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Cole Roberts and Mason Scott loved each other since childhood, but they needed something more to make them whole. A Dom and a switch, they searched for the right female submissive to settle down with, but a terrible accident tore them apart. Their perfect life shattered, they were each left angry and alone.Kitten Taylor’s past is filled with heartache. She yearns to be parCole Roberts and Mason Scott loved each other since childhood, but they needed something more to make them whole. A Dom and a switch, they searched for the right female submissive to settle down with, but a terrible accident tore them apart. Their perfect life shattered, they were each left angry and alone.Kitten Taylor’s past is filled with heartache. She yearns to be part of a family with a Master to call her own. When Master Cole takes her in, she might have finally found the place she belongs. Even though something is missing, she is willing to compromise to have the life she always dreamed of, until Mason returns and shows her just how perfect a threesome can be.When a killer puts the trio in their crosshairs, Cole and Mason will have to put aside the demons of their past in order to forge a future with the woman they love.[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, spanking, cropping, flogging, sex toys, HEA]...

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Siren Reborn Reviews

  • Elle
    2019-04-20 00:50

    3.75 STARS!!Is it the final? Maybe yes because Kitten finally have happy ending. Yay! She already held my interest since her first appearance. The first time in The Club owned by Julian Lodge, she's in therapy because her trauma. Kitten was born as Katherine Taylor; an ordinary girl who couldn't finish her college because her kidnapping. She was forced to be a pet; not a person. She had been abused and raped for months. Now when she could stand on her own feet and not referring herself as a third person, she met a new Dom by under Julian's surveillance.Time flies so fast and he still couldn't forget about the past. Cole Roberts has lost two subs; one of them is death. When he's in contract with Kitten, he's trying to be a good Dom for her. He only want permanent submissive and Master/slave relationship and take baby step with Kitten. His other mind still on his first lover but he couldn't let go the grudge he hold against him. Mason Scott lost the most important person in his life. He's also his lover, partner and Master. For years, Mason lost everything because of Cole. When Kitten come to 'save' him, he swear to get his revenge against him. However, he's deeply interested with Kitten and decided to be her Dom. He promised himself not to be a Switch beside with Cole. Sometimes he's worrying too much like a woman. Lol. Poor Mason get his ass accused and played with others.So... beside the drama between Cole and Mason which is purely miscommunication, I enjoyed how their interaction. Obviously, both of them still in love with each other but as a man they've pride and big ego. Luckily, Kitten is the glue for Cole and Mason. Since Kitten live with Cole, she never get affection and attention from him. This is frustrated me how Cole treated Kitten. He try to distanced himself from feeling. Of course, Cole is the muscle and Mason is the brain. When Cole started to change to be more involved than just in scene, I liked he's in control with Mason and Kitten. IMO, his Dom version is scarier than Jack Barnes. However, I loved how Kitten made progress. I also loved how she kicked her fear away with her lovers' help. Yeah, Mason is her Dominant too. Oh, Kitten has bratty side and witty mouth. Sometimes she could be manipulative but in good way.Yeah, all of them have flaws and misunderstanding but that's what they're together right now. Kitten is the right woman for Cole and Mason. She balanced both of them in many ways. Kitten is my favorite heroine from this series. I was so happy with her happy ending. She's moving on and helping Cole and Mason get through their problem. Overall, I really enjoyed Texas Sirens series from the beginning. I enjoyed the connection between characters and this is very entertaining read.

  • Texas Reader Stacy
    2019-04-03 20:49

    Finally! As fans of Sophie Oak's 2 series, we have waited a long time for Kitten's story. We all know what happened, but how would she ever find happiness after that? I won't give any spoilers away, but I will say that this is a coming home story for more than just Kitten. Cole and Mason have their own issues to overcome, and the three of them together are amazing. And in true Sophie Oak fashion, the residents of Bliss and Texas make much needed appearances. I swear if there really was a Bliss Colorado, I would already have moved there.

  • ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme
    2019-04-07 22:28

    Kitten's story is finally here! Kitten is the submissive whom many may rip on because she comes across as a doormat and she refers to herself in third person. Kitten is also not a common type of submissive found in mainstream "popular" BDSM erotica. For me, Kitten is refreshing and the one I've been waiting to see who her master will be.I loved this book. My heart broke over Kitten and Mason. I hated Cole and considered him a terrible dominant and lover. Ms. Oak does it again with exquisitely written characters layered with angst and yearning. The characters she creates are so real to me. They resonate with me even though I have not experienced their sufferings. It is difficult to decide which character caused more sorrow--Kitten or Mason.Kitten is an innocent young lady abusively controlled by her irrational parents. The fear of her father explains her obedience and tentative nature. When she's kidnapped and sexually violated, it is another form of debasement further forcing her to be unquestioningly subservient and more timid. Ms. Oak compares the two periods in Kitten's life and shows the eerie similarity. When it comes down to it, be it family or foe, there is no guaranteed protection against heinous acts of dehumanization. This is a heavy theme and while it is dark for many, Ms. Oak eases the intensity with secondary characters demonstrating generous acts of kindness. This contrast invokes a greater range of emotions from rage at the perpetrators to elation from the saviors. One such savior is Mason for Kitten. Mason is the one who can understand Kitten and help connect Cole to Kitten. Mason's forgiveness is greater than I can fathom.Mason is an admirable character. It is because he's flawed yet he still keeps his ethics the best he can. He's a survivor even though he's a bit prideful and stubborn. He comes across as a loyal German Shepard who is beaten, kicked and starved for a crime he did not commit. Then he's abandoned by his master to fend for himself. Every time I read the passages of how Mason suffered and combine it with his childhood history and experiences, it makes my heart hurt. This is why I don't like Cole.Cole is a self-centered asshat who makes others pay for his flaws and mistakes. He is a terrible dominant and I'm not convinced at the end of this story that he is redeemable. Kitten and Mason deserve better than this jerk. Cole makes so many blunders it's difficult to conceive how he will ever be able to make it up to his two lovers.The way Ms. Oak designs her characters and how they interact is so good in this story. These three characters are memorable and even if I hated one of them and wanted to beat him with a wet rubber hose, it makes the story work. There is more than just the three of these characters coming together. There are other events which strengthen the story with additional layers. Is the culprit a surprise at the end of the story? Not exactly. Ms. Oak masterfully drops hints throughout the book to a satisfying conclusion. Although it does once again underscore Cole's cluelessness and inadequacy as a good dominant.This book can be summed up with one world--redemption. This is a wonderful ménage erotica highly recommended to those who savor sweet agony.

  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    2019-03-29 23:23

    Shadow‘s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews5 STARSReview copy provided for an honest reviewThis book is a strange combination of dark and light romance with some interesting characters and a satisfying story line. The three main protagonists have all suffered emotional and/or physical damage, and this past, along with some current issues threaten all of them.Cole Roberts and Mason Scott were long time lovers, wrapped up in a D/s relationship. They both knew they needed a woman to complete their relationship. But their last attempt at adding a woman to the relationship ended in disaster when she died in a car wreck and Cole blamed Mason, causing the two to split up.As a result, Mason has gone into a downward spiral, with a crappy job, substandard apartment and no one to care for him. Cole, on the other hand, has closed down from emotional attachments, even though he has taken on a new sub, Kitten. He cares for Kitten, but he’s not sure how to deal with her.Kitten herself had a very traumatic experience as a captive to a sadistic dom. She is working to overcome the damage, and is stronger than anyone thinks. When she finds out Mason was in a car crash, she decides to learn more about her Dom by bringing Mason home from the hospital for care.Mason is drawn to Kitten immediately, and the spark between him and Cole is fanned into flames almost as quickly. As the three embark on a tentative relationship, dark forces threaten their way life and even their lives. Can they overcome treachery, deceit, and their own pasts to create a family together?Although I wanted to kick Cole throughout most of the book, he redeemed himself at the end, opening up to provide his subs, his family, what they need. Mason is a charmer, a gorgeous guy who loves with all his heart and has to struggle to overcome the devastation caused by Cole turning his back on him. Kitten, who suffered from a dysfunctional family even before her captivity, has to learn to face the world again. Brave and smarter than she portrays, and willing to explore her own sexuality, she is a delight!The darkness of the beginning of the book is relieved by the advent of a group from Bliss, and the trademark humor of the author shines through. Expect some bondage, flogging, clamps and other BDSM elements, m/m interaction, double penetration, and anal play.Overall, another intriguing read by a very talented author.

