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Yesterday is a novel of love, loss, and a powerful sense of deja vu between a handsome Chicago policeman and the beautiful young woman who saves his life. Everyone Amanda Parker has ever loved has died prematurely, most recently her fiance. A fear of commitment based on a life of tragedy is Amanda's destiny, or so she believes. But then Amanda saves Mark Callahan from beinYesterday is a novel of love, loss, and a powerful sense of deja vu between a handsome Chicago policeman and the beautiful young woman who saves his life. Everyone Amanda Parker has ever loved has died prematurely, most recently her fiance. A fear of commitment based on a life of tragedy is Amanda's destiny, or so she believes. But then Amanda saves Mark Callahan from being crushed to death by a falling elevated train in Chicago's Loop. Yesterday is also the tragic journey of a little girl escaping the South during the American Civil War, a harrowing tale of disaster, devotion, and The Great Chicago Fire of 1871.In this historical romance, Mark Callahan fights through Amanda's rejection to prove that she will love again, as she was once loved - Yesterday....

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Yesterday: A Novel of Reincarnation Reviews

  • Fuzaila
    2019-03-24 01:36

    I received an ebook copy of this book from the publisher in exchange of an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.As Sherlock Holmes once said, ‘When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.’ACTUAL RATING – 4.5/5I LOVED THIS BOOK. Why isn’t anyone else reading and raving about it? Just 85 ratings on goodreads?! THAT’S THE WORST KIND OF DISRESPECT A BOOK THIS WELL-WRITTEN DOESN’T EVEN DESERVE. PLEASE, PEOPLE – GRAB THIS BOOK AND READ IT. YOU’LL BE GLAD YOU DID.Yesterday, as the title says, is a story of reincarnation. I’d thought it would be some cheesy, filmy romance, but no, it was amazing (romantic yes, but amazing all the same).Amanda Parker saves the life of Mark Callahan from a train accident, in front of an antique shop. Mark is instantly attracted to Amanda, but Amanda is less so. She is still mourning for the death of Joe, her boyfriend. Everyone she has ever loved has succumbed to death. She now lives with Mary, her godmother, who is a psychiatrist. Amanda has vowed to herself that she would never let herself close to anyone ever again. But Mark is not the one to give up. Both of them have this daunting feeling that they know each other but also know that they have never met before. Through regression sessions with Mary, Amanda learns of a past life, where she was Bonnie, living in Chicago in the late 1800s. Bonnie’s life is similar to Amanda. Her loved ones had deceased. This makes her all the more reluctant to accept Mark. But fate has a way of revealing its most brilliant plan at times like these. Amanda and Mark’s life are intertwined by fate. Will Amanda let it loose?THOUGHTSI was instantly hooked up by this book in the beginning itself. It had a very Gone With The Wind feel to it which made it even more appealing. The plot, even though quite simple, is executed perfectly. The way the narratives alternate between the past and present lives, makes you more and more curious. And the little details in this book, like the St. Michaels church, the angel bells, and many such important artifacts too, later revealed to be real, blew my mind. The writing was pure bliss. It isn’t the easy-to-read, comfortable style you are familiar with, but the engrossing style we associate with classics. Amanda and Mark’s slight bickering was refreshing. Mark might come across as a dominant character, but he was a gentleman in true sense. Amanda’s reserved nature added mystery and depth to her character. I couldn’t find a fault with the character development, as hard as I did try.There were some little issues though, which is the reason this was not a five-star read.I wasn’t a fan of the constant romantic moments of the book, but because it was Mark and Amanda, it felt a bit more bearable. Amanda is very hesitant towards Mark at first, but she has no problem involving with him sexually. The kisses and cuddles, as hot as they were, seem pointless and overdone.And also, (view spoiler)[It seems silly that Amanda didn’t recognize Daniel to be Mark right away. It was way too obvious. (hide spoiler)]Also, there’s a cat named Electra, which seems to live a bit too longer than its natural lifespan. Maybe cats lived for 20 years in the 19th century? Ah I don’t know.Trees grow tall for the sake of the view. Falling is a small price to pay if you see something interesting on the way up.I AM SAYING THIS AGAIN FOLKS, I LOVED THIS BOOK, AND I WANT YOU ALL TO READ IT. DOESN’T MATTER IF YOU LOVE IT OR NOT, IT IS ONE PIECE OF LITERATURE THAT SURE AS HELL DESERVES MORE ATTENTION THAN IT HAS.

  • Bill Ward
    2019-04-13 02:33

    This is a really well written book, which captured me from the very first pages and kept me turning so I read it in only two sittings. (I had to get some sleep in-between!)This is the romantic story of Amanda and Mark who meet in exciting circumstances at the beginning of the book. However, both have a feeling they have met before, despite logic telling them they haven't. This is where the reincarnation of the title comes in as they eventually decide to use hypnosis to travel back in time and unravel their pasts, to see if they could have been lovers in a different time. The historical parts of the book are well described, with a very authentic feel of a different era and we then have a story within a story about the American Civil War. The characters are an interesting mixture in both the past and present. Amanda hasn't had the easiest life and this has a significant impact on her behaviour towards Mark throughout the book, which keeps us hooked with the will they/won't they question!This is an unusual romance, with a third of the book being a historical story and the two elements cleverly combined by the idea of reincarnation.

