    Fabulous verse collection of poems describing the jobs of different trucks. Great rhyme and meter, elevated by Hope with wonderful metaphors and language. A don't-miss for truck lovers, but also a must-read for anyone (I learned a lot!).