  • sara j
    2019-04-13 23:51

    DNF @ 65%....dragging...dragging and verrrrry long read.....I really want to finished but I couldn't,t....

  •  Rosebud
    2019-04-09 23:38

    Seriously.. I don't think I've ever read a Sophie Oak book in this series I didn't love. Totally appreciated that FINALLY Kitten came into her own with her own story.

  • Maria
    2019-03-21 17:46

    4.5-5 Stars.Cole, Kitten & Mason, stronger together than apart!  Thanks for the recommendation, Shari. <3

  • Kazza
    2019-03-31 00:25

    Third-person-speaking Kitten finally got her story and it was good. Kitten found her two men, and they were hot bi men... and Kazza approves.Sophie Oak is a comfort read, she writes humorous so bloody well. Yet in amongst the 'crazy' there is a past for her characters but it's never angst-ridden or "poor me." Her heroes and/or heroines rise to the occasion and are all nicely nuts. Quite a bit of crossover from "Bliss" to "Texas" here... I'm not sure how I feel about that, as much as I enjoyed the fun and seeing people from books I've previously read. It can't be a Sophie Oak book without someone being shot and I'm pleased to say that record is intact - and that tells you how crazy it is when I can say that in a review as a pleasing expectation of a book.Review at

  • Centoria Coffil
    2019-04-01 18:43


  • Malinda
    2019-04-05 18:36

    4.5-5 starsThis was a great story. I loved Kitten and to be honest, I've liked her character in previous books but I wasn't sure how I'd like her as a heroine. I was very pleasantly surprised and liked Kitten more and more as I got further into the story. Mason and Cole both had their issues but they were both likable as well. The story was really good and it was a great addition to the series (with a couple of cameos from Bliss thrown in).Kitten grew up in a very restrictive household with parents that didn't let her do hardly anything. She was at a boarding school (for women only) when she was stolen away by a madman who subjected her to a demented form of BDSM that was more torture than anything else. He kept a number of women captive and Kitten lucked out when he captured Nat (the heroine from Siren Unleashed) who eventually killed him (with Kitten's help) and they were freed. Kitten's parents blamed her for being captured and "ruined" and it was Finn (Her cousin and the hero from Siren Enslaved) who took her to Julian and Leo for help.Cole was raised with money but kind parents. He grew up with Mason who didn't have money and whose parents weren't very kind. Mason was openly bi and got thrown out of his house by his father when he found out. Cole's parents were lovely people who took Mason in and even sent him to college. Cole and Mason were involved with each other but always knew they needed a female sub to balance them (as Mason's a Switch and Cole is a Dom). They tried searching for the right one but had trouble finding one that would stick. Their relationship ended when Cole blamed Mason for something that wasn't his fault and threw him out...they haven't seen each other in the 2 years since.When the story begins, Kitten has recovered as much as she can from what was done to her and she found that she actually thrives on real BDSM. After Julian searched hard for the right Dom for her, Kitten was introduced to Cole. They got along well so they entered in to a 6 month contract where she'd live at his house with him. The problem is that when things begin, Kitten has been living with Cole for a couple months and he hasn't hardly touched her outside of a few sessions. She doesn't know how to ask for what she needs and Cole is rather hard to read so she isn't really comfortable speaking out. Cole feels the need to be cautious wth Kitten because of her past but ends up being rather overcautious and neither of them is feeling completely comfortable with things as they stand. The problem is that they both have begun to have feelings for the other but they can't find a way to connect. Kitten is home one day while Cole is at work when she answers the phone and finds out Mason has been in an accident. She doesn't know Mason but knows he used