  • Clodagh Phelan
    2019-03-22 02:34

    ‘Yesterday’ ranges across the decades from present day Chicago to the American Civil War to the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. The reseach is impeccable but not intrusive. At no time do you feel you are being ‘told’ stuff in a clunky way. Rather it is woven seamlessly into the plot. ‘Yesterday’ tells the story of Amanda, a young women who saves the life of Mark, a mounted policeman, then resists his advances. Both feel they have known each other before and are drawn to each other. However, Amanda has known great tragedy in her life and strongly resists the pull towards Mark. As they attempt to uncover the mystery, we meet Bonnie, Jack and Daniel and gradually learn the parts they played in the pasts of each of the main characters.This is both a romance and a mystery. The historical background is convincing, there’s a clever weaving of past lives regression and modern day forensics, and altogether an enjoyable, fast-paced read.

  • Julie
    2019-04-04 01:35

    Have you ever had that feeling when you meet someone for the first time that you have met each other before? After Amanda saves Chicago Mounted Police officer Mark Callahan, neither one can shake the feeling that they already know each other. Thus begins the character’s journey in Yesterday: A Novel of Reincarnation.The story starts with a literal bang, and you’re in the action right away. We get our two leads, the object that ties them together somehow (hint: it’s a clock), and the magnetic pull that draws them together to figure out just why they feel that way. The author playfully takes her time dropping hints and defying expectations while we wait for the topic of reincarnation to be addressed in the story.Once we finally get to the point that it is a possibility, we journey through Amanda’s present and past lives while we work toward figuring if or how she knew Mark and just what that connection actually is.As a reader/listener, my interest was so-so in the beginning. I think the narration wasn’t as strong at that point or I simply didn’t like it as much. I found Amanda to sound weak, but at the beginning of the story Amanda is weak (mentally, not physically). Once we got to the Civil War flashbacks, I was all in. I found that timeline and those characters much more interesting than present-day Chicago. The parallel timelines worked for me, and it was great to get both of them resolved by the end of the book.Narration:I am a frequent audiobook listener, and I know how a great narration can elevate a mediocre book. Likewise, a poor narration will make it very difficult for a good book to shine. The narrator for this was very good, and though I’ve not heard any of her work before, I would give future listens of any of her productions a chance. She had to bring to life characters of different ages and ethnicities, and to that she succeeded. She even did a rather impressive owl in the nighttime sound that could have been straight from nature. My favorite of her voices was that of Mary and Mark when he starts slipping into his Irish brogue.I would also like to point out here that the narration for the regression scenes was particularly well done. We hear Mary speaking to Amanda and guiding her through the process. It was done in such a calming way that I could almost believe I could put that section of the book on and put myself into a past life. As I was operating heavy machinery at the time (i.e. driving), I didn’t do it and don’t recommend it to any of you, either. In the safe comfort of your own home, have at it.The only negative of the narration itself that I would specifically want to point out is that the voice for Ed Morgen seems a very odd choice. He sounds like an old Scandinavian from North Dakota or Minnesota, though it isn’t stated in the text or by the character’s name to be the case. The narrator is consistent, but it’s odd all the same.Chicago as Character:In many stories, the setting can become a character all its own. In this story, Chicago native Samyann puts in the confident details to make Chicago vital to its role as the setting. This story, in either time line, really couldn’t have happened anywhere else, and it begins at the start when Amanda is looking out through her window and sees the Ferris wheel on the Navy Pier. Amanda’s cat is even named Oprah, a cute, though sometimes distracting detail.Mark’s physicality:Some of the writing shines in what might seem as throw-away details that would have been forgotten or skipped with other writers. In one scene, Mark has a toothpick and it is explicitly stated that at one moment the toothpick is flat across Mark’s bottom lip. In a different passage later in the book, Mark sits down and is described as putting his ankle on his knee. (Samyann does it better than I did just there.) That is such a typically male piece of body language, and it helped make Mark seem a more complete person.Amanda:I found Amanda to be a completely frustrating character. She is so damaged and wears her damage close to the surface at times. I don’t think Amanda was a poorly written character. I actually think the opposite is true. She was so well written that it made my time with her uncomfortable for me since I am not naturally sympathetic to that type of person. Many times I wanted to slap the woman and tell her to stop wallowing in self pity. I am obviously not as kind as Mark, who had the patience of a saint.Though I didn’t initially like her very much, I did hold out some hope that the author would make Amanda’s narrative arc one where she conquered her personal demons, and by the end she is in a much better place as a character.The Cover:Book covers are an art, and in many indie books they can be embarrassingly bad. This cover is not that kind at all. It is truly clever and appropriate to the story, and the font choice is appropriate and effective.Lots and lots o’ Alcohol:I am not a drinker, and I find mentions of it in writing laughable and distracting. Many times it seems like an attempt to make a character look cool and sophisticated, but that backfires for me as a reader. In this story, Amanda and Mark are drinking at almost every single occasion they are together, and there are usually multiple drinks. The first time Mark stays over at Amanda’s apartment he does so because he’s too drunk to go home.I was starting to get put out with the alcohol mentions that had seemed more like unnecessary scene flavoring, but it resulted in a very specific plot point. After one particularly stressful regression, delicate Amanda goes on this 3 day drunken bender in her apartment where she has done nothing but drink and drink. Mark goes to check on her and helps sober her up against her will. After that point, the alcohol mentions almost completely disappear.Sex and Language:Yes, sex happens, but never explicitly on the page. The author avoids describing the actual act, and scenes fade out usually right before or fade in right after. This is not a problem as it seems to fit the tone of the story well. The most sensual scene is a shared shower scene, but even that is kept from being too explicit.As far as language, yes, there is swearing in this story. It’s not a main feature. There’s actually more alcohol than colorful language. I would say it’s appropriate to the characters and doesn’t detract from the story.Miscellaneous bits and bobs:This isn’t a comedy, but there are a few big laughs from the book really took me by surprise. At about two-thirds into the book, Mark is critically injured and has an out of body experience. The writing and narration for that scene is very deft, one of the better scenes of the book. I thought antique dealer Ed Morgen would play a bigger role in the book. I also thought Mary might die by the end of the book since she is old and so important to Amanda (hint 2: she doesn’t). Further, I had hoped perhaps we’d see Mark’s cop partner Pete get himself a girl, but there are only so many side plots a writer can put into a book without losing focus.Conclusion:As an indie debut novel, this delivers an interesting, quality story that one might not expect to find in the sea of self-publishing. The pieces all tie together in the end to give a satisfactory experience, and I’m sure the author worked very hard to bring it together. When she did, though, the effect of the whole is that it’s exactly the story it should be.This would appeal to those who love a mystery (what about the clock?), the Civil War, and a love story with a hero who does not give up on his heroine. I don’t think belief in reincarnation is required to enjoy the story, though an open mind and suspension of disbelief wouldn’t hurt.My real rating: 4.5 stars (but 5 because we really can’t give half stars anywhere)Disclaimer: I received a free Audible download for this story in exchange for an honest review.