to be important to Cole so she goes to help. Kitten decides to bring Mason back to the house for tending (he was in a car accident and has a conclusion). She isn't sure how Cole will react but feels it's the best course of action. Mason has had a crappy life since Cole threw him out and had a bottom of the barrel job and a horrible apartment. He has no idea why Cole's new sub decided to come see him in the hospital considering he hasn't seen Cole in 2 years but he sees the possibility for revenge on Cole and decides to take his chance at it while he can. He goes back to the house with Kitten but is soon feeling tender feelings for her (she's just so nice and sweet it's hard to dislike her). When Cole gets home there's some definite drama but Cole sees that Mason is still good at what he had always been, a buffer (of sorts) between him and his subs. Cole hasn't always been the most affectionate or seen their smallest needs and Mason was very good at seeing that stuff and making up for the areas Cole lacked in. Cole asks him to stay on to help him and Kitten get in sync with each other. Mason agrees and fights with himself about whether he's there for revenge or to find his home again. Things are really tough between Cole and Mason, especially because Cole has a hard time taking the blame for his bad actions and Mason has a hard time forgiving. It then comes down to seeing if they can trust again and let go of the past. Kitten is actually rather manipulative as needed in order to keep Mason with them as she starts falling for him too and sees that only with him will her and Cole be complete. There's some definite drama as Cole has business issues and someone seems out to hurt Mason and/or Kitten. Thankfully they come out of everything together and whole and ready to start their HEA.I enjoyed this story so much. I loved Kitten, Mason and Cole and loved seeing them come together as a threesome. The story was a good balance of action/suspense and romance and the sex scenes are hot but don't overshadow the rest of the book. Overall, I loved the characters and while the story wasn't perfect it was really enjoyable and I can't wait for the next book in the series. Sophie Oak has always been an autobuy author for me and this is just another example why. I'd recommend this book. 2 thumbs up. :D

  • Lyndac
    2019-04-06 19:40

    Been waiting a long time for Kitten's story and was not disappointed. Loved seeing her with Cole & Mason. Was a little predictable as to the trouble between Cole & Mason, but I loved every minute of it anyway.

  • Mary
    2019-04-04 19:47

    I've been waiting for Kitten's book for a long time. I like the way the story was told and I'm glad that Kitten got her HEA.It was also nice to see the Bliss contingent again as well as other members in the Siren series.

  • Cyn Mistress Kitty
    2019-03-22 00:26

    Loved this story and love this series.Could any three people need each other more? I loved seeing all three of them grow and learn from their past.Just did a re-read.

  • Eve Recinella (Between The Bookends)
    2019-04-13 18:32

    Great read as usual!

  • Melanie Marnell
    2019-04-18 17:27

    Kitten survived a nightmare ordeal despite incredible odds. Her friends and adopted family continued to treat her as a victim though rather than a survivor. Julian Lodge finally found who he considered, the best Dom to be able to handle her. But it wasn't until Mason walked into her life and back into Cole's that she found joy, love and her true submission. Cruel events from the past separated Mason and Cole. Mistrust ran deep and revenge was just under the surface. Only Kitten has the ability to overcome the powerful emotions between the two men, repair the wounds and unite them as a family.

  • Brenda Tidwell
    2019-03-30 00:29

    A good story!I loved the fact a mystery happened in the story. Sophie Oak doesn't just write sex scenes like some authors. She writes wonderful stories with sex included. Thank you Ms Oak!

  • Nikkie Cole
    2019-03-29 01:28

    Not the best in this set of books, the first 5 where amazing, but I was so happy to finally read Kate/Kitty's story.