  • InkedBookDragon
    2019-04-02 18:53

    https://inkedbookdragon.blogspot.comThis book really hit close to home with me. I have been places that I would swear that I had been to before. There is nothing like stepping into a place and you know that you have never been to but yet you truly feel like you have been there. I have encountered people that I felt that I knew but had never met them before. That feeling is really something. Call it deja vu. Call it a strange coincidence. It is very much there and I am sure most people have experienced it at one time or another. The author has the ability to paint a picture so well that you feel like you are there. You feel the breeze blow. You hear the traffic. That ability is a true skill. Many people claim to have it but very few people actually do. The characters were so likable that I found myself wanting to know them in real life. Time and locations. What a gorgeous use of time and the area around them to help tell the story. Not everyone can write a time travel/reincarnation novel successfully. This book was truly remarkable in that regard. I felt like I was in modern day Chicago. I felt that I was on the battle field. The reader is transported to these locations with such elegance. Thank you to the publisher for a digital copy in exchange for an honest review. I am rating this book Five Stars because it flowed well and kept my attention. The author has a beautiful way with words. I have already started recommending this book and will continue to do so. It was a delight to read. InkedBookDragon

  • Barron
    2019-03-20 19:57

    Overall 5 StarsPerformance 5 StarsStory 5 Stars"A Marvelous Tale of Reincarnation and Love!"This was a wonderful story of love. Set in Chicago in the present day the story alternates between Chicago of the 21st century and the 19th century.Amanda is minding her own business when a disaster strikes in Chicago and she finds herself playing the hero as she saves the life of Mark, a Chicago PD police officer who will come to play a huge role in her life.Ever have that feeling that you have have met someone before but you can't quite put your finger on where? That is how both Amanda and Mark feel about each other. Both are convinced they know each other from somewhere and are determined to remember where they met even though both are certain that they have never met, at least not in this lifetime.When Amanda saves the life of Mark it happens in front of an antique store. Inside the antique store there is a grandfather clock whose ticking and chimes capture Amanda's attention. Her godmother, Mary, convinces her she needs to go back to the store and buy the clock. Amanda finds herself totally drawn to it and swears that she has heard the chiming before. Again, she does not know why it is so familiar to her, but she cannot help but stand in front of it and listen to it tick, tock, tick, tock. Inside the clock is the name "Wellington 1873". She knows that the clock is much older than this and determines to find out the significance of the inscription.Mark, in an effort to help, convinces Amanda that she should try past life regression to see if it yields any answers for her. Mary, her godmother, is a psychiatrist and has helped many patients through past life regression therapy and agrees to help Amanda.Amanda has issues with the present. She won't allow herself to love or otherwise become attached to another person because she is convinced that every she loves dies or goes away. This is a problem with Mark because she finds herself drawn to him like no other person she has ever known. When she begins to fall in love with him she does everything she can to push him away convinced that it is the only way to make sure he does not die as well.Mary is convinced that this PLR therapy can help Amanda overcome her issues and give her answers about the past that can help her in the future. Meanwhile Amanda remains torn between her love for Mark and her need for him in her life and saving his life by not allowing him to become to close to her. Will she succeed in pushing him away or will love truly conquer all.This is as much a historical novel as it is a present day love story. Samyann obviously did quite a lot of research on Civil War era and post Civil War era history in order to write the passages regarding Amanda's past life regression sessions. The final chapter of the book is a short list of some of the historical research that went into the book. The characters in the book are all believable and lovable in their own ways. I had no trouble in bringing myself to care about them. They are all flawed in some way and yet they are so perfect. My favorite character has to be Mark. I could relate to him in many ways, and in many ways I wanted to BE him putting myself into the story in his place.The narrator, Darlene Allen, did quite a wonderful job with the story. I never felt like I was just being read to out of a book. She does quite a good job with her voice intonations and the voices of individual characters in the book.This is quite a charming love story. Even though there are many love scenes between Amanda and Mark they are never explicit, and I absolutely ADORE that. This book is proof that love stories can be enchanting without being dirty. BRAVO!!! Samyann...I want more like this.I received this audio book from the Author via the Goodreads Audiobook Group in exchange for an honest review.

  • Lori
    2019-03-21 23:39

    R2RThank you to the author for a chance to listen to this great read in exchange for an honest review.There are some great elements in this story. Although it is a work of fiction, the author does such a superb job with the research to support this novel that it enhances the reader's experience. The story is about a chance meeting between Amanda and Mark in which Amanda rescues Mark from what could have been a fatal event. Pulled towards each other by an unforeseen familiarity that nags at each other, Mark convinces Amanda to undergo past-life regression therapy in order to determine where the sense of deja vu lies. Set in modern time with glimpses of a life long passed lived, the novel flips back and forth in a seamless movement that takes the reader through a tale of past lives, soul-mates, and the fear of loss. Samyann is a master at description, cleverly using words to portray each character, the situation, and the location of the story, she gives you the right amount of details, but not too much to saturate the scene. I enjoyed this part of the story, however I would have given it a higher rating if I didn't find the main character, Amanda, difficult to relate to. I have never experienced loss like she had and maybe this is where the disconnect lies, but I felt that a strong leading character would have been written where I could somehow empathize with the individual. Amanda was immature and reluctant in ways that made my head-spin and roll my eyes. She had a huge character flaw she needed to overcome, but the progression was slow and painful and I had trouble bringing myself to listen to the tale when I knew I was going to be greeted with more silliness from her. I liked Mark and his dominating, take-charge attitude, however. He was the best part of the tale except he was almost perfect especially in contrast to Amanda's flaws. I also enjoyed the supporting cast of Amanda's aunt and Mark's partner as they added color and humor to the story. I just wanted to mention: I love romance novels, but I tend to gravitate towards the romance novels that are more risque in content, if you know what I mean. This novel is not my normal romance read. A lot was left to the readers interpretation of what happens behind closed doors. So keep that in mind those of you who share my taste in romance novels;)Narrator: Darlene AllenPerformance: 3/5 I listened to this book at 1.3X the speed and I think that may have distorted my opinion of Darlene Allen's narration. She would pause for emphasis, but it would come across as interrupted flow in the narration. Also when she read Amanda's line she sounded almost child-like (especially the scene where Amanda was drunk, it was detrimental to my perception of Amanda). Otherwise, he distinction between characters were great.

  • TMDG
    2019-03-28 21:34

    I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.I was drawn to this book by the cover, and the description. I love historical romance, and am intrigued by this idea of reincarnation. The idea that Amanda and Mark knew each other in past lives was fascinating, and the tale behind how they knew each other and continued to find one another life after life involving two sapphire stones was an incredible one. I have to admit that I did not enjoy it as much as I thought I would, or in the way that I expected. It was more interesting to me in a historical measure than in the romance category. The history drew me in and kept me reading. Yes, the main characters were in love, but the way Amanda swayed back and forth between letting Mark in and shutting him out of her life, with repetitive self-analysis in her private thoughts – could she know Mark somehow or was it impossible? Can she let herself love someone or should she keep love at bay to fend off disaster? It became tiresome. Also, when Amanda regressed, and I saw things play out, it was excessive to have to hear the whole story being told over again in conversation between the characters. It was information already gleaned from Amanda’s voyages into the past and I found myself bored, skimming through the “talks” afterward to get to new story.I am rating the novel three stars because even though I didn’t love the entire map of the journey, over all, I liked its premise, and it was obviously painstakingly researched. Mark, was charmingly an “arrogant ass” through the ages and I was drawn to his character more so than Amanda. There was something so likable about him, and his confident claim over the woman who would be his for all eternity.