  • Shelly
    2019-03-19 23:24

    The 8th installment in Sophie Oak Texas Sirens series. From my last count in this series, this is the 3rd m/m/f ménage. The others have been either m/f/m or m/f with very alpha males and their submissive female. Kitten, Mason and Cole’s story felt a bit like Julian, Finn and Danielle’s story (Siren Enslaved – Texas Sirens #3) in that there’s a switch that happens to be male. The only comparison that Julian and Cole have is that they’re both Doms but I still think that Julian is the big bad wolf of the group. As he’s my favorite character in the series, I would luv a sequel to Julian’s story. I do enjoy reading about him in the series but I want another story with he, Finn and Danielle. That’s the end of my shameless plea. Now on to the review for Kitten’s HEA. There’s going to be some things about this review that might suggest that I’m not a fan of this author’s work, which I am, but I still like a good, sound, believable story regardless of who writes it. Kitten’s been around in a couple of the other stories and her story was a long time coming for me – my patience finally paid off. Katherine Taylor started out her life living in a protected and arguably suffocating household to very religious parents. These bad unloving parents had her as a replacement child for one they lost years before. While living at home, Katherine was ignored by both parents – her overzealous father who preaches hell and damnation and her go along to get along mother who doesn’t have either a mouth or her own mind. One day while she’s away at a small religious college, Katherine is kidnapped and ends up as a sex slave for a sadistic, psycho who liked to put his slaves in cages and doled out some pretty severe punishment for whatever indiscretions (or not). Kitten and Nat (Siren Unleashed, Texas Siren, #7) were held for a while. Kitten was a prison for longer than Nat but that’s how they were introduced, bonded and became friends.I’m not a fan of the way the parents were portrayed – as a matter of fact, I didn’t like that at all because it was cliché and easy. Why couldn’t Kitten have had something bad happen to her? Bad things happen to good people all the time. Kitten was likable enough, she’s learned over the last few years under Julian’s guardianship that she can ask for what she wants. She still has things that she’s anxious about but she’s getting better; then she received a call from the hospital about picking up Mason Scott. Mason Scott is Cole’s ex-lover and ex-submissive. There was some trouble with the last submissive that he and his Dom, Cole, shared that ended with a fatality. I was surprised about how easy it was for these two guys to dismiss their dead submissive. Mason thought she was a b*tch and Cole was too busy being guilty over Mason’s departure to give a rats butt about her death. Mason is a lawyer by trade but since Cole kicked him out 2 years prior and blackballed him he’s been living in a style that he’s not accustomed too. There were moments when I wanted to feel for Mason because of his unloved childhood but I didn’t. There were moments where I thought he would ‘man up’ suck it up and move on but I didn’t see it. There were lots of moments where I got tired of hearing Cole call him ‘baby’. Cole is a businessman who’s running his father’s business. Unlike Mason and Kitten, his childhood was lovely and flowery with good feelings and supporting parents. They were so supporting that they allowed Mason to come live with them when he was 18 and was kicked out of his home for being gay. Cole and Mason spent the next ten years of their lives together before the death of one of their submissives after which everything seemed to fall apart.This is the first story in a long while that I’ve read where the Dom in the relationship only wants to be referred to as ‘Master’ – that’s a power trip I cannot pretend to find agreeable or sexy. The chemistry between these three was okay but that wasn’t distracting enough for me to not notice the lack of character development that I expect of Oak’s writing. The story itself was okay but I've read some excellent stories by Oak and it's very hard for me to accept anything less. Also, I’m not sure why but there was too much repetitive inner dialogue, I would have been happier with tighter editing and a lower word count. As with my last review of her work - I still enjoy Oak and the work she’s produced, she’s not taken the series in a direction that I’m not able to follow. Happy Reading folks!Rating: B-/C+Review also posted at