  • Michelle Lynn
    2019-04-11 01:33

    I absolutely fell in love with this book. At first, I was skeptical because reincarnation can be a touchy subject and has been done poorly- a lot. It didn’t take long for my skepticism to disappear. Amanda has been through a lot in her life. She has experienced a tremendous amount of loss and operates under the belief that anyone she gets closed to is not going to be in her life for long. Other than her brother and her surrogate mother, she lets very few people in. That is, until she saves the life of a dashing police officer. For Mark, it is almost love at first sight, except that none of it feels like first sight to him. He knows Amanda, but from where? At the same time that Amanda is dealing with a new guy, a mysterious clock enters her life. The clock and the sounds it makes are familiar in an eerie déjà vu kind of way. Amanda and Mark go to extreme measures and learn about a past life that is affecting their lives today.My favorite idea from this book is that soul mates can find each other again and again across the span of time. It’s incredibly romantic. The characters in this book are so incredibly deep and vibrant that they could almost be real people from history. The author obviously has a strong knowledge of civil war times and of antique furniture. I found both of that fascinating. Much of this book takes place during real events. The Chicago fire, for example, actually happened and the effect it has on some of these characters is incredible. I could picture all of it. I’d definitely recommend this book to anyone that enjoys history, love, and very good writing.

  • Kathy Golden
    2019-03-26 01:52

    Darlene Allen is an ideal narrator for this book. She does a good job with her female voices and with the dialects. Most of her male voices are convincingly masculine. I liked her voice of Mark, the male protagonist, the best,though she does have a little trouble with his accent, sometimes. Samyann, with her beautiful gift for writing, uses reincarnation to resolve the conflict between the lovers in a way that I found unique. In addition to being a romance, this story is also a historical fiction, and the historical aspects are tied in well with the storyline. There are scenes in the story that slow down the momentum and the tension. However, these scenes are historically informative and have characters in them, you’ll enjoy meeting. The sex in the book is not explicit, and there is a good deal of profanity. Amanda and Mark, the heroine and hero, respectively, are well-developed characters. Listeners should have no problems wanting to follow them through their struggles to overcome the past and be happy together in the present. Read my extensive review of this audiobook at Just Audiobook Reviews.

  • Elle Klass
    2019-04-19 19:51

    Yesterday by Samyann is a beautiful love story sprinkled with mystery and intrigue. This book had me immediately. Amanda has lived a life full of loss of those she cares for; her parents, fiancé. She fights tooth and nail not to get involved and love any more people but Mark worms a way into her heart. She saves his life and from that moment the connection between them is evident. Neither can place where or how they know each other but somehow, somewhere they do. Enter the old clock in the picture. Amanda deals in antiques and becomes mesmerized by an antique clock. The connections between her, the clock, and mark catapult her into trying regression .These sessions slowly bring her to the answers.The pacing and suspense of this novel was absolutely perfect; not too slow nor rushed. Just enough to keep me pondering what was going to happen next. The regression took Amanda back to civil war and post war days in the South and North. Samyann did a truly exceptional job writing down the accents and conveying a full picture of the novel as it unfolded. I was intrigued from page one. There wasn’t a dull moment in the read.Fantastic!

  • Nospin
    2019-03-27 21:49

    Yesterday: A Novel of Reincarnation focuses on Amanda and Mark and their search to learn about their past lives in order to understand how it is affecting their present.The novel is well-written but the main character, Amanda, comes off as flighty in parts of the novel. Mark is a bit too well versed in Gaelic and Irish lore for a current day Chicago native. It comes off as contrived after a while. If the goal was imbuing the story with authentic Irish characters and atmosphere, promoting the myth about corned beef and cabbage being an Irish dish rather than an Irish American dish could have been left out.Despite these relatively minor irritations, the story was enjoyable overall. I bought the kindle book and was given the audible version by the author in exchange for a review. I alternated reading and listening through whispersync and the story line kept me intrigued enough to finish it in a day.

  • Nospin
    2019-04-08 21:40

    Past Life RomanceYesterday: A Novel of Reincarnation focuses on Amanda and Mark and their search to learn about their past lives in order to understand how it is affecting their present.The novel is well-written but the main character, Amanda, comes off as flighty in parts of the novel. Mark is a bit too well versed in Gaelic and Irish lore for a current day Chicago native. It comes off as contrived after a while. If the goal was imbuing the story with authentic Irish characters and atmosphere, promoting the myth about corned beef and cabbage being an Irish dish rather than an Irish American dish could have been left out.Despite these relatively minor irritations, the story was enjoyable overall. I bought the kindle book and was given the audible version by the author in exchange for a review. I alternated reading and listening through whispersync and the story line kept me intrigued enough to finish it in a day.