  • Dar
    2019-03-29 17:36

    It was a truly moving, sweet, funny and sexy story and that is what a good book should be! If you have read either Bliss or Siren's, well heck, if you read one, we all know you read both because they are an addiction. So, if you have NOT read either or both series, don't worry, this is a stand alone. It has some recurring characters, but those of us who revel in that world, need that for us to catch up!Kitten has had an awful life, and that is no understatement. Completely sheltered and devoid of affection as a child and kidnapped and turned into a sex slave by a sadistic murderer from college. She has spent the past 4 years healing and trying to figure out who she is, and that is the root of our story. It really doesn't hit you until the epilogue, but when it does, it is quiet, understated and packs a punchKitten is innately positive though, just one of her wonderful personality traits that no-one has managed to take away from her. The more I read the book, the more I wanted a side-book of 'Kitten Sayings' to refer to when you need a smile or laugh. She is also a grade A brat, and completely adorable when she does it.The men in this book, they have a history, and it turned unpleasant and ugly, but the foundation is strong and neither can really survive without the other. These two have their own twists and turns to navigate, and they break your heart as they get through everything.The one thing they are completely on board with, that Kitten is the one for them - hands down, no questions, no doubts. They need to convince her of this, and keep her well as they sort through their issuesGlimpses of our friends? Well, Cole owns the resort in Bliss, so the bestest part is these three can show up in both series. We have Julian pulling all the strings here to begin and end. Nat, Chase and Ben are around, and Marcy and Darin are in the front. We get a new friend in Haven and it looks like Cole is recruiting from The Club for his staff, so more could come along. Extra super bonus, Nat, Zane and Callie come to town with the twins for conference and end up at Cole's. Gemma brings Cade and Jesse, as she is also there for the law enforcement conferenceThis authour weaves such an amazing tale, with such full, individual and vibrant characters, that each book is a visit with old friends and an adventure with new ones - the true basis why we turn to books in life!

  • Tina
    2019-03-24 20:46

    I am such a fan of Sophie Oak and couldn’t wait for her next book in the Texas Sirens series. And Siren Reborndid not disappoint, itgrabbed you from the very beginning. Those who love this series have seen Kitten grow and become stronger in spite of her issues. I have adored Kitten throughout this series. She was funny and loyal and brave even if she didn’t quite see it. She refuses to see herself as a victim and with the help of Cole and Mason, she takes those final steps into blessed freedom and understanding. I loved that Kitten found peace in a lifestyle that was forced on her through terrible circumstances. With Cole and Mason she learned to value the submission she gave and to ask for what she wanted. You saw peeks of the woman Kate (formerly known as Kitten) was throughout this series but with Siren Reborn she came into her own. It was wonderful to see and experience. But Ms. Oak didn’t limit the phoenix uprising to Kitten alone.Both Mason and Cole had to wade their way through a painful past. Circumstances brought Mason back into Cole’s life, pain, misunderstandings and guilt tore them apart. Luckily they had Kitten to help them navigate the tangled emotions still plaguing them both. I loved that someone as damaged as Kitten was played an integral part in reuniting these men better and stronger than ever. She fit and Ms. Oak didn’t force it. She wove such a beautiful tale that we knew Mason and Cole needed Kitten to complete what they could have and who they could be. Kitten evolved and it culminating in necessitating two men to corral her brattiness as she became surer in herself and her place. I loved this story of survival, not only for Kitten but also Mason and Cole. Ms. Oak gave us a story that showed the evolution of her characters in such a way that I couldn’t wait to see what happened next. She gave us characters who felt real and dealt with real issues. Ms. Oak has always been an author on my auto read list and Siren Reborn has moved to the top of my will be read again and again list.Five shooting stars and a recommended Read~~