  • Lori
    2019-03-27 22:53

    The following is a review of “Yesterday – A Novel of Reincarnation” by Samy Ann. Frankly, I had reservations based upon the title, but found that the story was straightforward rather than mystical. It will be evident upon reading the review that I enjoyed the book – it made me feel and that’s always a treat, but following the review will be an exploration of a tendency in romance writing that I find…curious.“A masterfully woven tale which transitions seamlessly from past to present and back again. The vivid pictures painted by the author both of contemporary society and the turbulent times of the Civil War transport the reader entirely into the midst of a timeless love story. You’ll be moved to tears not only by trials and tragedy, but by the shameless purity of love that never dies.”

  • Ricardo Fleshman
    2019-04-06 18:31

    I would be the first to admit that I am not a romance fan but I have to say that I was intrigued by Yesterday. Amanda and Mark’s tale draws you in- as someone who has a nagging suspicion that you’ve known someone you have met before and seeing the possibility of what such an encounter could hold. I could relate more to Mark than Amanda and found myself drawn more to his view than hers but I liked how it all worked together to weave their historical, epic love. Yesterday is quite descriptive, a bit wordy in some parts, but Samyann does a great job incorporating those elements we look for about the Civil War to buttress a good love story. Overall a great, satisfying read- especially if you enjoy historical fiction.

  • S.E. Duncan
    2019-04-19 20:55

    Masterfully written! Samyann has meshed historical romance with suspense in this wonderful tale of timeless love. Her descriptions of everything from civil war military uniforms, to glittering Chicago sidewalks made it impossible to not become fully engrossed in the story. Bravo to her for taking the time to research her subject and make it so believable.Another thing I'd like to point out is that although there was a lot of back and forth between time periods the author never lost me. The story was easy to follow. Finally, although this is a romance novel, the sexuality was left mostly to the readers imagination. I wouldn't hesitate to let my daughter read this.

  • Lcdk
    2019-03-22 01:52

    I really enjoyed the book, the author does a really good job of blending emotion into a captivating story that for me stayed entertaining from the time I started it until the time I finished it. The story is really unique and there weren't any parts that I feel shouldn't have been there or seemed to be 'filler'; I thought that every chapter fit very well with each other and it's evident that the author has definitely put a lot of thought a long with time into making this story the best it can be, it's very well thought out and the refined story with the very original characters is executed very well and overall makes a very enjoying read.

  • Cat Louise
    2019-04-02 01:33

    I really enjoyed this book. It took me on a journey, made me care about the characters, it was well-written and well narrated. I discovered that this is the first offering by this author. This astounds me, as I have read books that weren't half as good as this one, by authors who have been at it for decades.The research done for this book was thorough and the book never leaves you hanging, and the factual bits are footnoted.All in all, this is a great read. It's not a deep book, though it does have its moments, and you do come away with a few insights at the end as well.Well done, Samyann, I look forward to more work from this author!

  • Dahlia
    2019-04-11 21:28

    A nice, light read that starts off with the well known love at first sight concept. It follows Amanda Parker's journey of discovering her past life and learning to love without fear. Samyann seamlessly entwines past and present Chicago while keeping the two narratives relevant. The characters themselves are sweet and easy to connect with. Although pleasant, this is not a book for the skeptics or people who demand fast paced action. The pages do keep turning in 'Yesterday' but at there own leisurely pace. If you're looking for a nice romance to read on a cozy winter night, this is just the book for you.

  • A Day in a Book
    2019-03-20 18:40

    The book was definitely a sweet romance. Combines some elements of a few great books I've read recently. The past life regressions are growing on me. I was slightly disappointed that I couldn't always connect with Amanda on an emotional level. Maybe I've matured more than Amanda realizing death and tragedy always comes in bundles and is a part of life but I couldn't follow her tantrums to doorway of the closest asylum every time someone in her past life died. As for the ending of the book there better be a sequel catching us up on whether Amanda accepts her connection to Mark and what that means for their future. Overall, I really enjoyed Yesterday.

  • Gaile
    2019-04-04 23:38

    This is a great book! Excellent writing. Amanda fears to love because every one she loves dies or so she think. Mark comes along and although both feel they have known each other forever, she doesn't want to love him. Mark is persistent. Amanda agrees to a past life regression and here we go on a journey to the Civil War and hence the Great Fire Of Chicago. There is much comedy in here including a cat named Oprah!

  • Gwen Fricker
    2019-03-31 01:39

    Not my type of book. I love books about reincarnation, including actual accounts and scientific studies, but the love story side of this book was just too simplistic. Now i know why I do not read 'romance' novels. If you are not into romance novels, I would not recommend the book. If you like romance novels....then go for it.

  • Heidi
    2019-03-21 20:44

    A beautifully written Historical Fiction Romance with some time traveling. A definite 5-rated book! Click on the link below to read my full OBC review:

  • Ramesh Manickavel
    2019-03-26 22:50

    Amazing book, read it in one stretch. Being a big fan of reincarnation, am not sure how I missed this book for so long! Must read!!