  • Carrie (Bears Read Too)
    2019-04-07 18:25

    Siren Reborn is book #8 of the Texas Sirens series by Sophie Oak.This is such a great book! We had met Kitten in several of the earlier books and now we finally got to hear her happily ever after. She is such a fantastic character. She has seen more horror than any one person deserves and yet she thrives. You can practically feel how strong she is through the words on the pages. Awesome character! Cole and Mason aren't too shabby either with their sculpted physiques and all around 'Dom'iness. Just what the Kitten ordered. The thing I liked most about this book is the growth of Kitten's character. I say above that she "thrives" and she does, but her actions and her first person speak made it hard to believe to others that she would. It was her safe place, but this book brings her out of her comfort zone and she learns, as well as those around her learn, that she's going to be better than okay. I can't wait to see in future books where her life takes her. I love how the author brings back past characters in this series. It's one huge family and they all come together in every book. Once again, Sophie Oak does not disappoint. I love the characters and the feeling I get when reading about them. I particularly love her dialogue for each and every character. They are all sexy and hot and hilariously funny with their sarcasm.In A Nutshell:It's one of those "feel good" books. You know the ones that you read and you go to your happy place? Yeah, one of those warm fuzzy reads. Loved it! Full review here... "Bears Read Too!"

  • Sassafrass
    2019-03-31 00:27

    This was Kitten's swan song. So beautifully written, I really helped ease the heartache from the glimpses we got of her trauma in the past. She was so much stronger than I ever gave her credit for and this book really highlighted that. The story between Cole and Mason was very good as well. I knew who the killer was, but I didn't get the whole story. That was quite a surprise. This book was focused a lot more not he story than the sex although there was some great stuff in there. The relationship and the growth was so much more important here and that was what the focus was, thankfully.I'm a sucker for M/M/F menage, but I'm sometimes left feeling like there's someone left out of the mix. I didn't feel that here. I think that Mason and Cole were strong, Cole and Kitten, were strong, and Mason and Kitten were as well. But when the three of them were together it was almost like magic. It just fit.And at the end, when Kitten talked to Julian right before she went to go toward the rest of her life (I don't want to give too much away), that just made me bawl like a baby! What she said was so poignant that it just brought me to tears. If anyone deserved their HEA, it was her. I'm sad to think that this series is coming to an end. But, if it were to, I love that it was that way with Kitten and her men, as well as the others in the gang pretty well settled.

  • Darcy
    2019-03-28 23:25

    I have been waiting to read about Kitten's HEA since we first met her. She was a bit of a pathetic character when she showed up, but with each book Kitten was forced to live life again. A great thing, even if she was supervised. Kitten ended up being the highlight of the book for me. It was a good thing too, because at the start Cole was a prick. He was failing Kitten and you could tell that in the past he more than wronged Mason. I really didn't like him and wondered how the book was ever going to get to a HEA. It was only once Mason was brought back in that things started to change.Mason seemed to be able to smooth things between Cole and Kitten, make Cole see all the ways that he was failing Kitten, but in a way that wasn't cruel. I loved seeing Kitten manipulate both men. The funny thing was that they knew she was doing it, yet it didn't stop them from doing what she wanted them too. I loved how the past events were brought back, looked at in a new light. Although I will say I guessed from the beginning who the bad guys were, very obvious. The only good thing was that the truth made Cole face the past and what role everyone played in it.I loved the end, loved the quiet talk that Kitten had with Julian and the direction that her life is going to take.

  • Adorned Luxe
    2019-04-09 23:41

    I have never loved the character of Kitten, but I have enjoyed every Sophie Oak book I've read. This was a dud for me. I just did not like any of these people. Kitten was annoying and cloying. Cole seemed like a card board cut out Dom, and Mason was just...awful. I actually found myself skimming through because I just wanted it over. I knew who the villain was the 1st time they appeared. The way Bliss was tied in was trite. This felt like Ms. Oak ran out of characters to write about so..hey why not pick Kitten. Let me list what drove me no particular order.1. The way Mason re-enters the story.2. The bad guy3. Mason and Cole's reason for breaking up..ok yeah somebody was hurt, but this is someone you've been with since you were a teenager, and you don't worry about them..ask questions..NOTHING?!4. Mason is a top notch attorney, but he's living in the ghetto barely making rent? Why didn't he take his savings and leave Cole's little kingdom?5. Kitten is a masochist, that's just brushed over..either piss or get off the pot..nothing was done with what is a major part of her character make up.Those are just the top 5 things that bugged me with this story. I really hope the next visit with Siren/Bliss crew is better than this.