  • Alicia
    2019-04-01 02:50

    Not a huge fan of romance but this was a great book. Fiction but still had historical facts.

  • Samyuktha Ell
    2019-04-15 23:46

    Yesterday, by Samyann, is a historical fiction book with a story that ranges across decades from the Chicago of today to the American Civil War of the 1800s and the most horrific conflagration of those times that we now know as the Great Chicago Fire. This well-written novel tells us the story of Amanda Parker who saves the life of Mark Callahan—a mounted policeman—and drags his limp form through a litter of rubble and out of the path of a falling train. When Amanda gets hurt in the process, Mark manages to move her to safety and call for help. These events form a bond between the two of them and they end up seeing a lot of each other. They cannot shake off this feeling that they know the other from before. However, tragedy has always kept Amanda company. What’s more, death has always managed to claim all her loved ones without fail. That is why she strongly resists the pull she feels toward Mark. Amanda and Mark are sure of one thing though: they both want to uncover the mystery of how they were connected to each other in their past. The story introduces us to Bonnie, Jack, and Daniel, and we gradually learn the parts each of these characters played in the pasts of the main characters.I loved how much research has gone into this story. There is a lot of history that we are educated on but never in a way that bores us. Every minute detail related to Amanda’s and Mark’s pasts has been woven seamlessly into the plot. What’s really admirable about this book is how it is a healthy mix of romance and mystery. We get to learn much about the process of past life regression—something I have not seen dealt with in so much detail in any other book I have read to date. Modern day techniques of forensics also come into the picture and play their part in putting together the pieces of the puzzle involving the past of the main characters. The whole story is really enjoyable, and the storytelling itself is fast-paced.The author focuses on generating some really warm, fuzzy feelings in the reader—and it really works! However, I feel that Amanda’s character could have been a little stronger. I know that she has had a difficult past, but she seems to use that as an excuse for her odd behavior at times. For example, when she knows she isn’t too good at handling regressions herself, she still attempts slipping into one of these sessions unassisted, gets hurt mentally by it, and runs out of the house to avoid the people she loves. At another time, she locks herself in a room for three whole days and goes on a drunken bender. I know I am being less sympathetic to the character, but I guess I have always preferred seeing stronger female leads in books. Note to Amanda: Stop wallowing in self-pity; you have a wonderful man (a soulmate at that) and a beautiful family!I rate Yesterday 4 out of 5 stars. I am someone who likes to see mush levels at a minimum in romance novels, and this one was right up my alley. Unfortunately, the book contains a number of punctuation errors. This prevents me from giving it a higher rating. I recommend Yesterday to all those who enjoy historical fiction.

  • Aakanksha Jain
    2019-03-26 02:28

    This novel is based on reincarnation. The story starts with an accident when a beautiful young woman Amanda Parker saves the life of a handsome Chicago policeman, Mark Callahan. They both feel an instant connection but Amanda thinks that she knows Mark from her past life and her instinct will become stronger when she purchases an antique clock of the 18th century. Amanda lives with her godmother Mary, who is a psychiatrist and a cat named Oprah.The story revolves around Amanda how she lost her parents and boyfriend. She started thinking that everyone she ever loves will die sooner or later and because of this, she doesn't want to come closer to Mark. Every time she meets Mark she felt a connection with him and with that clock she buys after her accident. Mary helps Amanda to learn things about her past life where she is a girl name, Bonnie.Ben, the Negro man was Bonnie’s father. Jack is her cousin, and they lived in Virginia. Apparently, Bonnie's parents died and all other people she ever loved. The truth of Amanda's past life broke her and she started to think how unlucky she is. But with help of Marry and unconditional love of Mark she understands the purpose or truth of her past life. Amanda is very hesitant towards Mark at first, but she has no problem involving with him sexually. The kisses and cuddles, as hot as they were, seem pointless and overdone.But It's a story of love and loss. The details of Amanda's regression session described well. There are so many characters in this book and Amanda's try to figure out who was Mark and what is the connection between two of them which makes her life tough day by day. The little details in this book, like the St. Michaels church, the angel bells, and many such important artifacts too, later revealed to be real, blew my mind. The author described historical parts very well as American Civil War and Chicago fire. There is a story in the story of a different era. The characters are mix with past and present very well. But sometimes it creates confusion or the words used in the 18th century part is stupify. The story is both romantic and mysterious. The story pace is slow. The clock scenes were added the fascinating spiritual viewpoint throughout the story. The research and detail were just excellent. The feeling of these two characters falling in love will stay with you long after you finish the book. It's a satisfying read and if you are a historical fiction fan than this book is for you.