  • Karen Roma
    2019-04-06 21:39

    As a devoted reader of everything by Sophie Oak, I have patiently waited for Katherine “Kitten” Taylor to be ready for her story to be told.When Sophie Oak pens a story she pulls the reader into her world and makes them live the suffering, heartache, quirky dialogue and ultimate happiness that ensues when the heroine finally hands herself over to a love she often feels she doesn’t deserve.Kitten has held a special place in many reader’s hearts; not only because of the brutality inflicted on her body and soul, but also due to her compassion and strength in the face of adversity.So it was with blurred vision and tears in my eyes that I read the last chapter of Siren Reborn and gave a contented sigh that this extraordinary young woman, tormented by the emotional and physical abuse of the past, finally found her family and discovered her worth in the hearts and arms of two equally remarkable men.Thank you Ms Oak for this delightfully captivating story, and the love with which you embrace your characters.

  • starsaga
    2019-03-26 23:26

    4.5 stars, lovely and typical SO. I loved this story. This is the Sophie Oak I love to read. I was always interested in Kitten and I thought she was embodied everything that is lovely about kittens. She was smart and she was kind, that is my favorite type of heroine to read about. The Heroes in this story made me laugh too, their reactions to Kitten and to each other were so normal and dramatic that it made for good reading without going completely overboard. I qualified that because there is one place where they did go OTT, it was the pity party that Mason was in throughout the book. Why was he so helpless, he made being a male submissive into a completely dysfunctional process, I did not like that but I understood his pain and hurt, but for it to make him unable to progress in his life professionally was a little hard to believe. Overall though, I loved this book and will recommend it.

  • Christine
    2019-04-07 00:49

    I tried really, really hard to like and to finish this book....I've read Sophie Oak before and have enjoyed her work.But there was just...something about the characters that didn't work for me in "Siren Reborn."Kitten seemed childish and silly (in spite of her ordeal). Mason seemed conniving and manipulative. Cole seemed oblivious and remote. I presume that Mason's role in the story is to initiate the process of these three coming together (pardon the pun). But I just couldn't care about any of them enough to keep reading.I'm sure I'll try another story by this author, but I've had enough of this one.

  • Marilicious
    2019-04-13 19:47

    If you have been following this series at all- you have been waiting for Kitten's story. Kitten who has been through so much that she referred to herself in third person, instead of I. Kitten who broke your heart and you rooted for. Cole and Mason had been in a relationship that started when they were teens and became more when they discovered BDSM. Then tragedy struck and Cole let Mason go. Cole became a workaholic with little time for pleasure and Mason was cast adrift without his Dom. These three characters were hurting and only with each other could they heal and find love. I love, love, loved this story.

  • Shayna
    2019-03-19 20:29

    A beautiful coming home story packed with angst, suspense, and beauty. Sophie Oak, once again, stays true to her wonderful characters, and amazingly captivating story lines. Those of you who have been patiently waiting for Kitten's Happily Ever After...this is it! It is sure to tug at your heart, and re-establish your love for these fantastic characters. You will not be disappointed.

  • Lior
    2019-04-11 17:49

    I loved it. Such a sweet story. I liked how Cole was clueless about social cues and encounters and how Mason taught him and helped him and smoothed out the way for him. I loved how Kitten was so strong, more than anyone would have ever guessed. I loved how both Mason and Kitten manipulated Cole, and Kitten even managed to manipulate mason himself several times.I've waited a long time for this book to come out, and despite the long wait I didn't give up on it and I'm glad for that because there's no other book like this one. It's really one of a kind.