  • Rachel Maisey
    2019-03-25 00:46

    Absolutely loved this book 5 out of 5 rating from me. Amanda meets Mark (a local police officer) after a train disembarks from the train trains above the streets of a Chicago suburb, unlike most romance novels this one has a mind boggling twist that starts a journey of more than one lifetime, they know each other but can not figure out where from. After finding a antique clock in an antique store the pair then start regressing back to the past with a little help from Amanda's godmother Mary. Amanda discovers that she was once a little girl named Bonnie during the late 1800's when the great fire of Chicago occurred. During Amanda's lifetime she has lost a lot of people. By regressing back to Bonnie she starts thinking that death is all because of her. But when Mark tries to regress he cannot make any sense of it. So all three characters start researching everything that they learnt from Amanda's regression. Leading right up to when an old personal journal turns up at the same antique store that the clock came from which helped with putting all the missing puzzles pieces into making for not only a lovely end to a story but also creating a masterpiece in the minds of the readers.I recommend this book to those people out there that like romances, history and that can keep an open mind.

  • Cierbear Sieco
    2019-04-03 22:44

    Yesterday, by Samyann, is a fiction story about love, reincarnation, and history. It focuses on the lives of Amanda Parker and Mark Callahan, two people who meet during a freak accident. Amanda rescues Mark from the hands of death, continuing a journey they both never knew they had been on. The book takes place in modern day Chicago, Illinois, but bounces back to the late 1800s several times. One thing I know from reading this book is that a lot of research was done! The history involved throughout the story is so well-explained, and put me back in time with the characters. I hadn't known much about Chicago before reading this book, but now I feel like I know quite a lot. Yesterday is factual, but no where near boring. The use of past lives is probably the best tool to make history exciting. Past lives have always been interesting to me, so I was happy to read about that process.Amanda is a wonderful character. Perfectly flawed, sassy, and curious by nature, she captivated me at once. Then there's Mark: a cop, arrogant in personality, but sweet as a peach. They go together like fire and ice, one to control the other, and vice versa. I loved their connection, and the way they balanced each other. I could definitely feel their emotions; it was like I was right there with them.Once I started reading, I couldn't stop. I finished the book in about 3 days. The story drew me in from page one, and continued to get better and better with each page. I liked watching Amanda grow, then fall, then grow again. Mark is a strong man, for sticking with her through everything. Most people would walk away, but not him. Samyann did a good job creating realistic characters.My only complaint is that there wasn't more to read! I wanted to see more of their past lives, especially Mark's. It would have been great to see more of who they used to be, how far back their lives connected. I love stories that go on for a while, so I would not have been disappointed with a little more exploration.Regardless, I thought Yesterday was fantastic, and I give it 4 out of 4 stars. It was well written, and does not need to be edited. Anyone that loves a good love story will absolutely love this book!

  • A. Aaroones)
    2019-04-09 00:30

    Yesterday by Samyann is a unique novel that focuses on time travel and reincarnation. Much like The Time Traveler’s Wife, Yesterday explores romance and human connection as it passes the test of time. Yesterday is a unique novel that covers many different historical periods in the period of one story, and Samyann’s descriptions of the American Civil War and The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 are raw and eye-opening. Mark and Amanda are a young couple in modern day Chicago, and when they meet each other, they begin to experience déjà vu feelings with one another. After experiencing such intense emotions, they decide to go through hypnotherapy to find out if they have known each other in past lives. It is through this hypnotherapy that they experience the past lives that they have lived together. The experience allows them to travel through time to who they used to be. One of the best parts about Samyann’s writing is that she described the relationship between Mark and Amanda through the different couples that they were in previous lives. Even though Yesterday focused on these different couples as they moved through time, the novel focused on the souls of Mark and Amanda and how they are star-crossed lovers. This focus on the souls allowed the reader to follow the story easily and not get confused by the change in characters. Reincarnation is one of my favorite subjects to read about in novels, and I was impressed with Samyann’s effortless way of moving between different time periods and keeping the bond between her star-crossed lovers strong. Many times, with novels that focus on reincarnation and time travel, the writing can become confusing and disjointed. However, Samyann had a strong grip on her story. Her descriptions of her characters and the different settings were also spectacular. My favorite part of the novel was when we were treated to a controversial time in American history that focused on slavery. Samyann tackled this subject with grace, and she did justice to that dark side of America’s past.But the most alluring aspect of Yesterday was how standoffish Amanda was with Mark. Throughout their previous lives, and their current one, Amanda had a wall built up with Mark. However, Mark never gave up on Amanda, and he continued to work for her love. Having that patience in a character is so valuable, and you don’t find that often with people today due to everyone’s need for instant gratification. Mark’s patience was admirable, and it drew me to his character throughout the ages. Even though Amanda could be frustrating at times, Samyann made her characters lovable, and I rooted for them throughout the course of the story. I don’t often swoon over romances as much I used to, but Yesterday won me over. Samyann reminds me of the great Richard Matheson regarding his novels Somewhere in Time, and What Dreams May Come and I am so happy to have discovered her writing.I am awarding Yesterday with a 4/4 rating. Samyann is a magnificent author who can pull together a very involved story and tie it up neatly by the time the last page hits. Her story was the most original reincarnation/time travel story that I have read since Richard Matheson, and I hope that she continues to dwell in this genre. Historical fiction, time travel, and romance readers will swoon over Samyann’s Yesterday.